(color:#48B0D4)[What to do now? (if: $butlerFoundEvidence is 0 )[ [[Talk to the Butler]] ] (if: $priestFoundEvidence is 0 )[ [[Talk to the Priest]] ] [[Check the evidence]] ](color:#48B0D4)[''Ok butler! Tell me what happened here.'' [[Listen to the Butlers Story->The Butlers Story]] ](color:black)[The detective glares at you, waiting whatever response you care to give. [[Glare back->butlerGlare]] [[Tell them your story->butlerTellStory]] ](color:black)[You glare back intently at the detective, yet no matter how intense your glare she does not show any sign of breaking. Her face is a stone wall, indefatigable, immune to your very best glares. [[Glare harder->butlerGlareHarder]] [[Tell them your story->butlerTellStory]] ](color:black)[Time to get this over with, you clear your throat and begin //I am a butler, as was my father, and his father, and his father before him. My entire family always was and always will be butlers.// The detective seems nonplussed at your families illustrious history ''and why are you here today?'' //Today is the start of ButlerConf// ''and...'' //and I am a Butler// [[Explain to them in great detail about how wonderful being a butler is->butlerExplain]] [[Talk about why you are at ButlerConf->butlerExplainButlerConf]] ](color:black)[You intensify your glare! You are a Butler, not some common house servant, you run manor houses for families both ancient and powerful and you'll be damned if you let a police officer out glare you. Despite this though the detective shows no sign of breaking, if anything she is glaring back at you even harder. [[Glare even harder->butlerGlareEvenHarder]] [[Tell them your story->butlerTellStory]] (set: $butlerGlare = 1) ](color:black)[(set: $butlerGlareList to (array:"your face contorts","time appears to slow","the sky darkens","fear surrounds your soul","pain enters your body","all meaning slips away","sounds loose all impact"))(if: $butlerGlare < 15)[You glare even harder, (either: ...$butlerGlareList) as all your being is devoted into crushing the detective's will to out-glare you. Yet the detective still glares back, seemingly unperturbed. (link:"Glare even harder")[(set: $butlerGlare to $butlerGlare + 1)(goto:"butlerGlareEvenHarder")]](else:)[$detectiveName seems to be weakening, her will to continue the glare starts to slip No longer able to maintain such a furious glare You have won You have defeated $detectiveName's glare!] [[Tell them your story->butlerTellStory]] ](color:black)[You puff out your chest, your pomp is at maximum, this is what you became a butler for! You always knew that one day you would be given a platform to let the world know the wonderment that is being a butler. //I am a butler, as was my father, and his..// Just mere moments in you are rudely cut off. ''We've heard this already'' [[Push your luck->butlerPushLuck]] [[Tell the detective why you are here->butlerExplainButlerConf]] ](color:black)[//I am at ButlerConf because I am a butler. Others are here to learn the Way of the Butler from me. Without me ButlerConf is a shallow and empty event. I am ButlerConf!// You pause to look at the Detective and once again she seems unimpressed, what is with this woman?! ''Just tell me why you are here.'' It seems no matter how masterfully you present yourself, this luddite of police officer fails to see why you are here. //I am the opening Butlernote// ''And how did you know the victim?'' (if: $butlerMiffed is true)[[[Lie->butlerLie]] [[Tell the truth->butlerTruth]]](else:)[[[Tell the truth->butlerTruth]]] (set: $butlerEvidence to (array: "Attended ButlerConf to present")) (set: $butlerFoundEvidence to 1) ](color:black)[//Ahem// [[Tell them about your family history->butlerExplainFamily]] [[Tell them about being a butler->butlerExplainJob]] [[Explain why you are here->butlerExplainButlerConf]] [[Make a run for it->butlerRunForIt]] ](color:black)[//I grew up knowing what I would be, my family had a tradition and I was to continue it. I was to be Butler. Some in my family had to be led to the cause, but not I, ever since I saw my grandfather move about Edward VII's rooms I knew my calling. I was to be a butler// [[Tell them why it matters->butlerExplainJob]] ](color:black)[//To someone such as yourself, a fellow servant of others, I hope you can see the nobility of the cause, to serve others, to improve their lives. A butler cannot be seen, a butler cannot be heard yet a butler must see everything, hear everything and their presence must be felt in all places. If you do it well, no one will know you did anything at all. A good butler is as close to being a god that humanity will ever know.