(set: $shoutings to 0) You are sitting in your chamber, waiting for the sun to rise. You notice that you are a pretty [[princess]]. <img src="princess-room.jpg">An old guy in noble clothes enters the room. You faintly remember the guy to be your father and the [[king]]. <img src="king.jpg">My dear, you gonna marry today. It is the [[prince]] or going to the [[dungeon]]. <img src="king.jpg">The prince is a bit ugly though. Do you have second [[thoughts|king]]? <img src="king.jpg">You are thrown into the dungeon. "By the way", the king mentions, "your cousin Charly got lost in there. Retrieve your cousin and be saved". You venture into the [[dungeon's first level]]. <img src="dungeon-entry.jpg">It is rather dark, the walls are moldy. There is nothing on this level, stay [[here|dungeon's first level]] or go [[down to the next level|dungeon's second level]]. <img src="level1.jpg">Very dark in here. [[Wait|creature]] or go [[down to the next level|dungeon's third level]]. <img src="level2.jpg">A light approaches from afar. It is a creature with a glimming sphere in front of its face. You ask either "[[Do you want to marry me]]" or "[[Have you seen my cousin?]]" <img src="level2a.jpg">Nothing new here. [[Search|dungeon's third level]] or [[go back|dungeon's second level]]? <img src="level3.jpg">"Sorry, I have my standards" the [[creature]] replies. <img src="level2a.jpg">"A human as ugly as you? Look at the [[dungeon's fourth level]]" <img src="level2a.jpg">You descend through the boring [[third level of the dungeon|dungeon's third level]] to the fourth level and start [[looking for Charly]]. <img src="level4.jpg">(set: $shoutings to $shoutings+1) "Charly?" you shout. You hear some noise in the darkness, (if: $shoutings < 5) [ [[follow it|looking for Charly]] ](else:)[ [[follow it]] ] it or go [[back|dungeon's third level]]? <img src="level4.jpg">You found Charly. She is as pretty as you remember your cousin! You ask "[[Will you marry me?]]" <img src="level4-charly.jpg">Yes, she answers exited! The two of you go back, marry and live happily ever after! <img src="wedding.jpg">