Every day [[you]] take the [[subway]]. You take the [[subway]] to your office job in the morning. And you take the subway to your tiny apartment in the evening.Swish goes the doors as you enter the train car. Your shoes make no noise as you step inside and take an [[empty grey seat]]. The train rumbles to life, the wheels swishing and clunking as it moves.This train car is empty. The fluorescent lights gleam brightly. The grey plastic seats are worn. [[You sit]]. The train labors around a corner, and tall concrete columns came into view. There is a long long platform, and strange lamps light the walls and floor. You cannot remember a time when your train ever [[stops]] here before.From your seat by the door, the darkness beyond the lamps seem thick, almost palpable. The train is stopped. With a woosh, the doors [[open]].The ovearhead speaker turns on. The train driver must be making an announcement. All you hear is [[static]]. And still the [[doors]] are open. And still the darkness thickens.Maybe if you strain your ears, you can hear through the static. You try hard to [[listen|monster]].You feel something is out there. Is is a [[monster]]? Is it just your [[imagination]]?You feel like something is out there. Monsters aren't real, you think to yourself. That's what people say, anyway, but you're not sure you believe them anymore. You know something is [[out there]].Sometimes you hear things, or see things, or feel things. Other people just laugh when you tell them. You've learned to rely on yourself, because your [[intuition|monster]] about these things is rarely wrong.You can feel it pulling at you. You need to see it. [[You stand up]]. [[You stay seated]].The platform was [[long]], the walls were a [[sickly green]]. You sit. And you wait. Perhaps you should [[think again|monster]].The edges of the station platform stretched deep into the darkness. You could not see beyond a few yards in any direction, just where the small brass lamps lit the platform with their [[subtle glow]].You breathe in the dank air of the underground. A small plaque catches your eye on the green wall. [[Read it]]. [[Leave]].You step out onto the [[platform|sickly green]].You step [[closer]]. You turn around to re-enter the train. The train is [[gone]].Something breathes in the [[darkness|darker]]. You [[turn around]] slowly.The plaque is scratched and gouged, as if by giant claws. A chill runs down your spine. You should [[Leave]].Slowly, you turn back to face the green wall. Seconds pass. Sweat drips down your spine. Perhaps you [[imagined]] it?As you consider whether this is all in your head, something occurs to you. It's getting [[darker]].You realize the station is growing less and less light. The lamps are going [[out]].You don't even have a moment to process before you're in darkness. Something breathes in the station. [[You|Run]] can hear its rasping [[breath]].In, and out. In, and [[out]].Before you even have a chance to do anything, something hits you and knocks you off the edge of the [[platform]].You brace yourself in the fleeting seconds before you hit the ground [[below]].And you [[fall]].But you don't hit the [[ground]].You shudder awake, drenched in cold sweat. You're on the floor of your apartment bedroom. [[Safe]].There was no trainride. No platform. It was just a [[dream]].You decide to take a shower, and get ready for your day. There's no more peaceful slumber tonight. You peel off your clothes in the bathroom, and catch a glance of your bare torso in the mirror. You breathe [[sharply]].Ugly bruises cover your ribs. It looks almost like someone hit you, hard enough to knock you down. But you're [[Safe]]. Aren't you[[?]]You don't really know. But you do know one [[thing|Who]].