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In Swarm, you control a swarm of bees to pollinate and protect your flowers.

To start the game, pick up the bees at the bee hive. Enemy foxes will come from all directions to try to attack your flowers. Defend your flowers placing bees on or around them. If you lose 3 flowers, the game is over! Your score is equal to how many seconds you lasted.

You can produce more bees at your bee hive by pollinating the flowers. A flower is considered "pollinated" if there is at least bee on it. The more flowers that are pollinated, the faster you will produce bees. The number of bees on particular flower does not matter - 1 is the same as 100!

To aid in your map awareness, indicators of different colors will point to your flowers. The color indicates the state of the flower.

Purple: The flower is fine.
Orange: The bees stationed at the flower are attacking enemies.
Red: The flower has no more bees defending it and is taking damage.


Arrow Keys: Move your cursor.
Z (btn1): Place a bee at an anchor point.
C (btn2): Pick up all the bees at an anchor point.