// The detective seems unimpressed despite the delivery of your speech, perhaps she does not see your career as noble as that of the police. (if: $butlerGlare is 15)[Her glare starts up once more](else:)[Her glare intensifies] (set: $butlerMiffed to true) [[Tell the detective why you are here->butlerExplainButlerConf]] ](color:black)[You tire of this game, the detective is clearly preparing to make you a scape goat You just need the perfect moment [[Go now->butlerFlee]] [[Wait->butlerWait]] ](color:black)[You stand up and start sprinting, running as fast as you can You hear a noise as you blast clean past the detective [[Try to determine the noise->butlerDetermineNoise]] [[Keep running->butlerKeepRunning]] ](color:black)[You know you'll only get one chance at this, you need to get it right [[Go now->butlerFlee]] [[Keep waiting->butlerWait]] ](color:black)[You pause for a second, was that a gunshot? [[Yes it was->butlerFinishRunning]] (link:"Don't think about it, keep running")[(set: $butlerRunning to 1)(goto:"butlerAKeepRunning")] ](color:black)[(set: $butlerRunningList to (array: "You are moving at an incredible pace You never knew you could run this fast, perhaps being accussed of murder is good for the body? Before you know it you have run well past the other suspects but you cannot seem to stop You want to run It is in your blood You must run","Wow you really do like running","You start to get scared Why don't you stop running now?","You cannot stop running!?","woooosh!","zoooooom!","Crickey look at you go","Are your legs getting tired yet?","Perhaps if you run hard enough you'll stop"))(if: $butlerRunning < 9)[(print: $butlerRunningList[$butlerRunning]) (link:"Keep running")[(set: $butlerRunning to $butlerRunning +1)(goto:"butlerKeepRunning")]](else:)[[[Wait wasn't there a sound earlier?->butlerFinishRunning]]] ](color:#48B0D4)[You look at the butler's body, the idiot tried to run for it, didn't he know you had a gun..? You look back at the other suspects ''Looks like the butler did it'' ](color:black)[//The 'victim' as you call them was an old friend from years long gone, his family was a subservant family to my own in the butler hierarchy, he was something special though. He had the potential to be more than what his family could offer, my family took him in and trained him to be a full butler.// ''You had an altercation with them earlier?'' [[LIE: Tell the detective about the altercation->butlerVictimContinue]] (set: $butlerLie to true) (set: $butlerEvidence to $butlerEvidence + (array: "\nThe victim was an old family friend")) (set: $butlerFoundEvidence to $butlerFoundEvidence + 1) ](color:black)[//I would not say I knew the victim well, we met at Beeton's Butlering School while we were both finishing our butlering before becoming apprentice butlers. Great things were expected of him once he finished but I never heard of him after leaving school, I was surprised to see him here.// ''You had an altercation with them earlier?'' [[Tell the detective about the altercation->butlerTrueVictimContinue]] (set: $butlerLie to false) (set: $butlerEvidence to $butlerEvidence + (array: "\nThe victim went to the same school")) (set: $butlerFoundEvidence to $butlerFoundEvidence + 1) ](color:black)[//Oh I would say altercation is far too strong a word, I wanted to meet up for drinks, it had been many years since we had last been together. He however rebuked me, he did not explain why. I was somewhat upset.// ''Then what happened?'' [[LIE: Tell her what happened->butlerVictimDead]] (set: $butlerEvidence to $butlerEvidence + (array: "\nThe victim refused to go drinking")) (set: $butlerFoundEvidence to $butlerFoundEvidence + 1) ](color:black)[//Next thing I heard, he was dead// ''Did you want them dead?'' (if: $butlerLie is true)[[[LIE: No->butlerAlibi]]](else:)[[[LIE: No->butlerAlibi]] [[Yes->butlerAlibi]]] ](color:black)[//Oh altercation is far too strong a word, we had a mere trifling run it. He was slightly upset at my own existence in the world. I am the butler other butlers wish to be, he is merely a fool who wears the same title. During the start of my opening address he rudely interrupted me, security quickly intervened and had him removed, I thought nothing more of it.