Ye find yeself in yon dungeon. ye see a FLASK. Obvious exits are NORTH, SOUTH, and DENNIS.\n\nWhat wouldst thou deau?\n\n* [[Get ye flask]]
<<set $bruisedrib = "yes">>\nStill afraid of what you're anticipating, you clench your eyelids to ensure that you don't open your eyes, you suddenly hear scraping on the floor beside you.\n\n//"IT'S COMING FOR YOU"//\n\nThese words boom into your head, startles you to open your eyes. As you get up quickly, you notice that there is nothing around but a cold and sharp darkness. Something suddenly beats you on your lower back launching you in the air, your head scrapes a ceiling and you drop bluntly on your chest. Landing hard on the dusty stone ground broke something in your chest, possibly a rib.\n\nIn agony you scream, you can't hear yourself no matter how hard you try. You to try breathe deeply to suppress the pain you're experiencing. Something slowly vibrates the air behind of you as if something is rumbling within the room you are in. Whatever it is, it's hovering right above you now.\n\n* [[Roll out of the way]]\n* [[Stand Still]]\n
Opening the door, you see some of the mist lightly entering the room. While you've been in a cold area since you got here, the cool, calm fog felt a little refreshing. While refreshing, there is an eerie atmosphere about the fog outside. You walk outside to find yourself standing in a courtyard, with little of it visible to your eyes.\n\n* [[Move forward]]\n\n
The Vorod stumbles to the ground not very far from you. As you make an attempt to attack, the Vorod begins to retaliate and pounce on you, ripping you to shreds until your entrails and the floor become one.\n\n''GAME OVER''
<<set $runaway = "yes">>\nIn panic, you lunge the dagger into the air and hit what seems to be a sensitive spot on the Vorod's body. You incapacitate the Vorod for a moment, Now it's your chance to take the upperhand!\n\n* [[Run out of the room]]\n* [[Stab the Vorod]]
In panic, you press your hand prematurely before you complete the final slicing. There is no effect for a few brief moments, then suddenly your arm burns inside out followed by a violent burst of flame that immolates you. Sudden and indescribable pain fades your vision to black... you somehow are still alive...\n\n* [[Open eyes|Shadow world ending]]
You notice a series of pulleys set around the wall surrounding the barred door, connected with old, rusted chains that lead across towards a cliff. Examining the cliff, it seems to lead somewhere below.\n\n* [[Climb down cliff]]
You take the dagger out and haphazardly slice your hand, agonizing pain attracts the Vorod to attack you. You feel sharp, fang-like protrusions shaving the lower end of your abdomen, and sinking deep enough to carve off your upper torso.\n\n''GAME OVER''\n\n\n
Too late to jump, Vorod smashes your back bone onto the barrier, killing you both.\n\n''GAME OVER''
Graphics shmaphics... for sooth!\n\n* [[Back to the real game|GameStart]]
In panic you get off your feet and run, within a few steps, your foot sinks into the ground, tripping you to roll over a sharp flight of stairs. With every hit you feel parts of your body breaking, getting cut and bruised until you reach the end of the stairs, hitting a hard and splintered barrier. You cry in pain as your entire body aches from your misfortunate event. A vibration in the air signals something is near you.\n\n* [[Try to move]]
Within the walls
You dread the sight of the pitch darkness of the room you return to after the comforting light you found in the temple, the only way left from here is forward.\n\n* [[Go forward|Follow wall to the left]]\n\n\n
Before you open your eyes, you hear a bellowing atmosphere around you, these are no longer the grounds of the Vorod, or at least that what you thought until you opened your eyes. An infernal world lays before you with twisted and horrific creatures of unknown nature crawl upon each other forming the world around you. A black familiar fog covers everything you see, only denser, darker, and more headache inducing than the ones you faced with the Vorod. This wasn't a singular Vorod... This was pack, nothing had been left of you as you instantly feed the pack of vorods with your own existence.\n\n''SHADOW WORLD ENDING - GAME COMPLETE''\n\n* [[continue|endingmessageshadowworld]]
You carefully climb up and slowly sneak towards the direction of the apparitions. By the time you're back on solid ground, they already made it inside. You look through the previously barred door to find it open and leading to what seems to be a jail. Barred cells as far as the eye can see, completely deserted with not a soul in sight, not even the apparitions were anywhere to be found. you walk forward to find yourself in a tall, circular, semi-open area with a hold in the center and flight of stairs in you opposite direction.\n\n* [[Examine hole]]\n* [[Go Upstairs|Prison upstairs]]
You try to rub the floor with your feet... You have no feet. You realize that you are floating in a cloud of black fog, which feels like it is a part of you as if it were hair...\n\n* [[Scream for help|ritual ending 12]]
Carefully guiding your feet down the stairs, you reach a dead end. Not all hope is lost though, the end of the stairs seem to lead to what feels like a large wooden door.\n\n* [[open door|entrywaydoor]]\n\n\n
Looking around, you see doors that seem locked shut and barricaded from the area you are in, a small flight of stairs leading upstairs and passage covered in that black fog as if it was a rooted plant overgrowth in that area.\n\n* [[Go upstairs|Prison upstairs]]\n* [[Head towards the darkened passage]]
This other building looked fort-like and as old and deserted as the one you walked out of just now, it looks fairly larger than the one that housed the temple. This other building looks more like a fort of some sort, a large, barred door stands in between you and what's inside the fort.\n\n* [[Try to lift bars]]\n* [[Examine surroundings]]\n\n\n\n
''Voice:'' //"Large, round creature... it chases me, some dreams I would be eaten by it...''//\n\nFrom that moment, you were able to see, you see a man bound to a wooden board, surrounded by men in robes.\n\nFrom that moment a robed man, lunges a broad, decorated dagger into the abodmen of the bound man. The most painful cry of pain erupted from the bound man as his entrails poured out alongside the blood down a glowing magic circle.\n\n* [[Continue|Escape ending 14]]
Even behind your closed eyelids you can tell that you're nowhere near home, not even anywhere familiar. You slowly open your eyes to find yourself engulfed the most perfect darkness your eyes ever set eyes upon, you are overwhelmed by this suspicious darkness. Trying to see your surroundings, you get up and notice that there is nothing for you to see around you, no light in the near horizon, not a window or a torch, clearly you are away from home.\n\nYou raise your hand before your face, not even your very hand is legible in this pitch darkness. What you find is even more unsettling is that you were laying on the floor, covered only by the skin of your back. From the discomfort of the floor, you feel it consists of stone and dust. Guiding your hand around your scantly clad and shiveringly cold body to see if there's any piece of cloth you may cover yourself with. Alas, there is none.\n\n[[Rub Face]]\n
