//Good. Don't make noise. It is watching for you.// [[What can I do?]]//You hear that? The hissing noise behind the bathroom door? It must be inside.// I think I should [[knock on the door]] first. // No, just [[barge in->barging in]].// (set: $checkedBathroom to 1)//It has to be here. There's an irregular hissing from within your bedroom. I think you should [[take a peek]].// (set: $checkedBedroom to 1)//The monster is there: a short, grotesque, pygmy-like creature. It's just standing there. Looking at you, with those [[beady eyes->Kill Living Room]]...//THUMP THUMP. //It knows you're here now. Don't [[hestitate->Open Bathroom Slowly]]. You have to [[charge inside->barging in]].////Good. Kick down the door. The thing screaming in front of you is a monster. You caught it off guard, and now you can [[kill it->Kill Bathroom]].// (set: $alerted to 1)//You're taking too long. It's going to come out and catch you. What are you waiting for? [[Open the door->Open Bathroom Slowly 2]]! You can't [[run away]] now.////The monster is there, waiting for you. You have no choice but to [[kill it now->Kill Bathroom]].////What are you doing? Running won't help. It's going to [[catch you->Truth Revealed]]. I can't watch.//I run into my daughter, sitting on the floor. I warn her about the monster. I tell her to run, but she doesn't. She says that there's no monster behind me - it's just her mom.//Tear away the leathery skin. Disgusting. Now bash its skull against the toilet. Again and again. Until its brains are spattered on the floor. Good. You can [[dispose of it]] now, or [[check on the other rooms->find it]].// (set: $kills to $kills + 1) (set: $killName to "mommy")(if: $alerted is 1 and $killedDaughter is 0 and $checkedBedroom is 0)[//No time! there's something [[behind you!]] I can't watch.//] (if: $killedDaughter is 0 and $alerted is 0)[//Alright, first you - wait. Something's [[behind you]].//](if: $killedDaughter is 1)[//Eat the corpse. Good. Now you can [[check the other rooms->find it]].//](if: $checkedBathroom is 1 and $checkedLivingroom is 1 and $checkedBedroom is 1)[//Everything's clear. $kills people are dead. Well done.//](else:)[(if: $checkedBathroom is 0 and $checkedLivingroom is 0 and $checkedBedroom is 0)[//Find it first. It could be anywhere.// The [[bathroom->the bathroom]], [[living room->the living room]], or [[bedroom->the bedroom]]?](else:)[//Where else do you want to go?// (if: $checkedBathroom is 0)[- [[the bathroom]]] (if: $checkedLivingroom is 0)[- [[the living room]]] (if: $checkedBedroom is 0)[- [[the bedroom]]] ]]//You have to kill it.// [[How?->find it]]//Hey. Can you hear me? Stop what you're doing right now.// Huh? What's happening? //You're about to walk into your house. Don't. Put your key away and [[listen to me->Listen]].// (set: $kills to 0) (set: $checkedBathroom to 0) (set: $checkedLivingroom to 0) (set: $checkedBedroom to 0) (set: $killedDaughter to 0) (set: $alerted to 0)//I saw something crawl into your house this afternoon. It's waiting for you inside. Sneak in through [[the back->The Beginning]]. Don't use the [[front door]].////No! I can't watch. I'm leaving you.// [[Go ahead]], you're insane.Everything looks fine. There's my daughter, watching TV. She looks up at me, smiling. "Hi daddy, welcome home!"//There's a monster standing there. You think it's saying, "What did you do to $killName?" But that's a trick. Don't listen to it. You have to [[kill it->Kill Living Room]].////Dig your thumbs into its face. Scrape out the eyes. Disgusting. Now hold it down until it stops writhing. Good. You can [[dispose of it]] now, or [[check on the other rooms->find it]].// (set: $checkedLivingroom to 1) (set: $kills to $kills + 1) (set: $killedDaughter to 1)//The monster is in your bed. This is your chance. You can [[smother it]].////Press a pillow on its face. It's making disgusting noises. Keep pressing until it stops writhing. Good. You can [[dispose of it]] now, or [[check on the other rooms->find it]].// (set: $kills to $kills + 1) (set: $killName to "grandpa")It's my father-in-law and my daughter. They're on the phone with the authorities.