// ''And then what happened?'' [[Tell them what happened next->butlerVictimDead]] (set: $butlerEvidence to $butlerEvidence + (array: "\nThe victim interrupted the butler's speech")) (set: $butlerFoundEvidence to $butlerFoundEvidence + 1) ](color:black)[''So where were you when they died?'' (if:$butlerLie is true)[//I was back in the speaker lounge, organising an event at my manor house next week, a butler's job is never done//(set: $butlerEvidence to $butlerEvidence + (array: "\nThe butler was in the speaker lounge when the victim died"))](else:)[//I was outside, running an errand before I was needed back at the conference, a butler's job is never done.//(set: $butlerEvidence to $butlerEvidence + (array: "\nThe butler was outside when the victim died"))] ''Did anyone see you'' (if:$butlerLie is false)[[[LIE: No->butlerNoone]] [[Yes->butlerSomeone]]](else:)[[[Yes->butlerSomeone]]] (set: $butlerFoundEvidence to $butlerFoundEvidence + 1) ](color:black)[//I was alone// (set:$butlerLie to false) ''hmm'' The detective finally breaks her glare and writes some notes down ''You may go back to the group'' [[Return to the group->Enter the Venue]] (set: $butlerEvidence to $butlerEvidence + (array: "\nThe butler was alone")) (set: $butlerFoundEvidence to $butlerFoundEvidence + 1) ](color:black)[//I saw the Priest talking to the victim, they seemed to be having quite a conversation, I don't know what they were talking about but it seemed important to the victim. One of them must have seen me.// ''hmm'' The detective finally breaks her glare and writes some notes down ''You may go back to the group'' [[Return to the group->Enter the Venue]] (set: $butlerEvidence to $butlerEvidence + (array: "\nThe butler saw the priest with the victim")) (set: $butlerFoundEvidence to $butlerFoundEvidence + 1) ](color:#48B0D4)[ What to do, what to do? [[Check Butler evidence]] [[Check Priest evidence]] [[Interrogate->Enter the Venue]] [[Accuse]] ](color:#48B0D4)[(if: $butlerFoundEvidence > 0)[(print:$butlerEvidence)](else:)[You have no evidence about the butler.] [[Check the evidence]] [[Accuse Butler]] ](color:#48B0D4)[(if: $priestFoundEvidence is true)[(print:$priestEvidence)](else:)[You have no evidence about the priest.] [[Check the evidence]] [[Accuse Priest]] ](color:#48B0D4)[Whom shall I accuse? [[Accuse Butler]] [[Accuse Priest]] ](color:#48B0D4)[You walk into the hastily repurposed room holding the Butler. ''We know you did it, we've got the evidence. You will be taken from here to face trail. You will pay for what you did.'' (link:"29 years later")[(set: $murderer to "Priest")(set: $accused to "Butler")(goto:"Epilogue")]<!--[[Epilogue]]--> ](color:#48B0D4)[You walk into the hastily repurposed room holding the Priest. ''We know you did it, we've got the evidence. You will be taken from here to face trail. You will pay for what you did.'' (link:"29 years later")[(set: $murderer to "Butler")(set: $accused to "Priest")(goto:"Epilogue")]<!--[[Epilogue]]--> ](color:#48B0D4)[The Priest sat straining against the cuffs, the tiny chair creaking against his every move. ''That won't really get you anywhere.'' I pull over my own chair, and sat down in front of him. ''What's a Priest doing at a butler’s convention anyway?'' [[He opened his mouth->Priest Interrogation 1-01]] ](color:#5D1375)[ //I was sent here by the Bishop of Northhamshire, officious little man. He's one of those idiot reformers, doesn't like the Church's lending policies. Tell me, what's the point of being in the Church if you can't use the poor box to supplement a little usury? (set: $priestEvidence to (array: "\nForced to attended ButlerCon by Bishop of Northhamshire"))(set: $priestFoundEvidence to true) ''That doesn't really answer the question.'' //I do not like him, and he knows it. He believes I need to learn humility and, 'regain my love of serving others'. So he's shipped me off to this merry little gathering of butlers and servants. It's nothing more than a collection of peasants and fools, yet here I am.