You're in sitting in a cafe in one of the math and computer buildings at the University of Uwaterloo. It's a Sunday, so the place is fairly empty and very quite. You decide to ... [[''Get your laptop out and play Depression Quest''->StartDepressionQuest]] [[Get started on your CS assignments->StartAssignments]] [[Watch youtube videos all day->WasteDay]]You start up depression quest. Halfway through the game, you start to feel responsible for the fictional character's wellbeing. You try to make him do the least depressing things possible. You get him the cat, get him into therapy, and get him on meds. Soon the game ends and your guy ends off alright. You feel good. You can't shake the feeling that the game's gotten to you somehow. [[''Think about the game itself''->StartGameReview]] [[''Think about whether Depression Quest should be considered a game''->StartLudologyAnalysis]] [[Play Candy Box->StartCandyBox]]You spend the day trying to figure out how to implement locks for an Operating System. You don't finish the assignment, but you get a decent understanding of what you need to do. You are currently not Depressed. You are not seeing a therapist. You are not on medication.Congratulations, you have accomplished nothing today. The highlight of your day was learning that the Korean Navy once built giant turtles that breath fire to fend off the Japanese.You don't know if 'enjoy' is the right word, but you definitely think it was good overall. Depression Quest definitely had you emotionally invested, but it didn't make you feel like the main character. It had you emotionally invested in the same way that Alex, the guy's girlfriend was emotionally invested, as much as possible without truly understanding. Every choice you took made you feel like some invisible force telling the the main character (who shall henceforth be referred to as Jim) to do something that the would otherwise not do. You don't actually know if the options you gave him were his decision and it almost felt out of character for him to be reaching so hard. Although Depression Quest did a good job giving you a sense of what depression is, it did more of showing you what it was like to live with someone living with depression than show you what it was like to actually live with depression. Perhaps that was the only goal. You feel like Alex was too good of a girlfriend. Sure she might be supportive, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have her own issues that she must be going through. It just feels a little off to you that everytime you told Binwin to reach out to her, she is nothing but support and love. Maybe that was her role. You didn't have Binwin reach out to anyone else, perhaps your brother would have been less supportive. Overall, you still have no idea what it's truly like to live with depression so you feel the game has failed on that part. But at least you were emtionally invested. After playing the game, you begin to question whether or not you have depression. You can never seem to find the effort to do the things you should be doing. Then you come to the realization that doing work is hard and playing videogames and going out/staying in with friends is easy. You come to the tragic realization that you yourself don't have depression, you're just lazy. [[''Think about whether Depression Quest should be considered a game''->StartLudologyAnalysis]]You bring up a check-list of criteria, according to Juuls, of what makes something a game. [(live: 10s)[YES]] A rules based formal system [(live: 20s)[YES]] Variable and Quantifiable Outcomes [(live: 35s)[YES?]] Different outcomes are assigned different values [(live: 50s)[YES]] The play feels emotionally Attached to the outcome [(live: 55s)[YES]] The Consequences of the activity are optional and negotiable (live: 1s)[The rules for Depression Quest are basically the same as reading a book. You look at the words in progression. The only thing separating Depression Quest from a standard book are the choices at the bottom of each page. The rules based system being that clicking on a link takes you further into the story. Just like flipping a book takes you further into the story] (live: 10s)[The outcome of Depression Quest depends on the choices you made, so it is variable. You're not really sure if the outcomes are quantifiable though. The outcomes of Depression Quest don't explicitly have numbers attached to them, but they do have different levels of depression. Which is good enough for being quantifiable.] (live: 20s)[You don't understand what Juuls means by 'Different outcomes are assigned different values'. Does not the fact that the outcomes are already different mean that they have different values. What exactly is this value anyway? Different numbers, different words. You don't know the difference between different outcomes and different values and you feel like this criteria is redundant if you already have 'Variable and Quantifiable Outcomes', in that 'Quantifiable' should mean they have different values.] (live: 35s)[You were very emotionally attached to the outcome, you wanted it to end well. You also feel this way about people, books, movies, and burritos. Those are not games. Does it count if you were emotionally attached to the narrative and not the action of clicking the links. Afterall, according Juuls (You think he may have changed his stance by now), narrative is unimportant to the game. But if the narrative is what makes you emotionally attached to the outcomes, then the narrative is vitable part of the game. Without the narrative, Depression Quest stops being a game] (live: 50s)[You could choose to make a big deal out of Depression Quest after you've finished playing it. But you feel like that's not going to happen and that you're just going to move on.] (live: 55s)[You're also not sure if Depression Quest is a game according to the checklist since you skipped a step. You conclude that you don't need a checklist to tell you what is and isn't a game. You can feel it in your gut.] [[''Think about the game itself''->StartGameReview]]You Start up Candy Box and just...wait. Maybe you should do something else in the meantime. [[''Get your laptop out and play Depression Quest''->StartDepressionQuest]] [[Get started on your CS assignments->StartAssignments]]