The Arcade. [[Begin.->Unassuming]] [[Credits.->Credits]]Summer 1982. You're [biking]<biking| around your hometown. (click: ?biking)[For your first time without training wheels, you're doing well.] The sun is shining. [You're carefree.]<care| (click: ?care)[You can forget everything for now.] [[All is well...->Wait.]]Is that static? You pause, dismount, and stand your bike up. It's coming from a dark alleyway. [[Investigate.]] [[Leave.]]You cautiously walk down the alleyway. [[You see a blue light.->Light]]A wise choice. You [[leave.->Avoidance]]The static intensifies as you approach the light's source - an old beaten up TV. Static rings in your ears louder than before. You [almost]<almost| want to... reach out... and... [[touch it...]] (click:?almost)[[[Resist.]]]Your ears bleed as you reach for the screen. Everything goes [[black.->Look.]]You wake up in a [black void.]<nothing| (click:?nothing)[Suddenly everything [changes.]<change| (click:?change)[Almost s if someone knew you were awake.] You're in an arcade. Stained space carpet and glowing arcade machines. A sign in the distance flashes "LORD VIDEO'S FUNTIME PARLOR." [[Play some games!->Play.]] (set: $x to 0)](if: $x is 0)[You try out some new releases.](if: $x is 1)[You have fun shooting pixellated space monsters.](if: $x is 2)[You try out BurgerTime. It just makes you feel hungrier.] (if: $x is 3)[You watch the attract screens for a while. Your stomach growls.](if: $x > 3)[You play some games, but your heart's not in it.] (set: $x to it + 1) [[Play some more.->Play.]] (if: $x > 3)[[[This doesn't feel right.->X]]]You have to find an exit. [[Look for one.->Search for exit.]]Game by <a href="">Max Lawver</a>. Made in Twine. Inspired by <a href="">The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo</a> by Michael Lutz. [[Back.->Start]]You look for [windows]<windows| and [doors.]<door| (click:?windows)[No light from any windows.] (click:?door)[The walls are too far to see. [[Go to them.->Set out.]]]You slowly walk deeper into the arcade, through rows of sinister-looking arcade machines. [[Continue.]] [[Turn back.]]You can't tell where you are. Everything looks [abandoned.]<carpet| (click:?carpet)[The carpet smells of iron and sticks to your shoes.] Eventually the floor just...[[stops.->stop.]]You can't. You can't go into the unknown. It's safe here. There are games here. You smile. [[Play.->Play. Forever.]] You play. And play. And play. Your brain rots. You don't care. Your eyes bleed. You still don't care. You're wasting away without concern. Eventually the arcade becomes your tomb. [[GAME OVER.->BadEnd.]] Everything drops off into a [black void.]<black| (click:?black)[When you [look]<look|, it almost seems like [something's]<something| down there.] (click:?look)[[[Peer over.->Peer over.]]] (click:?something)[[[Turn around.]]]You have met an unfortunate end. [[Play Again?->Start]]You snap out of it... back away... grab your bike... and [[run.->Avoidance]]When you get home you hug your mom harder than you ever have before. [[Play again?->Start]]You bend over and look down at what's in the darkness. Odd shapes moving, a faint blood-red light... You feel cold hands on your back! A sharp push and down you go, falling... falling... and... [[thump.->BadEnd.]]You've avoided the arcade entirely. [[Start<-Play Again?]]You hear footsteps behind you and whirl around. You see [him.]<lordVideo| (click:?lordVideo)[A figure in a (click:?suit)[slimy] [suit]<suit| with a television set for a head.] ''"Hello, //child//,"'' he says, voice dripping equal amounts of static and ice. ''"Why don't you //e-e-enjoy// the gifts I have given you?"'' Sparks fly from his neck and he shudders as he speaks. ''"I-isn't this what you //want//? An e-e-eternity of //f-fun//?"'' You back away as he advances. You almost step off the edge. Fear grips your heart. [[Fight.]] [[Give In.->GiveIn.]]You have to fight. You aren't staying here forever. You bite and kick and scream. ''"//C-Chi-ild,//"'' he says before you kick him in the chest- you run and he chases- hands reach for your neck you trip and he stands over you but you sweep his legs and- crash. Everything [[fades.]]You accept your fate. With a horrible sound he takes you back to where you woke up. [[''"//Play.//"''->Play. Forever.]]You wake up in the alleyway next to the broken TV. The sun is setting. You shakily stand... get on your bike... and [[book it.->GoodEnd]]