//(set: $priestEvidence to $priestEvidence + (array: "\nPriest does not like Northhamshire")) (link:"Stare at the detective")[(set: $priestGlare to 1)(goto:"Priest Interrogation 1-02")] (link:"Continue talking")[(set: $priestGlare to 0)(goto:"Priest Interrogation 1-02")] <!--[[Fall silent and stare at the detective->Priest Interrogation 1-02]] [[Continue talking->Priest Interrogation 1-02]]--> ](color:#48B0D4)[(set: $detectiveName to (prompt:"What is your name?"))(set: $butlerFoundEvidences to 0)(set: $priestFoundEvidences to 0) Another day, another murder. This time it was an attendee at ButlerConf–the largest conference of butlers and servants in the world. He was found brutally stabbed to death in some back room at the venue. As a seasoned Detective you have been dispatched to investigate and solve the mystery. The arriving officers have already secured the scenes and gathered the suspects for you. All that remains is for you to apply your substantial crime solving skills and considerable experience to the case. [[Enter the Venue]] ]<!--(put: (prompt: "What's your name?") into $name)-->(color:#5D1375)[''I haven't encountered anyone in your order that shares your views'' // I said 'half competent', not that many are. And maybe I exaggerated a little. I suppose I do visit the poor, the struggling and the hopeless causes. // Tell him about the... [[brothels->Priest Interrogation 1-04a]] [[gambling->Priest Interrogation 1-04b]] <!--[[TODO: illicit art ring->Priest Interrogation 1-04c]]--> ](color:#5D1375)[//Afterall, there is nothing so delectible as a repenting prostitue, they go to such lengths to restore their virtue. And as for the others, enough coin and they'll do anything you ask anyway!// (set: $priestBackStory to 1) (set: $priestEvidence to $priestEvidence + (array: "\nPriest visited brothels")) [[Smile at the Detective->Priest Interrogation 1-05]] ](color:#5D1375)[//There is nothing funnier than blowing the poorbox on a losing rat, then get up in the pulpit and rant about how selfish the congregation is. 'but you shall freely open your hand to him, and shall generously lend him sufficient for his need in whatever he lacks...But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, into a snare, into many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction. Get's them everytime.'// (set: $priestBackStory to 2) (set: $priestEvidence to $priestEvidence + (array: "\nPriest is a problem gambler")) [[Smile at the Detective->Priest Interrogation 1-05]] ](color:#5D1375)[(color:#5D1375)[Double-click this passage to edit it.(set: $priestBackStory to 3) (set: $priestEvidence to $priestEvidence + (array: "\nPriest does not like Northhamshire")) [[Priest Interrogation 1-05]] ] ](color:#5D1375)[(if: $priestGlare is 1)[''Attempting to deflect me with some crazy rant about the poor then going silent won't get you anywhere.'' He gives you a hard look in turn.] (else:)[Before you can say anything else his expression goes stoney.] //What? You're not another one of those peasant lovers are you Sheriff? Look, you're just as likely to get the plague off one of those filth mongers as you are anything else. I pride myself on having avoided those serfs for my entire priesthood.// His expression suddenly becomes quizzical. [[Don't tell me you haven't heard of the plague?->Priest Interrogation 1-03b]] [[Oh please, any half competent priest would do the same.->Priest Interrogation 1-03a]] ](color:#5D1375)[He looks even more lost. //Oh look another ivory tower henchman. You really are incompetent, even for someone so inept the only way they could earn a living was finding a lord who would pay you to sit in a castle. The plague is everywhere!// ''This from a priest who lives off tithes despises the poor?'' [[Answer him->Priest Interrogation 1-03b1]] (link:"Glare at him")[(set: $priestGlare to $priestGlare + 1)(goto:"Priest Interrogation 1-03b2")] <!--Preserve link so we can see it: [[Priest Interrogation 1-03b2]]--> ](color:#5D1375)[//You are forgetting about the loan interest, property seizures and indulgences. And there are other perks.// ''Such as?'' [[Tell him about the brothels->Priest Interrogation 1-04a]] ](color:#5D1375)[(if: $priestGlare > 1)[ ''Oh shut up you hypocr- // That is entirely different! I knowingly take advantage of people, you're just...some mediocre guard with an over inflated ego, leaching off society. // (link:"Try and put him off.")