you are **r u n n i n g** [[she screams|scream]] your body quakes. your heart rises in your throat. [[she is dead|dead girl]] dare you reach out and touch? * [[yes]] * [[no]]her **c o l d** skin is mottled with bruises, *so f f f t* like a peach and so so so s o tender,,,, , , your fingers skate over every inch of flesh that has become nothing but a burden to her, weighing down her <strong><em>h e a venl y</strong></em> body with an organ too beautiful to ignore , , . ( [[continue|yes2]] )you turn to run, fear sending shocks down your back and into your legs that paralyse you. your eyes meet hers, glassy and bright with red wetness that drips down from each tearduct and swirl together at the base of her throat where collarbones meet. you are drawn to this heavenly creature, porcelain flesh bloated and torn open in places good girls leave well enough alone. she was a good girl. ( [[continue|no2]] )her wounds beckon to you and you smile, a rictus of pleasurep*a*in spreading across your face, almost too wide to contain your sharp wicked wonderful teething angelbabies. these canines cut into your lower lip and blood drips from your mouth, but you ignore the taste in favor of your curiosity. you r e a c h out, extended arm traveling the distance between your body and hers. she lays there cold dead beautiful [[take what's yours]]your hands stop their movement when, pausing over her distended belly, your eyes catch sight of some sort of movement beneath the flesh. it is .. .... . . . . . .. pushing outward a n d squirming a n d what is this thing ? , , your brow furrows as you watch this anomaly, examining the way her skin stretches over this fluttering *th i ng* inside of her. do you examine further? *[[yes|examine]] *[[no|dont examine]]cutting open her stomach, your fingers delve into her soft meat and you soon feel the movement of the s o m e t hing trapped inside of her. pull it out pull it o u t p u l l it o u t its a *fucking* bird watch this bloodstained dove preen itself, nestling its beak into each of its feathers until it has cleaned itself of the bile and putrid waste found inside all humans watch it fly watch it f l y watch it fly away and smile, turning back to her rotting body with ease and grace. she has given you a gift. [[she is yours now.]]you step back quic kly, deeply disturbed by the entire affair. thank you thankyouthankyuo thankyouthan kyou thanky you i am *falling* she is dying she is dead what is inside of her you dont want to know you are squeamish you are watching with the intensity of a mother with child and maybe she is ?? , , the thought makes you ill and the bile crawls up your throat, filthy and deep and dark and rolling out of your mouth with the eloquence of a king at war. quickly quickly you cry out she is covered in your filth you have dirtied her you have ruined her [[accept your punishment]]fucking t a k e it take whats yours take her body into your arms and ravage it, her yonic blossoms torn apart as you rub your filthy hands over everything youve ever wanted she is y ou r s she is mine she is mine i want to touch i want to tear i want to kiss her i want to cut her open and taste her drink her in i want to destroy her i want to cut and burn and kill kill k i ll l am i a fucking wreck who are you what a r e you are you me? did i do this? i am fucking her, we are on the bed and i am fucking her and she is screaming in pure bliss but these images flash through my mind she is a dead girl walking i want to kill i want to destroy i bite h a r d and her screams change for a second - - only a second - - before she smiles harder than god fucks cancer patients and comes we are one // i am burning with this desire // we are one divided [[what did i fucking do]]I LONG TO BE SOME PART OF A CAR CRASH you turn back to the gaping hole in her gut and plunge your hands back in, enjoying the feeling of every slimy, eelish organ that brushes past your fingertips someone has aborted her strawberry smile, frozen her poisonberry tongue and now you are left with her slashed remains. did you do this ? *[[yes|i did]] *[[no|i did not]]remember this moment fondly, remember the blood and her intestines hanging out remember rememb e r do you r e m e m b e r ? ? its all hazy now ,,, , , i remember your face when you fucked me. i remember the concentration and the dark look you gave me when i said no. i remember the cage i remember the handcuffs i remember the pain as you tore me in two i remember everything what have you doneyes you fucking did you ruined her you killed her you're a fucking feral animal you did this you fucking ruined everything her family cries for your death her family cries for their loss and here you are, smiling smugly in court with a wink for each woman juror and they are disgusted youre only digging yourself in deeper but you dont give a shit you've ruined everything you should be put down. you are fucking **fil t h y**there is blood everywhere wake up? ,, w a k e u p baby im looking for you let's fuck let's fight let me taste you // let me taste your rivers flowing **S H E IS D E A D**