Outrunning Space!
(a.k.a URL Bar Runner)
a game by Dr. Ludos

Dear player, we had to keep the main area of this web page to display a word from our sponsors. Sadly, it means that we are running out of space to display the wonderful game that you want to play. Therefore, we had to use the only space left to display the game: the URL address bar at the top of your browser window.

How to play?

Look up at the URL bar!
You are the X running out from the deadly space at the left of the screen.
From time to time, you'll see o shaped obstacles on the floor.
Press any key to jump over the obstacles.
You'll earn 1 point each time you evade an obstacle.
If you hit an obstacle, you'll fall back and will come closer to the space of the left.
Once the space catches you, you're dead!
Your current score is displayed between the two "#" signs.

A message from our sponsors

This game was created for the "Ludum Dare 42" game jam, under the theme "Running Out of Space":