[(set: $priestLie to 1)(goto:"Priest Interrogation 1-05")] ] (else:)[ He leans back in his chair and returns your glare. After a few minutes he finally breaks the silence. ''We can sit in this room staring at each other for all eternity, or you can tell me what happened'' You take a calming breath.(set: $priestBackStory to 0) [[Well...->Priest Interrogation 2-01]] ] ](color:#5D1375)[//So Sheriff, when was the last time you attended mass or confessed your sins? If you don't be a good little devotee you can't get into heaven!// ''Tell me what happened today.'' [[Well...->Priest Interrogation 2-01]] ](color:#5D1375)[//It's the annual butler gathering. It's some excuse for those retainers to get together and celebrate their pointless existence and talk about how to serve their betters. Before I got stuck into them the only entertaining aspect of the whole affair was their incessant prattle over who was serving the best family–the constant unearthing of family secrets was good for a laugh.//(set: $priestEvidence to $priestEvidence + (array: "\nPriest is hypocritical and appears to despise the poor")) ''What do you mean 'stuck into'?'' (if: $priestLie is 0)[//I started sitting with them individually to hear their confessions. I was uniquely suited as a priest to both hear it and sympathise their plight...some of them have truly terrible masters.// ''Did you sit with victim and hear his confession?'' [[As a matter of fact, I did->Priest Interrogation 2-02a]] (link:"LIE: No I did not, so many plebs, so little time")[(set: $priestLie to $priestLie + 1)(goto:"Priest Interrogation 2-02c")] ] (else:)[ (link:"LIE: Oh I started spreading rumours, it's even funnier when utter lies get into the mix!")[(set: $priestLie to $priestLie + 1)(goto:"Priest Interrogation 2-02b")] ] <!--Preserve link so we can see it: [[Priest Interrogation 2-02a]][[Priest Interrogation 2-02b]][[Priest Interrogation 2-02c]]--> ](color:#5D1375)[''Well what did he confess?''(set: $priestEvidence to $priestEvidence + (array: "\nPriest heard victim's confession"))<!--(set: $priestLie = 1)--> //Oh I couldn't possibly tell you that, seal of confession and all that.// (if: $priestLie > 0)[The Detective snorts. ''Given your already stated distain for the rules of your order, why keep that one?'' //Because I can. It's not like you can force me to do anything.// ''What do you want? You don't have to break the seal to give me something useful.'' You straighten up, finally being serious. //How about I tell you what we discussed, and you help me deal with its implications.// ''Go on.'' //The victim was the personal servant to Lord Hamilton. Hamilton's brother is the Arch Bishop of Carth and Fells. It seems that the Bishop has been using his influence to remove rivals of their holdings, and then selling them back off cheaply to Hamilton. I can't take this to the church because I'd have to reveal how I was told, but you can 'discover' this during your investigation. If anyone found out he was blabbing, it could explain why he was killed.//(set: $priestEvidence to $priestEvidence + (array: "\nThe victim was privy to the Hamilton plot, perhaps he was killed for his involvement in it.")) ''With the Arch Bishop gone, wouldn't Northhamshire be next in line, getting him out of your way?'' (set: $priestEvidence to $priestEvidence + (array: "\nHamilton plot may be a means for Priest to remove his own troublesome Bishop.")) [[Yes I suppose it would->Priest Interrogation 2-03a]] ] (else:)[''Ok, what can you tell me about the victim then?'' //Not a lot, I never met him before today.// ''Surely there is something you can give me. The man died for goodness sake.'' //Look to the activities of his master's family.// ''Anything else?'' [[Not that I am comfortable revealing->Priest Interrogation 2-03a]] ] ](color:#5D1375)[''Did you spread any rumours about the Hamiltons–the family the victim served?'' //Sure? Why not.// ''Did the victim take offence to that?'' //Not that I know of, I never met him.// ''Hmmm.'' [[What?->Priest Interrogation 2-02c]] (set: $priestEvidence to $priestEvidence + (array: "\nPriest was spreading rumours. May have gotten into an altrication with victim over them")) ](color:#5D1375)[''I heard that the victim was a notorious gambler. You wouldn't know anything about that?'' //No.