Really? You come all this way to slice your thumb off? Where in the entire game does it say slice your thumb? Your thumb gets cut off, you bleed painfully Vorod eats you, serves you right, you thumbless buffoon.\n\n''FAIL''\n\n\n(game over)
Death came swiftly and merciful as you felt something beginning to tear your flesh from your abdomen. There was no blood left for you as you layed there in a pool of it. Dazed and sedated by the blood loss, with all your senses slowly fading away.\n\n''GAME OVER''\n\n\n
You dash back outside, nothing is on your mind but to be away from the Vorod as much as possible, your attack agitated it beyond imagination.\n\n* [[Run away through the hole]]\n* [[Run upstairs|Run back up stairs]]
This tunnel seems to be going on forever, you look behind you and you no longer see the light coming from the outside. You decide to carry on forward. At one point you notice an opening in the ceiling of the tunnel, this is where the sprawled skeletons stop in an abundant pile, as if that hole acted as a disposal for cadavers... What is this place?\n\nLooking around further, you find small crevices in the wall, which might help you climb upwards.\n\n* [[Climb through the hole in the ceiling]]\n* [[Go back]]
<<set $compendium = "yes">>\n//"... A demon of the realms of Hastur, The Vorod has no physical shape or form. It dwells within a dark cloud of absolute darkness that no light can penetrate, it will not see or feel its victims if they are within that cloud. Only when they emit sounds will they be sensed\n\nWhen roaming outside of its plane, it would dwell within the dreams of those who slumber."\nVorods act as the eyes and ears of our lord Remnal - Demon king of decay. Our spies had tracked down a feral Vorod dwelling within the dreams of a prisoner here in the royal prisons of Ishnur. Under the the royal guards' noses we have been working on bringing forth the Vorod to our world to bring forth Remnal to reign supreme in this world as he would in Hastur, disguised as priests of their false pantheon.//\n\n* [[continue reading]]
In fear you lay perfectly still, hoping whatever menace floats right above you. There's definitely something right above you, you smell a strong, pungent odor as if a rotting pile of meat is hanging right above you, you feel some wretched, cold, wax-like liquid dripping on your back. As if melted wax has been poured back, except rather than feeling burn it send cold chills down spine and making the small hairs on your back stand on end.\n\nAs if buried in rotten, stiff carcasses, whatever was floating above you drops onto your back and jumps right off in a pounding and pulverizing motion. With each drop, your broken rib's pain intensifies, you try to crawl out of the way, screaming and crying in terror. Slowly, more of your ribs begin to disintegrate and your organs begin to perforate from the sharp pieces of bone that are driven into them from the pounding that squeeze your innards.\n\n''GAME OVER''\n
With a sudden blow, you strike the circling Vorod with the dagger at hand. The attack proves useless as the Vorod knocks the dagger away, you try to quickly press your hand on the sigil but it's too late... The sigil burnt off... The ritual failed... You lost your chance. The vorod attacks you, but you don't resist or try to escape as you lost the will to live.\n\n''GAME OVER''
You take the sigil and press it firmly on to your chest, thinking it will protect you from the evil surrounding you. Little that you know that the sigil holds its own vile evil, strange, glowing, flaming hot hooks begin to seep into your skin from the magick circle. You try to get it off and it sinks deeper and deeper into your chest. Within seconds, all life in you had been sucked dry as your body is nothing but husk.\n\n''GAME OVER''
Thank you for playing the game!\n\nWe would appreciate any feedback for the game if you follow the link below:\n\n\n\n\nThere are two more endings if you haven't done them.
Things seem to get a little more clearer now that you've read that tome, though you do not understand how you got into this mess. If the tome says there might way out of this place, it would be best to find it. \n\n* [[Leave temple]]
''Voice:'' //"I told you, I have done nothing wrong."//\n\n* [[Continue|escape ending 6]]
I'm certainly not going to tell thou.\n\n* [[Any graphics?]]
Nothing is left of you, like broken glass you shatter and perish into thin air...\n\n* [[Continue|escape ending 3]]
Ignoring the throbbing pain that's on your shoulder, you slam an open palm on to the circle. As if putting your hand onto a pile of burning coal your hand begins to burn as the entire floor lights up with a completion of that magick circle, parts of it even glow onto your mutilated hand.\n\nYou feel like your insides are tearing apart along side the Vorod's biting, Vorod screams as if it is agony of the ritual. "it's working!" you think to yourself as you see the black fog subsides lower and lower. You begin to see a heaping orb decaying flesh wheezing as it gazes upon you with a large, single, hideous eye that looks similar that of a dead fish's eye. It was the vorod, a hideous, bulbous, orb of rotting flesh, that looked it consisted of several corpses surrounding a cyclops-like eye and a gaping maw.\n\n* [[continue|ritual ending 1]]
You take out the Sigil from out of your clothes, feeling the scroll around you find one of the ends of the leather tie and pull it to untie. As you unroll it you hear a bellowing breath as if something is agonizing. You see a glowing circle within the paper, the only source of light in this pitch darkness...\n\n* [[Hold sigil up in the air]]\n* [[Place sigil on the floor]]\n* [[Press sigil on your chest]]\n
With all that's left of your might, you try to get up and fail miserably. The pain is too much to bear, you feel like you had been crushed by a cave in. The vibration comes closer and closer, there's nowhere for you to run - you can't run with your broken bones.\n\n* [[Scream]]\n\n
In the last second, you jump away from the barrier, watching a giant puff of black fog come to a halt as the core of it crashes into several pointed large stakes.\n\nVorod gives out a loud roar as the fog begins to subside, you see a giant orb of rotting flesh. That was the Vorrod, from what it seems its body consisted of rotting flesh and old bones forming a large, bulbous, hideous creature with only one, rotten, dead eye. It was dead, you killed the abomination.\n\n* [[Continue|escape ending 1]]\n
Thank you for playing the game!\n\nWe would appreciate any feedback for the game if you follow the link below:\n\n\n\n\nThere are two more endings if you haven't done them.
<<set $compendium = "no">>It's hard to determine the cause of death, though one thing is certain, it was definitely a long time ago. Hardened flesh seems to have been preserved unintentionally either by the containment of this room or by the unusual atmosphere that is all over this strange place.\n\nIn its arms was a tome, covered and embossed with unusual markings.\n\n* [[Pick up book]]\n* [[Leave room]]\n
After a long walk back, you're back to where you were. You decide to unlock the mechanism that barred the door.\n* [[Unlock mechanism and head back up]]
Pressing your hands on the ground beneath your hips, you raise yourself upwards. The area around you feels cold and musty, as if there's a giant cloud of fog surrounding you. You'd think you're outside, but nothing besides the fog proves that.\n\n* [[Scream for help]]\n* [[Move Forward]]
Tome seems to be a journal of a member of a cult that is responsible for what could be the creature that dwells this place. It speaks in high fervor and zeal until the last entry...\n\n//We were able to smuggle the dreamer to our secret sacrificial room for our final summoning, but something went wrong. The vorod became stonger, rather than dwelling in the dreams of its prey, the prey now fall into its dreams. It no longer consumed the souls of the sleepers but ate the flesh of those awake.\n\nIt altered the subconscious world where the living dwells its dreams. We are brought into its dreams one by one as it forever slumbers, eating our flesh and bone. Who ever it eats it becomes part of its hideous new form.\n\nWe brought this to ourselves, we were fooled to think of these demons as gods. While they are more powerful than we'll ever be, they would never lead us to salvation.\n\nI leave you with my final words, may they redeem the doing of mine and of my misguided brothers and sisters. You may find a solution to this travesty in our sacrificial chamber hidden within the walls of the prison beyond the fog.//\n\nThe rest of the pages are left blank.\n\n* [[Stop reading]]\n\n\n
As you wait for the coast to be clear, the pieces of rock you were holding onto get loose and drop you. Hours of terror follow as you fall away from existence.\n\n''GAME OVER''
"Maybe it won't touch the light", you thought to yourself as you ran towards the window. You turn around to see that more and more of the room begins to sink into this strange darkness. the row of pews disappearing, the door follows suit. The light does not seem to penetrate any part of this darkness, the darkness passes through you. Even when you look around you, you can't even see the stained glass window anymore.\n\n* [[Continue|deathtemple]]\n\n\n
"The threat is gone", you thought to yourself as you slowly calm yourself standing up. You slowly walk towards the door to see that strange shade is gone, there was no danger. As if it never happened, the shade was nowhere to be seen, the faint light coming out of the broken stained glass window is a welcoming sight after that creeping horror.\n\n* [[continue|priestroompath2]]\n\n\n
You jump away from the barrier, but the Vorrod still heads towards you, you jumped too soon.\n\n''GAME OVER''
//''Sigilis Vorodi''\n\nThe sigil you hold in hand may only way to escape from this nightmare. A ritual the was held eons ago to summon the creature, the Vorod, out of the subconscious mind of a hermit. While they successfully summoned it, they inverted the existence of it where it no longer haunts the dreams of the living. It now preys on the living that fall trapped in its entangled web of dreams.\n\nWhat you have in hand are the instructions in how you may escape this place and return to your material world://\n\n* [[continue|continue reading parchment]]\n\n\n\n
You decide to go back downstairs... but as you go down, you realize that there is a sudden darkness that covers the lower quarters, it was the Vorod, and it's coming upstairs quick!\n\n* [[Run back up stairs]]
Something rams you out of the window, your back gets cut by the pieces of glass from the window and the metal framing around it. As you fall into your doom, you see the hideous face of the creature that's been preying on you, a large, bulbous, limbless creature with one giant dead eye and rows upon rows of sharp teeth in its gaping, hideously smiling maw. As it chases you down to your end, you see a trail of that strange darkness engulfing a giant portion of the path you fell through, it seems like it's part of the creature.\n\nOne, swift swoop is all that it took for this creature to feast upon you and return to its abode.\n\n''GAME OVER''\n\n\n
Looking around the temple, you find another door close to the door you came from. Decorated, and like the rest of the room damaged in its appearance.\n\n* [[Open door]]\n* [[Leave temple]]\n
It wasn't a long way up, but the stairs lead you to the roof. Like before you couldn't see anything from the thick fog that surrounds the place you're in, but you see large barrier made of sharpened logs that seems to be made to fend off opposing forces. This could be useful as a way to fight off the Vorod...\n\n* [[Examine barrier]]\n* [[Go back downstairs]]
You can't see anything in that room, but you have no choice but to hide from this creeping darkness. You run into the room and close the door behind you. To your surprise there is a thin wire screen on the door to let you see everything from the outside. The light from the screen begins to eclipse. Not a single sound is coming from the outside, in fact, the quiet room you're in seems to be making more sound than the darkness outside.\n\nAfter a few moments of menacing silence, two apparitions begin to appear and glow within the black fog, standing opposite of each other.\n\n* [[Observe]]\n\n\n
You take a moment to breathe and collect your thoughts in the dark. As you prepare yourself to stand with your injury, a stabbing pain hinders your attempt, but you still manage to get up. You place one hand where your injured rib is, there doesn't seem to be any damaged flesh. Your rib doesn't seem broken, "it could be just a bruise", you think to yourself.\n\nAs you look around, you notice a mild glint of light in the distance. It wasn't there before, you notice it gradually becomes more and more visible over time.\n\n<<set $staff = "no">>\n\n* [[Head towards the glint|walk towards the light]]\n* [[Look around more]]
You stand in front of the barrier, thinking of fooling the Vorod into jumping onto its doom... The Vorod needs to be at a specific distance for this to work...\n\nThe Vorod's fog is approximately 15 meters away.\n\n* [[Jump|too soon1]]\n* [[Wait|Wait1]]
While showing age and wear, the mechanism is still as functional as one would expect in its hayday. Chains move until they reach a halt. Slowly, and carefully you climb back up to that courtyard, but as your head levels with the ground of the courtyard, something happens...\n\n* [[continue|heretic dragged]]
Written by Mohammad AlHuraiz\nfor Zombie Camel Games\n\n\n<html><script type="text/javascript">\n\n var _gaq = _gaq || [];\n _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-28051702-1']);\n _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']);\n\n (function() {\n var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true;\n ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + '';\n var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s);\n })();\n\n</script></html>
Startled by the corpse, you quickly walk out of the room...\n\n* [[continue|Leave temple]]
You slowly peek down the hole where you feel something in the bottom is looking back. A burst of fog emits from the hole and sucks you into it. Your head breaks the fall as your distorts at the sudden impact, killing you in an instant.\n\n\n''GAME OVER''
You hold the sigil with both hands and raise it up over your head. The burning circle burns off the entire sigil and goes for your hands next, you are suddenly engulfed by a sudden flame that burns you alive. Your immolation was sudden and painful to the core, seconds felt like hours as you topple to the ground as burnt flesh and charred bones.\n\n''GAME OVER''
With a candle in hand, you venture into the tunnel, you see nothing but dry old bones sprawled all over the floor. While it is an unsettling sight, it seems like this "Vorod" you keep reading about has never been through this place, which gives you a sign of relief.\n\n* [[Continue|Continue through]]
The closer you advance towards the darkned area, the more of the accoustics around you begin to negate to the dark thick fog. While it was the same, menacing darkness that infests this place, this darkness feels different, walking within it you feel dark, ancient forces watching your every move. As you keep walking forward, parts of your flesh begin to peel off. The burning sensation on your skin aches as you calmly walk forward.\n\nAt this point you feel like everything is clockwork, you feel like you have a sense of location, even when your eyes are useless in this dark. You have reached the place you were looking for, this might be the place where the Vorod ritual took place. It is now time to begin that ritual... It is time to head on out of here.\n\n* [[Open Sigil]]\n* [[Slice Hand]]
You feel like you have seen all that you were able to see in this temple, you carry onward towards the room you've been to before.\n\n* [[continue|Back to the dark room]]
<html><img src=""></html>\n\n[[Start Game|Letter from the author]]
To continue upwards, you no longer can handle the candle. You can't save the candle for later as it is too dark to climb the the tunnel in this pitch darkness.\n\nWill you continue without the candle?\n\n* [[Leave candle behind and climb upwards]]\n* [[Go back]]
You slowly hesitate in slicing your palm, the dagger slowly sinks into the piece of flesh between your index finger and your thumb, and slowly slit a cut to the other end of your hand. You can feel the blood flowing out of the cut as the Vorod rampantly circles you with deep and terrifying breathing.\n\nYou look at the glowing circle beneath you and the light is beginning to wane, you need to work faster!\n\n* [[Press hand on sigil]]\n* [[slice thumb]]\n* [[Slice vertical lines on fingers]]\n
As the circle is beginning to burn out, you haphazardly begin to slice your fingers vertically, the pain unexplainable. The Vorod begins biting parts of your shoulders away!\n\n* [[Use dagger against Vorrod|bleeding hand]]\n* [[Press hand on circle]]
<<set $ritualending = "no">>\nTaking a few careful and slow steps forward onto the wet cobblestones and the dead grass, more things begin to emerge from the fog. You see an old, dead tree with no leaves on its branches or around it. You try to look further ahead and all you can see is another building.\n\n* [[Examine tree]]\n* [[Examine building]]\n\n
Carefully guiding your hand around the wall to the right, you begin to walk towards that direction. As you continue, you notice a faint glow coming out of a door.\n\n* [[walk towards the light]]
In panic, you attempt to prevent the door from opening, "they must not find me!" you think as you press your shoulder. Your bruised rib begins to ache sharply as your try to hold the door from opening, you hold your hand firmly on your mouth so you don't make a sound from the agony. Apparition disappears as a strong force tries to open the door.\n\nThe force soon pushes the door hard enough that it slams you away from the door to a corner behind you. Your back snaps as it sharply hits a blunt edge of something behind you, other parts of you fall into contact with sharper objects. The door is wide open, you feel the air around you changes as your ears begin to ring. A dreadful vibration fills the air, the presence of something hovers right above you. It was //that// creature.\n\nUnable to move or react, your body feels cold as you lose blood from your wounds. You pass out the moment you feel parts of you getting ripped apart as it feels like something is eating you in your final seconds.\n\n''GAME OVER''\n\n\n
Pulling the book from the hands of the corpse proved to be very difficult, it was as if it refuses to hand you the book.\n\n<<if $staff eq "yes">>\n* [[Use staff to pry book]]<<endif>>\n* [[Leave room]]
<<if $clothed eq "no">> You guide your hand towards that direction. The cold, dank air that blankets you is becoming very overwhelming that you uncontrollably shiver, the cold soon incapacitates you to squat in a fetal position leaning on a bottom part of the wall in an attempt to warm yourself up. The area you are in seems colder than now, much colder.\n\n* [[Warm Self]]\n* [[Go back and move the other way|Follow wall to the right]]<<endif>>\n\n<<if $clothed eq "yes">>The area seems to be colder than the other parts, but thanks to the cloth you found earlier, you manage to pull through. You reach a point where your foot sinks into the floor to a lower level, it seems like you've reached a flight of stairs leading downwards.\n* [[Go downstairs]]\n<<endif>>\n\n
In that brief moment, a deafening shrill exploded from the corpse, halting the conflict that was in the room. the corpse begins to shiver in a violent siezure as limbs realign and disappear into the fog. Within seconds, a blood bath sucks in all who are alive and dead in the room. Only a small few manage to escape the room in panic with limbs, feed and/or hands missing. The black fog expands and follows them outside of the room...\n\n* [[Continue|Escape ending 16]]
Out of the sudden, a door of light opens from the darkness behind the men in robes, revealing a group of soldiers led by a tall authorative figure.\n\n''Knight:'' //"STOP!"//\n\nThe men in robes scramble to stop their threat from interferring with their ritual. While the soldiers were cleaving the attacking men in robes, the body of the tortured bound man begin to emit a familiar dark fog like smoke from his orifices.\n\n* [[Continue|Escape ending 15]]
You can't seem to see a clear image of what these apparitions look like, they're distorted from the darkness and from the screen itself. One apparition looked like a military figure in armor and is carrying a sword in one hand, and the other a short middle aged man in a lavish robe.\n\n''Knight:'' //"Seize your venomous lies, filthy blasphemer! This temple had been a front for your unholy cult!//\n\n''Robed Man:'' //"I would ask you to sheath your blade and hold the temper of your tone in the house of gods, Captain Zamodan."//\n\n* [[continue|conversation1a]]\n\n\n
''Another Voice:'' //"TELL US WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW."//\n\n* [[Continue|Escape ending 12]]
''Voice:'' //"Dreams?! You brought me down here for dreams?!"//\n\n* [[Continue|Escape ending 11]]
Taking both your hands, you press them firmly on your face where your eyes are. Slowly and calmly you rub them thinking maybe something is obstructing your view, sadly this is really all you see. The only thing you can find is the moisture covering your face.\n\n* [[Stand up]]\n
''Voice:'' //"...I-I dream of my death every night..."//\n''Another Voice:'' //"Go on."//\n\n* [[Continue|Escape ending 13]]
The dark shade engulfs the area towards the now unbarred door, you begin to see more apparitions... Two guards and a man of distorted features, the walk into the building from the door.\n\n* [[Follow apparitions]]\n* [[Wait until coast is clear]]
You panic at the sight of the skeletons and recklessly try to climb back up. Your hand slips from one of the rocks as you fall off as the cliff you were on passes you by. It's a long, long, way down.\n\n''GAME OVER''
The Vorod's fog is approximately 10 meters away.\n\n* [[Jump!|too soon1]]\n* [[Wait|Wait2]]
The Vorod's fog is approximately 5 meters away.\n\n* [[JUMP!|Jump right on time]]\n* [[Wait!|Too late]]
...\n\n* [[ritual ending 5]]
//The dreamer had been caught for heresy, sheltering within the mountains of Hylmn where it is believed to hold the gate leading to Hastur. The mountain acts as a portal between the two worlds, it could possibly be where the dreamer came into contact with the Vorod. The dreamer had been experiencing episodes where he would chant in his sleep dark words of the Hasturian tongue, the Vorod within his dreams is was among the most powerful we've ever found.//\n\n* [[continue reading|compendium2]]\n\n\n
You can't get ye flask!\n\n* [[Then, what can I do?]]
The cold air gets the best of you and you can't get yourself to continue. You crouch down to the lower part of the wall and begin to warm yourself by rubbing your hands around your shoulder and arms. I doesn't do much but it helped you to stop shivering... though slowly the wind begins to blow colder on your back and there's a putrid woft in the air, unlike a consant stream of air, this air pulsates on you, like someone, or something, breathing on you. \n\n* [[continue|rundownstairs]]
In panic, you try to run out of the room you are in, but as you dash out side, decay laminates your body, pieces of your flesh fall apart and it becomes difficult to hold your balance. Slowly you topple, coincidentially the hole you came through was within the area of your fall. Now you know where all the skeletons came from.\n\n''GAME OVER''
//\n- Find the area where the ritual took place, chances are the Vorod will be there, which is very vital to this step.\n\n- Open and place the sigil on the floor where the ritual took place, the magick circle within the sigil should begin to burn the sigil's paper, at this point you will need to do the following steps before it burns out.\n\n- Before the embers begin to disappear, use the dagger to cut 5 lines one of your hand. First line is horizontally from the center of the palm, then slice 4 lines perpendicular to the slice on your palm from the tip of your 4 fingers excluding the thumb.\n\n- Press the slices onto the magick circle, do not let g...//\n\nThe rest of the letter by the end seems smeared by a dark splotch that seems to be actively growing of nowhere! Startled, you drop be the piece of paper as it fades out of existence. What just happened defies any sense of logic to you, but you at least you have in your hand your escape from this place.\n<<set $ritualending = "yes">>\n\n* [[Examine building]]\n\n\n
... It looked like a human being... They looked afraid and blind in the dark... much like yourself when you came here.\n\n* [[Follow instinct|ritual ending 9]]
''Another Voice:'' //"Yes... Dwelling at the mountains of Hylmn... You do have something we seek..."//\n\n* [[Continue|Escape ending 9]]
<<set $corpsexamined = "no">>\nYou turn around to see what the room would contain, as contained as it may be, it looked as it were pillaged violently by savages. destroyed furniture and tattered papers are everywhere... though something catches your eye on one corner of the room, probably the reason to the pungent smell - a corpse laying with its arms clenched on an object.\n\n* [[Leave room]]\n* [[Examine room]]\n* [[Examine corpse]]\n\n\n
The Vorod is now completely inanimate, the world around you begins to shatter, but so do you...\n\n* [[Continue| escape ending 2]]
...\n\n* [[Continue|escape ending 4]]
You raise your hands in front of you to feel if there's anything in front of you with your feet dragging on the ground hoping you don't fall in any holes. Your attempts reach fruition once your hands come into contact what feels to be a stone wall that is similar to the flooring below you. The way forward may be blocked but now you have a choice of two paths to take, now that this wall is your guide.\n\n* [[Follow wall to the left]]\n* [[Follow wall to the right]]\n\n
All is white...\n\n* [[Continue|escape ending 5]]
''Voice:'' //"What do you want from me?! I have nothing!! I am but a simple man living in the mountains!"\n\n* [[Continue|escape ending 8]]
''Another Voice:'' "We do not care of what you did... We want you have."\n\n* [[Continue|escape ending 7]]
You regain consciousness but see nothing... all in front of you is darkness and all that you feel is aching hunger...\n\n* [[Continue|ritual ending 6]]
Running quickly upstairs you resort to the barrier for shelter from the monstrous Vorod.\n\n<<if $runaway eq "yes">>\na primitive barrier made of large hard logs with ends sharpened to impale anything that pushes itself towards it. It seems large enough to shred the Vorod if you can get it to run into it.\n<<endif>>\n\n* [[Stand infront of the barrier]]\n* [[Hide behind the barrier]]
The paper seems a little aged, marked and torn in some parts, possibly a torn page of a book or journal.\n<<set $passage1 = "yes">>\n\n//"... I once thought it may only be a dream, but what dream visits me every night?\n\nThe dreams they keep coming, dreams of my end. Every night I would dream it, every night the dream is more vivid. Unexplainable fear would disturb my sleep, I would wake up not remembering anything of that dream. Only a silhouette of some creature, some being I had not seen before.\n\nOnly now after many tormented nights, I have been able to put a face to what had been haunting me..."//\n\nEverything else is smudged and tattered...\n\n*[[Look around|Look around the temple]]\n*[[Leave temple]]\n\n
You run behind the barrier and hide... To your unfortunate calculations, the Vorod follows your every step and attacks you spot on.\n\n''GAME OVER''
Using the glint as a source of light, you try to look hard around the path of light. You see the ground a little bit better, the stone floor seems to be a cyclopean flooring fit for a room you might find in an old castle. The design looks primitive and ancient as the stones don't really have a uniform shape. Looking further you see what seems to be a long staff, it might come in handy. You use it as a walking stick after picking it up.\n\n<<set $staff = "yes">>\n\n* [[walk towards the light]]\n\n\n
Thank you for playing the game!\n\nWe would appreciate any feedback for the game if you follow the link below:\n\n\n\n\nThere are two more endings if you haven't done them.
You slowly go down on your knees to place the sigil on the floor. Your knees have peeled, so there is a sharp sting, you resist to cry in agony by breathing deeper. You then remember this might attract the menace that dwells within this dark fog, you settle yourself to stop. You look down on the sigil, and you notice it's beginning to burn further to fade away. You feel a bellowing vibration slowly orbiting you, the Vorrod seems to have sensed your presence!\n\n* [[Run outside]]\n* [[Slice your hand with the dagger]]\n
As you're walking up, some stench fills the air it becomes unbearable that your stomach begins to reject anything that's inside. Though your empty stomach gives out nothing but your own bodily fluids. You take a moment to let your body reject its awful reaction to the smell and then continue to ascend.\n\nOnce you reach the final step, something rams you down the stairs in an instant. Falling down, you feel the sharp edged steps pulverizing your body. With every hit you feel parts of your body breaking, getting cut and bruised until you reach the end of the stairs, hitting a hard and splintered barrier. You cry in pain as your entire body aches from your misfortunate event. A vibration in the air signals something is near you.\n\n* [[Try to move]]
<<set $templeecho = "yes">>\nWith no second thought, you move far away from the door and into a corner of the same wall. In panic, you scurry through to crouch into a fetal position with your hands covering your head. The air around you intensifies as the only sounds you hear are your heavy breaths and the pulse of your rapid heart beats while anticipating the door to open. The door slowly creaked open as a streak of light slowly grows to illuminate the room you are in.\n\n* [[continue|priestroompath]]\n\n\n
Primitive barrier made of large hard logs with ends sharpened to impale anything that pushes itself towards it. It seems large enough to shred the Vorod if you can get it to run into it.\nIt's weighed down by a large and heavy rock, so you won't be able to move it anywhere.\n\n* [[Go back downstairs]]
Without a second thought, your lower body pushes itself forward, your feet, aware of the forward momentum, begin to adjust the body's balance as you run in panic. After a few short strides, your run comes to halt as you run head first into a wall, you rebound from the wall and collapse to the floor. Laying dazed something sinks into your stomach and rips you to shreds.\n\n''GAME OVER''\n\n\n
<<set $clothed = "no">>\n<<set $templeecho = "no">>\n<<set $staff = "no">>\n\nAs if awakened from a long sleep or passing out, you come to consciousness in a cold and silent place. So silent, you can't even hear your own breathing amidst the sharp ringing in your ears.\n\n* [[Open eyes]]\n* [[Keep eyes closed]]
Nothing seems of interest besides the corpse.\n\n* [[Leave room]]\n* [[Examine corpse]]
<<set $candle = "no">>\n<<if $compendium eq "no">>\nThe door seems locked... There's nothing else to do here.\n[[Go upstairs]]\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $compendium eq "yes">>\nYour hands finally find their way around a large, circular ring. Guessing that it could be the door handle. To your surprise, this room is lit, not to the extent of the temple, but at least you can see your surroundings in a decent manner. There's also a door on your left, which is emitting the light off a small window.\n*[[Examine room further]]\n*[[open other door|open the door]]\n<<endif>>\n\n\n
To fight off the cold grip of death, you resort to your trusty staff. You feel bad that you have desecrated the dead, and you also lost the staff to the hard prying that it had to break, but you were able to obtain the elusive tome. You walk out of the room to get a better look at the tome.\n<<set $compendium = "yes">>\n* [[Read tome]]\n\n
Calmly and quietly you draw out the dagger from your clothes. You slowly guide your hand towards the blade of the dagger. Your calmness slowly turns into panic as the Vorod begins to circle you faster and more violently.\n\n* [[Slice a horizontal slice on your palm]]\n* [[Slice a vertical slice on each finger]]\n* [[Use dagger against Vorod]]
You get down on your knees to examine this opening further and you find a small roll of paper, wrapped around with a small strip of black leather, an open piece of paper and a small, rusted dagger. \n\nThe small roll of paper had menacing aura that surrounded it, it is as if the same strange black fog that surrounded the areas in the previous building whenever that threat was near.\n\nThe old dagger was showing age besides being quite rusty, though it shows discoloring it seems still sharp enough to cut through flesh.\n\nAs you take the roll and the dagger and pocket them into your possession you take the open paper out to examine it further.\n\n* [[Continue|read open paper]]\n\n\n
Your fingers begin to move erratically in pain after you slice them individually. You cry in pain signaling the Vorod to eat you whole.\n\n''GAME OVER''
Climbing down the path, slowly and carefully, despite the poor vision due to the fog, you do sense the absurd elevation of the place you are in. It would be safe to assume that this might be a monastery for monks way up in the mountains, judging from that temple you were in earlier. You are however not sure what this other building is for. You finally reach ground at the bottom of the climbing path, it's another cliff found below the courtyard you were in earlier.\n\nA brief inspection of the area seems to show a cave of some sort on the other end of this small cliff. Looking at the cave, you see myriads of old, bleached out skeletons sprawled all over.\n\n* [[Examine skeleton remains]]\n* [[Climb back up]]\n\n\n
''Another Voice:'' //"Tell us of the strange dreams that haunt you every night..."//\n\n* [[Continue|Escape ending 10]]
<<if $passage1 eq "no">>Despite the damage it shows, the door is sturdily locked. You give up trying to open it after several failed attempts.\n* [[Leave temple]]<<endif>>\n\n<<if $passage1 eq "yes">>Without any resistance, the door opened easily. As the door waved slowly inwards to open up, a wafting, pungent smell coming from the room beyond. As if something that died in that room was preserved with the sealing of this door. Before your next assessment, a strange black fog emerges from the dark room you previously came from. It was as if the darkness from the previous room was crawling its way into the fairly lit temple. Whatever was coming it clearly wasn't safe to be within its proximity.\n* [[Run towards the broken window]]\n* [[Hide in the room]]\n<<endif>>\n\n\n
