start (over) level menu
BUB was originally inspired by and developed for the Gamebuino gaming handheld.

The device used screens from recycled Nokia 3310 phones!

By wonderful coincedence, the game's controls are four directions plus a "start over" button. I therefore had no choice but to repackage the game for the Nokia 3100 JAM, whose optional theme is "starting over".

This version uses a web Gamebuino emulator adapted from the Simbuino project.

BUB is also playable at:
in its original "html prototype" form, including level editing/sharing.

All source, including this version, is available here:
The goal of BUB is to reach the flag.

Press the "start (over)" button to begin!

Use the directional buttons to move.

Experiment! You can figure it out!

If you get stuck, hit the "start (over)" button.

You may also use WASD or arrow keys on your keyboard.
Space bar to "start (over)".
Enter for "level menu".