// ''I also heard that he owed a lot of money to a 'man of the cloth'...one who was in the personal service of a prominent leader of the Church. Still nothing?''(set: $priestEvidence to $priestEvidence + (array: "\nPriest may have been after the victim over gambling depts")) //Really?// (if: $priestBackStory is 2)[''Really. Given your background, you expect me to believe you have never encountered him before?'' [[I suppose it is possible we had met previously, but I certainly have no recollection of it->Priest Interrogation 2-04a]] ](else:)[''Really.'' [[I don't know what to tell you->Priest Interrogation 2-04a]] ] ](color:#5D1375)[''Where were you at the time of the killing?'' //How would I know? What time was he killed?// ''Just after mid-day. The body was discovered an hour or so later.'' //I was wandering in and out of the gatherings, occasionally hearing the odd confession, or discussing rumours.// ''Can anyone confirm this?'' //I met a few others. I don't remember any of their names though. Not that it should matter, it's not like I carry a blade or would know how to use one.// (set: $priestEvidence to $priestEvidence + (array: "\nPriest claims people saw him away from the murder scene, but does not know their names")) ''A blade?''(set: $priestEvidence to $priestEvidence + (array: "\nPriest knew what the murder weapon was a blade")) //He was stabbed wasn't he?// ''He was, how do you know?'' //Well that hysterical maid, ran through the halls for 10 minutes yelling, 'a stabbing, a stabbing' kind of gave it away.// ''Very well, thank you for your time'' The Detective gets up and moves to leave the room. //Wait, I can't leave yet?// ''Not till I've figured out what happened'' [[The Detective leaves the room->Enter the Venue]] ](color:#5D1375)[''So you've never met the victim?'' //No.// ''Well, I have 4 people that saw you talking with him multiple times today.'' //Oh? Maybe I did, it's a big conference, these plebs don't have much of an impact on me.//(set: $priestEvidence to $priestEvidence + (array: "\nPriest falsely claims to have no interaction with victim")) ''Nothing else?'' [[Not that I can think of->Priest Interrogation 2-03a]] ](color:#48B0D4)[You after a long and celebrated career you retire from law enforcement. Not long after, you receive a call from a lawyer. She insists that you come see her at once as it concerns the famous ButlerConf murder. You arrive at her office and she hands you a document. It is part of the last will and testament of the $murderer. //Hello Detective $detectiveName I just wanted to let you know, I got away with murder that day. I stabbed that sorry excuse for a servant. He was in my way, and then he was not. And thank's to your ineptitude, I got away with it, and you sent an innocent person to their death. Enjoy this knowledge, after I did. The $murderer.// --- The $murderer did do it! ]###What is this? ButlerConf! There has been a murder at ButlerConf the largest conference of butlers in the world, you are sent in to find out who the murderer is. This all started because we are both primarily programmers and thought it'd be interesting to try and be the writer of a game not just the programmer, turns out writing is really hard and we are pretty terrible at it. We did learn a new game tool and make a pretty weird game so I guess that is good... Now the part where I try to crudely justify why it matches the theme: The theme for the jam was Voices and the keyword Access, and we thought what better way to explore what voice and access truly mean than in a murder-mystery where you play as the investigator and the murder suspects?  You are given insight into the weird minds of the suspects as they try to convince the detective they are innocent. A voice is powerful yet it doesn't give you everything, you will know when as a suspect you are lying but will that help you solve the murder later as the detective? Can you determine the murder? Did we even have time to write an ending? Instructions are pretty simple, read the text, each different character has their own colour, press the choice that reflects how you think the story should progress. [[Click here to begin->_VAR_SETUP]]