You let out a desperate, bellowing roar... It sounded in human, something familiar to that of a Vorod... only difference, it came out of you... and not that of a threat.\n\n\n\n\n\n''RITUAL ENDING - GAME COMPLETE''\n\n* [[continue|endingmessageritual]]
<<set $candle = "yes">>\n\nThe room seems to be some sort of an entryway, probably the only way in or out of the of this building. There are small tables around the room and a medium sized effigy of a robed woman with smaller figures surrounding her in poses around her as if they are glorifying her. Right beside the effigy, you find a small but very useable candle. You pick up that candle, it may come useful.\n\nThere's nothing else in this room besides the door that seems to lead to the outside. It's hard to see from the heavy, white fog that seems to fill the outside of this building. \n*[[open the door]]\n\n\n
In an attempt to make sense of all this, you try to rub your face with your hands... You have no hands.\n\n* [[Rub feet on floor|ritual ending 11]]
<<if $staff eq "no">> Looking around, you find a fairly large stone, this should give you leverage to break the window. The stone is roughly the size of your head, so it should be easy to carry. With a few deep breaths, you carry the stone up to your shoulder and hurl it towards the most cracked window in the room. The sound of the breaking glass sounded louder than what you probably anticipated. While the area of impact was in the bottom, you seem to have hit a point that held the old stained glass window together, the entire window collapsed! The entire room had been engulfed with a light it might have not had for ages.\n\nThough your triumphant achievement fell short as the room had suddenly had become engulfed by a pitch black fog. A strong and unsettling vibration in the air shakes your very soul, and it's emitting from behind you. Before you even react to anything, sharp objects followed by a guttural roar incapacitate you from your feet and onto the floor as the same sharp objects sink painfully into your flesh.\n\nYou writhe in pain as pieces of your flesh lose their place from your body and into something that is eating you alive. The agony slowly turns into a cold sensation as you lose consciousness.\n\n''GAME OVER''<<endif>>\n\n<<if $staff eq "yes">>\nYou push one end of your staff towards the broken part of the window, once it touched, you apply pressure with the staff to chip that piece of the glass off the framing of the window. While the window seemed to be fortified by a copper like frame between each piece of glass, a window that tall looked like it could topple in any minute. Successfully pushing out pieces of glass from the window, you were able light up more of the room.\n\nYou can't see to find anything from the outside, the far horizon seems to be covered by thick white fog. You try to look farther at anything surrounding where you are, but fail miserably in your endeavours. After a few failed attempts you focus back into the room you are in. Turning around, your feet brush against a soft, cloth-like object on the floor.\n\n<<set $clothed = "yes">>You look down to find a piece of rag, examining it further you find it to be fairly dry and clean. You pick it up and wrap it around you, finally covering your scantily clad body. A piece of paper fell off the bottom of the cloth. It seems to be a page off a journal of some sort.\n*[[Examine paper]]<<endif>>
<<set $passage1 = "no">>\nAs you advance into the door emitting this glint, you begin to see clearer where this source of light is coming from. While small, this room seems to be a sort of temple. The temple doesn't seem to be of any doctrine or religion that you are familiar with, but you find yourself at ease in this sanctum despite its derelict appearance. It seems like no mortal soul had set foot on this place for eons, a quick scan of the room appears that there was a bit of a struggle in this very place. There is also a moderately large, circular black patch on the floor, as if something is burnt into the flooring. \n\nLight seemed dimmed from the abstract stained glass that were the windows of this temple, a small, broken opening seems to show that the outside has more light than what seems to be offered in this room. You hesitate to desecrate this already ruined temple of fear that some higher power might smite you. You fear to even fathom questioning the logic of the place you are in, but you also long so to see any sort of comforting light to sustain whatever is left of your sanity.\n\n* [[Look around|Look around the temple]]\n* [[Succumb to temptation and break the stained glass]]\n* [[Head back to the room before|Back to the dark room]]
From the way they are aligned all over the floor of the cave, it seems like they were all trying to escape whatever is inside that cave. Not all skeletons seemed complete, some of them even looked deformed with skulls and other parts enlarged unevenly. Whatever it may be within this cave, these skeletons seem to have been trying to escape from it in any possible manner.\n<<if $candle eq "yes">>\nLooking around the floor of the cave, you find pieces of flint that could light that candle you find earlier. After striking them together enough times, you manage to light the candle, you set it on the flattest rock you can find. The cave seems unaffected by the as you see that it's a tunnel leading deep beneath the building. You find what seems to be the switch to the lock mechanism that bars the door, but there seems to be something quite elusive about this tunnel...\n\n* [[Unlock mechanism and head back up]]\n* [[Investigate tunnel]]\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $candle eq "no">>\nIt's nothing but skeletons and the dark, tunneling cave beyond this point. Though, from the mouth of the tunnel you find the end of the lock system that seems to be linked with the door above.\n\n* [[Unlock mechanism and head back up]]\n<<endif>>\n\n
In the agony of your broken rib, you try to push yourself out of where you fell. Rolling your body out of the way, your body weight applies a lot of painful pressure on your injured rib. Even with the sharp pain, you were able to avert yourself from harm as you feel a hard thud right next to you. After a few impacts, the pounding stops and the air around you settles. You begin to hear your breathing, your ears stop ringing.\n\nSomething settled, the atmosphere is no longer as tense as it use to, the cold subsides and the danger seems to have faded away.\n\n* [[Stand up|stand2]]
In fear you scream to block out the deafening silence you're drowned in. You feel your vocal chords swelling and an agressive amount of air escaping from the bellowing parts of your throat as you open out to let out a roaring call for help. Alas your attempts in this bear no fruit as you can't hear anyone responding to your cries, and again you can't hear yourself.\n\nFor a few seconds, you stand there idly waiting for some response. In moments there is a response, a response you weren't hoping for. You faintly feel an unpleasant vibration in the air from behind you, it was inaudible from the ringing in your ears but you were able to hear a beast like roar behind you.\n\n* [[Run!]]
You try to lift the bars away from the door, but it wouldn't budge.\n\n* [[Examine surroundings]]
Without remorse or second thought, you instinctually attack the poor lost soul and feed upon it... You just murdered a person in cold blood... No, that's not all you did, but you killed them to feed off their flesh and bones...\n\n* [[Rub hands on face|ritual ending 10]]
You take a moment to appreciate the light then place the candle carefully on a leveled part of the floor and begin to climb upwards. To your surprise, it wasn't long until you reached to the floor the opening led to and it was a fairly well lit area, which seems to be an open area with enough light coming from the outside. You were standing in an area that seemed to be designed for torture, you see many tools and devices for that sole purpose.\n\n* [[Look around more|Prison look around]]\n\n\n
\nLetter from the author,\nDear game player\nThis game was originally made as a GameZanga entry but took too long to get it ready. I didn't want any of the hard work go to waste and thought it would be good practice, so I kept on working on it until I was able to finish it. It is not in any way perfect since this was made quickly and is my first finished game project.\n\nPlease bear in mind that this is not the main project we’ve been working on for the past year or so, that is completely different and unrelated to this game.\n\nThis is a work of fiction, none of the events represented in this interactive fiction portray or reflect in any way the beliefs of the author or anyone involved in the making of this text adventure.\n\nSince this game has no interface beyond written [[text]], it is highly recommended to keep a pen and paper to take note of the events within the game to aid you with some of the puzzles and riddles.\n\nI would also like to thank my friend Sager AlMarri for helping me out with the Arabic translation of the game! (Work in Progress)\n\nHave fun and enjoy the game! \n- Mohammad AlHuraiz, game author, Zombie Camel Games.\n\nP.S. GameZanga is a gamejam, for more information, please visit\n\n*[[Start the game|GameStart]]\n
You move towards the scent of food, you may not have seen this part of the nightmare before but somehow know it by heart. You somehow reach the destination of the food, while you can't see it in detail, you see a silohuette... it was alive...\n\n* [[continue|ritual ending 8]]
Somewhere in the dark, you smell something appealing, something fresh... you notice you had nothing to eat ever since your arrival to this nightmare.... This nightmare... you just realized you're still in this nightmare! Though strangley there is no sense of danger you felt you before... For now, all that you think about is your sustainance...\n\n* [[Follow instinct|ritual ending 7]]
As the life escaped the massive creature, your body's flesh begins to fall apart from your body. The black fog begins to go through you as you begin to fall apart!\n\n* [[continue|ritual ending 2]]
... And all fades to black...\n\n* [[Continue|Ritual ending 4]]
...\n\n\n* [[continue|ritual ending 3]]
You have no background in identifying trees, but you can tell that this tree is very old. Its bark's girth spans your width by several times and encrusted by an old husk of a bark. Examining the tree further you find a small opening under is base.\n\n* [[Examine opening under tree]]\n* [[Examine building]]\n\n\n
And that was the last vision before you completely vanished from existence...\n\n* [[Continue|Eendingmessageescape]]
You jump into the hole, your head breaks the fall as your distorts at the sudden impact, killing you in an instant.\n\n\n''GAME OVER''
''Knight:'' //"I would sheath my blade through your chest and into your black, filthy heart if you don't tell me where is the heathen!"//\n\n''Robed man:'' //"The heathen would be in your cell where you kept him, Captain. The hands of this temple and I hold no responsibility to your false accusations and your incompetency to leave one prisoner in his cell."//\n\n* [[Continue|conversation1b]]\n
''Knight:'' //"PIG SUCK!! This is your last warning, none of your filthy cult is here to die for your abomination of a cause!"//\n\nThe robed man suddenly attacks the knight with a dagger in hand.\n\n* [[Continue|conversation1c]]\n
The knight swiftly grazes the robed man's attack and swiftly sinks his sword's blade into the robed man's chest.\n\n''Robed Man:'' //Too late... The Vorod is coming....//\n\nThe robed man then collapses, knight pulls the sword out of the robed man's chest, the robed man topples on the floor, gushing blood begins to flow from his wound.\n\n''Knight:'' //May damnation feel no remorse for you, blasphemous pig.//\n\nAs he said that, he turned his head towards the door you stand next to, as if he heard something in that direction. He is now storming towards you.\n\n* [[Hold the door in place]]\n* [[Move away from the door and hide]]\n\n