HaikuThe Philosopher's WalkIn the early morning You sit by the river of Tetsugaku-no-Michi And start [[writing|Haiku]].(set: $myVar to "A cloud passes by")<mark><tw-link class='cyclingLink' data-cycling-texts='["A cloud passes by", "I have walked so much", "A pond full of carps", "A fork in the path", "There comes the thunder"]' onclick='clickCyclingLink(this, "$myVar");'>$myVar</tw-link></mark> (set: $myVar1 to "A firefly without a wing")<mark><tw-link class='cyclingLink' data-cycling-texts='["A firefly without a wing", "Tells a story to the child", "I don&#39;t know you anymore", "A letter she didn&#39;t read", "The wolf pack looks for shelter"]' onclick='clickCyclingLink(this, "$myVar1");'>$myVar1</tw-link></mark> (set: $myVar2 to "Floats in the river")<mark><tw-link class='cyclingLink' data-cycling-texts='["Floats in the river", "Lies among the grass", "I should never choose", "Winter is coming", "And silence again"]' onclick='clickCyclingLink(this, "$myVar2");'>$myVar2</tw-link></mark> You like it. (click-append: "You like it.")[ You take a moment to read your haiku again, then you fold it into a [[paper crane|Crane]].]by [[Flaminia Grimaldi|http://twitter.com/flameens]] and [[Vincenzo Lettera|http://twitter.com/letteraV]]Your crane flies, its words carried by the gentle breeze. You wonder if anyone will ever read them.