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A glorious future awaits humanity!

Welcome, aspiring interplanetary colonization executive!

In this game, you start from nothing — a nobody, with no funds to your name — and by the time you've been playing it for half a day, you need to have built up a truckload of in-game money and sent humanity to reach the stars! Why? Because it is your destiny, as a human being, and as a player of this web-based "incremental" game, to do just that!

Monitor your resources on the left and purchase new ones on the right. Grow humanity's civilization beyond our earthly cradle. It is your destiny!

Resources Available

In-Game Money: 0 units

The rest of these resources are listed in order per operational department.

HR Dept:

Colonial staff: 0 colonists
Cost per new hire: 60000 units (of in-game money)

Automated Money Maker bots: 0 bots
Real-time acquisition cost, per bot: 10 units (of in-game money)

Finance Dept:

Investments: 0 index fund shares
Real-time acquisition cost, per share: 1000 units (of in-game money)

Main Ops Dept:

Rocket launch systems: 0 launchers
Real-time acquisition cost, per launch system: 5000 units (of in-game money)

Space freighters: 0 rockets
Real-time acquisition cost, per rocket: 25000 units (of in-game money)

Space colonies: 0 colonies
Real-time acquisition cost, per colony: 55 million units (of in-game money)
Minimum 160 colonists required!

Space stations: 0 developments
Real-time acquisition cost, per space station: 2.5 million units (of in-game money)
Minimum 20 colonists required!

Interstellar (multi-generational) starships: 0 starships
Real-time acquisition cost, per starship: 750 billion units (of in-game money)
Minimum 360 colonists required!

Business Operations Rundown

Want to earn 5 more units of in-game "money"?

Personnel & Automation

You can hire either money-making bots, or space colonists. Consider the option to hire a:

Investment Portfolio

Consider investing in an Index Fund to multiply your earnings.

Deployable Resources

You need launchers to get your freighters & colonists into space. Freighters are rockets; they carry both cargo and colonists to their colonial destinations. Finally, colonists need somewhere to call "home" once they arrive at their destination planets. You should seriously consider building some colonies.

(Please note that colonies, space stations, and interstellar starships, all have "minimum colonists" / population requirements in addition to their costs!)

You can choose to research, build, and deploy one of the following:

You can also choose to build & deploy one of these: