<div id="notes">[[CONTENT NOTES|notes]]</div>\\n<div id="walkthrough_l">[[WALKTHROUGH|walkthrough spoiler]]</div>\\n<h1>THE NEW HIVE</h1><span class="version">v. 1.0b [[changelog]]</span>\n\nThis game is sexually explicit. Don't play it if you're under 18, or this content is illegal in your jurisdiction. Further information in 'content notes'.\n<<display "init">>\\n<<display "static init">>\\n\n[[NEW GAME|character creation]]
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1.0b\n* fixed bug with Jinn's survey sometimes not correctly registering that you're already pregnant (hopefully)\n* fixed typo in crafting recipe for tires (worn wire -> worn wires)\n* fixed item in crafting recipe for masonry block (broken masonry -> sandblasted masonry)\n\n1.0a\n* fixed {{{$ĝheistIntroduced}}} progress-blocking bug\n\n[[←|Start]]
/%<span class="meta">\n(theoretically no sex scene is obligatory, but i haven't written up rejection branches for every sex sequence, so some of them are effectively obligatory)\n\n(in the currently-implemented demo, a lot of the more endgame transformations aren't mentioned at all; the game structure thins out considerably after leaving for the city)</span>%/\\nsome basic content guidelines: this is a ''m/m'' game with a focus on sex with various big alien/monster types, with the pc over the course of the game transforming more fully into a big alien monster. you accumulate transformations through the game, generally in sex scenes. the transformations are caused by a specific naturally-occurring substance that is a part of the alien biology, and there are instances where it's refined and used as a (topical or ingested) drug.\n\nthe aliens are to various degrees hermaphroditic or intersex, and in-setting nobody finds that particularly unusual. there's some language used in reference to bodies that mixes up gendered words: e.g., there's a character with an internal dick and whether it's called a cock or a clit depends on how much it's unsheathed; some characters who are lactating get their chests called pecs or breasts interchangeably; several generally male-presenting characters with internal dicks get their cloaca-alikes called cunts or labia, etc. basically everybody in the game uses male pronouns. at no point is the player character referred to with specific pronouns.\n\nno sex scenes are obligatory, and which dialog options lead to sex scenes are (i think) fairly obvious from context, but there's not explicit tagging of sex scenes or sex scene content. also due to me being kind of lazy about logic there's at least one case where getting into a sex scene ropes you into a later sex scene unavoidably. and also, even if you don't have sex, there's plenty of unavoidable dialog //about// sex. it's a porn game.\n\nthere's a lot of sex scenes. content in various sex scenes:\n\n* gay sex\n* gay sex with aliens and monsters\n* transformation into a monster\n* transformative sex\n* threesomes, gangbangs, etc\n* rough sex\n* gross monster dicks (a lot of characters have dicks that are naturally covered in warts, but that's definitely not the only thing going on)\n* gross monster cum + slime\n* size difference / giant dicks\n* rough throatfucking / choking & gagging on cocks\n* cum eating / snowballing\n* vomiting up cum\n* oviposition / impregnation + pregnancy\n* transformation to grow breasts and a womb (but not in a way that's treated as particularly feminizing)\n* cervical penetration\n* fisting + prolapse play\n* sounding\n\n/%\nthings that are mostly in the unfinished latter half of the game and not particularly fleshed-out currently\n* piercings/tattoos\n* chastity play\n* transformation drugs / drug use\n%/\n[[←|Start]]
{{{as you might expect, this contains some huge spoilers. you sure?}}}\n\n[[yes spoil away|walkthrough]]\n[[actually let's not|Start]]
!!worldmap\n<pre>\n N\n\n &&&..\n .C..V.M\n .......\nW B..X... E\n .....F.\n .R.....\n ....A\n\n S</pre>\nX = town\nB = brulvundojn's den\nA = astau's den\n\nR = cave ridges\nM = glass mountain caves\nF = old fortress\nV = caves\nC = canyon\n& = ophion's tent (in one of the three locations, randomly)\n\n(there are other locations not noted on this map)\n\n!!main plot guide\n\nstart the game and allocate points as desired. the 'knotted dick' option is only available through character creation; all the other tfs can be gotten in-game at some point.\n\nyou start out on the world map, at the X at the center. to progress in the main plot, you have to find one of the 'glimmering' treasure spots. you can identify them by the "try digging" action turning into "there's a glimmer in the sand". four of them are randomly placed on the map, and each time there's a sandstorm their positions are rerolled.\n\nonce you find one and trigger its event, remember where that position is because you'll have to revisit it shortly.\n\nafter that, head to the village (if you started with a knotted dick, or have talked to brulvundojn already, you'll have another option here, where you can visit him first and then head to the village)\n\nafter going through the scene at the village, return to the treasure site, and then you'll be automatically returned to the village.\n\nthis opens up the survey team section of the village. there are six different characters with locations they want to visit, which you can do in mostly any order (jinn's needs 3 others to be completed first)\n\n* pthuul - take him to the glass mountain caves, marked on the above map\n* khru - take him to either astau's den or brulvundojn's den (there's a different threesome sex scene based on where you go, though depending on the state with brulvundojn there might not be a threesome at all)\n* yraal - take him to 2 of these locations:\n** old marble ruins (northeast of brulvundojn's den)\n** old highway (east of brulvundojn's den)\n** old fortress\n* gawann - take him to 3 of these locations:\n** glass mountain caves\n** cleft (north of cave ridges)\n** cave ridges\n** caves\n** red-rock ridge (north of canyon)\n* djen - take him to these 3 locations, which are all on the southernmost edge of the map, to the west (so, directly south of cave ridges and then the two areas to the east from there)\n** acid flats\n** acid bay\n** acid stalks\n* jinn - take him to cave ridges\n\nat some point during this process, you'll return back to the town to see a human military squad has arrived. mechanically, certain interactions get you points for each characters, and when you get enough points overall (or when you run out of time) they leave. i haven't written up an exhaustive list of which talk options on who trigger actions, but generally:\n\n* ask their leader (agares) 'why are you in town' several times, then ask their 2ic (leraje) 'why are you in town', then ask agares again\n* ask agares about 'human army command' once you get the option (from talking to leraje)\n* ask their recon guy (raven) 'you wanna fuck around' three times to open up his sex tree, and some of his sex scenes get his points\n* after waiting a few days, try 'make smalltalk' on their munitions guy (maxwell). if you blow him, you can ask 'you wanna fuck around' after that to ride his dick\n* talk with rook (it doesn't hugely matter about what) a few times, and then 'make smalltalk' to go through a sequence where you can get him water, which opens up his sex tree\n* after having sex with both maxwell and rook you can schedule a threesome by talking with rook about 'ĝheist dicks' twice and then talking to maxwell\n\n(those might not be 100% accurate, but that's a rough guideline)\n\nafter the human squad leaves, you can resume going through the survey team escort missions. when you complete all of them, return to town and check in with the survey team to trigger the ending scene.\n\n<hr>\n!!other interactions & misc sidequests\n\nvisiting astau lets him pump you full of eggs, which you can then have fertilized by brulvundojn. after your pregnancy progresses past a certain point, fertilized or not, check in with the survey team to lay your eggs.\n\nstarting with a knotted dicks basically makes your character fuckbuddies with brulvundojn, and aside from the knotted variants in a lot of sex scenes, this changes a fair chunk of dialog in all the scenes with brulvundojn, and also a bunch of the human military squad dick reveal scenes\n\nthere are four ways the jinn survey mission can go:\n* don't fuck him / fuck him and fail to impregnate him (it's 75% for time you fuck him, or 100% if you have a knot). this has no particular return scene\n* impregnate him and have him pump the eggs into you, which opens up the option to have zhalk facefuck you when you return\n* impregnate him while you're already pregnant. jinn keeps the eggs, which opens up the option to watch jinn and zhalk fuck\n* while already pregnant with astau's eggs, bring jinn to astau before going to cave ridges, and have astau pump him full of eggs too, which opens up zhalk fucking you and jinn when you return\n\nthere's a pair of travelers wandering randomly across the northern half of the map. talking to them twice opens up a sex scene. talking to them if you have the womb tf lets you offer to be a surrogate for them, which is another way to get impregnated\n\nthe titan ophion is randomly placed in one of three positions daily, and you can visit him once per trip out into the wasteland (or more if you bring your own crystallized lightrot, which can be dug up in a few places) to get a dick or ass tf\n\nafter the human military squad leaves, depending on their individual point values they do different things -- some of them might stay in town, whereas others might either leave to set up camp somewhere on the map, or leave the map entirely. if they stay, you can visit them once per trip out into the wasteland to advance their stage.\n\n* agares will never stay, and he may set up camp or leave permanently, depending on how much you talked to him. if he sets up camp, it'll be in the old fortress.\n* leraje will never stay, and he may set up camp or leave permanently, depending on how much you talked to him. if he sets up camp, it'll be in the glass mountain caves.\n* if raven doesn't stay, he'll set up camp in the caves, after finding your way down.\n* if maxwell doesn't stay, he'll set up camp in the canyon, down the trail.\n* rook will never set up camp, he'll either stay or leave permanently\n\n<hr>\n!!how to get different transformations\n\ncertain sex scenes will give you transformations, either immediately or with a tf sequence while resting at camp.\n\ndespite the mutation bar going up to 10, there are actually a total of 17 transformations. you can get all of them (with the exception of only being able to get one of knotted dick vs. ĝheist dick), but the mutation level will stop visibly increasing after 10.\n\n* there are several pregnancy-related transformations, in a sequence:\n** ''continually-leaky nipples'', which you get by being pregnant\n** ''a womb'', which you get by being pregnant, after getting the above\n** ''six nipples'', which you get by carrying a great beast's eggs after getting both of the above (so, astau's or malsatante's, jinn's don't trigger it)\n\nif you're not already pregnant, astau (in his den) will have a scene where he pumps you full of his eggs. impregnating jinn during his survey will lead to him pumping his eggs into you. talking to the wanderers and going down their surrogate path will get malsatante to impregnate you, though that requires you to already have the womb transformation.\n\n* ''a knotted dog dick'' is only obtainable by starting with it in character creation. it's mutually-exclusive with 'ĝheist dick' and can't be replaced, and counts as 'a dick tf' below\n\n* there's a sequence of 'upper body' transformations, which you get as noted below:\n** ''buff arms''\n** ''leathery arms''\n** ''claws''\n* there's a sequence of 'lower body' transformations, which you get as noted below\n** ''wide hips''\n** ''leathery hips''\n** ''scaled legs''\n\n* during djen's survey, nearly all of his sex scenes will tf you in some way:\n** getting djen to fuck you will give you 'ĝheist asshole', or 'mutated prostate' if you already have that\n** fisting djen will give you the next upper-body tf in the sequence\n** fucking djen or fucking djen's cock will give you 'ĝheist dick', or 'ĝheist balls' if you already have a dick tf\n** fisting djen until he prolapses and then fucking his prolapse will give you 'ĝheist dick/balls' as above //and// the next upper-body tf in the sequence\n\n* when visiting ophion, most of his interactions will tf you in some way:\n** having him sound lightrot into your cock will give you 'ĝheist dick', or 'mutated prostate' if you already have a dick tf\n** having him inject lightrot into your ass will give you 'ĝheist asshole', or 'mutated prostate' if you already have that\n** having ophion fuck you gives you the next upper and lower body mutations, 'ĝheist balls', and 'ĝheist asshole' or 'mutated prostate' as above\n** blowing ophion gives you the next upper and lower body mutations, as well as a big facial marking (this is a unique cosmetic tf)\n\n* during jinn's survey, depending on how you've interacted with him (namely if you've fucked him already) he'll invite you to fuck him in the lightrot pool. doing so will get you a ĝheist dick and balls, as well as the next upper and lower body mutations\n\n* brulvundojn fucking you, either from repeated sex after his first frotting sex scene, or from him fertilizing astau's eggs, will give you one lower body mutation if you don't already have any (i.e., it gives you 'wide hips' if you don't have it)\n\n* if you have sex with brulvundojn more than 4 times, you start to grow ''coarse fur across your forearms and calves''.\n\n* once you have 4 or more ĝheist mutation points, you start the sequence to get ''muscular body'' during rest at camp\n* once you have 6 or more ĝheist mutation points and you have at least one upper or lower body mutation, you start the sequence to get ''ĝheisthide all over your body'' during rest at camp\n\n[[←|Start]]
You're a human, currently living in the desolate desert outpost of Yapu. When the sands spread and the ĝheist rose, your grandparents were among those left to fend for themselves outside the walls.\n\nYapu, like most desert outposts of its size, is mostly water-farming with some hardscrabble grains besides. It's out in the low desert, further than most human encampments -- easily within the domain of the great beasts, and only a few days travel from the acid flats. Groups of ĝheist travel through, about twice a year, to restock on long desert travels, and they trade exotic materials for your water. Human travelers from the remaining cities are much rarer and less eagerly greeted.\n\nYou're a wanderer. You left your birth town early, and traveled with humans and ĝheist alike -- merchants, traders, soldiers, whoever would have you -- to see the ruins of the old world. You're a scavenger. You go out into the wild lands to hunt for artifacts: machines, technology, materials.\n\n<span class="meta">choose your initial mutations\nyou have <<block pts>><<print $ccpts>><<endblock>> mutation point<<block pts>><<print $ccpts == 1 ? "" : "s">><<endblock>></span>\\n<<block pts>><<display "mutationbar">><<endblock>>\\n\n* <<block pure>><<if $mutation == 0>>You're an unaltered human, comparatively-untouched by the lightrot in the water and dust<<endif>><<endblock>>\n* <<cycle leaky>>\\n<<rmmutation "leaky">><span class="meta">nipples \\n<<block outofpoints>><<if $ccpts == 0>>+<<else>><<revise leaky "+">><<endif>><<endblock>></span>\\n<<becomes>>\\n<<addmutation "leaky">>You've helped ĝheist incubate their eggs before, and your nipples are giant and fat, leaking milky ichor at the slightest touch\\n<span class="meta"><<revert leaky "-">></span>\\n<<endcycle>>\\n\n* <<cycle dick>>\\n<<rmmutation "dick">><span class="meta">dick \\n<<block outofpoints>><<if $ccpts == 0>>+<<else>><<revise dick "+">><<endif>><<endblock>></span>\\n<<becomes>>\\n<<rmmutation "knot">><<addmutation "dick">>You've got a ĝheist dick, green-grey and covered in knobbled warts, eagerly oozing slimy yellowish pre\\n<span class="meta"><<revert dick "-">> knot <<block outofpoints>><<if $ccpts == 0>>+<<else>><<revise dick "+">><<endif>><<endblock>></span>\\n<<becomes>>\\n<<rmmutation "dick">><<addmutation "knot">>You're friends with a giant beast of the deep wasteland, and over time its seed has transformed your cock into a miniature of its own: raw purple-black flesh stored in a leathery sheath, coming to a sharp tip, with a tentacle-fringed knot at the base\\n<span class="meta"><<revert dick "-">></span>\\n<<endcycle>>\\n\n* <<cycle balls>>\\n<<rmmutation "balls">><span class="meta">balls \\n<<block outofpoints>><<if $ccpts == 0>>+<<else>><<revise balls "+">><<endif>><<endblock>></span>\\n<<becomes>>\\n<<addmutation "balls">>Your balls are enormous, lumpy and misshapen in an oversized sac drawn up tight between your thighs. You cum ĝheist cum, thick and grey-green, with gritty chunks\\n<span class="meta"><<revert balls "-">></span>\\n<<endcycle>>\\n\n* <<cycle asshole>>\\n<<rmmutation "asshole">><span class="meta">ass \\n<<block outofpoints>><<if $ccpts == 0>>+<<else>><<revise asshole "+">><<endif>><<endblock>></span>\\n<<becomes>>\\n<<addmutation "asshole">>You've got an altered asshole, constantly swollen and puffy, with the flesh of your hole and fat asscheeks dappling into supple, rubbery grey-black hide\\n<span class="meta"><<revert asshole "-">></span>\\n<<endcycle>>\n\n[[continue →|intro]]\n\n/% [[directly to siege|human setup outro][$humanIntro = true; $humanSiegeArrive = 0; $turns = 1]] %/
You're \\n<<if hasMutation("leathery arms") || hasMutation("leathery hips")>>a mutated\\n<<else if hasMutation("buff") || hasMutation ("pre-buff")>>a buff, burly\\n<<else if !hasMutation("scales")>>an average-looking\\n<<else>>a<<endif>> \\n<<if hasMutation("scales")>>ĝheist-looking human\\n<<else>>human\\n<<endif>>. <<if hasMutation("scales")>>Leathery, warted grey-brown skin, with pale splotches across your chest\\n<<else if hasMutation("leathery arms")>>Brown skin tanned dark, and mutated arms, coverd in rough ĝheisthide: leathery and grey-brown, with gnarled patches of budding horns across your shoulders\\n<<else>>Brown skin tanned as dark as it can go from the desert sun<<endif>>; <<if hasMutation("scales")>>black hair kept shorn close to the skull<<else>>black hair in innumerable short braids, shaved at the sides<<endif>>.\\n<<if hasMutation("facial")>> You've got a messy starburst splotch of ĝheisthide right across your face, radiating out from your forehead and spreading over your cheeks, running down your neck some, from where Ophion, wandering Titan of the wasteland, gave you a facial with his lightrot-tainted seed.<<endif>>\\n <<print (function (skin) {\n switch (skin) {\n case "pre-buff":\n return "Your muscles are swollen and heavy; heavy biceps and forearms, thick thighs and calves, big blocky muscles that stretch your skin."\n case "buff":\n return "The skin across your thickly-muscled shoulders has been flaking recently, like a city-born's sunburn, save that your skin beneath is leathery, warted like the ĝheist's, in drab grey and greenish patches spreading down your back and up your neck.";\n case "pre-scales":\n return "The skin across your shoulders and back is grey-green ĝheisthide, and the skin around it has been ashen and flaky recently, with skin all over your body starting to shed off in flakes and crusts, revealing patches of slick ĝheisthide all over."\n case "scales":\n return "You have rocky scute across your forearms and legs, where you once had body hair, and patches of raised, pebbly hide across your inner thigh and underarms, where your hide slides smoothly against itself."\n default:\n }\n }) (firstMutationOf (["pre-buff", "buff", "pre-scales", "scales"]))>>\\n <<if hasMutation("buff arms")>>Your <<if hasMutation("leathery arms") || hasMutation("scales")>>hide-covered <<endif>> arms are hugely muscular, with red stretch marks zigzagging across your rounded shoulders and biceps. <<if hasMutation("claws")>>Your fingers are tipped with dark claws, ridged down the center to come to a dull point.<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>\\n <<if hasMutation("scales")>>Like a human<<else>>Like all the humans<<endif>>, you wear drab clothes in desert tones, a combination of coarse homespun and finer traded fabric.\\n<<if hasMutation("full legs")>> Under your clothes, your legs are altered, mutated into inhumanly-thick, concrete-pillar legs, covered in pebbly ĝheisthide. Gnarled spots are starting to form on the outside of your hips, the sign of stubby horns to come.\n<<else if hasMutation("leathery hips")>> Under your clothes, the skin across your hips -- crawling up your stomach and down your thighs -- is smooth, pebbly ĝheisthide. Thick scute, curving over your muscled ass, radiates out from your asshole<<endif>>\\n\n<<if hasMutation("pure")>>\\n/% %/Unlike many humans in the settlement, the lightrot soaking the planet hasn't had any visible effect on you, whether from luck or low dosage. As of yet, you haven't had any signs of ĝheist show.\\n<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMutation("hands fur")>>\nBy sharing the seed of Brulvundojn, the wild beast of the wasteland, your hands and feet became bestial: thick of fur, sharp of claw. Your body hair grows into thick tufts of coarse black hair, in crests on the backs of your hands, along your forearms up to your elbows, and in tufts on your feet, up across your calves.\n<<else if hasMutation ("pre-hands fur")>>\nA dark shadow of coarse hair covers the backs of your hands, with new hair coming in fast and thick, in stiff, almost quill-like hairs. More prickles across your feet, your leg hair coming in straight.\n<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMutation("pre-leaky")>>\n\n/% %/Your nipples have been swollen and aching recently, and there are stiff, hard disks growing just beneath them, felt through your skin.\\n<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMutation("leaky")>>\n\n/% %/<<display titshistory>>\\n/% %/ Since then, your nipples have been enormous: fat and wide across your <<if hasMutation("buff")>>muscled <<endif>>chest, and they stiffen from stimuli as faint as the desert wind, forming \\n/% %/<<if hasMutation("udders")>>\\n/% %/palm-sized peaks, topped w/ enormous fleshy udders thicker than your thumb and just about as long\\n/% %/<<else>>\\n/% %/thick triangular peaks topped with a fat, corklike nipple\\n/% %/<<endif>>\\n/% %/.\\n/% %/<<if hasMutation ("six nipples")>>\\n/% %/ <<display sixhistory>>\n/% %/<<endif>>\\n/% %/ <<if hasMutation("nipple piercing")>>You're leaking milky yellow-white ichor in streams down your chest, constantly.<<else>>When you get aroused, you start to leak milky yellow-white ichor in streams down your chest; more when you're being milked.<<endif>>\n/% %/<<if hasMutation("pre-six")>>\\n/% %/ You have extra nipples forming down your chest: hard disks under your skin, reddened flesh spreading out in pads that have begin to prickle and stiffen when you get aroused.\n\n/% %/<<endif>>\\n/% %/<<if hasMutation("udders")>>\\n/% %/ If you haven't been milked in a while, your pecs start to swell up, overactive milk glands dumping fluid in a reservoir just under each nipple, giving you <<if hasMutation("six nipples")>>three sets of<<else>>a pair of<<endif>> fat, leaking tits.\\n/% %/<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMutation("nipple piercing")>> Your nipples are also pierced, with fat barbels stuck through them<<if hasMutation("leaky")>>, and the constant stimulation from the piercing makes them leak constantly<<endif>>.<<endif>>\\n\\n<<if hasMutation("knot")>>\nIn your travels across the metal wastes, you came across the den of a fearsome desert beast; one that calls itself Brulvundojn. After the initial encounter, you became friends of a sort, and you visit his den when you're in the region. His seed is fuming, bubbling green goo threaded with squirming black lines, and he enjoys rutting against -- and into -- you, drenching you in his issue. Over time, a portion of his lusts transferred into you: your cock is a beast's cock, smooth black flesh with a burning, aching knot at the base, constantly massaged by fat, squirming tentacles beneath it. Brulvundojn's is much, much larger. <<display "dickpiercings">><<endif>>\\n<<if hasMutation("balls") || hasMutation("dick")>>\n<<display dickballshistory>>\n<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMutation("asshole")>>\n\n<<display assholehistory>> Your ass shows the marks of it: ass cheeks fat and muscular, skin dappling into supple ĝheisthide, asshole perpetually swollen, yawning open easy. \\n<<if hasMutation("prostate")>>After <<display prostatehistory>> your prostate grew enormously, and now it constantly aches inside you, throbbing sometimes, and it's so huge it bloats the wall of your ass, forming a fat mound that gets squashed flat each time you get fucked.<<endif>><<endif>>\\n<<if hasMutation("womb")>>\n\n/% %/Not that far up inside your ass, you have some kind of mutant womb, for incubating eggs. \\n/% %/<<if $pregnant eq "">>\\n/% %/Sometimes you can feel your cervix spasm, hungrily gulping in preparation for your next batch of eggs.\n/% %/<<else>>\\n/% %/Your cervix is plugged tight, bulging from the clutch of eggs inside you now.\n/% %/<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMutation("eggs")>>\n\n<<display "eggs">>\n<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMutation("dick") || hasMutation("asshole")>>\n<<endif>><<if hasMutation("dick")>>Your cock leaks thick, slimy pre in gummy, yellowed streamers at the slightest provocation,\\n<<if !hasMutation("balls")>> and the same slime makes up most of your cum.\\n<<else>> and when <<endif>><<endif>>\\n<<if hasMutation("balls")>><<if !hasMutation ("dick")>>When <<endif>>you cum, you erupt like a fountain, spurting chunky, grey-green slop from your \\n<<if hasMutation("dick")>>bloated <<endif>> cockhead in runny clots, drooling all down your shaft and balls. It's a mess.<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMutation("prostate")>> Your overproductive prostate means that you leak pre constantly when aroused, so much that even a few moment's drool is enough to match your old orgasms.<<endif>>\n<<if hasMutation("knot")>>\nYour cum is a sloppy mess: cloudy grey slime threaded through with green squiggles, sometimes bunched together in gummy, jelly-like clots. If you get properly knotted, you get full half-hour orgasms<<if hasMutation("prostate") || hasMutation ("balls")>>, and you cum enough to bloat people up<<endif>>. Your knot is too big for most humans to manage, though.<<endif>>\\n<<if !hasMutation("dick") && !hasMutation("asshole") && !hasMutation("knot")>>\nYou guess you're pretty decently hung, for a human at least.<<endif>>\n\n<span class="meta">\n<<set $_big = $biggest.oral>>\\nbiggest dick oral: <<biggestname>>\n<<set $_big = $biggest.anal>>\\nbiggest dick anal: <<biggestname>>\n</span>\n\n<<display mutationbar>>\n\n<<if $back != "">>[[←|$back]]<<endif>>
<<print (function (f){\n switch (f) {\n case "ophion injection":\n return "Ophion, a wild wandering Titan of the wasteland pumped your asshole full of raw lightrot slurry";\n case "ophion fuck":\n return "you were fucked by Ophion, a wandering Titan of the wasteland";\n case "djen top":\n return "the gloamling Djen fucked you with his immense, pustulent cock";\n default:\n return ("!! unhandled prostate from \"" + f + "\"");\n }\n })($from['prostate']) >>
window.atTerm = function (pregnant, started, turns) {\n var pregtable =\n { "astau-fertilized": 15\n , "astau": 10\n , "stormking-fertilized": 20\n , "stormking": 15\n , "jinn": 15\n , "www": 15\n };\n return pregnant != "" && (started + pregtable[pregnant]) <= turns;\n}\n\nwindow.englishList = function (opts) {\n return opts.reduce (function (acc, v, i) {\n if (i+1 == opts.length) {\n return opts.length == 2 ? (acc + " and " + v) : (acc + ", and " + v);\n }\n return acc + ", " + v;\n });\n}\nwindow.numString = function (n) {\n function intdiv (i, d) {\n return Math.floor (i / d);\n }\n var ones = ["one", "two", "three", "four", "five", "six", "seven", "eight", "nine"];\n var preteens = ["ten", "eleven", "twelve"];\n var teens = ["thir", "for", "fif", "six", "seven", "eigh", "nine"];\n var tens = ["", "", "twenty", "thirty", "forty", "fifty", "sixty", "seventy", "eighty", "ninety"];\n var rem;\n if (n === 0) {\n return "zero"\n } else if (n < 10) {\n return ones[n-1];\n } else if (n < 13) {\n return preteens[n-10]\n } else if (n < 20) {\n return teens[n-13] + "teen";\n } else if (n < 100) {\n rem = n % 10;\n return tens[intdiv (n, 10)] + (rem === 0 ? "" : "-" + ones[rem - 1]);\n } else if (n < 1000) {\n rem = n % 100;\n return ones[intdiv (n, 100)-1] + " hundred" + (rem === 0 ? "" : " " + numString (rem));\n } else {\n return "!!CAN'T HANDLE NUMBERS 1000+; HOW DID YOU EVEN GET VALUES THIS BIG?!";\n }\n}
<<if $from['balls'] eq $from['dick'] && $from['balls'] neq 0>>\\n<<display "mergeddickballs">>\\n<<else>>\\n/% %/<<if $from['dick'] neq 0>>\\n/% %/<<dickballs "dick">>\\n/% %/<<endif>>\\n/% %/<<if $from['balls'] neq 0>>\\n/% %/<<dickballs "balls">>\\n/% %/<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>
<<set $_show = parameter(0)>>\\n<<print (function (f){\n switch (f) {\n case "cc":\n return "As you grew into adulthood,";\n case "ophion injection":\n return "You encountered Ophion, a wild wandering Titan, in the wasteland, and he pumped you full of raw lightrot slurry until";\n case "ophion fuck":\n return "You encountered Ophion, a wild wandering Titan in the wasteland, and he fucked you with his mutated, pustulent cock, breeding you full of his lightrot-slurry seed. Exposed to the burn of the raw lightrot,";\n case "jinn-pools":\n return "You fucked Jinn, the human breeder prince, in the lightrot pools beneath the desert, and from his sloppy, lightrot-squirting cunt"\n case "djen cockfuck":\n return "You fucked the gloamling Djen's squirming earthworm-cock, and from its thick, lightrot-tainted issue";\n case "djen fuck":\n return "You fucked the gloamling Djen, and the lightrot-pustulent walls of his ass soaked your flesh, and";\n case "djen prolapse":\n return "You fucked the unspooled, prolapsed guts of the gloamling Djen, and his lightrot-pustulent guts drooling their tainted slime across your flesh, so that";\n default:\n return ("!! unhandled from \"" + f + "\"");\n }\n })($from [$_show])>>
<<set $_show = parameter(0)>>\\n<<genhistory parameter(0)>> your <<if $_show eq "dick">>cock<<else>>balls<<endif>> grew fat and heavy, becoming inhumanly huge on your frame. \\n<<if $_show eq "dick">>Your cock juts out from your body even soft, its leathery skin stiff but rubbery, with warts piled on top of each other into a lumpy mass running from the base of your shaft all the way to the tip of your foreskin. <<display "dickpiercings">><<endif>>\\n<<if $_show eq "balls">>Your balls hang <<if hasMutation("dick")>>below your altered cock, equally giant and grotesque. T<<else>>beneath your cock in a giant and grotesque sac: t<<endif>>hey're swollen, lumpy and misshapen, each one nearly fist-sized, and they constantly scrape between your thighs, chafing your skin. They're almost painfully sensitive, and even light tugging and squeezing on them is enough to make you blow your load.<<endif>>
<<genhistory "dick">> your \\n<<if hasMutation ("dick")>>\\ncock <<if hasMutation ("balls")>>and balls<<endif>>\\n<<else>>balls<<endif>> grew fat and heavy, inhumanly huge on your frame. <<endif>>\\n<<if hasMutation("dick")>>Your cock juts out from your body even soft, leathery skin stiff but rubbery, with warts piled on top of each other into a lumpy mass running from the tip of your foreskin all the way down to fan out across your crotch. <<display "dickpiercings">><<endif>>\\n<<if hasMutation("balls")>>Your balls hang <<if hasMutation("dick")>>below your altered cock, equally giant and grotesque. T<<else>>beneath your cock in a giant and grotesque sac: t<<endif>>hey're swollen: lumpy and misshapen, each one nearly fist-sized, and they constantly scrape between your thighs, chafing your skin. They're almost painfully sensitive, and even light tugging and squeezing on them is enough to make you blow your load.<<endif>>
<<if hasMutation("glans piercing") || hasMutation("frenum piercing")>>\\n<<set $_dp to\n [ hasMutation("glans piercing") ? "glans" : null\n , hasMutation ("frenum piercing") ? "frenum" : null]\n .filter(function (v) { return v !== null; })\n >>\\n<<print (function (d) {\n switch (d) {\n case 1: return "You have a cock piercing; ";\n default: "You have some cock piercings -- ";\n }\n })($_dp.length)>>\\n<<print $ (function (p) {\n switch (p) {\n case "glans": return "a wide hoop through your cockhead, down your cockslit and out the underside of your cockhead";\n case "frenum": return "a set of thick barbels studded up the underside of your shaft, (x) barbels from base to tip";\n default: return ("!!UNKNOWN PIERCING (" + p + ")!!");\n }\n }).reduce (function (acc, p) {\n return acc + ", and " + p;\n })>>.\\n<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMutation("cock cage")>>\\n Right now it's locked up tight in a cock cage. You've been locked up for <<print (function (t){\n switch (t) {\n case 0: return "less than a day";\n case 1: return "one day";\n default: return (numString (t) + " days");\n }\n })(Math.floor($chastityStarted - $turns) / 6)>>.\\n<<endif>>
<<print (function(a){\n switch (a) {\n case "cc":\n return "You've fucked around some with ĝheist from over the mountains, in Skull Wing territory, and on one occasion they broke out their stash of lightrot and really worked you over, working it into your ass until they could fit two arms elbow deep."\n case "ophion fuck":\n return "You encountered Ophion, a wild wandering Titan, in the wasteland, and he fucked you with his mutated, pustulent cock, breeding you full of his lightrot-slurry seed.";\n case "ophion injection":\n return "You encountered Ophion, a wild wandering Titan in the wasteland, and he used his instruments to baste your ass in raw lightrot slurry, grinding it into the flesh of your asshole until your entire body burned with its heat.";\n case "djen top":\n return "The gloamling Djen fucked you with his immense, pustulent cock, and flooded your ass with his lightrot-slurry seed."\n case "survey gangbang":\n default:\n return ("!! unhandled from \"" + f + "\"");\n }\n }) ($from['asshole'])>>
<<print (function(t){\n switch (t) {\n case "cc":\n return "A few seasons back, when you were in Skull Wing territoy, you came across an unexpectedly gravid breeding prince -- he had gone into heat early -- and you offered to incubate the eggs. They took fast within you, and for most of the next half-year you were swollen and enormous, before the next passing group helped you birth them.";\n case "astau":\n case "astau-fertilized":\n return "You were bred by Astau of the wasteland, and pumped full of a clutch of his eggs.";\n case "stormking":\n case "stormking-fertilized":\n return "You were bred by the great nameless king of the sandstorm, and pumped full of a clutch of his eggs.";\n case "jinn":\n return "You fucked the breeder-prince Jinn, and he pumped you full of a clutch of your own eggs.";\n case "www":\n return "You were bred full of eggs by Malsatante, a wandering beast of the wasteland, and then fucked again by Dante, his human mate, to fertilize them.";\n default:\n return ("!! unhandled from \"" + f + "\"");\n }\n }) ($from['leaky'])>>
<<if $from['six'] eq "astau" || $from['six'] eq "astau-fertilized">>\\n<<if $from['leaky'] eq "astau" || $from['leaky'] eq "astau-fertilized">>\\nThen, Astau bred you again, and the second time your already-altered body responded to his beastly hormones, \\n<<else>>Then, the giant beast named Astau bred you deeply, pumping you full of his eggs, and as they settled within you, your body responded to his beastly hormones, \\n<<endif>>\n<<else if $from['six'] eq "stormking" || $from['six'] eq "stormking-fertilized">>\\n<<if $from['leaky'] eq "stormking" || $from['leaky'] eq "stormking-fertilized">>\\nThen, the king of the storm bred you again, and the second time your already-altered body responded to his divine hormones, \\n<<else>>\\nThen, the nameless king of the storm bred you with his divine essence, and as it settled within you your body responded, \\n<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>\\ncausing you to grow a full set of six nipples, in rows down your chest and stomach.
You're currently heavy with eggs, <<print (function (p){\n switch (p) {\n case "astau":\n return "pumped into you from Astau, the acid-beast of the southeastern wastes. They're not fertilized, and you might need help working them out of your swollen body.";\n case "astau-fertilized":\n return "pumped into you from Astau, the acid-beast of the southeastern wastes. They rested inert within your body until Brulvundojn bred you, and now you can feel them squirm and grow within you. You're enormously pregnant with their young, and the skin across your swollen gut is vividly-striped with raw red stretch marks.";\n case "stormking":\n return "pumped into you from the nameless king of the sandstorm, the divine beast of the skies. They're not fertilized, and you might need help working them out of your swollen body.";\n case "stormking-fertilized":\n return "pumped into you from the nameless king of the sandstorm, the divine beast of the skies. They rested inert within your body until Brulvunojn bred you, and now you can feel them squirm and grow within you. They let out electric shocks sometimes, making your internal muscles spasm. You're enormously pregnant with their young, and the skin across your swollen guy is vividly-striped with raw red stretch marks.";\n case "jinn":\n return "fertilized from you fucking the breeder-prince Jinn and then having him pump them into your body to incubate."\n case "www":\n return "pumped into you from Malsatante, a wandering beast of the northern wastes, and fertilized by his human mate, Dante. You can feel them shudder and squirm as they grow within you."\n default:\n return ("unknown egg type \"" + p + "\"");\n }\n }) ($pregnant)>> You've been carrying this clutch for <<print (function (t){\n switch (t) {\n case 0: return "only a few hours";\n case 1: return "a day";\n default: return (numString (t) + " days");\n }\n })(Math.floor(($turns - $pregnancyStarted) / 6))>>.\
mutation level:\n<div id="mutation">\\n<<if mutationPoints("ĝheist") gt 10>>\\n<<print (function () {\n return [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9].map (function (p) {\n return '<span class="ĝheist" style="width: 10%"></span>';\n }).reduce (function (a, b) {\n return a + b;\n }, '');\n})()>>\\n<<print (function (muts, mutvals) {\n return (function (mut) {\n var w = mutvals[mut][0] * 10;\n var c = mutvals[mut][1] == "" ? "" : ' class="' + mutvals[mut][1] + '"';\n return '<span' + c + ' style="width:' + w + '%"></span>';\n }).reduce (function (a, b) {\n return a + b;\n }, '');\n})($mutations.filter(function (m) {\n return mutvals[m][1] !== "ĝheist";\n }), mutvals)>>\\n<<else>>\\n<<print (function (muts, mutvals) {\n return (function (mut) {\n var w = mutvals[mut][0] * 10;\n var c = mutvals[mut][1] == "" ? "" : ' class="' + mutvals[mut][1] + '"';\n return '<span' + c + ' style="width:' + w + '%"></span>';\n }).reduce (function (a, b) {\n return a + b;\n }, '');\n})($mutations, mutvals)>>\\n<<endif>>\\n<<print (function (v) {\n return (s) {\n return '<span class="mark" style="left: ' + (s*10) + '%"></span>'\n }).reduce (function (a, b) {\n return a + b;\n })\n})([1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9])>>\\n</div>
#sidebar {\n width: 25%;\n margin: 1em 0 0 0;\n padding: 0;\n}\n#sidebar li { padding-right: 1em; margin: 0; color: #312; }\n\n#storyTitle, #storyAuthor, #restart, #credits, #bookmark { display: none; }\n#sidebar #storyMenu { display: block; }\n#sidebar li a { color: #624; }\n#sidebar li a#dump { color: #180810; }\n#sidebar li a#dump:hover { color: #312; }
div#mutation { width: 50%; height: 1.6em; position: relative; margin-top: 0.6em;\n box-shadow: 0 0 6px 0px #880; }\ndiv#mutation span { display: block; float: left; height: 1.6em; background: #ff0; }\ndiv#mutation span.animal { background: #739; }\n\ndiv#mutation span.mark { position: absolute; bottom: -0.35em; width: 1px; height: 2.2em; background: #330; }
<<nobr>>\n<<if $mutations.length == 0>><<addmutation "pure">><<endif>>\n<<set $brulvundojnFriends to hasMutation("knot")>>\n<<set $brulvundojnFucked to 0>>\n<<set $knowAstau to false>>\n<<set $from to {}>>\n<<set $from['leaky'] to hasMutation("leaky") ? "cc" : null>>\n<<set $from['asshole'] to hasMutation("asshole") ? "cc" : null>>\n<<set $from['balls'] to hasMutation("balls") ? "cc" : null>>\n<<set $from['dick'] to hasMutation("dick") ? "cc" : null>>\n<<set $from['knot'] to hasMutation("knot") ? "cc" : null>>\n<<set $pregnancies to hasMutation ("leaky") ? 1 : 0>>\n<<set $wombCounter to 0>>\n<<set $biggest to {oral: "cc", anal: "cc"}>>\n<<if hasMutation('leaky')>><<set $biggest.anal to "cc_leaky">><<endif>>\n<<if hasMutation('asshole')>><<set $biggest.anal to "cc_asshole">><<endif>>\n<<if hasMutation('knot')>>\n<<set $biggest.anal to "brulvundojn">>\n<<set $biggest.oral to "brulvundojn">>\n<<set $brulvundojnFucked to 1>>\n<<endif>>\n\n<<display "initWanderers">>\n<<endnobr>>\\n<<display "you">>\n\n[[continue →|leavetownstart]]\n/%\njump to: (might not set later vars correctly)\n* [[human siege|village int][$humanSiegeArrive = 0]]\n* [[city|hive tunnels]]\n%/
<<print (function (f) {\n switch (f) {\n case "cc": return "potentially nobody";\n case "cc_asshole": return "somebody in a skull wing refueling station gangbang (whoever fucked you pregame to give you the asshole tf)";\n case "cc_leaky": return "skull wing scouter prince (whoever fucked you pregame to give you the leaky tf)";\n case "recon": return "Six Raven";\n case "leader": return "Agares";\n case "rook": return "Rook";\n case "tic": return "Mal";\n case "munitions": return "Max";\n\n case "yraal": return "Yraal";\n case "jinn": return "Jinn";\n case "pthuul": return "Pthuul";\n case "khru": return "Khru";\n case "zhalk": return "Zhalk";\n case "djen": return "Djen";\n case "gawann": return "Gawann";\n\n case "ophion": return "Ophion, the wandering Titan of the wasteland";\n case "www_human": return "Dante";\n case "www_beast": return "Malsatante";\n case "www_both": return "Dante and Malsatante at the same time";\n\n case "astau": return "Astau, great beast of the wasteland";\n case "brulvundojn": return "Brulvundojn, great beast of the wasteland";\n\n default: return ("!! unhandled cocksize \"" + f + "\"");\n }\n })($_big)>>
<<nobr>>\n<<set window.cocks to\n { cc: 0\n , cc_asshole: 10.5\n , cc_leaky: 11.5\n , birth_fist: 0\n \n , recon: 4.5\n , leader: 6.5\n , rook: 9\n , tic: 10\n , munitions: 11\n\n , yraal: 4\n , jinn: 10\n , pthuul: 11\n , khru: 11\n , zhalk: 12\n , djen: 14\n , gawann: 20\n , pthuul_khru: 10.5\n\n , ophion: 0 /* was 23 but as described way too fat to penetrate */\n , www_human: 30\n , www_beast: 66\n , www_both: 66\n\n , astau: 26\n , brulvundojn_no_knot: 42\n , brulvundojn: 54\n }>>\n\n<<set window.mutvals =\n { "pure": [0, ""]\n\n , "pre-buff": [1, "ĝheist"]\n , "buff": [1, "ĝheist"]\n , "pre-scales": [1, "ĝheist"]\n , "scales": [1, "ĝheist"]\n\n , "dick": [1, "ĝheist"]\n , "knot": [2, "animal"]\n\n , "balls": [1, "ĝheist"]\n\n , "asshole": [1, "ĝheist"]\n , "prostate": [1, "ĝheist"]\n\n , "eggs": [0, ""]\n , "pre-leaky": [1, "ĝheist"]\n , "leaky": [1, "ĝheist"]\n , "pre-six": [1, "animal"]\n , "six nipples": [1, "animal"]\n , "womb": [1, "ĝheist"]\n\n , "pre-hands fur": [1, "animal"]\n , "hands fur": [1, "animal"]\n\n , "facial": [0, "ĝheist"]\n\n , "buff arms": [1, "ĝheist"]\n , "leathery arms": [1, "ĝheist"]\n , "claws": [1, "ĝheist"]\n\n , "wide hips": [1, "ĝheist"]\n , "leathery hips": [1, "ĝheist"]\n , "full legs": [1, "ĝheist"]\n\n , "nipple piercing": [0, "piercing"]\n , "frenum piercing": [0, "piercing"]\n , "glans piercing": [0, "piercing"]\n , "cock cage": [0, ""]\n\n , "udders": [1, "ĝheist"]\n }>>\n\n<<set window.gameMap =\n { "0,0": {where: "village", items: ["sand"]}\n\n , "-1,-1": {where: "desert cacti", items: ["old rock"]}\n , "0,-1": {where: "desert dunes north", items: ["worn wires", "metal panel"]}\n , "1,-1": {where: "desert dunes", items: ["worn wires", "metal panel", "concrete chunk"]}\n , "-1,0": {where: "desert cacti west", items: ["glass shards"]}\n , "1,0": {where: "cacti fields", items: ["rejection"]}\n , "-1,1": {where: "desert cracked", items: ["ancient wood", "worn wires"]}\n , "0,1": {where: "desert cracked south", items: ["ancient wood", "worn wires"]}\n , "1,1": {where: "desert cracked", items: ["ancient wood", "worn wires"]}\n\n , "-2,-2": {where: "canyon"\n , items: ["old driftwood"]}\n , "-1,-2": {where: "desert cacti", items: ["metal hinge", "metal panel", "iron rod"]}\n , "0,-2": {where: "mesa arches", items: ["metal hinge", "metal panel", "iron rod"]}\n , "1,-2": {where: "top of ravine cavern", items: ["ancient wood", "clay figurine", "sandstone tablet", "glass beads", "raw clay"]}\n , "2,-2": {where: "glass mountains approach"\n , items: ["green glass"]}\n , "2,-1": {where: "blasted lands", items: ["glass shards"]}\n , "2,0": {where: "desert dunes", items: ["worn wires", "metal panel", "concrete chunk"]}\n , "2,1": {where: "old fortress", items: ["ancient wood", "clay figurine", "raw clay"]}\n , "2,2": {where: "whitesands expanse", items: ["raw clay", "acid vial"]}\n , "1,2": {where: "trackless", items: ["glass shards"]}\n , "0,2": {where: "trackless", items: ["glass shards"]}\n , "-1,2": {where: "trackless", items: ["glass shards"]}\n , "-2,2": {where: "cave ridges", items: ["clay figurine", "glass beads", "ancient wood"]}\n , "-2,1": {where: "cleft", items: ["fulgurite", "charcoal", "ash"]}\n , "-2,0": {where: "concrete highway"\n , items: ["concrete chunk", "shredded tire", "snapped gearshaft", "scratched glass panel", "glass shards", "broken motor"]}\n , "-2,-1": {where: "old ruins"\n , items: ["marble slab", "marble column", "sandblasted masonry", "glass shards"]}\n\n , "-2,-3": {where: "red-rock ridge", items: ["old driftwood", "iron rod", "metal panel"]}\n , "-1,-3": {where: "rock spikes"\n , items: ["crystallized lightrot"]}\n , "0,-3": {where: "mesa country", items: ["concrete chunk", "iron rod", "metal panel"]}\n , "1,-3": {where: "desert dunes", items: ["worn wires", "metal panel", "concrete chunk"]}\n , "2,-3": {where: "sandbrush canyon"\n , items: ["old driftwood"]}\n\n , "3,-2": {where: "glass mountains caves"\n , items: ["green glass"]}\n , "3,-1": {where: "glass mountains approach"\n , items: ["green glass"]}\n , "3,0": {where: "singing trees"\n , items: ["green glass", "glass shards"]}\n , "3,1": {where: "wasteland"\n , items: [null, null, null, null, null, "broken motor", "worn wires"]}\n , "3,2": {where: "flame pits"\n , items: ["fulgurite", "charcoal", "ash", "crystallized lightrot", "crystallized lightrot"]}\n\n , "2,3": {where: "white hollows", items: ["ash", "charcoal", "acid vial"]}\n , "1,3": {where: "whitesands expanse", items: ["ash", "charcoal", "acid vial"]}\n , "0,3": {where: "acid flats", items: ["acid vial", "acid vial", "crystallized lightrot", "circuit board"]}\n , "-1,3": {where: "acid bay", items: ["acid vial", "acid vial", "crystallized lightrot", "glass bulb"]}\n , "-2,3": {where: "acid stalks", items: ["acid vial", "acid vial", "crystallized lightrot", "glass bulb", "circuit board"]}\n\n , "-3,2": {where: "rust-ribbon glade"\n , items: ["crystallized lightrot", "crumbling gear", "frayed cable", "snapped filament"]}\n , "-3,1": {where: "rust desert"\n , items: ["rusted hinge", "metal panel", "iron rod", "bent spring"]}\n , "-3,0": {where: "metal wastes"\n , items: ["concrete chunk", "scratched glass panel", "rusted hinge", "metal panel"]}\n , "-3,-1": {where: "rust desert"\n , items: ["rusted hinge", "metal panel", "iron rod", "bent spring", "frayed cable"]}\n , "-3,-2": {where: "tree"\n , items: ["ancient resin", "dry hulls", "coarse sand", null]}\n\n , "0,-5": {where: "nnnnn", items: []}\n , "0,-6": {where: "crossroads", items: []}\n , "-1,-6": {where: "nnnnnnw", items: []}\n , "-2,-6": {where: "nnnnnnww", items: []}\n , "-3,-6": {where: "nnnnnnwww", items: []}\n , "-3,-7": {where: "blackrock mesa", items: []}\n }>>\n\n<<set to\n [ {name: "buff out scratches"\n , act: "you buff the scratches out of the glass panel so it's no longer a streaky mess"\n , req: [{i: "scratched glass panel", n: 1}]\n , res: [{i: "glass panel", n: 1}]}\n , {name: "melt down glass shards"\n , act: "you toss the shards across a melting sheet and cook them until they're molten, forming a glossy sheet of glass"\n , req: [{i: "glass shards", n: 3}]\n , res: [{i: "glass panel", n: 1}]}\n , {name: "melt fulgurite into glass"\n , act: "you smash the fulgurite to powder and mix it with ash, then cook it across a melting sheet until it forms cloudy glass"\n , req: [{i: "fulgurite", n: 1}, {i: "ash", n: 2}]\n , res: [{i: "glass panel", n: 2}]}\n , {name: "patch masonry"\n , act: "you mix the clay with water, and use it to patch the scores in the rock masonry"\n , req: [{i: "sandblasted masonry", n: 1}, {i: "raw clay", n: 1}]\n , res: [{i: "masonry block", n: 1}]}\n , {name: "construct balustrade"\n , act: "the rock is still scored with the marks of its joining, and it's easy enough to reconstruct it, with enough parts."\n , req: [{i: "masonry block", n: 2}, {i: "marble slab", n: 2}, {i: "marble column", n: 6}, {i: "iron rod", n: 1}]\n , res: [{i: "marble balustrade", n: 1}]}\n , {name: "construct garden slab"\n , act: "the marble slabs are scored and cut to fit together in a specific pattern, and with enough loose stones it's easy enough to reconstruct it. they form a framing basin, you think for a garden."\n , req: [{i: "masonry block", n: 2}, {i: "marble slab", n: 4}]\n , res: [{i: "marble garden tiles", n: 1}]}\n , {name: "build glass frame (with iron rim)"\n , act: "you fit the glass into panels across the iron crosswork frame"\n , req: [{i: "iron rod", n: 2}, {i: "glass panel", n: 2}]\n , res: [{i: "greenhouse frame", n: 1}]}\n , {name: "build glass frame (with ancient wood frame)"\n , act: "you fit the glass into panels across the old wood frame"\n , req: [{i: "ancient wood", n: 2}, {i: "glass panel", n: 2}]\n , res: [{i: "greenhouse frame", n: 1}]}\n , {name: "build glass frame (with driftwood frame)"\n , act: "you fit the glass into panels across the driftwood frame"\n , req: [{i: "old driftwood", n: 2}, {i: "glass panel", n: 2}]\n , res: [{i: "greenhouse frame", n: 1}]}\n , {name: "stitch rubber tread"\n , act: "you stitch together layers of shredded tire with plastic-coated wire as thread"\n , req: [{i: "shredded tire", n: 2}, {i: "worn wires", n: 1}]\n , res: [{i: "rubbery tread", n: 1}]}\n , {name: "weld gearshaft"\n , act: "you weld the gearshaft back together"\n , req: [{i: "snapped gearshaft", n: 1}, {i: "iron rod", n: 1}]\n , res: [{i: "gearshaft rod", n: 1}]}\n , {name: "repair gear"\n , act: "you melt down one half-gear to match the missing parts of the other"\n , req: [{i: "crumbling gear", n: 2}]\n , res: [{i: "gear", n: 1}]}\n , {name: "construct gearshaft"\n , act: "you thread the gears on the rod to make a working gearshaft"\n , req: [{i: "gearshaft rod", n: 1}, {i: "gear", n: 2}]\n , res: [{i: "gearshaft", n: 1}]}\n , {name: "liquify lightrot"\n , act: "you soak the lightrot crystals in acid and pour the solution once it dissolves, then you add the ash to stabilize the mixture"\n , req: [{i: "crystallized lightrot", n: 1}, {i: "ash", n: 1}, {i: "acid vial", n: 1}]\n , res: [{i: "lightrot fuel", n: 1}]}\n ]>>\n\n<<set window.baths to\n [ {blurb: "[there's a group of ĝheist being rowdy in one big pool.]", passage: "baths ĝheist group"}\n , {blurb: "[there's a pool filled with what looks to be raw lightrot, with a few hugely-mutated lambent lying back in it]", passage: "baths lambent"}\n , {blurb: "[there's what looks like a Titan reclining in a pool of lightrot]", passage: "baths titan"}\n , {blurb: "[there's a pool of black goo with a big gaunt alien-thing lounging back in it]", passage: "baths enderman"}\n , {blurb: "[there's a seemingly-empty pool of bubbling black goo]", passage: "baths destiny 2 alien"}\n , {blurb: "[there's a giant metal head sitting neck-deep in a pool of viscous black ooze]", passage: "baths big metal head"}\n ]>>\n\n<<set window.worm to\n [ {blurb: "[you see that acolyte that guided you around bustling back and forth through the main hall, looking harried.]", passage: "worm acolyte revisit"}\n , {blurb: "[there's noises coming from a side courtyard, calls and answers, the stomp of feet]", passage: "worm martial training"}\n , {blurb: "[the prelate is sprawled across the altar at the end of the entry hall, skewering a priest on the enormous, tentacled worm that is his cock]", passage: "worm prelate altar"}\n , {blurb: "[the guards along the inner passages cycle around, and you see a pair just off-duty, half-stripped of their ceremonial garb, step into a side room]", passage: "worm guard changing room"}\n , {blurb: "[one of the entry-way guards keeps darting over to look at you, head turning from his post at the front]", passage: "worm entry guard"}\n , {blurb: "[the exarch is taking supplicants in his reception chamber]", passage: "worm exarch supplicant"}\n ]>>\n\n<<set window.pitstop to\n [ {blurb: "[there's a squadron of drudges headed by a giant {theron} at rest in the plaza outside the outpost]", passage: "pitstop platoon"}\n , {blurb: "[an enormous monster, a great beast of the underground, rests curled up at the edge of the outpost]", passage: "pitstop beast"}\n , {blurb: "[a merchant cart rattles over the flagstones, pulled by a six-legged {metal head}]", passage: "pitstop merchant"}\n , {blurb: "[there's a shadowy Ksi-on monk leaning against the wall, watching the traffic go by]", passage: "pitstop monk"}\n , {blurb: "[there's a bulky drudge kneeling on the edge of the path, rearranging the items in his pack]", passage: "pitstop drudge"}\n , {blurb: "[there's two strange travelers, half-covered in spurs of red-orange chitin, the other half pallid grublike flesh]", passage: "pitstop swarm"}\n ]>>\n\n<<endnobr>>
<<nobr>>\n\n<<set $sex to {}>>\n<<set $mutations = []>>\n<<set $mutation = 0>>\n<<set $pregnant = "">>\n\n<<set $ccpts = 2>>\n<<set $back = "">>\n<<set $camps =\n { "jinn": 0\n , "gawann": 0\n }>>\n\n<<set $queuedUpper to 0>>\n<<set $queuedLower to 0>>\n\n<<set $inventory to {}>>\n<<set $carrying to []>>\n\n\n<<set $x = 0>>\n<<set $y = 0>>\n<<set $scavenge to "">>\n<<set $drudgeActive to "">>\n<<set $gheistIntroduced to false>>\n\n<<set $humanSiegeArrive to 9999>>\n<<set $stressPoints to []>>\n\n<<endnobr>>
The baking heat of the still season is ebbing, and the desert is coming alive with travelers. The windy season is starting -- when the wind pours down off the glass mountain to the northeast, and from the eastern wasteland expanse, and kicks up billowing sandstorms. The storms reveal buried wrecks in the shifting sands, making it the best season for scavenging.\n\nYou head out from Yapu, to scavenge.\n\n<<set $plot to 1>><<resetmoves>><<scatter>>[[head out|worldmap]]
<<nobr>>\n<<set $_n to ($x + "," + ($y-1))>>\n<<set $_s to ($x + "," + ($y+1))>>\n<<set $_w to (($x-1) + "," + $y)>>\n<<set $_e to (($x+1) + "," + $y)>>\n<<set $_i to ($x + "," + $y)>>\n<<set $_resetrun to false>>\n<<endnobr>>\\n<<set $timeOfDay to (6 - Math.ceil ($moves)) % 6>><<display "time">>\n\n<span class="meta">you're <<print worldDir ($x, $y)>> the town.\n\n<<if $drudgeActive>>\\n<<print (function (d) {\n switch (d) {\n case "Djen":\n return "You're out in the desert with the gloamling Djen.";\n case "Pthuul":\n return "You're out in the desert with the drudge Pthuul.";\n case "Khru":\n return "You're out in the desert with the drudge Khru.";\n case "Jinn":\n return "You're out in the desert with the ĝheist prince Jinn.";\n case "Yraal":\n return "You're out in the desert with Yraal.";\n case "Gawann":\n return "You're out in the desert with Gawann.";\n\n case "birthing squad":\n return "You're out in the desert with the drudge Pthuul and the gloamling Djen and Khru, and the prince Djen.";\n case "chain":\n return "You're out in the desert with the two drudges, Khru and Pthuul, and the magnataar Yraal."\n\n case "squad":\n return "You're moving with the survey team.";\n }\n })($drudgeActive)>>\n<<print (function (d) {\n switch (d) {\n case "Djen":\n return "You're out on a survey, to take Djen to see the acid sea in the south.";\n case "Pthuul":\n return "You're out on a survey, to take Pthuul to the glass mountain in the northeast.";\n case "Khru":\n return "You're out on a survey, to take Khru to Brulvundojn, in the west; or Astau, in the southeast.";\n case "Jinn":\n return "You're out on a survey, to take Jinn to the southwestern caves.";\n case "Yraal":\n return "You're out on a survey, to take Yraal to the old ruins: the city to the west and the fortress to the east.";\n case "Gawann":\n return "You're out on a survey, to take Gawann to exposed rock: the northeast glass mountain and caves; or the cleft and cave ridges to the southwest, or the red-rock ridges to the northwest.";\n\n case "birthing squad":\n return "You're headed to the southwest lightrot caves, to birth your eggs.";\n case "chain":\n return "You're headed to the scavenge site, " + worldDir ($_sx, $_sy) + " the town."\n\n case "squad":\n return "You're headed to the hive.";\n }\n })($drudgeActive)>>\\n<<print (function (p, br, dr){\n if (p == 2 && br && dr !== "chain") {\n return "You're headed to Brulvundojn's den, to secure his help in dragging the tanker, or to Yapu, to get materials to excavate the tanker";\n } else if (p == 2 && dr !== "chain") {\n return "You're headed to Yapu, to get materials to excavate the tanker";\n }\n return "";\n })($plot, $brulvundojnFriends, $drudgeActive)>>\n<<endif>></span>\\n\n<<display gameMap [$_i].where>>\\n<<if $wwwLocation eq $_i && $sandstorm lte 0 && !$wwwEggsDelivered >>* [[a pair of travellers walk across the sands|www pair]]\n<<endif>>\\n<<if $lord eq $_i && $sandstorm gt 0>>/%* [[the howls of the storm grow ever-louder above you|storm king]]%/\\n* the howls of the storm grow ever-louder above you\n<<endif>>\\n<<if $scavenge eq $_i>>* this is the [[scavenge]] spot\n<<else if $treasure.indexOf ($_i) !== -1>>\\n<<if $drudgeActive === "">>* there's a [[glimmer]] in the sand\n<<else>>* there's a ==glimmer== in the sand\n<<endif>>\n<<else if $moves gte 0 && $carrying.length lt 8 && $_i !== "0,0">>\\n<<if $drudgeActive === "">>* try [[digging]]\n<<else>>* try ==digging==\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\\n<<if $moves gt 0>>\\n<<nobr>>\n<ul id="nav"><li><<if gameMap [$_n]>>[[go north|worldmap][$y -= 1; $moves -= 0.75; $turns += 1;]]<<else>>==go north==<<endif>></li>\n<li><<if gameMap [$_w]>>[[go west|worldmap][$x -= 1; $moves -= 0.75; $turns += 1;]]<<else>>==go west==<<endif>></li>\n<li><<if gameMap [$_e]>>[[go east|worldmap][$x += 1; $moves -= 0.75; $turns += 1;]]<<else>>==go east==<<endif>></li>\n<li><<if gameMap [$_s]>>[[go south|worldmap][$y += 1; $moves -= 0.75; $turns += 1;]]<<else>>==go south==<<endif>></li></ul>\n<<endnobr>>\\n<<if $plot eq 6>>[this part is just uhh doing some final resolution junk. figuring out where the human squad ppl have been hiding, resolving any early-game subplot stuff that was left hanging to this point.]<<endif>>\\n<<else>>\\n* set up [[camp]]\n<<nobr>>\n<ul id="nav"><li>==go north==</li>\n<li>==go west==</li>\n<li>==go east==</li>\n<li>==go south==</li></ul>\n<<endnobr>>\n<<endif>>\n\n/%<span class="meta">(yr at <<print $_i>>)\n<<if $treasure.length gt 0>>(treasure spots are <<print (function (ts) {\n return ts.reduce (function (a, b) {\n return a + " / " + b;\n });\n})($treasure)>>)\n<<endif>>\\n<<if $sandstorm gt 0>>\\n(king of the storm @ <<print $lord>>)\n<<print $sandstorm>> more turns of sandstorm\n<<endif>></span>%/
window.worldDir = function (x, y) {\n var dirs = ["northwest", "west", "southwest", "south", "southeast", "east", "northeast", "north"];\n if (x == 0 && y == 0) {\n return "at";\n }\n return dirs[(Math.round (Math.atan2 (x, y) * (4 / Math.PI) + 3) + 8) % 8] + " of";\n}
<<nobr>>\n<<if !$_resetrun>>\n<<set $nextDaySandstorm to $sandstorm gt 0 ? false : Math.random() < 0.125>>\n<<set $wanderingSire to ["red-rock ridge", "rock spikes", "mesa country"][Math.floor (Math.random() * 3)]>>\n<<display "moveWanderers">>\n<<set $moves to 3>>\n<<set $turns += 3>>\n<<set $_resetrun to true>>\n<<endif>>\n<<endnobr>>
<<set $wwwPairCoords to {x: 1, y: -2}>>\n<<set $wwwTalk to 0>>\n<<set $sireInv to 2>>
<<nobr>>\n<<set $wwwPairCoords to stepPairInRange ($wwwPairCoords, {lo: -3, hi: 3}, {lo: -1, hi: 4})>>\n<<set $wwwLocation to ($wwwPairCoords.x + "," + $wwwPairCoords.y)>>\n<<endnobr>>
<<nobr>>\n<<set $treasure to (function () {\n function randomInRange (lo, hi) {\n var diff = hi - lo;\n var v = Math.floor (Math.random() * diff);\n return lo + v;\n }\n var o = [];\n var invalid = function (x, y) {\n return (Math.abs(x) === 3 && Math.abs(y) === 3) ||\n (Math.abs(x) <= 1 && Math.abs(y) <= 1);\n };\n var n;\n var x;\n var y;\n while (o.length < 4) {\n x = randomInRange (-3, 3);\n y = randomInRange (-3, 3);\n n = x + ',' + y;\n if (!invalid (x, y)) {\n o.push (n);\n }\n }\n return o;\n })()>>\n<<endnobr>>
<<if $sandstorm gt 0>>\\n<<set $sandstorm -= 1>>\\n<<print (function (t, s) {\n var sMsg = "";\n switch (s) {\n case 0:\n sMsg = " ''The storm blows itself out with a few final gusts, leaving you among newly-shaped dunes.''"\n break;\n case 1:\n case 2:\n sMsg = " The howl of the storm starts to ebb, and patches of light filter through the thinning walls of sand.";\n break;\n default:\n break;\n }\n switch (t) {\n case 0:\n return "It's around dawn." + (sMsg.length > 0 ? sMsg : " ''It's still storming, but the daylight turns the air from lightless black to dusty brown.''");\n case 1:\n case 2:\n return "It's day." + (sMsg.length > 0 ? sMsg : " ''The air is hazy, and it's impossible to see more than a few feet in front of you from the billowing sand.''");\n case 3:\n return "It's around dusk." + (sMsg.length > 0 ? sMsg : " ''It's still storming. The air is hazy, and it's impossible to see more than a few feet in front of you from the billowing sand.''");\n case 4:\n case 5:\n return "It's night." + (sMsg.length > 0 ? sMsg : " ''It's still storming. It's pitch black; the only light is abrupt flashes of lighting from within the body of the storm.''");\n default:\n return "!!error!!";\n }\n })($timeOfDay, $sandstorm)>>\n<<if $sandstorm lte 0>><<display "scatter">><<endif>>\n<<else>>\n<<print (function (t, n) {\n var s = n ? " ''The sky is a sickly green, and the air is sharp with the smell of a storm. A sandstorm is coming.''" : "";\n switch (t) {\n case 0:\n return "It's dawn, with the sun just cresting over the eastern mountains." + s;\n case 1:\n return "It's early, but the morning heat has already arrived. The sun beats down on you. The horizon ripples with heat." + s;\n case 2:\n return "It's afternoon, and the sun beats down on you. The horizon ripples with heat.";\n case 3:\n return "It's dusk. The sun has just sunk in the west, and the sand is still radiating heat, rippling at the horizon."\n case 4:\n return "It's night. Stars glimmer in the sky above. Eduenna, the largest of the moons, is full and heavy in the sky."\n case 5:\n return "It's night. All is still and quiet. The heat of the day is long gone, and the air is bitterly chill."\n default:\n return "!!error!!";\n }\n })($timeOfDay, $nextDaySandstorm)>>\n<<endif>>
<<nobr>>\n<<set $sandstorm to Math.floor (Math.random() * 15) + 8>>\n<<set $treasure to []>>\n<<set $lord to (function () {\n function randomInRange (lo, hi) {\n var diff = hi - lo;\n var v = Math.floor (Math.random() * diff);\n return lo + v;\n }\n var invalid = ["0,0", "1,0", "-1,0", "0,1", "0,-1", "-3,-3", "-3,3", "3,3", "3,-3"];\n var n;\n var x;\n var y;\n while (true) {\n x = randomInRange (-3, 3);\n y = randomInRange (-3, 3);\n n = x + ',' + y;\n if (invalid.indexOf (n) === -1) {\n return n;\n }\n }\n })()>>\n<<endnobr>>
<<if $_i eq "-3,0" && !$brulvundojnFriends>><<display "brulvundojn camp confront">>\\n<<else if $pregnant eq "www" && atTerm ($pregnant, $pregnancyStarted, $turns)>><<display "www birth">>\\n<<else>><<display "actual camp">>\n<<endif>>
<<if $drudgeActive eq "Djen">><<display "djen camp">>\n<<endif>>\\n<<if $drudgeActive eq "Pthuul">><<display "pthuul camp">>\n<<endif>>\\n<<if $drudgeActive eq "Khru">><<display "khru camp">>\n<<endif>>\\n<<if $drudgeActive eq "Gawann">><<display "gawann camp">>\n\n<<endif>>\\n<<if $drudgeActive eq "Yraal">><<display "yraal camp">>\n\n[[→|camprun]]<<endif>>\\n<<if $drudgeActive eq "Jinn">><<display "jinn camp">><<endif>>\\n<<if $drudgeActive eq "birthing squad">>\\n<<if $pregnant neq "">><<display "pregnant pre-camp">>\n<<else>><<display "pregnant post-camp">>\\n\n[[→|camprun]]\n<<endif>><<endif>>\\n<<if $drudgeActive eq "squad">>\\n[[''you''|you][$back = "camp"]] and the survey team set up camp. probably there's a sequence of gangbang scenes here that progresses with each night\n\n[[→|camprun]]<<endif>>\\n<<if $drudgeActive eq "chain">><<display "chain camp">>\n<<endif>>\\n<<if $drudgeActive eq "" || !$drudgeActive>>\\n/% %/[[''you''|you][$back = "camp"]] set up camp for the day. \\n/% %/<<if $nextDaySandstorm>>\\n/% %/<<display "sandstorm init">>\\n/% %/The wind picks up, howling through the desert, and the scree of sand impacting the side of the tent lulls you to sleep.\\n/% %/<<else>>\\n/% %/<<if $sandstorm gt 0>>The wind howls, and the sand buzzes beneath you from the force of the storm.\\n/% %/<<else>>The sky turns blue above you, and the final stars wink out.\\n/% %/<<endif>>\\n/% %/<<endif>>\n\n[[→|camprun]]<<endif>>
<<set $chainCamps += 1>>
<<if $plot eq 3>>\\n[[''You''|you][$back = "camp"]] and the ĝheist collapse in the lee of the tanker, letting your chain harnesses go slack. You all just lie there panting for a while before anybody has enough energy to actually go set up the tent.\n<<else>>\\n[[''You''|you][$back = "camp"]] and your ĝheist helpers set up camp. It's a little awkward.\n<<endif>>\n\n<<set $_camprun to "chaincamprun">>\\n<<if $chainCamps lt 1>>\\n<<display "chain camp first">>\n<<else>>\\n/% <<display "chain camp repeated">> %/\n[[→|camprun]]\n<<endif>>\
You're making polite small talk about prior work. Pthuul says he's done a few upland travels before. He also says he's got some human blood in him, so his eyes aren't so light-sensitive, but he doesn't seem to actually enjoy sunlight much. Khru says he's mostly done resource runs: working way out west at sandstone quarries, a little bit of dredging the acid flats. Yraal says he mostly did acid flat work; explosives and chemical mixing, but that his field of study is mostly history and artifacts. All of them have spent a few years upland, and it shows in the way they act. Like, why they offered to tag along with you.\n\nWhich gets you to your topic. You go, so, that Ksi-on guy, his first time out of the underground? Pthuul turns aside, grinning; Khru laughs a little.\n\n"That obvious?" Khru says.\n\nYou tell them he's gonna piss everybody off. That even if you're doing some top-secret ĝheist shit he should at least have a good excuse.\n\n"We know," Pthuul says, but in a commiserating kind of way.\n\nThen they ask, "So you seem to know your way around; you done much work with us before?"\n\n<<if hasMutation ('leaky') || hasMutation ('asshole')>>\\n* [[you say yeah|chain camp yeah]]\n<<else>>\\n* [[you say some|chain camp some]]\n<<endif>>
You say yeah, I got some dealings with you folk. Aside from the usual, you know, traded some, hitched a ride with some caravans. But also...\n\n<<if hasMutation('asshole')>>* [[tell them in lurid detail about how you got gangbanged and fisted with lightrot|chain camp asshole story]]<<endif>>\n<<if hasMutation('leaky')>>* [[tell them in lurid detail about how you got pumped full of eggs once|chain camp leaky story]]<<endif>>\n* [[be a little less thirsty for it and be circumspect|chain camp circumspect]]
You say, I been in Yapu for a few years now, but before that I hung around over to the east, on the other side of the glass mountains. Ended up passing through one of the old Skull Wing refueling stations a few times, got to know some ĝheist stationed there. Mechanics, fixers, the usual. Helped them out some.\n\nYou put the right emphasis on 'help' there so it's clear you're talking about fucking. There wasn't much ambiguity to begin with but you feel like being precise.\n\nYou continue, ended up helping fix up some of their vehicles, learn some mechanics. Sometimes getting instruction about how to fix a gearshaft while somebody had a fist up my ass and was gnawing on my cock. Got fucked more than once in the equipment room, pinned between two big mechanics.\n\nPthuul and Khru are staring at you as you talk, groping their dicks, grinning. Khru says, "Oh yeah?" Yraal is considerably more taciturn about it, but he still spreads his legs, adjusts the bulge of his cock.\n\nYou say yeah. One of them was like, half-brute? Big knobbled cock that hung down past his knees. You kinda leer at Yraal when you say it. You continue: He used to really like pulling me aside and trying to cram more of it in. Fucked me until I came all over, and then he'd just play with my big slack hole, all puffy and swollen from trying to take it deeper, slide in there half-hard to cram the whole thing in while he was half-hard. Took a while before he could actually fuck me with the whole thing, but he managed.\n\nKhru is openly jerking off, fly open, cock in hand. Pthuul is still just groping his dick, cock angled up so the tip just juts out over the waist of his pants, drooling pre over his stomach.\n\nYou keep talking, leaning back and spreading your legs. And y'know after a while I decided to move on, you continue. But before I left they decided I should get a reward for all that help. They all took turns fucking me, playing with my ass between, until I was a sloppy mess gushing their cum. Then they broke out the lightrot. Poured it out onto their hands, into my ass, and really worked me over until I was stretched out enough to take three fists at once. That shit burns, you know? I could feel it soaking in. Definitely could feel my asshole stretching you, getting thicker. Felt like rubber. Took a few days to recover from that afterward.\n\nYou stop for a beat. Then you go, so, you wanna see?\n\n[[→|chain camp asshole fuck]]
You say, I been in Yapu for a few years now, but before that I hung around on the other side of the glass mountains. That's where the Skull Wing hive is (you don't even try to pronounce it in ĝheist) right? So there were more of them coming through; you got to identify all those different profession markings.\n\nGheist hives are cities, but there's some level of cultural tradition, or cultural expanse there, much more pronounced than anything you're familiar with. Being in the territory of a hive means more than just being close to the city. Over here the ĝheist are generally unadorned, except for maybe some piercings. You don't actually know the proper name for the hive network you're above right now. It's something like Machine Beast, you think? Or Metal Worm or Iron Monster or some mixture of those concepts. Hence all the metal clothes. And worm priests.\n\nPart of being a part of the Skull Wing hive network meant adornment: personal tattoos in vivid red yellow and black ink, scarification, profession tattoos in blue white and purple. Lots more bone and chitin jewelery and armor.\n\nSo one day, you tell them, we got a scouter prince coming through who'd gotten gravid. His eggs had unexpectedly taken, and this was in the middle of the dust sea -- place takes a month to cross overland. You kinda heard, like -- kinda hypocritical of you to dig on your Ksi-on and then say this, but it woulda been insulting if he laid the eggs in another ĝheist, right? You've never been entirely clear about that part of their reproduction. Something about being choosy or playing favorites; it wouldn't have looked good for the guy, if he specifically chose who he was gonna lay his eggs in. But, you continue saying, you weren't any ĝheist, so when you asked if he wanted some help with his eggs he was real happy to oblige.\n\nAll three of them are pretty rapt at this point. They noticed your nipples already, swollen and leaky, but you don't really know if they're familiar enough with humans to identify that as in any way unusual.\n\nSo you let him fuck you and pump half his clutch into your guts for safekeeping, you continue. It was an experience for sure, let me tell you.\n\nPthuul and Khru are openly groping their cocks as you talk. Yraal has a hand draped across his thighs, but his fingers are knotted in the material of his pants, tugging it taut, back and forth.\n\nYou feed off that, getting more lurid. Telling them about how the scout prince's cock was all fat and heavy, and he was so full of eggs that even just unsheathing, his cock was all lumpy with eggs that'd dropped from his womb and gotten stuck in his pipes. You got to suck on the tip, tease him a little, looking up as he growled and snarled. The warped flesh of his cock shuddered under your hands, those huge eggs shuttling back and forth, spreading the tip of his dick when one half-crowned out, enormous and jellylike. He finally shoved it up your ass, eggs instantly slurping out of his dick and into your guts with his first thrust. Even only a few eggs, especially half-grown ones, is a fucking lot for a human to take, but you took 'em, even if your stomach was a lumpy, swollen mess afterwards.\n\nAnyway you let them incubate in you for another month or so, before some other group of scouts took you down into the shallow underground so you could birth them properly. So you've gotten a closer look at some ĝheist than most humans, probably.\n\nMeanwhile, as you've been telling them this story, you've been making sure to tug on your shirt: grinding it against your nipples so they keep leaking, until your shirt is stuck to your chest and there are big dark streaks down the fabric. Pthuul is all but jerking off, fist wrapped around his bulge and rhythmically squeezing, mouth open as he pants. Khru is a little more discreet, by which you mean he's just resting his hand on his cock, grinding down.\n\n[[→|chain camp leaky fuck]]
You decide to not be //entirely// horny for it.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("asshole")>>\\nYou give them a short version: you used to live out in the eastern wastes, and you spent some time working at a ĝheist repair station. You mostly skip over the part where you got gangbanged pretty often.\n<<else>>\\nYou give them a short version: you used to live out in the eastern wastes, and you even carried some ĝheist eggs for a while. So you've gotten a closer look at them than most.\n<<endif>>\n\nThey nod and seem to accept that for what it is.\n\n<<set $noSex to true>>\\n* [[anyway we should get some rest|camprun]]\n* [[but hey i wouldn't mind getting a closer look at you if you know what i mean|chain camp some yeah]]
Khru barks out a laugh, and it's Pthuul who lurches forward forward, tackling you backward. They pick you up and flip you over, tearing your pants off, and then you're on your hands and knees, fingers pulling your fat ass cheeks apart, sliding along the rim of your asshole. It's perpetually-puffy, bulging out in a rumpled rim, and it yawns open easy when they pull: dark flesh stained with blotchy marks, like ĝheisthide.\n\nThe ground shudders when Yraal drops to his knees beside you, giant body looming over the two drudges. His cock is buried under his belly, between his chunky thighs, but there's a constant streamer of slime drooling out from the seam of his underbelly, with more glistening across his thighs.\n\nPthuul and Khru's fingers dig into your ass, three fingers at all different angles sliding over the band of your rubbery, bulging asshole, and hook in behind it. They spread you open into a broad gape, more fingers pushing in easily -- you feel four fingers of the same hand push inside your ass, the thick calluses of their palm scraping over your rim as they probe their fingers deeper. Taking a fist, even a ĝheist fist, isn't hard.\n\nWith Pthuul and Khru jolting you -- hands smacking your ass, shoving into your hole, bodies bearing down on your thighs -- you lean towards Yraal, arms braced against his solid bulk; the drones' shoves mash you up against his giant thighs. While you're here you decide to check him out; one hand sliding up the heavy flesh of his thigh, up into the oozing seam of his belly, cupping the giant mound that is his cock. It bulges out from the fat pad of his crotch, heavy and pyramidal: an enormous wrinkled mound of a shoved-forward foreskin, his cockhead an enormously-fat knob sheathed under piles of loose, wrinkled flesh; the rest of his shaft buried within his bulk. You curl one hand over Yraal's cockhead, squeezing the foreskin-sheathed knob as Pthuul and Khru pin you against him, and Yraal groans, slime spurting from his mounded foreskin, greasy and thick smearing across your hand and drizzling down all over your upper body. Pthuul leans forward and runs his finger up Yraal's thigh, catching a globby streamer of pre oozing down, and he pulls it back -- finger-thick cord of pre snapping midway and splattering across your chest -- and feeds it into your ass, slick and gritty smearing inside you.\n\nPthuul chews on your ass, biting your cheeks as he fingerfucks you, tongue lapping out to curl over the rim of your hole. He pulls you open, Khru's fingers and tongue shoving in next to him, and they make out against your asshole, fingers feeding pre -- their own and Yraal's, scraping the tarry flow off his thighs as you moan and groan against his thighs -- into your ass as they tug on your rubbery asshole, spreading it wide. Their tongues drag against each other as they both shove into your ass, pre squelching between them and smearing across their faces. They drool and spit into your ass, getting you slick and sloppy, lips catching on the puffy rim of your ass as they drag their tongues over the worked-open crater of your spread hole.\n\nKhru pulls back, impatient, cock jutting out from his body, and he smears its gnarled head through the sloppy mess across your asscheek, dragging it down to slot it against Pthuul's face, bloated cockhead digging into your puffy rim. Pthuul slurps on the side, tongue squirming along the underside as Khru sinks inside, breaching your ass. He's got a row of barbel piercings across the underside, something you only notice as the hot metal knobs catch on the rim of your stretched asshole. You moan, open mouth pressed up against Yraal's inner thigh, his rank pre drizzling in over your tongue, coating it in reeking slime.\n\nKhru plays with your ass, slurping his cockhead back and forth over your sloppy rim while Pthuul spits and drools across it, lathering it up. The fat head sinks inside, making your hole warp around its fat, warted sides, and Khru ruts shallowly, not trying to drive any deeper, just working your hole open until you gape around his cockhead: slack and open, lax and yielding as he sinks inside. Pthuul groans against his shaft -- against your ass -- and drags his tongue up, licking a stripe across your asscheeks, ending with a nip against your thigh as he rises up, hot metal from another piercing sliding over your skin as his own cock catches against your cheek and shoves into place: their twin shafts giant, heavy, meaty, covered in waxy gnarls and whorls of blistered, warty flesh. Pthuul's got a chunky metal ring pierced through his cockslit, tightly-curled across his cockhead, and it clashes against Khru's shaft piercings as they both rut against you. Hands stroke both shafts, getting them thickly smeared with pre and spit, and then Pthuul grinds in, fingers dragging your spread hole out into a lopsided oval before his lumpy cockhead pops in alongside Khru's.\n\nYou groan, the stretch heated inside you, your hole spread wide. You clench, milking their cocks, grinding them together, and they both groan. Hands press against your chest, on your sides, lifting your leg up to let them squeeze in closer, sinking their cocks deeper inside you. Yraal's hand <<if hasMutation ("leaky")>>reaches down to tug on your swollen tits, spurts of milky ichor squirting out in droplets all down your chest<<else>>drags down your side, anchoring you in place as the other two ĝheist sink deeper inside you<<endif>>. You groan, hand clasped around his knobbled cockhead tugging and squeezing, twisting. His pre is so slick and slimy it's hard to keep hold of his stubby cock, and when you squeeze the entire bulk of his cock lurches out to the side with a spray of slime: hot cords drenching your front in a sudden splattering squirt. Pthuul or Khru uses it, a leathery hand scraping down your front, catching the syrupy splatter, and smears it back around their pumping cocks, adding a fresh layer of grit as they both erratically shove deeper.\n\nTheir cocks spread you wider and wider as they push deeper. They're pressed together in front of you, hips as tight as can be, and there's only so deep they can get like that. Hands wrap around your sides, rolling you onto your side, and they settle down, sandwiching you between them: Khru in front of you, Pthuul behind, with your knees pressed up against your chest to give them both access.\n\nKhru leers at you, sliding his cock in deeper, and you moan, eyes closed, head tipping back. His fat cockhead mashes against your prostate before sliding deeper, and slams against the opening to your guts. He ruts into you, mashing his gnarled cockhead over your shuddering internal flesh until it flowers open, letting him sink in to the root. Pthuul follows close behind, hips flexing against your back as he drives in alongside Khru's cock, spearing through the spasming entrance to your guts and pinning it wide around their cocks. You gasp, body adjusting to the both of them: asshole spasming, guts rippling, as they both stir their cocks around, grinding them against each other, against the soft walls of your guts. They're spewing pre in thick wet gurgles: not as much as Yraal's slimy splatter pouring all across your chest, but enough to feel the heavy wet warmth gush inside you and pour down their shafts, burbling from your ass in a churned-up froth. Each thrust of theirs slurps, wet smacks as they hilt and sloppy gurgles as they draw back; your asshole is gaping around their shafts, a constant drool of pre oozing out, painting their balls in their mingled pre.\n\nKhru all but bites your face, kissing up across your jaw -- mouth slathered with Yraal's pre -- before he nips on your lower lip, tongue lapping out before he curls it into your mouth. He drools pre, spitting it into your mouth as you groan around his tongue, his lips rough against your own. Their thrusts jostle you, making the kiss messy, jolting, as you bounce forward. Pthuul bites your neck, the junction of your shoulder, the side of your neck, and tips your head to the side so he can kiss you too, snarling and snuffling against your face as he pulls you down onto his cock.\n\nYou shudder, moaning, as their cocks hammer inside you: cockheads mashing against your prostate, driving deep into your rippling guts, and you find yourself gasping, groaning, as you fuck yourself back onto them. Yraal's cock drools syrupy slime in splatters all across your upturned face, spilling into your mouth in sour, rancid layers, and you moan, gurgle, entire body racing with pleasure under the force of their thrusts. Your ass spasms, milking their cocks, and your half-hard cock twitches, drooling pre all across your stomach as they both rut into you.\n\nYou float there, their bodies wrapped around you, pumping into you, spurting all over you, tongues and teeth and hands gripping and groping your <<if hasMutation ("leaky")>>tits<<else>>chest<<endif>>, your sides, your hips. Pthuul roars, lips pressed against your bruised neck, and drives in with a few brutal thrusts before he cums, heat blossoming inside you as he pumps out wave after wave of grimy ĝheist cum into your guts. It churns up around their pumping shafts, becoming a dense greyish froth slurping out from your ass, crunchy and gritty as he keeps fucking all through his orgasm. Khru follows soon behind, the wash of cum around his cock making it shudder and twitch, and he shoves his face against your throat, hot breath washing out as he steadily fucks you all the way through, cock suddenly spraying inside you, doubling the flow of hot cum splattering across your walls and gurgling out of your wrecked, gaping asshole.\n\nYraal groans, tilting forward, and Pthuul and Khru steady him, clawed hands grasping his enormous thighs, sliding up to grind down against his titanic balls. He lets out a deep, rumbling roar, and his cock lurches hard under your hand, feeling like a throbbing heartbeat more than a twitching cock. Slime sprays from his foreskin-sheathed cockhead, erupting out across all three of you beneath him, drenching your heads and chests in a splattering explosion of thick, tarry slime. It's crunchier, with glossy chunks of grit suspended in his greyish cum, and all three of you work on his cock, tugging on his balls, milking him as he coats you in burst after burst of cum, until finger-thick cords of rancid cum hook between all your bodies, drooping down in heavy arcs. Khru kisses you, your mouths already filled with Yraal's cum, excess gurgling out the sides of your mouths as he hungrily licks it off your teeth. Pthuul's sandpapery tongue rasps up across the nape of your neck, lapping up the splattered sludge, and you tip back to kiss him too, sharing the mess of cum and drool flooding your mouth.\n\nEventually they slow: just a slow drool of cum making its way out of your splayed asshole, Yraal's splattering bursts returning to a constant sluggish drool all across your face. Yraal sinks to the ground with an earthquake-like impact, massive body splayed out beside you so you can rest your head on his soft, spongy fat pad, and eventually it dawns on your tired brain that they plan to sleep like this: Pthuul and Khru still half-hard in your ass, everyone drenched in crusty, flaking layers of cum.\n\nIt's pretty nice, actually.\n<<sex "pthuul" "anal" "top">>\\n<<sex "khru" "anal" "top">>\\n<<sex "yraal" "hj" "">>\\n<<set $noSex to false>>\\n[[→|camprun]]
You say, yeah but you guess those eggs really took, because you haven't ever stopped producing milk since then. You tug on your shirt, loosening it, and then pull it up over your head entirely, showing off your fat, corklike nipples, milk beading down your bare chest and soaking your chest hair. They just kinda stare.\n\nYou swipe a hand across your chest, backed-up milk squirting out, and lick your fingers. So, want a taste, you ask, and they growl and then they're on you, bowling you back onto the ground so they can each get a nipple, gnawing and sucking.\n\nYou squirt milk into their mouths, their lips fastening on your fat aerola, teeth dragging against your swollen nipples. Your glands dump milk with a perceptible flow, their hands gripping your fat pecs and tugging, squeezing, as you dump milk into their mouths, excess smearing out over their lips.\n\nThey're sandwiching you, chests pressed against your sides, and you drop your hands down, curling over the fat bulges of their cocks. They groan against your chest, rutting up into your hands, and you grope and squeeze, feeling the trapped heat of their swollen cocks. Pthuul drops his hand, undoing his belt easily after feeling your fumbling touches, and hefts his cock out straight into your hand. Khru just ruts against your hand for longer, more absorbed in squeezing your pec, chewing on your nipple.\n\nPthuul's cock is heavy and huge, covered in a mess of gnarled warts from base to tip, all waxy and slick with pre. He's got a chunky ring pierced through his cockhead, sliding minutely as he ruts against your side, heavy foreskin rolling back and forth. He wetly spurts pre over your skin, glazing you with sloppy ĝheist pre as he nurses on your chest. You groan, chest throbbing, nipples aching from the rough play, and Pthuul pulls back, pinching your nipple and dragging it out, milking your pec so you squirt milk all across his face and chest, droplets splattering all over.\n\nKhru hoists out his cock, rubbing it against your side, the both of them glazing you with their pre. He's got piercings too: a row of barbel piercings running down the underside of his shaft, each one capped with a fat ball on both ends. They're big and tightly-spaced enough that they clack against each other as he ruts against your hip. You loosely stroke them both off, pinning their cocks against your body as they rut against you, and they sloppily lap at your chest, tongues dragging up the curve of your pecs, chewing on your nipples, leaning across your chest to kiss each other and share the milky mess of spit, excess just splattering down against your chest. Pthuul licks up across your neck, teeth grazing your jaw, and sloppily kisses you as Khru sucks on one nipple and plays with the other, pinching and dragging your pec out into a fat cone, with milky ichor streaming down across his hand, drooling down your stomach.\n\nPthuul groans into your mouth, panting as he ruts against your side, cock spurting pre all the way up to mingle with the milk dribbling down, and then he sinks back down, chewing on your flushed nipple, as Khru licks up the other side of your face, panting and moaning. They both drench you, smearing sloppy layers of drool-thinned milk and pre up and down your sides, cupping your fat pecs.\n\nYour nipples ache: swollen enormously into fat corks, skin flushed a deep red, the raw scrape of their teeth and tongues rasping over your sensitive skin. You're leaking more and more: milk glands prickling hot under your skin, producing more milk as the two drudges lap it up. You grind their cocks against your slime-lathered sides, hands half-circling their fat shafts as they rut against you. You stroke them off, grinding your hands down when they rut up, and they shudder and spurt lines of grimy yellowed pre up over your sides and chest in erratic bursts. They snarl and groan as they chew on your swollen nipples, tugging your fat pecs out into cones as they hump your sides. Their cocks throb, pulsing in your hands, and then one and then the other erupts in a huge spume of cum, gritty and clotted as it splatters all over your chest and sides, drooling down in chunky globs. They both groan, deep growls, as they rut their spurting cocks against your sides, hosing you down in finger-thick cords of grimy ĝheist cum that they smear all across your skin, coating you in a glistening layer of foul slop.\n\nYou all list to the side, landing on the ground in a pile as they keep rutting across your stomach and chest, drenching your skin, shoving their cocks between your swollen pecs and gripping them tight around their fat, gnarled shafts, fucking your tits as they spray your face with their loads. They stoop down to suck the slimy mess of your chest, tongues curling around your still-drooling nipples, slathered in their loads, and they swipe up the mess, drooling it up across your neck to spit it into your open mouth, sloppily kissing you as they feed you the mingled slurry of their cum and your milk, sour and rancid.\n\nYou all eventually collapse across your bedrolls, their cocks half-hard against your sides and still sluggishly drooling cum, still burning hot. Their hands idly stroke your skin, catching clotted chunks of cum and smearing it out into a tarry paste, letting it dry into a flaky layer of sludge. You fall asleep like that, sandwiched between them as they softly play with your body, their lips pressed against your neck.\n<<sex "pthuul" "hj" "">>\\n<<sex "khru" "hj" "">>\\n<<set $noSex to false>>\\n\n[[→|camprun]]
You're say, yeah, you know, traded some, hitched a ride with some caravans once or twice. Nothing huge.\n\nThey say, sure, and nod along.\n\nYou ask: well what about you? This definitely isn't your first trip to the uplands. You used to it? Lots of sun. Pthuul says he's still getting used to it. He's squinting a lot even in the dawn light, but Khru and Yraal haven't taken off their black glass lenses once, so that's probably what being used to sunlight looks like.\n\nKhru: "You said you were born in the wastes, right? Not a city deserter?"\n\nYou say you didn't say that but yeah. Last people in your family that saw the inner walls of the city were your great-grandparents. On your father's side; your mother's side were wastelanders for longer.\n\nKhru nods. "Okay, sure." You kinda give him an expectant look, like c'mon keep talking. "Deserters tend to get real squeamish."\n\nHe's trying to be polite about it, but he means fucking. Gheist fuck //all the time//. You don't know if it's a cultural thing or an alien thing or what, but they probably want to fuck each other right now. They probably want to fuck you. Even on a short trip like this, you're gonna be hearing them have threesomes while you try to get to sleep. Assuming you don't join in. That's what they mean by squeamish.\n\n* [[nah i'm cool|chain camp some nah]]\n* [[hey if you wanna fuck we could do that right now; i'm down|chain camp some yeah]]
They're like, oh, sure, cool. The number of looks they give each other goes way up, and you realize they were actually trying to keep a lid on the amount of flirting they were doing with each other for your sake. Sure.\n\n<<set $noSex to true>>\\n[[→|camprun]]
You say you're down for some fucking.\n\nThey kinda perk up, looking at you with interest. Pthuul overtly looks you up and down.\n\n"Come over here and let's see," he says, patting the space between him and Khru.\n\nYou move between them, and their hands are already on your clothes: unlacing your pants, pulling your tunic up, until in seconds you're naked and sprawled across their laps.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>Pthuul lets out a low whistle as he sees your sheath, fingers curling around it to heft its bulk. "You been hiding out on us," he says, stroking your sheath like an oversized foreskin, playing with the thick, squashy rolls of flesh.\n\nYou tell him, honestly, well it didn't come up. He laughs.\n\nKhru's hand comes in too, fingers sliding inside to play with the tip of your dick, and they use their other hands to pin you down as they stroke you off: Khru's hand sinking entirely into your sheath, bloating it out obscenely, while Pthuul slides his fingers along the lip. You moan, cock unsheathing with a wet gurgle, and they both work together to stroke it. You writhe under their touches, squirming, and you feel their cocks firming against your back.\\n<<else if hasMutation ("dick")>>"Not all human yourself," Pthuul says, hand wrapped around your fat, warted cock, and soon Khru's joins him, stroking you to full hardness while they keep you pinned with their other hands. You moan, writhing against them, feeling the heavy lumps of their cocks firm against your back.\\n<<else if hasMutation ("asshole")>>"Not all human yourself," Pthuul says, hand sliding down your muscled ass and finding the bloated swell of your altered asshole. His fingers push inside, easy, and you arch up, moaning, as Khru slides in too: four fingers in your ass, clawed thumbtips playing with the lip of your hole, while they keep you pinned with their other hands. You moan, writhing as they fingerfuck you, feeling the heavy lumps of their cocks firm against your back.\\n<<else if hasMutation ("balls")>>"Not all human yourself," Pthuul says, cupping your bloated balls and squeezing lightly, tugging down. You let out a groan, a spurt of yellowed pre drooling from your cock in a gummy cord, and Khru wraps his hand around your cock, stroking it to hardness -- hand rapidly getting slathered in your copious pre -- while Pthuul tugs and squeezes your balls. You moan, writhing across their laps, feeling the heavy lumps of their cocks firm against your back.\\n<<else>>Their hands pin you down, sliding over your bare skin: callused fingertips scraping across your nipples, their hands tugging your cock, squeezing your balls, pressing between your thighs to play with your asshole. You moan, writhing across their laps, feeling the heavy lumps of their cocks firm against your back.\\n<<endif>>\n\nYraal comes in too, kneeling down on your other side, so that you're totally pinned between the three ĝheist. His giant hands splay across your front, callused palms scraping across your nipples, his dull clawtips digging along your inner thighs as he helps Pthuul with tugging on your balls.\n\nThe dawn light is eclipsed by the ĝheist leaning in: Yraal messily kissing Pthuul and then Khru, his giant belly pinning you in on one side while the other two's muscles press against your other side, so you're entirely surrounded by walls of alien flesh. Yraal's cock is buried under his gut, a huge mound that's hot and slick as it jabs against your side, and you groan, squirming as <<if hasMutation ("dick") || hasMutation ("knot")>>the two jerk you off<<else if hasMutation ("asshole")>>the two play with your ass<<else if hasMutation ("balls")>>they tug on your balls<<else>>their hands play across your body<<endif>>. Your arms are pinned to your sides, and you manage to wrap your hands around their dicks: Khru's long and fat, with a row of hard metal piercings down the underside; Yraal's even fatter but stumpy, swallowed up in a leathery mound of foreskin bulging out from his fat pad. Pthuul's dick grinds against your ribs, and he reaches up long enough to free it from his pants: broad and heavy, with a thick metal hoop pierced through the tip. He grinds up, drizzling pre along your upper arm, and shoves it through the space between your bicep and chest as <<if hasMutation ("dick") || hasMutation ("knot") || hasMutation ("balls") || hasMutation ("asshole")>>he leans down to focus on your <<if hasMutation ("dick") || hasMutation ("knot")>>dick<<else if hasMutation ("balls")>>balls<<else if hasMutation ("asshole")>>asshole<<endif>><<else>>he focuses on playing with your body: tugging on your nipples, scraping his palms down your chest to rub the pad of his thumb over your leaking cockhead<<endif>>.\n\n"Just a little, to get the edge off," Khru says, <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>stroking your dog dick with a wet //schluck//, pre splattering all over everybody<<else if hasMutation ("dick")>>stroking your dick as you stroke his, pre spurting out to spill all across your hips<<else if hasMutation ("asshole")>>three fingers deep in your ass alongside Pthuul<<else if hasMutation ("balls")>>hand wrapped around your bloated balls and squeezing, milking out sloppy squirts of yellowed pre that spray all over your stomach<<else>>tugging on your balls<<endif>>. "Don't wanna get the boss mad at us for fucking around too much //already//."\n\nYou maybe say something, lost in a groan as their hands drag all over your body. You rut up, fucking your cock along their bodies, Khru and Yraal's cocks throbbing in your hands, pouring out pre in clumpy squirts. Your hands are already drenched, with thick cords of slime sluicing down your wrists, smearing back across your bodies as you all move against each other. <<if hasMutation ("leaky")>>Pthuul wraps his hand around one of your tits and squeezes, steadily pumping out your trapped milky ichor all over your chest<<else if hasMutation ("asshole")>>Khru and Pthuul squirm their hands in, palms pressed together as they both manage to stuff four fingers up your obscenely gaping asshole<<else if hasMutation ("knot")>>Your knot crests from your sheath, reverse pressure bringing out an enormous eruption of slime after it, and your tentacles spill out all over their hands, coated and sloppy with thick fluid<<else>>Their hands grind down, milking your cock and balls, and you moan, cockhead arcing up to grind against Yraal's soft belly, leaving behind a glossy trench of pre-slimed skin<<endif>>.\n\nThey all hump against you, slick cocks drenched with reeking pre: Pthuul's cock braced against your armpit, the other two throbbing in your hands, and you're tossed and turned, pinned there for them to rut against. The ring on Pthuul's cockhead lurches against your side, making an audible //pop// each time it pushes out into the open. All you can smell is the hot, rank smell of ĝheist pre; it's splattered all over your face from Pthuul's gushing cock, with squelching rivers pouring across your stomach and thighs. Pthuul leans down, gnawing on your jaw, down to your neck<<if hasMutation ("leaky")>> and then your aching tits, nipples swollen enormously into fat corks; Pthuul slurps one into his mouth and all but chews on it as you keen and writhe <<else>>, and bites down, holding you in place as he humps against your side<<endif>>. He's the first to cum, erupting with a fountaining spray that shoots in every direction: splattering sour and gummy across your tongue, all over your face and chest, hanging in tarry droplets from his and Yraal's leathery skin. He bellows, groaning as he ruts through the sloppy, slime-saturated passage of your pinned arm, and like in sympathy the rest of the ĝheist follow him: Khru groaning into Yraal's mouth as they kiss, his cock throbbing hard in your hand as it erupts, spraying up all across their bodies and pouring down all over you in a runny waterfall. Yraal, by comparison, just oozes his cum: pulsing hard, but spraying into his thick, hanging foreskin, and drooling out in chunky globs all over your side.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>Their hands on your knot brings you off, too, and you howl -- wetly, gurgling on Pthuul's cum -- as you erupt, adding your own load of greyish cum into the mix, just plastering their already-slathered bodies with shot after shot of cum as they keep milking your knot.\\n<<else if hasMutation("balls")>>Their hands bring you off too: squeezing your balls, playing with your cock, and you groan and gurgle as you erupt, pumping out a mess of gritty, grey cum totally indistinguishable from their own loads, just adding to the clotted, slimy mess smeared all over your bodies.\\n<<else if hasMutation ("asshole")>>Their hands clench and twist inside you, intense, and you see stars when you cum, half-hard cock drizzling out your load as your guts shudder and convulse, pulsing around their hands lodged nearly all the way up inside your cavernous ass.\\n<<else>>You cum with a groan, gurgling on Pthuul's load, and your milky human load is smeared and dissipated in the slimy mess of their cum, just tinging the gritty, grey sludge of their loads a slightly paler shade in patches.\\n<<endif>> You all ride it out, wet squelches and crackles coming from your cum-glazed flesh, pouring down all over you in foaming, frothy globs, and then spilling down your sides onto the ground -- and all over Pthuul and Khru's legs -- in churned-up, creamy dollops.\n\nThey wring their last spurts out all over you, and you all over yourself, and there's a mostly-nonverbal shuffling around as you all lurch your way to the tent, bodies still smeared with cum, tacky and sand-covered now that it's drying. You collapse into a grimy heap, sandwiched in between the ĝheist: their arms slung over your hips, your legs entangled.\n\n<<set $noSex to false>>\\n[[→|camprun]]
[[''You''|you][$back = "camp"]] and Djen set up camp.\n\n<<if Object.keys ($sex).length eq 0>>\\nHe looks at you appraisingly. "Human, huh," he says.\n\nYou say yeah. Why does he ask?\n\n"I want you to fuck me," he says, very bluntly.\n\nYou tell him that's pretty blunt.\n\nHe shrugs. "Not much point beating around the bush. So you up to it?"\n\n<<set $djenFirst to true>>\\n* [[sure i'll fuck you|djen first fuck branch]]\n* [[man we got shit to do|camprun]]\n<<else if $sex['djen'] eq 0>>\\nYou turn around to pull a blanket from your pack, and when you turn back around Djen is sprawled on his bedroll, unlacing the straps that keep his pants on his waist. He shoves his fingers down to grope at the giant bulge of his cock, shoving his pants down his waist with the other, revealing his gigantic, muscled ass. He spreads his cheeks with his other hand, shoving two fingers through his fat asshole, spreading his glowing flesh to make himself gape.\n\nHe says, "Hey, I want you to fuck me as hard as you can. Think you're up to that?"\n\nIt's a little abrupt.\n\n* [[hell yeah|djen first fuck branch]]\n* [[man we got shit to do|camprun]]\n<<else>>\\n<<display "djen repeated branch">>\\n<<endif>>
<<if $djenFirst>>\\nYou say sure, let's go.\n\nHe grins, toothily. "Good," he says, voice rumbling and tugs on his pants, pulling them down over his ass. He sits back, sprawling on his lower back, and shoves his pants lower, pressing two fingers into his asshole and pushing them down to the knuckle. He fingerfucks himself for a second, coaxing you closer, and then he pulls out, spreading his asshole into a gaping oval with the heels of his hands.\n\n"C'mon," he says.\n<<else>>\\nYou say hell yeah you'll fuck him.\n<<endif>>\\n\nHe twists to the side, raising up his legs so you have a clear shot at his ass. He hasn't even bothered to pull his pants off; they're bunched around his knees, over his greaves. His balls loll back between his thighs, giant mounds of asymmetrical, lopsided flesh, glowing a burning yellow-orange, and covered in a spray of fat, glowing boils that taper off across his thighs and ass, turning into flat, waxy blisters.\n\nHe twists around, fingers digging furrows in his giant, meaty ass cheeks as he sinks them back inside his hole. His claws scrape along the furrow of his ass crack, catching on the rim of his fat, glowing asshole. He clenches, glow narrowing to a thin band of spread internal flesh, and then he pushes out and spreads, hole splaying out into a giant gaping donut, rim forming smooth catenary curves around his fingers. His ass is cavernous, and he pushes again, the far wall collapsing forward, mashing against his asshole with a soft wet //thump//, guts nearly prolapsing out just from that. Then he pulls back, flesh peeling apart, all connected with syrupy lines of lightrot slime.\n\nHe does it a few more times, rumpled guts pulsing and sucking against his swollen asshole. It's kind of hypnotizing.\n\n<<set $djenFirst to false>>\\n* [[fuck him|djen fuck]]\n* [[fist him|djen fist]]
Djen strips himself naked easily, squatting down to stuff three fingers in his ass with a groan. He rocks back on his hand, letting his hole gape open to stuff his fourth finger in there no problem. He twists his hand, claws raking across the flesh of his guts, digging in to pop some of the fat blisters of lightrot, letting the slime drool down to coat his hand in gleaming yellow ooze.\n\n"Got some real good toys back home," he says with a groan, slumping forward to show off his slimy, gaping ass, thumb grinding against his taint as he fingerfucks himself. "Too big and not important enough to bring along here though."\n\nHe lifts one leg, weight shifting back, and slides his thumb up, slopping it over his asshole and inside of him. The angle doesn't look great, but he eases his fist back and forth, getting his hole glazed with lightrot. "Kind of regretting it now, fuck."\n\nHe spreads himself open, asshole gaping: "C'mon, fuck me again, please!"\n\n<<display "djen menu">>
* [[fuck his ass|djen fuck]]\n* [[fist him|djen fist]]\n* <<if $sex['djen'] gte 2>>[[fist his guts out of his ass and fuck them|djen prolapse]]<<endif>>\n* [[man can't i play with yr cock|djen cock]]
<<set $got to false>>\\nYou say, alright, you'll fuck him.\n\nHis hole is already slack and loose, puffy and heavy. He groans as you peel his lips apart, thick cords of lightrot slime webbing across his inner walls. You shove your fists into him no problem: one first and then the other pushing into his ass, just resting easily inside his cavernous ass.\n\nHe's on all fours, ass pressed back against you, with his knees spread to let his titanic cock and balls hang down, resting on the sand. You pump back and forth a few times, just opening him up a little, popping a few lightrot blisters inside him to add some lube. He pouts open, fat asshole drooping out as you punch his prostate, a sloppy stream of frothy lightrot winding its way down through the bloated slabs of his asshole rim to spill down over the backs of his balls. You catch it and feed it back into his hole.\n\nThen you start to get to work. You hook your fingers into his rim, curling over inside him so his rubbery asshole settles against your palms. Then you pull. He spreads, wider and wider, peeling open to show off his glowing guts. His rim pulses in your hands: sudden shocks of muscle relaxing, spreading further, making him spread in jolts, gaping wider and wider until you're having to pull his asshole out between his cheeks, warping them into a lopsided kidney-bean shape. He's ludicrously spread: so wide you can feel bone beneath flesh, see the shape of his muscle-sheathed pelvis in soft relief in the cavern of his ass. Every time he inhales he nearly prolapses, guts shifting slightly, piling up just behind his pulsing rim, wrinkling in meaty slabs over your fingers.\n\nYou say, now push.\n\nDjen groans, asshole spasming, and then he pushes. The cavern of his ass flattens, smooth flesh wrinkling up into bloated folds. The lip of his asshole inverts no problem, gurgling out of his ass in a thick, rubbery tail of glowing flesh. You peel your hands out from inside it, rubbing out the slimy folds of his guts until they're smooth, just wrinkled at the tip. You dig into the opening, spreading it minutely -- more guts slurping out, unfurling from inside him -- and sink your fist back inside him. There are glossy lightrot blisters only a fingertip's depth inside him, prolapsed out all the way to his guts proper, and as you work your fist back inside the mazy passages of his guts more of them spill out: huge bubbly clusters of lightrot lining the walls of his prolapse, wrinkling against each other and bursting, making his glowing flesh shimmer.\n\nYou have to stick your arm into him up to the elbow to even reach all the way back up inside his body cavity. His prolapse shudders around your forearm, slurping out further, creeping down to your elbow. It's bottom-heavy, lumpy and lopsided with the mess of blisters coating his deeper guts, and it bloats out into a bulging teardrop shape as his guts start to pile up. You experimentally pump back and forth, letting his guts jiggle and slurp around your arm, blisters popping in sudden eruptions of slime. You drag your other hand across the outside of his prolapse, catching slime drooling down and smearing it back across his glowing flesh.\n\nWhen you pull your hand out, his prolapse sags down, smacking against his thighs with a wet //slap// before settling down, drooping down so low that the tip smacks to the ground and peels away covered in sand. His prolapse is a massive shuddering bloat of lumpy glowing flesh, as thick as your thigh, covered in a slimy froth of lightrot ooze.\n\nYour cock bumps against his thigh when you lean in, and the touch is shocking: oh right, you're hard. You reach down, stroke yourself with one lightrot-glazed hand, and heft his prolapse in the other, feeding the pulsing tip down onto your cock. You slurp into him, cockhead mashing against the folded mess of his guts, straightening them out so you can thrust through the loops of his guts, using his prolapse like an enormous sex toy. You dig into the pulpy, wet flesh of his guts, folds bubbling up between your spread fingers until you can feel the hard core of your own cock through the swollen slabs of his bloated guts. You thrust up into him, stroking yourself through his unspooled guts. He's intensely hot inside, flesh dense and rubbery, slick all over with slime.\n<<if !hasMutation("dick") && !hasMutation("knot")>>\\n<<addmutation "dick">>\\n<<set $from['dick'] to "djen prolapse">>\\n<<set $got to "dick">>\\n\nLightrot burns as it pours across your dick, sizzling across your flesh as you stir your cock around inside his prolapse. Slime burbles around your cock, squelching as you stroke yourself off with his prolapse, thrusting inside him, and there's a sudden squirt when your rough use bursts another lightrot-filled pustule inside him, sending the thick fluid drooling down your shaft, squirting out against your crotch, entirely slathering your cock in hot, burning slime.\n\nYou hiss and whine, thrusting up into him as the heat intensifies, lightrot burbling across your cock and starting to soak in. The heat blossoms inside you, bubbling around within the core of your cock, and you slump forward against Djen's back, gasping for breath as your cock spasms, throbbing hard inside him. The heat is intense, intensified by the rippling squeezing of his guts, sucking off your cock, constantly sheening it in a spill of fresh lightrot.\n<<endif>>\\n\nYou lean in, groaning against his ass, and lick across his skin, tongue catching a slurry of lightrot with flakes of charred skin: metallic and rancid, burning when you swallow. You drool across his prolapse, sucking on the folds of his guts, on the inverted, blown-open muscle of his asshole, now a rubbery swell at the base of his prolapse. You fuck into him, jerking yourself off with his guts, while you chew on his asshole, letting his fat prolapse smear all across your chest, sluggishly bouncing as you rut into it.\n\nDjen groans, rolling back against you. His prolapse shudders, slurping: you can feel his internal muscles working, sucking feet of the drooping coil of guts back into his body, bunched in a lump just behind his ruined asshole, only to spit them back out again, letting his asshole rhythmically chew on his own guts. You rut up into him with more urgency, panting against his ass, cock shuddering sheathed in his loose guts, and you cum with a sudden rush<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>, knot bloating uselessly in his stretchy guts<<endif>>, shooting <<if hasMutation ("balls")>>a grimy mess of clotted, chunky cum<<else>>the slimy mess of your load<<endif>> inside him. Your load is nothing compared to the lightrot drool spilling out of his guts: ooze just splattering out against your hips, spilling down your legs as you keep fucking into his guts, fists squeezing your cock through his flesh.\n<<if !hasMutation ("balls") && !got>>\\n<<addmutation "balls">>\\n<<set $from['balls'] to "djen prolapse">>\\n<<set $got to "balls">>\\n\nThe messy slurry of lightrot and cum drools down around your shaft, spilling across your balls and sliming down your inner thighs, and as you rut up inside him, cockhead bumping up against his frothy, blistered guts, you feel the lightrot burn across your balls start to increase: heat billowing up around you as the lightrot lather soaks in to your flesh. You groan, hand clamping down around your cock just squirting a new spray of lightrot back down your shaft, coating your drenched balls even thicker.\n\nThe heat feels like pinpricks across the flesh of your sac, sudden sharp touches that grow and intensify until your entire sac is aching, burning, stinging, until the pinpricks blossom into a billowing heat in your balls. You let out a shaky groan, panting for breath as you feel the lightrot suffuse your balls: like heat washing through, leaving behind a heavy, aching throb. The heat builds and builds, balls aching, and with a dizzying rush of mingled pleasure and pain you can //feel// them warp: internal passages pulsing as the dense flesh spreads, cavities filled with a mess of lightrot, audibly gurgling as it soaks in through your sac, through your flesh, flooding your balls. You gasp, whining high in your throat as the heat billows up, following the curled tubes in your sac, lancing up inside your body like a pair of needles jabbed up through your crotch. And all the while more lightrot squelches down from Djen's pulpy guts, keeping your bloating, throbbing balls coated in a fresh layer of slime, keeping them growing and bloating more.\n\nYour legs nearly buckle, making you slump forward against him, letting his guts suckle on your still-spurting cock, although right now you think you might be cumming pure lightrot back inside him. Your cock throbs, spraying slime, and the lurch of your balls makes you howl, like someone has just grabbed your balls and squeezed hard: a too-intense rush of pleasure and pain as your balls start to pump thicker, heavier fluid, creaking and gurgling from the abrupt shift, your passages swelling thicker, wider, heavier, to carry your new load.\n<<endif>>\\n\nYou keep fucking him until you go soft, just enjoying rolling your cock back and forth through his frothy guts. He slurps his guts back inside himself, slowly, and you work to cram them back inside: first digging into the blossoming furl of his asshole, feeling the distended muscle hanging loose, and feeling his internal contractions drag his loose guts back up through it, slowly shrinking the hanging droop of his guts. Your cock, soft, lies there inside his drooping prolapse, and you finally tug backwards, pulling out with a wet squelch, cock emerging slathered in a froth of cum and lightrot.\n\nThe opening of his guts crinkles in on itself, no muscles to spread to keep it gaping, and so you replace your cock with your fingers, shoving into his slack guts and peeling them out into a big rubbery catenoid, marred by the lumpy, warted flesh of his upper guts. You get to watch as his guts ripple and tug, forming a tangled lump of flesh that bobs back and forth deeper inside his splayed prolapse. You slide one fist into his ass -- fingers keeping his guts gaping around your forearm -- and dig into the tangle, threading through until you're sinking your fist into his body properly. Djen groans, diaphragm pulling inside him, a rubbery flex that makes his guts squelch, and the unfurled tube of his intestines slithers, snakelike, deeper up into his body, slurping to fill the hollow space. Then he relaxes, a few inches of guts slurping back out, pants a few times, and does it again. You can feel the shift inside him, muscles up around his lungs pumping and pulling, pulling his guts back inside his body.\n\nHe does it again and again, letting the heavy droop of his prolapse curl back in on itself, squirming up along your arm until only your fist is shoved inside a taut, mounded crater, just barely peeking out between his cheeks. You pull out, his asshole properly gaping as he swallows the last of his prolapse back inside his body, asshole finally inverting with a meaty //slurp// to seal up around his guts again. He's bruised, asshole swollen even more huge than before: a ring of lumpy, bloated slabs of shiny flesh, only barely able to seal around its own gape. You stroke your fingers across his hole, thumb digging his flesh: pulpy, heavy, burning hot to the touch. You push into him easily, finger nothing to his size but still enough to make him groan as you feel across the wrecked rim of his inner asshole. You're both a mess, lightrot splattered all across his cheeks, painted down the backs of his thighs, smeared all across your arms and cock.\n\n<<set $queuedUpper += 1>>\\n<<sex "djen" "prolapsefuck" "bottom">>\\n[[→|camprun]]
You say, man can't you play with his cock?\n\nDjen laughs. "What do you wanna do with it?" He hefts it in his hand, a giant shuddering earthworm-tentacle, pulsing and drooling. He smears his thumb over the gnarled tip, spreading his fat, glossy cocklips, and then shoves his thumb in, twisting his hand to shove his index finger in there too; pulling them apart to make his slit gape. The inner flesh of his cock is slick and shining, covered in fat, glossy warts, and his cock sucks on his fingers, flesh pulsing and lurching. "I bet you could fuck it," he says, leering.<<if !$djenToppedLast>> His cock shudders, filling out, bloating wider around his fingers, and he pulls them out with a spray of slime, letting his cock drop, smacking his thigh with a heavy, meaty //crack//. "Or I could fuck you," he says.<<endif>>\n\n* [[fuck his cock|djen cockfuck]]\n* [[yeah like, fuck me with it|djen top]]
You step closer and heft his cock, mirroring his motion. It's heavier than it looks. Heavy, and damp, and squirming, shifting around with shuddering contractions. Gritty slime squelches under your palms as you try to grasp the head, fingers sliding over the slick, bulging knobs of his fat cocklips. His breathing hitches slightly, and his cock pulses, spewing a mess of thick, gloaming pre all over your hands.\n\nWhile you're sliding your hands across his cockhead, he gropes your cock: one hand curling around your bulge while the other tugs loose the laces of your pants. He pulls them down, palm intensely hot as he wraps his hand around <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>your sheath<<else>>your cock<<endif>>, slowly gripping and stroking it. You groan in approval, <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>cock unsheathing with a sloppy, liquid //slurp//<<else>>cock stiffening in his <<if !hasMutation("dick")>>giant <<endif>>hand<<endif>><<if !hasMutation("dick") && !hasMutation("knot")>>, still fitting easily inside his grip<<endif>>. <<if hasMutation("knot")>>His grip slides down to your unsheathed cock, hefting its pulpy weight, and he strokes it<<else>>He strokes it in his hand, tugging on your <<if hasMutation("dick")>>warted <<endif>>flesh, and presses your cock<<endif>> along his own monstrous cock in comparison. His cock gurgles pre in a heavy, hot gush, across the length of your cock, sheening it in glowing slime. Your hands work together, pumping your cocks. Your cock is utterly drenched in slime, cords spilling down the underside and <<if hasMutation("knot")>>gurgling into your sheath with a wet squelch, overflowing that and <<endif>>coating your balls, spilling down your inner thighs.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>\\n<<display "djen cockfuck knot">>\n<<else>>\\n<<display "djen cockfuck regular">>\n<<endif>>\n\n<<sex "djen" "cockfuck" "bottom">>\n[[→|camprun]]
<<if !hasMutation("dick") && !hasMutation("knot")>>\\n<<set $get to "dick">>\\n<<else if !hasMutation("balls")>>\\n<<set $get to "balls">>\\n<<else>>\\n<<set $get to "">>\n<<endif>>\\n\\nDjen slides your cockhead up against his own. His cocklips are enormous: swollen and rubbery, forming bulging crescents that are easily big enough to cup in your hands. They glow, brighter than the dull light his bare cockhead emits, and when he peels them apart -- huge clawed hands squashing his cockhead, getting his lips to part, strung together by cords of slime -- you can see the pustule-lined flesh of his urethra, all glowing a sickly lightrot-yellow. He shoves a claw inside, down to the knuckle, and then another. His cockslit bulges, glowing slime drooling out across his fingers, across his hand. His twists his claws, digging his clawtip into the wall of his shaft until he bursts a pustule or two, letting a squirt of lightrot spray out, subsiding into a thick drool spilling down his bloated cockhead.\n\n<<if $get eq "dick">>\\nHe pulls his fingers free from his cock with a squelch and cups your cock in his palm, stroking you off with the slimy lightrot mixture. It burns, heat sizzling across your shaft as he lathers it up, shoving two fingers back into his cock to work out another mess of lightrot and smearing it all over your cock. You let out a shaky groan, slumping forward against his chest as he jerks you off, letting the frothy mess lather up into a dense, tarry foam all across your cock, smeared out across your stomach and thighs. Your cock throbs, aching, heat soaking in until it feels like your entire cock is on fire, with rushing flames licking all across the painfully sensitive skin.\n\nEventually you have to gasp for him to stop, pushing his hand off, and let your cock just throb and twitch, pulsing in the open air as the lightrot soaks in. It's heavy, swollen and enormous, and when you touch it it's with a dizzying mix of pleasure and pain. Djen leers down at you, letting a cord of glowing drool spill down his tongue, aiming it for your cock, and he uses that to ineffectually wash off your cock, just adding his lightrot drool to the sloppy paste coating your cock.\n\n<<endif>>\\nDjen curls his hand around your <<if hasMutation ("dick")>>gnarled <<endif>>shaft, and guides it into place: pressed right up against his spread cocklips, dipping just-barely inside. His cocklips purse, flexing and clenching, pursing around your cockhead, and you raggedly thrust inside, easily sinking your cock to the root. Djen groans, squeezing his enormous cockhead down around your own, massaging his flesh around your own, and you wrap your hands around his enormous, wormlike cockhead and thrust inside, your hips smacking against his flattened cockhead with a spray of lightrot slime. You can feel more pustules burst inside him, lightrot pouring across your cock in fiery lines, and you dig your fingers in, breathing hard as you slam into his spread cockslit.\n\nLightrot spurts out around your pumping shaft, splattering in sloppy lines across your thighs and sluggishly drooling down your thighs. Your ooze-coated balls smack against his broad cockhead with each thrust, splattering lightrot back down across his shaft. Each smack sense a pulse of pleasure and pain up through your body, making your balls throb and burn, and you groan, fucking Djen's cock, driving into him so that your balls smacking his flesh becomes a steady beat.\n\n<<if $get eq "balls">>\\nThe lightrot splattered across your balls lathers up, forming a dense froth. You groan, balls aching from the impact, skin hot and heavy, sticking to his flesh with each thrust and peeling away with glistening strings of lightrot webbed all over. A dizzying heat billows up inside you, sinking into your balls and stabbing upwards into your body, and you hiss and groan, balls swollen and aching as the lightrot froth sinks into them.\n\nThe flesh of your sac burns, a sensation of pinpricks rippling over your skin, and your balls lurch, audibly gurgling as their dense flesh floods with lightrot: mazy passageways inside your balls flooding, swelling wider with an aching pressure, like someone's squeezing your balls from the inside. You whine, slumping forward against Djen's cock, and your balls dangle in the air, skin furrowing and relaxing, balls perceptibly bloating: swelling bigger, pressure and heat growing until it's almost intolerable. You balls warp, spreading into lumpy, lopsided bean shapes, dense with lightrot. Djen shifts, pressing your cock back in to the hilt, squeezing your balls against his cockhead, and the wash of sensation, too intense to even tell if it hurts or feels good, is enough for your legs to buckle.\n\nDjen grins down at you, a giant hand cupping your aching balls, immersing them in the constant drool of lightrot pouring from his cock. He massages them, roughly, and you yowl and pant, gasping for breath as he prods his giant fingers against your swollen balls, smearing more foaming lightrot across the taut surface of your sac. You sob, hips erratically jerking forward, and he holds you by the balls, tugging and squeezing. It burns when your cock twitches, spurting out tainted pre into his cock, and you can trace the movement: thick sludge pumping through squirming passages inside you, now thick and slimy, mutated ĝheist sludge pumping up from your overstimulated balls in grimy, cloudy spurts.\n\n<<endif>>\\n\nYou thrust into him again, bottoming out, squirting a mess of pre into his shaft -- nothing compared to the slurry drooling out around your cock -- and saw back and forth, panting and gasping from the lightrot fumes billowing up across his body, hazing across your skin. His cock ripples around your own, heavy bulbous pustules bumping across your shaft, sliding smooth and slick and sometimes bursting with a messy gush of lightrot pouring down along your cock and erupting out in a fuming splatter. His own pre squirts out with the force of a hose, painting a wash of lightrot-clouded pre all up across your chest and coating your thighs, until your entire front is a mess of slimy, reeking sludge. A wet burble gushes out around his bulbous cocklips with each thrust inside, and your cock smears through the mess, pumping up into the slobbery tube that is his cock.\n\nYour cock throbs, heat gathering in your gut, and you groan as you get close, letting your orgasm build and build with each thrust until you're clenching, holding yourself tight to try to get through one more thrust before you cum. Your cock twitches, a shot of heat racing up your shaft, and you ram into him again, fucking him through your orgasm as you erupt into the sloppy, flooded mess of his own cock. He's leaking so much pre and lightrot that your load is thinned into nonexistence, smearing out along your cock as a dim clouding of his glowing pre, even as you groan and moan, cock spurting and spurting into him.\n\nThen his cock ripples. It's a lurch that nearly knocks you over, cockhead lashing to the side and pulling half your cock free with a wet squelch.\n\n"Gonna cum," he says, eyes closed, mouth open. "Probably brace yourself." His eyes open a sliver, glowing, and he grins, looking at you: drenched in slime, sloppy handfuls of slime painted all across your hips and drooling down your legs in thick cords.\n\nHis cock ripples again, and you dig your hands into the crest of his cockhead, letting it throb and throb in your grip. His entire shaft lurches, warping and bulging, and Djen throws his head back and lets out a long, buzzing groan. You can hear his cock gurgle, feel the pulsing of internal muscles around your cock, and then he erupts in a shot of pre that bursts out around your cock and fountains in all directions. It's like a bucket of warm water being splashed across your front. Hot cords of sludge paint all across your chest and face, webbing across your hips in stringy cords, so sudden and abrupt you jerk backwards, cock emerging from his with a wet slurp. And leaving it clear so that the next shot hits you right in the stomach, a sharp //crack// of impact before his load sprays all over in a mess of stringy ribbons. His cum is silty, grey-green and thick with chalky crystals of raw lightrot that shatter and smear across your skin just from the force of his cumshots. You have to hold on to his lurching cockhead to stop from the impact knocking you to the side, and his cock shudders with recoil after every burst.\n\nDjen keeps coming. It's excessive. A single shot was enough to paint you head to toe in a slimy morass of cum; after two, three, four, five, you're just a human-shaped blob, features softened by cascading sheets of cum, in a layer so thick it's near-opaque. Djen grabs hold of you, hand across your slimy back, half to steady you and half to rut his cock up across your front, letting his next shot spray half across your face in a huge eruption of slime, fountaining up above your head and coming down, seconds later, with a heavy //whump// on the sand behind you.\n\nYou wrap your arms around his cock, stroking it as he keeps erupting: eyes closed, entire body a mess of slime, only aware of the tarry weight of cum drenching you and the constant throb and ripple of his cock in your arms, spurting and spurting and spurting. You burble, blowing bubbles in the layers of murk drenching you as you pant for breath, smearing your face against his enormous cockhead.\n\nAt some point you slump down into the sand, on your knees, and Djen floods the space around you until your calves are entirely immersed in cum. It's still some time after that before he stops.\n\nHe says something, and all you hear are watery noises. He scrapes the side of your head, peeling of a slimy sheet of cum that splatters down across your shoulder and side, and then you try to wipe more of the mess off, scraping across your face until you can blink open your eyes. There are webs of cum corded across your eyelashes.\n\n"I was pretty pent up," Djen says. "I don't actually cum with my dick that often." He looks at you, a vague outline in a pool of chunky murk. "I did warn you," he says.\n\nYou say he didn't warn you //much//. But also, damn, man, what a nice surprise. The second you open your mouth some of his load spills inside, drooling across your tongue, and you try swallowing a few times before scraping across your mouth, grabbing an entire handful of slime that squelches apart in your hand.\n\nIt's a mess. To say the least.\n\n<<if $get eq "dick">>\\n<<addmutation "dick">>\\n<<set $from['dick'] to "djen cockfuck">>\\n<<else if $get eq "balls">>\\n<<addmutation "balls">>\\n<<set $from['balls'] to "djen cockfuck">>\\n<<endif>>
He slides your pointed cocktip over his slimy cockhead, slathering it in cum, using it to tease himself. He squeezes his fat cocklips open, like a pouting mouth, and presses your cocktip between them. His cock ripples, pulsing, and his lips wrap around your cock, sucking and slurping, drooling a sloppy froth of your mingled pre.\n\nYou groan, pushing forward minutely, and his cocklips spread, sucking you into the rippling heat of his cock. The inner flesh of his cock is covered in broad bulbous pustules, sliding against the sides of your cock as you drive deeper, tugging and squeezing against your flesh. You rut shallowly, staring at his distended cockslit as it swallows up your cock, no problem. His cock ripples, pre welling up around your shaft and erupting out in a pressurized burst, splattering all across your front, and you moan and sag forward, sinking your cock down to the sheath inside him. The slick wet heat milks your cock, clenching when you try to pull back, and you gasp and shudder, working the final few inches of your cock back and forth, letting a scummy mess of frothy, churned-up pre build up around his flushed, swollen cocklips. His cocklips shudder, warped into fat bean-shaped mounds, the very inner edges flushed a glowing lightrot yellow.\n\nYour knot surfaces with a wet //slurp//, bursting from your sheath and immediately mashing against his gaping cockslit. Your tentacles curl out beneath it, wrapping across the gnarled flesh of his cocktip, a few spanning entirely across your knot and shoving into his cock alongside your shaft. Djen groans, hooking an arm over your shoulder and drawing you together, panting against your face with your chests mashed together. His cock is like a cannon stuck between you. You kiss him as you fuck his cock, sloppily thrusting back and forth, burying your cock inside his, smacking your knot against his bloated cocklips. There's no real question about whether you can knot him, just on which thrust you'll try to push deeper: his slit gapes, warping wider each time you bash your knot against it, and one good push would do it.\n\nHis cock sags lower, bloated with backed-up pre. Slime gurgles and squelches along your shaft, his gushing flow half-dammed, with smaller strands -- still finger thick, given his size -- squirting out across your hips and stomach. The rest slops around your pumping cock and only slowly pours from his cock in a frothy, shining waterfall.\n\nYou groan, hunching forward, bashing your knot against his cock with a few hard smacks, and then you grab his cock -- flesh heavy, turgid -- and mash it down, thrusting up, grinding your knot hard against his cock until it slurps inside. One side dips in first, the other wedges in after, plugging him up entirely. You groan, sagging over his cock, and your knot shudders and pulses, bloating inside him.\n\nDjen's cock is so massive even your own cock sunk inside it doesn't make it that much larger. But knotted, all his pre is building up inside, mixing with your own heavy flow. His cock bobs lower, bottom-heavy, slowly fattening as you both flood it with pre. You shakily rut forward, grinding your knot an iota deeper within his cockhead. He's tight, flesh stretching easily but always clenching down hard, and you fuck into him, mashing your sheath against his gaping cockslit until it's a wrinkled slab of flesh pinned between you. Your knot mashes some of the swollen pustules inside his cock flat, lightrot gurgling against your flesh, and as you thrust they burst inside him, adding raw lightrot to the messy slurry bathing your cock.\n\nYou groan, letting his cock milk yours, hot prickling sensation rippling along your cock, slobbery gurgles and squelches sounding from his cock as his internal muscles clench and squeeze, forming fat bands of tension across your shaft, stroking and sucking. Heat races up through your body, building and building as you dazedly grind your cock into his, until with a final shaky moan you erupt inside his cock, pumping your load to mix with the sloppy mess already slathered across your cock. Djen groans above you, hands on your side, back, keeping you pinned together. His cock is tight, growing tighter, flooded with slime, pressure bearing down on you. Djen groans, rutting forward -- mashing you tighter together -- and you feel his cock ripple, shudder, before he starts to cum.\n\nYour loads have nowhere to go: knot plugging his bloated cockslit, only a scummy ooze spilling out around it, and in the mean time the entire volume of both of your huge loads is swilling within him. Gheisthide is elastic, and gloamling hide apparently even more so: his cock shudders and warps, flesh bloating out under your fingers as his cock grows fatter and fatter, drooping down in a bottom-heavy bloat. Your cock is immersed in slime, the flesh of his inner walls peeling away from your cock as you both flood the space with slime, cocooning your shaft in a slick, sloppy sea of cum. More and more pustules burst inside him, flesh stretched more than they can take, and the sizzling lightrot heat makes you groan: cock surging further, knot bloating fatter, as you keep pumping, pulse after pulse of cum spurting out into the swirling sea of ooze churning inside his misshapen cock. His cock hardly looks like anything now: warped into a fat, gristled column of flesh, shuddering and squirming as his hide stretches out into misshapen expanses of marbled skin. A heavy mound of flesh pinned between you, burning hot.\n\nYou're dimly aware of your legs trembling, your body slumping down, and Djen kneels with you. His bloated cock hits the floor before his knees do, squashing his misshapen cock out into an enormous flesh slug, squirming and shuddering between you. Each pump of his cock, of your cock, makes it spread out fatter: enormously bottom-heavy, squirming on the ground, as the sea of sludge inside it resonates, currents of wet heat rippling around your immersed cock. He groans, leaning forward over his deformed cock to messily kiss you, the both of you panting and shuddering as his cock bloats further. Thick, tarry sludge gushes up around your cock, bloating his cockhead, pumping up against the barrier of your throbbing knot, and his swollen cocklips ripple, spreading out to belch a frothy, foaming mess of churned-up cum slurry out around your knot: a single squirt, foaming up in a slimy eruption that paints you from knees to chest before his huge, rubbery cocklips seal around your knot again. Djen groans, hands wrapping around his cock -- even his giant hands laughably undersized against the bloated, chest-thick bulk of his warped cock -- and he milks his cockhead, coaxing out another foaming burst of cum, entirely drenching you in your mingled loads.\n\nYou're still cumming, knot clenched tight between his slimy cocklips, now just constantly pissing out a mess of watery cum into his cock, but that's only a thin smearing through the churning sea of lightrot and his cum that swills inside his bloated cock. Each pulse ripples, a band of pressure squeezing your cock from tip to knot, and stirs the slop inside him around, churning it up into a thick, dense slurry. It's tarry, slowly forming thick, gummy clots that plaster his cock walls against your shaft, gluing your cock inside his. The scum splattering out around your knot bakes down, practically steaming from the combined heat of your bodies, forming a dense, rubbery seal across his flushed cocklips.\n\nYou both just kneel there, panting and groaning, as you both spend your loads, all of it pumped into the grotesquely-warped flesh of his cock. Your knot keeps throbbing, the only thing you can focus on: heartbeat resonating through it, the sloppy suction of Djen's cock keeping you hard and spurting long after you'd normally break the tie.\n\nYou're dazed and half-asleep by the time your knot finally starts to go down, cock softening inside his. It tugs weirdly, congealed clots of sludge shifting as your cock softens and tries to draw back; your knot itches, peeling of sludgy sheets as it shrinks. You're still glued together, only the slightest trickle of gummy sludge spilling out around the messy seal of Djen's bruised and bloated cocklips, despite the bunched, bloated mound that his cock has become.\n\nDjen has to reach forward, dig his claws in around your cock, and gingerly peel the flesh of his inner cock out away from your knot. You can feel the seal breaking, sludge bubbling up around his fingers, closer and closer until you can tell right when it's going to break: Djen with both hands sunk inside his cockhead, spreading it open gaping, with sheets of congealed cum slowly shredding apart until they finally snap. Cum gurgles out in a chunky, sloppy waterfall, all over your lap, and you bodily drag yourself backwards, cock pulling out from his sheathed in layers of grime, entirely cocooned in rubbery sludge. Djen groans as his cock finally starts to drain, pissing out a thick, frothy waterfall of mingled cum, closer to seeing a water barrel rupture than anything else: a pressurized squirting, spraying out in all directions, that slowly ebbs into a constant pour. His cock ripples, deflating, pushing out huge globs of half-congealed slime, too chunky and tarry to soak into the sand; instead the cum piles up in clotted mounds, slowly oozing out across the ground.\n\nYou say, what a fucking mess.\n\nDjen grins, maybe just as exhausted as you. "Nice, though," he says, swiping his fingers across his cock, hand dipping inside between his enormously-swollen cocklips, and he fishes out a handful of runny slop, bringing it to his face and lapping it up. His cockslit is destroyed, a resting gape as wide as a fist, forming a broad tunnel that sluggishly drools out your clotted, mingled loads.\n\nYou stroke your cock, just trying to clear off the sheety layers of sludge, splattering it across Djen's stomach and thighs. You do lick some of it off your own hands, though, too.\n\nYou cock sluggishly pulls back into your sheath, still squelching and slathered in cum, making your sheath bloated and spongy, drooling out Djen's load. He leans down, sucking it into his mouth, and milks your shaft, wet squelching noises slurping as he pumps his load into his mouth, gulping it down. It's almost enough to make you get hard again, but, fuck, you're tired.\n\nIt's a fucking mess but you definitely don't regret it.
<<if $djenToppedLast eq true>>\\nHe snorts. "I fucked you last time," he says. "C'mon, I wanna get fucked too. Help me out here."\n\n<<display "djen menu">>\n<<else>>\\nYou go, yeah, fuck me.\n\nHe laughs a little. "A real size queen, huh?" His cock squirms against his thigh, rubbery and drooling. He smacks you on the side, sitting up properly, and you take that as a signal to roll back, spreading your legs. He leans in, over you, and his cock spills all across your stomach in a weighty curve, the bloated tip pulsing and spurting glowing slime over your chest. "Let's see if you can actually take it."\n\nHis fingers press against your asshole<<if hasMutation ("asshole")>>, easily sinking in, and he twists his fingers inside you, rolling his knuckles against your hole<<else>>, and he slides his fingertips in circles over the rim of your hole before digging in, sliding one and then two fingers inside<<endif>>.\n\nYou curl your hands around his cock. It's heavy and soft, dense and rubbery. It ripples, squirming like a snake in your grasp, and you stroke your thumbs up along its sides, rolling your hands over his shaft, fingers digging into the pulpy flesh of his cock. Djen keeps probing at your ass, opening you up, and you find yourself moaning, grinding back against his hand as you lap across the drooling tip of his cock. He doesn't get hard so much as his dick gets denser: heavier, more bloated, the earthworm-rings along his shaft bulging out in wrinkled crests all the way down and down and down until his cock meets his body.\n\nHis fingers twist inside you, and you groan, rutting back, and it's only when he pulls back that you realize that he had <<if hasMutation("asshole")>>four<<else>>three<<endif>> fingers inside you: <<if hasMutation("asshole")>>four<<else>>three<<endif>> fingers, each as big as a human's dick. Your hole feels slack and heavy, open and bruised, and you shakily clench and push, keeping it spread. He keeps two fingers inside, keeping you spread, and hefts his cock with his other hand, dragging it in a heavy, turgid curve down to rut the tip between your thighs. It's hot against your skin, drooling beads of glowing lightrot all over the curve of your ass, and Djen slides the tip down between your muscled cheeks, claws digging into your skin as he pushes the drooling tip against your splayed asshole. His pre gushes into you, a wash of lightrot that leaves you aching, heat burning inside you as it soaks into your anal walls.\n\nEven after opening you up, his cock is still thick. He humps forward, prehensile cock coiling and stiffening to slide into you, and all your breath goes out in a //whuff// as you get used to the stretch. The rings along his shaft slurp inside, one after another, each catching and then popping through your spread ring, and his shaft squirms inside you, hooking around your guts and straightening them out to delve deeper without you needing to do anything about it. You just sprawl back, breathing hard, looking down: his cock makes a visible lump across your stomach, shuddering and shifting as he thrusts deeper. There's heat and pressure and the solid feel of something big inside you, something pushing itself deeper and deeper. You let out a ragged groan, heel of your hand digging down against Djen's cock, through the sheathing flesh of your own body. His cock ripples and spits, a wash of heat blossoming deep inside you, lightrot pouring down through your guts.\n\nAll that and he hasn't even started to fuck you, not really. When he pulls back it feels like he's gonna take your guts with you, a tug and a pull that leaves you feeling hollowed out. That doesn't make the thrust back in any easier to take, and you groan and gurgle, chest heaving, the bloat of his cock just more pronounced when you exhale in a wheeze.\n\nDjen grins down at you: "Bigger than you were expecting, huh?"\n\n<<if isBiggest('djen', 'anal')>>\\nYou say, you can take it. Just, fuck, he's big. He laughs, punctuating it with a thrust that skews his cock all up across your chest, feeling like it's curling around your heart.\n<<else>>\\nYou say, you've taken bigger. Of course, you say it between wheezes. You're not used to the //squirming//.\n<<endif>>\\n\nHe has no problem bottoming out inside you: his hips clap against your ass, his bloated balls smacking against your upturned cheeks, and his cock just squirms all the way in, still pliable to curl around the windings of your guts. He rests there for a second, grinning down at you, the whole length of his cock rippling as it spits out gurgling glugs of pre deep, deep in your guts. It's a heat, billowing through your body, hot and prickling, a burning ache around the edges.\n\nThen he starts fucking you.\n\nYou let out a bellowing groan as his cock shifts, practically enough to lurch you to the side, and Djen leans in, giant hands wrapping around your thighs just above the knees, pinning you in place. He draws back, your entire ass mounding out in a lump centered around your stretched, warped asshole. A slobbery spill of lightrot-tainted pre squirts from your ass as each bloated earthworm-ring rips out, and then he sinks back in, asshole squelching as he slams his entire rubbery length in to the hilt. He does it again, and again, pumping steadily into your ass, flooding your guts with burning lightrot slime. Burning trickles of his pre pour down through your spasming guts, collecting in gurgling pockets around the rings of his cock, building up and up until he twists his cock in just the right way and the mess bursts backwards, spilling down your guts until it finally erupts from your spasming asshole in a burst of glowing ooze. Your ring aches, bruised from the constant slurp of his rings back and forth, and when he stops and hilts in you to spurt out a few gushes of thicker pre your hole still burns, pulsing and spasming like he's still pumping through it.\n\nYour guts slosh, squelching with lightrot pre, and you just lay there, sprawled out with your knees nearly pinned to your chest, open and pliant as Djen rearranges your guts. Heat burns through you, lightrot soaking in through your flesh until your entire body hums with its heat. You're panting, sweat trickling down your sides, slick across your back, and Djen just keeps going: huge muscles across his stomach and hips clenching, pulling, as he drives his cock into your gaping ass. Your cock flops against your pre-bloated stomach, <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>unsheathed and turgid<<else>>half-hard and heavy<<endif>>, leaving splotches of pre across your skin. You're like a doll to him. His balls smash against your ass, sending ropes of goopy pre splattering all over, and stick in place when he pulls back; his lumpy, warted skin only slowly peels away from your lightrot-glazed body.\n\nHis grip on your legs tightens, and he slavers, panting hard, drooling lightrot spit all over your chest and face. His cock ripples inside you, and he makes a series of long, driving thrusts, knocking the breath out of your body before he tenses, giant muscles standing out in sharp definition. He lets out a wild roar, deafeningly loud, buzzing the air all around you, and his cock surges, its pulses turning into solid, coordinated pumps: flesh bloating and bulging out in lumps, pushing each one deeper and deeper until they finally burst from the tip of his cock. Heat bursts inside you, thick tarry lightrot pouring directly into your guts, pulse and pulse as Djen howls above you, snarling as he starts pounding you again, cock just stirring his load around inside you. Your already-bloated belly grows, guts sloshing and gurgling, thick pools of his mutated load collecting inside you, slurping audibly as he thrusts, obscene squelches coming from deep inside you as he keeps dumping his load inside you.\n\nIt feels like he cums for as long as he was fucking you. Your belly grows and grows, the brilliant yellow glow of lightrot starting to gleam through your stretched skin, until you can see murky shadows of your own guts through your skin, constantly shifting. <<if !hasMutation("asshole") && !hasMutation("prostate")>>\\nYour guts gurgle as they start to soak up the lightrot basting them, and you groan at the hot stinging, like pinpricks all across your insides. A dizzying heat swells low in your hips: your prostate, squelching audibly as it soaks up the lightrot hungrily. The heat washes through you, lightrot seeping through your flesh and leaving it altered, forming a dense heavy deposit within your prostate. It grows and grows, pulsing and churning, squelching even over the sloppy, wet sounds of Djen fucking you, and you lay there panting as your prostate bloats out, wider and fatter, heavy with lightrot, forming a turgid lump digging against the side of Djen's cock. Your cock twitches across your bloated belly, gleaming yellow pre drizzling from the tip with each of Djen's thrusts, smearing your skin with your own lightrot-soaked pre.\n\n<<endif>>\\nHis load gurgles down through you and bursts from your ruined ass in splattering bursts, painting stripy lines of brilliantly-glowing goop all across Djen's stomach and thighs. His thick sludgy cum pours out all over your ass and thighs, cording out between you in glimmering lines. <<if !hasMutation("asshole")>>\\nYour asshole burns as the lightrot soaks into your flesh. There's a hot stinging sensation, prickles of heat all around the lightrot-slathered rim of your asshole, and you let out a shuddering groan as your asshole starts to bloat and stretch. It's slow, pulsing in time with Djen's bursts of cum, but so, so noticeable: an aching weight in your increasingly-bloated asshole, your flesh folding over itself in slabs of shiny, aching flesh, until your ring is a bloated lump mounded between your spread cheeks, wetly sucking around the base of Djen's massive cock.\\n<<endif>> Burbling froth drools out around his still-pumping cock, and Djen groans and drags a hand down, catching a handful of tarry slime, and hungrily eats his own load from your ass.\n\nEventually he slows, panting hard and sweating. His cock slows inside you, pumps subsiding until he's just pissing out the last of his load inside you in a slow drool, letting his lightrot cum sluggishly ooze out around his shaft. He slumps down, sprawling out next to you with his cock still sunk inside you.\n\n"How was that," he says, hand feeling over your gut, catching the slime oozing across your thighs and smearing it up across your chest.\n\nYou try to talk and just gurgle. Eventually you manage to say, good. Djen snorts a little, breath blowing against your sweaty neck. He adjusts your body, keeping you socketed on his cock, pulling you back against him. You're both drenched in sludge, with more still spilling out of your bruised ass.\n\n"Next time you gotta do something with my ass," Djen says, and you let out a breathless laugh.\n\n<<if !hasMutation("asshole")>>\\n<<addmutation "asshole">><<set $from['asshole'] to "djen top">>\\n<<else>>\\n<<addmutation "prostate">><<set $from['prostate'] to "djen top">>\\n<<endif>>\\n<<sex "djen" "anal" "top">>\\n<<set $djenToppedLast to true>>\\n[[→|camprun]]\n<<endif>>
You kneel before him, and he helpfully hooks his arms under his thighs, pulling his legs up to show off his asshole.\n\nHe's already gaping. The dark, leathery ĝheisthide across his ass thins into slick internal flesh around his spread asshole, glowing a sickly yellow-green. His asshole is a thick, rubbery muscle that's perpetually-bloated, forming a thick ridge of smooth, swollen flesh. He's sloppy, glazed with fresh lightrot, and his hole yawns open easily, pouting out into a wide gape that shows off his glowing guts. His guts are covered in a frothy spray of glowing pustules, a few already popped, leaking thinned lightrot down through the rumpled flesh of his ass.\n\nYou can see his internal muscles flex: something pulling up, widening the cavernous space of his ass, letting loose flesh peel apart. You can see his prostate: an enormous tri-lobed lump bulging out against his anal wall, pulsing and squirming from its own muscular contractions. Then he pushes down, flattening his anal walls together with a squelch, nearly prolapsing his guts out of his body entirely.\n\nYou reach down, hand sliding over the curve of his giant, muscular ass and focusing in on his drooling asshole. His skin is hot, asshole even hotter: a wet, heavy heat, nearly scalding. You catch a streamer of lightrot drooling out over the rim of his ass and feed it back inside him. You drag two fingers along his asshole, hooking them into his rim and pulling to the side, and he spreads wider easy, hole distended into a lopsided oval. His cock twitches against his stomach.\n\nHis cock is enormous: spilling out across his stomach, hefted up and out of the way. His balls are... even more enormous, each one easily the size of both your fists. He dragged them to the side, hefting his loose sac over his thigh to spill down over his outer hip. His cock flexes, twitching as you drag your fingers across his enormous asshole, and the flesh of his balls squirms, folding up into wrinkled furrows. You could easily shove both hands into his ass without the slightest effort. You start with more fingers: using both hands to curl over the rim of his hole, stretching it wider. If feels like a thick rubbery cord, muscular striations warping and stretching under your palms as you drag him wider and wider. Forget both hands; you don't think you have any body part you could put in him that would genuinely stretch him in any way. His gape is only a shade less wide than your chest.\n\nYou sink your fists into him. His hole doesn't even seal around them: it just droops down, the bottom rim half-prolapsed out in a rubbery ridge, with your wrists smearing across the upper edge. You dig your fists against his prostate: gigantic and lumpy, a dense knot of muscular flesh that still has a bit of spongy give. He groans, rocking up to ride on your fists, and he clenches his asshole. It furls in, flesh rolling across flesh, entire asshole snapping shut around your wrists, with excess flesh bloating up in a lumpy swell that spans from your knuckles to your wrists: a thick, dense wrap that's slick and smooth, yielding at the surface but implacably strong deeper within the muscle. He leans back, head on the ground, letting out a satisfied groan with every breath as he uses his asshole to milk your fists, grind them against his prostate, keeping them pinned in place as effectively as if he tied your wrists together.\n\nYou pin your elbows together, pushing in to roll your forearms through his clenching asshole, and he groans, hips rutting back as he fucks himself on your fists. You crook one hand up, raking your knuckles back and forth over his bloated prostate as you pump into him. His cock lurches, wormlike length shuddering and spurting out a thick burble of cloudy yellow pre all across his stomach.\n\nHis asshole convulses, pulsing around your arms, and you start pumping both arms into him, working back and forth, letting your elbows spread again to drag his hole wider: letting him gape between your forearms, glowing guts on display even with both fists sunk deep into him.\n\nBig rubbery blisters of lightrot bump against your hands, spongy and squelching when you press down against his guts. When he's clenching, it's nearly impossible to dig into his walls: all his flesh backed with iron-hard muscle. But then he relaxes, hole hungrily gulping, and his flesh becomes rubbery, stretchy, possible to prod deep into the warping walls of his gaping ass. You punch your fists into his guts, smashing through the opening from his ass, and Djen groans low, hips lifting off the ground as he fucks down against you. The lightrot pustules in his ass burst, raw lightrot splattering over your arms, lubing them to punch deeper into his ass. You lean down, reaching into his ass -- elbow slurping in over his asshole, then bicep, all sinking into him without a hitch until you're armpit-deep. You pull back, arm glazed in a froth of churned-up lightrot, and do it again with your other arm, punching back and forth inside him as far as you can reach.\n\nDjen hoists up his cock and repositions it, curling his turgid length down so it's drooling pre down between his thighs, a sloppy mess oozing along the furrow of his ballsac down to drool over his ass, straight into his gaping hole. You fistfuck him with his own pre, lightrot and pre foaming up along your arms into a stringy froth. Excess slime squirts out, splattering across your chest when you punch into his slimy guts. There's nothing you can do to stretch him, not really, so you focus on his sensitive areas: one fist clenching and cupping the shuddering, spasming bulk of his oversized prostate, milking his slimy pre out of him; the other open, fingers digging into the opening of his guts, prodding and shifting, peeling his sloppy flesh apart where it's been stuck together with layers of lightrot slime.\n\nDjen groans, his own efforts adding all the force to things. You think he could probably break your arms with the muscles of his ass, if he wanted. He rolls back, head thrown back, enjoying you playing with his giant ass. His internal muscles shudder and spasm, prostate beating like a heart, and then he lets out a long, low moan as his cock suddenly erupts. He's not even hard, wormlike cock thickened but still soft and flexible, but it throbs and erupts, splattering a mess of glowing cum all across your chest in an enormous eruption, excess spilling down into his foaming, frothing asshole. You keep pumping into him, the wet thrusts squelching and gurgling as his own load pours into his ass, and he keeps cumming: gush after gush painting your chest, drooling down your body in tarry lines, coating his own body until his ass is glazed in glowing slime, his hole just the center of a sloppy sea of churned-up slime.\n\nYou peel your shaking arms out of his ass, entirely drenched with lightrot slime. His ass is flooded: a sluggish waterfall of lightrot pouring out from his pustulent guts, spilling into a sloppy, shallow lake of slime pooling beneath his upturned ass, coated in a stringy mess of froth and corded slime.\n\nHe lowers his legs, asshole gurgling as his flooded ass starts to drain, all the lightrot slime filling him starting to drool out over his flushed asshole. He squeezes his cock, milking out a few more heavy cords of cum, and sprawls back with a sigh.\n\n"Yeah," he says. "I really needed that."\n\nYou say, the other ĝheist not satisfying you?\n\nHe laughs. "Not a whole lot can satisfy a gloamling aside from another gloamling." He looks at your slime-covered arms, hot lightrot sludge spilling down your arms and hanging in jiggling lines from your knuckles. "You did a pretty good attempt, though."\n\nYou say thanks.\n<<sex "djen" "fist" "bottom">>\n<<set $queuedUpper += 1>>\\n[[→|camprun]]
You wanna get inside his ass.\n\nWhile he's playing with himself, you settle against his ass, undoing your own pants, stripping yourself down. Your knuckles brush against him: across the backs of his thighs, his hide is supple and waxy, slightly damp. A hot prickle spills across your chest and stomach, heat tightening and pooling inside you, and your cock throbs in your pants, stiffening in beats.\n\nYou jerk your <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>sheath<<else>>cock<<endif>> out of your pants, <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>pointed tip pushing out with a series of wet slurps<<else>>half-hard and hardening fast<<endif>>, and Djen pulls his fingers from his ass with a //slurp//, wrapping them around your cock and stroking it. You <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>unsheath into his hand<<else>>firm up under his touch<<endif>>, his fingers slick from his lightrot-drooling ass. You rut into his hand, cockhead butting against his palm, and he grips you by the cock and guides you forward into his ass. Djen groans when you push in past his tight asshole -- he clenches down, hole bulging out and clamping tight around your shaft -- into the depth of his ass.\n\nYou bump against his prostate almost immediately. It's a huge, pulsing gland bloating out the flesh of his anal wall, a knot of hard muscle that dimples when you push against it.\n\n<<if !hasMutation("dick") && !hasMutation("knot")>>\\n<<display "djen fuck tf">>\n<<else if !hasMutation("balls")>>\\n<<display "djen fuck tf">>\n<<else>>\\n<<display "djen fuck no tf">>\n<<endif>>\\n\n<<sex 'djen' 'anal' 'bottom'>>\\n[[→|camprun]]
You grind your cocktip against his prostate, experimentally: it's huge and dense, like hard rubber, but when you push down you can feel it give slightly. Djen groans, and his cock twitches -- his prostate spasms, pulsing like a heart -- and his cock spits out a wet, heavy slug of glowing yellow pre, oozing down his thigh and leaving a shining trail. You buck forward, working more of your cock into his sloppy ass until he's taken the whole thing; no problem. <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>Your knot hasn't even surfaced yet; that's how quickly his ass can swallow up your dick. You thrust a few more times, sheath smacking against the bloated slabs of his puffy asshole, before your knot bulks up enough to slurp out of your sheath and properly pin it back behind your tentacles. Djen's asshole just slurps slightly wider, swallowing your knot no problem. You get the feeling that even fully engorged you're not big enough for your knot to catch.<<endif>>\n\nHis guts are full of bulging, rubbery bubbles that squirm against your cock as you sink down to the root. You lean down, hands spreading his giant ass, and pick up the pace, hammering into the hungry pit of his bloated ass, and Djen lets out an accompanying groan, guts squeezing and stroking the full length of your cock, deeply embedded inside him. He's squirting lightrot, big puffy glands just behind his asshole clamping around <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>your knot<<else>>the root of your cock<<endif>> and wringing themselves out like a sponge, squirting fuming yellow lightrot across your shaft in glowing streaks. Djen braces himself against the ground with one forearm, pushing himself back against you -- the force of each push nearly enough to bowl you back on your ass. Your balls clap against his cheeks, splattering lightrot ooze across your thighs and stomach in burning dots, more constantly winding its way through the bloated folds of his meaty asshole, slurping out in gushes with each jabbing thrust. The fat bubbles in his guts burst, sending showers of glowing slime streaming down his ass, mixing with your pre to make a bubbling slurry, frothing up in steaming clots over the muscled expanse of his ass, dripping down to coat his own balls in a layer of froth.\n\nThe lightrot stings, but not in a bad way. Your shaft is drenched, <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>knot <<endif>> pulling out sloppy and glistening, drenched in pure lightrot, burning as it soaks into your <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>already-monstrous<<else>>thickly-gnarled<<endif>> flesh. Your cock, already thick, fat, heavy, bloats even fatter, dense flesh becoming yet denser as your tissues become totally suffused with lightrot. <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>Your tentacles lap across the florid gape of Djen's splayed asshole, lapping up lightrot in stringy cords, smearing them back across your sheath.<<else>>Your flesh itches, fat warts growing huge and glossy, flattening out as thicker bunches grow in on top of them in a snarled mess, until your cock is thickly-coated even for a ĝheist dick, just a mess of warts on warts with only small patches of smooth, pebbly skin.<<endif>>\n\nDjen groans, his soft cock lurching and twitching, spitting out tarry cords of glowing sludge as you keep hammering away inside him. His balls shudder, shifting around against his thigh like living things, visibly pulsing; the giant cords of his sac squirming just under the surface. His prostate spasms, the sheathing cocoon of muscle milking it hard, adding thicker clots of built-up slime to the mess oozing from his dick, knocked free by your thrusts. You can practically feel it wind its way through him: sheets of sludge peeled off the internal surfaces of his prostate, bubbling through his internal passages in chunky clots, bulging the underside of his dick as they slowly ooze their way out. He huffs and groans, ass milking your cock as he keeps rutting back into your thrusts, wormlike cock squirming and lashing all across his stomach.\n\nThe heat spilling through your cock reaches a peak. You let out a bellowing groan, eyes rolling back in your head as your lightrot-suffused cock throbs and lurches<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>, knot swelling hot and huge with shocky bursts of creaking flesh bloating even huger<<endif>>, and you abruptly cum in his ass, pumping out a load that burns as it makes its way out of your body: your load barely-thinned lightrot, nearly as pure as the ooze spilling out from Djen's ass. You curl up, balls throbbing, aching hard, as you pump cord after cord of gritty, burning sludge into Djen's already-flooded guts<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>, the mess only barely catching on the rim of your giant knot before spilling out<<endif>>, adding to the glowing mess gushing from Djen's gaping ass.\n\nYou keep thrusting, muscles spasming automatically -- the lightrot itself practically keeping your body moving, forcing your muscles to pull and relax -- as you gush your tainted lightrot load into Djen's ass, fuming cum pouring out around your shaft, filling the air with the acrid, acid smell of raw lightrot. You're gasping, panting hard, a guttural roar ripping its way out from your chest as you keep cumming, burning bolts of cum lancing through your body, splattering into Djen's guts with audible //splat//s, gurgling and squelching as your hips reflexively jerk forward and back, forcing your <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>fully engorged knot to burst out<<else>>warped, warted cock<<endif>> through his swollen ring only to get punched back inside a fraction of a second later as you fuck him in a dazed frenzy, keening and yowling as your lightrot-flooded insides pump out some small fraction of the mess.\n\nEventually you collapse on top of him, his deep breaths shifting you enough to keep you fucking him, cock plunging into the sloppy crater that is his ass. You lose track of time, sprawled there in a daze while your cock shoots and shoots, only finally running dry when you lurch backwards, cock popping free and gushing your last few shots in brilliant yellow cords all over his slathered ass. You only manage to pull yourself up against his side, body shaky and trembling, cock still hugely engorged and leaving a slimy trail of lightrot over his skin, before you collapse, panting. It's more like falling asleep than passing out, but only just.
<<set $_djentf = !hasMutation("dick") && !hasMutation("knot") ? "dick"\n : !hasMutation("balls") ? "balls"\n : "error??">>\\nYou grab his giant ass with both hands and slide all the way in, until your pubes are mashed against his hide. His ass ripples around your dick, his lightrot glands squirting hot slime, slurping out along the bloated slabs of his puffy asshole. <<if $_djentf == "dick">>You slide back, cock drenched, flushed and heavy. The lightrot burns across your skin, and you swear you can feel plumes of heat outlining the cavernous structures in your dick as it soaks in.<<else>>You slide back, cock drenched, with sloppy gushes pouring down your shaft all the way to your balls. The lightrot burns across your sac, and plumes of heat billow up as the lightrot soaks in, outlining your balls in a burning haze.<<endif>> You fuck him hard, hips slapping against his ass, cockhead scraping across the lumpy swell of his prostate. Thickened lightrot slime drools down your cock, tracing a burning line down over your balls. You peel his hole open, thumb tracing over the rubbery, elastic flesh, and you see the lumps of his lightrot glands just an inch deep, a ring of spongy flesh that suppurates at the touch, and you fingerfuck him, wringing out sloppy squirts of lightrot. Djen groans, head lolling to the side, and you thrust shallowly, one hand practically shoved into his ass alongside your cock, fingers groping across his rim, tugging him open into a wider gape.\n\nHis soft cock shudders and ripples with each thrust, mammoth balls juddering forward, draped across his thigh. His cock twitches, flexing, and a few seconds later -- a few thrusts into his sloppy, gripping ass -- a slurry of lightrot-tainted pre drools from his wrinkled foreskin. Your thrusts jolt his cock, smearing his pre across his stomach, glazing his skin.\n\nHis guts drool lightrot down your shaft, burning<<if $_djentf == "balls">> down to your balls<<endif>>, and you huff and lean in, panting over him as you hammer into his ass. <<if $_djentf == "dick">>Your cock shudders, heat racing up inside you in distinct lines, like hot wires burning inside you, and you cum with an abrupt groan, adding white threads to the lightrot slurry oozing out around your shaft.<<else>>Your balls ache, each thrust smacking them hard against his huge ass, and the lightrot burn snakes upwards, squirming through the squiggling cords filling your sac. The lightrot erupts into your body cavity, feeling like two fingers shoved up inside you, and you cum abruptly, with a gasping shudder. Your balls pulse, throbbing and gurgling, feeling denser, hotter, with each pulse.<<endif>> You keep fucking him as you cum, dazed and panting, entire body flushed, dizzily aware of lightrot drooling down your thighs, splattering up across your stomach, thick waves coating your balls.\n\nYou pull out gasping, <<if $_djentf == "dick">>cock heavy and flushed, only half-hard but heavy and engorged<<else>>cock messily squirting brilliantly-glowing lightrot cum all over his ass<<endif>>. Djen groans, reaching out, hand sliding through the lightrot mess before wrapping his hand <<if $_djentf == "dick">>around your cock. He works more lightrot into your skin, pumping your cum-streaked cock, lightrot slurping and squelching, even even though it's hasn't even been a minute since you came you're already firming up again, cock pulsing with an almost-painful heat.\\n<<else>>around your balls. He squeezes and tugs, working more lightrot into your skin, and your cock keeps throbbing, spewing what feels like an endless amount of burning cum out from your changing balls. Lightrot burbles inside you, burning as it soaks through the flushed and aching skin of your sac, settling in your heavy, bloated balls in a series of wet burbles and pops that you can feel through your entire body. \n<<endif>> Your skin shines dully, practically sucking up the lightrot sheening it, and Djen shoves his fingers into his gaping ass, working out a sloppy handful of cum-streaked slime, and <<if $_djentf == "dick">>slathers it across your shaft, stroking again. You groan, rutting your cock against his ass, up over his hip, balls smacking against his asscheek as his fist squeezes and strokes.\\n<<else>>immerses your swollen balls in them, thumb smearing all across your burning flesh. You groan, rutting your still-cumming cock against his ass, up over his hip, and grind down hard, pinning your balls between your bodies. You can feel them swell, faster now, heavy and bruised and aching, beating like hearts as their internal passages squirm and contort, becoming denser and heavier, suffused with lightrot.\\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $_djentf == "dick">>\\nYour cock is already bigger, aching and raw, flesh darkening in splotchy marks as the lightrot soaks in. You drag your hips back, ridge of your fat cockhead digging into the edge of Djen's fingers before it pops out between them, and you angle down, aiming the ramrod-hard length at his fucked-open ass. You slam into his sloppy hole, cock reaching deeper this time, jabbing against the opening to his guts for a moment before you feel his internal flesh unfurl, like a slobbering kiss against your cockhead as you sink into his guts. Your cock spurts, a mingled spurt of pre and cum splattering across his internal flesh, already slick and slimy with lightrot. He groans, rutting back against you, and you press down, flatting his fat cheeks against your hips. You can feel your cock growing, maybe, hot stinging pinpricks racing along the sides of you shaft, gathering just under your cockhead, and you squeeze your eyes closed and mindlessly rut forward, fucking your fattening cockhead back and forth through the pulsing entrance to his guts.\n<<else>>\\nYour balls are already enormous, aching and raw, the flesh of your sac starting to darken in splotchy marks as the lightrot soaks in. You rut your spurting cock along the curve of his asshole, painting him in grimy layers of your altered cum: goopy and grey, forming chunky globs, threaded with cords of murkily-translucent lightrot. You angle your cock down, slamming into his sloppy hole, punching through into his guts, and he shudders and squirts out a mess of lightrot all across your hips, drooling down in a slurry to add fresh lightrot to the slimy mess coating your balls. You hose his insides down with your altered cum, cock and balls burning with fiery pinpricks. Each thrust squelches and slurps, your balls bruised and aching, smacking against his drooling flesh with a watery //crack//, and you squeeze your eyes closed and mindlessly rut forwards, hammering your still-swelling balls against his skin, moaning from the dizzying mixture of pleasure and pain.\n<<endif>>\\n\n<<if $_djentf == "dick">>His guts are warted, covered in smooth bubbles that slide against your cock, and slowly more and more of your cock reaches into his depths, letting you jab harder and harder until you feel one burst, a hot spray of pure lightrot splattering back over your cock in a burning eruption.\\n<<else>>There's a painful twisting in your balls as your internal cords warp and stretch, bloated finger-thick now and folding over each other in a lumpy furl.\\n<<endif>> You groan, sagging forward over him, letting the heat wash through you. Your breath rasps in your throat, entire body sweating hard, gasping for breath. You bellow, cock erupting again, spraying your tainted cum into his ass, thicker now than you're used to. You rut shallowly, dizzy and exhausted, and collapse on top of him, dimly aware of how your orgasm goes on and on, the root of your cock flexing as it shudders and pulses, again and again, splattering rope after rope of cum into Djen's ass.\n\nYou pass out on top of him, cock still hard and drooling in his ass, <<if $_djentf == "dick">>a stringy slurry of lightrot-tainted cum oozing out around your thicker shaft<<else>>balls fist-sized and throbbing hard, pumping out and endless supply of grimy, lightrot-tainted cum that just oozes out around your fat shaft<<endif>>, gluing you together.\n\n<<if $_djentf == "dick">>\\n<<addmutation "dick">>\\n<<set $from['dick'] to "djen fuck">>\\n<<set $_awake to "djen fuck cock tf awake">>\n<<else>>\\n<<addmutation "balls">>\\n<<set $from['balls'] to "djen fuck">>\\n<<set $_awake to "djen fuck balls tf awake">>\n<<endif>>
You wake in the evening glued tight together, the lightrot dried into a thick, flaking crust where you're stuck inside his ass. You're still half-hard.\n\nYou pull out, breaking the crust, and your cock emerges slathered in cum and lightrot, drooling fresh slime over Djen's ass. It's a beast, a proper ĝheist-looking cock now: bloated and huge, skin grey-brown and strangely elastic. Leathery and heavy, an added heft hanging off your body when you drag yourself to your feet. No warts yet, but you can feel the faint mars in your new ĝheisthide that'll turn into warts soon enough, invisible twists in the grain of your skin running the length of your shaft along the underside, skin marred and gnarling under your touch.\n\nDjen sees you playing with your cock and grins. "I'd like to ride that," he says, "but we do got shit to do."
You wake in the evening glued tight together, the lightrot dried into a thick, flaking crust where you're stuck inside his ass. Your balls are pinned to his ass, plastered there by the thick crusts of dried cum.\n\nYou pull away, breaking the crust, and your balls lurch down between your thighs, impossibly heavy, aching painfully at the slightest pressure. They're immense: huge blocky things bigger than a fist, weirdly oblong, like they're folded out over themselves, curled into crescents. You hiss in pain as you glide your fingers across their surface: lumpy, uneven, dense. The skin of your sac is leathery and heavy, proper ĝheisthide now, and it stretches easily, letting your balls hang lower, knocking against your thighs when you shift backwards. You can feel the connection points where your newly-gigantic cords connect to your balls; you press down ever-so-slightly against them, and the full-body response, stinging pressure, aching balls straining from the thick, tarry volume of slimy lightrot-tainted sludge inside them, is so intense you can't tell for seconds afterwards if it was pleasure or pain. Your balls lurch, sludge pumping through your cords, and they're so bloated, hypertrophic, that you can follow the slow, churning passage of thick clots up from your balls, through your cords, and finally popping into your body cavity with the slightest pulse of resistence.\n\nWhen you open your eyes and return to reality, Djen has been watching you play with your balls for who knows how long. "Liking the change, huh?" he asks. "I'd like to see just how it's taken, but we got shit to do."
Djen surveys the acid stalks. You don't actually know what this entails.\n\nHe looks at the stalks, and sometimes scrapes off a piece of plant or rock, or digs at something in the sand. Sometimes he writes some stuff down. You mostly sit there and watch, and sometimes scratch around in the sand for any scavenge. It takes a few hours.\n<<set $stalksSurvey to true>>\\n\n<<display "djen survey wrap">>
Djen surveys the acid bay. You don't actually know what this entails.\n\nHe takes samples of the acid in glass vials, and he takes samples of the sand too. At one point he gets out some kind of angle-measuring device, or a telescope or something like that, and looks out across the acid shallows. Sometimes he writes some stuff down. You mostly sit there and watch, and sometimes scratch around in the sand for any scavenge. It takes a few hours.\n<<set $baySurvey to true>>\\n\n<<display "djen survey wrap">>
Djen surveys the acid flats. You don't actually know what this entails.\n\nHe collects up portions of the sandy powder, and at one point unpacks some kind of chemistry kit. Pours water and acid into vials, dissolves the powder into them, and then measures them with paper strips, which turn a variety of colors. He organizes those into a workbook. You mostly sit there and watch, and sometimes scratch around in the dust for any scavenge. It takes a few hours.\n<<set $flatsSurvey to true>>\\n\n<<display "djen survey wrap">>
<<set $djenSurveys += 1>>\\n<<set $moves -= 1>>\\nEventually, he finishes up.\n\nHe turns to you: <<if $djenSurveys lt 3>>\\n"Gotta keep filling out the survey. Let's go a ways down the coast and look around more."\n\nHe gestures for you to lead the way.\n<<else>>\\n"Yeah, I think that's enough. We can head back to town now."\n\n<<set $drudge1 to 3>>\\n<<set $surveysDone += 1>>\\n<<set $surveyComplete to true>>\\n<<endif>>\n\n[[→|worldmap]]
<<set $pthuulScenes += 1>>
[[''You''|you][$back = "camp"]] and Pthuul set up camp.\n\n<<if $pthuulScenes eq 0>><<display "pthuul first time">>\\n<<else>><<display "pthuul repeat">>\\n<<endif>>\\n<<set $_camprun to "pthuulcamprun">>
<<if $sex['pthuul'] gt 0>>\\nYou finish setting up camp and turn to find Pthuul sitting back against his packed bedroll, looking you up and down with overt intent. When he sees you've noticed, his lips crack open in a craggy grin. He tilts his knee out, giving you a view of his bulging crotch, and adjusts the big lump of his cock.\n\n"How about you c'mere," he says, and twists his hand around to show his open palm, beckoning. "Have some fun."\n\n[[→|pthuul first sex intro]]\n<<else>>\\nYou and Pthuul finish setting up camp. You eat some. There's a moment when his gaze lingers: he's setting on his rolled-up bedroll, legs spread, and his hand drifts in along his inner thigh and squeezes the heavy lump of his cock. He tilts his head in your direction. "You wanna fuck around?" he says.\n\n* [[yeah|pthuul first sex intro]]\n* [[nah|camprun]]\n<<endif>>
You go over, and he tugs you down level with him, one huge hand wrapping around the back of your neck and pulling you into a sloppy, toothy kiss. He presses against you, chest-to-chest<<if hasMutation("leaky")>>, and your aching, leaky nipples squirt milk all across his chest. He groans and reaches down, wrapping a hand around one and squeezing, tugging, as you shudder and whine into his mouth as he milks you, roughly kissing your face.<<else>>, muscled bodies pressed tight together.<<endif>> You reach down, fingers curling against the waist of his pants, digging beneath where his skin is hotter and minutely damper, and he groans and ruts forward, cock grinding against cock.\n\nHis pants are closed with metal buttons, in a row directly down the bulging bulk of his cock, and with each one you undo the fat, straining arc of his cock pushes out more, until you undo the fourth and final one and his entire cock lolls out with a smack, tip shiny and slimy with pre. His cock drizzles pre across your hand, hot and slick, excess spilling down across his thigh. he reaches down, cupping your cock with one giant hand, and uses his thumb to pull the laces of your pants loose, letting your cock pop out.\n\n<<if hasMutation("dick")>>\\nHe coos in interest, giving your fat ĝheist cock a few tugs, grinning when you gush a mess of clotted, gritty pre all over his stomach. "That's a cock I can do something with," he says, and butts your cocks together, rutting so your gnarled shafts slide through his hand, warted flesh adding texture to the motion.\n<<else if hasMutation("knot")>>\\nHe coos in interest, giving your bestial cock a few tugs. He strokes tip to base, hand slimy with your tainted pre, wrapping his fingers around your softened knot and giving it a squeeze, letting your tentacles tangle across his fingers.\n\n"Don't see many like that," he says, and tugs you forward by your knot. All the breath leaves your lungs in a sudden //whuff// as your cock lurches, and you spray rancid pre all up across his chest and face. He sticks his tongue out, catching a fat droplet that splattered across the corner of his mouth, and sucks it into his mouth.\\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if !(hasMutation ("dick") || hasMutation ("knot"))>>\\nHe humps his cock against yours, his pre spurting out across your stomach and thighs until your cock is completely immersed in a smeared layer of his thick, gritty pre.\\n<<else>>\\nHe wraps his other hand around your cockheads, squeezing them together so that your mingled pre spurts through his fingers, and you rut against him. Loud, lewd slurping noises come from his hands as he strokes your dicks together, the both of you humping up into his grip.\\n<<endif>>\\n You grip his sides, fingers digging into his hide, leaning down against him, and he grins at you from an inch away, mouth open and panting, and you kiss him again, sloppily, his drool spilling down between your sweaty<<if hasMutation("leaky")>> and milky<<endif>> chests.\n\nHis cock shudders, spasming in the space between you before he erupts -- mouth open, breath popping against your lips -- and his cock gushes, the rank scent of ĝheist cum overwhelming as he shoots his load in thick, clotted globs that smear all up and down between your chests, hanging off your nipples, drooling in thick cords down your sides.\n\nHe groans, bringing a hand up -- huge globs of cum clinging to his palm -- and slurps it off. "Fuck, I needed that," he says. His hips still work, cock still gushing in burbles that smear between your stomachs.\n\n<<if hasMutation("dick") || hasMutation("knot")>>\\n"Gotta take the edge off." He looks down at your cock, still drooling. "I bet I could fit that in my ass," he says. He looks up: "Unless you really wanted me to fuck you."\n* [[yeah c'mon i really need a dick in my ass|pthuul top]]\n* [[yeah ride me|pthuul bottom]]\n<<else>>\\n"Gotta take the edge off. Next one will be in your ass." His slimy hands slide over your hips, and he grips your ass cheeks, leaving behind big wet handprints as he spreads them. You groan.\n\n<<set $pthuulImmediately to true>>\\n<<display "pthuul top">>\\n<<endif>>
<<if $sex['pthuul'] gt 0>>\\nPthuul is visibly hard in his pants the entire time you're setting up camp. He adjusts himself a few times and gives you a leer.\n\n<<if $sex['pthuultop'] gt 0>>\\nAfter you pitch the tent, he gets down to business. He pulls his fly open, milking his half-hard cock, letting it fill out to its full girth in his hand. "You wanna get fucked this time or what?"\n\n* [[yeah fuck me|pthuul top]]\n* [[how about i fuck you again|pthuul bottom]]\n<<else if $sex['pthuultop'] eq 0 && (hasMutation("knot") || hasMutation("dick"))>>\\nAfter you pitch the tent, he gets down to business. He steps in close and wraps a hand around your cock, fingers curling down to tug on your balls. "You planning on using that dick tonight?"\n\n* [[yeah i'm gonna fuck you|pthuul bottom]]\n* [[nah i wanna get my ass used|pthuul top]]\n<<else>>\\nAfter you pitch the tent, he sprawls back, cock a fat, heavy lump. "How's your ass feel," he says, groping himself. "I wanna tear it up."\n\n* [[yeah cmon go for it|pthuul top]]\n* [[nah man i'm just gonna sleep, sorry about yr dick|camprun]]\n<<endif>>\n\n<<else>>\\nPthuul kinda leers at you some, but he doesn't make a move. But...\n\n* [[hey you wanna fuck around|pthuul fuck prompt]]\n* [[just go to sleep|camprun]]\n<<endif>>
He leers at you. "Fuck yeah," he says, and gives his cock a squeeze. You can see it swelling up, pulling his pants taut around its bulk. "C'mere," he says, and beckons you closer with two fingers.\n\n<<display "pthuul first sex intro">>
<<display "pthuul top 1">>\n/%\n<<if $sex['pthuulbottom'] eq 0>><<display "pthuul top 1">>\\n<<else if $sex['pthuulbottom'] eq 1>><<display "pthuul top 2">>\\n<<else if $sex['pthuulbottom'] eq 2>><<display "pthuul top 3">>\\n<<else>><<display "pthuul top 3">>\\n<<endif>>\n%/\n[[→|camprun]]
<<display "pthuul first bottom">>\n/%\n<<if $sex['pthuultop'] eq 0>><<display "pthuul first bottom">>\\n<<else if $sex['pthuultop'] eq 1>><<display "pthuul bottom 2">>\\n<<else if $sex['pthuultop'] eq 2>><<display "pthuul bottom 3">>\\n<<else>><<display "pthuul bottom 3">>\\n<<endif>>\n%/\n[[→|camprun]]
He leans forward and pushes you onto your back, and then duck-walks forward on his knees, straddling your hips. His cock is half-hard and still drooling, leaving a mess of cum all across your chest as he lifts himself up enough to angle your cock against his ass. The skin of his ass is supple ĝheisthide, covered in smooth, pebbly scute, slick as you rut against it. He lets you go for a second, your hips rolling up minutely, sliding your cock along the furrow of his ass, and then he rises up, uses one hand to guide you in: <<if hasMutation("knot")>>the sharp spar of your cockhead glides along his thick ass until it spears against his hole: warm, wet, already spread open.<<else>>the fat, gnarled head of your cock smashes against his tight hole, and he spreads himself, hole sucking on your cockhead until it pops inside.<<endif>> He shoves himself down on your cock, swallowing half of it in the initial gulp, and then his ass clenches down, gripping your shaft. He holds there for a moment, milking it for another gush of pre. He throws his head back, eyes closed, mouth hanging open, and groans as he squats lower, taking in more of your cock.\n\n<<if hasMutation("knot")>>Your cock's huge enough that you've hardly met a human that can take it, even soft, but his ass swallows it up without issue. His swollen ass-lips shudder and clench, interrupting the slow slide downward each time they gulp, and eventually come to rest spread against the nascent bulk of your knot, hardly engorged but -- to a human at least -- punishingly thick. To Pthuul probably less so. He grinds down a little, riding the final inch of your cock before your knot, and each time his spread asslips spread a little further over the bulk of your knot. your tentacles curl over your knot and play with his hole, lapping like tongues across his stretched rim; sometimes pushing inside alongside your shaft.\\n<<else>>Your warts scrape across the rim of his asshole, digging into his puffy flesh. Each one slurping into his ass makes his hole lurch, flexing and spreading minutely before it shoves inside. His swollen ass-lips shudder and clench, hungrily milking your cock, surrounding it with rippling heat, and he shallowly fucks himself, your lumpy cock sawing back and forth through his tight asshole, making his asshole bruise and bloat.\\n<<endif>>\n\nHe's just toying with you, though, enjoying your cock: he spreads his hole and takes the entire thing with only the slightest hitch, coming to rest with his ass pressed against your hips<<if hasMutation("knot")>>, your sheath bunched up in a heavy, throbbing block against your crotch<<endif>>. He grinds himself down, getting that final iota of cock stabbing deeper into his guts, and holds that position. He twitches his cock, half-hard length lurching across your stomach, leaving behind a grimy string of greyish cum. You groan, and him too, as your cock pulses, gushing pre in thick, splattering lines all across the inside of his ass.<<if hasMutation("balls") || hasMutation("prostate")>> You drench his guts, splattering hot gushes of pre over the tight, slick walls of his ass. A wet burble spills out around your shaft, slicking the final few inches of your cock.<<endif>>\n\nHe exhales with a shuddery groan, grinning down at you. "Yeah, that's a pretty decent cock." He pulls up, thighs tensing to your sides, <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>knot catching on the inside of his hole and pulling out with a slurp,<<endif>> ass clinging to your shaft, and then he squats back down again, slowly riding your cock.\n\nHis cock is sloppy, smeared with his last load, spurting little runnels of cum as he fucks himself on your cock. You thrust up, meeting him when he hilts your cock: hips smacking his ass, <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>sheath scrunching up into leathery folds, knot throbbing like a heart inside him<<else>>burying your cock deep<<endif>>, and he groans, holds it for a long moment, before eventually pulling off with a heavy, wet //slurp//. your cock is slathered in pre, drooling <<if hasMutation("knot")>>over the bulk of your knot<<else>>down your shaft<<endif>>, spilling out across your thighs. <<if hasMutation("knot")>>Your knot throbs, swelling slightly -- bloating inside him, pulsing hard, and then catching on the rim of his asshole when he pulls up, making his bruised asshole shudder and yawn, gaping wide open. He lets out a breathy growl, entire body shuddering, and immediately slams himself down on your knot again, moaning as it slurps back into his ass. His ass muscles squeeze down, rippling around your knot, coaxing it bigger and bigger.<<endif>>\n\nHe's the one doing all of the work, giant thighs bunching and shifting as he fucks himself, feet planted on your sides. He groans a little each time he hilts your cock, grinding himself down, head thrown back, and pulls back <<if hasMutation("knot")>>-- knot catching more and more -- <<endif>>to fuck himself on the full length of your cock. His pace builds, one hand braced back on the floor for leverage, and he growls and groans, mouth hanging open as the tempo builds. You rut up, <<if hasMutation("knot")>>knot slamming through his swollen asshole<<else>>hips smacking his ass<<endif>> with each thrust, and you can tell when just riding your cock gets him off: he slams himself down, letting out a ragged moan, and then just holds there, panting hard, asshole convulsing wildly around your <<if hasMutation("knot")>>knot<<else>>cock<<endif>>. He stays there for a long moment, mouth open, breathing hard, before he starts again.\n\n<<if hasMutation("knot")>>Your knot hardly fits out of his ass; he pushes down, guts slurping around your knot, and it lurches out with a spray of pre, his asshole half-prolapsed, gaping and drooling a slick river of pre all down your shaft as he thrusts up into the air and rides it back down, hissing as he tries to fit it back in. His asshole kisses your knot, his ass-lips bruised into soft, puffy swells, and they tease your knot, reflexively clenching and shuddering until he manages to take it again.<<else>>He rides your cock with the same enthusiasm, panting and huffing now, already working towards his next orgasm.<<endif>> His cock erupts like it's nothing: mostly-soft, hanging heavily between his thighs, suddenly twitching and pulsing as he pisses out a stringy mess of greyish cum, drooling in rubbery cords all over your stomach. He keeps riding your cock as he cums, <<if hasMutation("knot")>>whining now each time your brutally-engorged knot crashes against his gaping hole and breaks its way inside<<else>>tempo not changing at all with each gush<<endif>>. His load coats your stomach, spilling over your sides onto the ground, and Pthuul arches back again, grinding your cockhead against something inside him, and roars, getting off again, ejaculation just a messy intermission between getting himself off twice from your cock in his ass.\n\n<<if !hasMutation("knot")>>It's real hot. You rut up, actually fucking him for once, and the slight control over how your cock jabs into him is enough -- you're leaking and twitching, spurting pre into his ass wildly, and it only takes one, two, three solid thrusts before you're cumming too, hot splatters painting his guts. Pthuul sinks forward, squatting over you, and you drag him forward, onto his knees on top of you, and messily mash your faces together. You're both panting, the kiss mostly you panting at each other, his cock drizzling his load all over your stomach while you rut up, shallowly fucking him. Cum slurps out of his ass around your cock, messy streamers splattering against your skin each time you hilt inside him, and you chew on his lips, hand wrapped around his head, as you spill your load into him.\n\nHe sags to the side, spilling off your cock -- pulling off in a slimy eruption of cum, his asshole broken wide, lips ridged up into a fat crater as your load pours out -- and you paint his side with the last burbling spurts of your load, cock stiff and jabbing against his thigh as you both collapse.\n\n<<else>>It's real hot. He shudders, muscles across his stomach clenching and relaxing, shoulders heaving with his breath, and raggedly sinks back down onto your cock. Your knot is almost entirely engorged, way beyond what you'd expect anybody to take -- each swollen cavern of it like a fist, grotesquely oversized even on your fat cock. Pthuul groans, grinding himself down on it, and you shove inside, his bruised flesh stretching and slipping as you force your knot all the way into him. He rides you slower, each time knot catching harder over his rim, making him grunt and strain to pull free. Your knot bloats up to its full, guts-wrecking girth inside him, and you topple back into the sand, groaning, as you finally cum.\n\nYour cum collects inside him, splattering across his inner walls and pouring down, forming a sloppy, churning mess just above your knot, gurgling and squelching as you rut into him deeper, fucking your knot back and forth minutely inside his ass. He's maybe not really prepared for the sheer volume of your load; his hand goes to his gut, pressing down, feeling the wash of cum start to fill him up. You groan, tentacles splayed across his hips, clamping down, cock lurching from the force of each blast of cum. He sags to the side, bringing you with him. Your knot bashes into his prostate and he lets out an agonized groan, cock pulsing again. It's hard to tell if he cums again; his cock is still drooling cum, just a slow continual spill.\n\nYou sprawl out there through the full length of your knot, your load going from bursts of thick, gummy cum into a continual wash of thin, liquid slime. Pthuul groans, abs clenching, fighting back against the continual pressure of your load pumping and pumping into his guts, filling him up. You wrap your arms around his chest, half dozing, feeling the slow, constant pulse of your load chunking inside him, gurgling deeper and deeper.\n\nEventually you start to soften, knot growing turgid, a slurry of green-grey cum starting to lead out around your shaft. Pthuul groans, stirring, and experimentally tugs forward, knot bashing against his asshole from the inside. You hit something that makes him collapse, breath escaping from his lungs with a //whuff//, asshole pulsing, and then -- slowly, over minutes -- he works himself free, your knot spongy and softening, until finally he pulls himself off. Your knot yanks his asshole inside-out, a tight bud of guts unfurling, soft and sloppy cradling your knot. The morning air is shockingly cold, after the heat of his guts. Cum erupts everywhere, his flooded guts gurgling as your load pours out onto the sand, and you draw back, half-hard cock emerging cocooned in a grimy mesh of your own cum, congealed in big greasy globs. Pthuul groans, prolapsed ass winking and gaping, unfurling wider as your load pours out in a thick waterfall, spilling down his balls and thighs, visibly steaming in the cool air.\n\n<<endif>>\n\nYou both pant there, cum slowly cooling on your bodies, more <<if hasMutation("knot")>>pouring<<else>>drizzling<<endif>> out from Pthuul's wrecked ass.\n\n"I could get used to that," he says, reaching back to press his hand against his <<if hasMutation("knot")>>fat prolapse<<else>>rubbery asshole<<endif>>, hissing as his fingers sink down into his puffy, abused flesh. His cock lurches, dribbling cum, as he <<if hasMutation("knot")>>presses down on his prolapse until it slurps back into his body<<else>>tugs on the rim of his asshole, your cum drooling down all over his hand<<endif>>.\n\nYou mumble something, and then you're out.\\n<<sex "pthuul" "anal" "bottom">>
[you fuck him on his back & he ends up cumming all across his chest like two or three times. if/when you knot him his cock stays half-hard and drools continually all across his chest the entire time. you can feel his prostate flutter against yr knot, etc]\n<<sex "pthuul" "anal" "bottom">>
[you make out w/ him and you fuck his throat w/ yr dick and then fuck him w/ his legs pinned against his chest. if you got a knot you knot-fuck him some as he bellows and whines under you]\n<<sex "pthuul" "oral" "bottom">>\n<<sex "pthuul" "anal" "bottom">>
<<if $pthuulImmediately eq true>>\\nHis cock is sloppy, half-hard, and he presses himself against you, hips slowly rolling as he smears his dick against your side. He's still leaking cum, turgid cock shuddering against your skin and spitting out a gummy mess of grey, chunky cum.\n\nHe rolls you onto your stomach, ass raised up, and he probes between your cheeks with a slimy, cum-covered hand, fingers sliding against the rim of your asshole, <<if !hasMutation("asshole")>>tapping against your tight, taut rim until it opens up around his fingers, letting him sink inside to the knuckle with a groan<<else>>catching on the bulging rim of your bloated asshole and easily digging in through the swollen furl, shoving two fingers down to the knuckle into the depths of your ass. He groans.<<endif>> He wiggles his fingers around inside you, twisting his hand, thumb scraping along the rim of your asshole, and then pulls out: he strokes his cock, coating his hand in globs of cum, and pushes them back into your ass, feeding it his load.\n\nHe does this a few times, smearing cum all across your inner walls, until it drools out from your pouting asshole, and then he rolls on top of you, half-hard cock smacking against your thighs until he guides it in. He's turgid, cock heavy but floppy, and he sinks down to the root and lets it rest inside you, drooling cum in weak spurts. He fucks you in slow, rubbery thrusts, cockflesh unwieldy: soft and spongy, not hard enough to prod against your insides. His cock shudders inside you, slowly firming up, growing harder and larger, more implacable as it starts to spread your asshole wider, warts starting to properly scrape against your skin. It lets out a squirt of pre, a sudden hot splatter, and he groans, sinking down on top of you, sheathing his entire length into your ass. It pulses inside you, throbbing, and gushes again, heat blossoming into your ass as he starts to flood it with his pre.\n<<set $pthuulImmediately to false>>\\n<<else>>\\nHe shoves his pants down, letting his cock lurch out into the open: already hard and drooling, with glimmering strings webbed across to the inner fabric, skewing out to wrap across his shaft in a thin smear of slime as he hefts it out, giving it a pump. His swollen cockhead pulses and shudders, the chunky metal ring pierced through his cockslit keeping it spread, and when he spits out a rope of pre it hits the ring and splatters everywhere in thick, gooey droplets.\n\nYou're on your knees, cocks pressed together, and your hands tangle with his as you reach out and stroke it, letting him spurt pre all across your stomach -- bodies pressed together, his hands on your hips, grinding his cock up across your stomach. The metal ring is hot to the touch, hard and implacable but sliding smoothly over your skin. He kisses you, rough lips scraping against your own, his tongue dragging across your lower lip before he bites on it, gently. His cock spurts pre all over your stomach as you stroke it, fingers sliding across the mess of waxy warts coating his shaft.\n\nHe catches some of the mess in his hand, scraping a hand across your stomach, and leans in, wet hand leaving slimy trails over your hip and across your ass as he reaches back, shoving two fingers up against your hole, <<if hasMutation("asshole")>>easily shoving them both knuckle-deep into your altered ass<<else>>grinding up and down until you relax and let him sink inside<<endif>>. He fingerfucks you, pumping his fingers back and forth, pulling out to smear his hand across your pre-glazed chest, so he can feed more into your ass, until it starts to drool out, spilling down the back of your balls.\n\nHe presses against your hip, pushing back, and you spin around, on all fours presenting your ass. He uses both hands to spread your cheeks, his cock lolling out against the curve of your ass, and feeds more pre into your swollen, puffy asshole, letting you clench and groan against his fingers as he stuffs you full of it. Then he shifts his weight, cock flopping down across your asshole, and guides it in hands-free, rutting forward and drawing back until the broad head catches against your spread hole. He sinks in slow, groaning as your ass envelops his cock, and only stops once his hips smack against your ass, his giant balls pinned against your thighs. His cock throbs, pumping pre directly into your ass in a hot gush: heat blooming inside you as he sprays the walls of your ass with splatters of pre.\n\nHe starts slow, only barely moving his hips, just letting his cock flood your ass with pre until excess leaks out around his shaft, burbling down over your balls.\n<<endif>>\\n\nHe wraps his arms around your chest<<if hasMutation("leaky")>>, hands grabbing your swollen tits and roughly milking out squirts of backed-up milk, sluggishly fucking you as he scrapes his callused hands over your swollen nipples, tugging and twisting on them until they're hugely engorged, sticking out from your chest in flushed peaks, glossy with milk. He wraps his hands around your tits and milks you like a cow, squirting milk out into the thirsty sand beneath you as you groan, bellowing<<else>> in a big hug, enveloping you in his massive body<<endif>>. He bears down on you, the solid weight of his body pinning you to the ground -- your own cock drooling pre into the sand -- as he slowly ruts into you, cock sliding only an inch out before he pushes back, hips slowly rolling, slapping against your ass. He groans, panting against your neck, kissing and biting, and you tip your head to the side, letting him kiss you.\n\nYou groan into his mouth when he grinds down, his fat cockhead knocking against the opening to your guts, and he snarls across your face as he bears down, his cock a battering ram warping your ass until he punches through the opening of your guts, cockhead slamming inside. It feels like a hot iron bar shoved into your ass: hard and utterly implacable, warted flesh just a covering. His balls grind against your ass, lurching and churning like something alive, jerking up erratically sometimes when his cock twitches and spurts a frothy mess of pre into your guts.\n\nHis weight settles atop you, his chest pressed to your back, and he works his hips: half his cock pulling from you ass with a burbling //slurp//, his knobbled warts scraping through your asshole leaving a phantom-sensation of pressure and movement even when he's still. He fucks you, just pinning you down, hips the only part of his body moving as he plunges his cock back into your ass and pulls back. Pre splatters out from your swollen hole as he sinks back in, splattering down your thighs and spilling down your balls. His cock pummels your insides, <<if hasMutation("prostate")>>ramming against your bloated prostate and forcing pre to spurt from your cock in gummy waves, splattering all across your stomach and check<<else>>grinding along your prostate and flooding you with gushing waves of his pre<<endif>>. His cockhead forces through the opening to your guts, back and forth until your ass feels like it's buzzing. You groan and growl as his cock throbs inside you, sensation almost painfully intense. He groans too, grunting as his cock sinks to the hilt in your increasingly-sloppy ass, frothy cords of pre squirting out around his shaft and webbing over your muscled asscheeks, glazing your skin in grimy pre, turning the hard //clap// of his thrusts into a wet //smack//.\n\nYou can feel him start to cum: his cock tenses, swelling minutely, and his rhythm falters. He pants against your neck, muscles in his stomach clenching, his balls drawn up into a fat block beneath his cock, and he cums with a rolling groan. Cum erupts inside you, heat billowing out from his churning cock, flooding your guts in an instant and burbling out around his shaft in a thick wave of gritty grey cum. He keeps thrusting, a fresh spurt hosing down your guts each time he hilts inside you, until his thrusts are a wet, sucking //shluck//, with heavy cords of slime drawn out between your ass and his hips, cum smeared all over your skin.\n\nHe collapses entirely on you with a groan -- you weren't aware just how much of his own weight he was still carrying -- and stills, cock still throbbing inside you as he shoots and shoots, cum freely pouring through your guts, streaming out along his shaft and forming gummy rivers down your thighs. He's filling you up faster than it's spilling out; your guts gurgle as the wash of his load spills up higher inside you and pours further in, that deep only felt as a diffuse heat soaking through your flesh.\n\nAfter a while he rolls to the side, half-hard cock slithering from your ass with a wet //pop//. His fingers are immediately pressed against your broken-open hole, catching the sloppy mess of cum and ineffectually stuffing it back into your gaping ass. Your asshole is bruised and sore, and he runs two fingers along the swollen rim, digging in deeper when you hiss. His load coats his hand, spilling down over your balls, and he smears a grimy handprint over your ass as he pushes himself up.\n\n"You took that good," he says, and you can only groan softly in response.\n<<sex "pthuul" "anal" "top">>
[he fucks you w/ you on yr back w/ yr legs in the air and him pounding away, sometimes leaning in to make out. keeps going until he's dumped three-or-so loads in you and each thrust comes w/ a wet squelch and a gush of cum spurting out from yr swollen asshole.]\n<<sex "pthuul" "anal" "top">>
[he plays w/ yr asshole while making out, trying to milk a few loads out of you without really touching yr dick. lubes his dick up w/ yr combined loads and then fucks you.]\n<<sex "pthuul" "anal" "top">>
[[''You''|you][$back = "camp"]] and Khru set up camp.\n\n<<if $khruBeast eq "none" || ($sex['khru'] gt 0 && $khruBeast eq "")>>\\nKhru gives you looks as you set up.\n\n* [[be flirty about it|khru pre flirt]]\n* [[just set up camp|khru initial]]\n<<else if $khruBeast neq "">>\\nKhru still looks kinda battered and bruised from his meeting with <<print $khruBeast>>. He collapses on the ground with a groan while you do most of the work.\n\n<<display "khru branch">>\\n<<else>>\\n<<display "khru initial">>\n<<endif>>
Khru sets up the tent and pitches your bedrolls inside.\n\n"So," he says, thumb hooked into the waist of his pants, tugging them down. "You wanna fuck around?"\n\n* [[yeah let's go for it|khru branch]]\n* [[nah|camprun]]
You make sure to <<if hasMutation ("leaky")>>tug your shirt to the side to show off your leaky tits<<else>>bend over to show your thick ass<<endif>> while he's watching. He lets his gaze linger, making no mistake about checking you out.\n\nOnce you're set up, he just leans in, <<if hasMutation("leaky")>>tugging your shirt to the side so he can chew on your dripping nipples<<else>>cupping your ass and grinding you forward against his hard cock<<endif>>. You groan, rutting against him, and he growls in your ear: "I missed <<if hasMutation ("leaky")>>your milk<<else>>this ass<<endif>>. Was looking forward to getting another taste."\n\nYou both sink to the ground, on your knees, and you slide your hands down his stomach, over the burning bulge of his trapped cock, as he chews and bites on your neck<<if hasMutation ("leaky")>>, head dipping down to suckle on your fat nipples<<endif>>.\n\n<<display "khru branch">>
<<if $khruBeast eq "">>\\nHe sighs and sprawls back with his legs spread, one hand lazily cupping his cock through his pants. He gropes himself, and you watch as his bulge fills out, swelling into a fat mound that strains the material of his pants. He twists his hand, using his thumb to pop open the button of his pants, and then lets his hand fall to the side, just showing his straining cock, a sliver of darker hide visible.\n\nHe looks up at you, leering: "If you suck me off, that'd take the edge off."\n\n* [[blow him|khru blow]]\n* [[man just fuck me, i need it hard|khru anal need]]\n<<else>>\\nHe says, "Fuck, I forgot how great it was to be on the receiving end of things.\\n<<if $khruBeast eq "Astau">>\\n" He cups his bloated, pregnant belly, pressing his palm down. "I can feel 'em squirming around all the time."\\n<<else>>\\n Brulvundojn really tore me up."\\n<<endif>> He rolls on his back, shucking off his pants, and shoves two fingers up his ass, groaning. "My ass needs more. You wanna try fisting me?"\n\n* [[yeah fist him|khru fist bottom]]\n* [[plz facefuck me instead|khru blow]]\n* [[plz wreck my ass instead|khru anal]]\n* [[nah|camprun]]\n<<endif>>
<<display "khru blow 1">>\n/%\n<<if $sex['khruoraltop'] lt 1>><<display "khru blow 1">>\n<<else if $sex['khruoraltop'] eq 1>><<display "khru blow 2">>\n<<else if $sex['khruoraltop'] eq 2>><<display "khru blow 3">>\n<<else>><<display "khru blow 3">>\n<<endif>>\n%/\nHe lets you rest for a minute, cock still-hard and drizzling cum all across your scalp, before he sinks back minutely, letting you collapse on all fours on the ground. He squats down before you, his cock smearing behind your ear, still pulsing in faint tremors, oozing down along your jaw.\n\n"Think you're up for more?"\n<<set $khruBlewFirst to true>>\\n<<if $khruBeast neq "">>* [[yeah i'm up to fisting yr ass now|khru fist bottom]]<<endif>>\n* [[yeah you gotta wreck my ass|khru anal]]\n* [[oof no i'm too exhausted|camprun]]
He laughs. "Needy, aren't you?"\n\nHe pulls his own fly down, letting his cock spring out, and stands up. "Lemme at your ass, then."\n\n<<display "khru anal">>
<<if $sex['khruanaltop'] lt 1>>\\n<<display "khru fuck">>\n<<else>>\\n<<display "khru fist">>\n<<endif>>\n/*\n<<if $sex['khruanaltop'] lt 1>>\\n<<display "khru fuck">>\n<<else if $sex['khruanaltop'] eq 1>>\\n<<display "khru fist">>\n<<else if $sex['khruanaltop'] eq 2>>\\n<<display "khru fuck fist">>\n<<else>>\n[TODO: probably randomly select from all scenes w/ some different intro text]\n<<display "khru fuck fist">>\n<<endif>>\n*/\n\nYou collapse under him, and he rolls off you just enough for his cock to pull out of your wrecked, gaping ass with a wet //slurp//. Good thing you prepared the camp beforehand, because you just roll on your side next to him and fall asleep.\n\n[[→|camprun]]
You get down between his legs. His pants are fastened with snap buttons, with a chunky, heavy-duty zipper beneath that. You splay your hand across his thigh for balance as you open it up, fingers feeling across the hot, hard bulge of his cock as you snap each button open. You slide your other hand up his thigh, fingers pressing against his stomach, on the rocky skin at the root of his cock, and finally pull the zipper down, letting his cock sluggishly loll out. It's too big to do more than flop against his thigh. He's got piercings, and they clink and clatter against each other as his cock stiffens. It's fat and rubbery, pulsing with his heartbeat, with a row of thick barbels through the underside from just under his cockhead all the way to the base. Not particularly tightly packed, but there are still more than you can count at a glance on his long shaft. He's hairless, like the ĝheist are, but his hide bulges up into rocky, wartlike scute across his thighs and hips, fanning out around the base of his cock and climbing up the first few inches, coating his flesh in stiff, wavy plates.\n\nYou loosely stroke him, his cock firming under your touch, until it's pointing right at you, steel-hard flesh sheathed with supple, leathery hide. His foreskin crinkles open, revealing the dark, mottled flesh of his cockhead, shiny with pre, and you lean in and suck it into your mouth, stroking his shaft with one hand and then two -- there's more than enough cock to wrap both hands around, even with his cockhead in your mouth, drizzling pre over your tongue. His piercings feel hotter than his flesh, burning across your palms as you stroke, pumping back and forth to pull his foreskin all the way back and let you take his gnarled, heavy cockhead into your mouth. He's thick, and your lips warp over the ridge of his cockhead, the very first barbel piercing digging into your lower lip.\n\nKhru groans, reaching up to cup your head, pulling you down. His cockhead bulges out your cheek, his pre bitter, forming a wet trickle down to the back of your mouth, and leaving a slimy, slick smear across the inside of your cheek when he pulls back. You look up at him, lips bulging around his fat shaft, and he matches eyes and grins, staring down at you as he pulls you deeper onto his cock. His cockhead butts against the roof of your mouth, one barbel and then another slipping into your mouth and digging hard against your tongue as he ruts shallowly, fucking your face.\n\nYou gurgle, letting go of his cock and bracing your hands against his thighs, and he takes that as an opportunity to thrust deeper, plunging more of his heavy cock into your mouth, ramming his cockhead against the back of your mouth and making you cough and sputter. He guides your head back and forth, shaft emerging glistening, fat beads of drool and pre clinging spilling down along the underside of his shaft and drooling down your chin as he starts a rhythm, just feeding you the first few inches of his cock. He wrenches his cockhead out, making your lips ache with the stretch of it, and then slides back in, hammering against the back of your throat. His cock trembles, the slow ooze of pre punctuated with a sudden gush of stringy, slimy pre, and you swallow around his cock, feeling his pre coat your throat.\n\nHe does it again, and again, until your lips are aching and bruised, and your mouth feels slick and open, slathered in his pre. He holds you down longer, cockhead pulsing as he grinds it against the back of your mouth, watching as you gurgle and choke trying to swallow more, and when he lets up the pressure on your head you lurch back, cock popping from your mouth. Rivulets of slime drool across the inside of your mouth, pooling along your teeth and spilling out down your chin as you pant. His cock twitches, smearing across your cheek and leaving behind a thick, slimy trail. His lax fingers tighten around your head, and he tilts you up, guiding you back to wetly kiss his slimy, spit-slathered cockhead. He spurts a slick mess of pre all over your lips, and then he spits down, splattering half across your face and half all over his cockhead, and then drives forward, sinking his cock back into your mouth, fucking you faster, more roughly, letting his piercings pop back and forth over your lower lip until it feels raw and bruised.\n\nHe pulls you down again, grinding his cockhead against the back of your mouth, bashing again and again against the muscle of your throat, until once you swallow and gag and sputter at the right moment and he forces through, shoving his cock down your throat with a sick, wet //slurp//. You gurgle, coughing up the mess of pre he gushes into your throat, eyes watering, nose running, face sheened with sweat, and he pulls back out, leaving your throat feeling raw, fucked-open. Then he does it again, throat pulling up less resistance as he pummels his cock against it, and with a warbling gurgle he shoves his cock back down your throat. It feels like an iron bar, implacably strong, completely unyielding, but one that throbs and pulses, stretching your throat even further with its minute twitches. He's breathing harder now, chest stretching when he inhales, staring down at you flushed and disheveled, nursing on not even half his cock. More piercings dig against your bottom lip, and you can feel the line across your tongue, down your throat, each motion scraping them along the sensitive flesh of your throat and making you gag. Khru just grins and pulls you down, grinding his cockhead against the spasming muscles in your throat until they give up and open wide, letting him drive in deeper and deeper. He fucks your throat, cock sawing through you, and you can feel the moment when he stops thinking about playing with your throat and starts thinking about cumming: he pins your head in his hands and snarls, panting hoarsely himself, and starts hammering into your throat, faster, not letting up. You gag and cough up slimy masses of phlegm and pre, erupting from your mouth and nose, and he groans snarls, cock lurching hard -- still only half of it in your mouth, so much more left to go -- and then erupting, each spurt tugging at your aching throat. He holds you in place, cock pulsing, and you wetly gag and choke, coughing up most of his load in gritty, sludgy grey-green globs before he finally lets you go, and you lurch off his cock, hacking and coughing as you vomit up the mess of his load clogging your throat, even as he keeps cumming all across your head and back, drenching you in thick, viscous ropes of ĝheist cum.\n\nHe milks his cock, sodden flesh squelching under his fingers, coaxing out sloppy, gushing streams of cum that he smears all across your head, letting you just lean against his thighs, mouth slack and open. Cords of slime work their way up from your throat, mouth feeling gaping and fucked-open, and you dimly just let his load drain out, coating your tongue in its bitter, meaty taste.\\n\\n<<sex "khru" "oral" "top">>
[ you blow khru & take him down to the root. he cums all over yr face as reward ]\n\n<<sex "khru" "oral" "top">>
[ khru sits on yr packs and you get between his legs. he steadily feeds you his cock until the entire thing is down yr throat and then he facefucks you hard. you keep gagging and vomiting up his pre all over his crotch & he finishes by ramming yr head down on his cock & cumming down yr throat, and facefucking you w/ his drooling cock until you've vomited most of his load back up ]\n\n<<sex "khru" "oral" "top">>
<<if $khruBlewFirst>>\\nHis cock is still sluggishly oozing his last load, softened from iron-hard to hanging from his crotch in a dense and meaty slab. He moves around behind you, dragging your pants down to show off your ass, and he strokes his cum-slathered cock, drooling down, and then smearing the mess of spit and cum across your hole. His clawtips scrape over the furrowed flesh of your asshole, and you groan and slump down, rutting your ass back against him, asshole flowering open. He shoves two fingers in, slick and slimy, and then he's up on his knees, sliding his cock into you. His piercings push over your hole one by one, feeling like burning beads inside you, hotter than the flesh of his cock.\n\nHe's pulpy, half-hard, cum gritty and clumping as it smears across the rim of your asshole, and he sinks in slow, hilting with a groan. You huff, facedown on your bedroll, ass slowly accommodating to his huge size. You can feel his cock stiffen inside you, bulking up to its full girth, losing what little ease it had. He thrusts, balls smacking your ass, beating against your own dangling sac, and his cock twitches, spurting out a hot trickle of fresh pre.\n\n<<else>>\\nHis cock juts out from his crotch, hard and dripping, and he gives it a stroke, smearing the stringy mess of his drizzling pre across his warted shaft and giving his leathery skin a greasy sheen. The next few spurts of pre spill down his knuckles in a grimy flow, before he pulls off and lets his cock bob in the open air, twitching erratically as pre slowly spills its way down his lumpy shaft, pulling out into threadlike cords.\n\nHe shoves two fingers into your ass, already slick with his pre. He pushes in, only a cursory touch: scissoring apart, curling up, before he pulls out and replaces his fingers with his cock. His cock is slick and dripping, spewing out a hot gush of pre right against the rim of your asshole as he pushes his knobbled cockhead inside. You huff, face pressed against your bedroll, your ass stretching around his bulky dick.\n\nKhru sinks in to the hilt with an obscene wet squelch, his bloated balls smacking aganst your own, and holds there for a second, cock twitching hard. Pre gushes inside you, building up and burbling out over your rim in slimy streamers, and he groans, hands sliding up your thighs to curl thick dark claws around your hips.\n<<endif>>\\n\nHe leans forward, hands coming down on your back, pressing you down. He grinds his cock in to the hilt, the wartlike scute across his crotch rasping over your skin, and his cock shudders again, spurting a hot trickle of pre that you feel slowly wind down your overheated guts, slurping out of your ass when he pulls back, cock emerging shining and slick. <<if $khruBlewFirst>>You can feel the grit of his load caking the walls of your ass, thick clumps slowly drizzling down your open, cavernous guts in the wake of his withdrawal. <<endif>>Then he slams back in, hilting with a sharp //crack//, cock spewing pre into your guts. He doesn't wait, after that. He fucks you hard, each thrust driving you into the ground, growling and snarling as he rams forward again and again. His thighs smack against yours, leaving stinging imprints tingling all across your ass and legs, his huge fat balls still dangling low, battering against yours with a dizzying, heady smack of impact each time.\n\nYou groan, taking it, ass rippling against his thrusts, the slick, heavy pressure of each thrust sending pleasure surging up inside you. You pant for breath, pressing your ass back against him, shoulders braced on the ground, the steady pulse of his cock inside you knocking against your insides, making you huff and groan and whine.\n\nHis tempo stutters, cock sliding out, and you whine, asshole clenching around his cockhead, milking it -- he's spewing pre, gushing in sloppy cords all across your fucked-open guts, a thickened mess of pre splattered across your cheeks, spilling down over the root of your cock, drooling from your balls. He laughs, not unkindly, and presses his hands against your heated cheeks, over the stinging, raw flesh. You let out a hiss, and he laughs again, playing with your oversensitive skin, stroking down over your thighs, one hand a sudden pressure around your balls, tugging and squeezing. His thumb smears up, following the trail of pre up until he pushes against your asshole, thumbclaw digging into your asshole alongside his cockhead. He ruts, shallowly, thumb and forefinger sliding in alongside, curling around his shaft.\n\nHis claws scrape over your prostate, flat edge sawing back and forth, and you squirm, the lighter thrusts and his fingers sending your soft cock slowly oozing slime, a milky off-while mix of cum and pre. Then he twists his hand around, a third finger shoving in, knuckles digging down hard, thumb sliding over your inner walls, and you let out a shaky, reedy groan, cock pulsing, mostly dry a few times before you drizzle a mess of cum onto the blankets beneath you.\n\nKhru doesn't let up, or even change his motions; he's playing with your ass for his own sake, pushing and prodding, three fingers shoved inside your ass alongside his fat cock, drenching your guts in his constant flood of pre. He ruts back and forth, cockhead playing against the taut drumhead that is the opening to your guts, clenching and spreading according to some smooth internal muscle, nursing on his cockhead. He slides in all the way, fat piercings catching on the gulping muscles of your ass, until he's hilted, hand plastered between your bodies, and then he pulls out again; he fucks you in deep, slow thrusts while all the while his knuckles are jammed down against your prostate. Your cock is still drooling, spurting cum at erratic intervals, limp and heavy dangling beneath you. Khru's cock knocks around inside you, back and forth, fat and heavy, and you take it, asshole splayed open, peeled wide by his hand as he fucks you, pre burbling over his fingers and squirting out in sloppy gushes, showing how spread-open you are.\n\nHis thrusts get faster, free hand sliding back up your sweaty back to spread between your shoulderblades, pinning you down, and he thrusts up, cock jabbing deeper inside you, fingers slipping out -- hole still loose and sloppy, gaping out around his shaft -- until he's fucking you hard again, knees nearly jolting up off the ground with each hard, long-held //smack// of him hilting inside you. He snarls, thrusting harder, leaning down over you, and a hot spray of drool splatters across your back, spilling from his open, drooling mouth. He smears it up and down your back until you're glazed, palm squelching over your skin when he bears down.\n\nHe collapses forward on top of you, hands gripping your hips strong enough to leave a bruise, his hips snapping forward to bash his cock yet-deeper inside you, back and forth in short, sharp thrusts. His entire body tenses, his chest sweaty against your back, and then he snarls loud, all but roaring, and his cock erupts <<if $khruBlewFirst>>again <<endif>>in your ass, flooding you with dense, heavy globs of cum. He keeps thrusting, stirring it up, grit scraping along his pumping shaft and emerging from your ass as a churned-up froth, huge dollops of dense cream spattering across your ass. He keeps fucking you all the way through his orgasm, cock twitching again and again with each new pulse, guts gurgling and slurping from the mess of dense, slimy ooze flooding them. He goes soft, slowly, still fucking you with his turgid, half-hard cock: spongy and dense, scraping the mess of his load back and forth inside you, dragging out big gooey clots of cum until he finally stops, sprawled on top of you. His load slowly oozes out of your broken asshole around his shaft.\n\n<<set $khruBlewFirst to false>>\\n<<sex "khru" "anal" "top">>
"Get on your knees," he says, walking around behind you.\n\nYou fall down into the sand with a soft //thump//. His callused hands scrape across your ass, digging into the thick muscle, and he groans, pressing his body against yours, his cock a heavy, hot spar grinding against your hip. His fingers scrape up along the underside of your ass, and you obligingly spread your legs, letting him push into your crack, fingertips tapping against your asshole with his knuckles brushing against your balls.\n\n"You got a real nice ass," he groans in your ear, humping his cock up between your cheeks, knobbled cockhead drizzling pre across your lower back. His fingers twist, digging into <<if hasMutation("asshole")>>the swollen crest of your altered asshole, easily pushing inside and hooking over your rubbery rim, dragging it open into a wide gape. He digs in, shoving most of one hand into your ass, thumb playing across your bloated rim<<else>>your asshole, one and then another shoving inside roughly, lubed only with his own slick, sloppy pre. He squirms his fingers around, pushing and pulling, spreading them inside you, and he groans when he pries you open, fingers digging deep into the rim of your asshole<<endif>>.\n\nHis other hand presses against your back, between your shoulderblades, and he pushes you down on all fours before sliding his rough hand down your back. He gives his cock a few pumps before switching hands, fingers pulling from your ass with a wet sound only to be replaced with ones thickly glazed in pre. His digs in with one hand before using both, hands peeling you open: asshole splayed and gaping, the sting of cool air spreading into your open ass. He spits into your asshole, using his fingers to smear the mess of spit and pre along your bulging asshole.\n\nHe pulls his hips back, dragging his cock down -- the fat piercings along the underside each a pair of smooth, heavy lumps sliding over your skin -- until the tip is kissing your gaping hole. His cock shudders, spurting out a mess of pre that spills down into your ass, hot and slick, and he grinds down, using his fingers to pry you open so that his cockhead just slurps inside, only easing his fingers out afterwards to let your hole clench around his shaft. He groans, cock pulsing again, and he spews out a mess of pre, a heat that spreads through your guts as he starts to thrust deeper. The first barbel sinks into your ass, pressing against your hole for a second before pushing in, and you both groan. Then another, and another, as he feeds the length of his cock into your ass.\n\nYour guts warp around his cock, heat and pressure penetrating deeper inside you until his hips meet your ass with a //smack//, cock fully hilted inside you. Khru groans, cock twitching, spewing out a hot, liquid mess of pre into your guts, burbling down along his shaft to sluggishly drool from your hole. He pulls back, cock lurching out -- each barbel a sudden lurch as it pops out over your rim -- and thrusts back in with a wet //crack//, droplets of pre splattering across your cheeks as he hilts again. He fucks you roughly, cock sawing through your hole until the lurch of his warts and the pops of his barbels blend together into a single sensation, his cock brutally thick and aching. His pre gushes out around his churning shaft, forming sloppy strings that splatter down your thighs in ropes, mashed by his thrusts into a sloppy paste all between your bodies.\n\nHe cums with a long growl, cock twitching and then erupting: the continual flow of pre turning into sharp, sudden bursts of cum, thicker and hotter, gritty as it scrapes across your guts, churned up into a gummy froth. Khru fucks you through it, cock pulling from your ass slimy with his greyish load, smearing in clotted clumps across your bulging, bloated asshole. It's thick enough it only slowly spills out of you, bloating your guts and gurgling back down, until abruptly you're so flooded it pours down into your ass, each thrust sending out a gushing spray of cum splattering all over your bodies. Khru groans again, ripping his cock out in a sudden motion and stroking off, firing heavy ropes of cum all up your back, smacking onto your skin and sticking there.\n\nYour hole gapes, drooling cum, and you spasm and clench, hole pouting open and struggling to close. Your bruised asslips are swollen fat. It feels like he's still fucking you, the phantom sensation of his cock pounding into your guts still echoing through you, buzzing across the lips of your ass.\n\nKhru's not finished yet. He drops his cock, letting it drool the thick, silty dregs of his load across the small of your back, and he swipes a hand through the mess painted on your skin, coating his hand in a thick layer of grimy, gritty cum. He nocks his fist against your ass, knuckles spreading you open, and shoves his entire fist in, no problem. You groan, ass spasming around his hand, slobbery ropes of cum pouring out around his wrist, and he pulls back -- the crest of his hand a //spang// of sensation that makes you groan brokenly -- and catches the mess in his palm, squelching all over his fingers when he closes his fist, and shoves his hand back inside. He growls, hungry, as he sinks deeper inside, twisting around to work your flooded ass open even wider. He punches deeper, pulls back, twists, all the while your ass gurgling and slurping as he smears his thick load all over your internal flesh, glazing you in a mess of churned-up froth. When he rips his fist out again your hole stays gaped, pouting open with a crater-like ring of flushed, purplish flesh framing the sloppy pour of cum drooling down to your balls. You shudder and clench, asshole just bloating out further, cum squirting from your gaping ass, and Khru groans down, fingers catching the mess of cum pouring down your thighs and mashing it back into your gaping hole. He punch-fucks your hole, fist bashing back and forth through your broken ring until you let out a sobbing cry, and then he pauses for a moment, fist sunk into your ass, still as frothy cum drools out around his wrist, before starting again. Again and again. Your cock erratically spasms, sudden spurt as you pump cum from your dick, almost no sensation attached to it. Just relieving pressure as he hammers his knuckles against your prostate.\n\nHis cum thickens, forming gummy sheets peeling away from your flesh, or gritty globs stirring around in your guts. Khru ruts forward, still-hard cock skewing across your ass, and pulls his fist from your ass enough that he can jerk off, nuzzling his bloated cockhead against your gaping asshole. He cums quick, pre drooling into your ass before he fills you up again with his second load: guts gurgling as it spills deeper, heat rising as he turns your open, cavernous ass into a sloppy lake of his thick, churning cum.\n\nHe fists you again, cum splattering out all over, just working his hand back and forth over your rim until you're well and truly broken open, his hand sinking in through your grossly-swollen ring with absolutely no resistance.\n\nYou stop less when you cum, or he cums again, and more when he gets physically tired of brutalizing your ass: forearm sore, aching from punching into your guts so much. You collapse on the ground, his fist still stuck into your ass, half-glued inside with a thick ring of glossy dried cum welling up around it.\n\n<<sex "khru" "anal" "top">>\n<<sex "khru" "fist" "top">>\n<<biggest_spec "khru_fist" "anal">>
[ then he fucks you a bunch. an exhausting mess of him fucking you, and then fisting yr used hole, and then fucking you again while he sometimes shoves his hand into yr ass alongside his cock and jerking himself off inside you. cumming in you again and then getting two fists inside. etc. having you ride his dick while each thrust squirts his loads out from yr ass across his stomach and thighs. ]\n\n<<sex "khru" "anal" "top">>\n<<sex "khru" "fist" "top">>\n<<biggest_spec "khru_doublefist" "anal">>
<<display "khru fist bottom 1">>\n/*\n<<if $khruFist eq 0>>\\n<<display "khru fist bottom 1">>\n<<else if $khruFist eq 1>>\\n<<display "khru fist bottom 2">>\n<<else>>\\n<<display "khru fist bottom 2">>\n<<endif>>\n*/\n<<set $khruFistBottom += 1>>\\n\nYou collapse on the bedrolls next to him, and he just groans and slumps to the side, your knuckles still dug into the soft, pulpy flesh of his gaping ass. You're breathing hard, matching Khru's heaving chest; the both of you are coated in sweat and cum.\n\nYou're exhuasted, and you fall asleep easily, still curled up around Khru's thighs, a fist half-lodged in his ass.\n\n[[→|camprun]]
Khru's asshole, when he flops over, still shows the signs of <<print $khruBeast>>'s use: a bruised, puffy mound that spreads in the center into his slick guts. When he spreads his legs his hole parts, pouting open to show the purplish flesh of his inner ass. He groans, reaching back to tug on his ass cheek, stretching his hole out into a lopsided crater, rim spilling partway out from his ass to form a thick ridge softly sucking back and forth as he clenches and pushes.\n\nYou slide your hands across his ass, fingertips digging into the heated, pulpy flesh of his abused rim, and he groans and sinks his head down, face pressed into the sand as he hikes his hips up, grinding his ass back against you. Your fingers slide in effortlessly, parting the fat, hanging lobes of his wrinkled asshole. His ass pulsates around you, clenching in sudden spasms, and you twist your fingers around, sinking deeper. You feed him another finger, and another, and then your thumb, sliding the crest of your hand into his ass with only the slightest hitch: a weak shudder, asshole clenching before it flowers open around your hand, rim a bloated, rubbery ring sliding down over your hand until you're immersed in the hot, slick depths of his ass.\n\nKhru groans, shallowly rutting back against your hand, and you run your fingers across his inner flesh, still raw to the touch from his fucking. <<if $khruBeast eq "Brulvundojn">>His flesh is pulpy, seamed where the immense bulk of Brulvundojn's knot was stuck within him, and he hisses and whines as you play back and forth across his aching flesh.<<else>>There are thick lines of acid-burnt skin inside his ass, from where Astau's stinging cum poured down inside him in its strongest concentration, and you slide your fingers up along the paths, rubbing back and forth, across, and he hisses and whines.<<endif>> You work back and forth, sliding your fist from his ass and pushing it back in, watching as his hole clenches, spreads. You go harder, using more and more force until you're punching into his ass, making his fat cheeks jiggle, smacking back and forth over the rim of his ass, making it flush and bruise up more until a glossy, swollen slab of bloated flesh.\n\nThen you push deeper, fingertips pushing against the drumhead opening to his guts, and you hardly have to do more than slide them against the barrier before it spreads open wide. Khru groans as you work your forearm into his ass, his stretched hole shuddering, putting up some small resistance against the bulk of your forearm. This deep he's still flooded with cum, acid-green jelly sluggishly spilling down from his guts and slurping over his rim, spilling down across his balls and dribbling into the sand below, still fuming. His cock shudders, half-hard and leaking, drooling grimy pre as you work over his hole, slam into his prostate, sink your fist up into his guts. He groans and wheezes, rutting back against your fist, guts parting further and further up as you pull back and punch in further. Sloppy sprays of cum erupt from his ruined asshole, splattering back against your chest, and you pull out entirely once to see his ass gaping around nothing, flesh shuddering and twitching, able to see all the way up into his guts, catch the sloppy streamers of cum pouring down from his guts and pooling as a glossy, slimy lake in the ravaged flesh of his ass, before overflowing and drooling over the craggy ridges of his purpled asshole. Then you punch back inside, making his entire body rock with the force of it, forcing out an eruption of cum that glazes his cheeks in slime. You rock back and forth, other hand gripping his hip as you punch elbow-deep into his ass, bicep smacking against the furrow of his ass crack with a wet //smack// each time, forcing out a constant gurgle of sloppy, backed-up bestial cum.\n\nKhru lets out a ragged sob, shoulders pulling back, guts convulsing around your forearm, and he cums untouched, still half-hard cock abruptly twitching, pulsing, and pissing out squirt after squirt of thick ĝheist cum all over the sand beneath him. You keep working him over, fist rocking back and forth through the ruined entrance to his guts, and he squirms, cock still pouring out cum, body heaving with the force of his gasping breaths.\n\nHe finally stops cumming -- his load just a greasy smear on top of the spreading pile of <<print $khruBeast>>'s old cum, fisted out of him -- and you pull out, syrupy strands of cum webbed between your fist and his ass, snapping to smear across his thighs, slap down across his balls, tightly-furrowed between his legs. His asshole is a mess, yawning open to show off his ravaged guts. They're a flushed, mottled purple, glossy and flooded with slime, and you can see his anal walls shudder erratically, slurping back and forward, almost ready to prolapse out entirely out of his body. He clenches, asshole slurping shut, cum still pouring out in a frothy, churned-up mess. It's so bruised and swollen that even when he clenches it doesn't properly close, just forms a bulging mound that swells out from his body, rippling.\\n\n<<sex "khru" "fist" "bottom">>
[ you fist him w/ lightrot lube & get his ass slathered in glowing slurry & spreading enough to take you bicep-deep. you alternate back and forth, hole gulping up yr arms, the force of yr punches sending lightrot flecks splattering all over his ass and thighs & speckling across yr front. ]\n\n<<set $queuedUpper += 1>>\\n[ the lightrot burns as it soaks into yr arms. ]\n\n<<sex "khru" "fist" "bottom">>
<<set $camps['gawann'] += 1>>
[[''you''|you][$back = "camp"]] and Gawann set up camp.\n\n<<set $_camprun to "gawanncamprun">>\\n<<if $camps['gawann'] == 0>>\\nYou look over at Gawann when you're in the tent, afterwards. He's considerably more alien-looking than the ĝheist. He spent most of the day walking on all-sixes.\n\n"It's strange walking on the uplands," he says, as you're making some small talk before settling in. "It's very bright. And I'm not used to spending so much time with the ĝheist."\n\nYou ask if he doesn't live in a hive, then.\n\n"A hive isn't just a bunch of ĝheist. A hive is big; they fill the caverns they're built inside. Many people of the hive have their own living spaces -- on the surface of the lake, or in burrows up along the cavern walls. My people build their own sections of the hive," he explains. "Obviously we //see// many ĝheist, but that's different than traveling with them for months. They're very different."\n\nOne of those differences is that he's apparently entirely comfortable being completely naked. The only thing he wears is his harness, across his shoulders and back, and that's purely functional, to carry his packs. When walking, his balls were drawn up tight, a big leathery lump at the base of his tail, but now sitting in your tent they're starting to relax and droop down, furrowed flesh spreading out to practically puddle over the ground, balls immense oblong weights pinned between his haunches.\n\nGawann notices you looking. You only notice he notices when he gets up and his balls shift: lurching forward over his thighs, then sagging down as he stands fully, drooping down to his knees in a heavy, bulky teardrop, smacking against his flanks when he walks towards you.\n\n"One of the differences," he says, as he approaches, "is the sex drive. They're constantly in rut. They've all been fucking each other nightly."\n\nYou kind of mumble out an 'oh?', because, well, he's close enough that above his balls you can see the bulging slit of his sheath, and how it's slowly starting to spread.\n\nHe continues: "I don't //gotta// fuck every night. But, if you want..." he says, and trails off, legs splayed, sheath parting wider and wider without his cockhead as-of-yet pushing out into the open.\n\n<<set $gawannPrompt to true>>\\n* [[yeah i definitely want that|gawann fuck]]\n* [[nah i can go a day or two without constantly fucking|camprun]]\n<<else if $sex['gawann'] eq 0>>\\nHe sits back on his haunches, stretching his neck, rolling his shoulders -- and mid-shoulders -- to get the kinks out. His anatomy is so alien you have a hard time not staring, all strange sheets of muscle and gnarls of smooth chitin. His balls are just as enormous as before, spilling down over his haunches to puddle on the sand, enormous smooth swells, oblong, slightly-curving.\n\n<<set $gawannPrompt to false>>\\n* [[hey you mind if i play with your balls some|gawann fuck]]\n* [[just go to sleep|camprun]]\n<<else>>\\nHe sprawls on his side, balls puddled loose across his inner haunches, flanks moving with his breaths. He shifts, sheath pinned up against his stomach, bulging out in a rubbery-looking swell, just starting to part.\n\nHe says, "So, how are you feeling? Tired after the day's travel?" You say you're good. He nods distractedly, sheath swelling minutely, cock starting to peek out.\n\n<<set $gawannPrompt to false>>\\n* [[hey i could take care of yr dick if you want|gawann fuck]]\n* [[just go to sleep|camprun]]\n<<endif>>
<<if $sex['gawann'] gte $camps['gawann'] && $sex['gawann'] gt 2 && !$gawanPrompt>>\\nGawann leers at you. "You're pretty insatiable, you know. Anybody ever tell you that?"\n\nYou say, maybe. You tell him but instead of talking about that more you have better things you could do with your mouth. He laughs and gestures at his cock, as if to say, go wild.\n\n<<endif>>\\n<<if $sex['gawann'] eq 0>><<display "gawann fuck 1">>\n\n[[→|camprun]]\n<<else>><<display "gawann fuck choice">>\\n<<endif>>
He grins, letting his muzzle hang open, showing his teeth. You wonder if that's a learned behavior, because not smiling at the great beasts of the wasteland because it's generally a threat display to anybody that's not human was like, lesson one in interacting with other peoples. But then you stop thinking about that because Gawann steps closer, and you lean back to let him in, until you're resting against your rolled-up blankets and he's standing astride you, immense balls resting atop your thighs. He reaches out with his middle limbs, and you startle a little -- his hind paws are splayed out at your knee, and his forepaws (well, hands) are at your shoulders, and it's strange to feel all of that and then have a whole other set of hands touching you.\n\nHe leans in and kisses you, tongue unfurling out of his mouth, long and slimy and warted as he licks across your face, and you arch up, kissing across the side before he coils it into your mouth, heavy and huge and flexible, squirming in past your teeth. Drool spills all across your face, gurgling into your mouth, and you swallow, hands curling around his bulky, muscled neck as you sloppily kiss. His hands tug at your clothes, deftly unlacing and unlatching everything, spreading you bare from chest to mid-thigh, while all the while drenching you in his drool, sloppy fluid running down your neck and over your bare chest.\n\nA burst of fluid hits you from another angle, a hot drizzle across your stomach, and you jerk back, breaking the kiss -- his tongue emerging, whiplike, from your throat -- and looking down. His cock is enormous.\n\nIt's finally pushed from his sheath, or at least some of it has. It's purple-black, the same as his tongue, and smoothly glossy. Along the upper half of his cockhead, the rim bulges up, out, and back into a thick crest, swept behind the bulk of his cockhead and easily doubling its girth. The crest is about a finger-length long, you find when you grab it, both hands come nowhere near to encircling the thing. His spongy, rubbery flesh bulges out from the back of the crest, and you slide your fingers across it, rubbing back and forth. He growls, rutting forward, cock thudding in your loose grasp. His shaft is comparatively slimmer, almost slim enough to wrap your hands around, with a hugely-pronounced bulge running down the underside.\n\nHis dick is more suited to the stature of an animal than a man. By which you mean the thing is about the size of your entire arm, and when it's fully unsheathed it spans nearly all the way to his head, sandwiched between his quad-pecs. If he sat back the image would be absurd, cock jutting up all the way to his chest, ludicrously long for his body. But when he's on all fours (sixes) it's only mostly absurd. An enormous alien animal cock, sheath pillowed at the base, balls nearly dragging on the ground, cock drawn down into a long, low arch from its own immense weight.\n\nThat's a fucking big dick, you say, and he just lets out a snarling kind of laugh, still humping it forward, bashing it against your chest.\n\nYou milk the head, both hands tugging on his crest, palms squelching against the smooth, slick flesh of his cockhead. He growls again, vibration buzzing the air around you, and he lurches forward, pinning you to the ground, six reptilian paws on your chest, arms, shoulders, sides. He ruts forward, his gargantuan balls lurching forward against your thighs, cock a massive cannon slung between you, sliding smoothly over your skin. He gushes pre, a sloppy shot that erupts out all over your chest and face. His pre is dark, a cloudy grey-black where it pools across your chest, and you catch some of the drizzle in your hands and smear it back down across his cock, stroking the tip of his cock smoothly. He huffs and pants, muzzle open and drooling as he humps his cock against your body, utterly drenching you in spurts of his alien pre.\n\nWhere ĝheist cum mostly tastes bitter, sour, rancid, his tastes like hot metal. You lean up -- straining against his weight pinning you -- and lap at his cock. His cockhead is smoothly curved, with a bulge near the center, and you trace your tongue up its sloppy flesh and catch the tip just in time for him to let out an enormous splattering gush, painting your face in stringy lines of pre, hot and wet pouring down your cheeks, spilling over to trickle down the back of your neck. You gulp, swallowing the mouthful of pre, and press your face against his cockhead. Even without the crest it would be fist-sized, nearly impossible to swallow, and with it it's far too big to ever fit in your mouth. That doesn't mean you don't try. You slurp over the tip, lips sucking, tongue pressed flat against his shiny skin, slathering it up and down as you drink down the filmy streamers of pre.\n\nC'mon, you say, stroking his cock, letting him fuck it through the loose grip of your hands. C'mon I wanna see you blow your load all over me.\n\nHe lets out a keening groan, flanks heaving, hips driving forward with inhuman force, plunging his sloppy cock through your hands and jerking it back out, rubbery cockhead //spang//ing out on each pump and splattering you with hot droplets of pre, everywhere you're not already saturated. His balls lurch forward, weight slapping against your thighs, rolling over your own cock, pinning it flat to your belly from their weight.\n\nYou feel his cock tremble. Minute shudders run along its length, and the muscles of his underbelly clench and pull. His balls furrow, lurching upward with each thrust to smack solidly against your cock, and he digs his claws into the sand, clawing up sand as he spreads his legs. He snarls, snapping at the air, and his cock throbs hard in your hands, pumping dry for a second before he erupts, spraying an arcing burst of cum in all directions.\n\nHis cum is like quicksilver, or molten metal: metallic and shiny, totally opaque. It's //heavy//, pressing down on your body as he erupts all across your chest, pelting your face -- you close your eyes, cum washing over you in splattering waves, audibly gurgling as it pumps out from his titanic cock. You just hold on, stroking his cockhead as he ruts against you, cock spraying out bucketfuls of cum all over you, soaking the sand all around you. You rut up, cock sliding against his sheath, dizzy and flushed, maybe your half-hard cock shooting too; it's hard to tell. You groan, flush with pleasure, cum adding a heavy drag to his cock sliding over your chest, and you wrap your arms around it, letting him fuck your chest, cockhead smearing all over your face. Probably his cum isn't that bad for you, but you don't drink much of it anyway, just in case.\n\nHe keeps cumming for what feels like minutes, pulse after pulse rippling through his cock until you're beyond soaked. Eventually he flops to the side, groaning, and you smear one drenched forearm against your drenched face, mostly just smearing his load around. It's slightly more liquid than human cum, and noticeably denser; it flows in strange patterns when you sit up, movement alien as it pours down your body.\n\nYou say, what was that about you having a lower sex drive, and Gawann laughs, sprawled on his side, cock still sluggishly spurting quicksilver cum. He says, "I don't //have to// fuck." You give him a 'go on' kind of look. "But I certainly //can//."\n\nYou swipe some cum off your side and ask him if it's bad to eat it. He shakes his head, leans over, muzzle open, tongue slapping against the side of your hand and then curling entirely around it, and slurps your entire hand into his mouth, licking up the mess. Then he pushes himself up, spits out your hand, and kisses you, tongue shoving back down your throat, mouth flooded with the slimy mess of his spit and cum. You gurgle wetly around his tongue, and he pulls back, drags his tongue across your cum-covered face, gulps some down but shares the rest with you, drooling cloudy cum across your face as he drools it into your mouth. You gulp, grimacing at the strong metallic taste, burning down your throat.\n\nIn between sloppily making out, you gesture at his dick. You ask him, that gonna be enough? He says, "I don't think you could take any more."\n\nYou want to take that as a challenge, but it is late and you are tired. You tell him to ask you about it next night.\n<<sex "gawann" "frot" "top">>
[yr making out w/ his cockhead until yr head is entirely glazed w/ reeking metal head pre. and yr like 'hey fuck me' and he's like "my cockhead ridge is pretty flexible but it's not _that_ flexible"]\n\n<<if hasMutation("wide hips")>>\\n[yr like "i might surprise you".]\n\n<<else>>\\n[yr like "i definitely still want to try"]\n\n[he grinds his cockhead against yr ass and gets you to slop open but yr hips are too narrow to really fit his cock, & he's like. hold on i got something that would help. and leans over to get some lightrot lube and just pours it into yr gaping asshole & then stirs it around w/ his cock as yr hips start to burn and warp from the lightrot]\\n<<set $queuedLower += 1>>\\n<<set $tfIncite to "gawann fuck 2">>\\n<<endif>>\n\n[anyway then yr ass swallows up his cock and he fucks you a bunch and gets you all cumflated.]\n\n<<sex "gawann" "anal" "top">>
His cock just kinda spills out of his sheath as you're talking. He might be starting to associate camping with you with sex. And, you know, rightly so.\n\nHe says, "Oh yeah? What're you up for?"\nYou think about his dick:\n\n* [[hey fuck me again|gawann fuck branch][$_gawann = "gawann fuck again"]]\n/%\n* <<if $sex['gawannanaltop'] gt 0 >>[[hey you should fuck me|gawann fuck 2]]<<else>>[[hey just fuck me again|gawann fuck branch][$_gawann = "gawann fuck again"]]<<endif>>\n* [[lemme fuck you|gawann fuck branch][$_gawann = "gawann fuck top"]] %/\n* [[how about you fuck my throat|gawann fuck branch][$_gawann = "gawann throatfuck"]]\n/% * [[i wanna fuck your sheath|gawann fuck branch][$_gawann = "gawann sheathfuck"]]\n%/\n* [[nevermind|camprun]]
<<display $_gawann>>\n\n[[→|camprun]]
[you fuck him on yr back w/ him riding yr dick, and his mammoth cock bobbing up and down between you, pissing pre all across yr chest and face & sometimes he hilts himself on yr cock so hard his cock smacks against yr chest with a wet _splat_ and peels away w/ hundreds of tiny lines of pre webbed between you]\n\n<<sex "gawann" "anal" "bottom">>
Gawann flops to the side, and you shift in between his haunches. There's a foot or so of cock lolling out over his thigh, dark flesh glimmering with internal fluids. It weakly ripples, beads of runny pre spilling over the wrinkled flesh of his softened cockhead. You slide your fingers up his shaft, coating your fingers with slick slime, and curl your hands around his cockhead, sliding your thumbs against the ridged underside, fingers splaying out to rub against the broad crest sweeping back across the top half. Another bead of pre bubbles up from his dimpled cockhole, and you lean in, pressing your tongue to the flat tip, lapping it up. It tastes metallic, tinny with a bitter aftertaste, and you press your face against his cockhead, spreading your lips, tongue rippling against his cockhole, catching the weak spurts of pre.\n\nEven mostly-soft his cockhead is about the size of your fist, too big to wrap around with one hand. You play with his crest: it's soft and spongy, fluttering a little in resistance when you pin it back against his shaft. You slide down his cock, your nose mashed against the rim of his cockhead as you drool against the underside, lips spread over half of its bulk.\n\nYeah, you think you can manage this.\n\nGawann just looks at you. He says, "I'm used to hearing that from horny ĝheist. But a human's a new one."\n\n<<if isBiggest('gawann', 'oral')>>\\nYou say, actually, this isn't even the biggest dick I've managed to swallow\n\nHe says, "Really."\n\n<<if isBiggest('brulvundojn', 'oral')>>\\nYou say, you don't know if he's seen him, but there's this great beast nearby, Brulvundojn. And sure his wolf dick starts with a point, not with this thing -- you squeeze his cockhead crown for emphasis; you're still stroking his cock an inch from your face through this entire conversation -- but he managed to cram his knot into your mouth more than a few times and you're still around to talk about it.\n<<else>>\\nYou say, just go a little easy. But trust me.\n<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>\\n\nIt's definitely gonna be a challenge. But you're hard from the thought of trying it.\n\nFully unsheathed now, his cock spans from his crotch to between his second set of arms. It's is nearly the length of your arm, and thicker in places. You think about that: an arm shoved down your throat, fingers grasping into your stomach.\n\nYou drool over his cock, pumping it in both hands. You lap at the tip, drooling, letting your spit mingle with his oozing pre, and you suck the rim of his cockhead into your mouth, smearing along the flat-capped lip. You open wide: sucking half his cockhead into your mouth, jaw aching, lips vainly trying to encircle it. His cock shudders, splattering a mess of pre all across the roof of your mouth, and you spit it back out, smearing it across his flesh as added lube. You have to do this a few times: struggling to open wider, needing to pull back, cough, sputter, work your jaw, as you loosen yourself up.\n\nGawann seems... indulgent, at least, breathing hard as you play with his cockhead, hips moving minutely to mash his cockhead against your face. You tell him, voice all thick and clotted, that he's gonna have to actually do some of the work later on. He snorts.\n\nYou turn back to his cock. You huff, panting against his cockhead, letting his spurts of pre splatter against your face, drooling down your chest in a wash of murky grey. You open wide, jaw aching but also relaxed, and slowly spread your lips: his brutally-fat cockhead digging into your lower lip, teeth sheathed under it; while you suck and slobbery across his cockhead, sinking down, pushing forward, grinding his cock against your face in the hopes the added pressure will help. It's achingly thick, cockhead slowly cresting him, rolling in over your spread lips: warping your mouth into an inhuman orifice, flesh drawn out into smooth curves, lips bulging up around the tip of his cock. You breathe through your mouth, inhaling the rank metallic reek of his cock, and dazedly slump forward, jaw shuddering as your lips spread just an iota more: only the final ridge of his cockhead outside your mouth, dragging against your upper lip, the long slope of his crest, pinned tight to his shaft but still so, so thick. You gurgle, frozen in place, just letting his implacable cockhead sink in on its own time, fractionally. Your mouth yawns open, warped grotesquely, and you manage to keep his cockhead in your mouth for all of a half second before you gag, jaw spasming, and have to spit it out, along with a messy spume of slobbery pre.\n\nYou pant, gasping, working your jaw. You say, not bad for the first try.\n\nGawann looks flushed, or as flushed as a blue-black reptile monster can get. "You should try that again," he says, lumbering up to his feet, letting his cock hang down beneath him, fat and heavy.\n\nYou say, a lot more interested now that it doesn't seem totally impossible, huh?\n\nHe lets out a hungry growl. "If you want me to fuck your face, I'm gonna fuck your face."\n\nYou grin at him, jaw loose and aching, and sink back down on his cock. On your back this time, squirming across his underbelly, throat aligned so that he could actually sink in. Just the thought of him actually sheathing down your throat has you hard; your own cock bobs up in the air, untouched and drooling pre.\n\nHis cockhead crest is just so wide. It's rough. Your mouth is slobbery with slime and pre; that helps. You open wide, lips aching as you warp them over his mammoth cockhead, stinging where they split, and you gurgle as you slowly, slowly sink your head down over his cockhead. His pre spills across your teeth, stringy and gummy. Your jaw clicks, spread so wide it aches, and it's easy enough to close your eyes and swallow, letting your jaw unhinge, dislocating as it sags out, loose. That makes it easier. Gawann lets out a curious rumble, head twisting back to watch; you feel the motion, his shoulders press against your stomach, rather than see it. Slobbery pre washes across your upturned face, mouth and jaw and throat already stretched out into sheets of flesh, just incoherent shapes bulging around the pillar of his cock. His cockhead shifts deeper, cockhead crest jamming against the opening to your throat, and you let out one final gurgle before opening your throat up and letting him thrust in. Carving your throat open as a tight, spasming hole for him to fuck. His paws shift in the sand, clawing, and he shoves in -- once, twice, a third time -- and each time his cockhead slams deeper: crest pinned tight against his cockhead, your throat erratically convulsing against the stretch, forced open by the bulk of his massive cock. Slime squelches inside your throat, thick phlegm coating his shaft as he plunges deeper. Your throat warps, flesh lurching and stretching from the sheer size.\n\nThere's a soggy, hollow //pop// when his cockhead pushes down into your ribcage, his crest springing back out with a lurch that makes you gag and retch, just squirting a mess of sludge up through your throat, staying there in bloated pockets before his shifts and it can squirt up your throat, out your mouth and nose in a wash of stringy slime that pours all over your already-drenched face. That much, and that's maybe half his cock. Your nose is mashed against the underside of his shaft, glazed now in the sludge you keep retching up, and dimly you can feel his paws around you, pinning you under his bulk. But still nowhere near all of his cock. His cockhead shudders inside you, flexing and twitching as he spurts pre into your throat, and it's almost easy to take more: his cock sliding down through your already ruined throat until the tip pops through directly into your stomach, near the bottom of your ribs, flooding it directly with gush after gush of heavy pre. Your stomach roils, shuddering, and you retch again, vomiting up a mess of sludgy, frothing pre that just adds more lube to the length of his cock, more slime building up through your throat in bloated pockets, drooling from your nose and mouth in frothy, lathered up streams.\n\nYou're pinned up against his underbelly as he brutally fucks your throat, cock plowing down until your stomach warps and opens, letting him sink all the way down into your guts, mashing the pillowy mounds of his bloated sheath against your slime-drenched face. You're weakly gagging, constantly, a froth of sludge squirting from your nose and mouth, blowing bubbles when you struggle to breathe. His paws hit the ground, properly mounting you like an animal as he ruthlessly fucks your throat, his alien cock churning your stomach, ruining your throat. Your entire body feels hollowed out, like you're just an orifice for him to fuck. His sheath mashes against your bruised lips, pillowy and heavy, and his balls crack against your head, shuddering hard when he grinds down, mashing them across your face.\n\nOver the throb of your heart, the rush of blood in your ears, you can hear him keening and yowling, roaring as he dumps his load directly down into your guts. His cock ripples rhythmically, a pulsing rod skewering you through, his cockhead flaring -- warping the flesh of your stomach into a lopsided lump -- as he cums. You can only dimly feel it, heat blossoming deep inside you, a wet weight sloshing around somewhere under your lungs.\n\nWhen he finally rips his cock out of your stomach, his cockhead crest scrapes its way up, scouring your aching, abused flesh until it pops into the back of your mouth, abruptly unblocking your throat. You gurgle, throat carved open into an open passageway, cum burbling up directly from your stomach: his heavy, metallic cum cut through with the sour taste of stomach acid. You lurch to the side -- only aware then how heavy your stomach is, bulging and swollen with his load -- and vomit up his load, heaving and coughing as you gag on nothing, broken throat muscles making each attempt at closing bring up a deep, retching spasm. His cum leaves a hot-metal taste in your mouth, stuck in your nose, as you cough up mouthful after mouthful of cum. Even afterwards, draining out, your stomach is still bloated: pumped too deep, directly down into your guts.\n\nYou say, with your broken, hoarse voice, that maybe he was right about it being too much. But, then again, maybe not. His cock, half-hard and still fully unsheathed, glimmers dully in the light, and there's a hot curl in your stomach, wanting it back down your throat already.\n\n<<sex "gawann" "oral" "top">>
[you and gawann sit pressed against each other w/ yr cocks pressed up between you -- his basically sandwiched between your faces -- and you play with the rubbery, elastic flesh of his sheath until you can shove your whole hand in there alongside his cock, and you slide yr cock in and fuck his sheath while making out with him / his gushing cockhead]\n\n<<sex "gawann" "sheathfuck" "bottom">>
<<display "gawann fuck 1">>\n/%\n[he just fucks you again, & leaves your asshole a cratered mess drooling cum]\n\n<<sex "gawann" "anal" "top">>\n%/
<<set $yraalNight += 1>>
[[''You''|you][$back = "camp"]] and Yraal set up camp.\n\n<<set $_camprun to "yraalcamprun">>\\nYraal knows his way around the supplies, and with his increased arm span he very easily plants the tent's struts in the ground and hooks everything together. Then he settles down in the tent with a groan.\n\n<<if $yraalReject>>\\nYou make small talk for a bit. He doesn't ask to fuck, but you can hear the wet squelches of him jerking off after you head in to sleep.\n\n[[→|camprun]]\n<<else if $yraalNight eq 0>>\\n"So," he says, voice gravelly. "You down to fuck?"\n\nForward, you say.\n\nHe shrugs. "Pent up." He gropes his cock, an enormous mound bloating out under his heavy gut.\n\n* [[sure let's go|yraal initial setup]]\n* [[nah sorry|camprun]]\n<<else if $yraalFuck eq 0>>\n"Fuck," he says, groping his crotch. "Pthuul blew me before we left. Not used to getting this pent up." He looks over at you. "You good?"\n\n* [[yeah let's go for it|yraal initial setup]]\n* [[nope sorry|yraal reject]]\n<<else>>\n<<display "yraal camp repeat">>\n<<endif>>
You say nope, sorry.\n\nYraal lets out a rumbling laugh. "That's fine," he says. "I can take the hint."\n\n<<set $yraalReject to true>>\\n[[→|camprun]]
You say sure, let's see what he's got.\n\nHe tugs open his pants with his huge paws. He's gigantic all over: not just huge and fat, but with hands that could easily grab your entire head, even with his stubby fingers.\n\nHis dick is a big mound. He's got a heavy fat pad under his gut, swallowing up most of his dick and pushing his foreskin forward into a gigantic fist-sized mound. It's drooping down under its own weight, half-flooded with his silty pre, and as he shifts his weight his grimy pre squirts out of his overhanging foreskin. His balls are so huge it's hard for you to actually tell what's going on for a second; at first you just see his concrete-pillar thighs, and then he reaches down and hefts up and you realize his balls totally fill the space under his dick, an enormous bulging mound as broad as your chest that you took for a swell of fat-smoothed muscle. Even Yraal's gigantic hands can't cup his balls properly; he has to laboriously heft them out and up, and they shudder and jerk, drooping down slightly across the front of his pants in a bloated mound.\n\nHe grinds his hand against his balls, other hand grabbing his mounded cock and rhythmically squeezing. He lets out a guttural groan, and you hear more than see his pre work its way out of his flooded foreskin with a series of squelches and slurps, wetly cracking against his skin.\n\n"You wanna help me out?" he says, and peels his hand of his cock. He's already slathered with pre, with finger-thick webs in goopy lines smeared all across his hand. The mound of his cock shudders, squirming, and a slobbery waterfall of slime pours from his still-sheathed cock, spilling down onto the bulk of his balls.\n\n[[→|yraal initial fuck]]
You drop to your knees in front of Yraal. His gut is heavy, sagging further now that his pants are undone, and its fat bulk entirely covers his cock -- but not his balls, bunched between his legs, and not the thick strands of slime drooling from under his gut, sheening his skin and forming long, flabby strands hanging down from his belly and thighs. His balls churn up and down, flesh furrowing and relaxing slowly and sending his balls swaying. They're genuinely grotesque, massive and lopsided; their bulk juts forward, sandwiching his oozing cock within folds of bulging flesh -- gut above, balls beneath -- with only cords of slime showing you where it lies.\n\nYou lean in and lap across his belly, tasting dust and salt and rancid ĝheist pre, and Yraal groans and sways forward, mashing your face against his fat gut. He gropes across his stomach, lifting up and peeling his gut off his thighs, using his other hand to mash you into the dark, pungent space there, reeking and slick. Your first breath is dizzying, hot and humid, rich with the scent of his pre, and so rank it almost hurts to inhale. All you can hear is muffled squelching, his thighs pinning your ears flat; that and the thrum of your heart.\n\nHis stomach presses against your head, face buried between his folds, and his cockhead is a hard, stiff spar knocking against your face, smearing thick slime over your skin. It's immense -- stubby even by human standards, most of its length hidden in the fat pad around his crotch, but it's brutally thick. It's still sheathed in his foreskin, damp leathery skin rubbing across your face as he ruts against your head, and your open mouth isn't wide enough for him to push in.\n\nYou lick across his skin, turning your head to lap at the thick, gooey patches of slime across his thighs, and his cockhead feels like a burning brand shoved across your cheek . Your spit mixes with his constantly-pouring pre, already slathering together into a frothing mess spilling down your jaw. He nudges your mouth back in place, one huge hand spanning the back of your head, and ruts forward. His cockhead is enormous, a fist-sized core sheathed in rubbery folds of foreskin, smearing all across your mouth and jaw. You open wide, slurping on his skin, trying to suck its jaw-cracking girth into your mouth. His foreskin wrinkles up in folds, your lips pinned inside it as he sinks a fraction of his cockhead into you.\n\nYou find the opening in his half-retracted foreskin with your tongue, prying inside, and the taste of ĝheist pre bursts across your tongue as you lap and drool against his sheathed cockhead -- sour and metallic, meaty. His cockhead pulses, flesh squelching around your head, and his next shot of pre erupts into your mouth, strong and forceful without the slimy layers of his foreskin to reduce the spurt to a slow drool. You groan, swallowing, unable to purse your lips around his rolls of foreskin, and half of the shot drools out of your mouth, smearing all across his already-slick thighs, drooling down your chin to smear into the supple, churning flesh of his giant balls. You struggle to catch more, tongue smearing out of his foreskin to lap along the underside of his sheathed cockhead, but his cock pulses again, and again, and again, slime pooling on the floor of your mouth and coating your tongue in its taste, until your struggle isn't to swallow more but to gasp in air from your flooded mouth. You gurgle, letting his thick, gummy pre pour from your open mouth out all over his skin, smearing into a thick mess that coats your head entirely and starts to drool down your chest in hot, burning strands.\n\nHe sinks his cockhead a fraction deeper in your mouth, jaw straining, lips stretched, and his foreskin peels back enough for the raw flesh to prod, burning hot, against the roof of your mouth. His cockhead itself is knobbly, covered in fat bumps all across its dome, and the inside of his foreskin is coated in them too, rolling smoothly against your gums, tongue, the inside of your mouth. His bloated, gnarled cockhead spreads your bruised lips out around its full girth. Your nose digs into the soft, dense pad of fat under his gut, and he ruts shallowly back and forth.\n\nHis cock hoses down your mouth with vile, rancid pre, building up in your mouth, sloshing in thick, scummy waves as you struggle to swallow it. It burns, thick and sour, churning in your stomach, and you cough wetly, spraying a mass of slime out across his already-sodden thighs, wet sludge winding its way through the slimy passages where his flesh encircles yours -- gut, thighs, balls, all squelching and squirting slime as you rut against each other. Each breath you take is a gurgling mess, nose half-clogged with slime, air blowing back against your face as you pant and gurgle and gasp.\n\nAll that and he's hardly even fucking you, just his hands bearing you down against his cock, a shallow half-inch of motion rutting back and forth. He fucks your face, letting you gasp for breath between being shoved down against his broad, soft fat pad, cock constantly spewing vile sludge into your mouth.\n\nHe groans, grinding your head down, and cums, cock flexing under your lips, the gummy spurts of pre becoming thicker, grittier, crunching in the back of your mouth when you swallow. That's the only difference: webs of cum instead of pre coating you, cum thicker, denser, more acrid, just as copious. His cock twitches, cum burbling out from his mounded foreskin, drooling across your tongue as you lap it up.\n\nYou can't say how long it goes on for. Yraal is all around you, squelching thighs framing your head, belly grinding down on you, balls wetly mashing against your neck, face buried against his mounded cock, his folds of foreskin squirting out rank globs of cum. He pulls you back, eventually, and you think he's spent. Cords of cum coat your front, glossy membranes of smeared slime dragging out between you, anchored in chunky globs to your face, wrapped around your head. Froth glitters in the membrane, caught in place, all of it so thick and sticky it doesn't droop at all, just allows more and more slime to sluice across its cords, dumping tarry sludge onto you in greasy dollops.\n\n"You had enough?" he asks. He's still cumming. His mounded cock juts out, cum piling up at the tip as it shudders and flexes, forming a massive, fist-sized glob of slime that sluggishly starts to spill downward, dragging out into a wrist-thick rope of gummy, crunchy cum. "I could rein it in now, give it a break. But you look real nice painted in my cum, and I'm still kinda backed up. You wanna give it another hour and see how nice you look?"\n\n* [[yeah c'mon drench me|yraal nightly orgasm]]\n* [[nah|yraal cum reject]]\n<<set $yraalFuck += 1>>\n<<sex "yraal" "oral" "top">>
You say, gurgle really, that nah you're about as covered in cum as you'd like to be.\n\nYraal kinda smirks at that, but he pulls back, letting the dregs of his orgasm spill down from his pulsing cock-mound in silty cords. The cords of slime tethering your face to his crotch slowly droop down and snap, splattering cum across your chest, and you stay there panting for a while before you start wiping the mess of cum off your slathered skin.\n\n[[→|camprun]]
You beg for more. He grins and mashes you back against his spurting cock, the huge ropy cord of cum splattering over your face, slapping against your chest.\n\nHe staggers and slowly heaves himself down to the ground, hand keeping you pinned to his cock the whole time, and it's only after a few more minutes that you realize he's going to sleep, still cumming. His balls are churning, draped over your chest in a heavy mound, and they squeeze and pulse, internal muscles spasming, cock flexing, each time he spews out another messy rope of cum all over you. You're cocooned in slime, face lost in a mess: cords of cum strung together in thick rubbery sheets, with bubbles of froth glistening as they slowly stretch and smear apart.\n\nIt takes a while, cum still burbling across your face, spilling in greasy cords down your chest and back, but slowly you fall asleep too, pinned against Yraal's bulk.\n\n<<set $_awake to "yraal cum awake">>\n[[→|camprun]]
You wake inside a crusty crystalis: Yraal's load -- still sluggishly oozing silty cum from his mounded cock -- dried in the night into brittle shards, cracking and crumbling apart only to glue back together from the excess cum still coating your body. <<if !hasMutation("scales")>>Your braids are all glued together, and glued to your scalp, in a single immobile mass. <<endif>>You're coated head-to-toe in his half-dried load, cum still thick and gummy beneath the dried, hardened layers, and you practically crawl out of the cage of shards, peeling half-dried sheets off your skin. You're all goopy.\n\n"Slept well?" Yraal says, with a grin, and you say, yeah.
You make small talk for a bit. He's groping his cock, half jerking-off, wet squelches loud and sloppy in the silence between words, and it only takes a minute or two before he's totally soaked through the front of his pants. He tugs his gut up so he can free his cock, idly shoving his pants down, just casually groping his squelching, gushing mound while he keeps talking.\n\nHe leers at you when he notices you staring.\n\n* [[how about you fuck me|yraal fuck top]]\n* [[lemme suck yr cock more|yraal oral top]]\n* [[how about i play w/ your ass|yraal fisting bottom]]\n* [[listen i'm pretty backed up too|yraal options]]\n* [[i gotta sleep actually|camprun]]
You ask Yraal to fuck you.\n\nHe snorts. "Flip over, then," he says, and uses one of his enormous paws to do it for you.\n\nYou splay out on the sand, legs spread wide around Yraal's bulk, with him kneeling behind you. His hand is leathery and hot as he feels down your back, over your ass cheeks, fingers stroking over the furrowed flesh of your balls and then back up to press against your hole. His fingers are each as thick as a cock already, warted and thick, and he bears down, sliding one finger and then two inside. You groan, squirming, hole pulsing from the stretch, and Yraal uses his other hand to smear something slick across his fingers as he starts sliding them in and out, motion rough from the waxy crests of warts coating his skin. Pre, obviously, made even more clear when he shifts forward and you feel stringy drops of hot slime splatter across your calves and thighs, dripping down from his mounded cock.\n\nOne hand presses down between your shoulderblades, pinning you in place as he bears down on you: gut resting across your lower back and ass, his thick thighs pressing against your own. His fingers keep playing with your ass, wetly slurping now as he drools pre all over your ass. His cock is a hot brand, flesh-shrouded cockhead digging against your cheeks, smearing his thick pre all over your flesh, and he twists his fingers inside you, hand scooping up globs of pre and feeding them into your ass.\n\nHe ruts against you, slowly, body giant as he bears down on you. He's jerking off and fingerfucking you with the same hand, palm grinding along his stubby cock, pushing into his broad fat pad, and when he gushes pre it drools all along his fingers, straight into your sloppy ass. His fingers squelch, sinking into you, dull clawtips digging into the walls of your ass, and he pries something open deeper inside you, letting his tarry pre gurgle down into your guts. You pant, working your guts, able to gulp and swallow around his fingers. Yraal splatters more pre across the rim of your asshole, spreading your wider, and bears down. His cockhead is too fat and short to push inside. His foreskin is a mess of bloated flesh, pillowy and soft wrapped around the stiff, hot brand of his cockhead, and slowly, sluggishly, he ruts against you, cock leaving behind huge stringy webs of pre as he grinds against your ass.\n\nHis titanic balls mash against your thighs, pinned there by his bulk. Each time he grinds forward, they surge up, mashed tight, and his cock lets out a thicker eruption of pre, a gushing spray splattering over your skin and gurgling into your flooded asshole.\n\nYraal's foreskin peels back slowly, folded layers slurping down over his cockhead until the bare flesh kisses your bloated ass-lips: burning hot and iron-hard, and the sudden force of his pre -- gushing directly into you instead of drooling through his puckered foreskin -- makes you gasp as they splatter all across the walls of your ass. His bloated cocklips catch across your asshole, as big as a pair of lips, and you can distinctly feel them spread and open, spitting ropes of pre all over your ass, smearing the mess over your flesh, pursing and spreading, buried in the folds of your sloppy asshole. His foreskin is a gigantic mound of pillowy flesh pinned back against his fat pad, like huge lips kissing your bloated asshole, and his cock is a stiff tongue, mashing into the open socket of your spread asshole, squelching and gurgling as he fills you up with his grimy, clotted pre.\n\nHis fingers slide over your rim, claws digging into the underside of your asshole, and he spreads you open even wider, dragging your swollen asshole out into a lopsided oval. He's huffing above you, breathing hard, and his cock shudders harder, spraying gushes of pre into your flooded ass, excess drooling out around his still-pumping fingers and smearing together with the webbed mess of slime tethering you together: cords drooling down your thighs, wetly smacking against your ass with each thrust, oozing out across your back and hips when he grinds down harder. You pant, whining back as he shoves another finger in, spreading your asshole out into a gaping gulf, and his shots of pre fire straight through into the sloppy lake of slime flooding your ass, slowly gurgling down into your guts.\n\nThe shuddering ache of him playing with your hole, of him spearing forwards to play with your guts, grows and grows. You groan, utterly pinned under Yraal's bulk, unable to wriggle away from the sensation as it builds inside you. You sob, letting out a cry, and your guts spasm, hole clenching around Yraal's fingers. You squirt out a mess of his pre, an explosion trapped between your bodies, turning the cords of slime into a mess of pouring streams, splattering down into the sand beneath in greasy, foamed-up dollops. Yraal just laughs, a little out a breath but nowhere near finished, and spreads your slack asshole even wider as he refills your guts, his cock constantly pissing a flow of thick, slimy pre. He works you up to an anal orgasm two more times, until the sounds coming from your bodies are just a heavy, wet //slump// noise: asshole splayed open so wide he can practically jam his entire hand inside, your skin coated an inch deep with frothy pre, every space between your bodies a mess of bubbles and foam and slime, spilling in hand-thick cords up over your hips, pooling across your back, utterly immersing your calves.\n\nYraal cums, finally, with an inhumanly-deep bellow, roaring out into the night as the erratic, haphazard drool of pre turns into a continual pulsing: slime thickening into clumpy, gritty sludge as he sprays it into your entirely-flooded ass, letting the dense sludge sift down through the sea of pre inside you like silt. He peels your asshole open, inside-out, loose enough after all his play that it's just a matter of hooking his fingers over your bruised rims and tugging, in order for you to half-prolapse. Your asshole rises up like a bloated crater, and that swell is enough to finally wrap around his cockhead, pinned between your cheeks. He peels his fingers out and wraps them around the whole mass: your asshole a mound of wet, sodden flesh spilling out from your body, wrapped around his cockhead, and Yraal jerks himself off with your prolapsed ass, hand squeezing and milking it as he dumps his load inside.\n\nHe cums for nearly as long as he fucks you, and it's solidly midday before he finally peels away, leaving you sweaty and drenched in sludge beneath him, your broken ass only sluggishly drooling his thick, tarry load. Your guts ache, bloated with his tarry load, and your belly is heavy and swollen, sloshing and gurgling when you try to move. Yraal is a mess too: streaked with sweat, everything under his gut coated in cords of hanging slime, slowly winding their way down his leathery flesh.\n\n<<sex "yraal" "anal" "top">>\\n[[→|camprun]]
<<display "yraal initial fuck">>\n/%\n[he fucks your face again. it's a big sloppy mess. maybe this the exact same scene as the initial sex scene or maybe not; either way it probably reprompts the 'do you want me to cum all over you for an hour' thing again]\n\n<<sex "yraal" "oral" "top">>\\n[[→|camprun]]\n%/
You say, how about you play with his ass.\n\n"Sure," he says, "Go for it." He shoves his pants down lower, stripping them off as he shifts to the side, knees hitting the ground with a heavy //thud//. His ass is enormous: huge and weighty, with leathery-grey skin ridden with pale stretch marks across his hips. The corset piercings he has down his back -- laced with thick black rope in a complex geometrical pattern -- end just above his hipbones, framing his ass. His balls hang below, enormous, head-sized dangling in a huge, bloated mound between his titanic thighs. He spreads his legs, the giant meat of his ass cheeks parting some, revealing more of the heavy furrow of his crack, and you kneel forward, one hand on one of his giant cheeks, and dig in, spreading him open.\n\nHis asshole is a fat, mounded pout, rumpled up into a thick peak, sluggishly clenching and opening as you slide your fingers across its bulk. You dig both hands into the curve of his ass, fingertips pressing down against the rim of his hole, and he gapes open easily, showing off the rich red-purple flesh of his inner ass, just as rumpled and furrowed as his well-worn asshole. He's already slick inside, inner flesh shiny and dripping, and you can even see why: three big, puffy glands bulging out from the walls of his ass, sluggishly drizzling slime; when his internal muscles clench and ripple, they lightly squeeze down, and wring out his glands like a sponge. You curl your knuckles over the rim of his asshole -- effortless, even though that's practically your entire fist sunk inside him -- and experimentally press down on his engorged glads, coaxing out a gushing squirt of lightrot-tinged slime and a rumbling groan from Yraal.\n\nHe's so gigantic it's almost like looking at an anatomical diagram: his asshole heavy, striated muscle wetly sucking on your fingers, his guts slick and open, fully revealed from his spread, gaping asshole. His guts ripple, flattening against each other with a wet squelch and then peeling apart, walls strung together with wet cords of slime, excess dripping down his inner walls. You can see his prostate outlined starkly by his fluttering guts: when he clenches, his guts peel back, and it's impossible to avoid the huge, fist-sized knot of hard tissue. You reach in, only slightly deeper -- entire hand swallowed up into his hot, wet guts -- and press it against your palm. It's almost burning hot, dense and rubbery, and when you dig in Yraal lets out a bellow, prostate pulsing, balls lurching in his dangling sac. His cock, hidden from view, audibly gushes pre, a wet pour that turns into a steady slurping, gurgling noise as pre spills from his hanging foreskin, smearing all across his thighs and the front of his sac, sheeting down to the ground in a grimy smear.\n\nYou dig your fingers into his rubbery inner walls, practically holding his pulsating prostate in your hand, and squeeze down hard, holding on as he roars and bucks backwards hard enough to nearly bowl you backwards. His cock throbs, the root of the muscle spasming against your wrist, sunk inside him, and there's a loud, audible //splat// as he gushes out thicker globs of pre, sheening his thighs with rippling streams of ĝheist pre. You fist him, easily, digging into his gushing lightrot glands before you smack your knuckles against his prostate, once, twice, hand becoming slick and lathered in slime, dangling cords splattering into the gaping hollow of his ass, forming a slushy river oozing down to the ridge of his asshole, piling up in a scummy river before he overflows, oozing cords of slime down the crack of his ass, drizzling down the backs of his thighs. You grind down against his prostate, feeling its heavy bulk, the grooves of internal lobes, milking out more and more squirts of pre until the sand beneath Yraal is a sodden dark and heavy, with excess ooze piling up over the sand, spreading out in a pudding-like pile.\n\nYour cock is leaking steadily <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>in your sheath<<else>>in your pants<<endif>>. No surprise. You fist-fuck open Yraal's guts, one hand peeling his rubbery asshole open, the other smacking against his gushing glands, his enormous prostate, sliding deeper to dig into the opening to his guts, pressing down until you feel it start to pulsate and open. You slide your other fist in, sinking both down until his asshole is stretched out across your forearms in a giant rubbery press, and rut your cloth-covered <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>sheath<<else>>cock<<endif>> against Yraal's thigh, soaking your clothes with the slurry of pre and slime smeared all over his skin. Both arms pinned together, you punch back and forth into him, hand smacking hard through the passage of his ass and into his guts. He's so hot inside, flesh dense and heavy, slick and gushing, clenching and rippling around your arms. He groans, dropping his shoulders down, rutting his giant ass back towards you, and you have to brace yourself, bodily leaning against him so the force of his motion doesn't knock you on your ass.\n\nYou peel one slime-encrusted arm from his ass to hastily shove your pants down, nearly snapping a lace when your soaked fingers get tangled. Your <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>sheath<<else>>cock<<endif>> jerks out into the open with a slurp<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>, cock immediately pouring out, unsheathing in a gushing fountain of trapped pre to press all up<<else>>, hard and dripping, smacking wetly against<<endif>> the giant curve of his huge, fat ass. You rut against him, cock fucking a sloppy furrow over his cheek before you press into position, sliding between his cheeks, cockhead bumping against your forearm, his cratered asshole, almost pressing inside before it skews past it, just pinned between his fat asscheeks. You groan, cock weakly spurting pre, an extra drizzle adding to the sloppy mess painting his cheeks. You fuck his ass, cock pinned between his meaty cheeks, just churning up the slurry of slime into a creamy froth that oozes in dollops <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>into your sheath, overflowing it and then pouring<<endif>> down your balls.\n\nThe second you actually push inside him you know you're gonna cum, and you want to stretch things out a bit longer. You still have one fist sunk inside him, so you fistfuck him, groaning and panting sprawled over his giant ass, other hand digging into his meaty cheek, smearing your pre all over his skin. You push deeper, elbow grinding in over his ridged hole, fist pushing into his guts. He swallows you down effortlessly, asshole practically gulping as his guts convulse, clenching tight around your arm. You sit back -- cock bobbing down, jutting straight out from your body, squirting pre all over Yraal's drooping balls -- and lean in, letting his ass swallow past your elbow, bicep, all the way to the shoulder without any problem. You groan, mouth pressed against his ass, tongue lapping up the sour lightrot slime, entire body tingling with heat. You pull back, sink in, feeling the way his guts stretch and compress, constantly squeezing tight around your arm, hot and heavy and dense. You dig your elbow into his prostate, milking him that way as you twist your hand around in his guts, pumping and churning your arm around.\n\nAll the while, your cock throbs, squirting pre in ribbons, basting him, and eventually you can't stand it any more: you lurch back, arm pulling from his ass with a wet //slurp//, leaving him gaped and drooling, and you line up your cock and slam inside. You jerk yourself off inside him, sloppy fingers wrapped tight around your shaft, and it takes one, two, thrusts before you're spilling inside him with a groan, balls pulled up so tight it hurts. You hump, cock stabbing inside him, glancing off his prostate, too small to get that deep inside him. You just mindlessly hump away, dumping your load inside him in heavy spurts, sagging forward to sprawl over his lower back, hips jackrabbiting, wetly slapping your cock into his sloppy, unfurled ass.\n\nYou pull back, eventually, cock spongy and half-hard, his ass easily swallowing your load -- mixed together with his lightrot guts in a sloppy slurry coating his inner walls -- and only sheening your shaft when you pull free. You're dazed, both hands lathered with slime, a thick cord of slime hanging from the tip of your dick. Yraal's a mess, thighs and belly painted with big, greasy whorls of chunky cum, gritty ooze smearing down his thighs. Good to see he came too, you think, dimly, before you collapse beside him, exhausted.\n\n<<sex "yraal" "fist" "bottom">>\\n[[→|camprun]]
You tell him, listen, you're pretty backed-up too.\n\n"That so?" he says. He gives you a cockeyed grin. "We can work something out, I'm pretty sure." He hefts up his cock, hand wrapping around its chunky girth and angling it up. "You wanna fuck my cock?"\n\nYou say, what.\n\n"Look:" he says, and very casually shoves two fingers up inside his dick. He slides them into the furled opening of his foreskin, twisting a little, and then deeper, until they're knuckle-deep inside his cock. To show off, or maybe just to show you exactly what he's doing, he brings his thumb down, curling it into his foreskin and then hooking it out, peeling himself open on display, and yeah, those two fingers are shoved straight down into his cock. His bare cockhead is ruddy, purplish in color, and shining with pre. His cocklips are even more flushed, a darker purple, and they bulge out around his fingers in puffy crescents, so huge you can see beads of pre gather on them, drizzling down to hang from their pouting lips.\n\nFuck, you say, scooting forward.\n\nYou cup your <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>sheath<<else>>cock<<endif>> in your pants, adjusting it as you kneel between Yraal's spread legs, other hand sliding up his pebbled thigh, cupping the underside of his enormously bulky cock. His skin is almost silky, smooth and slick wrapped around the underside of his mounded cock, draping down in folds to wrap around his head-sized balls. Your cock lurches in <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>your sheath<<else>>your pants<<endif>>, and you give it another squeeze before yanking it out in the open.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>Your cocktip juts out, stiff and sharp, and Yraal curls his fingers around it, hot and drenched in gritty pre, and guides it right into his dick, tip shoving inside and unsheathing directly down into him.<<else>>You're mostly-hard, cock lolling out to smack against your thighs, firming up quick as Yraal gapes his cockslit wider. You give yourself a few strokes, tugging on the root of your shaft, before he catches your cockhead between his fingers and feeds it right into his cock. <<endif>> He's tight. You rut up, dick sliding into the pulsing, clenching heat of his cock, and he lets out a rumbling groan, hand pulling free of his cock, letting his mounded foreskin rumple back across his cockhead, burbling in sloppy folds out over <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>your sheath<<else>>the root of your cock<<endif>>, totally encasing your dick.\n\nIt's a strange feeling. He's tight without being unyielding; when you press deeper, his tight internal passageways stretch open, not effortlessly but always ultimately yielding. Internal muscles clench, rippling along your shaft, milking out spurts of pre. At the same time, he's leaking heavily, and there's a continual wet spill of his slimy, gritty ĝheist pre <<if !hasMutation ("knot")>>catching around the <<if hasMutation ("dick")>>gnarled<<else>>fat<<endif>> ridge of your cockhead, <<endif>>oozing along the sides of your cock, and sluggishly burbling out of his bloated foreskin in a churned-up, creamy froth that spills down your thighs in thick dollops. You rut up, hands splayed across his giant belly, cock stabbing deeper into his depths, digging into the heavy, soft flesh of his fat pad. His cock ripples and squeezes, squirting out a slimy burst of ooze that sprays down to your knees and up across your stomach.\n\nYraal groans, giant hand spreading across your back, pinning you tight against his giant body. You hump into him, hips rolling, grunting and groaning as you fuck his cock. Your balls smack against the pendulous mound of his own, the sound already wet and gurgling with the amount of gritty pre gushing out around your dick. Creamy ooze burbles out around your pumping shaft, audibly glorping and gurgling inside as you pound away. Your hips press against his gut, cock digging deeper into his squishy fat pad, letting his fucked-open cockslit gape and shudder as you cram your cock an iota deeper. <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>Your knot unsheathes with a sudden //pop//, a hollow pressure punching out into the open, leaving your sheath tingling. You imagine this all feels like the reverse to him: your cock cramming him tighter, fuller. Your knot isn't quite shoved inside him; it bulges out his foreskin, pressing against his splayed cocklips, smacking lewdly as you fuck him. <<endif>>You groan, hunching against his side as you fuck him, letting him squirt out thick, goopy strands of thickened pre all across your cock and balls, drooling in streams down your thighs. When you pull back, your cock is glazed with his slime, coated in the creamy mess, and you smear your hand through the mess, catching the cords and streaking them up across his gut in shimmering ribbons, only letting even more burble out from his fucked-open cockslit.\n\nYou can feel yourself getting close, and that just makes you pump harder, rocking his body with the force of your thrusts, arms splayed out to hug his enormous gut. <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>\\n Your knot throbs, bloating fatter inside his foreskin. The heavy, rubbery cling of his bruised flesh curling around the underside of your knot is what brings you off, and you let out a long groan, knot smacking against his cockhead as you blindly rut into him, hot sparks of heat rippling down your shaft as you cum hard, spewing thick squirts of your mutant dog cum deep into his internal passages. A messy slurry of your combined loads burbles out around your shaft, stretching his loose foreskin into a heavy, sagging balloon partially stopped by your inflated knot. Your thrusts stretch and squash it, juggling the overinflated balloon of his foreskin between you, forcing out heavy squirts of steaming cum. Murky grey-black ooze glorps out behind your knot, oozing into your stretched sheath in gummy clots or spilling all down your thighs in a messy slurry.\n\nYou don't stay knotted for long, but it's long enough. The warped tip of his foreskin catching on the underside of your knot and jerks back in fits and spurts as you keep cumming, until finally you overflow, peeling his bruised flesh back over the bulk of your knot and practically bursting: suddenly slack foreskin erupting in an explosion of slime, spraying all up his gut, drenching your thighs, as the flood of trapped cum sprays in every direction. His foreskin gulps heavily, drooping and bottom-heavy as it drains out, spilling thick, silty cum down your sheath, drenching your balls. All that and you're still stuck knot-deep inside his cock.\n\n<<else>>\\n You let out a long groan, heat gathering in your guts, the sloppy grit of his creamy pre sending shocky sparks of pleasure along your shaft, and you cum hard, in sudden spurts, adding your own load to the churned-up slurry inside him. You thrust raggedly, knees digging into the sand, hips jerking forward, balls mashed against his own, as you pump rope after rope of cum across his insides, all of it just catching against his own internal muscles and getting pumped out around your cock, turning the creamy froth oozing out around your pumping shaft into a slobbery mess.\n\n<<endif>>\\nYou rest your cock inside him for a while, cum draining out in thick, liquid burps, before shakily drawing back, letting your cock lurch out into the open, leaving his fucked-open cock gaping and drooling, foreskin bruised up into thick slabs of puffy flesh.\n\nYeah, you tell him, afterward -- still practically glued together at the crotch, huge ropes of murky cum webbed between you hips, drying into stiff, clumpy clots -- that yeah that drained you out pretty good.\n\n<<sex "yraal" "cocksound" "bottom">>\\n[[→|camprun]]
<<set $camps['jinn'] += 1>>
<<if $jinnPregnant neq "" || $pregnant eq "">>\\n[[''You''|you][$back = "camp"]] set up camp. Jinn helps some.\n<<else>>\\n[[''You''|you][$back = "camp"]] and Jinn set up camp.\n<<endif>>\\n\n<<set $_camprun to "jinncamprun">>\\n<<if $surveyComplete>>\\n<<if $jinnPregnant neq "">>\\n/% %/<<if $jinnPrePregnant || $jinnPregnant eq "astau">><<display "jinn camp prepreg aftermath">>\n/% %/<<else>><<display "jinn camp egging pre">>\n/% %/<<endif>>\n<<else if $sex['jinn'] eq 0>>\\nJinn settles in for the night. "Gotta get back to the town," he says, and you nod.\n\n[[→|camprun]]\n<<else>>\\nJinn settles down for the night. "Fuck," he says, drawing it out at the end into an inarticulate groan. He's flushed and tender, still in the grips of his heat. "I should turn in," he says, looking over at you.\n\n* [[join him|jinn post fuck intro]]\n* [[give him some alone time|camprun]]\n\n<<endif>>\\n<<else if $camps['jinn'] == 0>>\\n<<if $pregnant neq "">><<set $jinnPrePregnant to true>><<endif>>\\nIt's pretty clear he doesn't have a whole lot of experience actually doing the work.\n\nHe sprawls back across his bedroll, legs spread. "Uh," he says, looking kinda flushed. You don't know if even human-descended ĝheist can get sunburned. "So, you wanna fuck me?" You don't know if his flushing is embarrassment or if he's going into heat. It could be both.\n\n* [[uh are you going into heat?|jinn heat]]\n* [[yeah let's fuck|jinn first fuck]]\n* [[nah sorry|camprun]]\n<<else if $jinnPregnant eq "astau">>\\nAfterward, he settles down. He's hugely bloated with Astau's eggs, and he lets out a groan and flops onto his side, letting his pregnant belly slump to the side. It lurches sometimes, from the eggs squirming around.\n\n"I forgot how fucking heavy carrying eggs is," Jinn says. You say, Astau has some real heavy eggs, and he just groans, exhausted from a day of carrying them.\n\nYou both settle down to sleep.\n\n[[→|camprun]]\n<<else>>\\n<<if $pregnant neq "">><<set $jinnPrePregnant to true>><<endif>>\\nAfterward, he settles in. <<if $sex['jinn'] gt 0>>"Hey, you wanna fuck again?" he says, looking at you expectantly.\n\n* [[fuck him again|jinn fuck]]\n* [[nah not tonight|camprun]]\n<<else>>"Hey, you up to fucking me tonight?" he says, looking at you expectantly.\n\n* [[yeah go for it|jinn first fuck]]\n* [[nope|camprun]]\n<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>
Jinn's gut is starting to bloat. He's definitely pregnant. He lies back on the ground, groaning. You kneel down next to him, and he turns over, grinning loosely at you, and pulls you down, so your pregnant bellies are pressed together. He pulls you in, kissing you loosely, hands reaching down to <<if hasMutation("leaky")>>pull on your aching, dripping nipples. You groan into his mouth as he milks you, the pad of his thumb rolling back and forth over your puffy nipples, milky ichor drooling down your chest, sometimes squirting out across him.<<else>>hands reaching down to stroke over your bloated belly, fingers running down the aching seams of your stretch marks. They're flushed, deep red, and his fingertips follow their ragged edges.<<endif>> He's starting to leak<<if hasMutation("leaky")>> too<<endif>>, and you reach up and smear your thumb over his chest, feeling the heavy lumps of his rapidly-developing milk glands. Milk seeps out of his nipples, dribbling down, and he shudders and groans, arching forward, when you curl your finger around his pert nipple and rub back and forth, letting it pebble up into a fat mounded cone, areola constantly dripping milk.\n\nYou can feel his eggs churn inside him, squirming against your own clutch as your guts flatten against each other. The pressure makes you groan, cock throbbing against your underbelly as you sluggishly rut against each other, making out as <<if hasMutation("leaky")>>you milk each other<<else>>you milk him<<endif>>.\n\n[[→|camprun]]
You follow Jinn into the tent. Jinn strips, settling onto his bedroll on his knees, flushed, cunt swollen and heavy. He groans, working two and then three fingers up inside him, his slimy juices spilling down his fingers as he fucks himself. "Not gonna be enough time for any eggs to get fertilized on the way back," he pants. "So you're stuck using one of my other holes." He drives his hand deeper into his gaping cunt, entire fist swallowed up with a sucking //slurp//, and his eyes roll back into his head for a second. "So, you know," he pants, "go for it."\n\n* [[fuck his mouth|jinn fuck mouth]]\n* [[fuck his ass|jinn fuck ass]]
You ask him if he's going into heat.\n\nHe groans. "Maybe a little. Wasn't anticipating how lightrot-rich this place is. It's a little overwhelming. Guess that's part of why it's a prospective hive site."\n\n"But I think a more relevant question, is, //do you wanna fuck me//, because if you're not gonna use your dick you're useless to me."\n\nPushy, you say. He shrugs, like, sure, he'll accept that.\n\n* [[yeah let's fuck|jinn first fuck]]\n* [[nah sorry|camprun]]
When it's done, Jinn looks at you with a cockeyed grin.\n\n"Hey, guess what," he says. "You succeeded in knocking me up." Now that you look, he is starting to bloat a little, his fertilized clutch already starting to grow inside him. "I got these eggs squirming around inside me now, and you know the deal."\n\nHe groans, leaning back against a low rock behind him, spreading his legs. "C'mere," he says, a little breathless.\n\n[[→|jinn camp egging]]
You come closer.\n\nJinn's cock bulges out between his folds. The tip looks human, fat head with a hood of thick, rubbery flesh, a foreskin half-sheathing the tip. It slurps forward and back, making sloppy squelching sounds as Jinn pushes, stomach clenching and flexing as he bears down with internal muscles. He pants, sweat sheening his skin, his pregnant gut slick. He groans, leaning back against the rock, legs spread, hips jerking minutely forward and back as his cock slowly, sluggishly unsheathes itself.\n\nHis shaft slurps from his cunt, swelling fatter, lopsided and bottom-heavy. It's wedged inside his cunt, making his lips bloat out in heavy folds as he strains to push it out. He reaches down with both hands, hooks them over his lips, and tries to pry himself open, cunt lips gaping, little spurts of slime erupting around his fingers. He groans, cock bulging, trembling, his fingers that aren't buried inside him digging into his thighs.\n\nHis bloated shaft squelches out into the open. Jinn lets out an exhausted groan, sagging back against the rock, panting as his cock unsheathes with an explosion of slime. It's fattest in the middle, flesh gristled and ridged, flesh spongy and rubbery even fully hard. His cock is stubby and fat, cunt lips mounded up around the base, warped around its girth.\n\nThe similarity with a human dick ends at his cockhead. The most striking thing is the veins: snaking along its surface, purple-black, shuddering as his cock pulses and flexes inhumanly. Just like he's flushed, it's flushed too, the rich pink of his internal flesh mottling into a deep, angry-looking purple as you watch. He groans, massaging the base, peeling off coagulated sheets of old slimy fluid that have gathered in heavy globs across his lips. The dark flush spreads along his cock, color deepening slowly but steadily to red and then purple, until his cock is a monolith of grey-purple flesh, his swollen veins looking nearly black. It's completely slathered in slime, frothy globs smeared all across its length, and pre drizzling from the tip slowly cuts through the clotted slime and washes it down his legs, matting his silver hairs to his skin.\n\nJinn shakily pushes off from the rock, legs nearly collapsing under him as he wobbles forward. You catch him as his legs give out, his cock spurting a mess of slime all across your side, and you both sink down together to your knees. His cock seems impossibly sensitive, shuddering just from the air's touch across its saturated skin.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("womb")>>\\nHe says, "c'mon, sit on it." It pulses again, spurting a mess of slime. "Lemme pump those eggs up into your womb."\n\nYou groan, wetly kissing him, one hand tugging on the laces of your pants. Jinn is impatient, flushed, shuddering: he rolls you back, rutting down against the waist of your pants, and you both grab your thighs, pulling your pants down past your ass so you can sink onto his dick.\n\nHis cock is pulpy, rubbery and dense without ever having the same rigid core you'd expect from a cock. It squelches, compressing as you sink down onto it, and Jinn shudders and jerks forward, easily punching his rubbery length deeper into your ass. His cock just shifts, flexes, twists and compresses any time it runs up against a barrier inside you: easily matching the curve of your ass, feeling like a soft heavy weight, nothing like you'd expect.\n\nYou still groan, awkwardly shoving your pants all the way off so you can straddle him -- half his cock emerging from your ass with a wet spray of slime before you sit back down, hilting it so your ass mashes against his spread cunt. His cock resonates inside you, pulsing and squirming like a living thing. It feels across the walls of your ass, finding the entrance to your guts, and instead of pushing through -- too soft and squishy for that -- it starts sucking, a strange wet pulsing running up through your body as his bloated... cock, ovipositor, whatever you want to call it, starts twitching against your guts, getting you to flower open with only the slightest pressure.\n\nYou sink forward, mouth hanging loose, eyes open but unfocused, as Jinn's cock burrows into your guts. The tip quests deeper, makes contact with your cervix, and its tip sloppily kisses it: rubbery flesh dragging across the taut barrier, knobbled lumps catching across its bulging lip. You feel it slot into place, distinctly: his unfurled cockhead cradles your cervix, his bloated lumps teasing it open. Jinn groans, bucking up -- flushed cunt smearing across your ass cheeks -- and his cock spews a mess of slime, drenching your guts. His body lurches beneath you, and mated together like this you can feel his eggs shift, lurching lower, starting to pump through his body in preparation for getting transferred to you. You groan, hands braced past Jinn's shoulders, ass grinding down on his cock, feeling the internal spasms that shudder all the way up: eggs slotting into place beneath his cunt, slowly starting to work their way up the length of his pulsating cock.\n\nYou're shocked at how much he stretches. His cock warps, bloating wide, and for a second it catches on your asshole, not-quite letting you spread enough to take it. Jinn groans, whining against your mouth, and you shift, pulling your asshole wider. His egg practically shoots inside, pushing up with a sudden lurch, and you gasp, breath shaky as the eggs threads its way through his cock, into your guts, to rest at the lip of your unfurled cervix.\n\nEven spread, the egg is big. Bigger than a fist already, and it warps and wobbles, compressing into a broad pancake between Jinn's cockhead and your cervix. You both groan, bodies working against each other, hips moving. Your cervix creaks open, muscle spasming and spreading as Jinn's cockhead drags across in, and slowly the egg lurches down through the bottleneck of your cervix: wedged in the tight, spasming canal, forcing it to spread wide. Your cervix gulps, swallowing, milking, just spasming rhythmically again and again as it warps wide around the egg, trying to fit it all the way into your womb. It aches, pressure growing and growing inside you, and Jinn moans, rutting up, kissing your open mouth.\n\nYou can already feel more eggs on their way, lurching through Jinn's guts, pushing up through his cock, one two three popping in past your asshole, dense and heavy inside you, still sheathed in Jinn's cock.\n\nThe first egg pops through the final inch of your cervix and lands in your womb like it's fired from a cannon, a sudden impact that drives the breath from your lungs and makes your entire body tingle. The egg pulses, beating like a second heart, testing the limit of your womb, but already more and more eggs are pushing up after it, slick and heavy pressing against your splayed cervix. You just hold on to Jinn, groaning into his mouth as he pumps his eggs into you, heavy and thick rolling through your guts, spilling through your slime-slicked cervix in lurch after lurch. Jinn groans with each one, cock spasming and pulsing inside you. He's cumming his eggs inside you; two dozen orgasms in a row.\n\nYou can feel his belly deflate, sinking under your hands as each of his eggs make their way into you, until it's your bloated belly bearing down on him. The extra weight sinks you an iota deeper on his cock: his unfurled cunt lips splaying out around your spread asshole; his unfurled cockhead grinding down against your broken-open cervix, pushing shallowly inside. You whine, shuddering on his cock as he pumps his remaining eggs directly into your womb, cervix so slack and gaping it gulps them down easily.\n\nJinn's cock shudders, heavy and bloated with slime, and he floods your womb, pumping the dregs of his womb directly up into you. Thick amniotic fluid pours into you in thick, rippling pulses, gurgling as it spills between all his eggs. Jinn moans into your mouth, panting, hips jerking up in erratic spasms, and the slick mess he's gushing inside you thickens, a gel-like ooze fills your cervix and sluggishly overflows, hardening inside you into a thick plug keeping your womb sealed.\n\nYou both lurch to the side, sprawling on your side to let your newly-pregnant gut bloat out, still gurgling and lurching as Jinn's eggs settle inside you. His cock slithers free, pulling from your ass with a gush of slime, and he strokes his hands over your swollen gut, feeling his eggs churn inside you, finding their position in your overpacked womb. His cock slowly sinks back into his cunt, his bruised lips drooling out a mess of slime. "They're your eggs now," he says. "You better take care of them."\n\nYou softly groan an assent. Getting impregnated is really exhausting. It's easy for you to just close your eyes and drift off, curled up against Jinn.\n<<sex "jinn" "anal" "top">>\\n<<else>>\\nHe says, "C'mon, suck on it." He's breathing hard, cock shuddering and lashing at the air, almost prehensile in the way it twists and lurches. "Lemme pump those eggs down your throat."\n\nYou lean down, mouth open, licking across the slime-covered flesh of his unsheathed cock. It trembles, cockslit pouting open into a broad, finger-wide hole. It's gonna have to open a lot more to fit an egg through it.\n\nHe tastes sour, bitter, the same rank taste as ĝheist cum only subdued, cut with something thick and tasteless, just slimy. Jinn keens when you get your mouth on his cock, his pseudo-human cockhead fluttering and flaring in inhuman ways. You slide your tongue up along the tip, and it's not really a surprise when it's easy to push your tongue inside his cock, his flesh easily warping and stretching as you sink your tongue as deep as it can go. He oozes pre -- well, some kind of fluid at least -- out around your tongue in sloppy gushes, forming bulging pockets of fluid that abruptly burble up and splatter into your mouth. His cockslit spreads further, warping wider and wider as his cock spreads into a soft, rubbery flare that grows to fill your mouth, until his inner walls peel away from your tongue.\n\nJinn groans, muscles across his stomach and hips shuddering. His belly shudders, and pressed against his belly and thighs you can feel his eggs shift inside him: weight sinking down, heavy lurches as the eggs pass through internal channels, sliding down beneath his cock.\n\nYou gulp down mouthfuls of his stringy slime, throat open and as ready as it's gonna get. An egg slowly rises up the length of his cock, pumped along by pulsing muscles shuddering along his shaft, until it presses against your jaw, half-crowned through his splayed cockslit. You open as wide as you can, the egg bigger than a fist but rubbery, distended into a lozenge it fit through Jinn's shaft. It spurts out into your mouth, heavy and blobby, and you swallow on nothing, gurgling around the egg. It's coated in a thick layer of stringy slime, sluicing off into your mouth as you slurp and huff around the egg. It's just too thick to swallow. But already you can feel another egg work its way up Jinn's shaft; he groans, letting out a shaky moan as the second egg collides with the first, the both of them warping, wobbling, internal mass resonating. The first egg pushes deeper, digging into your throat, and you open as wide as you can, throat gulping sloppy messes of slime and air, trying to catch on the slick curve of the warped egg.\n\nJinn keens, a third egg mashed up along the base of his shaft, adding to the pressure: each egg a thick-walled water balloon, wobbling and warping against each other, turning Jinn's cock into a swollen, wobbling sheath wrapped around the squirming eggs. You swallow again, added pressure enough to overcome the resistance of your throat, and you gurgle, wide-eyed, as the egg fills your throat, pulsing around your spasming swallowing muscles. You silently choke, tears streaming from your eyes as you swallow, again and again, each movement sending the egg lurching an iota deeper down your throat, plugging it entirely. You manage to keep going, gulping it down your throat until it pops down into your stomach, slithering down with a slimy lurch.\n\nYou have just enough time to draw in a gasping breath before the second egg shoves its way down your throat. Jinn groans above you, cock pulsing hard, like he's cumming eggs into you, and through his belly, under the root of his cock, you can feel egg after egg backed up.\n\nThe second egg is easier, throat already broken open, coated in thick slime, and you just focus on gulping, again and again, until the second egg, and the third, and fourth, make their way down into your stomach. Your front is coated in slime, thick ooze spilling out between the eggs, coating your throat, spilling over your teeth, drenching your front in a sloppy layer of sluicing slime.\n\nJinn groans, cock pulsing erratically around his eggs as he pumps them down your throat, and his fingers dig into the sides of your face, your head cupped in his hands, as he works his cock deeper: flared tip shoving into your broken-open throat, inhuman shaft spreading your jaw yet-wider, as he grinds your face against his bloated lips. Your abused muscles gape, shuddering uselessly as his pulsing cock does the work of swallowing for you. Your throat is just an open pipe, broken wide, with his cock shuttling your eggs directly down into your stomach. You gurgle, slime pouring from your nose and mouth, and Jinn coos, fucking your face gently -- as gently as possible when he's pumping fist-sized eggs through your lips and down your throat -- as he keeps cumming down your throat, amniotic fluid and slime and eggs in a gooey mess slurping in lumps down your bloated, bulging neck and landing in your flooded and overfilled stomach.\n\nYou only dimly realize when he pulls back, cock emerging slathered in webs of sludge: you just stay kneeling there, dazed, eyes unfocused, mouth open, as drool spills over your bruised lips. You retch, weakly, throat unable to close enough to even keep the contents of your bloated stomach bubbling up, and Jinn reaches in, fingers and then his entire hand slipping into your mouth, bony and hard compared to his cock as he pushes into your broken throat and forces an egg back down into your stomach. You gurgle, retching -- coughing up an explosion of sludge around his forearm -- before your throat muscles clamp down, and he pulls back, letting you vomit up more slime into the sand, your spasming throat at least staying closed enough to keep your eggs down.\n\nYou eventually pull yourself together, blow your nose, wipe your eyes, cough and cough and cough until you've cleared your throat, though it still hurts whenever you swallow. It's not until you try to rise up off your knees that you really notice how heavy you are: your stomach is swollen, heavy and aching, and the motion of eggs rolling inside you nearly makes you vomit again. You gag on nothing, drooling into the sand, and Jinn kneels down beside you, hand on your stomach, rubbing until you feel your guts shudder and spasm, sucking the eggs deeper down inside you.\n\n"Gotta give the eggs some time to incubate," Jinn says, or maybe he's been saying. You're aware of sounds again, abruptly: your panting, your heartbeat, now sounds again instead of solely the spasming of flesh inside you. "And your body needs some time to respond to their hormones, to get them settled."\n\nYou drool some more on to the sand, nodding mutely, and it's still a while more before you're able to stagger all the way over to your bedroll and collapse on it.\n<<sex "jinn" "oral" "top">>\\n<<endif>>\\n\n<<set $pregnant to "jinn">>\\n<<addmutation "eggs">>\\n<<set $pregnancyStarted to $turns>>\\n<<set $pregnancyTf to "no">>\\n<<set $pregnancies += 1>>\\n<<set $jinnPregnant to "">>\\n\n[[→|camprun]]
<<if $pregnant neq "">><<display "jinn pre-pregnant first">>\n<<else>><<display "jinn not-pregnant first">>\n<<endif>>
He lets out a needy groan. "Fuck. //Finally.//" At your look: "Being around the rest of the squad with nobody to fuck was really getting to me. 'M fucking pent up."\n\nHe gives you a look. Specifically, he gives your bulging gut a look. "And you're not helping." He cups his crotch and grinds down, practically humping his hand. "I'm fucking-- fertile," he groans out, punctuated with a sharp //ah//. "It looks fucking good. Fuck. Y'know I got work to do with the survey and all. But it would be real nice if you could knock me up too."\n\nHe's panting, face sheened with sweat, and he tugs on his shirt, pulling it off and tossing it aside. He's bulky, solidly built but with some fat on his gut, with fine silver hair spread across his pecs.\n\nYou move over to him and drop down to your knees, and he groans and pulls you into a kiss, one hand wrapped around the back of your head, the other stroking over your gut. He breaks the kiss quick, pulling on your shirt, and you help him strip it off, leaving you both shirtless. He groans, hands on your pregnant belly, and moves to straddle your thigh, grinding down as he kissing you again, nipping at your lips as he gasps and pants into your mouth.\n\nReaching down his chest, you tug on the fasteners of his pants, popping them open. You stroke your hand over the coarse hair fanning out over his crotch, and he groans and sags forward, kissing your neck. You tug his fly open, and he grinds forward, mashing his cunt against your hand. He's flushed, lower lips swollen and heavy, slimy pre and juices spilling out from his parted lips and drooling over your palm. His cockhead is an enormous knob, like a gigantic clit, and it flutters and spits pre over your fingers as you slide two inside him. He lets out a groaning bellow, huffing hard, and arches up, pinning your hand between your own gut and his body, two fingers shoved inside him, the rest curled up, grinding against the swollen arch of his fat cunt.\n\n"Yeah, c'mon, fuck me hard," he groans out against your neck, his hands reaching down under your gut and unlacing your pants, letting your cock bulge out, cupped by the arch of his hand.\n\n* [[fuck his mouth|jinn fuck mouth]]\n* [[fuck his ass|jinn fuck ass]]\n* [[fuck his cunt|jinn fuck cunt]]
He lets out a needy groan. "Fuck. //Finally.//" At your look: "Being around the rest of the squad with nobody to fuck was really getting to me. 'M fucking pent up."\n\nHe rolls forward, onto his knees, and grinds a hand down against his crotch, practically humping his hand. You move over to him, and he reaches up and pulls you down into a kiss. His hands feel all over your body, shoulders and chest, down over your stomach to grope your cock. You return the favor, feeling his thick, fat pecs, coarsely haired, and with a thick line of hair fanning down over the solid muscle of his chest and stomach, padded slightly with fat. He jerks down your pants, pulling eagerly to get and your cock, and groans when your <<if hasMutation("knot")>>sheath<<else>>dick<<endif>> lurches out. <<if hasMutation("knot")>>He strokes your sheath like a giant foreskin, up and down your unsheathing cock<<else>>He strokes your half-hard cock, <<if hasMutation("dick")>>warted <<endif>>shaft hardening in his hands<<endif>>, and lets out a shaky groan when it spurts, splattering a messy rope of pre across his stomach.\n\nIt's pretty clear he's got a cunt, even though his pants: your palm grinds against his lips, and he arches up, fat lips spreading, the heat radiating through his clothes increasing. He groans into your mouth and shoves his pants down to his thighs. He's got a messy fan of white-blond pubes, and his cunt lips are red and swollen, so thick they part themselves like pursed lips. His clit is an enormously-fat cockhead, and it bulges out his lips around it, shuddering and twitching as he drools a messy slurry of pre and juices down his inner thighs.\n\n"One of my sires was a Ksi-on high priest," he says, rutting against your hand, and you slide two fingers inside, stroking along the sunken length of his cock. His cunt is slick and flushed, labia huge and engorged, his cockhead winks between his lips as he clenches down -- with remarkable strength -- on your fingers. His cockhead pulses, huge cocklips pursing and spitting cloudy pre in little arcs, smearing all across his slick lips. Like a Ksi-on, he's probably got an internal cock, but he doesn't seem in any hurry to unsheath.\n\nHe arches up, your cock in hand, basting it in his own gushing juices. He shoves it between his lips, fat labia kissing it sloppily as you rut against each other. The flesh of his cunt is slick and yielding, wetly sucking against the underside of your fat shaft.\n\nHe's flushed, ruddy across his face and in big blotches across his chest. "Okay, here's the deal," he says. "It would be real fucking obnoxious if I got pregnant during this survey. I got work to do. So if you knock me up that's your problem; I'm gonna pump those eggs into you the second they start to grow and that'll be your problem." He pauses. "But. Y'know. I could really use a good fuck."\n\n* [[fuck his mouth|jinn fuck mouth]]\n* [[fuck his ass|jinn fuck ass]]\n* [[fuck his cunt|jinn fuck cunt]]
He sprawls out on his back, legs spread. Most of his right hand is shoved into his gaping cunt, and he keeps twisting his hand back and forth, making his swollen labia warp around his fist. His thumb grinds against the ridge of his cockhead, digging down, and he drools a cloudy mess of pre, caught across his thumbtip and smeared over his lips, back into his drooling cunt.\n\n"What'll it be?" he says.\n\n* [[fuck his mouth|jinn fuck mouth]]\n* [[fuck his ass|jinn fuck ass]]\n* [[fuck his cunt|jinn fuck cunt]]
You say you're gonna fuck his face.\n\n"Well, c'mon, fucking do it," he says, squirming down to reach for your cock, and you strip, shucking your pants to one side, letting your cock loll out.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("knot")>><<display "jinn fuck mouth knot">>\\n<<else>><<display "jinn fuck mouth regular">><<endif>>\n<<sex "jinn" "oral" "bottom">>\\n<<set $jinnFuckedMouth += 1>>\\n\n[[→|camprun]]
You get hard in the open air, <<if hasMutation("dick")>>leathery cock fattening in sluggish bursts<<else>>cock thickening<<endif>> as Jinn all-but-leers at it. He reaches out and strokes it, <<if hasMutation("dick")>>tugging on your gnarled warts<<else>>stroking your smooth shaft up and down<<endif>> until it's fully hard. <<if hasMutation("prostate")>>He milks your cock, and you groan, cock lurching in his hand and letting out a splattering gush of sloppy yellow pre all over his face. Jinn moans and buries his face along your shaft, lapping up your stringy pre and swallowing it down, before he reaches the tip, which he hungrily stuffs in his mouth, gulping when you spurt again, splattering pre all across his tongue.<<else>>He aims your cock at his face and leans in, lips sliding over the tip, tongue lapping across the underside.<<endif>>\n\nHe's still got his other hand stuffed in his cunt, and he squirms, pressing his thighs together to add more friction to his thrusts as he fistfucks himself, moaning as he swallows your cock in time, until his face presses against your <<if hasMutation("dick")>>crotch<<else>>pubes<<endif>>, entire shaft sunk down his throat no problem. He moans around it, buzzing, and milks it with his throat, eyes closed. <<if hasMutation("prostate")>>You splatter pre in a gush all down his throat, a burbling froth smearing across his lips as he swallows, and he pulls back to let your steady gushes of pre spill all across his tongue.<<else>>He pulls back, only nursing on the tip:<<endif>> "C'mon, fuck my face," he says.\n\nFar be it for you to deny him. You drag your hands across his scalp, the buzzed hair on the sides prickly and stiff, and hilt your cock down his throat, your <<if hasMutation("balls")>>heavy, misshapen <<endif>>balls slapping against his chin with a //crack//. His throat milks <<if hasMutation("dick")>>your warted shaft, rippling muscle lurching and popping as the bubbly patches drag across the inner flesh of his throat<<else>>your shaft, opening up with each thrust, rippling around your cockhead as he swallows<<endif>>.\n\nJinn gulps around your cock, flushed face looking up at you, and you pull back with a wet //slurp//. He purses his lips near the tip, bobbing back and forth over the thick ridge of your cockhead, tongue lapping across the underside. You shallowly fuck his face, cockhead sinking to the back of his mouth until he gurgles and gags, and then you pull back, letting him coat your shaft in a slimy mess of phlegm.\n\nYou pull back and rut your cock along his face, drooling streamers of pre all across his face, and he moans, lips spread wide along the underside of your shaft, wetly suckling. His tongue presses against your flesh, lapping up spit and pre. You slide back, notching your <<if hasMutation("dick")>>gnarled <<endif>>cockhead against his lips, and let him lap up the continual burble of pre. His tongue presses against your swollen cockslit, pressing lightly against its flushed bulk, and you groan, gushing a cord of pre all across his tongue. He cups your cockhead with his tongue, slurping and gulping as he sucks on the tip, cheeks hollowing, lips flushed and red as they latch on to your fat cockhead.\n\nYou fuck his face, holding him in place as you sink your entire length down his throat. His eyes flutter shut and he moans, tears streaking down his disheveled cheeks. Your cockhead knocks against the back of his mouth, and he easily gulps it down, throat tight and milking as you sink deep, and he gurgles around it, sloppy ooze squelching up around your shaft as you pump into him, back and forth. A sloppy mess of slime wraps around your cock, smearing along his throat, and as you fuck him thick cords of phlegm squirt out of his throat, webbing across his teeth and drooling over his bruised lips. He wetly drools, lips slurping over <<if hasMutation ("dick")>>the lumpy, gnarled warts at the base of your cock<<else>>the fat base of your shaft<<endif>> as you sink down to the root, your balls wetly pressing against his slathered chin, and when you pull back you're nearly glued together, skin peeling apart before you balls swing back.\n\nJinn's drooling, eyes watering, face smeared in a mess of pre and spit, with frothy slime drooling from his nose and mouth when he gags; a thick sludge of creamy, churned-up pre and phlegm works its way up his throat, burbling out around your pumping shaft. He cums with a squealing moan, muffled around your cock, and his entire body lurches as he grinds down against his fist, still stuffed in his cunt: his giant cockhead-clit erupting with a grimy mess of cum, sloppy juices squirting out around his fist, splattering down into the sand between your legs.\n\nYou're getting close. Jinn's still hungry, frenzied, even after cumming; his fist pumping into his cunt just gets louder, wetter, plunging into his flushed, gaping cunt. He gulps down the churned-up slurry flooding his mouth, throat milking all across the length of your cock, and you keep fucking his face, groaning each time he clenches, every time your fat cockhead pops out from his throat. You cum with a groan, sinking down to the root and staying there as you dump your load in him: squirt after squirt spraying down his throat, only a slobbery slurry working its way up. Jinn groans again, shuddering, and he cums all over himself again just from getting to drink your load. He buries his face in your crotch, your pulsing balls stuck to his chin, his lips wrapped around the root of your cock.<<if hasMutation("balls") && hasMutation("prostate")>> He can't quite keep up with the full volume: you spurt and spurt and spurt down his throat, each pump a huge burst of sloppy, stringy slime, and even with him gulping continually you can feel the silty slide of your cum smearing across your cockhead, burbling back up around your shaft each time he gags, until he weakly retches and your slimy, yellow-grey cum erupts out around your shaft, squirting from his nose, as he slumps forward against you, still vainly trying to swallow your load.<<endif>>\n\nYou push him off, cum spurting higher up his bloated throat until you flood his mouth, spraying your last shots all over his already-slathered face, and he lets the cum pool under his tongue: <<if hasMutation("balls") && hasMutation ("prostate")>>a gritty, chunky mess of murky grey sludge, mixed together with your slimy yellowed pre to form a roiling pool that overflows his mouth and pours down over his swollen lower lip in an obscene waterfall, drenching his jaw and neck, sluicing down his bare chest in sloppy cords<<else if hasMutation ("balls")>>grey and chunky, thick and slimy mixed together with the churned-up sludge lining his throat<<else>>a slimy, sloppy mess of cum, all mixed together with the churned-up sludge lining his throat<<endif>>. He gulps, swallowing <<if hasMutation("balls")>>some<<else>>most<<endif>> of it down, and leans forward to suckle on the still-drooling tip of your cock, tongue swiping through the stringy mess of slime coating your shaft. You let him milk your cock until you're half-hard, soft and heavy resting across his tongue, and then you pull free.\n\nJinn's a sight: face shiny with sweat and spit, cheeks and jaw coated in stringy cords of churned-up cum, with thick sludge oozing down the underside of his jaw, spilling all down his neck in cords. Jiggling ropes of cum collect across his jawline, snaking out in rubbery lines from his chin. He's breathing hard, raggedly, mouth hanging open, throat visibly pulsing in the back of his mouth when he swallows.\n\nYou drop down onto your knees, lapping up a thick cord of cum across his chin, following it up to his mouth. <<if hasMutation ("balls")>>Your cum is rank and sour in his mouth, sloppy and thick when he shares your load with you, and y<<else>>Y<<endif>>ou sloppily make out, sharing the slurry of cum flooding his mouth, caked across his teeth, back and forth until you're nearly as smeared with cum as he is. He shares the dregs, and you groan into his mouth, teeth nipping at your lips, his tongue coated and slimy, catching globs of cum smeared across your jaw.
You unsheath fast, cock spilling out with a wet //slurp//, and Jinn wraps a hand around your sheath to shove the tip into his mouth, hungrily sucking on the tip. His tongue curls around your sharp tip, flesh spongy and soft, still unsheathing, but he groans, drooling down the shaft and trying to swallow more, already. Yeah, he's hungry for it. Your cock shudders, drooling pre across his tongue, and he gulps, fist twisting around in his cunt. He arches up against it, probably pretending it's your cock, and lets out a guttural groan, needy, aching.\n\nHe's definitely going into heat.\n\nYou thrust forward, just sliding the first few inches of your cock past his lips, letting your cock fully unsheath and start to harden. Your knot slurps out, tentacles fanning out behind it, and Jinn goes crosseyed staring at it, lips still attached to your sharp cocktip. You pull out with a soft wet sound, threads of spit webbing between you, jiggling as Jinn pants for breath, and you stroke yourself, letting your cock swell in your grip. You smack Jinn in the face with a spurt of pre, a slashing line from hairline to chin painted right over his open mouth, and his tongue darts out, catching a pearly bead.\n\nYou tell him, tip your head back. If he really wants to try swallowing your cock.\n\nHe lays back across your bedrolls, one pillowed against his neck, letting him hang his head against its back. You kneel before him, cock a huge spar of purplish flesh jutting up above him, drooling cords of pre across his neck and chest.\n\nHe's drooling. He swallows, eyes fixed on your balls, on your sheath, and you lick out with your tentacles: feeling over his lips, across his gums, one shoving up one of his nostrils, splaying out across his face. They're coated in old pre, fresh slime drooling down over the soft bulk of your knot and webbing between your tentacles, painting his face. You slide back, angling your cock down. It's enormous, given his human-sized frame, but if ever there was a human you'd expect to be able to swallow your cock, it'd be him.\n\nYou glide your cocktip against his lips, coating them in a wash of thin, reeking dog slime, drooling into his open mouth until he burbles and spits, letting slobbery pre pour across his face. You rut back and forth, glazing his skin until it's glossy, and finally pull back, and nock your cockhead between his lips. His head's tipped back, eyes closed, with runnels of glistening pre pouring down his face.\n\nYou sink in, mounting his face, and he lets out a groan, entirely muffled by your cock. His lips crawl up your shaft, spreading wide as you sink deeper, and when your cocktip dips into his throat he just swallows, easily taking it into his throat, even as it visibly warps from its girth. He's tight inside, throat clenching and gripping your cock as you sink deeper, his reflexive swallows milking your cock. You fuck back and forth, watching: his throat bulging, shrinking, bulging again, as you drive deeper with each thrust. His jaw is hanging open, lips spread obscenely, a messy froth of pre and spit drooling out of the corners of his mouth. He gulps, pre building up in his throat and lurching lower, washing past your cock in foamy bursts.\n\nYou lean forward, bracing your hands against his muscular chest. Half your cock sunk down his throat, throat warping even wider to fit the thick middle of your tapering shaft, and you bash it against his throat a few times, letting him gag and sputter on it before he manages to swallow. There's a slick, rubbery resistance to his throat, warping around your cock as you drive deeper, and you groan, fucking his face, feeling it convulse, watching it pull out of his mouth covered in frothy, foaming spit.\n\nHe's still got his other fist sunk into his cunt. His entire body shudders, throat milking your dick, and his giant knobbled cockhead-clit squirts out an abrupt spray of cum, splattering all up across his body, smacking against your stomach in heavy ropes. You wipe it off and smear it across your cock, an inch before where his warped lips are stretched around your shaft, and then you feed it back to him, sinking in deeper.\n\nEven knowing him, you're still impressed when he manages to take your cock all the way to the knot. It's half-engorged, a huge gnarled bulk smacking against his splayed lips, splattering thick ooze all over his already-drenched face. His throat works, clenching down hard when he gasps for breath, nose mashed against your knot and balls, half-plugged by your writhing tentacles.\n\nHe gags, eventually, a wash of spit and snot and pre erupting out from his mouth and nose, pouring down across his upturned face, and you pull back, cock sliding out cocooned in a messy slurry of slime. Jinn whines when you pull back, vainly trying to swallow the mess coating your cock and just gagging more, coughing wetly. You let him nurse on the tip, sputtering and drooling before he manages to cough the mess out of his clogged throat all over your cock. Then you let him lick up back up.\n\nYou sink back inside with a gurgling //squelch//, streams of frothy drool spilling across his drenched, flushed face. He's fucked-open, throat easily taking your cock down to the knot again, and you fuck his face: half your cock pummeling into him, rutting hard until he starts to gag and retch. You give him breaks, and yourself too: keeping yourself painting his face in layer after layer of rank dog pre, instead of actually blowing your load. You can feel it building, more with each gasping retch around your cock, but it's not there, not yet.\n\nYou ask him if he wants to try taking your knot.\n\nHe snuffles wetly around your cock, nodding his slime-encrusted face an iota around your shaft, tears dripping down his face.\n\nYour knot rests against his already-stretched lips, and you dig in with your tentacles, hooking them across his teeth and prying his mouth open wider. He gurgles, tentacles down his throat, pants of breath wafting out over your cock as you spread him wider. His lips are warped, distorted, drawn out into a raised mound of flesh, jaw nearly dislocated. Still, your knot digs in, half-engorged bulk mashing against his face with a wet //squelch//, and you rut back and forth -- sick, sloppy sounds coming from his wrecked throat -- for a minute, mashing your knot against his face again and again before his bruised, stretched lips warp an iota wider, and your knot catches on the rim of his face. You shove in, tentacles pulling back, and he retches again, slime gushing up from his throat, spraying from his nose, as you sink down to the hilt in his throat, knot filling his mouth so wide his cheeks bulge with its bulk. He gurgles, blowing gummy pre from his nose all over your balls so he can breathe, and you grind down, hands braced on his chest, knot swelling still-larger, as you cum directly down into his stomach.\n\nHe cums again, too. Twice. He gurgles, retching and gagging, and his throat warps and bloats as he tries to vomit up your load, only to have it plugged -- mostly -- by the sheer bulk of your knot, nestled up against the back of his mouth. Your tentacles splay out across his face, drawing patterns in the slimy mess coating his face. You slide two into his nose, slithering through his sinuses into his windpipe to half-intubate him, letting him breathe easier even with his throat warped and ruined.\n\nHis jaw spasms, spread so wide by your not you're not even in danger of him accidentally biting your knot; the hard flesh of his mouth just suckles on your knot, squelching and burbling as you piss out watery cum straight down his throat. You can feel his stomach swell, his internal flesh shuddering and warping, slowly peeling away from your cock as your cum washes up higher and higher. His gulps just stir your load around, swilling around your spurting cock, with thick chunks of slop smearing along your shaft, churned up by your minute thrusts, grinding his face against the tacky, sodden fur of your sheath and balls.\n\nOnce you finally finish he nearly-immediately vomits up almost all of your load. The second your knot starts to sag, softening and deflating, cum squirts out of his throat: sloppy gritty-grey ooze, squirting out across your crotch, pouring down his drenched face and into the sand below. His muscles finally start to synchronize, throat rippling, and he hoarsely gags as he vomits up your load in gurgling waves, ooze just-barely slurping out around your still-engorged knot and splattering out into the open in sloppy, greyish waves.\n\nIt's still a while after that before you're soft enough to actually pull out. You knot pulls free with a soggy //pop//, and Jinn lets out a gurgling groan, lurching to the side to vomit up more of your load into the sand, hacking and coughing. Thin, watery cords of cum spill down the underside of your cock, drizzling all over his chest and sides. He leans back, scummy face sliding across your cum-coated shaft, and he wetly suckles on its side, coughing and gagging every time he tries to swallow. He's still fisting himself, cum and his own juices spilling down his thighs, and he twists his hand inside his cunt, moaning against your cock as he cums again, squirting his load in a sloppy mess all over his bedroll, cunt milking his fist as he gasps against your cock.\n\n"That was maybe a little too much," he says, eventually. He's a fucking mess: lips bruised and red like he's been punched in the face, jaw a little slack, skin flushed blotchy purple, eyes red and watering. Face -- and neck, and chest, and shoulders -- entirely coated in scummy layers of sludge, thicker goo stuck in clumps to his skin, with sloppier slime pouring down over it in waves. He drags a hand across his face and just smears it further, drawing out stringy cords of cum slurry.\n\nHe looks at your cock: coated in globs of cum and froth, cum drenching your sheath and balls, soaking your fur into dripping coils. Still weakly twitching, though it's impossible to tell what's fresh cum and what's just painted across it. "But I still wanna try it again."\n\nHe has to cough between words both times, each time a wet spasm that brings up a glob of glowing emerald-green jelly.
You say you're gonna fuck his ass.\n\nJinn groans hungrily and rolls over, reaching a hand down -- other still wedged in his sloppy cunt -- to dig into his ass cheek and pull it aside, revealing his spread, pink asshole.\n\nHe's got a nice ass: big and fat, thickly muscular, with a dusting of his white-blond hair all over, spreading down to match his hairy legs. His hole pouts open just from his fingers digging into his cheek, spreading open like he's already been fucked, showing off the flushed flesh of his inner ass. He braces himself on his knees, pulling his hand from his cunt with a wet //slurp//, and works himself open with fingers slick and shiny with his juices.\n\nHe shudders and groans when you move up, grabbing his hips and pressing your cocktip against his hole: he practically faceplants in the sand, ass up and presented to you, his splayed asshole pulsing and flexing, pouting out in a raised ridge, like an obscene mouth kissing your <<<if hasMutation("dick")>>warted<<else if hasMutation("knot")>>sharp, animal <<endif>>cockhead. You spurt <<if hasMutation("prostate")>>a mess of grimy, lightrot-tinged pre all over the heavy globes of his ass, pouring across the broad pink rim of his splayed hole and dripping into his open guts, and you rut against him, sliding your cock along his ass until his skin is entirely glazed with your gleaming yellow pre<<else>>a mess of pre up across his ass, smearing across his skin and leaving it gleaming, and then you dig in, rutting your cock along the crack of his ass and leaving his skin glazed<<endif>>.\n\nJinn twists back: "Fuck me already!" he moans, a little teasing and needy about it but also a little legitimately frustrated you haven't stuck your dick in him yet.\n\nNo need to keep him waiting longer. You push in, <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>sharp cocktip sliding in through the open lips of his hole<<else>><<if hasMutation ("dick")>>broad, warted <<endif>>cockhead spreading his open lips wide<<endif>> as you sink down to the root effortlessly, immersing your cock in the tight, heated channel of his yielding ass. <<if hasMutation ("knot") || hasMutation ("dick")>>You grind your <<if hasMutation ("dick")>>warted crotch<<else>>bloated sheath<<endif>> against his ass, rutting shallowly as Jinn groans from the sheer bulk of your cock sunk inside him. <<endif>>His ass ripples, internal muscles squeezing and miking your shaft, and Jinn lets out a long, shaky sigh when you spurt pre directly into him, spilling across his inner walls and smearing along the underside of your cock. His asshole flutters around the root of your shaft, squeezing and spreading, and Jinn just groans, your cock quenching some part of the burning heat gathering inside him.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>You're not even fully unsheathed yet. You rut your sheath against his ass, its bloated bulk spreading his cheeks, and your knot spills out easily, bulky even soft and unengorged, followed by the messy slurp of your tentacles, immediately fanning out to lap across Jinn's broad ass. You sink down past the knot, felt now as only a pair of faint ridges across the very base of your shaft, and let your sheath properly fold back over itself, a big mound of leathery meat hot and heavy between your bodies, drooling a slurry of old backed-up sludge directly into Jinn's gaping asshole, painting down across your hilted cock in tarry lines.\n\n<<endif>>\\nHis ass is totally yielding: clenching tight around your shaft, but rubbery and pliable, spreading easily to swallow your entire cock with no problem. His guts ripple, squeezing your shaft, milking your cockhead, and you groan, rutting into him with a few wet //smack//s: eyes unfocused, not thinking of anything aside from his slick, heated guts wrapped around your shaft, squeezing in rhythmic contractions. Jinn lets out a shaky moan and cums all over himself, sloppy fluid squirting out around his fist, drooling down onto his bedroll. Syrupy lines of milky cum roll down his wrist as he shoves his fist deeper into his cunt, spreading his knees wider to take the force of your thrusts better.\n\nYour balls smack against the flesh of his ass with a sharp //crack//, sweat and pre splattering in droplets over your skin, sheening Jinn's skin in a gleaming layer of slime. Your cock shudders with each thrust, shoving deep into his stroking guts, spewing a mess of pre inside him that builds up into sloppy layers coating your shaft, smearing across the walls of his ass, and your cock pulls from his ass dripping with pre, drizzling down over the curve of his ass in cords. Jinn cums all over himself again, and his guts spasm, clenching hard as he keens.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>\\nYour knot throbs, already sunk into Jinn's ass, and you both groan. You ask, he want you to knot him? and Jinn sobs and nods and keeps cumming all over himself: "Yeah, yeah, fuck, yeah c'mon you better."\n\nYour tentacles splay out over the curve of his ass, digging in. Three squirm down between his legs and smear over his bruised lips, squirming into his cunt alongside his fist. They curl in, looping up inside him, just further anchoring your bodies together. You rut into him shallowly, tentacles grabbing hard, making his fat ass cheeks warp down, digging furrows that fold over themselves, as you rut into him. Your sharp cocktip is deep, deep in his guts, squirting a slobbery mess of pre that already has his guts sloshing, and each tiny swell of your knot has you both groaning, its bulk scraping against the walls of his ass harder, heavier.\n\nYou stare down: the leathery bulk of your sheath dipping down between his cheeks, folded over itself in a wrinkled mass, meeting the flushed pink of Jinn's ass in a slobbery, obscene kiss. There's a squelch every time you bottom out, the bulk of your sheath a piled-up mound between you, and when you pull back you're connected with dozens of tiny threadlike lines of slime; that and a few big cords, hanging down in heavy ropes that droop and fold into themselves, smearing across your bodies in a frothy, lathered mess with each thrust.\n\nYour knot crests backwards up out of him, its half-engorged bulk warping Jinn's asshole into an inhuman mound: a big ridged ring of flesh clinging to its rim for as long as possible before it finally peels away, leaving Jinn's ass a gaping crater, flooded with your sludgy pre. That's when you push back in, slime squirting out all across the rim of your knot as you earth it back inside Jinn's ass, immersing it in his heat. He takes it real well; even only slightly engorged you're bigger than a fist; close to two fists, and there's only the slightest catch on his rim: you bear down and Jinn just unfurls, ass spreading out so, so easy to swallow up your knot. You've never knotted a human before, but, of course, Jinn's not human. It's real nice to see a human//-sized// ass swallow up your knot, though.\n\nYou keep knot-fucking him with your swelling knot, slow and easy as it grows and grows, the spongy flesh becoming harder and harder, so swollen it aches with your heartbeat, thundering through its enormous bulk in a continual, dizzying throb. Every with that Jinn just keeps swallowing it up, asshole stretching impossibly, into what looks like warped sheets of flesh, asshole just a gnarled twist at the center, pouting open each time you slam your knot back inside. You really think you could keep fucking him the whole time through. Totally wreck his asshole with the fully-engorged bulk of your knot. But you really, really want to knot him, and Jinn clearly wants to get knotted too. You sink back in, one last time, and watch the bruised, broken folds of his swollen asshole smear themselves over the monstrous bulk of your knot, purple-black and visibly throbbing. It sinks so easily into his ass, socketing into place with a final gush of pre squirting out of him before your knot seals him tight.\n\nYou say, get ready, and Jinn lets out a shaky moan, asshole clenching down tight; that more than the bulk of your knot is what's gonna keep you locked together. Your tentacles dig in -- clinging over his hips, shoving deeper into his gaping cunt -- and you collapse on top of Jinn, sheath jammed against his asshole, knot beating like a second heart inside him, and you start to cum.\n\nYour load feels burning hot, sizzling inside you, plumes of heat billowing out around your cocktip as you cum inside him. First something thick: tarry and dense, sticking to his guts in a heavy wave as your cock throbs inside him. Jinn groans, his other hand going to his belly, digging in until you can feel the pressure against your cock. His hand twists inside his cunt, fingers shoving deeper, and you squirm a few more tentacles into him, splaying his gaping lips even wider. He's drooling cum continually, on a sloppy ooze that smears all over, and you use that as lube to shove your tentacles deeper, sinking in deeper than his fingers. You pin him, the weight of your body keeping your knot solidly seated, constantly grinding deeper inside him, and his entire body convulses as he cums all over himself again, squirting across the squirming, twining mass of tentacles plugging up his cunt.\n\nYou flood his guts with your load, pulse after pulse of tarry cum slowly thinning, your strong spasms turning into a continual flex, until you're pissing out stringy, watery cum. You groan, dazed, sprawled all across his back as you empty yourself into him. His guts slurp and gurgle; your cock is immersed in your own load, and you could feel the motions of the sloppy sea of cum inside him, churning and flowing deeper in abrupt gurgles. You flood him with the messy slurry of your load, and Jinn sobs and shudders under you, cumming just as continually as you are. He twists his head, kissing you in a daze, smearing his sweat-and-tears stained face against your own, gasping and panting for breath as you fill him up.\n\nHis belly bloats out slowly: the smooth curve growing almost imperceptibly, until it's hanging beneath him in a drooping arch. He's deep in the grips of his heat, and his skin stretches easily, like he's pregnant already, smooth and yielding even as you pump more and more of your slobbery dog cum deep into his guts. Eventually you slump to the side, carrying Jinn with you, so that he's lying on his side. Giving his belly more room to expand. You spread your hands over his stomach: skin feverishly hot, sweaty and slick with cum, a muted rippling from your load inside him.\n\nHe looks pregnant already, swollen and heavy, and Jinn is clearly engaging in the same fantasy right now: eyes closed, fluttering rapidly; mouth open, breathing hard; his flush cunt plugged with his fist and your tentacles, warped into an obscene mound bulging out from his crotch. His face is a mess of tears. His other hand is cupping one of his pecs. He's leaking milk, in waxy droplets oozing from his broad areola, and as he squeezes he lets out an abrupt squirt, painting his glazed chest with a mess of milky ichor. You milk his other nipple for him, cupping the thick muscle of his pec, padded now with extra tissue; his milk glands form distinct dense lumps under his skin, aching now with unexpressed milk.\n\nAll through this you're still filling him up, bloating his belly more, until he looks obscenely gravid: huge and round, skin across his sides finally starting to shred into stretch marks, brilliant red-purple against his dark skin. He's so flooded now you're spurting into a swirling sea of cum, his guts so swollen their walls only drift against your shaft instead of clinging tight. You can feel him convulse by the shifts in the currents of cum flowing through him, like a hazy vibration.\n\nIt takes a while -- it's nearly midday, with the tent growing hot from the daytime sun -- but you can feel yourself empty out. Your load is silty now, only gritty dregs left as you pump less and less into Jinn's bloated frame. He can feel it too; he sobs again; body exhausted but his heat still burning hard inside his enflamed cunt. His asshole shudders, sucking on your knot, and even dazed and half-asleep you can both tell you're starting to soften. You can follow the heavy pressure of cum lapping across your knot, and how slow tongues spill down its softening sides, finally oozing out over Jinn's asshole in a mess of slobbery beads: cloudy grey cum mixed through with tendrils of jellylike shining green sludge.\n\nCum drools out between you in thick, soupy waves, despite Jinn's shuddering, clenching asshole. Your knot shrinks, slowly, and the thick cords drooling out from him turn into slobbery waves, gurgling out from his wrecked ass. Jinn groans, frustrated, and grinds back against you, struggling to keep himself bred. He's red and teary-eyed, panting hard, and you obligingly peel your tentacles from his cunt -- leaving it a warped, gaping mess -- and shove them into his ass, curling them around your knot to stem the flow as much as possible.\n\nYou spend the rest of the day in a daze, hilted in Jinn's ass, dozing against each other. Your load slowly leaks from his ass, forming a crusty glaze all over your bodies, half-gluing you together.\n<<set $_awake to "jinn knot awake">>\\n<<else>>\\nHis cockhead is hugely bloated, bulging out between his swollen lips, its bulk nearly as broad as his fist. His cockslit gapes, flexing erratically as he continually drools a milky wash of cum, sloppy and liquid, silver-grey as it drools down over the bruised folds of his labia, outlining them in a shiny glaze. He squirts ropes of cum all over his hand, splattering on the sodden bedroll.\n\nYour cock shudders inside him. You tell him you're gonna cum, and he sobs and cums again.\n\n"Breed me," he sobs, bucking back against you, giant fat ass slamming into your hips as he rides your <<if hasMutation("dick")>>brutally thick <<endif>>dick, his guts stroking you off<<if hasMutation("dick")>>, slurping as your gnarled, warted shaft slurps back and forth inside him<<endif>>. "Please," he says. "Cum in me!"\nYou let out a rumbling groan, <<if hasMutation ("claws") || hasMutation ("hands fur")>>claws<<else>>fingers<<endif>> digging into his meaty hips, and you rut into him hard, <<if hasMutation("balls")>>bloated balls smacking hard against his ass, <<endif>><<if hasMutation("dick")>>mutated cock slamming into him through his gaping, wrecked asshole<<else>>cock slamming deep into him as you hilt yourself with each brutal thrust<<endif>>. You feel your orgasm coming on: heat and pleasure twisting in your gut, the slick heat of his guts wrapping around your shaft, and you give a few final thrusts, each bringing you that much closer, until the heat crests inside you. Your cock shudders, spurting hard into him, and you cum with a loud groan, spilling your load into him in burst after burst. You keep thrusting, shallowly, rutting your cockhead deep inside him<<if hasMutation("balls")>>, and your load floods him and gurgles down, excess squirting from his gaping ass in a mess of sludgy grey cum, thick clots of ooze smeared all over your shaft and foaming up into a dense cream as you empty your ĝheist balls deep into Jinn's guts<<else>> as you dump your load into him, spurt after spurt filling him up until your load starts drooling out over the rim of his asshole, smearing across his already-drenched skin<<endif>>. Jinn cums again, of course. He keens, moaning into his pillow, bloated cockhead letting out a very tarry, gritty squirts of cum all over himself, gushing from between his bloated cunt in heavy arcs. You rest your cock inside him, <<if hasMutation("balls")>>still cumming strong, gushing a slobbery mess of gritty cum into his already-flooded ass, slathering his inner walls in spurt after spurt of your grimy cum<<else>>letting the dregs of your load spill into his ass with the final few twitches of your cock<<endif>>. His ass milks your cock, practically swallowing it, and when you pull out his gaped asshole squeezes down hard, hungrily swallowing, so that your shaft emerges slick but not slimy, the mess of your load drooling all across the rim of his asshole. Your use your fingers to feed the excess back in, finger-fucking him as his asshole gulps it down.\n\nOnce your dick is out of him, Jinn collapses onto his bedroll, hand pulling free from his cunt with an obscene liquid //squelch//. He's trembling, body slick with sweat.\n\n"Fuck," he says, breathless. "That helped." He rolls over: his front is absolutely glazed in cum, and the bedroll under him is totally saturated, glossy black splotches painted all across the fabric. His cunt is swollen enormously, lips bruised and pouting out in a sloppy gape, with his cockhead visible like an enormous clit, peeking out between his splayed lips. He pants for a second. "Do I gotta sleep on the wet spot, though, c'mon."\n\nYou tell him he made the mess. Your load is still in his ass. He lets out a shaky sigh.\n<<endif>>\\n\n<<sex "jinn" "anal" "bottom">>\\n<<set $jinnFuckedAss += 1>>\\n[[→|camprun]]
Eventually you have to get up and peel yourself apart. Even leaking during the day -- clumps of dried cum smeared all over your front and Jinn's back, gumming down both your legs -- Jinn still looks hugely pregnant, bloated and heavy. He sobs when you finally pull out, crusts of dried cum breaking, and your soft cock emerging in a gooey cocoon of slathered cum. You have to basically wring your cock out, scraping all the slathered cum off and pumping excess out of your heavy sheath before you can get your dick to stop just hanging out there fully unsheathed. It aches when it finally starts pulling back into your body, muscles exhausted after having spent the entire day unsheathed.\n\nJinn's a mess: asshole gaping, bulging out in a bruised mound between his cheeks, continually pouring the sloppy mess of your load onto the sand; cunt nearly as wrecked, flushed and heavy and still hungry, his fat labia swollen into hanging mounds surrounding his gaped hole. His hand is wrinkled and waxy from being shoved into his sloppy cunt the entire day.\n\nJinn drains out slowly, shaky and feverish as he shambles to his feet. His pecs keep leaking milk, in milky lines all down his front, over the pregnant -- not actually pregnant -- mound of his cum-bloated gut. You're pretty sure this just made his heat worse.
You kneel down before him and scrape your hands up his hairy thighs, reaching up to tug his swollen lips wider. He draws his hand back, the bulk of his fist pulling free with a wet //slurp//, giving you a good view of his inner walls as he wedges his remaining fingers inside and pulls himself wide: flushed red, pulsing around his fingers, with his bloated inner lips sticking out like fat tongues. The similarity with human anatomy fades deeper inside: along the sloppy channel he's been finger-fucking, his flesh takes on a purplish-grey tinge, and bulges up into smooth, rubbery ovals, with ridges of flesh rising up between them, fringed with stiff bristle-looking cilia.\n\nYou grope your crotch with a hand already slick with his juices, and then tug your pants open, letting your <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>bloated sheath<<else if hasMutation("dick")>>heavy, warted ĝheist cock<<else>>cock<<endif>> lurch out into the open. Jinn groans, reaching out -- fingers pulling from his cunt -- and <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>\\nstuffs his sloppy fingers into your sheath, milking your sharp cockhead as it starts to spill out into the open. You unsheath in lurches, dark purple-black shaft spilling out into the open already slathered with a mess of pre and his juices, and you move forward, grinding the leathery flesh of your sheath against his swollen lips as he strokes you off, working you to full hardness.\n<<else>>\\nstrokes your cock, letting it stiffen in his hand. Your <<if hasMutation("dick")>>warted <<endif>>flesh bloats, cock drooping down in a heavy arch, and you move forward, letting your <<if hasMutation("dick")>>rubbery <<endif>>cockhead drag against his plush lips as he slowly works it to full hardness.\n<<endif>>\\n\n<<if hasMutation("knot")>>\\n<<display "jinn fuck cunt knot">>\n<<else>>\\n<<display "jinn fuck cunt normal">>\n<<endif>>\\n<<set $pregRate = hasMutation("knot") ? 0.99 : 0.25>>\\n<<if Math.random() lt $pregRate>><<set $jinnPregnant to "you">><<endif>>\\n<<sex "jinn" "cunt" "bottom">>\\n<<set $jinnFuckedCunt += 1>>\n\n[[→|camprun]]
Fully hard, <<if hasMutation("dick")>>your cock spans up across his muscled stomach, drizzling pre in sloppy lines<<else>>your cock reaches up to dig against his bellybutton<<endif>>, with the underside of your shaft slurping against the fat, fleshy bulges of his swollen lips. you pull back, slotting your cockhead between them, and slowly sink into him. he's slick inside, flesh spongy and tight, ridged and rubbery from the alien anatomy deeper, and he swallows you down to the root with a long sigh. you can feel his own cock, still-sheathed, as a spar of dense flesh following the top of his cunt, slowly curving away from his depths. His internal muscles shudder and clench, milking your cock, and his own cock shudders and pulses in time, spilling forward for his swollen clit to bulge out between his splayed lips, only for the next milking shudder to pull it back inside.\n\nYou thrust inside him, cock pulling against his slick, squeezing grasp, and he groans and sighs, hiking his hips up to wrap his heels around your thighs, guiding your thrusts back inside. He squirts a messy burble of pre and cum, swollen clit gushing weak arcs of cloudy pre that spill down his sloppy lips, and when his cock pulls deeper inside it's reduced to a burble drooling out between his lips, smearing your shaft with his own load. He coos and groans, head thrown back, palm against his face, as you sink inside him<<if hasMutation("dick")>>, cunt lips warped obscenely around your gnarled, warted shaft<<endif>>. You start slow, not the least because Jinn seems like he's in a state of constant orgasm, body shuddering, muscles spasming, with nearly every thrust, and you're curious just how long you can keep him like that. You can feel his nuts inside his body: swollen ovoid shapes bulging in against the deeper wall of his cunt, spasming in time with his wet squirts, and you rut your cockhead across them, grinning as Jinn's groans turn into almost-pained sobs and his cunt spasms hard, locking your cock inside it.\n\nYour cockhead knocks against something inside him, a hard swell of bloated flesh, sensitive when you mash your cockhead against it -- Jinn lets out a new kind of broken moan, a hard hoarse rasp of an exhale -- and it takes a while for you to realize it's his cervix, pulsing back and forth, pushing down when he clenches and peeling back up deeper into his body when he rolls his hips on your cock.\n\nHe keens, his cunt a sloppy mess of pre, both yours and his. There's a frothing slurry building up across his slick lips, spilling down between his thighs in squelching rivers as you pump into him. His labia are meaty and heavy, wetly slurping across the base of your shaft, splayed open obscenely, and his enormous clit spreads his lips nearly as much as your shaft does, revealing the dark purple flush of his internal flesh. He groans, gutturally, and his cunt clenches down, milking you almost painfully tight as he mashes his cervix down, pushing hard enough that you can feel it start to flower open against your cockhead.\n\n"Breed me!" Jinn moans, words long and drawn out. He rides himself down on your cock, ass smacking against your thighs making wet //smacks//, muscles of his stomach rippling and clenching. His cervix clenches, a mounded circle that slowly spreads until it can suck the tip of your dick inside, lodged inside a burning, crushing tunnel of pulsing muscle. He moans, sobbing, convulsing, and his bloated clit erupts in sloppy gushes of milky cum, spilling all across his muscled stomach as his cervix suckles on your cockhead.\n\nYou cum with a groan, fingers digging into his hips, holding him in place so you can slam your cock against his cervix again and again, hosing him down with <<if hasMutation("balls")>>chunky, gritty ĝheist cum, in tarry, gritty bursts<<else>>your load, in sloppy spurts<<endif>> that spray all across his cervix, ones that it hungrily gulps down, swallowing into his womb. Jinn moans, hilting your cock and grinding down, and you roll your hips, fucking your spurting cockhead through the tight vice of his cervix.\n\n<<if hasMutation("balls")>>You keep cumming until your load burbles out along your shaft, squirting across your stomach and over Jinn's thighs, painting you in clotted, greasy smears of ĝheist cum. His cervix gurgles, florid and swollen, gulping down your tarry load as you gush again and again into his flooded cunt. His other hand comes down, smearing across his bruised lips to shove globs of cum back inside, fingers curling around your spurting shaft as he rides you in a frenzy, fighting to keep all your load inside him.\n\n<<endif>>\\nYou keep your cock inside him after you finish, letting his hungry cunt swallow down as much of your load as possible. Jinn groans, cervix just flowering open wider as it drinks it down, until you finally pull out half-hard, cock slick but not dripping, and Jinn even milks that, catching the final beads of <<if hasMutation("balls")>>gritty <<endif>>cum on his fingers before shoving them <<if hasMutation("balls")>>back <<endif>>into his cunt.\n\nYou ask Jinn if he feels better. He says, "Yeahhhh," drawing it out, fingers shoved into his gaping cunt, damming your load inside.
You unsheath all across his chest, with the tip bobbing and pulsing right between his pecs, drooling slimy pre all across his chest, sticking his hair to his skin and painting him in a runny glaze of dog slime. Jinn groans, rutting his cunt up against your leathery sheath, hands stroking your shaft, and you fuck against him, cock spurting out fat cords of sludge all across his face and chest, drenching him in your mutant pre.\n\nYour knot throbs in your sheath, tentacles already writhing behind it, making the flesh of your sheath ripple and warp. Your sheath peels back with an explosion of slime, pouring down into jinn's gaping cunt -- he reaches down and hooks his lip to the side, letting the flow of sludge just gurgle straight into him -- and your knot comes to rest right over his cunt, a dense, solid weight resting against his spread lips. It's not even engorged yet, its sides only slightly-curving, but you grind it down, fucking across his chest, letting the underside of your knot slurp into his gaping cunt.\n\nJinn groans, weepy and snarling at the same time. "C'mon and fuck me already!" he begs, hands still stroking your cock, painting his chest in your grimy, off-color pre.\n\nYou fuck him, already.\n\nYou have to take a half-motion back, hips pulling back to hunch over him, before you can get enough space to drag your cock down his body. You spurt sludge all over his stomach and thighs before you line your cock up against his spread lips. Jinn arches up and swallows the tip, letting out a hungry groan. His lips pulse, clenching and slurping, and his enormous clit throbs, spitting out a milky mess of pre and cum that drools down over his swollen lips, gurgling around your cock as it spills into his cunt. You thrust forward, driving into his cunt, and he lets out a long, aching groan, hands clutching your chest as you slide in deeper.\n\nJinn looks dazed. "Yeah, I fucking needed this," he says, eyes closed, mouth open. He rolls his hips, fucking himself on half your cock, a hand sliding down to press against your shaft, angle it slightly differently so he can buck against it. "C'mon, fucking breed me," he says, and you lean down and kiss him, letting him groan against your mouth as you sink the rest of your cock inside him. Your knot bashes against his lips, mashing them down before slurping through, and Jinn keens into your mouth and jerks up, swallowing your shaft all the way down to the tentacles, letting your knot throb there, nestled between his engorged lips. Deep, deep inside him, your cocktip jabs against a hard swell of muscle, and you both hunch together: knot slurping back and forth into his cunt, cocktip sliding and scraping against the swell of muscle. It takes your cocktip notching into place right in the dimpled center of the swell for you to realize it's his cervix: swollen and bloated, pulsing when you grind down against it. You fuck against it, breathing hard, your swollen balls smacking against his ass and sticking there, peeling away when you draw back.\n\nJinn moans and writhes, body convulsing around the spar of your cock, inner muscles clamping down and milking your shaft. He tips his head back, fucking himself on your soft, barely-engorged knot, and slowly you feel his cervix warp and shudder, the muscle pulsing and flexing against your cocktip. He flowers open, stiff rubbery flesh slowly parting, pushing, as his cervix spreads itself, tip hungrily sucking on your cocktip, letting you spew pre directly into his womb. He looks drunk: face flushed, eyes unfocused, jaw hanging open as he ruts against you, meeting every one of your thrusts with an upward jerk, shaky groans ripping their way up his throat as you mash just an iota deeper: cockhead shoving into his cervix, pinning your leathery sheath against his flushed cunt in a mound of wrinkled flesh. He cums with a shaky sigh, swollen cockhead erratically pulsing -- the entire long muscle of his sheathed cock throbbing -- as he spews out a milky, sloppy mess of pre and cum all over the base of your cock. You fuck his load into him, frothing up into a slimy mess around his gaping cunt, spurting out each time your knot pops free from between his bruised lips. He doesn't seem at all relieved by it; he keeps rutting up against you, keening when your cockhead stabs against the unfurling muscle of his cervix.\n\nYour knot throbs, starting to swell, and when you slam into him the bulk of your knot catches against his lips, grinding down against them until they slurp out, not just spread but distended into thick, rubbery arcs around your bloating knot. His entire mound distends when you pull back, lips clinging to the underside of your knot until you yank it free with a sick wet //pop// that leaves him gaping. You fuck him in short hard thrusts, breaking his cunt open with your thickening knot, making his already-bruised lips swell up into huge puffy slabs, pulsing against your knot as you work to cram it back in. You drag back, trying to pull it out, but -- your knot beats, and again, bloating up halfway crammed through his lips, cunt bloating, bulging out around it, and you have to shove deeper, fully knotted inside him. Jinn knows what it means just as well as you do, and he groans, going lax; all but the muscles inside him, still working your cock: inner muscles squeezing, cervix pulsing, eagerly gulping down the froth of pre you're spurting deep inside him; that and his heels on the backs of your thighs, pulling you closer, tighter, deeper.\n\nYou cum with a groan, forehead pressed against jinn's, gasping against each other as the first shot explodes into him, flooding his cervix and half spraying back out. Wet heat pours across the underside of your cock, a mess of churned-up cum squirting out around his pulsing cervix. You pant there for a second, lost in the initial pleasure, and then you say, wait, hold on.\n\nYou sit back and pull him up so that he's riding your cock, impaled on your full length. From this angle he can grind down just a fraction further -- your knot lurching deeper; sheath partially crammed inside his cunt; tentacles curling around his cockhead and licking his lips; and your cockhead shoves through the bottleneck of his cervix, spurting directly into his womb. Jinn bellows, the entire channel of his cunt convulsing erratically, and he cums again, spraying into the sloppy folds of your sheath as you drag him down onto your cock. You're panting, hips reflexively jerking up, sharp shots of cum spraying into him and splattering back against your cockhead. His cervix clenches, squeezing the final few inches of your cock like a tight fist, and only a thin smear of cum drools down; the rest of your load sloshes in his womb, coating and then immersing your cockhead in a wash of cum.\n\nHe's plugged tight: cervix hardly letting a single squirt of cum drool out; your knot trapping what little does. Your balls lurch, throbbing as you keep pumping, and the initial rush of pleasure fades down to a steady, constant throb: thick bolts of tarry sludge turning into a continual pour of sloppy, watery fluid, more and more until it sloshes in his womb, rippling around your spurting cockhead. Jinn just shudders and gasps, still grinding down on your cock needily.\n\nYou're tied together for a while. You pull him down on top of you -- he groans as the angle shifts, smacking your knot against his clit, stirring your cocktip through the sloppy swill flooding his womb -- and lazily kiss him as you keep flooding him. His gut starts to bulge, pressure under his abs when you stretch your hand over his belly, and his muscles clench and relax, the bloat of his gut slowly growing and growing as his womb swells.\n\nHe sobs when you finally pull out: knot softening, slowly, bulk deflating, and when you pull out there's not the expected eruption of cum. His cervix squeezes down, milking your cocktip, and only a single squirt of cum spills out around your cocktip before he clamps himself shut. You still don't know if that's conscious, or some automatic response from his heat-flushed body. You pull out with a slurp, your cock slick and shining, practically milked clean from his hungry cunt. It's pretty impressive.\n\nHe's gaping so wide afterwards you can actually see his cervix: cunt lips flushed a deep purple-red, swollen so fat they can't close; the warped imprint of your knot across his inner lips, visibly pouted more right around where your knot was nestled. And then his cervix is a purple-grey donut deeper inside his gaping channel, glazed with your cum, swallowing itself up into a bulging mound as it seals your load in his womb.\n\nYou ask Jinn if he feels better. He just lets out a happy groan.
<<set $campHelpersSet to false>>\\n<<if $drudgeActive eq "chain" && $noSex>>\\nYou do in fact hear them fuck out in the sand -- lots of guttural growls and snarls -- and come in a bit later reeking of cum, while you're getting to sleep.\n<<endif>>\\n<<display "timed tfs">>\\n\\n<<if $sandstorm>>\n/% %/<<set $sandstorm -= 3>>\\n/% %/<<if $sandstorm lte 0>><<display "scatter">>You sleep soundly in the sandstorm. it burns itself out during the day.\n/% %/<<else>>You sleep soundly in the sandstorm.\n/% %/<<endif>>\\n<<else>>You sleep fitfully through the day's heat.\n<<endif>>\n<<if $_camprun>><<display $_camprun>><<set $_camprun to false>><<endif>>\\n<<if $_awake>><<display $_awake>><<set $_awake to "">>\n<<endif>>\n<<resetmoves>>\\n<<if $plot eq 3 && $drudgeActive eq "chain">>\\n[[at dusk you all take up the yoke again|drag back 2]]\\n<<else>>[[at dusk you pack up and set off|worldmap]]<<endif>>
<<if !hasMutation("buff") && mutationPoints("ĝheist") gte 4>>\\n/% %/<<if !hasMutation("pre-buff")>>\\n/% %/<<addmutation "pre-buff">>Your muscles ache during the day. Your heart thrums, blood rippling hot, flushed, close to the surface of your skin. Your muscles twitch, burning, heavy and dense on your body. In the morning you move, pushing yourself up, and your contracted biceps form bulky, smooth-edged shapes: heavy, powerful. Not such a change from last morning, but it seems more noticeable now.\n/% %/<<else>>\\n/% %/<<rmmutation "pre-buff">>\\n/% %/<<addmutation "buff">>Your muscles ache during the day. They feel impossibly heavy, like lead weights strapped to your skeleton. You toss and turn, and wake aching and sweaty, every muscle burning like you spent the entire day laboring.\n/% %/<<endif>>\\n<<else if !hasMutation("scales") && mutationPoints("ĝheist") gte 6 && (hasMutation("leathery arms") || hasMutation("leathery hips"))>>\\n/% %/<<if !hasMutation("pre-scales")>>\\n/% %/<<addmutation "pre-scales">>Your skin itches. You feel sunburnt. The skin across your elbows is ashy, flaking off, and when you scratch up over your arm, you leave a ragged trail of old skin. Underneath, you can feel harder structures forming.\n/% %/<<else>>\\n/% %/<<rmmutation "pre-scales">>\\n/% %/<<addmutation "scales">>Your skin itches. You scrape old skin off sleeping, tossing and turning, skin hotter and more leathery, and when you wake you've mostly finished molting. Your skin is blotchy, speckled ĝheisthide: a dark grey-brown with only a few paler speckles across your chest and, you discover later, back.\n/% %/<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\\n\\n<<if $queuedUpper gt 0>>\\n/% %/<<set $queuedUpper -= 1>>\\n/% %/<<if !hasMutation('buff arms')>>\\n/% %/<<addmutation "buff arms">>Your arms ache. The sting from the lightrot never really left them, and while you sleep the ache soaks deeper until it feels like it hits the bone. Your biceps and forearms swell, shoulders bulking up to match their new size. You have stretch marks across your biceps and shoulders, thin red ones like stripes, and a few even across underside of your <<if hasMutation("leaky")>>puffy<<else>>muscular<<endif>> pecs.\n/% %/<<else if !hasMutation('leathery arms')>>\\n/% %/<<addmutation "leathery arms">>Your arms ache. The lightrot burn soaks in fast, and your skin mottles in piebald patches, leathery skin bulging to the surface in itchy patches. Your skin flakes off in patches, shedding quick, and when you wake you scrub them with sand, watching the flex of your new ĝheisthide across your wrists.\n/% %/<<else if !hasMutation('claws')>>\\n/% %/<<addmutation "claws">>Your arms ache. They're saturated with lightrot now, burning hot. Your fingernails are coming in black, shaped differently: with a thickened ridge down the center, pushing out into points. They look mismatched, and probably will for a while, until your claws can grow fully in.\n/% %/<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\\n\\n<<if $queuedLower gt 0>>\\n/% %/<<set $queuedLower -= 1>>\\n/% %/<<if !hasMutation('wide hips')>>\\n/% %/<<addmutation "wide hips">>\\n<<if $tfIncite eq "ophion oral">>\n<<else if $tfIncite eq "ophion anal">>Your body still aches after being basted in Ophion's burning, lightrot-laden load. Your hips \\n<<else if $tfIncite eq "brulvundojn bigdick">>Your hips still ache after trying to take Brulvundojn's brutally-gigantic knot. They \\n<<else if $tfIncite eq "jinn-pools">>Your body aches after your full-body lightrot bath, down in the caves. Your skin prickles all over. Your hips \\n<<else if $tfIncite eq "gawann fuck 2">>Your ass still aches after Gawann's brutal fucking. Your hips \\n<<endif>> creak when you turn over, and the sudden ache wakes you several times. Your guts spasm, twisted up in strange loops inside you, and sudden flashes of heat, sometimes painful, sometimes not, keep flashing up and down through your waist. It feels like you have some immense gulf inside you, yawning open between your widened pelvis.\n/% %/<<else if !hasMutation('leathery hips')>>\\n/% %/<<addmutation "leathery hips">>Your hips ache. The muscles of your ass itch and burn, with a throbbing that buzzes up inside you, all through your body. Heat ripples from inside you, making your skin flush, and you run hot the entire day.\n\nSplotches of rubbery, dense ĝheisthide perceptibly grow and spread, old skin coming off in crumbling papery flakes, until when you wake the skin all across your hips and upper thighs is heavy, leathery ĝheisthide. Your core muscles burn, lower back and hips thicker, unexpectedly strong when you turn and sit up. Even your thighs feel bulkier, heavy muscle corded thickly where your skin splotchily fades from ĝheisthide into human skin.\n/% %/<<else if !hasMutation('full legs')>>\\n/% %/<<addmutation "full legs">>\\n<<if hasMutation ("scales")>>\\nYour legs ache. New scute and quills grow in on your legs, turning your smooth hide into something lumpier and more leathery. Your legs thicken, thighs swelling, and your skin raises up into pebbly scute across your inner thighs, waxy to the touch. They slide against each other smoothly when you toss and turn. Down your legs, you sprout what passes for body hair among the ĝheist: a bunch of itchy quill-like spurs, tangling across your calves.\n<<else>>\\nYour legs ache. Your skin has been flaking off in streaky lines, all up and down your legs, and pebbly ĝheisthide is coming clear through, spreading in dark patches across the backs of your calves, scraping the old skin off your ankles.\n\nYour body hair gets coarser, hair growing quill-like spurs -- mostly across your calves -- or getting fossilized in rocky scute that slide smoothly against each other -- mostly across your inner thighs. Your thighs slide against each other strangely, almost feeling slick. Your toenails are growing in black, with ridges down the center, curling into short claws.\n<<endif>>\\n\\n/% %/<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\\n\\n<<if $pregnant neq "">>\\n<<if !hasMutation ("womb") && ($pregnancyStarted + 7) lte $turns>>\\n/% %/<<if $pregnancies gte 2 && $wombCounter gte 8>>\\n/% %/<<addmutation "womb">>\\n/% %/<<set $from['womb'] to $pregnant>>Heat blossoms deep in your guts. There's a hot stinging sensation as your guts churn, and the eggs inside you stir and shift as something inside you flowers open: a new muscle spreading open, pulsing slowly as it draws the eggs into some new chamber, until you can feel every egg pressed together, stored in your new womb.\n\n/% %/<<else if ($wombCounter % 2) == 0>>\\n/% %/Your guts throb around the eggs inside you. A strange ache spills through you, flesh stretching and sliding in strange ways deep inside your guts, and a hot stinging sensation pulses inside you, like new muscles stretching.\n\n/% %/<<endif>>\\n/% %/<<set $wombCounter += 1>>\\n<<endif>>\\n<<if $pregnancyTf eq "pre" && ($pregnancyStarted + 10) lte $turns>>\\n/% %/<<if hasMutation ("pre-leaky")>>\\n/% %/<<rmmutation "pre-leaky">>\\n/% %/<<rmmutation "pure">>\\n/% %/<<addmutation "leaky">>\\n/% %/<<set $from['leaky'] to $pregnant>>Your nipples ache. You turn, and they dig against your sheets. There's an unexpected pulse, and then a sudden dampness: you're leaking milk down your chest. You reach up and experimentally pinch, and there's a shock of //sensation// and you dribble milk all over your fingers, streaking down your chest in ichorous lines. You tug at your swollen nipples, rolling them between your fingers, expressing thin, watery milk until you run dry.\n\nYou almost think it was a dream when you wake, except you turn over and the sheets tug at your chest, lightly stuck-together by crusts of dried milk. Fresh beads of milk glisten across your fat, spread areola.\n/% %/<<endif>><<if hasMutation ("pre-six")>>\n/% %/<<rmmutation "pre-six">>\\n/% %/<<addmutation "six nipples">>\\n/% %/<<set $from['six'] to $pregnant>>Your nipples ache. The four purplish splotches down your chest have resolved into extra nipples, each one just as fleshy and huge as your original two. They're fat, sloping smoothly up to the corklike tip, areola speckled with dots of milk. You groan, tossing and turning, grinding your pregnant gut down against your sheets, rubbing your lower four nipples against the sheets, grabbing and mauling your upper two with your hands. Your nipples dribble milk, squirting out between your fingers in shocking gushes, soaking the sheets. You keep milking yourself, panting and shaking, body covered in sweat, and you end up falling asleep before you manage to milk yourself dry.\n/% %/<<endif>>\\n/% %/<<set $pregnancyTf to "yes">>\\n<<endif>>\\n<<if $pregnancyTf eq "no" && ($pregnancyStarted + 5) lte $turns>>\\n/% %/<<if !hasMutation("leaky")>>\\n/% %/<<addmutation "pre-leaky">>Your nipples ache. They're puffy and swollen, digging against the sheets. You scrape your forearm against them and the sensation makes you gasp and shudder: painfully sensitive, flushed a dark purplish-red. You gingerly probe across them, pushing down into puffy flesh. There are hard disks beneath them, like wax or chalk, smooth-edged and thin. But thickening.\n/% %/<<else if $pregnant eq "astau" || $pregnant eq "astau-fertilized" || $pregnant eq "www" || $pregnant eq "stormking" || $pregnant eq "stormking-fertilized">>\n/% %/<<addmutation "pre-six">>The skin of your chest aches. Dense, heavy breast flesh aches beneath your nipples, and in lines down over your ribs and stomach there are four new hard disks beneath your skin, smooth and waxy when you prod at them. Your skin is discolored above them, lightening into splotchy purplish circles.\n/% %/<<endif>>\\n/% %/<<set $pregnancyTf to "pre">>\n<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $handsfeetfur gt 0>>\\n<<if $handsfeetfur gt 3 && hasMutation ("pre-hands fur")>>\\n<<set $handsfeetfur to 0>>\\n<<rmmutation "pre-hands fur">>\\n<<addmutation "hands fur">>You dimly realize, half-asleep, that the coarse hair over your hands and feet has thickened so much it's practically fur: a stiff, inch-long coating across the backs of your hand, sweeping up to the elbow, and growing so thickly on your calves and down your feet that it hides the definition of your muscle in tufts of fur.\n<<else if !hasMutation ("pre-hands fur") && !hasMutation ("hands fur")>>\\n<<addmutation "pre-hands fur">>Your hands and feet itch, and you flop over, half-asleep, dimly aware of coarse hair growing in thicker clumps across your knuckles and over the backs of your hands. You twist your feet around each other, heels scraping at your calves, scouring old skin away until hair bursts free.\n<<endif>>\n<<set $handsfeedfur += 1>>\n<<endif>>
there was something here once. old marble, with lots of stairs and tiles. maybe an outdoor garden, though there's no trace of vegetation or even dirt at this point. just the occasional expanse of flat, sandy marble, and the rocky spur of a broken, sandblasted pillar sticking up from the drifting dunes.\n\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "Yraal" && $surveyComplete neq true && $gardenSurvey neq true>>[[wait while Yraal looks around the ruins|yraalsurvey][$gardenSurvey = true]]<<endif>>
a shallow canyon in the shadow of the eastern glass mountains. sheltered from the desert wind, there's traces of old water, and a few brown, dead-looking plants in the canyon's overhangs.
the glass mountains are further northeast, big and dully glittering. the sand here is rough, mixed in with shards of fused green-black glass, and it mounds up into higher and higher dunes.
You're in the foothills of the glass mountains, where the thick sand gives way to a dusty scattering over fused green-glass and old black stone. The mountain crags shimmer above, and the ways along the hills sometimes yawn open into cave entrances.\n\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "Gawann" && $surveyComplete neq true && $glassCavesSurvey neq true>>[[wait around while Gawann goes into the caves or digs around or whatever|gawannsurvey][$glassCavesSurvey = true]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "Pthuul" && $surveyComplete neq true>>[[wait around while Pthuul does whatever it is he wants to do with the glass mountain|pthuulcomplete]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $ticLocation eq "caves" || ($ticLocation eq "away" && $plot gte 6)>>there's [[smoke|2ic caves]] coming from one cave opening<<endif>>
the tree. it's older than the town, and likely older than the ruins as well. it's stunted, gnarled from the endless wind and the coarse sand, but it still clings to life, with green-yellow leaves on its upper limbs. its roots form coils and humps in the sand around it, and in its shadow the sand is marginally heavier, less dusty.
the earth split open here, many years ago, and the yawning chasm it left is still here. the ground here is treacherous, with hardened sand cracking apart into open pits, and vast sloping hills of sand that empty directly into the mouth of the great pit.\n\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "Gawann" && $surveyComplete neq true && $cleftSurvey neq true>>[[wait around while Gawann goes into the caves or digs around or whatever|gawannsurvey][$cleftSurvey = true]]<<endif>>
the area is ribboned with ridges, like the desert pulls at its seams to reveal slices of red-orange stone. the ridge edges are pockmarked with cave entrances going down deep.\n\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "Jinn" && $surveyComplete neq true>>[[go w/ Jinn while he snoops around in the caves|jinnsurvey]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "Gawann" && $surveyComplete neq true && $caveRidgeSurvey neq true>>[[wait around while Gawann goes into the caves or digs around or whatever|gawannsurvey][$caveRidgeSurvey = true]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "birthing squad" && $pregnant neq "">>go [[down|lightrot caves]] into the lightrot caves<<endif>>\n* <<if $plot eq 6>>this is where the [[new ĝheist hive|new hive]] is<<endif>>
it's the town of Yapu. a collection of ramshackle huts in clusters -- metal sheeting, concrete pillars, and plastic panels, fixed together with adobe and green glass.\n\n(<<if $plot eq 2>>\\n/% %/[[head back to the village|village int]]\\n<<else if $plot eq 4 && ($drudgeActive eq "" || $surveyComplete eq true)>>\\n/% %/[[head back to the village|village int]]\\n<<else if $drudgeActive eq "" && $carrying.length gte 4>>\\n/% %/[[head back to the village|village int]]\\n<<else if $carrying.length gt 0>>\\n/% %/[[head back to the village|village int]]\\n<<else>>\\n/% %/==go to the town==\\n<<endif>>)
you're amid the cacti fields east of town, used for water harvest. they're fat, bulbous things, covered in leathery patches where they grew so engorged on water their skin burst.
you're among rolling sand dunes, walking in the lull between them.
you're among rolling sand dunes, walking in the lull between them. you're just north of town.
you're in the flat, desolate desert. the sand beneath is hardened and cracked apart into tiles.
you're in the flat, desolate desert. the sand beneath is hardened and cracked apart into tiles. this is just south of town.
you're in the trackless desert, where wild cacti grow.
you're in the trackless desert, where wild cacti grow. this is just west of town.
the desert here is shaped by an ancient roadway, with crumbling concrete overpasses forming hills or hollows, and long sinuous curves of highway now cliffs and arches in their ruined state.\n\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "Yraal" && $surveyComplete neq true && $concreteSurvey neq true>>[[wait while Yraal looks around the ruins|yraalsurvey][$concreteSurvey = true]]<<endif>>
the metal wastes. the husks of metal-and-glass towers jut up into the sky, acid-etched and crumbling apart.\n\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "Khru" && $surveyComplete neq true && $brulvundojnFriends>>[[introduce Khru to Brulvundojn|khru brulvundojn meet]]<<endif>>\n* this is where [[brulvundojn's den|brulvundojn's den]] is
the blasted lands. the air crackles and sparks. the sand is pockmarked with craters, burnt to black glass, and each has an ancient instrument at its center: a blackened thing reaching up into the sky, humming and buzzing. the less eroded the instrument, the worse the buzz in the air near the crater. nothing lives here.
This is the edge of the acid flats. Sand gives way to crunchy chemical exudate. The acid flats themselves are a shallow swamp of bubbling acid, stretching out endlessly to the south, and here at the shore the chemical processes of the swamp have formed vivid strata of exudate, in repeating bands of chalky white-rusty orange-bright green-pink, like mesas.\n\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "Djen" && !$surveyComplete && !$flatsSurvey>>[[wait around while Djen does whatever it is he wants to do with the acid flats|djen survey flats]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $plot gte 6>>[[late-game acid flats sex scenes]]<<endif>>
the acid flats sweep north, sand eroding down from its constant tide. the acid outlines a shallow bay, sand still visible beneath a shallow layer of bubbling acid. the air is sour and the fumes make your eyes water.\n\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "Djen" && !$surveyComplete && !$baySurvey>>[[wait around while Djen does whatever it is he wants to do with the acid flats|djen survey bay]]<<endif>>
at the edge of the acid flats. stalks grow out in the acid, strange fluted plants with purple-black vegetation, in clusters and thickets. they bulge and boil in the heat, and occasionally one erupts, spraying spumes of acid high into the sky like a geyser.\n\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "Djen" && !$surveyComplete && !$stalksSurvey>>[[wait around while Djen does whatever it is he wants to do with the acid flats|djen survey stalks]]<<endif>>
the trackless wastes spill out in every direction, without change, from horizon to horizon. the sky feels very close.
the sand here is powdery and white and packs strangely under your feet. in places it's dissolved into some kind of bubbling liquid.
the ground here smokes in the heat. at erratic intervals, something beneath the surface ignites with a ground-shaking //foom// and the sand boils like water, pillars of flame erupting from the earth with rattling crashes as planes of sand slide and sink in on themselves
broken shards of the glass mountain's peaks have landed here: long, fine glass skewers, from the initial explosion, and the desert wind has sculpted them into humming sculptures. the wind rushes through hollows and makes them vibrate, and they give off an unearthly keening.
the ground has been eaten away in patches, leaving behind deep hollows that go down and down; there are trenches in the sand from some beast dragging its tail, burrowing down to a subterranean den.\n\n* <<if $knowAstau>>[[astau's den]] is here\\n<<else>>explore in the [[deep hollows|astau's den]]<<endif>>
the wasteland stretches off to the east, wrapping around the mountains to the north: endless desert, in vast expanses that no eyes have ever seen. the ground here is sturdy, but not for long.
a few rocky mesas, surrounded by stratified rock pillars and a few natural arches. the wind whistles through the holes in the rock.
mesa country. the northern lowlands stretch out before you, lower and marginally greener. its reddish sands are punctuated by black mesas with ancient trees on their tops.\n\n* <<if $wanderingSire eq "mesa country" && ($drudgeActive eq "" || !$drudgeActive) && $sandstorm lte 0>>[[there's a tent set up near the northern ridge|ophion's tent]]<<endif>>
red-rock spikes erupt from the ground. lightrot crystals grow from shallow divots on their surface, making them look like rocky trees.\n\n* <<if $wanderingSire eq "rock spikes" && ($drudgeActive eq "" || !$drudgeActive) && $sandstorm lte 0>>[[there's a tent set up between the spikes|ophion's tent]]<<endif>>
A deep canyon cuts across the land, nearly invisible until you're on top of it. There are old switchback trails doing down, to a dusty dry streambed at the bottom.\n\n* [[follow the trails down|canyon trail]]
The sand here trickles down into old caves, and at the crumbling edge you can see down into the spaces below, full of the marks of ancient encampments, fresh as if they were used yesterday: old petroglyphs on the rock, umber paintmarks on the walls, wood ash swept into the corners, sharp rocks with chipped edges.\n\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "Gawann" && $surveyComplete neq true && $ravineSurvey neq true>>[[wait around while Gawann goes into the caves or digs around or whatever|gawannsurvey][$ravineSurvey = true]]<<endif>>\n* [[find your way down|ravine cavern]]
a span of red rock forms a horseshoe-shaped ridge. scraggling brush clings to the ridge walls, and detritus litters the base of the ridge.\n\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "Gawann" && $surveyComplete neq true && $ridgeSurvey neq true>>[[wait around while Gawann goes into the caves or digs around or whatever|gawannsurvey][$ridgeSurvey = true]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $wanderingSire eq "red-rock ridge" && ($drudgeActive eq "" || !$drudgeActive) && $sandstorm lte 0>>[[there's a tent set up along the ridge|ophion's tent]]<<endif>>\n* there's a crack in the ridge
an ancient, crumbling fortress, from long ago. all that's left is the shape of its walls, a broad X-shape with the edges mounded up under sand, and a handful of interior crossbeams: wood, but so weathered away they're thin as sticks and hard as rock.\n\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "Yraal" && $surveyComplete neq true && $fortressSurvey neq true>>[[wait while Yraal looks around the ruins|yraalsurvey][$fortressSurvey = true]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $leaderLocation eq "fortress">>[[there's signs of life within the fortress walls|leader exile camp]]<<endif>>
the sand here is red with rust, and the dunes are shaped around the last vestiges of acid-pitted metal husks.
some strange vegetation from the acid flats has grown north over the sand: a twining, thorny vine, rust-red with chalky yellow stripes. it forms thickets in seemingly arbitrary spots, growing into stalks twice your height, with red-black vines spanning between each copse, linking them together as a single enormous lifeform.
the garden crossroads. there's a lull between dunes, and the land between is green. crunchy not-quite-dead grass grows underfoot, and sagebrush dots the land. a few gnarled acacia trees grow in a sparse copse at the center of the lull.
at the base of a giant black-rock mesa. there's a cavernous opening at the base.\n\n* [[go down into the caves|hive tunnels]]
<<if $_i eq "-3,0" && !$brulvundojnFriends>><<display "brulvundojn dig confront">>\n<<else>>\n<<set $moves -= 0.5>>\\n<<set $_dug to (function (){\n var res = gameMap [$_i].items;\n if (res.length === 0) {\n return null;\n }\n return res[Math.floor (Math.random() * res.length)];\n })()>>\\n<<dugup>>\\n<<endif>>
<<print (function (item) {\n switch (item) {\n case null:\n case 0:\n return "you dig and find nothing but sand and dust.";\n case "sand": return "you dig up some sand. what were you expecting here, really?";\n case "rejection": return "it's not a good idea to dig this close to the cacti, so you don't.";\n\n case "acid vial": return "you dig, and fuming acid starts to seep in through the damp sand. you collect some of it in a glass vial.";\n\n case "ancient resin": return "you dig, carefully and not too close to the tree, and unearth a hunk of ancient resin, still tarry under its sandy surface.";\n case "dry hulls": return "you dig, carefully and not too close to the tree, and unearth some ancient plant matter, dry and stiff.";\n case "coarse sand": return "you dig, carefully and not too close to the tree, and find nothing but sand and dust. but the sand here is still thicker, darker and more compact, than the loose sand of the desert. you collect some of the coarse sand.";\n default: return ("you dig up " + item);\n }\n })($_dug)>>\n<<if !($_dug eq 0 || $_dug eq null || $_dug eq "sand" || $_dug eq "rejection")>>\\n<<set $carrying.push ($_dug)>>\\nyou're carrying <<print englishList ($carrying)>>. <<if $carrying.length >= 8>>no room for anything more. time to head back.<<else>>room for <<print numString (8 - $carrying.length)>> more.<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n\n[[→|worldmap]]
<<if $scavenge eq "">>\\n<<set $scavenge to $_i>>\\n<<set $_sx to $x>>\\n<<set $_sy to $y>>\\n<<display "scavenge">>\\n<<else>>\\n<<set $_dug to (function (){\n var res = ["circuit board", "glass bulb", "glass panel"];\n if (res.length === 0) {\n return null;\n }\n return res[Math.floor (Math.random() * res.length)];\n })()>>\\n<<set $treasure.splice ($treasure.indexOf ($_i), 1)>>\\n<<dugup>>\\n<<endif>>
<<if $plot gte 3>>\\nThis is the dune you<<if $bulvrundojnChain eq 2>> and Brulvundojn<<else>> and the ĝheist<<endif>> dragged the tanker out of<<if $plot eq 3>> not so long ago<<else>>, way back then<<endif>>.\n\n[[←|worldmap]]\n<<else if $plot eq 2 && $brulvundojnChain && $chain>>\\nBrulvundojn takes the chain in his mouth and yokes himself up loosely. You try to dig out the sides of the tanker as he does so, and then you tighten the chains and he pulls.\n\nThe sand shifts, metal creaking and crackling as Brulvundojn strives forward, until eventually with a cresting of sand the wreck of the tanker rises and lurches forward.\n\nThen Brulvundojn pulls the thing back to town. It's that simple. He's really strong.\n\n<<set $plot to 3>>[[→|village int]]\n<<else if $plot eq 2 && $locustChain && $chain>>\\nThe ĝheist observe the wreck.\n\n"Doesn't look like much," Khru says. You tell him up here you make do with what you can. Honestly it's more an excuse to have a complex project than anything else. Get some old technology running.\n\nThey dig out the rough outline of the tanker from the dunes while you inspect the wheels. They're mostly ruined, but not entirely rusted into a single lump of scrap. They scrape, sand spilling from their inner workings as you probe and pry, lubricating with oil you brought with. Yraal scowls, and eventually stoops down: "Here," he says, and pulls out some weirdly-shaped wrench, prying loose bolts to get to the sand-stuffed inner workings. You watch him work, giant hands poking and prodding as he works sand out of the wells. He grimaces every time he tries to turn them, sand scraping, tension keeping them locked tight.\n\nPthuul and Khru get the entire thing unburied before you and Yraal are done attempting to fix the wheels. Even getting them to roll slightly would make the trip back a lot easier, so it's worth taking your time here and now.\n\nYou're aware ĝheist are stronger than humans, but it's still real impressive to see the three of them line up, backs pressed against the side of the tank, and heave: straining, until with a cascading shower of sand it lurches up and over, landing upright. Yraal doesn't even look winded.\n\nNow comes the hard part. The wheels do roll, slightly, but this is hardly going to be easy even with that slight boon.\n\n<<set $plot to 3>>[[→|drag back]]\n<<else if $plot eq 2>>\\nThe tanker truck is still in the sand, half-exposed. Raw material, waiting for you to haul it out somehow.\n\n<<if $brulvundojnFriends>>\\nYou got some options:\n* Head out west to the metal wastes and ask Brulvundojn for help dragging it somewhere\n* Head back to Yapu to see if you can figure out how to haul it with some help\n<<else>>\\nNothing much left to do but:\n* Head back to Yapu to try to get a better plan\n<<endif>>\\n\n[[→|worldmap]]\n<<else if !$brulvundojnChain && !$locustChain>>\nThere's a rusted metal panel in the side of a dune, and it doesn't budge when you pull on its side. You brush the sand at the edges, and reveal more metal: the side of some old rusting machine.\n\n[[→|scavenge dig]]\n<<endif>>
You dig the sand out around the machine, and slowly its shape emerges: the wreck of an old tanker truck, buried on its side. Mostly intact. There are delicate hulls of rust-red sand around stray parts, slowly crumbling apart in the desert sand.\n\nIt's quite the haul, if you can figure out how to actually haul it anywhere.\n\n<<resetmoves>>When dawn hits, you set up camp in the lull of the excavated machine, and think of how to get it back to town.\n\n<<if $brulvundojnFriends>>\\n* You could head out west to the metal wastes and ask Brulvundojn for help dragging it somewhere\n* Or head back to Yapu to figure out what to do\n<<else>>\\n* Nothing much to do but head back to Yapu to try to get a better plan\n<<endif>>\\n\n<<set $plot to 2>>[[pack up and head off|worldmap]]
You all yoke yourself in with the chains, looped around the tanker's chassis, and start pulling. It's heavy, slow going, and you have to take frequent breaks, huffing and panting.\n\nAt the end of the first night of travel, you set up [[camp]].
It's another night of hauling. This actually was an enormous favor to ask, you think, several times during the night. You're a sweating mess, acutely aware you're not contributing as much force as any of the ĝheist, but it's about showing you're willing to participate, same as they're showing they're willing to accommodate you by breaking whenever you get too exhausted. Doesn't mean it doesn't suck in the moment.\n\nThey let out a ragged cheer at some point in the night: they can spot Yapu in the distance, a speck of light still so faint your human eyes can't make it out. It's still several hours out.\n\n[[→|village int]]
The storm descends. Blue lightning crackles around a splotch of darkness in the sky. It's the storm king.\n\nThe storm king is a great beast, shaped something between a bird, a bat, and a dragon; big as a house. His body is alight with electricity: arcing between his great forking horns, running down the ridge of his spine, arcing from his metallic feathers to burst in an explosion across his rough scales. The air around him reeks of ozone.\n\nHe lands with an earth-shaking roar, clawed feet sending sprays of sand out in every direction; you raise an arm over your face, nearly knocked to the ground by the scouring sand. His wings spread over you like a tent, blocking out the roar of the storm, the light suddenly only the blue of his electrified body, and he reaches down with his batlike head, peering at you.\n\n"Wanderer," he says, and his voice is the roar of the storm, utterly inhuman. "Not many travel in the storm."\n\nYou're at a bit of a loss for words. You say, yeah, dumbly, and then try to think of literally anything that you could say that would be more reasonable.\n\n[wraps its wings around you like a tent and droops its weird batlike head down at the apex and is like, wanderer, blah blah, dialog, come fuck me]\n\n[there's probably a more in-depth dialog tree here]\n\nIt's a little intimidating to be propositioned by a god.\n\n* [[sure we can fuck|storm king continue]]\n* [[actually lord i got other stuff to handle right now|storm king reject]]
[something something]\n\n[[→|worldmap]]
[something something, intro]\n\nThe storm king's cocks are comparatively small on his giant frame: short nubs jutting up from his flushed cloaca, only barely digging into the scales of his belly. They're each solidly half the size of your entire body. He has thick, rubbery spines all across his dicks, and they're {nearly the size of your entire dick / bigger than your own cock}. His internal muscles flex, his cloaca lips slurping around the base of his dicks, and there's a blue-white flash of electricity that cuts through the gloom of the storm: a crackling arc ladders its way up his cocks, flashing across his spines until it reaches the top, dancing across the forked tips for a moment. As it happens, his cocks ripple and flex, pumping out luminous beads of cyan-white fluid, sheening his shafts in a fresh layer of crackling, electrified pre, dripping down to the ground and leaving behind a patch of glowing sand.\n\n[...]\n\n* [[fuck him|storm king bottom]]\n* [[he fucks you|storm king top]]\n* [[uhhhhh actually maybe not|storm king reject]]
[you fuck him.]\n\n[he's got a glowing cyan cloaca like half the size of yr body w/ two electrified dicks that are basically the size of yr entire body, + a mess of shorter spurs / a bunch of writhing cilia]\n\nhis twin cocks pressed up across your chest as you grind into his gaping, sloppy cloaca. The heavy furls of his cloaca suck wetly across your shaft, piling in folds over your cock as you push only slightly into his depths.\n\n\nthe rhythmic clenching of his cloaca, the pulsing spasms of his electricity, make it less like fucking him and more like being wrung out, his body milking the cum out of you in shocky bursts, splattering in {milky streamers} across his glowing, steaming flesh\n\n\n{Your tentacles thrash erratically, splayed out across the storm king's electricity glands.\n\nYour knot expands early, unexpectedly, and completely fails to latch ahold, even its full bulk only loosely socketed between two folds of squelching, steaming flesh.}\n\n<<sex "stormking" "cloacal" "bottom">>\\n\n[[→|worldmap]]
[he fucks you]\n\n[glowing cyan cloaca w/ two electrified dicks & a mess of shorter spurs / a bunch of writhing cilia]\n\nThere's a pulse of electricity, and your cock erupts. It doesn't even feel like anything, just a shock somewhere between your hips, and some muscle clenches around it, and your cock spews out {a gush/a gritty cord/a filmy mess} of cum. You let out a shaky exhale, dimly looking down at your own cock, beneath the glowing, warping bulge of the storm king's cock in your guts, and it happens again: a shock inside you, forcing out a heavy, sensationless gush of cum. Again and again the storm king electrifies your guts, pumping your cum out of you in thick, heavy ropes, forming a streaky line of sodden sand before you.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("wide hips")>>\\n[dp scene]\n<<else>>\\n[alternating cocks]\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if hasMutation ("womb") && $pregnant eq "">>\n[he pumps eggs into you]\n\n[if yr not pregnant, he pumps eggs into you]\n<<set $pregnant to "stormking">>\\n<<addmutation "eggs">>\\n<<set $pregnancyStarted to $turns>>\\n<<set $pregnancyTf to "no">>\\n<<set $pregnancies += 1>>\\n\n[eggs can be fertilized by brulvundojn in the same fashion as astau's\nmaybe also zhalk or smth, idk]\n\nYou stay sprawled out on the sand, ass up, cervix erratically pulsing and twitching as his electrified eggs arc and jolt inside you. The slightest pressure against your pregnant gut, the slightest attempt to clench your cervix, just pushes eggs out from your overstuffed womb: a huge egg digs into the neck of your {prolapsed} cervix, and you hold still, whining and gasping as it makes your muscles involuntarily spasm, until it peels away from your aching cervix with a stinging jolt and sinks back into the churning mass of eggs bloating your womb.\n\nThe storm king's cum burbles sluggishly from the neck of your gaped cervix, spilling down your inner walls in a tarry flow, and it takes a while, still focused on the fresh heavy weight of the god's eggs shuddering inside you, for you to realize his cum is thickening, hardening, forming a heavy, rubbery plug stopping up the neck of your cervix. Your cervix is frozen {flopped inside-out/in its aching spread}, entirely plugged by the rapidly-hardening murk of the storm king's cum-plug, solidly sealing all his eggs inside. You clench down -- whining brokenly at the wall of pressure that slams into your aching cervix, eggs audibly slurping and gurgling inside you. There's a frozen starburst of cum splattered all over the bruised, doughy flesh of your cervix, sealing it tight even as the sheer weight of his eggs continually throb against that broken barrier.\n\n{You shudder, pulling yourself up to your knees, and the motion drags at your prolapsed cervix, wrenching it back into place with a gut-churning //spang//. His cum-plug, still glued tight to your aching flesh, gets shoved directly into the tight neck of your cervix, and it's impossibly tight, too much plug stuffed inside you. Your cervix bulges halfway down, forcing you to stay spread wide, like you're perpetually being fucked-open. You abruptly cum all over yourself, eyes rolling back in your head, as your cervix spasms and clenches, bearing down on the huge spongy mass of cum clogging your depths. It doesn't get any better as you shamble to your feet: the pressure in your hips simply from the stretch of walking continually bears down on the misaligned cum plug. It's like a hot coal cradled between your hips, sending off sparks that rush through your entire body, leaving your flesh aching, tingling. The phantom sensation of the storm king's cocks shoved directly into your womb still pulses through you, and each throb of your ruined cervix, vainly clenching around the immense plug, is like taking a brutal, womb-deep thrust from absolutely nothing. You blow through a series of aching, overstimulated orgasms with each step, until you collapse back down to the ground, panting and sobbing, cum-stuffed cervix erratically spasming, {silty/thin} cum oozing from your thoroughly-drained dick.}\n\n\n\n<<else>>\n[he pumps huge luminous eggs out all over yr body]\n<<endif>>\n<<sex "stormking" "anal" "top">>\\n\n[[→|worldmap]]
The tent is open, with materials and supplies spilling out -- open crates pinning the edges of the tent's awning down -- and you can see the person at work within.\n\nHe's a Titan -- a half-human, half-ĝheist monster; a throwback to the progenitors of the ĝheist race. Muscle is heaped on his body, piling up over his shoulders and back until they rise up above his head, giving him a hunchbacked appearance. His hide is ribboned with stretch marks, silvery-white where his skin is grey-white, and yellow-black where it grows thicker, forming great banded swaths down his sides and over his thighs. His body is misshapen, asymmetrical even beyond what's usual for the ĝheist: thick horns erupt in lopsided curls from his shoulders, back, and arms, and his leathery hide thickens into armor-like crests in random patches across his body. The right side of his hunchback is covered in horns, spilling forward to cover half his face. His mouth is a mess of fangs, and his soft flesh -- gums, lips, nostrils, around his ears and eyes -- is a mottled purple-black, only a hint of the usual lightrot glow ripping under his skin. His hands and feet are gargantuan; animal, with exaggeratedly-long, winglike claws stretched out, webbed together with a leathery membrane.\n\nHe's wearing little more than a loincloth, a mess of leather and cloth stitched together haphazardly to cover his gargantuan form, and it covers his thighs and spills down across his seat in a mess of frayed tendrils.\n\nHe's at work with a complicated alchemical setup: fluids drizzling into beakers, or running through glass tubes above flames. There're some things that are identifiable: lightrot crystals, or lightrot powder, and there's something you can identify as a charcoal filter, with an unidentifiable crusty ichor sinking through it, but aside from that it's all magic to you.\n\nHe turns to watch you approach while you're still a ways away, and you give him a wave. He lets you approach, and beckons you in.\n\n<<set $sireArrive to true>>\\n<<set $sireVisited to true>>\\n<<set $sireFirstIntroduction to true>>\\n[[→|ophion's tent]]
<<if !$sireFirstIntroduction>><<display "wandering titan">>\n<<else>><<display "ophion's tent actual">>\n<<endif>>
You're in the tent of<<if $sireIntroduced>> Ophion,<<endif>> the wandering Titan, who's at work refining and processing lightrot. Presumably.\n\n<<if $sireArrive>>He says, "what brings you here?"\n\nWhat //does// bring you here?\n<<set $sireArrive to false>>\\n<<endif>>\\n\n<<if $sireInv lte 0>>He's used up his supply of lightrot crystals for the time being.\n<<endif>>\\n\n* <<if !$sireIntroduced>>[[introduce yourself|ophion introduce]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $sireIntroduced && $carrying.indexOf ("crystallized lightrot") neq -1>>[[give him some lightrot crystals|ophion give]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $sireIntroduced>>[[ask about his experiments|ophion work]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $sireIntroduced && $sireUse && !$sirePrompt>>[[so uh you got any processed lightrot to spare|ophion opener]]<<endif>>\n<<if $sireIntroduced && $sireInjected && $sirePrompt>>\\n* so, could you...\n** <<if $sireInv lte 0>>==inject my dick with lightrot==<<else>>[[inject my dick with lightrot|ophion inject dick]]<<endif>>\n** <<if $sireInv lte 0>>==inject my ass with lightrot==<<else>>[[inject my ass with lightrot|ophion inject ass]]<<endif>>\n** [[let me blow you|ophion oral]]\n** [[fuck me|ophion fuck]]\n<<endif>>\\n\n[[←|worldmap]]
You introduce yourself, and tell him your name.\n\nHe hums. "I'm Ophion," he says.\n\nYou tell him you're a scavenger, looking across the desert for old relics.\n\n"Not much here aside from lightrot," he says. "There's a fault deep underground, and the springs of the deep push up here nearly to the surface. I use it for my experiments. There's old human habitations a ways to the southwest, though."\n\nYou nod. You basically already knew all that.\n\n<<set $sireIntroduced to true>>\\n[[→|ophion's tent]]
You tell him you're looking for lightrot crystals. Would he happen to know a place around that has them?\n\nHe laughs. "Try outside," he says. "The ground is littered with them."\n\nYou kind of already knew that.\n\n[[→|ophion's tent]]
You ask him what he's working on.\n\n"Processing," he says. "The lightrot that reaches the surface is thick with impurities. It takes careful refining to render it suitable for use."\n\nYou say, use for making Titans?\n\nHe laughs, a low and booming sound. "I suppose. I was born half-ĝheist, with a lightrot resistance. I was curious about what made it work: which strains influenced the development of which kind of ĝheist, and how the original ĝheist were formed from it. Here on the surface, the rock strata have filtered out all the many strains of the underground, leaving only the pure chemical."\n\nHe gestures out with his hands, showing them in their full lopsided growth: thick with horn and shell, warts stretched over massive, inhuman muscle. "Of course, I am my own test subject."\n\n<<set $sireUse to true>>\\n[[→|ophion's tent]]
You ask if he could use more lightrot.\n\n"Always," he says.\n\n<<set $given to (function (car) {\n return car.reduce (function (a, i) {\n return (i === "crystallized lightrot") ? a + 1 : a;\n }, 0);\n })($carrying)>>\\n<<set $carrying to $carrying.filter(function (i) { return i !== "crystallized lightrot"; })>>\\n\n<<if $given eq 0>>\\nYou say, uh, you don't actually have any. He huffs out a laugh.\n<<else>>\\nYou give him <<print numString($given)>> shard<<print $given eq 1 ? "" : "s">>.\n\n"Obliged," he says.\n<<set $sireInv += Math.floor ($given / 2)>>\\n<<endif>>\\n\n[[→|ophion's tent]]
He looks down at you. "Spare for //what//," he says, voice deep and rumbling, buzzing through your bones.\n\nYou say, uh,\n\nYou're aware it's a joke; he knows perfectly well what you're asking, but you don't quite have the words.\n\n<<if hasMutation("pure")>>\\n"Quite the pretty human," he says, reaching out and cupping one gigantic hand on your chin. His skin is burning hot. "Thinking of trading that skin in for hide?"\n\nYou say, maybe.\n\nHe laughs, and tugs you forward, giant fingers curled around your neck, broad fingerpads pressing against your spine. You take a stumbling half-step forward, almost topping forward into his lap. Heat billows up from his body, in rippling waves, rich with the reek of lightrot.\n\nHe reaches out with his other hand and grabs something from his workbench: a hollow glass rod, with a plunger on one end and an opening on the other. Inside, refined lightrot glows, scintillating blobs slowly churning in the suspended fluid.\n\n"I make sure to apply all of my works personally," he says. "So what'll it be?"\n<<else>>\\nHe looks you over, intently. "Already showing the signs, are you?"\n\nHe reaches out and tugs you forward, one gigantic hand cupping your face. His skin is burning hot. He reaches out with his other hand and grabs something from his workbench: a hollow glass rod, with a plunger on one end and an opening on the other. Inside, refined lightrot glows, scintillating blobs slowly churning in the suspended fluid.\n\n"I make sure to apply all of my works personally," he says. "So what'll it be?"\n<<endif>>\n\nYou feel your body flush, heat pooling inside you from his touch.\n\n<<set $sirePrompt to true>>\\n* [[pump it into my dick|ophion inject dick]]\n* [[pump it into my ass|ophion inject ass]]\n* [[actually i changed my mind|ophion reject]]
"Cold feet," he says, and releases you, letting you take a stumbling step back.\n\n"I'll be here when you change your mind."\n\nYou stumble back out into the open air, away from the lightrot reek of his tent.\n\n[[→|worldmap]]
You ask him to pump it into your dick.\n\nHe grins at you, craggy teeth on display. "Certainly," he says, and pulls you close.\n\nHeat from his body billows up all around you as he pulls you close, rank with lightrot fumes. You strip hastily, tossing your tunic aside, nearly snapping the laces of your pants as you pull them off.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>\\nHe lets out a low hum at seeing your sheath. "Not sure how lightrot will effect that," he says. "It's about as changed as it can get. But..." he pauses, then grins. "Why don't we find out?"\n<<else if hasMutation ("dick")>>\\nHe leers at your cock, heavy ĝheist flesh hanging down heavily between your thighs. "Already started your transformation, I see," he says, and like it's nothing picks you up -- hand between your legs, fingers grinding against your balls -- and repositions you on his lap, thumb sliding up along the half-hard length of your cock. "We'll see if there's anything left to change."\n<<else>>\\nAnything would look tiny compared to his grotesquely-huge mutant cock, but you can't help feeling a slight pang of... something, at the comparison. Eagerness, maybe. Because soon enough you won't have a human cock to worry about.\n\nYou're half-hard just from the thought of it, cock filling out in pulses, pulling up into a drooping arch. He curls two fingers around it, lifting you up with the rest of his fingers slid against your balls, between your legs, and puts you in position.\n<<endif>>\\n\n<<if !hasMutation ("dick") && !hasMutation ("knot")>>\\n<<display "ophion inject cock human">>\n<<addmutation "dick">>\\n<<set $from['dick'] to "ophion injection">>\\n<<set $sirePass to "cock">>\\n[[→|ophion pass]]\n<<else>>\n<<display "ophion inject cock other">>\n\n[[→|ophion's tent]]\n<<endif>>\\n<<set $sireInjected to true>>\\n<<set $sireInv -= 1>>
The glass syringe is thin in his giant, fat fingers, but it's very thick compared to your cock. Slightly thicker than one of your thumbs. Ophion wraps his enormous hand around your hips, two fingers cupping your balls, thumb sliding up over your stomach, and pulls you closer. The heat from his body is immense, billowing outward like a flame, air rippling, and carrying with it the powerful scent of burnt lightrot and sweat and sex.\n\nHe scrubs his thumb over your cockhead, pulling back your foreskin, and gently squashes it between his fingers, making your cockslit pout out into a spread opening. The syringe still looks real big in comparison. But it has a little dimple on the underside, bulging out around the opening, and Ophion brings it down, licking his fingers to smear spit on the glass, and slides it into place, just-barely dipping into your cock.\n\n"Don't worry," he says. You'll stretch more afterwards."\n\nThen he presses down the plunger, just a little. A few beads of lightrot push out, and for just an instant you feel it as liquid, spilling inside your dick, before the burning starts. You gasp, reflexively pushing away, and his grip tightens, one hand anchoring your hips, the other curled around your cock, keeping the seal of the syringe tight. Heat blossoms in your cock, burning hot, and you hiss and keep trying to twist away, even though you know it's pointless. He presses down more, a dribble of lightrot pouring into your cock, and the heat and burning doubles, spilling down deeper inside you. It spreads out, walls of your urethra soaking it in, spreading it all over the dome of your cockhead, tongues of flame licking across the sides of your cock. You can feel your heartbeat in your cock, and with each throb it feels like your flesh bloats and swells. You can feel the air as sharp, silvery prickles across the swell of your bruised cocklips, spreading wider now around the capsule-like underside of the syringe.\n\nYou reach down, wanting to -- something. Squeeze your cock to stop the pain, but it's fully enveloped in the Ophion's giant hand, and his grip might as well be rock. You're gasping, chest heaving, sweat trickling down your sides. He adjusts his grip, angle of the syringe changing slightly, and the raw, overstimulated grind of it sliding against your cockhead makes your legs grow weak. His hand around your hips takes the weight effortlessly, holding you like a doll.\n\nAnd then Ophion pushes it deeper. Your cockhead bulges, flesh stretching and warping in inhuman ways as he shoves the syringe itself into your cock. Looking down at it makes you woozy, cockhead splayed out around the fat, thumb-thick container, flesh visibly warped around its girth. Your foreskin is dragged halfway back over your cockhead, and the flesh of your glans is a vivid, angry red-purple, with your swollen cock-lips so flushed they look black. The burn ebbs and rises, beads of burning lightrot soaking into your flesh, and for a moment it's not so bad: flushed, panting, cock throbbing, heat billowing all across your flushed body.\n\nOphion shifts his grip, fingers sliding along your aching cock, thumb resting on the plunger, and he pumps lightrot right into you. He depresses it slowly, sending a steady stream of lightrot spilling down into your cock, heavy and thick and hot as it pours down the inside of your shaft, like a red-hot lance.\n\nYou howl, sagging forward against the Ophion's chest, panting brokenly, tears and snot running down your face. The sensation becomes indescribable. Like your cock is gonna burst apart, flesh writhing and squirming, blood pulsing through it with such force that your entire body shudders. Heat gathers inside you, fat boils bubbling up within your cock, growing and bursting as the lightrot soaks through your ruined, transforming flesh.\n\nHeat scours through your cock, through internal passages within you, all perfectly outlined by the scorching heat. Sweat pours down your sides, drips down your back, and you pant hoarsely, entire body trembling as you weakly clutch at his side. You feel the plunger bottom out: Ophion's thumb scraping against your bloated glans, cock practically split open by the enormous rod shoved entirely down inside it. You whine, broken whimpers ripping up through your throat as you try to squeeze your legs together, do anything about the heat and pain, but he stops you with his other hand, easily pinning your legs open, using his curled fingers to massage back and forth along the underside of your cock, fingers prodding down below your balls, against the root of your cock bulging out against your taint.\n\nYour head spins, eyesight greying out until you're entirely focused on just the pulse of your own body: cock throbbing, twitching, boiling, as the lightrot burns through your tissues and flesh. You definitely pass out at some point.
He cups your <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>sheath<<else>>warted dick<<endif>> in one giant hand<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>and angles your unsheathed dick into place<<endif>>. He presses the tip of the glass vial <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>against the dimple atop your sloping cockhead<<else>>between your bulging cocklips<<endif>>. It easily fits. He smears its length with his pre for added lubrication, and pushes it in. He leers at you, fingers curled around your dick, the weight of the glass tube settling within you. He slides a finger along the underside of your shaft, pressing down just hard enough to feel the tube through the flesh of your dick.\n\nThe flare at the end of the vial presses against your cockhead, and he slides his fingers back up, catching the messy drool of pre oozing out around the vial, and presses the plunger. Lightrot bursts into your dick, deep, and there's a wash of heat hits before anything else, heavy and liquid spilling inside you, before the pain hits.\n\nYou groan, slumping forward, and Ophion keeps you held in place. The lightrot burn spreads, soaking your dick, spilling inside your body cavity, and you pant and gasp, breathing hard. The flesh of your cocktube stings, aching, and Ophion kneels beside you as you ride it out, sweating and gasping as your flesh soaks in the lightrot.\n\n<<if !hasMutation ("prostate")>>\\nSome winding flow of lightrot soaks through your internal walls, tapping against your prostate, and you let out a shaky groan, spreading your legs -- the lightrot feels like burning fingers, shoved down your dick, through your internal passages, tugging and twisting as it soaks through flesh. Your prostate throbs, dense flesh soaking up lightrot like a sponge, and there's a heat and a pressure, the gland outlined perfectly in your body by the haze of pain. It squelches and gurgles, lightrot audibly slurping as more and more soaks through into the mazy passages of your prostate, flooding it more and more.\n\nThe cocoon of muscle wrapped around your prostate throbs, pulsing, and you feel dense, lightrot-sodden pre try to pump out, mostly stuck behind the glass vial still jammed inside you. A thin watery dribble of slime oozes out around it, a glowing a brilliant lightrot-yellow, and Ophion grins, catching it on his thumb and smearing it across your aching cockhead. The pressure on your prostate grows as it swells more, fighting against the rest of your body for more space. It feels like somebody's just grabbed your prostate and is squeezing it hard. You whine, humping against the air, every sensation from your cock still just burning.\n<<addmutation "prostate">>\\n<<set $from['prostate'] to "ophion injection">>\\n<<endif>>\\n\nOphion peels the vial out of your dick, slowly. Your cock throbs erratically, spewing out a mess of lightrot-tinged pre that streaks all down your shaft -- still burning and stinging as it goes -- and lets you collapse on all fours, weakly gasping and shaking.\n\n"You took that real good," he says. "Didn't pass out or anything. Body's getting used to the lightrot I think."\n\nYou can't move and it feels like somebody's shoved their hand up into your body through your balls. It still takes you a good few minutes before you can move.\n\n"Tell me if you notice any big changes," Ophion says.
You ask him to shove it in your ass. Please.\n\nHe grins down at you. "Eager for it, hmm?" he says, and pulls you closer, against his thigh. His giant fingers feel across your ass, digging between your cheeks, and you hurriedly tug loose the laces of your pants, letting him jerk them down to show off the flesh of your ass.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("asshole") && $from['asshole'] == "ophion injection">>\\nHe slides his fingers over your thickened, pillowy asshole. "You're changing quite nicely," he says, voice rumbling against your body. "Ready for your second dose, then?"\n\nHe sinks one giant finger into your ass, claw from another teasing your hole, and you gasp and shudder, groaning against him as he spreads you open. He taps the vial against your spread hole, glass shockingly cold compared to the heat of his body. "I'm eager to see the development."\n<<else if hasMutation ("asshole")>>\\n"Already starting to change here, hm?" He grinds a finger against your altered hole, and you clench and relax, hole pouting. Your swollen asshole is on display, bulging and puffy, and he spreads his fingers, pushing your cheeks apart, getting you to gape wider. "This'll be more of a change, then," he says, tapping the vial against your cheeks.\n<<else>>\\nHe taps your asshole, flushed and, for the moment, still human. "Looks nice," he says, grinding his fingertips along the trench of your asscrack, pushing your cheeks apart. "It'll look nicer when I'm done with it," he says, tapping the vial against your cheeks.\n<<endif>>\\n\n"Spread your legs," he says, and you do, braced against his thigh as he leans to the side. He reaches between your legs, one giant hand pressing against your stomach and hips, pinning your cock against his palm as he bodily repositions you like he would a doll, to give himself a better angle.\n\nThe vial itself is about the thickness of one of his fingers, by which you mean it's considerably thicker than a human's cock. He slides his claws along the curve of your ass, pressing his giant fingertips against your asshole, <<if !hasMutation ("asshole")>> just digging in gently. You're breathing fast, half-stripped and bent over his giant thigh as he slowly plays with your asshole. He reaches to the side, other hand moving or mixing something on his bench while he continues steadily grinding his knuckles against your asshole, and when he brings his other hand back his fingers are coated in something slick and heavy. He smears it across your cheeks, tapping against your asshole as it opens, until with an abrupt shock he pushes and sinks the first knuckle of one of his claws into your ass. You groan, almost dizzy from the sensation -- the heat, the lightrot reek all around you, more than the penetration itself -- and you go slack, slumping across his giant thigh as he starts to fingerfuck you.<<if hasMutation ("prostate")>> His claw digs deeper, jamming into your bloated prostate, and you let out a sudden //whuff// of air, cock shuddering and starting to drool sloppy, grimy pre all down the curve of his thigh in stringy lines.<<endif>>\n\nHe pulls back, the slick nub at the tip of the glass vial pressing against your pert hole, and he slowly eases it in, sinking the first few inches into you, letting the rest just out between your cheeks like an obscene tail.\\n<<else>> and pushes in, easily spreading your thickened, rubbery asshole around his giant finger. One, and then two, and then the claw of his third teases across your rim, his spread fingers easily opening you up more than any human could. <<if hasMutation ("prostate")>>His clawtips jab against your enflamed, swollen prostate, and he twists his fingers inside you, fingertips bearing down hard against it. Your cock shudders against his thigh, spitting out a sloppy mess of stringy pre, and he kneads your prostate in his fingers, milking out a constant flow of sloppy ooze from your cock.<<endif>> He finger-fucks you easily, two fat fingers scraping their way through your asshole and into your guts, and he presses the glass vial between them, sliding it into you smooth and slick as he pulls his fingers back.\\n<<endif>>\n\nHe stills for a moment, glass syringe a fat dildo spreading you open, before he wraps his fist around the length of it outside you, thumb resting on the plunger at the other end.\n\n"This will burn," he says, some warning, before he presses it down, forcing the churning lightrot into your guts.\n\nThe heat blossoms inside you first, a sudden wash spilling through your ass, outlining the curl of your guts. Then the burning starts. You convulse, breath rasping, as the heat turns into flames, scouring across the sensitive inner flesh of your ass. You howl, panting, as the lightrot slops against your skin and sticks there in a gummy layer, heat growing stronger and stronger until it feels like your skin will burn into char and peel from your body. He twists the glass vial inside you, the sensation a messy mix of pleasure and pain, and you let out a wracking sob, chest heaving, guts cramping. He presses down again, the rest of the lightrot blooming out into your burning ass, and you howl and sob, thrashing body pinned in place by the implacable weight of one hand spread across your lower back. You just whine, panting, snot and tears dripping from your face as the heat soaks into you.\n\nHis hand shifts on the glass vial, sliding lower, and his fingers dig against your asshole, dragging the already-abused flesh wider. A spurt of lightrot spills from your ass, drooling down your skin, and he casually scoops it up and feeds it back into your hole, sliding one finger in alongside the vial. He sinks in, one finger and then two, warping your asshole out as he reaches in to curl his fingers around the vial, gently pulling back and forth, fingerfucking you with the equivalent of a human fist as you writhe and convulse.\n\n<<if !hasMutation ("asshole")>>\\nHe focuses on your asshole, fingers digging in and pulling back, smearing a thick paste of gummy lightrot all across the rim of your asshole, inside and out. He works it in, fingers rubbing back and forth as it soaks in to your tortured flesh, until the heat is concentrated in a burning ring of heat between your cheeks. You can feel your flesh thicken, lightrot soaking into the flesh and muscle of your asshole, making it bruise and swell and grow. He hooks his fingers in around the lip of your ass, spreading it gaping: first along your spread crack and then against it, digging into your cheeks. He twists his fingers around, dragging your asshole out into gaping, lopsided shapes: three fingers shoved into your ass, your bloated rim forming drooping catenary curves between his fat fingers.\n\nYou don't even know when he pulls the vial out, just that at some point all you can feel his half his hand in your asshole, burning flesh wrapped around the bloated, enormous mass of his fingers.\n<<addmutation "asshole">>\\n<<set $from['asshole'] to "ophion injection">>\\n<<else if !hasMutation ("prostate")>>\\nHe realigns the glass vial, nubby tip mashed against your straining prostate, digging into it through the walls of your ass, and he sinks the plunger an iota more, a tiny spurt of remaining lightrot spilling out to stick precisely against your prostate, soaking in with a bubbling gurgle.\n\nYour prostate convulses, spasming erratically as the lightrot soaks in through your ass, and you howl again as the heat builds and concentrates, outlining the gland -- lopsided, bean-shaped -- in a nimbus of burning heat. Your prostate squelches as it soaks in the lightrot, swelling into a soggy, bulbous mess. Ophion lets up the pressure, slightly, and your prostate audibly gurgles as the lightrot suffuses into its newly-swollen flesh, flooding the mazy conduits inside.\n\nFluid swirls and drools inside your prostate, and your cock shudders, erratically, spewing out a mess of glowing lightrot-yellow pre. Ophion is already in place, fingers slurping from your asshole and leaving it gaping, hand catching the flood of pre in his palm and smearing it back into your asshole.\n<<addmutation "prostate">>\\n<<set $from['prostate'] to "ophion injection">>\\n<<endif>>\n\nIt feels like it goes on forever: his fingers clawing at your ass, the lightrot heat boiling inside you, your flesh warping and swelling as it soaks in. At some point he pulls his fingers out, leaving your slack, broken ass gaping, only a thick dollop of churned-up lightrot slowly spilling from your wrecked hole as you lay there, gasping. He makes no attempt to move you, and you just lie there, gasps slowly subsiding to pants. You can feel the slowly-shifting air move against the raw, broken mound of your gaping asshole. It's shuddering, slowly, like a thing with its own volition: too swollen now to actually close on its own, just gulping sometimes, letting the thickened lightrot grit swill around inside you. At one point you gingerly feel back over your ass, fingers digging into the heated, spongy flesh of your swollen ass lips, and you hiss in a mix of pleasure and pain.\n\nAt some point you apparently came all over Ophion's thigh, or at least, there's <<if hasMutation("knot")>>a heavy mass of green-threaded grey cum in a sloppy river all down his calf, soaking the sand below<<else if hasMutation ("balls")>>a swampy mess of thick, grimy cum drooling all down his calf<<else>>smears of cum all across your belly and thighs, with messy strings drooling down his calf<<endif>>.\n\nIt's a while more after that before you even try to stand up. Your asshole feels too big to fit between your cheeks, and too sensitive to try. You stand, eventually, on wobbly, shaky legs, leaning against Ophion for support before you finally manage to take a few steps.\n\nYou say thanks. Well, you say more than that, but you're still kind of an incoherent mess.\n\nOphion reaches down between your legs, the rough ridge of his thumb sliding over the bloated, swollen mound of your bulging asshole, and he grins. "Good to see how well your body takes it," he says. "I'm sure it can take a lot more."\n\n<<set $sireInjected to true>>\\n<<set $sireInv -= 1>>\\n[[→|ophion's tent]]
You get on your knees before him, and he spreads his legs to let you fit. At first you think the creaking sound is the trunk he's sitting on buckling under his weight, but it's not -- it's his skin, creaking and straining just from the motion.\n\nHis bulge is enormous. His knees stick out on either side of your body, one covered in spikes all down his outer calf, the other sallow yellow-grey, with his skin stretched apart from growth until it forms a lattice of diamond-shaped divots of shredded skin. Between his legs, his ragged loincloth skirt is draped over misshapen swells of flesh that spill out across his seat nearly to his knees. Given the lopsided asymmetry of his body it's at first not even clear what it is -- knotted thighs, bloated gut, gnarled warts atop meaningless folds of overdeveloped muscle. It throbs, the skin visible between the frayed material of his skirt churning, tightening, flexing, making his loincloth ripple and rise.\n\nYou lean in, hands touching his calves. He's hot to the touch, skin feverish, inflamed, burning hotter than human or ĝheist. His hide thrums, his pulse surging, and as you slide your fingers up his pulse becomes more pronounced. Shredded cloth presses against your fingers, and you slide your hands up beneath his skirt, into the hot, damp space beneath, and push it aside.\n\nHis cock is monstrous, ridged in rings of bulging warts, cockhead itself so gnarled it's flattened out into a broad, wart-ringed cap. It lolls to the side, half-hard and thicker than your thigh. His foreskin has been transformed into a leathery sheath that folds over itself midway up his shaft, its leathery grey-black skin sheathing his sallow yellow bare flesh. Compared to his overall size, it's mercifully short -- the length of your forearm, maybe. But he's not fully hard yet.\n\nMore than that, his balls are enormous. That's what the mass of churning flesh his skirt hides is. Huge folds of thick, leathery flesh draped over themselves, cocooning vast, heavy structures within. You can't necessarily call them balls; you're not sure if there's one or two or a heavy, bulging organ of undifferentiated flesh, forming semisolid globs and cords. They're dense, and gnarled, and as you slide your fingers up his thighs, over the bulging mass of his balls, the skin of his sac furrows and tightens, outlining the lumpy, lopsided mass in sharper detail.\n\nOphion lets out a long, low exhale, groaning softly as you play with his balls, and his cock shudders, thickening slowly. His warted foreskin-sheath peels back in folds along his shaft -- past a certain point his shaft is fuzzed with warts, thickening his shaft from their spongy bulges -- and his cock twitches and shudders. His gaping cockslit flexes wide-open as his cock twitches, lurching to the side, and you reach up to capture it with both hands. Your fingers only barely overlap around its misshapen girth, and as his spongy flesh fills out, swelling fatter, it forces your fingers apart, so that you can only cradle the underside.\n\nHe jerks forward, sending some amount of his balls sliding forward, hanging down over the edge. His hand comes down, huge, against your back and presses your head-and-shoulders against his slimy shaft, chest grinding his misshapen balls against the front of the trunk. His cock pulses, spewing out a mess of thick, chunky slime all across your front, and he pulls back, catches a clotted, syrupy strand across his thumb, and shoves it against your mouth. His thumb alone is the size of a reasonably-sized cock, stubby where it hits his webbed membrane, and you slide it into your mouth, tongue lapping over the curl of his claw.\n\nLocust pre is rank, reeking of lightrot, but still solidly tasting like pre -- salt, meat, sex, everything that comes together to make cum taste like cum. His pre tastes like pure lightrot, crunchy with crystal, and the only contribution his biology has made is the thick, glue-like texture. You catch globs of ooze across your tongue, thinning it with your spit, and it itches and burns across the inside of your mouth, sending up eye-watering fumes when you gurgle and drool down his thumb. You still swallow it all, chewing and swallowing, spit thinning the fuming ooze coating his finger, until he pulls back with a pleased growl.\n\nYou lean in, pressing your lips to the edge of his cockhead. His skin is leathery, rough and sandpapery where it's not covered in waxy warts. You lick and suck along the curve of his cockhead, and it keeps slowly stiffening, cockhead flaring out wider. Ophion groans, above you. There's no way you're going to be able to fit it in your mouth. It's fatter than your fist; the size of most of your face. Still, you lick and suck along the rim, tongue burning when dip down to the bottom, catching the stream of chunky lightrot oozing from his cockslit. You follow it up, over the warped flesh of his cockhead, to the slit itself. It's a mess. His cocklips are enormous, grown into fat, purple-black slabs of raised flesh, color mottling out across his cockhead. They're covered in warts, bunched around the slit, growing in along the inner flesh of his cumtube. You can kiss them like they're actual lips, tongue sliding across them, pressing against his cockslit, and they simply part and open, letting your tongue sink down inside his cock effortlessly. Ophion lets out a rumbling sigh, a gush of pre burning across your tongue, fuming in your mouth, and you jerk back, drooling the worst of it out onto the ground. His cock pulses, huge clots of half-crystalized lightrot catching between his lips and slowly pushing free, clattering to the ground. You gulp, throat burning, and kiss his cockslit again, gulping down the burning slime as you play with his huge, rubbery cocklips. His cock is still spongy, half-hard, and he reaches down with one huge hand and pulls you closer, face mashed against the leathery surface of his cockhead, sucking on his bulging cocklips. He groans, holding you there, using his other hand to drag his cock around, smearing its burning lightrot ooze all over your face before shoving it back against your lips.\n\nYou wrap your hands around his shaft and stroke him slowly as you nurse on his cockhead, chewing globs of pre. His flesh is hard, bulging, straining, under your fingertips. You lap at the gunk flowing from his gaping slit, gooey ooze flooding your mouth, tangling your tongue in its thick, tarry folds. You pull back, solid arches of slime drawing out between you, like stiff honey. You chew on it, slowly thinning it apart into waxy strands, and gulp it down, panting between swallows. Ophion pats your head, giant thumb stroking the back of your head, like you're a pet he's telling is doing a good job. You're doing a good job.\n\nYou bury your face in his cockslit, lapping up sludge. Ophion plays with his foreskin, dragging it back to reveal the craggy mess of his cockhead -- covered in wide, flat blisters and crunchy lightrot crystals -- and pushing it forward to entirely bury your head in its mass. You look up at him while you eat him out, slit spanning chin to nose, tongue shoved inside to lap across the clustered boils inside. His foreskin is piled across your face, spanning across your cheeks and spreading over the bridge of your nose, burying your face in the hot lightrot reek of his cock. You stroke his cock with him, hands cupping the underside of his cockhead, playing with the gigantic triangular slab of flesh that connects to his foreskin. It stretches and twists under your fingers as he strokes his cock, and you fan your hands out over it, sliding your fingers along the edges, where the flesh becomes frothy with blisters. He lets out a bellowing groan, and his cock shudders.\n\nAn enormous blast of lightrot sludge splatters all across your face, webbing in thick tendrils across your cheeks, and you jerk back in reflex, only succeeding in pulling the cords out into a mess of intersecting membranes, resonating in time with your panting breath. You catch some of the slime on your fingers, smearing it over the underside of his cockhead, and he bellows again, cock shuddering as he spews another mass of cum over your face. This time you're expecting it, and you lean in and open wide, lapping up the sludge trapped between you, chewing on its crunchy crystals and swallowing down fuming clots, face mashed up against his gaping cockslit. His strokes bunch his foreskin up again, slurping over your hands and pinning them against his skin, and you smear them around in the tight, squelching confines, stroking over his sensitive flesh. He snarls, grinding his cock forward, drenching you in spray after spray of thick, viscous sludge that gathers in huge globs and only slowly spills down your body. Slime spills back into his foreskin, flooding it and squelching all across your fingers, frothing up into a dense, creamy slime as you keep stroking and making out with his cock, until your face is slathered in thick dollops of yellow slime. He grins down at you, squirting sludge all over your face, and then wraps a huge hand around your face and mashes it back down against his cock. He strokes his cock with his other hand, snarling and huffing.\n\nYou can feel his orgasm coming from a mile away. The flesh of his sac tugs and twists, flesh trying to furrow but only making his balls lurch around, cords shifting inside his sac like live snakes. Tremors run up and down his cock, internal muscles spasming again and again without bringing up anything aside from the usual mess of tarry sludge. His stomach clenches, blocky inhuman muscles shifting. His breathing picks up, until he's huffing and panting, stroking his cock fast, still mashing your head down, practically shoving it entirely inside his slimy, gaping cockslit.\n\nHe bellows, cock pulsing a few more times before you feel the eruption work its way up. His cock bloats, perceptibly bulging out in the middle from the sheer volume of his load. His lips gape, revealing the bubbly, froth-covered tunnel down within his cock. His cock twitches, mashing the walls together, peeling back apart webbed with slime, and then he's cumming all over you, pulse after pulse spraying out in a heavy, dense arc and splattering all over your face. It's more lightrot: thick, gummy slime, the only real difference that his cum is mingled with some thinner sludge, sluicing over the thicker layers, and that as he cums you can feel immense, coagulated chunks of lightrot work their way up, eventually emerging from his cockslit as gigantic, fist-sized lumps of chalky crystal that crack apart into grit as they tumble down to the ground beside you. Cum erupts out around them on their way up, the pump of his ejaculation sometimes shattering them into smaller fragments, until finally one crests out and tumbles down: a big misshapen mess of shattered crystals, stewing somewhere inside him for who-knows how long. One bulges out between his lips and you sink forward and suck the scum off it, pushing it back down into his cock only to have his next gush of cum shove it forward. You crack it apart with your teeth, chewing on the chalky crystal, swilling his cum in your mouth to dissolve it before you swallow it down. Ophion groans, mashing your face into the mess so that cum squirts out over your entire head, tendrils drooling down the back of your head, down your back, letting you pant into his cock as it gurgles and squirts, drenching you in his mutated lightrot cum.\n\nYou peel back, and he keeps spurting, cum channeled down into the mess of frothy cords and membranes hooked all across your front, spilling all down your front in dense, heavy waves. You gurgle, lapping at the sludge, having to chew the cords apart, mouth burning, your own spit taking on an acrid, burning tinge as you struggle to thin Ophion's cum into something you can swallow. His drenches your entire body in his load, head to toe slathered in frothy, sludgy lightrot ooze, burning as it soaks into your skin. You blink, strings of cum caught in your lashes, fumes making your eyes water, and lean forward again, pressing your lips to his still-drooling cockslit to drink directly from the tap, only stopping when the rippling nausea from your stomach becomes too much and you have to pull away, drooling and swallowing on nothing.\n\nHe certainly looks pleased, grinning down at you drenched in his load, the fumes from the tarry puddle under your legs twining up your body, making the air ripple and warp. His cock pulses slowly, a huge glob of cum working its way up, and you lean in, sucking its dense, rubbery bulk into your mouth despite the sour, sickening taste, swallowing down a final mouthful of sludge.\n\nHe reaches down, pulling you out of the mire of his load -- giant hands wrapping around your body, lifting you like a doll's -- and placing you on his lap, which here means atop the monstrous bulk of his cock, burning hot running between your legs. His skin is so much hotter than yours, and his cock is double that, like hot metal. He leans down, warted black tongue spilling from his mouth and licking at your neck, catching huge globs of cum drizzling down your body in syrupy strands. Cleaning you up. Although his spit is hardly different from his cum: cloudy yellow-black, thick and heavy, still burning as he laps up the lightrot sludge from across your chest and neck, before he curls his tongue over your jaw and kisses you. You gurgle and retch, his tongue squirming down your lightrot-lubed throat, dumping drool into your roiling stomach.\n\nYou let out a muffled groan, dimly aware of being pressed up against his chest, gasping around his tongue, your cock erupting again and again before he makes you sink back, his tongue squirming back up your throat with a //slurp//, leaving you gasping, coughing up a slurry of his drool and cum that he feeds back into your mouth, letting you swallow it again. You feel woozy, shaky, eyes blurry from the fumes, body outlined not by proprioception but but the haze of lightrot soaking into you all over. You gasp for breath, swallowing as you gag on nothing, lightrot burning you inside and out, heat soaking down into your muscles and bones.\n\nYou definitely pass out at some point.\n\n/% this should maybe add queuedUpper and queuedLower, but like. it's too repeatable for that maybe. also this should probably have a thing where you pass out in his tent and that passes the day %/\n<<sex "ophion" "oral" "top">>\\n<<set $queuedLower += 1>>\\n<<set $queuedUpper += 1>>\\n<<set $tfIncite to "ophion oral">>\\n<<set $sirePass to "oral">>\\n[[→|ophion pass]]
You ask him to fuck you.\n\nHe laughs. His hand goes down to the drape of his loincloth, and he pulls it aside to show off the full bulk of his cock. Soft -- or as close as it ever gets to soft -- it's still nearly the thickness of your chest.\n\n"Think you might have eyes bigger than your ass," he says, and crooks his hand, gesturing you closer. You have to climb up his body: hoisting up his knee, straddling the titanic log of his cock. It's as thick as your torso. You grind down against it, clutching his chest, and groan. He laughs again, and slides a giant hand down your side, fingers curling around your hip. His thumb spans from your hip to your dick; his fingers reach all the way across your ass, and he presses his claws against your asshole, rubbing his fingertips over your puffy hole. "Pretty hungry for it, huh?" he asks, finger digging into your ass, and you groan, sinking forward against his chest, hiking your ass up.\n\nHis body shifts around you, jostling you to the side, and when he brings his fingers back against your ass they're slick, lubed with stinging slime. His lightrot pre. Probably. Just one of his fingers is the size of good-sized cock, and he slides his lightrot-lubed fingers over your hole, letting the burning heat sink inside you, before he shoves one inside, pushing past the initial clench of your asshole and into the open heat beyond. You groan, rutting back against him, sprawled out over his cock as he slowly works you open, finger-fucking you, pulling out to slather his fingers in a fresh coat of murky pre. His cock shudders beneath you, a wet //slap// of fluid splattering out behind your feet, and he leans forward to catch it. His other hand slaps down on your ass drenched with slime, letting hot runnels of sloppy pre drool over your ass, spilling down the backs of your thighs.\n\nHe wedges a second fingertip against your already-stretched hole, just enough to push in past your rim, and then he scissors them apart, stretching your hole into a pouting gape. You groan, reflexively clenching against the force before you work with it, letting your hole pout open. Hot slime spills down your back, drooling into your open hole, and Ophion groans in appreciation, ladling handfuls of sloppy pre from his leaking cock into your ass; huge fuming clots of tarry slime sluicing down his fingers and settling as a burning-hot weight inside you. You huff, breathing hard, asshole pulsing as the lightrot soaks into you, heat penetrating through your skin, down deeper.\n\nHe shoves his fingers into you, your hole stretched into a lopsided figure-eight around them as he sinks them both down to the knuckle. The sudden push has you groaning, ass spasming, depths stretched around his probing fingers. He works back and forth, sludgy pre spurting out of your ass around his fingers, and he digs the side of one of his claws into your asshole, peeling it open so you're constantly drooling; thick cords of slime squelching out of your ass, dripping down over your balls. He slides you back and forth, other hand wrapping around your side, lifting you like a doll. He fingerfucks you, pulling out so your empty hole pouts open around his claws, and then slides back in until he's grinding his thumb against your hole, both fingers sunk down inside you to the knuckle. Over and over, working your ass open until the motion is frictionless, ass lubed with his sloppy pre, your flesh bruised and swollen, heavy and puffy as he twists his claws around inside you. He pushes in harder, jamming his thumb up into the space between his fingers, and you groan, pushing out, letting your hole flower open as he jams his thumbtip in too, turning your asshole into a mass of stretched, warped flesh pulsing around his brutal penetration.\n\nHe hoists you up and twists you around in a single motion: his huge hand totally encircling your chest, just holding you there effortlessly: face and shoulders mashed against the leathery surface of his shaft, legs up in the air. He dips down, mouth open and panting, warted tongue swiping across your cock and balls before he shoves it into your gaping ass, a new wash of heat pouring into your ass as he drools into you. His lips work against your asshole, and he spits, thicker lightrot drool plastered to the walls of your ass. He slides his fingers back, only keeping the tips inside, keeping you spread, so he can dig deeper with his tongue. It's massive, covered in huge warts that slurp in over your broken asshole and press strangely against your insides, and it squirms around as he laps over your inner flesh, scraping his chunky, gritty lightrot sludge off the walls of your ass only to spit it back in, deeper.\n\nHe pulls back with a wet //slurp//, drooling all across your ass, and shoves his fingers back in, more focused this time, going straight for the opening to your guts. His claws dig into the taut opening, pushing until it flowers open. Your guts gurgle as they spread, gulping down the pooled layer of spit and pre into your spread-open guts. Heat blossoms inside you, dizzying, and you raggedly gasp, panting and groaning. He spits into your gaping ass again, hand reaching down just in front of your face to swipe across his drooling cocktip, gathering a handful of tarry slime -- murky yellow, glowing and fuming, lumpy with the half-formed lightrot crystals inside -- and then pouring that into your gaping ass, pinned open by three fingers now.\n\nYour asshole feels like an enormous bruise, huge and elastic as Ophion pulls it wider and wider. His fingertips dig into your pulpy flesh, hooking inside your ass as he spreads your open, his lips kissing it brutally, teeth nipping at your unfurling folds as he spits burning lightrot slime into your flooded ass, excess spurting out over his face, drooling up your inclined body in syrupy strands. You pant, internal muscles spasming erratically as the lightrot seeps into them, heat gurgling deeper inside you, squirting back out over Ophion's face. He lowers you down, slightly, letting his drool splatter all across your back, and he stuffs three fingers up your ass. A leaky plug keeping most of his slime inside you.\n\nHis thumb drags over your asshole, <<if !hasMutation("asshole")>>warped obscenely around his splayed fingers, stretched inhumanly wide into an smoothly-curving ring of swollen, satiny flesh. Your flesh is stuck in bruised clumps around where his fingers dig in, swelling out larger into rubbery peaks where his fingertips hook back from inside. Your asshole pulses, muscle spasming in erratic waves, stinging from his lightrot-sodden pre as it soaks into your flesh. He twists his fingers around, scraping through the thick slick mess of his lightrot drool, and smears it thicker across your asshole.\n\n<<else>>already-mutated flesh broken open yet-wider, into a satiny-smooth expanse of bulging flesh, wrapped around his gigantic fingers. <<endif>>He pries his thumb in too, only his pinky out, skewed up along your ass. You're so stretched your ass hardly looks like part of your body anymore, just an expanse of flesh with a gaping hole in the center, difficult to connect to any human anatomy. His fingers dig into the walls of your ass, pressing down hard; you can feel them working over bone, pressing against your pelvis. You whine, drenched in sweat and slime, gasping for breath from the exertion of having your ass wrecked.\n\nYou're dimly aware of his cock pulsing steadily beneath you, a slimy web of lightrot splattered out in front of him, but he leans forward abruptly, sliding you down off his cock and onto your back, lying down in the slimy morass. Cords of thick slime smear all across your body, hand you catch yourself, hands braced in the puddle of slime beneath him, ooze squelching under your palms. His hand pulls out of your wrecked asshole with a deep, hollow //squelch//, and he holds you in place, ass jammed against his cockhead. His cocklips are enormous, splayed and puffy, rising up from his cockhead in a bulging lump of flushed flesh, and you feel them slide over your aching asslips, kissing you obscenely. Even after taking nearly his entire fist there's no way you're open enough to take his cock, but he grinds you down against the dome of his cockhead, his bulging cocklips slurping inside your ass, spurting pre straight into your ass.\n\nThen he bellows. He ruts against you, hand splayed over your hips keeping you anchored against his cannonlike cock, and a burst of slime works up through his cock, erupting into your ass with a hot, splattering jolt. He roars and groans, hands keeping you held in place, digging into your hips and thighs, kneading his cock, and he erupts inside you with the force of an explosion: a single burst of cum knocks the breath from your lungs, making you gasp soundlessly, and fills your already-flooded ass to capacity. Excess squirts out around the sloppy, loose seal your wrecked ass makes around his cockhead, spraying out in all directions. Ophion groans, pulling you down harder, uselessly wedging his spurting cockhead against your broken ass. He shoots again, and again, each shot rocking your entire body, forcing gritty, crystal-laden sludge deeper into your guts, by far the majority of it just pouring out from your ass, spilling down his shaft or piling on the ground beneath you. You struggle to even breathe; the steady pulse of his ejaculation overpowers your lungs, making you gasp and exhale in time with his pulses. He rubs your body against his cockhead, churned-up froth smearing all across your ass and thighs and stomach, asshole an open, gushing crater that he brings his cock back to, pushing it back against you until you feel his spongy flesh digging against your bones, trying to shove inside.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("asshole") && !hasMutation("prostate")>>\\nHis load gurgles inside you, thick chalky clumps of lightrot adhering to your anal walls, mushing apart into a thick paste from the force of his shots. You groan, muscles deep inside you erratically spasming, overheated from the lightrot soaking in through your flesh. There's a dizzying gurgle, wet suction pumping lightrot through your flesh and muscle, concentrating on the aching bulb of your prostate. There's a flash of heat, like a fireball exploding inside you, and your prostate spasms erratically, slurping and gurgling, hungrily sucking lightrot through your flesh as it bloats and swells, soaking up some tiny fraction of Ophion's tainted load. You groan, hoarsely panting, as your cock spasms, a pulse of wet heat spewing glowing yellow lightrot pre through your body, drooling from your cockhead, as your prostate grows and swells in fiery bursts.\n<<endif>>\\n\\nHe holds you down in the growing pile of cum, your forearms nearly entirely submerged in the tarry pool, more constantly spraying from your ass, drooling down your coated body. He ruts forward, giant thighs bunching, driving you forward, hands pulling you back into place. He hunches forward, fucking you, mashing your body against his cock.\n\nHe stops coming, eventually, with a guttural groan. He lets you go, dropping you into the pile of sludge, letting his cock drain the silty dregs of his load all over your back.\n\nYour ass hardly feels attached to your body, blossomed into something enormous, cratered. It hangs open, yawning wide all the way into your guts, clogged and overflowing with lightrot slime. You roll onto your side -- difficult with your entire body coated in a frothing, fuming layer of sludge -- and reach back, fingers feeling over your newly-alien flesh. Your ass is broken so wide you can slide your hand inside without even touching the ring of your broken asshole. Your asshole itself is slick, flesh bruised and swollen enough to remove every wrinkle: slick and smooth, unnaturally hot, and folded into layers of bloated slabs, rumpled together in a bulging hoop that's close to falling out of your body. It shudders with your breath, rising and falling, constantly drooling thick glowing sludge. You pant there, on knees and elbows in the murk, Ophion's thighs pressed up beside you, the formless mound of his sac feverishly hot against your side.\n\n<<if !hasMutation("balls")>>Ophion's hand cups your balls, the plane of his palm vast and gnarled, burning hot even against the heated lightrot. He grinds down, squeezing your balls, and you let out a guttural groan, dizzy from the fumes. You pant hoarsely as he kneads your balls, squelching as he slathers them with cords of his grimy, chunky load. Lightrot burns all across your body, but that dims compared to the heat in your balls. Ophion works a gigantic thumbtip over one, then the other, coating them with a thick slather of slime, and you can feel the lightrot soak in through your skin, heating up the flesh of your balls. It burns, sac tightening to draw your balls up and away from the pain, but Ophion just grinds down, mashing your balls up in a cocoon of burning sludge, grinding your balls back and forth against his palm until all the lightrot has been soaked in.\n\nYour balls ache, heat and pressure growing inside them. You can feel the cords in your sac burn, tainted seed sluggishly pumping its way up, and your body is warping so fast you can feel it: cords lengthening, folding over each other in thickening tangles, feeling like hot wires stuck up into your groin, hooking around internal passages and digging in as they swell thicker. Your balls warp, flesh bloating and swelling, a dizzying mix of pleasure and pain that has you hoarsely gasping as your cock starts to leak, drooling out a slurry of altered cum. It feels like wings unfurl inside you, the lightrot burn spilling around inside your hips, heat echoing back and forth from your hips to your balls, and each time the wave crashes through you your balls bulge a fraction larger, skin creaking and shifting, sloppy grit pouring from your cock in thick waves. You howl, Ophion still grabbing your bloated balls and squeezing, practically milking your altered cum out of them as they swell and swell and swell, audibly squelching and gurgling from the lightrot pouring in, sublimating through your skin.\n\n<<endif>>\\n\\nYou slip and slide through the mess as you struggle to get up, using cum-slick hands to press against him and shove yourself partially upright. You gasp for breath, body sweating and shaking, heat and chills racing across your entire body from the lightrot suffusing your body. Your belly is bloated, some, and it sloshes and gurgles as you shift, burning hotter inside you, more lightrot grit spilling out of your ruined ass.\n\nYou slump against him, panting and shivering, body slathered in his clotted, grotesque load, fumes billowing up across your body from the mess spread out beneath you. Your eyes water, bloated belly feeling burning hot inside you, heat soaking into you all the way to the bone.\n\nYou definitely pass out at some point.\n<<sex "ophion" "anal" "top">>\\n<<set $queuedLower += 1>>\\n<<set $queuedUpper += 1>>\\n<<set $tfIncite to "ophion anal">>\\n<<set $sireInv -= 1>>\\n<<set $sirePass to "anal">>\\n[[→|ophion pass]]\n\n<<if !hasMutation ("asshole")>>\\n<<addmutation "asshole">>\\n<<set $from['asshole'] to "ophion fuck">>\\n<<else if !hasMutation ("prostate")>>\\n<<addmutation "prostate">>\\n<<set $from['prostate'] to "ophion fuck">>\\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if !hasMutation ("balls")>>\\n<<addmutation "balls">>\\n<<set $from['balls'] to "ophion fuck">>\\n<<endif>>
You're dimly aware of Ophion moving you around, setting you down, cleaning some of the drying sludge off of you, and then you fall asleep for real.\n\n<<resetmoves>><<display "timed tfs">>\\n\n[[→|ophion wake]]
You wake up in the back of Ophion's tent, on his elevated sleeping platform. You can hear him bustling around, moving things made from glass and metal, and you lay there for a moment, feeling out your body. /% {if this actually tfed you:} You move your hands, feeling the newly-leathery skin of your {arms/legs/arms and legs}. %/\n\n<<if $sirePass eq "oral" && !hasMutation ("facial")>>\\nThere's a big splotch of flaking skin in a starburst across your face, and you peel it off, feeling the ĝheisthide pushing out beneath: spreading across your brow, fanning out across your cheeks, forming straight lines down to your neck, following the path the Titan's cum took.\n\n<<addmutation "facial">>\\n<<else if $sirePass eq "anal">>\\nThe skin across your ass is flaking, ĝheisthide spreading out in a starburst from your altered asshole, the lines of changed skin following the lines where the Titan's cum poured over you: down over your balls, along the backs of your thighs.\n<<else if $sirePass eq "cock">>\\nYour cock hangs heavily off your body, unexpectedly weighty, smacking further down against your thigh when you shift. It still aches, dimly, and when you reach down to touch it, experimentally, you hiss at the mess of sensations: too sensitive, aching, stinging, with tarry lightrot dregs audibly crackling inside your shaft. Itchy.\n\nYour skin has desaturated as it's thickened, and your shaft is a mottled grey-brown, with splotches of yellow skin across the sides. Ghiesthide, leathery and supple to the touch. Smoother than most, without any boils or warts yet, but you can feel the subtle gnarls in the grain -- across the shaft, wrapped across your foreskin, along the raw flesh of your cockhead -- that you know will bloom out into clusters of warts eventually.\n\nYour cocklips are bruised and swollen, bulging out from your cockhead when you pull your foreskin back. They're purple, throbbing, and they gape open at the slightest pressure, making your cockslit spread into a wide oval. You milk your shaft, more for curiosity than to feel good -- it doesn't; still too achy -- and it's not a surprise when a mess of lightrot-suffused pre burbles up in a slimy froth, smearing all across your cockhead when you let it go, letting your half-hard length loll back against your thigh with a weighty //smack//.\n<<endif>>\\n\nYou look up: Ophion has been watching you explore your altered body for the past who-knows minutes. It's not embarrassing. You grin at him.\n\n"Feel better?" he says.\n\nYou say, yeah. Still sore, but that's only to be expected.\n\nHe laughs. "You took the change well," he says, and reaches down, hands <<if $sirePass eq "oral">>tracing across the starburst splatter on your face<<else if $sirePass eq "cock">>cupping your altered cock and softly milking it<<else if $sirePass eq "anal">>curving over your ass, his clawtips playing with the mounded swell of your bloated asshole<<endif>>. "I can't wait to see what you look like after next time," he says, and leers.\n\nYour cock shudders, and you can see his shaft shift, its man-sized bulk pulsing. It's briefly tempting to stay here longer and see just what he can turn your body into, but you do actually have work to do.\n\n<<set $sirePass to 0>>\\n[[→|ophion's tent]]
<<if !$metwwwPair>>\\nA pair of travelers walk across the desert sands.\n\nOne is human, or at least humanoid; the other is a great beast. The human is shrouded in desert wanderer robes: faded red-brown, threadbare at the fringes where they've been buffeted by the desert winds. The great beast is a bulky bull-dragon, with cloven hooves on its back legs and massive three-fingered hands in front. He goes around on all fours, and comes up to chest height walking like that. He has a squat, bullish muzzle, and two gigantic horns, spread out like handlebars and turning up into points at the tips. He's got black metal caps on the tips of his horns.\n<<set $metwwwPair to true>>\\n<<else>>\\nA pair of travelers walk across the desert sands.\n\n<<if $wwwEggsDelivered neq true>>\\n<<if $wwwNames>>\\nIt's Dante and Malsatante; the human and the great beast.\n<<else>>\\nIt's the human and great beast again.\n<<endif>>\n<<else>>\\n<<if $wwwEggsWhen - $turns lt 6>>\\nDante is swollen with eggs. They're still settling, dragging his stomach out into smooth mound. He's stripped his robes off his upper body, fastened around his waist, and his sheath juts out over the belted tie, cock hanging out half-unsheathed and constantly drizzling pre.\n<<else if $wwwEggsWhen - $turns lt 18>>\\nDante riding atop Malsatante. He's swollen with eggs. They've visibly grown; he's much more pregnant than you looked when they were in you. His gut is enormous, his flesh seaming open into raw red stretch marks across his sides and belly, and without Malsatante to carry him he probably couldn't walk. His nipples are swollen and heavy, and his extra nipples are starting to come in: dark circles budding up from his skin in rows down his stomach.\n<<else if $wwwEggsWhen - $turns lt 36>>\\nDante is grossly pregnant. The eggs have grown so large in him that he looks lumpy, stomach a mess of lopsided bulges. He's got eight nipples, all sluggishly drooling milk down his hairy chest, over the stretched, shredded expanse of his stomach. The skin of his underbelly is starting to swell, forming heavy mounds just above his cock. His udder is starting to come in.\n\nHe's resting in the shade of Malsatante, curled up protectively around him.\n<<else if $wwwEggsWhen - $turns lt 72>>\\nDante is grossly pregnant. His pregnant gut churns and shudders from the squirming eggs inside; huge lumpy swells sluggishly bulge out from the shredded, stretched flesh of his stomach, slowly churning. His eight nipples have all grown enormous, becoming palm-sized mounds dribbling milk down his chest. He's got nubby horns pushing out at his temples.\n\nHis udder hangs down, split into two lumpy sacs around his constantly-unsheathed cock, pre and milk sheening his length. his teats are still half-formed: six darkened bulging mounds, currently looking more like further nipples across the span of his udder than teats proper.\n<<else>>\nDante is so pregnant he can't really walk, or move. His bloated gut is a monstrous swell, lumpy and shuddering from his squirming eggs. His stomach is a mess of deep, oozing stretch marks, weeping lymph down his skin. His eight nipples have formed into broad, puffy peaks, each the size of a spread hand. They mound out from his body, the flesh beneath visibly swollen with milk, fat, sagging flesh folding over itself in chunky curves, drizzling milk in streams down his chest. He's got horns a handspan long growing out from his head, at his temples.\n\nHis cock is entirely hidden beneath his gigantic udder, a mass of heavy flesh swollen taut, with six fat teats each a handspan long, a few splayed out against his thigh. he's sprawled on the ground, huffing and panting, glazed in a sheen of his own milk and sweat.\n<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>\\n\\n<<if $wwwEggsDelivered>>\\n/%[presumably this event should change a bunch (or maybe just vanish?) once you've helped deliver their eggs, rather than presenting the exact same talk/sex options] %/\n<<endif>>\\n\n* [[talk to them|www talk]]\n* <<if $wwwPairBrulvundojn eq "open">>[[mention brulvundojn|www brul intro]]<<endif>>\n\n[[←|worldmap]]
<<if $pregnant eq "www">>\\nYou talk to them.\n\nThey take in your grossly pregnant gut. Dante croons a little, pressing a hand against your belly; the eggs squirm inside you, pulsing against his touch.\n\n"How much longer do you think you'll need to carry them?" he asks, not so much 'impatient' as 'excited'.\n\nYou say you don't know, it'll happen when it happens. The eggs have to thicken up a pair amount before they're ready to be transferred.\n\nMalsatante agrees: "Not ripe yet," he rumbles, sniffing across your stomach.\n\nUltimately, you gotta head out again. You tell them, don't worry, you'll be around.\n\n[[→|worldmap]]\n<<else>>\\n<<if $wwwTalk eq 0>>\\nThe human raises his hand in greeting. You wave back and approach.\n\nThe human is, in fact, human. Muscular. Dark blue-black skin, with a scarred face. Black hair in braids, tied in a knot at the top of his head, and a short beard.\n\n"Not many people out in the wasteland," the human says. The beast looks at you and snorts, but doesn't say anything.\n\nYou say yeah. Out scavenging.\n\nThe human nods. "We're out wandering," he says, and pats the shoulder of the beast.\n<<else>>\\nThey nod at you. "Still out scavenging?"\n\nYou say yeah.\n<<endif>>\\n\n<<if $moves eq 0 && $drudgeActive eq "">>\\nYou say, you were just about to set up camp actually.\n\nThey say, "Us too. Wanna share?"\n\nYou say sure.\n\n[[→|www camp]]\n<<else if $wwwTalk gte 1>>\\n<<if $wwwNames>>Dante<<else>>The human<<endif>> looks you up and down. He smiles at you. "Feel like taking a break?"\n\n<<if $sex['www_human'] gt 0 || $sex['www_beast'] gt 0 || $sex['www_both'] gt 0>>\\n* [[sure let's fuck|www field sex]]\n* [[nah sorry i'm busy|www field rejection]]\n<<else>>\\nThere's something in the heat of his gaze. You ask, does that mean sex.\n\nHe looks you over. "You want it do be?"\n\n* [[sure let's do it|www field sex]]\n* [[nah sorry|www field rejection]]\n<<endif>>\n<<else>>\\nYou say sounds good. Keep an eye out if you see any big salvage.\n<<set $wwwTalk += 1>>\\n\n[[→|worldmap]]\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>
You say sorry, you got other things to do. <<if $wwwNames>>Dante<<else>>The human<<endif>> shrugs. "Maybe next time," he says, and you make a noncommittal grunt.\n\n[[→|www pair]]
<<set $wwwHaveAsked to true>>\\n<<set $wwwCamp to true>>\\n[[''You''|you][$back = "www camp"]] set up camp with <<if !wwwName>>the two wanderers.\n\n<<set $wwwNames to true>>\\nThey tell you their names: the beast is Malsatante; the human is Cedante. He says to call him Dante. You don't pry about why the human is going by a great-beast name. Partly because introducing himself as that and then instantly asking you to call him by the human version of the name else is clearly inviting the question.\n\nYou tell them your name.<<else>>Malsatante and Dante.<<endif>>\n\nThey don't have a tent as such; Dante sets out a blanket on the sand and Malsatante just lies down, with Dante sprawled against his side.\n\nYou make small talk. They say they're out wandering for the dry season. They say they went further south than they usually go; not much this far south but beasts and wasteland.\n\nYou say you're staying in Yapu, the town to the south. They nod. They say they knew of it but were avoiding getting to close; they didn't want to impinge. You say it's been kinda hectic there lately, so maybe that's for the best.\n\n<<if $pregnant neq "">>\\nDante can't stop staring at your pregnant gut. You catch his eye, and he looks away. This happens a few times before he finally breaks.\n\n"We've been wanting to have kids," he says. Ah. "But I can't sire them if I'm the dam, so..."\n\nThey don't actually ask, because that would be gauche. But...\n\n* [[you know after i deliver this clutch i could help you out with that|www promise]]<<endif>>\n* [[yeah that's rough|www decline][$_nice = true]]\n<<else if hasMutation ("womb")>>\\nMalsatante's nostrils flare. He leans in, and takes a long whiff up your chest.\n\nDante hits him in the shoulder. "Don't be rude, man."\n\n"I can smell your heat on you," Malsatante says, and Dante buries his face in his hands. "You smell //fertile//," he continues, and that gets Dante's interest.\n\n"Uh...?" he says.\n\nYou say, yeah what about it.\n\nMalsatante opens his mouth to say something and Dante reaches out and squashes his muzzle closed. "Nope," he says to Malsatante, and then to you: "Uh, we're kinda wanting to have kids. But I can't sire them if I'm also the dam, so, we've been kind of looking..."\n\nHe trails off. For a surrogate, he means.\n\n* [[hey i can do that no problem. right now if you wanted.|www no problem]]\n* [[nah sorry i got other shit going on right now|www decline]]\n<<else>>\\n"Nothing too bad, I hope?" Dante asks, and you nod. It's fine.\n\nYou make some polite small talk for a while.\n\nEventually, Dante kinda cocks his head, letting his gaze settle on you. Looking you up and down. He says, "So, you wanna...?"\n\n* [[yeah let's fuck|www fuck][$_www = "www dante fuck"]]\n* [[nah better not|camprun]]\n<<endif>>
You say no problem, I've carried loads of eggs before. You say, we could even do it now if you want.\n\nDante lurches up. "What. Wait, what? Seriously?"\n\nYou pull your shirt over your head and undo your belt, pulling on the laces of your pants. Dante says "Holy shit." He leans forward, grinning. "Hope you're ready to get fucking knocked up then."\n\n<<set $_wwwFrom to "talk">>\\n[[→|www impreg]]
You say, after you deliver this clutch you should be good to help them.\n\n"Wait, seriously?" Dante says.\n\nYou say sure. They're gonna be around here?\n\n"Uh, yeah," Dante says. It's not really sinking in for him.\n\n"We got no plans for the season," Malsatante says. "Just walking the wasteland."\n\nYou say sure, you know the feeling. You'll find them next time you're free.\n\n"Yeah," Dante says. "Wow. Uh, thanks?"\n\n<<if !$wwwCurrentlyFucked>>\\nYou say, well, they can thank you afterwards.\n\n"Yeah, uh, carrying our eggs is gonna be... It's a lot," Dante says.\n<<else>>\\nYou say, well, they can thank you afterwards. Handling their cocks is gonna be a trial. Dante looks pretty proud of himself at that part, looking over your cum-smeared belly.\n<<endif>>\n\n<<set $wwwPromise to true>>\\n<<if $wwwCamp eq true>>\\n<<set $wwwCamp to false>>\\nYou all settle down to sleep for the day.\n\n[[→|camprun]]\n<<else>>\\nYou scour the worst of their loads from your skin with sand, and set off.\n\n<<display "www leave">>\n<<endif>>
<<set $wwwCurrentlyFucked to false>>\\n<<set $moves -= 1>>\\n[[→|worldmap]]
<<if $_nice>>\\n<<set $_nice to false>>\\nYou say yeah, that sounds rough.\n\n"Yeah, it kinda sucks," Dante says.\n<<else>>\nYou say, sorry, but you got some other stuff going on.\n\nDante's shoulders fall some, like he was expecting it. "Oh well," he says. "Understandable."\n<<endif>>\n\nYou feel for them; it's pretty difficult for giant beasts to breed with humans in the best of situations, and if they want Dante to sire their kids they're stuck finding a surrogate that can handle a giant beast, which is not most of them.\n\n<<if $wwwCurrentlyFucked>>\\nYou're still slathered in their cum. It's a little awkward as you scour the worst of their loads from your skin with handfuls of sand.\n<<endif>>\n\n<<set $wwwCurrentlyFucked to false>>\\n<<if $wwwCamp>>\\n<<set $wwwCamp to false>>\\nYou all talk some more, and eventually settle down to sleep through the day.\n\n[[→|camprun]]\n<<else>>\\nYou all talk some more, and then you head out.\n\n[[→|worldmap]]\n<<endif>>\
You say sure, let's go.\n\nThe human looks you over. "Good," he says. "Because you look nice."\n\n<<set $wwwNames to true>>\\nHe extends a hand, and you grasp his forearm. "Dante," he says, and gestures with his other hand at the beast. "That's Malsatante." You tell them your name, grip hands, release.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("womb") && $pregnant eq "">>\\nMalsatante, the beast, takes an interest in you. His squat muzzle snuffles against your thigh, dragging up your side.\n\n"Don't be rude, man," Dante says, knocking his knuckles against Malsatante's shoulder.\n\n"You're fertile," Malsatante says. His voice is inhumanly deep, guttural.\n\nDante looks up at you. "What?"\n\nYou say, yeah, what about it?\n\nMalsatante says, "we're looking for a surrogate."\n\n"It's difficult, since, you know --" Dante gestures at his dick. You assume he's got an altered dick, from fucking Malsatante so much. Most humans can hardly take an altered human's dick, much less a great beast's.\n\n"How would you feel about incubating a clutch?" Malsatante says.\n\n* [[yr gonna have to show me yr dicks so i can see|www show]]\n/% * [[nah but i'm totally up for you to spitroast me if you want|www fuck][$_www = "www spitroast"]] %/\n* [[nah but i'm totally to fuck if you want|www fuck][$_www = "www dante fuck"]]\n* [[nah sorry i got some other shit going on|www decline]]\n<<else>>\\nDante looks over at Malsatante. "Who gets to get seconds? You want dibs?"\n\nYou look at Malsatante. Specifically, you look at Malsatante's cock: the gnarled, spiny tip peeking out from his immense, drooping sheath. His sheath hangs low, angling down from the weight of his titanic balls, more than head-sized each, hanging so low they nearly drag on the ground. His sheath ripples, pushing out another half-foot of cock in a slimy gush. It's easily the thickness of your leg.\n\n* at dante: [[let's try your cock first and see where things go from there|www fuck][$_www = "www dante fuck"]]\n/% * [[y'know you could probably spitroast me|www fuck][$_www = "www spitroast"]]\n* [[hey you could probably both fit in at the same time|www fuck][$_www = "www dp"]] %/\n<<endif>>
You tell them they're gonna have to show you their dicks.\n\nDante grins, groping his crotch. "No problem." He tugs on his belts, parting his robe. He's mostly naked underneath, chest and stomach bare, with loose underclothes. He shoves them down enough to let his sheath lurch out. It's pretty big. He shrugs out of his robe, tossing it aside, stripping down to just sandals and cloth wrappings.\n\nHe's got bull's balls, each one easily bigger than a fist, and they droop down all the way to his knees in a heavy, dangling sac. They're oblong, with a lumpy knob at the bottom, and covered in a sparse layer of thin, coarse fur. His sheath juts out, it alone as big as a human's cock, flesh leathery black and supple, with a stretchy cord of flesh hooking up across his stomach, to his bellybutton, keeping his sheath pointed slightly upwards despite its heft.\n\nDante pats Malsatante's side, letting the big beast lap across his sheath, purple-black tongue swirling around the coarsely-furred sheath and then shoving inside. Dante groans, sinking down, and the both of them lumber to the ground, Dante on his knees letting Malsatante suck on his cock. Malsatante shifts to the side, sprawling out, his own sheath and balls on display, and Dante leans over, lying on his side between Malsatante's legs.\n\nMalsatante is bigger in every way: balls each bigger than Dante's head; his bloated sheath heavy and loose sprawled across his flanks, and Dante easily pins it up against the great bull's underbelly and practically shoves his entire face inside the enormous sheath: thicker than his thigh and easily stretching, with loose flesh spilling out over Dante's chin when he pushes his nose up against the arching tip.\n\nYou still haven't seen either of their dicks, actually.\n\nYou grope yourself, cock stiffening as you watch them slurp on each others' sheaths. Malsatante is chewing, jaw grinding down against the leathery flesh of Dante's sheath, and you can see it ripple and bulge as his cock starts to push out, straight into the bull-beast's muzzle. Dante... he gulps, pungent slime already drooling out across his face as he slurps on Malsatante's sheathed cockhead, throat working as he swallows and swallows again. The great bull's sheath shudders, flesh shifting under the surface, and Dante lets out a gurgling groan, opening his mouth wide -- sheathflesh warping around his face -- and starts panting.\n\nGiven how huge Malsatante's sheath is, you can't imagine he's actually fitting the bull's cock in his mouth, but, well, you've seen more extreme acclimations. Dante's throat warps, bulging, and you see the mounded crest of Malsatante's cock lurch down, an enormous swollen lump that shudders back and forth through Dante's throat before he gurgles and swallows, tipping his head back to let more of it shove down inside him.\n\nYou fall to your knees, moving closer, and press a hand to Dante's throat, feeling the heat radiating out, the heavy gristle shifting under the surface, as he gulps around Malsatante's unsheathing cock. You're jerking yourself off with your other hand, splattering pre across Dante's chest and Malsatante's underbelly, and Dante groans again, humping forward, sloppily fucking Malsatante's face as he's impaled with the length of the bull's cock.\n\nYou finally see part of one of their cocks: Dante's hunching against Malsatante's face, sheath smacking against his muzzle, drawing back to reveal a sliver of his cock -- purple-black and gristled, shiny with spit -- before he pumps it back. Thick as your bicep, maybe thicker. Definitely would take both hands to wrap around. And if that's what Dante's cock is like... you look back down, Dante's face distended, jaw looking warped, dislocated, as he continues eagerly gulping around Malsatante's cock. His throat is stretched out from jaw to collarbone, lumpy and bloated, erratically squeezing as he gasps for breath around the monstrous cock, and as you watch -- hand still pressing against his bulging throat -- an even bigger bloat warps his throat, like some swollen ridge wrapped around Malsatante's shaft. Dante gurgles, swallowing and then gagging, pulling off with a sloppy, liquid retch that has him coughing up a slurry of phlegm and reeking bull pre all across Malsatante's cock.\n\n"Still can't manage the spines easy," he says, coughing more, rubbing his jaw. "Gotta actually ease into that." His face is a mess of slime, drenching his beard and forming frothy cords hanging down from his jaw.\n\nMalsatante's cock, now spanning across Dante's front, is a monster: thicker than one of your legs, divided into two gristled, lumpy tubes that bulge and bloat out into lopsided ovals from their sheer size. And, yeah, coated in spines. There's a swollen band of flesh wrapped around the base, and sprouting out from that are a mess of huge, heavy spines, backwards-facing and flexing slightly as Malsatante keeps unsheathing.\n\nDante pulls back, cock pulling from Malsatante's muzzle with a wet slurp, and he grinds their cocks together, comparing them. They're the same basic shape: a lumpy, gnarled head that has a split knob at the tip, and the spiky swell of his urethra juts out past that, with a mess of spines beneath the head; and then the long, split-tube length of his cock, a fat tube along the underside nestled between the two bloated halves; bloated out from sheer size and then banded together into a circle by that spike-lined ridge at the midpoint, with a second band just barely cresting out from his sheath at the base. Dante peels his sheath back, letting the pinned spines flower out. The whole thing spans up to his chest, nearly to his chin, and it squelches and throbs, spikes fluttering back and forth against his shaft, spreading and relaxing, all slathered in spit and pre.\n\nMalsatante's cock is like that too, only half-again as big.\n\nYou're amazed Dante could manage to fit any of that in his mouth, much less nearly half of it. Lots of experience, you figure.\n\n<<if !$_wwwDoneIntro>>\\n<<set $_wwwDoneIntro to true>>\\n<<set $_wwwFrom to "show">>\n* [[holy shit that's huge but sure let's try to stick those in me|www impreg]]\n* [[maybe let's start with dante fucking me and see if i can manage|www fuck][$_www = "www dante fuck"]]\n<<endif>>
/%\n<<if hasMutation("knot") && $from['knot'] === "cc">>\\n[they're like, hey nice dick. and yr like, yeah thx i got it from a friend. probably the same way you did. and they're like oh yeah?]\\n<<set $wwwPairBrulvundojn = "open">>\\n<<endif>>\n%/\n<<display $_www>>\n\n<<if $wwwCamp>>\\n<<set $wwwCamp to false>>\\nYou collapse to sleep sandwiched between them, with their half-hard cocks still oozing slimy cords of cum across your slime-encrusted skin.\n\n[[→|camprun]]\n<<else if !$wwwHaveAsked && Math.random() < 0.33>>\\n<<set $wwwCurrentlyFucked to true>>\\n/% %/<<if $pregnant neq "">>\\nDante presses his hands against your bloated belly, feeling over the taut dome of your cum-and-egg-bloated gut.\n/% %/<<else>>\\nDante presses his hand against your cum-bloated gut.\n/% %/<<endif>>\\n\n"Wow, you look real good." He's still half-hard, and his cock gives a sluggish kick, lurching across your side and spewing out a watery mess of sludge. "You took that real well."\n\n"We're, uh, trying to have kids," he says, glancing over at Malsatante's bulk, collapsed on his side in the sand. "I'm getting used to the thought of, y'know, carrying a giant clutch. For months."\n\n"But, uh, before any of that happens we gotta find a surrogate so we can incubate our eggs properly." He's not leading. Or rather, he is, but not really a lot.\n\n<<set $_wwwFrom to "postfuck">>\\n* <<if $pregnant eq "">>[[hey i'm good for that now, pump me full of eggs|www impreg]]<<else>>[[you know after i deliver this clutch i could help you out with that|www promise]]<<endif>>\n* [[yeah that's rough|www decline][$_nice = true]]\n\n<<else>>\\nYou sluggishly pull yourself together and scour the worst of the slime off of you.\n\n<<if $wwwPromise>>"Hey, uh," Dante says. "That was for real, right?"\n\nYou say, yeah, they can hit you up once you've delivered this clutch. Or you'll find them.\n\nDante breaks out into an enormous smile. "Wow. Uh, yeah, uh... yeah we'll see you around huh?"\n\nYou say yeah, they will.\n\n<<endif>>\n<<set $moves -= 1>>\\n[[→|worldmap]]\n<<endif>>
Dante leers at your sheath. "Nice dick," he says, cupping it, stroking the leathery flesh.\n\nYou say thanks; you got it from a friend. Probably the same way you got yours. You clasp his sheath, stroking his unsheathing cock, and he presses your cocks together, monstrous shafts dark and slick, gushing sloppy pre against each other.\n\nDante says, "oh yeah?" He slides a slick finger up the underside of your cock, thumb rubbing against your pointed cocktip. "Think we could meet up?"\n\nYou tell him you can talk about it after they're done fucking you.\n\nHe snorts. "You got priorities; I get it."\n<<set $wwwPairBrulvundojn = "open">>\
<<if !$_wwwDoneIntro>>\\n<<set $_wwwDoneIntro to true>>\\n<<display "www show">>\n<<endif>>\\nYou tell them Dante should go first.\n\n"Like me that much, huh?" Dante says, stroking his unsheathed cock, slathering it in watery pre. Excess slime drools down the arch of his cock and spills to the sand below. "How about you show us what you got."\n\nYou strip. /% <<if hasMutation("knot") && $from['knot'] === "cc" && !$wwwPairBrulvundojn>>\\n<<display "www sheath intro">>\\n<<endif>>%/\n\nDante's real big. <<if isBiggest('www_human', 'anal')>>\\nEven thinking about taking his dick is real intimidating, and that's not even considering Malsatante's monster.\n<<else>>\\nBut you've taken bigger. Watching it throb and pulse makes something deep inside your ass twist and clench. You're hungry for it. Hot shocky pulses rush across your hips, through your guts. Your body knows what's coming.\n<<endif>>\\n\nDante presses against you, cock wet and slimy slapping against your legs -- cock solidly the thickness //of// your legs. It lurches between you, huge and heavy enough to keep knocking you apart, battering against your thighs. Dante grins into your kiss and pushes you back, nearly toppling you backwards across Malsatante's hooves. The air around Malsatante ripples with heat radiating off his hide, and the heat grows scorching as they move you into place: bent over Malsatante's forelegs, body pressed against his utterly gigantic inhuman cock, with Dante kneeling in the sand behind you.\n\nDante's callused hands scrape up the backs of your thighs before he presses his fingers, slick and hot with his own sloppy, churned-up pre, across your muscled ass cheeks and <<if hasMutation ("asshole")>>over the heavy mound of your altered asshole, swollen and heavy bulging out between your cheeks<<else>>dip down between, finding your lax, spreading pucker<<endif>>. He presses inside, thumb catching on your wrinkled flesh, and you open your mouth to groan, slumping forward -- mashing your face against Malsatante's cockhead. It's as big as your head, maybe bigger if you count the big fleshy spines jutting back across the broad tip. He reeks, bestial sweat and slime, the rank taste of his acrid pre splattering across your tongue just from the inhale; the air suffused with the scent. You gasp and huff, smearing your face across the sloppy, ichorous length of his dick as Dante opens you up. Dante sticks a finger in your ass and it's almost comical: he's got barbs on his dick that are bigger than that.\n\nDante ladles pre across your ass, drenching your flesh in the sloppy, thick heat. Heavy cords of ooze trail down your skin, coating your balls, shining across your inner thighs. One finger goes to two, three, scissoring inside you, thumb dipping in to stretch you open. He hefts his dick and presses it into place, just to get the tip lodged against your asshole, squirting his unctuous pre directly into you in gushes. You groan, suckling across Malsatante's cockhead, face just as glazed, eyes already glued shut. Just heat surrounding you, the dry desert air and the wet, clinging heat of their touches, smearing you with clinging globs of rich, oily pre.\n\nDante's knuckles press against the rim of your ass, pushing in and twisting, and you push out to meet him: his fist slides right into your ass with a wet //slap// of skin on skin, and you groan, hitch up your hips, and spread your legs wider. His dick is still bigger than one of his hands, but it's closer to the right size. He fistfucks you, nothing too intense -- this is still all just foreplay to him -- to get you worked open: fat fist smacking against the entrance to your guts, riding your ass down against the thick, blocky muscle of his forearm. You rut back against him, pushing down internally -- you groan when your guts shudder and shift and he abruptly sinks deeper, elbow sliding into your ass, his arm huge and rigid filling you up. You focus on that, guts milking his forearm, gasping from the sudden push inside. He twists, elbow knocking around inside you, arm slightly bent, and you let out a long, shaky exhale, groaning as he pulls back and pushes forward. His other hand presses against your ass, aiming his cock: he drenches his bicep with pre and ladles it down his arm, slathering himself with a fresh coating of ooze with each pump into your ass. Your own cock, <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>unsheathed and dangling down soft but turgid<<else>>half-hard and heavy<<endif>>, leaks pre in a slow drizzle, forming a short, stiff cord hanging off <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>your sharp cocktip<<else>>your hooded foreskin<<endif>>.\n\nYou feel hollowed out when Dante finally pulls back, fist popping free from your ass with a wet squelch. It's not a feeling that lasts long. He pushes forward: cockhead a brand pressed between your cheeks, slopping and dripping, squirting little pressurized blasts of pre up your back or into your gaping ass, down to coat your balls, as he wiggles back and forth, just mashing his cocktip against your still-tight gape, sloppily kissing it with his spurting cock. Already your asshole feels rumpled and enormous, a huge puffy swell bulging out between your cheeks to dig soft and pulpy into the crown of Dante's dick; all that and his cockhead is still even wider. The bulging ring around the very tip slops up and down, digging against your hole, hard and gristly when he pushes in harder. Slowly, gingerly, he works himself in: fingers tugging at your gape, squeezing his cockhead, shifting and realigning. You bellow, panting and gasping, sound muffled with how your face is mashed against Malsatante's dick. His dick feels like it's gonna rip you in half. The ridged tip crowns inside you, half of it slopping inside with a bone-jarring lurch, and Dante groans hard, cock lurching and spewing pre with such force that he has to press it down to keep it from popping out of your gaped hole. He ruts back and forth, smearing the ridge of his cocktip against your ass, revolving the line of pressure where it digs in the hardest, and slowly, with a dizzying slide and stretch, he works the entire tip into your ass, plugging you up solidly. You convulse, asshole clenching and gaping, erratically pulsing against the hard, implacable flesh of Dante's giant cock.\n\nAll that, and that's only the upper half of his cockhead. Already the bulging tip is digging into your guts, flooding you with gush after gush of slimy pre. And after that ridge come the spines. The first row of spines. You groan, sprawled out over Malsatante's legs, aware of Dante repositioning himself by how his cock dips and turns inside you.\n\nIf his fist made you feel hollowed-out, his cock is something else entirely. His cockhead jams between your hips, throbbing and pulsing like an extra heart, and his spines pin in tight to slip through your bulging, broken asshole only to spread out in a heavy, bulky fan that scrapes all across the inner flesh of your ass like a thousand probing fingers, trapping his cock inside you until he cums. Your guts gurgle, stomach already bloated and heavy from the sheer mass of his pre, steadily gushing into you in spasming blasts. He fucks you shallowly, or shallowly for him -- cockhead stirring around at the warped opening of your guts, spines jabbing backwards into your hips, bladder, prostate, every time he shifts, hips sending most of a foot of shaft slurping back and forth through your unfurled asshole. He's still opening you up, slowly, carefully. You just sprawl there, half-impaled by his cock, shaking and groaning each time he dips a little deeper, sinks a tiny fraction more of his cock inside you, threading his cockhead deeper through your squashed and straightened-out guts. Your belly lurches, pre-bloated sag drawing out into a warped mound as his cockhead taps against your skin from the inside.\n\nYou sob and groan as he works his cockhead deeper, spines going from tugging at your swollen asslips to scraping along your prostate to jabbing back and forth over the opening to your guts. Pre gurgles down your guts, sluicing through his flexing spines and fountaining from your ass in slimy waterfalls. The sheer //volume// of his issue is astounding; all that and he's nowhere near cumming. You lay there and let him impale you, hips erratically jerking back to vainly try to swallow more of his cock. His hands are hot and slick on your hips and back, leaving behind big wet handprints that prickle in the heat, drying out in what seem like instants.\n\nEventually you feel the added bulk of his spike-ringed medial ring brush against your ass: another bulging ring of thick, gristled flesh, and dimly you're aware that means that he's not even halfway in.\n\nHis cock kicks inside you, deep enough now that the motion sends your entire body lurching to the side, his cockhead blossoming with heat halfway under your ribs. When you breathe in deep you can feel the shape of his cockhead pinned against the sheet of your diaphragm, keeping your lungs from fully filling. You gag on nothing, drooling across Malsatante's cock, as he slops his dick against your lungs. He twists, cock knocking around inside you -- dizzy, nauseating, breath knocked from your lungs in a //whuff// and leaving you gasping -- and adjusts, aiming his dick out against your belly, instead of up against your heart.\n\nHe slops his medial ring against your ass, the muscle long ago bruised and broken, drooping slack and rubbery as he ruts his ring over its heavy, puffy bulk. Your guts unspool more, pinching and bunching around his shaft as he works himself into you -- works you down deeper on his cock. Your belly is enormous, impossibly distended, with the nearly leg-thick imprint of his cockhead warping out your skin, spines flexing making your skin warp and bunch like you've got snakes inside you.\n\n"Ah, fuck," he groans over you, both hands on your lower back, hips snapping forward to play his medial ring over your ass, wetly mashing your bodies together and pulling apart. His spines flex, scraping against the muscle of your ass cheeks, warped out into crescents by the sheer bulk of his shaft. "Gonna cum soon." You have absolutely no idea what 'soon' means here; he's been fucking you for what seems like hours, slow and gradual, stuffing his giant monster dick into your body slowly, slowly. His pace doesn't change: still rutting down, bodily bashing your asshole wider, spines flexing hard when he shoves in deeper, clawing deep in your guts when he pulls back.\n\nYour guts unfurl, wet meat spilling in bruised folds from your ass and slurping over his spines, half-sheathing his rutting shaft in the impossible, bloated mound of your prolapse. Dante just groans, breathing harder, and digs his hands into your meat, playing it across his spines, stroking himself off with your guts. He groans again, cock lurching harder -- nearly strong enough to drag you up, a sickening yank deep in your guts that makes you feel lighter, less weight resting on your sweat-slick elbows and thighs.\n\n"Oh, //fuck//," Dante groans, again, and his cock flares. His spines all flex hard, turning the spiky ridges into giant serrated disks, and he shoves forward, half his medial ring plowing into your ruined ass. He cums hard, entire cock pumping rhythmically, something hotter and thicker than his pre blossoming in your heavy, sloshing gut. You gag on nothing, drool spilling from your mouth as he floods you, already-flooded guts surging with his bestial load, gurgling and churning inside you as he pumps more and more of his impossible animal issue into your guts. Sick wet slopping noises come from your broken ass, the pre continually gushing out turning into a fountain, squirting out between his spines to paint the rest of his shaft in the churned-up slurry of his load, spraying from your broken body in heaving squirts.\n\nIn what's maybe the only relief, he doesn't cum long: just a dozen-or-so gut-churning, body-warping spurts, before his dick practically collapses inside you, iron-hard flesh suddenly spongy and soft, dropping you back down to the ground with a lurch. Dante collapses too, spilling to the side against Malsatante's bulk, and his medial ring crests back out of your ass, sheathed with the bruised, wrinkled flesh of your prolapsed guts, hanging out of your body in an obscene tail. Cum gurgles out of you, drenching your thighs, Malsatante's hooves, the sand beneath you, in an endless flow of thick, jelly-like sludge, a cloudy yellow-orange goo that sends up visible fumes as it works its way out of your ass and splutters down onto the sand. Dante groans, flexing his cock -- still turgid enough to lurch inside you, churning up your guts around his shaft -- and shakily pulls backwards, dragging more and more of your guts out of your body as his cock slurps free, forming an immense mound of scummy, cum-coated flesh. His cockhead pulls free from your ass with a lurch and then, seconds later, spills from the end of your hanging prolapse, letting your bodies separate with a final gush of slime: his cock lurching to the side to thwack loudly against his chest, your prolapse swaying the opposite direction, splattering against your thigh and staying there, glued in place by Dante's gummy issue.\n\nDante weakly slides his hand against your hip, feeling through the mess he made. You drain out for a while, cum squirting from your ruined ass, before Dante manages to slide his hand over, catching the heavy, meaty base of your prolapse and digging in. You groan, guts -- guts still in your body -- clenching and shuddering, pushing out congealing globs of cum, stuck to the walls of your ass in clumps.\n\nDante leans in, squirming a little to shove Malsatante's cock down further, pinning it between your bodies while he plays with your ass. He fists your guts back into your body, slowly, spread palm pressing against the sloppy flesh of your prolapse to give it the extra force you need to pull, tightening some internal muscle, and slowly suck your guts back into your body, in fold after fold, lumpy and heavy with his load glued inside and out.\n\nYou groan, wet mouth sliding across the inhuman bulk of Malsatante's dick. It's like an earthquake when Malsatante cums, his body under you shifting and stirring, and you and Dante press tight together, coated head to toe in the great beast's load: issue twice as thick and twice as heavy, a weight piling up over your bodies as his gargantuan cock ripples and shudders, dragging you both bodily with it as he drenches you with his own fuming load.\n\nYou sprawl bonelessly against Malsatante's bulk as Dante fists the rest of your guts inside you. When he pulls out, it takes a moment to verify the sensations: that he was elbow deep in your broken ass, stirring around your guts, and it hardly felt like anything.\n\nIt's considerably longer before you can do anything but lie there; by the time you can manage to sit up, their loads have dried enough they have to pry you off, peeling huge clots of congealed goo off your sides, and leaving behind a mound of glossy wet ooze across Malsatante's shoulder, cum there still wet and sloppy where it was pinned between you.\n\n<<set $_wwwDoneIntro to false>>\\n<<sex "www_human" "anal" "top">>
You tell them to spitroast you.\n\n"Oh yeah?" Dante says, stroking his cock. "Who gets to use your mouth, then?" he says, stepping close, thumb stroking the corner of your lip. "You think you're up to swallowing Mal's cock?"\n\nHis tone of voice says he's joking. But the thought of getting to swallow Malsatante's nightmarishly huge cock is still pretty hot.\n\n"Anyway," he says, taking a half-step back, letting his hand trail down your chest, tugging at your tunic. "We gotta see what you got."\n\nYou strip. <<if hasMutation("knot") && $from['knot'] === "cc" && !$wwwPairBrulvundojn>>\\n<<display "www sheath intro">>\n<<endif>>\n\n[they spitroast you w/ the human in front and the beast mounting you and drooling froth all down yr back]\n\n<<sex "www_human" "oral" "top">>\\n<<sex "www_beast" "anal" "top">>
Dante whistles, low. "You probably got eyes bigger than your asshole," he says. Then he gropes his crotch. "But let's see what you got."\n\nYou strip. <<if hasMutation("knot") && $from['knot'] === "cc" && !$wwwPairBrulvundojn>>\\n<<display "www sheath intro">>\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if hasMutation ("wide hips")>>\\n[you manage to stuff malsatante's cock in yr ass and you peel yrself open wider while he's hilted inside, broken asshole squirting out his pre around yr hand. dante is like, holy shit.]\n\n[they dp you and stuff you with both cocks until yr a broken, gaping mess.]\n<<else>>\\n[you barely manage to take malsatante's cock and dante's jerking off watching, like, yeah i figured. real fucking hot to watch you try though. he plays w/ yr asshole as malsatante fucks you for a while, and then he pulls out and dante fucks yr sloppy, open hole]\n\n[then they alternate fucking you back and forth until yr asshole is broken open.]\n<<endif>>\\n\n<<sex "www_both" "anal" "top">>
<<if $_wwwFrom eq "show">>\\nYou tell them, that's utterly huge but let's go slow and see if you can take it.\n\nDante leers at you, some of Malsatante's pre still oozing out of his mouth, forming a trail down his jaw and into his short beard. He absently wipes his lips with the back of his hand. "Let's go for it, then," he says.\n\n<<else if $_wwwFrom eq "talk">>\\nDante's not wearing a whole lot under his robe, it turns out. Some loose underclothes and some cloth wrappings across his stomach. His cock matches Malsatante's.\n\nBy which you mean, Malsatante lying on his side has his sheath and balls pretty clearly out in the open. Big leathery sheath, thinly-furred, with titanic balls in a low-hanging sac draped over his inner thigh. His balls are strangely-shaped, drawn down into a knobbled point at the bottom. Dante's got a sheath too, balls each bigger than a fist, draping all the way down to his knees, all sparsely coated in black fur. His cock lolls out with a //slurp//, purple-black and shiny.\n<<else if $_wwwFrom eq "postfuck">>\\nYou tell them, you're good for it now. You twist onto your back, cum-flooded asshole loose and gaped already, spilling his tarry, orange-yellow cum out onto the sand. Pump you full of eggs, you order them.\n\nDante groans, cum-slathered cock lurching up, fattening out again already. "Seriously?!" he says, and you just nod. C'mon, you say.\n\nMalsatante lumbers up and shoves Dante to the side, his squat muzzle prodding at your cum-filled ass. He digs in, and you're already so lax and fucked-open that the tip of his muzzle shoves into your gaping asshole with an obscene wet //slurp//. You gasp, shuddering, and Dante presses against your side, his cum-slathered cock drooling fresh pre all across your bloated belly. Inside, Malsatante opens his muzzle, tongue unfurling directly into your guts as he gulps down mouthfuls of Dante's load. His tongue flexes, squirming through the dense mess of cum flooding your guts, squirming deeper in a slick, heavy motion that sends ripples through your body.\n\nYou gasp, breath fluttering, as Malsatante mashes his tongue against the donut bulge of your cervix. You groan, throwing your head back, rutting back against his snout as he digs in, nipping at your gaped asshole. Your legs come to rest on his horns as he digs in deeper, another inch-or-two of his muzzle slurping into your fucked-open ass. Your heels press against the side of his neck, and his giant muscles tense as he shoves forward: a gush of cum burbling out across his face, his tongue mashing against your bulging cervix, looping around it, squeezing. You bellow, and Dante feeds you his cock, pressing its gristled curve against your lips. There's a stinging pain as your cervix contracts, muscle spasming in time with his rhythmic squeezes, and then you starts to pulse, flowering open. There's a moment of shaky pressure, of fluid gurgling inside you as Dante's load starts to slurp into your cervix, and then Malsatante rears back and plows his tongue straight through the shuddering opening of your cervix, directly into your womb.\n\nYou howl around Dante's cock, dizzyingly aware of the heavy //gurgle// of cum pouring into your womb, Malsatante's tongue stirring it around and around in a thick, heavy slurry. Heavy globs of cum work their way in, a blossoming of heat deep inside.\n\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $_wwwFrom neq "postfuck">>Dante plants his hand on your chest and gently but inexorably pushes you onto your back. He goes instantly to your ass, stroking his cock to get his hand shiny with pre before shoving three fingers in. Not much for foreplay, you say. Dante laughs, twisting his hand around as he tries to fit his whole fist in. "This //is// foreplay," he says, and jerks his head to the side: Malsatante has lumbered up, crouched on his hooves, cock starting to spill from his sheath. It's completely soft and it's still as thick as your thigh. "Gonna have to really spread you open," he says, thumb slipping into your ass with a shuddering push. He's breathing hard, his own cock stiffening, draped heavily across your upturned thigh as he leans in, twisting his fist back and forth in your ass.\n\nTheir dicks are long and flat-capped. There's a ring of spikes just under their cockheads, short thick spines that shrink into stubbly bristles down their shaft. Their flesh is gnarled and lumpy; bloated into two sagging chambers framing their cocks, and those spread their already brutally-wide cocks out even thicker as they start to get hard. There's another ring of spikes halfway down their shafts -- and if that's really 'halfway', seeing Dante fully unsheathed, then Malsatante's forearm-long cock is hardly even halfway out. The reek of their cocks fills the air, heavy and animal. There's a hot tingle in your ass, hungry and desperate. You're breathing hard, whole body flushed, skin damp with sweat.\n\nMalsatante shoves Dante to the side, bowing his head down to lap out, tongue unfurling from his mouth to loosely wrap around Dante's wrist. His tongue flexes, pushing against your asshole, and Dante drags his fist out, leaving his fingers hooked into the rim of your asshole, making you gape, ring pinned open. Malsatante settles into position, tongue licking over Dante's fingers, unfurling into your asshole. His horns scrape your stomach as he digs in, nose cool and wet pressed against the skin just above your hole. He snorts and slavers, drooling, lips working against your hole, tongue squirming deeper.\n\nYou gasp, breath fluttering, as his tongue taps against your inner walls, tip instantly seeking out and breaching the drumhead barrier into your guts. His tongue flattens itself against the donut bulge of your cervix. You groan, throwing your head back, rutting back against his snout as he digs in, nipping at your flushed asshole. Your legs come to rest on his horns as he digs in deeper, the cold wet flesh of his nose slurping over your asshole. Your heels press against the side of his neck, and his giant muscles tense as he shoves forward, squat muzzle dragging against your gaping asshole. Stubbly flesh stings scraping over your spread rim as he shoves his squat muzzle into your ass, mouth open and panting into your guts. You bellow, wrapping your calves around his head, rutting up, guts spasming as his tongue wraps around your bulging cervix and squeezes, milking it. There's a stinging pain as you contract, muscle spasming in time with his rhythmic squeezes, and your cervix starts to pulse, flowering open.\n\nDante shifts in the sand beside you. He's jerking off, cock fully hard, gigantic even on his big frame, angled over your body, and thick dollops of pre splatter down across your thighs and ass. His balls hang so low they come to rest against the sand, pillowed in the leathery flesh of his ballsac. His cockhead flutters: muscles beneath flexing, sending his spikes flexing back and forth, making his broad cockhead flare wide and then flatten back against his shaft with a wet //squelch//.\n\nHis fingers burn hot when he strokes your ass, guiding the flow of pre over your cheeks, into your spread asshole. His fingers curl on your stretched lip, pressed against Malsatante's snuffling muzzle, and he pulls to the side, pulling you wider with a //slurp//. He leans down, spitting into your gaping asshole, and ladles a mess of slimy pre in with his spit, gurgling in across Malsatante's face. Your guts slurp, flooded with drool and pre, body flushed, hot pinpricks racing across your thighs and balls, tightly furrowed under your cock. Your cervix spasms again, basted by Malsatante's spit, and he shoves in, tongue plowing through the shuddering muscle directly into your womb.<<endif>>\n\nYou let out a reedy, shaking gasp, hot flushes racing through your body as Malsatante feels across your womb, tongue smacking wetly across your inner walls. Your entire body shudders, chills racing over your skin, the enormous bloat of your stretched asshole catching the beat of your heart. Fluid sloshes in your womb, drool and pre gurgling as they flow down into you, stirred around by Malsatante's tongue.\n\nSuddenly, abruptly, Malsatante pulls back, tongue slithering up out of the bottleneck of your cervix, muzzle slurping out of your ass, calves sliding down his horns until you're dumped back onto the sand, ass a splayed, gaping crater drooling a frothy mess of spit and pre.\n\n<<if $_wwwFrom neq "postfuck">>Dante takes his place in front of you, cock spanning up his chest to his nipples. His entire length is shining, covered in rippling layers of pre. "_That_ was foreplay," he says breathlessly. He's sheened with sweat, breathing hard. His cock pulses with his heartbeat, messy lightning-bolt patterns of veins fluttering to the surface of his gnarled shaft with each pulse.\n\nHe's got one hand on his cock, playing with the base: stroking up and down, smearing his flowing pre into a dense foaming mess. His cock spits pre, lurching from the recoil, and a finger-thick cord of pre splatters all across your front. He releases his cock, letting it slap down all across your chest -- it's way too huge to stand up under its own weight. It's not quite long enough for you to easily suck on the tip while he's grinding his sheath against your ass.\n\nYou wrap your hands around the tip, feeling the springy spines flex against your palm. It takes most of both hands to wrap around it. You tell him, what are you waiting for? Shove this thing in me.\n\nHis slimy, pre-coated fist slurps into your ass easily. He twists his hand around inside you, knuckles jamming against your prostate. It's a cursory motion, just smearing his fingers around the rippling, bloated ridge of your asshole. "Yeah," he says, breathlessly, and he hauls back, rolling you forward, and guides his cock in.\n\nWith a cock that long that's quite the effort: he sits, back, dragging his cock halfway down your chest, and then he has to move back more, tugging his cock back in a rubbery arch before it's even possible to clear enough space for the head to press against your gaping asshole. It's hot and slick, gushing pre into your ass in a sloppy flood, and he wraps a hand beneath his cockhead and shoves it in like a plug, stopping you up. His pre splatters across the inside of your ass, pouring down into a sloppy puddle inside you. Dante slides forward, cock shoving deeper, punching through the open barrier into your guts and then ramming into your cervix with enough force to knock the breath from your lungs.\n\nYou soundlessly gasp, body shuddering around the pillar of Dante's cock, milking and squeezing. He's impossibly fat, body warping around his cock, hot shocky aches racing through your guts as they try to adjust to his sheer size. You look over at Malsatante's cock, so much bigger again than Dante's. This is still just opening you up. Dante rolls his hips forward, cock shifting inside you, his spines tugging at your inner walls, and lets your guts mold around his fat, heavy girth. His cock spurts pre right up against your cervix, gurgling in your guts, and he shallowly ruts against you, cockhead knocking on your cervix, bashing against its slowly-spreading opening. Your cervix warps, internal muscles you've never had to identify before shuddering, pulling, pushing, as Dante hammers your cervix. His bulging cocktip shoves into place and gushes streamers of pre right through its bottleneck opening, stinging and raw when they splatter into your womb. He groans, leaning down over you, mouth open and panting, hands digging into your shoulders as he tries to grind deeper. His cock is so slick, lubed with pre and spit, and his cockhead bears down hard against your rubbery cervix before it slips to the side, jabbing hard against your insides. You can feel your guts, yawningly empty, and how he'd only have to tip up, slide to the side, to hilt himself in your guts. But he keeps grinding at your cervix, spreading it open an iota with each thrust. Slime slops into your womb, burning, heavy, and his cockhead catches in your flared cervix, spines rubbery serration dragging across your rim. Dante groans, eyes rolling back into his head as he blindly shoves forward.\n\nDante's cock is just so, so fat. The flat tip is a sledgehammer bashing against your flowering cervix. You shudder, internal muscles stretching with shocky pain as he grinds inside, wrapping your cervix like a clenching hand around his cockhead. His flare shudders, trying to spread, and you gasp, stinging heat blossoming inside you with each twitch. You're panting in short sharp gasps, sweaty skin coated in sand, eyes closed as you focus on the sensation of being split open. Your asshole gapes, loose and half-prolapsed around his shaft, but his cockhead is wrapped tight inside your warping cervix. Hot tremors of pain race through your body, belly bloating from the girth of his cock shoving into your womb. He's leaning over you, panting just as hard as you, sweat dripping down his skin.\n\nHe roars, hips snapping forward, and his cock surges, breaking through into your womb and bashing against the far wall, warping your stomach cartoonishly: the blocky swell of his cockhead surfacing under your spasming abs, jutting up over your stomach. You shudder and spasm, mouth hanging open, body convulsing. Clenching your stomach stirs his cock, trying to sink it back inside, dragging your womb this way and that. His cock shudders, hard, pre erupting at full force against the walls of your womb, burning hot, stinging and heavy as it piles up inside you in thick globs. Each throb of his cock pushes against your cervix, forcing it to spread further, and Dante groans, all but collapsing on top of you. His pulses strongly inside you, head half-flared, and he freezes in place, panting, face screwed up as he tries to stop himself from cumming. His cock kicks a few more times, lurching in your womb, gushing a pressurized stream of pre, but he manages to stop himself in time. He gingerly pulls back, cock dragging through your cervix until the ridged head pops out with a rubbery _spang_ of pain. He pants, dazed, sweat dripping down onto your chest, and then mashes his cockhead back against your warped cervix. Working you open. He hammers forward, second slam into your womb -- easier? -- just as intense, splitting you open into a writhing mess on the desert sand, chest heaving, gasping for breath. He ravages your womb, face screwed up so much you can't tell if it's in pleasure or pain as he ruthlessly hammers his cock through the tight vise of your cervix, slamming into your womb and then drawing back, spines catching on the inner lip of your cervix and nearly dragging it inside-out with a gut-twisting lurch inside you. His cock pulses unevenly, spewing a thick, clumpy mixture of pre and cum into your womb, and he keeps hammering away, struggling not to cum as he works to break you open entirely.\n\n"Don't wanna blow too soon," he says, gasps really, grinning loosely down at you. "I just gotta--" he says, and jerkily thrusts forward, using his cock as a dilator to spread your cervix again. His hips weakly jerk as he shoves his cock back into the now-gaping bottleneck opening of your cervix, dragging his shaft back and forth. His sheath mashes against your gaping ass, furry skin slurping inside as he smacks his cockhead against the deepest wall of your womb. You groan, arm slung over your head, biting into your bicep as the sensation explodes through your body, cervix feeling enormous and elastic, a hot stinging ache blossoming inside you as it spasms and contracts, flowering open under Dante's brutal fucking.\n\nHis cock pulls out, dragging against your inner walls, and the phantom sensation is still there: gaping cervix clenching down on nothing, womb squirting out a slimy, foaming mess of fluids that spill down your ass in a gurgling stream. His cock pulls from your ass with an explosion of slime, spit and pre. Dante's cock pulses, an inch from orgasm, gushing sloppy squirts of pre all across your front.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $_wwwFrom eq "postfuck">>Malsatante stands before you, panting and huffing, muzzle drooling Dante's load, his own cock a monstrously gigantic pillar spanning across his bestial underbelly.<<else>>Then Malsatante shoulders him out of the way.<<endif>>\\n If Dante's cock was enormous, Malsatante's is //titanic//. <<if isBiggest("www_beast", "anal")>>Not the biggest cock you've ever seen, but absolutely the biggest one anybody had any expectation of fitting inside you. <<endif>>Where Dante is arm-thick, Malsatante is thicker than one of your legs. It bloats out under its own size, shaft lopsided. He's drooling a thick, gummy string of pre, more liquid drizzle spilling down his shaft and entirely coating it.\n\n"If you're sure...?" Malsatante says, hoof-hands spread over your sides, enormous bulk looming over you. His dinnerplate cockhead brushes against your thighs, leaving behind glistening strings, and sockets against your gaping asshole with a muffled //slurp//. Pre pulses, flooding your insides and gurgling out around the loose seal, streaming down your ass cheeks into the sodden sand below.\n\nYour cervix shudders, heat zinging up inside you, ache twisting in your gut. You feel yourself flower open, spreading yourself with a stinging pain. Just fucking shove it in me already, you groan, reaching one hand up over Malsatante's shoulders to drag his head down. You moan into his mouth, <<if $_wwwFrom eq "postfuck">>sharing Dante's load, <<endif>>his tongue spilling out in a slobbery tendril as he shoves forward, cockhead breaching you open. You howl, entire body shoved forward -- Dante braces you, his cock slapping wetly against your shoulder -- as Malsatante slams in. You're dimly aware of your body convulsing; your gaping asshole still clings tight around his mammoth shaft. He barrels in, cock forcing wide the already-gaping opening to your guts, and smashes into your cervix with a jolt that drives your head and shoulders up into Dante's lap, his cock dragging across the back of your head<<if !hasMutation ("scales")>>, smearing your hair with the mess of slimy froth coating his shaft<<endif>>.\n\nEven fucked open by Dante's giant horsecock, Malsatante is so much larger that he struggles to fit inside. He smacks his flat head against the bloated donut of your cervix. You make short sharp gasps, eyes screwed shut, mouth pressed against Dante's thigh. Your cervix shudders, warping, spreading, every iota of movement a hot stinging stretch. His sloppy pre gushes into you, swilling around in a gurgling mess. It feels burning hot, outlining your inner surfaces: spilling down the sloping corridor of your cervix, smearing across the curving walls of your womb. Your cervix clenches tight, audibly slurping inside you as it clenches closed and flowers open, and Malsatante grinds his hands and hooves into the sand and bears down, forcing his gargantuan cock into your gaping cervix. You howl, hips weakly jerking as he impales you on his cock, split open from ass to womb. He shifts, bulk shifting above you, and physically jerks you up into the air: pinned against his underbelly, only your shoulders still resting on the sand. You warble, incoherent noises coming up from your throat as Malsatante's cock rearranges your insides. Your womb warps around his cock, internal muscles spasming erratically as it's stretched out into a rubbery extrusion wrapped around Malsatante's monstrously-oversized cock. Your stomach bulges: the pillar of his cock sheathed in the flesh of your body and in the rubbery mess of your ruined womb, bloating out under your ribs and grinding against his own underbelly, cock only dragged down minutely from the weight of your own body. His spines scrape in past your slack, gaping asshole and shove into your guts, forming a secondary lump stirring above your cock.\n\nHis cockhead jars against your ribs, stinging heat rushing all through your body with each shift of his cock inside you. Malsatante grinds his hooves into the sand, rutting forward -- your body boneless, puppeted by his cock, rising up and mashing against his coarse, sandy underbelly. The rank taste of his flesh fills your mouth; you face mashes against his chest, his coarse, dusty fur scraping across your skin. You gurgle against his skin, dimly aware of Dante's hands on your shoulders and back, helping align your body with Malsatante's cock. It shudders in deeper, spines scraping as they slurp into your guts, womb distended into a dense, rubbery tube wrapped around the first half of his cock, warping more and more as he ruts into you. You shudder, whining, as he drives in deeper: the spines wrapped around his medial ring bash against your wrecked cervix, prying it yet-further open. Your body contorts, nothing more than a sheath for his cock. He plunges deeper and deeper, contorting your body to stretch out a further passage. Hollowing you out to fit his cock.\n\nThere's a scrape against your ass, sandpapery flesh dragging against your slick skin for an instant, and his next push forward mashes his heavy, leathery sheath against your asshole, impact strong enough that folds of coarsely-furred flesh shove in through your ruined asshole, souring across the inner flesh of your ass. You heave, gasping shallowly, the hammering throb of his cock inside you a force stronger than your own heartbeat, filling your ears with a dizzying syncopation.\n\nMalsatante rests there for a moment, cock shuddering and pulsing through you, hilted entirely within you. A cock bigger than your leg isn't something you get //used// to having stuck inside you, but you become aware of the space of it, of how each twitch sends you listing to one side or the other, hanging off his cock and guided by Dante's hands. It gurgles inside you; it's been gurgling, shuddering and pulsing and spewing bestial pre deep inside you, but only now that it's resting does the catch and flow of fluid inside you become clear: hot globs of steaming pre splattering into your womb, squelching as excess floods down through your broken-wide cervix. Your womb is already packed with his cock, his pre forming a sluicing layer around his shaft. You can't imagine how he can even begin to fit his eggs in there too.\n\nDante is pressed against you, knees holding your back in place, hands on your shoulders. His cock spikes up past your head, mashed up against Malsatante's neck, and they're sloppily kissing: Dante's mouth open, moaning and gurgling, with Malsatante's tongue shoved down his throat, warping his neck as it curls inside him. Drool and pre splatter down over your face and chest, a strange translucent yellow-orange, steaming in the air.\n\nThen Malsatante starts to fuck you.\n\nYou're just a sack of flesh: warping and distending, entire body a thin sheath around his utterly monstrous cock. You can't even groan; you just gasp for breath when you can -- when Malsatante pulls out enough for your lungs to work -- and try to hold on to Dante. Your stomach warps, bloating out into an inhuman swell of stretched flesh, the vague outline of Malsatante's cock blanketed in your womb, your guts, your organs, forming only a vague mound. It still stretches wider every time his spines twitch, and you let out a soundless cry, mouth open against Dante's thigh.\n\nYou lose all track of time: they could be fucking you for hours. All you can feel is the churn, the lurch, the heat, the scrape of sand. Your own heart pounding in your chest; the vastly more powerful throb of Malsatante's cock spasming inside you. Hot liquid spilling across your body, inside, slurping and churning in your ruined guts.\n\nEventually, Malsatante roars. His cockhead flares, wider and wider, and your womb warps with it, until it's squished flat, entire womb not big enough to fit the full bulk of Malsatante's cock. Boiling hot cum erupts inside you, thick and slimy and //heavy//, only a few pulses weighing you down, dragging Malsatante's cock lower.\n\nDante says something, voice groaning, but you're beyond comprehending sounds as anything but sensation. His chest buzzes against the back of your head. His head is inside Malsatante's maw, slathered in drool, Malsatante's tongue coiled around his head as he kisses the warted underside.\n\nEggs. You feel Malsatante's cock warp, lumpy swells popping into you along the underside of Malsatante's shaft, moving up and up through you until they burst into your womb. Slime floods out of you, cum tarry and thick, and Malsatante jerks back, flared cockhead catching on your broken cervix and nearly wrenching your womb inside-out, opening up a void inside you for his eggs to fill. They're hot too, almost burning, and as he keeps cumming more and more push inside you: womb stretching in abrupt rubbery //spang//s of sensation. Each one knocks the breath from your lungs. You're dimly aware of scratching at the sand, clumps of sodden sand in your fists as you soundlessly howl up into the sky. Your womb swells, bigger and bigger, its elastic flesh peeling away from Malsatante's cockhead until your cervix is the only point of contact: a pulsing, rubbery tube wrapped around his shaft, and your womb perched atop that, shuddering and jiggling with each new egg that he lays inside. Your stomach bloats, the bulge of his cock immersed under the growing swell of your pregnant womb.\n\nDante cums all over your chest. He bellows into Malsatante's mouth, cock spraying up against his chest and splattering down all over your body, and he ruts, shallowly, cock heavily //thwack//ing against your neck, your chest, your swollen belly. Dante's hands come down, milking his cock, feeling over your taut skin, and he smears his thick, jellylike load all over your skin in thick, gloppy waves.\n\nEventually Malsatante finishes. The lumpy underside of his cock smooths out again, with no more eggs coming, and one by one he pumps them all into your grossly-overinflated womb, finishing up with a final few gushes of slick, slobbery cum. He's already half-hard when he drags his cock out of you. His spikes catch on your cervix, on your asshole, and the motion pulls both of them inside-out, prolapsed from ass to womb in a sudden jerk. Cum and eggs slurp out of your womb in a thick, slimy flow, and Dante's hands spread around your asshole, one hand reaching inside -- catching an egg -- and sinks all the way in to your womb.\n\nAfter Malsatante, Dante being bicep-deep inside you is nothing. He digs in, and your cervix rights itself with an abrupt //lurch//, knocking the breath from your lungs again. His hand is spread, shoved inside your womb, acting as an impromptu cervix to keep all of the eggs from spilling out. Your cervix aches, shuddering sensations of getting fucked still rippling up and down your guts. It feels like there's a yawning gulf inside you, body hollowed out by Malsatante's cock, and you just lay there, gasping and spasming, your cervix only slowly managing to close around Dante's wrist. He pulls back with a wet //slurp// once you're closed enough for the eggs to not just pop out, but even still you can feel one slowly digging against your cervix, slowly crowning back out.\n\nHe's rutting against your side, cock still hard, or hard again. He's already, or still, drooling cum. "I blew early," he says, a little apologetically. He looks down at you, pregnant belly covered in his load -- a thick yellow-orange sludge, visibly fuming -- and presses his hands against your skin, groaning. "It's really fucking hot." You nod. "I'm, uh, gonna fuck you now," he says, with a grin that turns into a groan as he slides into your wrecked ass, hilt deep without a hitch. Your cervix is still gaping, only parting slightly, and Dante pushes into your womb, thrusts once, twice, before letting out a gasping groan and blowing his load. His cockhead flares, at once brutally wide and hardly nothing, and drenches Malsatante's eggs with his load. He gasps and shudders, his rings of spines fluttering against your guts, in your ass. You're so bruised and oversensitive that the feeling is just as overwhelming as when Malsatante came, and you shudder and groan, gasping between pulses as Dante dumps his load inside you in thick, gloppy waves. Cum gurgles inside you, streaming down your cervix, and Dante just collapses beside you, cock still stuck deep inside, just dazed as he cums and cums and cums, hands petting your stomach.\n\nThe consistency of his load shifts at the end, thicker even still, and he pulls his softening cock out with a lurch, leaving behind a gummy plug of hardening cum, gluing your bruised and broken cervix shut, trapping his load inside.\n\n<<sex "www_human" "anal" "top">>\\n<<sex "www_beast" "anal" "top">>\\n<<addmutation "eggs">>\\n<<set $pregnant to "www">>\\n<<set $pregnancyStarted to $turns>>\\n<<set $pregnancyTf to "no">>\\n<<set $pregnancies += 1>>\\n<<set $wwwCamp to false>>\\nMalsatante collapses to the ground beside you, his cock soft and incredibly heavy draped across your thigh, and you just lay there, skin covered in sweat and cum, feeling the eggs inside you churn through the murky mess of slime filling your womb. Your guts churn, slowly, pulling themselves back into some semblance of their proper shape.\n\nYou definitely pass out after that. It was exhausting.\n\n[[→|camprun]]
You set up camp for the day. It's difficult: the eggs inside you churn and squirm, each motion knocking your breath out, mashing into your kidneys, kicking you in the stomach. Your belly is obscenely swollen, ribboned with fresh stretch marks -- red and oozing clear lymph. You think you're making worse time than usual. Difficult to trek across the desert when you're this pregnant.\n\nYou think, for a moment, that you should probably hunt down Dante and Malsatante and get them to transfer the eggs, and then, of course, a few minutes later you spot two black dots on the shimmering horizon. Speak of the devil.\n\nMalsatante is tracking you; they're coming up behind you, following your night's trek. Dante waves once he's close enough for the motion to carry; you wave back. It's still a few minutes until they reach you.\n\n[[→|www birth talk]]
"You're looking pretty big, huh?" Dante says, immediately dropping down and feeling across your belly.\n\nYou say hi into his hair, and then look up at Malsatante and say hey again. Dante is occupied feeling his eggs kick.\n\n"You ready to deliver them?" Malsatante asks. "You smell ripe."\n\nYou tell him you was just thinking about that. You ask just how much more time is left before they hatch, since -- Dante will be taking them from here, right? you ask. He's not that much bigger than you.\n\n"He's a lot more well-adapted," Malsatante. "He's stretchy."\n\nDante lets out a half-laugh. "Don't worry, I can take it." He looks at your belly: "Well, probably. If things get real bad we're gonna have to get your ass to carry some," he says, and punches Malsatante in the shoulder.\n\n"We'll see," Malsatante says, and sits down on his haunches, forehands reaching out to press over Dante's, the both of them feeling your belly. Obligingly -- they've been doing nothing but -- the eggs lurch and squirm, strong enough to make your bloated belly shake and lurch.\n\nDante looks up at you. "You ready?"\n\n* [[yeah|www birth deliver]]
You say yeah, you're ready.\n\nThey help you down onto your back, and strip you naked. Malsatante presses his forehands against your thighs, lifting them up, pressing them out around the mounded bulk of your pregnant gut. Dante kneels in front of you, hands hovering over your asscheeks.\n\nMalsatante's cock is unsheathed, spilling out over Dante's back and shoulder. You tell him there's no way that's going into you _now_. He laughs, snorting out streamers of steaming air. "Quite the opposite, now."\n\nDante lubes his hands up with Malsatante's pre, and shoves a hand into your ass. You pout open already; the lube wasn't really even necessary. Dante feels deeper, casually squirming his hand up into your guts with hardly any effort, until he's elbow-deep, his palm pressed against your bulging cervix. He cups it in his hand, holding it, thumb skimming over the bulging plug of thickened slime keeping it sealed shut.\n\nEven if your _body_ is prepared for this, flooded with alien hormones from the giant beast eggs, you're still gasping from the penetration, guts lurching from being fisted elbow-deep with no prep. You gasp, belly shuddering, womb pulsing, cervix clenching.\n\n"You ready?" Malsatante says, and you nod, but he's actually talking to Dante.\n\n"Yeah," Dante says. Nervously. "Those are some big eggs."\n\nYou tell him, yeah, you know, because you're not gonna let yourself be left out of this conversation.\n\nBut, yeah, you know how this is gonna go for Dante, and those _are_ some big eggs. He's gonna be carrying them for the rest of their term, which means getting them inside him after he gets them out of you. They're rubbery and elastic still, but that's only gonna do so much when it feels like each one is the size of your fucking head.\n\nThen he starts working his jaw, which you weren't expecting. That's definitely one way to do it. He breathes a little, preparing, and unhinges his jaw. He's got sharp dragon teeth growing in behind his molars, you notice. Also, he can unhinge his jaw. His tongue is split at the tip, pink flesh mottling purple in rubbery patches, and it unfurls inhumanly long, squirming in the air only gingerly tethered to the mass of flesh and muscle forming his hanging jaw. His throat pulses, flesh spread, splayed, forming a mesh of inhuman anatomy, pulsing and sucking on the empty air.\n\n"Ready?" Malsatante says, to you this time. You say, yeah. Dante probably can't say anything right now.\n\nDante pulls out your plug.\n\nIt's a little more involved than that. It's glued in place. His fingers scrabble around the lip of your cervix, and he clenches every time it pulses, until his fingers find purchase and he digs in, pushing his fingers in deeper, between the rumpled ridge of your cervix and the plug itself. The sensation is indescribable.\n\nSlowly, his hand sinks in, fingertips squirming into your womb, and the plug peels free. There's a wet _glug_ as fluid slops inside you, pouring out from your unstopped womb, flooding your guts and squirting out around Dante's bicep. Dante pulls, the plug lurching out, and your womb gurgles, eggs shifting as sloppy amniotic fluid pours out from you.\n\nDante reaches inside you with his other hand. Your body is pliable, flesh flush with pregnancy, and it parts easily, even with him two arms deep into your splayed asshole. He shoves his fingers into the channel of your pulsing cervix, fingertips curling into your womb, and pulls you gaping.\n\n"Push," Malsatante says. You push. Eggs lurch, a sudden wet sucking that forces all the breath from your lungs, and you uselessly gasp for a moment, only aware of the heft of eggs, pressing against your gaping cervix and slowly warping to slurp through. One pushes into your guts, spilling down in a wash of slime into your ass, crowning around Dante's biceps. You can't see them -- all you can see is the sky above -- but you imagine them red-hot, or brilliant cyan and red, or green and golden, or glowing, with strange fetal shapes inside them. Dante presses his jaw against your unfurled ass, tongue snaking around the egg, and his already-gaping mouth stretches wider. Muscles jerk in his throat, pulsing and clenching, and the egg slowly warps, still jammed halfway in your ass. Dante gurgles, choking as he swallows, lips kissing your gaping asshole. The egg shifts, slopping out into his mouth -- he gurgles again, wet sloppy noises coming from his open throat -- and he swallows, throat spasming again and again as he tries to spread wide enough. He's drooling snot and tears across your skin, eyes rolled back into his skull, mouth and throat deformed into inhuman planes of flesh. The egg sinks deeper, squashed into a rubbery lozenge, shuddering with every spasm of his throat, and slowly, pulse after pulse, it sinks down into his warped throat, bloating under his collarbone before it finally sinks into his stomach.\n\nDante lets out a gurgling retch, vomiting up the mess of slime the egg was coated in before he can take in a massive, gasping breath. He gurgles something, tongue moving like it's trying to press against teeth, only more slime burbling up from his gaping throat.\n\n"Good job," Malsatante says, pressed tight up against Dante's back, his own cock hard and drooling. For you and Dante, this is gonna be a struggle; Malsatante is just here to watch.\n\nAlso, in retrospect, given that you knew Dante could deep throat Malsatante's cock, suddenly the idea that he could swallow one of the eggs seems a lot less implausible. Huh.\n\nBut also, that was egg number one. There are at the very least another dozen in there. Dante's still bicep-deep in your ass with both arms, hands pressed together in your cervix, and another egg is lurching down, crowning from your ass sheened with slime. Dante presses his face against your ass, sucking the giant egg out of your body, gagging and sobbing and choking as he struggles to swallow a second one. His throat is already wrecked, gaping and lined with slime, and so the second egg goes faster. Two down.\n\nDante eats egg after egg from your gaping ass. At some point he pulls back, with thick cords of slime tethering his shining face to your gaping ass. He's breathing hard, groans barely comprehensible as human sounds from the wet opening of his throat. He shifts, legs changing position, and you realize his gut is already swollen, pressing against your upturned ass as he kneels around it. You can feel your eggs -- //his// eggs, now -- lurch inside him, squirming down into his guts. He takes a slight breather, just panting hard, hands temporarily stopping the flow of eggs. Glistening slime spills down his face, entirely coating his beard, and cords pour down onto your asscheeks, heavy, hot waves sluicing down into the mess of sludge soaking into the sand beneath. Your guts shudder, eggs so big they ache -- not that they didn't ache in your womb, but this is a different kind of ache -- and eventually Dante bows down again, lips sucking on the rim of your asshole before the next egg crowns.\n\nYou lose track of how many eggs you lay into him, just aware of sensation, movement, heat. Your womb slowly emptying out, Dante's pregnant gut growing and growing until it eclipses your shrinking one. Slime squirts from your womb, more and more compared to each egg, until the last two eggs come out carried in cocoons of slime, your empty womb just pulsing again and again, pushing out excess slime as it starts to contract. You feel empty, hollow, with your formerly-pregnant gut collapsed into a mess of wrinkled flesh.\n\nDante, on the other hand, has taken everything that you've lost. He presses a hand to his belly, his flesh stretched and rubbery, bloated out into a smooth, shining curve. He gurgles a little more, coughing up stringy messes of egg coating, and reaches up, wet hand grasping his jaw and pushing it up. There's a wet //crunch//, and Dante works his jaw, yawning a few times, hinging his jaw, before the bunched muscle at the socket starts looking normal again. He tries to talk and instantly coughs up another mass of slime, wetly retching into the sand next to you.\n\n"Holy shit," he eventually says, hoarsely. "They're heavy." That's said softer, more gently, looking down at his pregnant belly.\n\nYou're amazed how easily you can sit up. Thick sheets of slime peel off the inside of your womb, slowly drooling through your cervix in a series of weak pulses. You say, yeah. You hope he's prepared for the rest, because apparently they've got a lot more growing to do.\n\n"Yeah," he says. "Wow. I'm gonna be a dad!"\n\nYou think at some point Malsatante came all over you both. You would've thought you'd notice something like that, but given that you're both already covered in your amniotic slime his load hasn't really made either of you any //more// mess.\n\nIt occurs to you that a giant beast who's into fucking humans basically has a human fetish, and probably watching his surrogate and his lover pass his eggs between them was pretty fucking hot for him to watch.\n\nYou try to stand up and nearly pass out. Malsatante catches you with his shoulder, and you kneel there half-lying across him. You say, you might pass out. You're not sure if you mean that literally.\n\nDante says, "Yeah, I'm fucking exhausted."\n\n"You two should rest," Malsatante says. "I'll clean things up."\n\nYou and Dante crawl over into the tent. His belly is massive, the eggs taking up more space in his guts, not packed together as tight as they were in your womb. He slumps down on his side, belly sticking out, and you slump down next to him. You're both still coated in slime, but you're so exhausted after laying all his eggs that you don't care.\n\n<<set $pregnant to "">>\\n<<rmmutation "eggs">>\\n<<set $wwwEggsDelivered to true>>\\n<<set $wwwEggsWhen to $turns>>\\n<<set $_awake to "www wake">>\\n[[→|camprun]]
You wake up next to Dante, feeling moderately less exhausted. Turns out delivering a dozen-or-two giant monster eggs really takes it out of you. Dante wakes when you sit up, and he tries to and just flops over, not used to the added weight of the eggs. You have to help him up.\n\nIt looks like the eggs have grown substantially, already. Responding to his more-suitable insides, maybe. He's got his first stretch marks: thin purplish ribbons, cracking across the underside of his gut.\n\n"Ooof," he says. "This is gonna take some getting used to."\n\nYou say, yeah. Good luck, you say. He's gonna need it.\n\nMalsatante is curled up in a giant mound outside the tent, and he raises his head, eyes opening slits.\n\nYou ask them, off already?\n\nDante nods. "We're gonna be laying low while I'm pregnant. Gonna take it easy, since..." he rubs a hand over his belly, looking down. "This is only the start of it." He already looks as pregnant as a human carrying at the end. "We got a hideaway, but we gotta get there while I can still //walk//."\n\nYou say sure. You tell them, you wanna see the kids once they're all hatched. They nod.
[you're like "oh yeah you're interested in knowing about where i got my dick from?" and they're like, yeah]\n\n[anyway you tell them where brulvundojn's lair is and they're like, so, you wanna meet up there later? and yr like, sure]\n<<set $wwwPairBrulvundojn = "visit">>\\n\n[[→|www pair]]
You follow the switchback trails down. It's dark in the canyon, with only a sliver of moonlight painting the rocks green and silver. There's a faint moisture in the air.\n\nDown at the bottom of the canyon there's a straggling stream: a line of damp sand in most places, with coarse grasses growing in clumps.\n\nThe walls of the canyon are pockmarked with hollows: some only shallow recesses, others pitch-black caves that wind deeper, maybe reaching all the way to the underground.\n\n* <<if ($munitionsLocation eq "canyon" || ($munitionsLocation eq "away" && $plot gte 6)) && !$munitionsLeaving>>there's a [[crude canvas awning|munitions tent]] strung up along the base of the canyon<<endif>>\n\n[[←|worldmap]]
/% (if he's in this state you definitely did not do the rook threesome, but you may have blown him. i think it's possible if you blow him, then ride him, then ignore him totally, to get here without getting the talk point but with you having fucked twice. ofc you always could have completely blown the event with zero points total or w/e) %/\\n\\nIt's Maxwell. He's set up a camp, and dammed the tiny trickle of water with rocks and sand to form a puddle. There's a lopsided bench made from old driftwood, and a sleeping platform that's just a layer of old wood with his bedroll on top. He's stripped himself down to just his underwear, or at least, that's what he's wearing right now; his undershirt and pants are hanging up to provide an additional shade under the canvas awning.\n\n<<if $munitionsVisitedThisTrip eq true>>\\nHe waves. "Forget something?"\n<<else>>\\n<<if $munitionsVisits eq 0>>\\nHe's sleeping now, but you scrape your boots against a rock and say, hey, and he jerks awake, hand going to his gun. He drops it when he recognizes you.\n\n"What the fuck," he says.\n\nYou say, sorry, didn't mean to wake him. You say you weren't expecting him to be sleeping.\n\nHe says, "It's _night_."\n\nYou shrug because you don't really know how to respond to that.\n\nHe says, "Well," and then pauses. "I'm gonna be staying out here for a while. At least until the heat dies down back at the outpost. If I even want to go back. Hope you don't mind."\n\nYou say it's not your desert, so you don't really care.\n\n"Sure," he says.\n/% %/<<if arrayContainsAny ($stressPoints, ["munitions blow", "munitions ride"])>>\\n\nHe shifts, swinging his legs to the side, onto the sand; sitting up on his platform. "So," he says, and reaches down to grope his cock through the sheet. "You wanna pick off where we left off...?"\n\nYou say, you wake up awfully quick.\n\nHe shrugs. "Not a lot to do around here. Haven't gotten off in a while."\n\n* [[yeah man i've been wanting your dick|munitions canyon blow]]\n* [[nah sorry i got places to be before dawn|munitions canyon reject]]\n/% %/<<endif>>\n<<else if $munitionsVisits lt 2>>\nHe's awake this time. He actually hears you coming down the trail and shines a flashlight at you, mostly ruining your night vision. He's got a little campfire burning, from old driftwood, though he doesn't appear to be cooking anything.\n\nYou say hey.\n\n"Hey," he says.\n\nYou unload some of your spare supplies. You came with extra.\n\nHe kinda blinks. "Thanks...?"\n\nYou say you didn't really figure him for a hunter, and you have no clue how many rations he's got.\n\nHe says, "Well... thanks. I guess. Food isn't really that big a problem. I've hunted before; I can do it again."\n\nYou say sure.\n\n/% %/<<if arrayContainsAny ($stressPoints, ["munitions blow", "munitions ride"])>>\nHe leers at you: "But there is //one// thing..." he says, and adjusts his bulge.\n\n/% %/<<if $munitionsCanyonFacefuck eq true>>\\n"I was hoping I could get a crack at your ass."\n\n* [[yeah c'mon fuck me up|munitions canyon fuck]]\n* [[nah sorry i got places to be before dawn|munitions canyon reject]]\n/% %/<<else>>\\n"Could really use your mouth, on my fucking dick."\n\nYou say yeah, that was kind of implied when you groped your dick.\n\n* [[yeah c'mon fuck my face|munitions canyon blow]]\n* [[nah sorry i got places to be before dawn|munitions canyon reject]]\n/% %/<<endif>>\\n/% %/<<else>>\\n<<if $anySeigeSex>>\nHe awkwardly shifts for a moment. Then: "There's, uh, one thing, though. I know you were fucking around with \\n<<if inArray ($whoSiegeSex, "rook") && inArray ($whoSiegeSex, "recon")>>Rook and Raven\\n<<else if inArray ($whoSiegeSex, "rook")>>Rook\\n<<else if inArray ($whoSiegeSex, "recon")>>Raven\\n<<endif>>, right?"\n\n"So you think, uh..." He spreads his legs: his cock is mounded out enormously, even through the sheet loosely draped across his lower body. "I been so goddamn horny. You think you could help out?"\n\n* [[sure, whip it out and lemme take care of yr dick|munitions canyon firsttime]]\n* [[nah sorry, yr gonna have to handle that yourself|munitions canyon reject]]\n\n<<else>>\nYou kinda stand there awkwardly for a bit. Eventually you tell him, well, you'll probably be back again at some point. He shrugs.\n\n[[←|canyon trail]]\n/% %/<<endif>>\n<<else>>\nHe's awake. His camp is in disarray, like he's been moving stuff around. He sees you and says, "Hey," with a waved hand.\n\nYou say hey.\n\n"I'm probably gonna pack up here, soon," he says. "Might as well wait for a while at your town, instead of out here."\n\nYou say, good.\n/% %/<<if $munitionsCanyonSex eq true>>\n\nHe leers at you. "Easier to get at your ass, too."\n\nYou tell him, actually you're out of town nearly all the time."\n\nHe snorts. "Well, //somebody's// ass, then, I guess."\n/% %/<<if $rookLocation eq "village">>\n\nYou tell him, you know, Rook's in town, too. You bet he'd be real interested in seeing his dick.\n\n"Oh yeah?" he says. "I'll definitely have to visit him, then."\n/% %/<<endif>>\n/% %/<<endif>>\n\n[[←|canyon trail]]\n/% %/<<set $munitionsLeaving to true>>\n<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>\\n<<set $munitionsVisitedThisTrip to true>>
You tell him you got places to be.\n\n"Your loss," he says, but he's clearly a little stung by the rejection.\n\n[[→|worldmap]]
<<set $munitionsCanyonDicksuck to true>>\\n<<set $munitionsCanyonSex to true>>\\n"Then get on your knees", he says, and you do, knees hitting the piled sand with a soft _whump_. He grins, the casual grope of his cock turning into something longer, more lingering, grinding the heel of his palm against his bulge. He's wearing boxers, tight ones, and he lets his cock skew to the side, cockhead emerging from the leg, drawing the fabric taut around his fat, gnarled shaft.\n\nYou lean in, and he uses his other hand to grab your head, tug you against his cock, letting you suck and lick at his cockhead, pinned against his thigh. You lap over the swell of his head, catching the drizzle of pre as it starts its constant flow, and swallow with your lips spread around the tip, pre spilling over the edge of your mouth, smearing across the curled hairs of his thigh. He grips his shaft through his underwear, milking it as he gets fully hard -- shaft fattening until it's so thick it seems just about ready to rip through the stitching. His cock pulses out a heavy gush of pre, splattering all across your face, and he groans, staring down, waggling his cock up and down to smear the mess all across your jaw.\n\nHe pushes you back, thumb digging into your forehead, and you slump back with a whine, mouth still open, half-flooded with a sloppy mess of spit and thinned pre, the rancid reek clinging to your tongue. You swallow.\n\n"You're eager for it, huh? Don't got enough ĝheist dick back at town, so you gotta get mine too." He shoves his underwear down, cock flopping out, swaying in front of you, back and forth. his balls jounce below, damp flesh slowly peeling apart and letting his sac hang lower and lower, until his huge fist-sized balls are drooping nearly halfway to his knees.\n\nHis flesh starts to furrow and churn, making his balls squirm. His cock twitches, veins pulsing down its length. A huge glob of pre collects at the tip, bloating out as his fat cockslit flutters open and closed, oozing slime, until gravity starts pulling the collected mass down as a chunky, stringy cord of pre, finger thick. You lean in to lap it up, and he stops you, mouth open, pre an inch from your outstretched tongue. "Nah, you don't get it that easy. C'mon, I wanna hear you beg for it."\n\nYou tell him that's awfully pushy for somebody who was just begging for a blowjob.\n\nHe says, "What can I say, I got expectations."\n\nYou debate it for a moment. You want him to spray his gross mutant load all over your face, all down your throat. But you're not the biggest fan of him trying trying to make a point about how gross that is, especially since it's his gross mutant cock.\n\nYou lean in, against his hand -- he's not _really_ pushing you back -- and just suck his cockhead into your mouth, lips wrapped around its fat, warted flange, and slurp as you suck, pulling the viscous, stringy strand of pre back up into your mouth. His cock shudders, flexing up, and shoots two hard, sharp blasts of pre against the roof of your mouth, sticking there as slimy stalactites. You gulp around his cockhead, and his legs tremble -- he takes a wobbling step backwards, bracing against the rocky wall, and you follow him on your knees, not letting his cock pull out of your mouth. Pre laps against your gums, mouth flooded, and you gulp again, groaning low, letting the sludgy, gritty mess spill down your throat. You open your eyes to see him staring down at you, mouth a little open.\n\n"Fuck, you're really into it, you know?"\n\nYou tell him what gave it away. You mumble that around his cockhead, kissing it, each plosive a burst of air around his fat, taut cockhead, and he gushes a few strings of slime up across your face, over one eye, so you have to squint. You ask him if he's gonna let you suck his cock now, or, and you pull your lips up, a half-grin stretched around his cock, if you should just stop now.\n\nHe exhales in a big shuddering burst. "You're something fuckin' else, you know that?" He pulls down, sinking his cock into your mouth, and you gulp when the tip hits your throat, letting it slide all the way down your throat until you're pressed against the sparse tangle of his pubes, nose flattened against his pubic arch. His cock shudders again, trying to twitch up, and a heavy, wet burble of pre sprays out into your throat, catching there for a second before you manage an actual swallow around his shaft. His grip slackens, and you pull back up, cock emerging shining, dripping, slathered with a mess of pre and phlegm.\n\nYou tell him, cmon, fuck my throat. It comes out in a gurgle, speech forcing the gritty pre still in your throat up into the back of your mouth as stiff, frothy bubbles of slime. You open wide, letting his cockhead rest on your tongue, sludge slowly pooling in the bottom of your mouth.\n\nHe lets out a groan that's almost a growl, snarling, and, grabbing your head in both hands, he rams you down on his cock, face hitting his crotch with a _smack_. "You're such a fucking tease."\n\nHis cock throbs inside you, pulsing against the flesh of your throat, stretched so tight around his fat girth it feels like each motion will drag your throat inside-out. He pulls your head back, cockhead scraping along your throat and building up a scummy plug of slime, and right when it pops out of your throat he slams you back down, sheathing his cock inside you again. A spray of ooze erupts from your mouth, splattering across his thighs in stringy cords, and he groans, rutting up, making more slime drool from your mouth. He fucks your face, using your slack, open mouth as a sheath for his cock. You gurgle, slime drooling over your lips, tongue wetly pressed against the underside of his cock, rasping against his lumpy warts as he saws back and forth. His cockhead bursts in past your throat, your muscles not entirely slack -- yet -- and then his shaft spills in after it, lumpy, rough skin rasping against the walls of your throat, making you gurgle and sputter, throat spasming and clenching around his cock, coaxing out heavy, sloppy gushes of gritty pre that web across your throat and stay there, forming thick grimy films of sludge.\n\nMax grins down at you, stirring his cock around as you choke and sputter, groaning as you cough, a thick, clotted mess of pre and phlegm working its way up, erupting from between your lips, drooling from your nose, smearing all across his thighs. He ruts shallowly, hands on the back of your head, pinning you in place as he fucks your throat, cockhead a fat battering ram slamming against the spasming muscles of your throat. You make sick, wet, warbling sounds, slime churning around in your throat, erupting up in sudden bursts, and his cock twitches every time he makes you vomit up a sloppy mess of his pre, spraying a new mess of thick, scummy slime inside you.\n\nHe lets you up, and you gurgle, spilling off his cock to cough and gasp for air, weakly heaving as you vomit up more gritty slime all over the dark, sodden sand between his feet. Wetness smears across your face, and you open your eyes to see you're still tethered to his cock, huge lumpy cords of sludge hooked behind your teeth, down your throat, and running up to smear all across his glistening, slathered cock. He catches them in his hand -- still just stretching them more, the thick slime slithering across your skin rather than snap -- and then smears them back all over your face, mixing it with the mess of slime and sweat and tears already coating your face.\n\nHis fingers probe over your lips, bruised and swollen, feeling across the line of your teeth and then prodding backwards, scooping up thick globs of ooze from the back of your mouth and then peeling them out, smearing them across your forehead and cheeks. You pant, mouth hanging open, weakly spitting up slime as it works its way up your ravaged throat. You let it spill over your lower lips, down your chin, in sloppy globs, rather than turn to spit it onto the ground, because you figure Max would like that more. He reaches back into your mouth, fingers sinking under the layer of sludge, and he shoves a fourth finger in, nails scrabbling at the back of your throat. You weakly gag, slime bursting out around his fingers, and he digs in, fingers pushing at the spasming muscle of your throat, knuckles bashing against your lips. His thumb smears over your cheek, leaving a peaked crest of stiff, half-coagulated slime, and he pushes in, knuckles bursting one after the other over your lips, scraping against your teeth, as he tries to shove his entire fist into your mouth. He groans, cock bobbing untouched an inch from your face, spurting out tarry slime, and he slowly twists his hand around in your mouth, fingers sinking into your throat, thumb sliding up over your already luridly-stretched lips and probing for entry. You gurgle, vision blurred, slime drooling from your nose, face flushed and slick with sweat. He ruts his cock against your disheveled face, crest of his palm slipping into your mouth, fingers down your throat. His thumb slides in, under his palm, leaving your lips stretched to their limit, wrapped around his entire hand. Your tongue presses against his palm, tasting the gritty slime clinging there, and he curls his fingers in, all four pressed together as he plays with the opening to your throat, pushing and pulling, every touch making you gag and heave, coughing up frothy squirts of slime around his fingers, dribbling in thick clots down his wrist. He pries deeper, smooth fingernails sliding over the abused muscles of your throat, and you keep retching as he reaches down your throat, vomiting up frothing sludge, coating your teeth and flooding your mouth. Your mouth is entirely full of his hand, the knuckle of his thumb digging into your molars, and slime pours constantly over your bruised, inflamed lips.\n\nHe pulls back, having to twist again to fit the crest of his knuckles back between your teeth, and the motion is slick and sloppy, fluid popping in your mouth, smearing across your gums as his hand emerges from your wrecked mouth. You just kneel there, breathing hard, feeling sweat trickle down your back and a whole mess of slime sluggishly spilling down your neck and chest. You blow your nose; wipe the worst of the mess off your face. When you open your eyes, Max' cock is still there, bobbing in front of you, steadily spurting pre across your jaw.\n\n"Think you're ready for the rest of it?" he says, like you're gonna do anything other than nod.\n\nHe wraps his slime-slathered fist around his equally-slathered cock, and gives it a few pumps. It squelches under his touch, slime squirting out between his fingers, sending huge globs of froth splattering to the ground. You lean in, sucking globs of churned-up froth off the tip, and he reaches back, hands on the back of your head -- one completely sodden, slick with froth -- and sinks inside you again. This time it's frictionless, even the slight catch of your throat gone, making you a hollow, open sleeve for him to fuck. He fucks you, harder, smashing your face against his crotch each time, balls smacking against your neck and sticking there for a moment, glued by the sheer accumulation of slime splattered across your skin. Gurgling, squelching sounds come from your churned-up throat, slime gushing from your mouth. You take it, dazed, face flushed, lips stinging, not even trying to swallow the mess of slime he's spraying all up and down your mouth. After all that, it doesn't take long. He cums with a bellow, fucking you through it, snapping his hips forward, your head down, half his cum-slathered cock ripping out of your mouth with each thrust as he fucks you in a frenzy. His cock pulses again and again and again as he dumps his clotted, chunky load into your ruined throat, his brutal thrusts making you vomit it all back up onto his cock. It feels like it goes on forever, cock churning back and forth in your flooded throat, swampy heat spilling over your lips, but eventually he sags back, dragging you with him, and the pulses slow and stop. His cock softens in your throat, even as you sloppily nurse across its length, lips rippling around the base, tongue stroking along the underside. You gulp, each swallow burning, drinking down some small fraction of his giant load.\n\n/%lol have him ask if yr okay w/ him pissing down yr throat here V: %/\n\nYou look up, eventually. He's leaning back against the well, glistening with sweat, breathing nearly as hard as you are, all his weight on his back. You sit up, his cock peeling from your throat cocooned in a thick, clotted mess of slimy cum, and he looks down, dazed. "Fuck," he says. His voice is rough. He sinks down on wobbly legs, knees hitting the drenched sand with a wet noise. His fingers trace across your face, collecting huge jiggling cords of slime. "I really needed that. Fuck. You look real good like that," he says, between ragged breaths, and then he leans in, tongue out, licking a stripe across your jaw, gulping down a mouthful of his own cum slurry. He grimaces but then does it again, licking across your open mouth, leaning in to kiss you, gulping as slime pours out of your mouth into his. You spit into his mouth and he swallows, the both of you slathered in slime as you make out, and you reach down to stroke his cock, smearing the corded slime off his cock to share it between you, passing chunky clots of slime back and forth as you kiss until your chests are drenched, slime mashed together between you. Some of the grit is sand at this point.\n\nEventually you slump back, utterly exhausted, while he licks and sucks across your face and chest, cleaning off the worst of his mess.\n\nHe sprawls out next to you. "Yknow," he says, voice buzzing against your ear. "If that really wore you out so much, you could sleep here tonight."\n\n<<sex "munitions" "oral" "top">>\\n* [[sure|munitions exile camprun]]\n* [[nah sorry i got places to go|munitions exile camp reject]]
You say sure, and you don't do much, just let him snuggle up next to you. You drape your own blanket over the both of you; nights get real cold, but his body is very warm. You're both sticky, skin a mess of drying sweat and not-so-dried cum, and you can feel how you're a little glued together even before you properly fall asleep.\n\n<<resetmoves>><<display "timed tfs">>\n\nYou sleep with him, in the dark, and wake up a little bit before dusk. This has probably fucked up your sleeping schedule.\n\nIn the morning you kiss him and set off. You maybe blow him a little before you go.\n\n[[→|worldmap]]
You say sorry, you got other places you gotta be.\n\nHe says, "Sure," and rolls over, adding some distance between you.\n\nYou stay there for a bit before you get up. You say you'll see him around, and he nods.\n\n[[→|worldmap]]
<<set $munitionsCanyonFuck to true>>\\n<<set $munitionsCanyonSex to true>>\\nYou tell him, go right ahead.\n\nHe reaches out and grabs your ass, fingers digging in as he bodily pulls you close, grinding your cocks together. He kisses you, then kisses down your jaw. "Fuck yeah," he says, growling against your throat, humping up against you. You can feel his cock thicken against yours. "Lemme see that ass." He pushes you away, letting you turn, and you shove your pants down over your ass.\n\nHe lets out a hungry growl and presses a hand against your lower back, pushing you down so your ass is in his face. He slides his hand down over your muscled cheeks, thumb and index finger spreading them to let your hole peek out, and he groans, breath puffing out across your ass, before he leans in, tongue swiping across your asshole before he digs in, sucking and licking, tongue stabbing forward into your ass. He pries you open with his fingers, spitting against your hole as he opens you up, and then uses his mouth again, slobbering across your cheeks as he tonguefucks you.\n\n"You'd think I'd feel less horny," he says, half-mumbled across your cheeks as he fingerfucks you. "I been through a lot recently. But, fuck," he says, and punctuates it by spitting into your spread asshole and working it over your rim. "Got nothing else to do aside from jerk off all day, and I'm still fucking pent up."\n\nYou can feel him drop a hand to his crotch, and you twist back to look as he strips, pulling out his cock. It's hard and drooling, already greasy with cords of pre sheening his warted shaft. He rises up, thighs tense, and grinds his huge, meaty cockhead against your spread asshole. He thrusts in; you sit back, and his shaft bores down into you, heavy and solid, iron-hard. He lets out a lot, slow exhale, a soft groan, and you end up seated on his lap, the entire length of his cock sheathed in your ass. His cock shudders, pulsing, and there's a wet splatter of heat inside you as he pumps an enormous gush of pre. And then again, and again. He wasn't lying about being pent up.\n\nHe holds stock-still, one hand on your hip, the other splayed up your back. He's breathing fast and shallow, gasping, overwhelmed by his cock. His cock twitches hard inside you, spewing hot bursts of thick, chunky pre, more and more. Maybe if you really wanted to tease him, you could get him to cum just like this, not even thrusting, just letting your ass milk his load out of him. You don't think you're that much of a tease, though.\n\nHis fingers dig in to your hips, and he pulls you back, grinding his cock an iota deeper. It shudders and splurts, more gushes of pre splattering in your guts, and you both groan. You ride his cock, letting him fuck up into you, breathing ragged and rasping, practically growling every time he hilts inside you. His balls slap against your thighs: heavy and huge, pulsing and lurching, and he slams inside you and holds you there, balls churning against your ass as he spews a ropy mess of pre into your flooded ass. Excess sluggishly pours down his shaft, drooling out around his cock in a slimy layer.\n\n"Turn around," he says, voice rough, and you pull off his cock -- a wet explosion of pre spraying everywhere when his fat cockhead jerks loose -- and get on your knees, leaning forward against his sleeping platform. He stands, moving with you, keeping his cock smacking against your ass cheeks. He strokes himself, smearing the slurry of pre into a foaming froth all along his shaft, spewing a few ropes of pre all up your back. "Y'know, before now, I woulda thought I came already," he says, catching a bolt of pre across his fingers and then smearing it into your flooded ass.\n\nYou tell him he's pretty glad you showed him how to properly use that ĝheist dick, huh?\n\n"Yeah, fuck yeah," he says.\n\nYou're loose, hole pouting open, and he works you open with two fingers, three, spreading them inside you and pulling your rim out into a wider gape, before he finally pushes his cock back into position, rolling back and forth over your swollen, flushed asshole. Not driving deeper, just playing with your asslips, stretching them over his lumpy, gnarled cockhead, spewing pre into your ass and letting it drool out, spilling down your thighs, over your balls, in sloppy lines.\n\nYou tell him to actually fucking use that ĝheist dick. Snarl, really.\n\nHe laughs and obligingly sinks in, entire cock hilting inside you again with a wash of pre spurting out from your overfilled ass. The angle is different; he rams his cockhead against your <<if hasMutation("prostate")>>grossly oversized <<endif>>prostate with each thrust, shaft skidding past it, bearing down. You groan, half-hard cock spewing a mess of pre all over his bedroll, and he groans and leans forward, muscled chest pressing against your back, hips grinding against your ass, and he curls a hand around your side and tugs on your half-hard cock, jerking you off as he fucks you.<<if hasMutation ("leaky")>> His other hand slides up your chest, thumb catching a leaking nipple, and he milks your chest, letting you squirt milky ichor all across his sheets as he fucks you, switching off between nipples until they're <<if hasMutation ("six nipples")>>all<<else>>both<<endif>> swollen and engorged, dragging back and forth over his sheets from the force of each thrust.<<endif>>\n\nFrom this angle, he pounds your ass, full force of his muscles driving his cock into your sloppy, flooded ass, churning the mess of pre inside you around. Frothy, foaming cords of pre squirt out each time he bottoms out, smearing all across your joined bodies, webbing between your legs, forming drooling rivulets of slime slowly oozing down the backs of your thighs. His cock keeps shuddering, practically pissing out a constant spray of pre, until each thrust squelches and slurps. Your gaping hole gurgles, his pre spilling out, when he hilts and stays there, letting his fat cock throb deep in your guts.\n\nYou can feel him get close, eventually -- once your asscheeks sting from the impact, and the mess of pre has formed a slobbery pool beneath you. You're both panting and sweating, his hands slick across your thigh, milking your cock. He lets out a rasping, growling groan, cock burying itself in your ass and staying there, and it throbs so hard you can feel it squirm as he finally starts to cum. He lets out a long, groaning sigh, frozen in place for the first dozen squirts, letting a lake of cum gather in your flooded guts before he finally starts thrusting again, lazily pumping through your ruined asshole as his load fills and overflows, burbling out around his cock in a frothy, grimy mess. He just keeps cumming, pent up hard, rolling his cock back and forth through your flooded guts as the mess of slime painting your ass and thighs goes from translucent yellow pre in frothy bubbles to chunky grey slop, pouring down your legs to pile up beneath you in a heap.\n\nHe collapses on top of you with a groan, hips still working -- each thrust a wet //squelch//, complete with a splatter of hot droplets all across your thighs -- as he drains his load inside you. He slumps down to his knees, cock pulling free from your wrecked ass with a soggy //pop//, and jams his face against your hole, tongue shoving inside, as he gulps down the frothy mess of his own load straight from your ass. He groans, chest buzzing against your thighs, and shoves both hands into your ass, fingers hooking across your rim and peeling your gape even wider, letting you prolapse all across his face, wet slabs of swollen, bruised flesh unfurling across the bridge of his nose, across his jaw, as he messily eats you out, throat constantly working as he gulps down mouthful after mouthful of his own clotted, rancid pre.\n\nHe's still cumming: cock weakly spurting all across his cum-slathered chest, gummy cords catching across your thighs and drooling down to pool in the backs of your knees. When he finally pulls back, his face is tied to your ass with finger-thick cords of cum, smeared all across his face as he pants and gasps, hot breath billowing up inside your broken, gaping ass.\n\n"Gheist cum still tastes fucking awful," he says, before leaning in and licking a stripe across the glazed flesh of your unfurled asshole, leaving behind a line of raw purple-red flesh that is immediately covered in a sludgy wave of grey ĝheist cum. He swallows, shuddering.\n\nThen he levers himself to his feet and fucks you again, jerking himself off with your half-prolapsed asshole. When he finally finishes you're half-unconscious, cock drooling a long cord of cloudy cum, your stomach swollen and bloated from the sheer amount of cum he's pumped into you, even with more than half of it smeared all over you and soaked into the sand below.\n\nHe slumps beside you, cock still buried deep inside. "Y'wanna sleep here?" he says, reaching over to pull you up against his chest, his cum-slathered hands idly smearing cum all across your sides and chest<<if hasMutation ("leaky")>>, mixing with the mess of milk painted across your front<<endif>>.\n\n<<sex "munitions" "anal" "top">>\\n* [[yeah there's no way i'm getting up after that|munitions exile camprun]]\n* [[nah sorry i got places to go|munitions exile camp reject]]
<<set $munitionsCanyonDicksuck to true>>\\n<<set $munitionsCanyonSex to true>>\\nYou say sure, go for it, and lean in. He leans in, all but pulling you into his lap as he kisses you. You reach down and grope him through his pants, and he moans into your mouth, oversized cock shuddering under your fingers. He's real sensitive, it seems -- he mumbles "oh, fuck," against your lips, breathing hard, and his cock shudders and spews of a mess of pre, leaving a dark splotch on his pants.\n\nSmells like ĝheist pre. You get an inkling of why specifically he's so pent up. You squeeze his cock as you kiss him, being more aggressive -- pushing him back so you're in his lap, biting on his lips and then across his jaw, grinding your bodies together. His cock shudders again, spurting out enough pre to be a solid human load, but here he's maybe not even fully hard yet. You can feel the warts along his shaft, lumpy and heavy, and when you curl your hand around his cockhead he erupts with a shaky gasp, spewing thick, slimy yellow pre through the thin fabric of his pants.\n\nYou slip down in front of him, breaking your kiss, and get on your knees in front of him. This puts you at eye level with his dick: staring at his grossly-distented pants, cock skewing down one leg with a glossy smear of dark slime splattered all across the side.\n\nYou hook your fingers on the waist of his pants, about to haul them down, and he says, "Uh, wait--", his hands stilling your own. You look up at him, like, yeah?\n\n"About my dick, it's-- maybe not what you'd, uh," he says, and you let him stumble that far through an awkward explanation he clearly doesn't know how to make before you go, yeah, don't worry about it, and knock his hands aside, dragging his pants down.\n\nHis cock lolls out, swaying back and forth before you like a snake, coming to rest throbbing and huge just an inch away from your face. Like you expected, it's a ĝheist dick. Gheist balls, too: enormous and leathery, in a lumpy mound bunched beneath his cock. It's already shiny with pre, more drooling down the underside. His cockslit gapes, probably your breath billowing down his shaft enough stimulation, and he spurts a mess of runny pre all across your face. It's like a cup of water being dashed in your face.\n\nYou lean in and lick the mess from his cockhead, sucking it into your mouth as you drag your tongue across the tip, peeling away scummy layers of half-congealed pre and drinking it down. He looks -- shocked. Mouth open, eyes wide, whimpering now as you suckle on his cockhead, eagerly swallowing the his pre, rich with the rank, heavy flavor of ĝheist pre.\n\nYou pull off with a //pop//. You ask him, you good?\n\n"You're asking //me//?!" he says.\n\nYou say, listen, this isn't the first ĝheist dick you've sucked. You lap across his cockhead for emphasis, and he spurts a stringy mess of pre all up across your face.\n\n<<display "munitions blow firsttime general">>
You tell him, you'll be back around later, if he wants to fuck around more. You squeeze his cock: he's still shooting, in runnier globs that splatter across your chests and spill down into the mess below with a series of soft, wet //plap//s.\n\nHe says, "Yeah." He looks down across your chests, entirely slathered with his grey, chunky cum. "Yeah, damn."\n\n<<sex "munitions" "oral" "top">>\\n[[→|canyon trail]]
From beneath, the caves are a series of lacy caverns, old sandstone worn away into smooth curves from sandstorms and ancient rain. Desert light and flowing sand spills in from pits in the ceiling.\n\nThe floor is sandy and littered with sandstone chunks, and the walls are carved with glyphs and painted with old earth dyes.\n\n* <<if $reconLocation eq "ravine" && !$reconLeaving>>there's a [[stock of modern supplies|recon tent]] piled up with a bedroll along the wall of one dead-end cave<<endif>>\n\n[[←|worldmap]]
<<if $reconVisits eq 0 && !$reconVisitedThisTrip>>\\n<<set $reconSexAfterExile to $sex['recon']>>\\nIt's Raven. This must be where he washed up after the squad left the village.\n\n<<if $sex['recon'] gt 0>>\\nHe hears movement and goes for his gun, but relaxes a little once he recognizes you.\n\n"You don't like having a gun aimed at you, right," he says, a little wry.\n\nYou tell him, does anyone? He shrugs.\n<<else>>\nHe hears movement and goes for his gun. He glowers when he recognizes you. <<if $humansManagedBad>>"You follow me? You bring any of your grub friends?"<<else>>"You follow me?"<<endif>>\n\nYou tell him you usually wander the desert and look for things. <<if $humansManagedBad>>You add, alone.<<endif>> You saw signs somebody was living here and decided to check it out.\n\n"You do that often? That hasn't ever gone bad for you?"\n\nYou say, usually people out in the desert don't have guns, and you're pretty decent at knife fights. You also say usually if people want to be left alone, they just say so.\n\nHe scowls, but puts his gun aside. "Well," he says. "Leave me alone."\n\nYou say sure, if that's what he wants. You ask him if he needs extra water or food or anything like that.\n\nHe's very aware you're trying to be nice about things and he's angry about it. He says, "I took wilderness survival training. I'm fine."\n\nYou shrug.\n\nGrudgingly, he says, "Fine, come back if you want. I'm not gonna offer much conversation, though."\n<<else>>\\nIt's Raven's camp. <<print either ("He's making food.", "He was sleeping, but he stirs awake at your approach.", "He's reading from a small book.")>>\n<<endif>>\n\n* [[so what are you doing around here|recon exile talk what]]\n* [[hey you wanna fuck around|recon exile sex]]\n\n<<set $reconVisitedThisTrip to true>>\\n[[←|ravine cavern]]
You ask him what he's doing here.\n\nHe says, "Really?" You wait expectantly. "When we left, we just... broke apart. You were there; you'd think you'd remember how it went."\n\nYou say sure, but how did that lead to him setting up camp in a cave.\n\nHe shrugs. "This is where I ended up. Gonna settle down for a while, wait for things to blow over. Get some new clothes and hike to the nearest village."\n\nYou tell him, he knows where the nearest village is.\n\n"The //other// nearest village."\n\n[[→|recon tent]]
<<if $sex['recon'] lt 1>>\\nYou say, well, does he wanna fuck around?\n\nHe lets out a sharp bark of a laugh. "You're serious? Really, that's what you go for?"\n\nYou shrug. You say, he's clearly got the survival part down. You thought about hitting on him when he was in town, but the gun was a pretty big turn-off.\n\n"I've still got the gun," he says.\n\nYou say, he knows what you mean.\n\n"Yeah, sure," he says.\n\n<<display "recon cocksuck">>\n<<else>>\\n<<display "recon sex tree">>\n\n[[←|recon tent]]\n<<endif>>
<<if $drudgeActive neq "">>\\nThere's some old canvas stretched between some beams and made a shaded corner, and the assorted debris of the inner fortress has been piled up into waist-high walls. Nobody's here now though; maybe your company spooked whoever's nested here away.\n\n[[←|worldmap]]\n<<else>>\\n<<if $leaderVisits == 0>>\\nSgt. Agares is here. Or just Agares now; since he's deserted he no longer has a rank. Still has his gun though.\n\nHe's set up in the old fortress, in a corner where the walls are intact and the old beams are solid enough to support a length of canvas. He's even shoveled away some of the sand, exposing the crumbling masonry floor below the drifting dunes, and shored up his pocket of space with some of the cluttered debris filling the inner fortress: material from the collapsed ceiling, old roofing tiles, stray rocks that may once have been part of the walls.\n<<else>>\\nYou're at Agares' camp, in the ruins of the old fortress: A corner where the beams have been draped with canvas and the floor has been excavated under a few feet of dunes, with assorted debris of the inner fortress piled up into waist-high walls. Agares is here, disheveled and out of uniform, but unhurt.\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $leaderVisitedThisTrip eq true>>\\nHe says, "What, did you forget something?"\n<<else>>\\n<<display "leader exile action">>\n<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>
<<if $leaderVisits eq 0>>\\nHe's not super pleased to see you.\n\n[[→|leader exile first]]\n<<else if $talkedSex && $talkedSexOn + 3 lt $turns && ($talkedSquad + $talkedPast + $talkedVillage) gte 4>>\\n<<display "leader exile talk sex">>\\n<<else>>\\n<<if $talkedSquad lt (2 + $anySiegeSex)>>* [[ask about his squad|leader exile talk squad]]<<endif>>\n<<if $talkedPast lt 2>>* [[ask about his past|leader exile talk past]]<<endif>>\n<<if $talkedSquad + $talkedPast gte 2 && !$talkedVillage>>* [[talk about the village|leader exile talk village]]<<endif>>\n<<set $leaderVisitedThisTrip to true>>\\n<<endif>>
He's holding his gun, and he squints at you. When he figures out who you are, he lets out a mirthless bark of laughter.\n\n"You know," he says, "I think all of this is actually your fault. I saw you talking to everybody, poking and prodding. I thought, what could it hurt."\n\nYou look at him and you look at his gun. You say, so, what, you're gonna shoot me now?\n\n"I thought about it," he says. "Woulda solved this problem before it started. Too late for that to help anything now, isn't it? Even if I shot you the first time I saw you that wouldn't have solved any of my actual problems, not really."\n\n<<if $munitionsLocation == "village" && $ticLocation == "village" && $reconLocation == "village" && $rookLocation == "village">>\\nYou say, if it helps, the rest of his squad is safe and sound in the village. You could come join them. We'd take your gun, though.\n\n"Hostages?" he says.\n\nYou roll your eyes. You tell him they're fine. That it turns out they prefer living somewhere with food and water and other people, rather than roughing it out in the desert.\n\nHe lets out a noise, a scoff or a grumble. "Well, that's something." He pauses. "You know, my job was to keep my squad safe. You're doing a better job at that than I ever did."\n<<else if $ticVisits gt 0 && $munitionVisits gt 0 && $reconVisits gt 0 && $reconLocation == "village">>\\nYou say, if it helps, you've talked to all of them since they left, and they seem fine. <<if $ticLocation == "village" || $munitionLocation == "village" || $reconLocation == "village">>Some of them are<<else>>Rook's even<<endif>> in the village. You could come talk if you want.\n\nHe says, "Well, that's something."\n<<else>>\\nYou say, probably not. You say, one thing you've noticed about city humans is that it doesn't really take much. Seems like life there sucks for just about everybody; they're pretty desperate for any other option.\n\nHe says, "You know, my job was to keep my squad safe, whatever it took. The best plan I got was to get as far from the cities as possible."\n<<endif>>\\n\nHe puts his gun aside. You're pretty glad he's no longer pointing it at you.\n\n"So why are you out here, anyway?" he asks.\n\nYou say, you're a scavenger. You hunt around for stuff, out in the desert. He kinda grunts in acknowledgment. There's an awkward silence.\n\nYou say, y'know if there's anything he needs, you could -- and he cuts you off. "I'm fine." You say sure.\n\nEventually you say, well, bye. Good luck.\n<<set $leaderVisitedThisTrip to true>>\\n[[→|worldmap]]
<<if $talkedSquad gt 0>>\\n<<if $anySiegeSex && !$talkedSex & !$humansManagedBad>>\\n<<display "leader exile talk squad bonus">>\n<<set $talkedSex to 1>>\\n<<set $talkedSexOn to $turns>>\\n<<else>>\n<<display "leader exile talk merged">>\n<<endif>>\n<<else>>\\n<<display "leader exile talk squad 1">>\n<<set $talkedSquad to 0>>\n<<endif>>\\n<<set $talkedSquad += 1>>\n[[→|worldmap]]
<<if $talkedPast gt 0>>\\n<<display "leader exile talk merged">>\n<<else>>\\n<<display "leader exile talk past 1">>\n<<set $talkedPast to 0>>\n<<endif>>\\n<<set $talkedPast += 1>>\n[[→|worldmap]]
He says, "Y'know, I knew it. I knew it the second I disobeyed orders. I wasn't sure what was gonna happen but I knew this was the time when the hammer would come down."\n\nYou say, this time?\n\nHe says, "Last time. We were up north. Scouting. Some rebels had set minefields around their base. We got orders to pull back because command was gonna drop firebombs. We had to go around, the slow way. Exposed. Sabnock got caught in the chest by a shot, and then the mines started going off. The bombs started dropping. I went back for him.\n\nYou don't really follow the connective tissue of that story, but it definitely doesn't sound good.\n\n"Command sends troublemakers on suicide missions. They send everybody on suicide missions, since that's all they got, but... people they don't like, you can tell. Assignments that are as clear as a death warrant." He laughs, broken. "Pretty sure they started bombing precisely because they knew we weren't clear. Or they just didn't care. It doesn't really matter."\n\n"It's not like they disapprove of heroism, but it's nicer when the heroes get tragic deaths instead of lingering around like ghosts. Coffins get people energized more than cripples. Bringing back a bunch of wounded doesn't look good for the brass, especially not when it's friendly fire."\n\n"It wasn't just that though. Just a long line of fuckups. The wrong kind of attention. War hero's kid fails to valorously win the day. Again."
He says, "It hardly matters now, does it? I'm here now. This is a whole different world, and I'll never get the chance to go back to the old one."\n\nHe exhales loudly. "Probably better off this way."\n\n"You know, my father is Primus Agares. The General. That doesn't mean anything to you, right?" He lets out a mirthless laugh. "What I would've given to meet somebody who didn't know, as a kid. It was all over the papers. Everybody knew who he was. Who I was. He had a love story, see? A big propaganda piece.\n\n"He was a hero of the eight-years war. The reason we held the northern colonies. A symbol of what a true citizen could do for their country. When he returned to October he was given a hero's welcome, invited into the inner circle. But everybody knows how he fell in love.\n\n"My mom was a nobody. A starving homeless woman living on the outer ring, just before the walls. My father patrolled the city in the guard. A ceremonial position. And the way it's told, he fell in love at first sight. That my mother was a jewel, hidden in mud. That their love was a symbol of how all citizens were equal in the eyes of the government. He swept her off her feet and brought her to his estate, to be waited on hand and foot.\n\nHe snorts. "They didn't really like each other. My father... it was a crush. Maybe it was about power, or innocence. They lived in separate wings of the house, and my father called on her like a concubine. She knew just how precarious her position was. And it didn't last. They were a propaganda couple; it would look bad is they divorced, officially, so eventually she just... moved out. She was moved out; I don't think she had a lot of choice in the matter. The government gave her accommodations and tried to keep things quiet.\n\n"So that was my life. My father didn't want to raise me -- a child was a lot of work. But he didn't want me to vanish into the slums like my mother had, either. I got tutors and I got to visit my mom every month or so. I got to see the estate, with its gardens and servants, turn into dusty roads with crumbling cinderblock houses, with people living crammed together a half-dozen to a room.\n\nYou ask, what's 'divorced'?\n\nHe looks at you. "Seriously? When people stop being married they get divorced."\n\nYou say, so they broke up.\n\n"Yeah, in front of a judge." He sees you're still not getting it. "Marriage is a legal thing? You have laws here, right? It's a contract. And to stop that contract you get divorced. How the fuck do you people do it?"\n\nYou say, people fuck around if they want to fuck around and if they get pregnant they get first dibs on raising the kid. Parents and then surrogate, but like, not as a rule, since generally you have a good sense of if your surrogate'll want to help raise the kid before you ask. Kids get handled by the village a lot, though. Everybody spends some time in the creche, it's just if a kid's parents don't want the kid at all they live there. \n\nYou try to articulate the thing you don't understand. You say, there's not... if people's relationship works they just stop having it? They don't gotta pass a law to not be together any more. You ask, sarcastically, like what, do they call the guards if your lover is fucking somebody you don't like?\n\nHe blinks. "Yeah," he says. "Adultery is a crime."\n\nWhat the fuck, you say. You tell him, this explains a lot about how all y'all are so neurotic about sex.
He says, "I enlisted as soon as I could, just to get out of October. I got sent to the officer track, with promotions for being my father's son." He snorts. "I wasn't a very good officer. Still didn't get that many."\n\n"My father got furious every time i got passed over for promotion, and expected me to feel that way too; like that was genuinely the worst thing that could happen to me. Meanwhile, I got to see the outer city decay and fall apart and people there starving and deserting. And my dad was talking about how not getting extra bars and stars on my dress uniform should be my top priority. It was pathetic.\n\n"I went on a few assignments. Got promoted until I got my own squad. Last time... shit went bad. Nearly got killed."\n\nHe pulls up his shirt: he's got huge ragged scars across his side. His skin is pink and shiny, only a season or two old.\n\nHe says, "I disobeyed direct orders to retreat. Managed to drag Sabnock back. He's probably still laid up in a hospital. Fuck, hopefully still alive. But after that, we got Rook and we got assigned out into the wasteland. I knew enough to know this was basically a suicide mission. Or maybe somebody up top pulled strings. It's also a real easy mission to desert on. Who knows what was going on while the higher-ups decided my fate. Probably I'll never know how close I was to just getting executed."\n\nHe shrugs. "Guess it doesn't matter now."\n\n"When I got my own squad I decided..." He trails off. "I'm pretty useless, you know? Never did much of anything. But I figured, if I couldn't do anything else, I could at least try to keep them safe. I was important, or important enough, because of my father. All the rest-- they were just cannon fodder, but if they were assigned to me... I don't know. Maybe it was dumb to think that. I didn't end up doing a very good job of saving them.\n\n<<if $ticVisits gt 0 && ($munitionsVisits gt 0 || $munitionsLocation eq "village") && ($reconVisits gt 0 || $reconLocation eq "village") && $rookLocation eq "village">>\\nYou say, well, if it helps, they're all fine, actually.\n\n<<endif>>\nYou tell him that all we can do is what we can. You say, you're still not very pleased about his whole holding the village hostage thing, but nobody actually died and things worked out okay so you're inclined to forgive him for it.
You ask about his squad.\n\nHe makes some kind of face. "I know you were fucking around with <<if $whoSiegeSex.length gt 1>>them<<else>>him<<endif>>. I'm not as oblivious as I seem."\n\nYou say, oh?\n\n<<if $whoSiegeSex.length eq 1>>\\n<<if $whoSiegeSex[0] == "rook">>"Rook," he says. "The kid was... I don't know. Desperate for it, I guess."\\n<<else if $whoSiegeSex[0] == "munitions">>"Maxwell," he says. "He was... pent up. It was pretty clear when he wasn't, any more."\\n<<else>>"Raven," he says. "He'd fuck around just to be disobedient." He snorts. "But I guess you gave him something a little more than that."\\n<<endif>>\n\nYou shrug. You tell him, sure, if that's how he wants to read it.\n<<else if $whoSiegeSex.length eq 3>>\\n"All of them. You really got to 'em all."\n\nYou say, except your second in command. And him.\n\nHe shrugs. "They were all... I was surprised how easy it was? How little they tried to cover their tracks. Like, I'd heard them fucking before, when we were in garrisons or whatever; that's just living in close quarters. But out in the wasteland, with you..." He trails off, looking over at you. "I would've thought they'd try to be more circumspect."\n\nYou're not sure if that's an insult. You say, sure. Sex is complicated. Or at least you humans like to make it complicated.\n<<else>>\\n"The two," he says. \\n<<if $whoSiegeSex eq ["munitions", "rook"]>>\\n<<if arrayContains ($stressPoints, "rook munitions bj")>>\\n"Maxwell and Rook."\n\nYou leer a little and say, yeah, and both of them together. It's a good memory.\n\nAgares looks a little pissed off.\n<<else>>\\n"Maxwell and Rook."\n<<endif>>\n<<else if $whoSiegeSex eq ["rook", "recon"]>>\\n"Raven and Rook."\n<<else>>\n"Maxwell and Raven."\n<<endif>>\\n\nYou say, yeah, you did. He got a problem with that? They were just fucking around.\n<<endif>>\n\nHe laughs. "Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Maybe I should've done something about you when I noticed. You pushed a wedge in between us all. But I guess if you hadn't..."\n\nYou say, maybe that's overstating it a little. You mean, yes, sure, you were looking for weak points and trying to get them in disarray. You were surprised how easy that was. But also, you just like sex. It's nice.\n\n<<if $leaderHitOn>>\\n"You hit on me," he says. "I thought it was a power play."\n\nYou say, yeah, well, it was. You weren't exactly expecting him to just go "oh yeah, sure, let's fuck". But if he had...\n\nHe says, "huh."\n<<else>>\\nYou say, does //he// wanna fuck?\n\nHe says, "uh,"\n\nYou say, no pressure.\n<<endif>>
<<set $talkedVillage to 1>>\\nYou say, he knows the village would take him in, right? Nobody's gonna like him much, and they'll definitely take your guns, but they'll give you food and water and a place to sleep. He'd be digging ditches for a few seasons before anybody would trust him with anything else, but it'd be a start.\n\n"Even after we held you all at gunpoint?" he says.\n\nYou say, yeah that didn't exactly endear him to anybody. But he never actually shot anyone, or else this would be a very different kind of conversation.\n\nYou say, if we had wanted them all dead, they'd all been dead.\n\n"//Really//," he says.\n\nYou say, one thing you really don't understand is why all the city humans assume peaceful people aren't capable of defending themselves. We decided to take a chance on them. And it worked out well enough.\n\n"In the city," he says, "if you threatened an official with a gun, you'd be executed."\n\nYou roll your eyes. He's not in the city, you tell him.\n\nYou decide to use small words. It's kind of insulting to be this explicit, but it's not like he even knows enough to know it's insulting. You say, that you're even here is the town saying they're willing to extend the offer. If we didn't care one way or the other we'd just leave him alone and see if he'd die or beg for help first. Nobody really likes you back in town <<if $staying.length gt 0>>-- aside from your former squad members --<<else>>,<<endif>> but they're willing to have him around if he's willing to swallow your ego.\n\n"What's the catch?"\n\nYou say, city boys are always so suspicious. He'll be doing a lot of shitwork. But listen: this is the wasteland. There's work that always needs to be done. We'd be stupid to let somebody die in the sand, if we can save them. Waste of a perfectly good body that could be doing work.\n\n"Huh," he says. "I'll keep that in mind."\n\nMake sure he does, you say.\n\n[[→|worldmap]]
He says, "I think I would."\n\nYou say, you're gonna have to give some more context here.\n\nHe says, "Fuck."\n\nYou say sure. You kneeling down on his level, so you're close but not incredibly close. You say, should you..., and gesture at your dick. You say, what are you interested it?\n\nHe says, "uh, like...?"\n\nYou tell him you usually just kinda roll with whatever people go with but, he seems pretty skittish so maybe you should actually talk about it.\n\nHe says, "I'm not //skittish//."\n\nYou shrug. Sure, you say. But he's nervous. He's never fucked anybody out in the wasteland. <<if $whoSiegeSex.length gt 0>>He knows you've been fucking his squad; maybe that makes him nervous. <<endif>>He's been thinking about what it'd be like, and maybe he doesn't really know what he wants or if he wants it. That about right, you ask him.\n\n"I don't know, maybe," he says.\n\nHe wants you to blow him? Jerk him off? you say.\n\nHe says, "uh,"\n\nMaybe this could wait until he's not camping out in a busted ruin in the middle of nowhere, you say. You could fuck in the town when he's all well-rested and fed and isn't worrying about dying of thirst alone in the wilderness.\n\nYou've been kind of pushy to see how he responds to that, so it's kind of gratifying to see him firm up with resolve. He stops making his "hm"s and "uh"s and stays silent for a second: "No, I think I wanna do this now," he says. He looks at you, intently, up and down, really taking in your body, and you see his cock stretch, bulge slowly fattening. "I think I wanna do this now," he repeats.\n\nYou say, cool. So what does he want to do.\n\nHe reaches out, hand quavering a bit, and puts it on your thigh.\n\n[[→|leader exile sex scene]]
He's breathing hard. You wonder how much sex he's had. It's probably more than 'none', but it's probably not a lot. Hurried mutual masturbation sessions in changing rooms, something like that. You wonder if he's ever had a dick down his throat. He's got the kind of face that would look really nice warped out around a huge cock.\n\n<<if hasMutation("knot")>>Your cock stirs too, filling out your sheath<<else>>Your cock starts to flush and fill out too<<endif>>. Something in the air, where you both know something's gonna happen, where you're both turned on and know the other is too, but before everything's resolved. Tension. Maybe you're breathing a little hard, too.\n\nHe leans in, other hand on your thigh, sliding up to your waist. Lips parted, staring down across your body, at your fattening bulge. His hand slides up and clasps around it, and you exhale softly in a low moan. \\n<<if hasMutation("knot")>>He's not expecting the inhuman shape: he gropes across your sheath, balls, the tip of your unsheathed cock mashed up against the fabric, clearly not really knowing precisely what he's feeling.\\n<<else if hasMutation("dick")>>He's not entirely expecting the sheer bulk of it, still mostly soft despite the swollen bulge. His fingers squeeze around the shaft, bulky warts big enough to be felt through the fabric, and he curls his hand around it.\\n<<else>>\\nHe lets your cock fatten in his hand, heat seeping through the fabric as it bulks up, fingers curled around it, feeling it pulse thicker.\\n<<endif>>\n\nHis head dips down before he goes for it and kisses you. His lips are dry, leathery, and he opens his mouth, wet and smooth. He moans into your mouth, sinking forward against you, and you nip at his lips as you return his gesture: wrapping your hand around his swollen cock, squeezing him gently through his pants. He groans, rutting forward, less kissing and more smearing your lips together as he moans.\n\nHe slides his hand off your cock, pulling enthusiastically but inexpertly at your tunic. He doesn't actually know how to remove it, aside from pulling it harder, so you pull back, tug open the laces, and strip it off, and then shift forward to strip him of his undershirt, too, leaving you both bare-chested.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("leaky")>>\\n<<if hasMutation ("six nipples")>>\\nHe's staring at your chest: your six nipples all fat and swollen, milk building up beneath them in broad pads, all leaking lines of milky ichor down your chest. \\n<<else>>\\nHe's staring at your chest: your nipples fat and swollen, only dribbling slightly. \\n<<endif>> He reaches out and touches one, delicately, and then glances up at you.\n\nYou say, harder, dragging your thumb against your <<if hasMutation("six nipples")>>top left<<else>>left<<endif>> nipple, mashing its heavy, peaked bulk to one side and making it squirt out a mess of droplets, splattering against his bare chest. He jerks back reflexively, still staring.\n\n"Holy shit," he says, and you grin, flexing your pecs so your <<if hasMutation("six nipples")>>top <<endif>>nipples stick out further, now sloppily drooling milk. He leans in, bodies pressing together, your nipples smearing milk all across his hairy chest <<if hasMutation("six nipples")>>and stomach<<endif>>, with one hand curling over your cock and the other <<if hasMutation("six nipples")>>milking your nipples, tweaking each one until they're flushed and erect, huge rubbery pads of flesh dragging against his stomach as he ruts into your hand<<else>>milking your nipple<<endif>>.\n\n<<endif>>\\nHe kisses you hungrily, nipping at your jaw, panting, and you lean down, teeth grazing across his stubbled jaw, and you're not expecting the full-body shudder he makes, a shockingly loud moan ripping its way up his throat. He looks embarrassed, maybe, and you grin and him and nose his head up, biting his jaw and then lower, chomping across the side of his neck. He bellows, entire body rocking up, and his cock pulses in his pants, shooting a mess of cum that sluggishly seeps through the fabric. You grind your jaw, scraping across his throat, and he gurgles, moaning inarticulately as he cums against your hand. You keep the pressure on, teeth holding him in place until he stops bucking against you, and then you pull back, letting him slump down.\n\nFound a sensitive spot, huh, you say. You left a nice mark, big red curves of teeth marks across his neck.\n\nHe says, "Holy //shit//." He shifts, grimacing at how his cock is stuck to his pants, and you pop the button and unzip him, letting his softening cock flop out, coated in smeared globs of cum. It's a nice enough cock. With the foreskin cut off, which is something you've never really understood, so his cockhead is two-tone, flesh thicker than you're used to. He looks at your bulge<<if hasMutation("knot") || hasMutation("dick")>>, swollen to inhuman proportions<<endif>>. "You want me to return the favor?"\n\nYou quirk your eyebrows. You say, if he wants to. He wants you to chew on his neck more?\n\nIt's harder to tell when he blushes, dark skin and all, but you can still see it. More like, his skin visibly flushing around the raw, reddened mark you left, making it look like it's spreading.\n\nYou lean in and lick across your teeth marks, and he shudders, hands trembling as he wraps them around your biceps, gripping hard. He whines, gasping and breathing hard as you prod your tongue into the teeth marks, digging in and then licking, biting down softly. He goes, "oh fuck, oh fuck," hips rolling, smearing his soft cock against your stomach. He keens when you bite down again, on the muscled junction of his neck and shoulders, and his cock twitches, drooling out a fat bead of cum.\n\nYou chew back and forth up and down his neck, across his shoulders and jaw, and he just moans and gasps the entire way through. It only takes him a few minutes to get hard again, which you understand to be pretty quick for an unaltered human. He ruts against your stomach, fucking his cock along a trench of cum-glazed skin, his hands tangled against your chest as you chew on his neck.\n\nYou say, he wanna cum again? Your lips drag against his stubble, swollen and aching from the rasp of it, and he just shudders and shakes.\n\n"You're fuckin' unreal," he says, mumbling, and you grin against his throat, tongue reaching out to tap against his adam's apple. You say, is that a yes?\n\nHe nods, and you nip across his throat, watching how he shudders and responds to each touch, and then you open wide and bite down across the front of his throat. Not hard. But enough to freeze him in place. His pulse beats against your lips; his throat quavers with his breath, and he lets out a sobbing moan and cums all over your chest. You bite down harder, making him drag in each breath with a shaky rasp. He sobs, cock pulsing as he shoots out his load all over you, smeared cords of cum drooling down your sides.\n\nYou let him sob his way through his orgasm, each minute twitch of your jaw making him wheeze and gasp and often as not spew out another rope of cum. He ruts through the slimy mess of his load, smearing it all over his drenched cock until it finally starts to soften, and only then do you release your hold and pull back.\n\nHe's a mess. You, uh, definitely left a lot of bruises: right side of his neck all the way out to his shoulder is a mess of teeth marks and bruises, all shiny with spit, and there's the new, shallower imprint of your teeth right across his throat: two curving imprints, just starting to flush red. You kinda want to make the left side of his neck match.\n\nYou say, he coulda opened with, 'I wanna fuck and if you bite me I'm gonna cum all over.'\n\n"I didn't know," he says. "Actually. Holy fuck." He's gasping for breath, slumped against you, cock still drooling weekly against your hip. "Never cum that fast in my fucking life."\n\nYou say, wow. Well, y'know, you're glad you figured that out then; it was fucking hot.\n\nHe peels himself off you, leaning back against the wall. His chest is heaving, giving you a nice view of the play of his muscles, solid and defined. There's a long thread of cum hanging down from the tip of his softening cock. He looks at you: flushed and sweaty, front smeared in <<if hasMutation("leaky")>>a mess of cum and milk<<else>>his loads<<endif>>, and his gaze drifts down to your bloated bulge. "Lemme see your dick," he says.\n\nYou easily tug the laces open, \\n<<if hasMutation("dick")>>\\nreaching in to heft your dick out into the open. You've drooled a mess of scummy pre all over, and your cock comes out glazed and shining, webbed in glistening, threadline cords, slowly drooping down under their own weight. It shudders, bloating out further now that it's free, <<if hasMutation("balls")>>and you have to reach in under it and heft out your altered balls too; they're too big to roll out on their own<<else>>until it's fully-hard and dragging down from its own bulky weight<<endif>>.\n\nHe stares at its inhuman bulk, eyes going wide as your cock shudders and trembles, spitting out a slimy mess of pre in a thick, sludgy cord. "That's a fucking grub dick, huh," he says.\n\nYou say yeah, it is, even though it really wasn't a question. He wants to give it a feel?\n\nHe seems to consider it for a second, staring at your cock, and then leans in, hand curling around your shaft, his fingers digging into the crest of warts just under your cockhead. His grip shifts, thumb stroking along the underside, and you spew a mess of pre all across his wrist.\n\n<<else if hasMutation("knot")>>\\nreaching in to peel the sodden fabric away from your unsheathed cocktip. You've drooled out considerably more pre than he has cum, and it squelches and gurgles as you heft your sheath out. Thick, drooping cords of pre hang from the bottom of your sheath, webbing across the sodden inside of your pants, with more oozing out from your flooded sheath. He stares at its inhuman bulk, eyes going wide as you unsheath in a flood of scummy slime, full length of your cock plus half-swollen, spongy knot erupting out from your aching sheath over a few seconds in a squelching, gurgling slurp.\n\nYou groan while it's happening; it's real nice to not be so backed-up anymore.\n\nYour tentacles spill out behind it, swiping through the frothy mess smeared all across your sheath and knot and letting it splatter to the ground beneath. Cleaning it off.\n\n"What the fuck is //that//?!" he says, arching away from it like it's a snake that's gonna bite him.\n\nYou say, it's your cock.\n\nHe says, no shit.\n\n<<if $anySiegeSex>>\\nYou say, y'know that seems to be a pretty common response from city humans.\n\nHe snorts. "Yeah, that doesn't surprise me. It's a fucking monster of a dick."\n\nYou say, yeah. You like it a whole lot.\n<<endif>>\\n\nHe says, "That kinda thing common?"\n\nYou say, nah. Beast dicks are pretty rare.\n\nHe says, "//Beast// dicks?"\n\nYou say, yeah, dicks from fucking around with a great beast.\n\nHe says, "You //fuck// those monsters? They're wild animals!"\n\nIt's still weird to hear that. You say, you know normally you wouldn't ask such an insulting question but he does realize great beasts are intelligent, right? They can talk. That's why they're great beasts and not just beasts. Like literally every time you've shown my dick to somebody from the cities they get hung up on this.\n\nYou decide not to get into the theological aspect of it either because it sounds like he's //profoundly// not ready for that. City humans get all weird if you mention you fuck around with a demigod a lot. Not that you'd let Brulvundojn know you ever called him that.\n\nHe says, "huh."\n\nThat doesn't answer your question but you don't really want to get into it right now.\n\nGetting back to it: you shift your weight, and your unsheathed cock bobs in the air, slinging gummy cords of pre in all directions.\n\nYou say, fucking aches after being pinned in your sheath for so long. So y'know, if he wants to touch it, be your guest.\n<<else>>\\nand let your cock swing out into the open. You're longer than his stubby length, but he's fatter. You're a little envious. He leans in and wraps his hand around your shaft. His fingers are slick with his own cum, and he wetly strokes your shaft, fingers squelching.\n\n"Huh," he says, looking down. "Kinda thought all wastelanders had grub dicks."\n\n<<if hasMutation ("balls")>>\\nNow's a good time to heft out your balls. They're aching, bloated and heavy, and like on cue your cock shudders and spews a mess of slimy yellow pre all across his hand, up across his forearm.\n\n"Fucking hell!" he says, grimacing, using his other hand to scrap the pre away -- just smearing it all over both hands -- and you let out a soft laugh against his lips. You got some other ĝheist parts, you tell him.\n\nHe feels down over your bloated balls, expression somewhere between disgust and fascination. His fingers dig into the lumpy, lopsided chambers of your swollen balls, enough to send a heated ache through you, and when you spew a mess of pre bigger than both his loads all over his stomach he doesn't try to dodge, just leans forwards so the mess gets sandwiched between you, squelching and slurping as he sloppily strokes you off.\n<<else>>\\nYou raise your eyebrows. "You thought your whole squad was into grub dicks?" He shrugs, not really bashful, and uses the heel of his palm to squeeze your cockhead. "Could be."\n\nYou groan a little while he strokes you off. No, most of us just have human dicks, you say, mumbling against his mouth while you hump your dick against his cum-smeared stomach. Sorry to disappoint.\n\n"S'fine," he says, kissing you again, fingers curling down to tug on your balls as he strokes you off.\n<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>\\n\n<<if hasMutation("knot")>>\\nHe reaches out, hands immediately glazed from the ropes of frothy pre hanging down from the underside. His fingers are already slick and dripping by the time he touches you. His fingers tug experimentally, slipping across your sharp cockhead and sliding along your shaft, and you exhale, letting your cock pulse in his loose grip, and smack him in the chest with a few spurts of pre.\n\nHe raises his eyebrows. "You cum?" he asks.\n\nYou have to clarify: that's just a single shot of pre, you tell him. Then you say, keep touching it.\n\nHe slides his glazed fingers down your shaft, flinching a little when your tentacles lap out, curling around your fingers. He's not really sure what to make of your knot: a big bulb of spongy, dense flesh. He spreads both hands around it, thumbs gliding across the grooves where its chambers meet your shaft. He squeezes down, and you moan obligingly, pressure and heat racing through you. Your cock jolts up and paints him with a glossy rope of pre, splattering him from stomach to chin. He sputters, spitting out some that apparently splattered across his lips, but then he squeezes again and you mostly catch him right in the face. He jerks back, mouth open, eyes shut, a sloppy glaze of rank dog slime drooling down his cheeks, over his nose, to drip down his jaw. You groan, leaning in, pinning your cock between you like an enormous brand, and rut against him, gushing pre in sloppy lines all over his chest.\n\nYou say, fuck. He looks fucking hot drenched in your pre, and you tell him that. There's a bubbly froth building up through the scum, corded in drooling lines down his chest, and you reach out and lather it across his chest, sticking his hair to his skin, fingerpainting him until he's entirely soaked. He's gasping for breath, flushed and sweating. His cock is hard again, butting up against the side of your knot, and you coil some tentacles around it, wetly squelching as you jerk him off.\n<<else>>\\nHis palm is hot and <<if hasMutation ("balls")>>slimy with your pre, squelching<<else>>slightly damp with sweat, friction warm<<endif>> as he curls his fingers around your shaft and strokes you. You rut against him, <<if hasMutation ("dick")>>gnarled shaft lurching and popping through his loose grasp<<else>>shaft slipping through his fingers<<endif>>, your <<if hasMutation ("dick")>>bloated <<endif>>cockhead butting against his cum-glazed stomach as he strokes you, base to tip.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("prostate")>>There's a hot pressure inside you, pulsing as you groan and rut into his hand, and you shudder and spew a gushing explosion of slimy yellowed pre all up across his chest. He just groans and leans in, stroking you more as you utterly drench him from stomach to neck in a layer of grimy, sludgy pre.\n\nHe lets go of your dick, watching it bob in the air, still hard. "You cum?" he says, and you gotta say, nah, that's all just pre. He shudders, fingers catching some of the sludge drooling down his chest, peeling it out in a lumpy, finger-thick cord. "Seriously?"\n\n<<if hasMutation ("balls")>>You say, when you actually cum he'll know it. This is just foreplay.\n<<else>>You say, yeah. You're productive, and if to punctuate it your cock twitches again, spurting out a plume of rank, cloudy yellow pre that splashes up all across his face, drizzling in liquid lines across his nose, spilling down his cheeks.\n<<endif>>\\n\nHe curls his fingers back around your dick with a wet //squelch//. Pre drools out between his fingers, smearing across his hand as he gets back to pumping your dick.\n\n<<else>>You spurt a mess of pre across his chest, mixing with his load, and he groans and ruts forward.\n<<endif>> He's hard again, cock stiff and jutting up against your own, and you curl your fingers around it, the both of you stroking each other off in a sloppy mess of pre and cum, grinding your cocks against each other, pinned between your bodies.\n<<endif>>\\n\nThe other side of his neck is very temptingly unmarked, and he notices you staring just around when you start to lean in. He tips his head to the side, hands curling around your shaft, and you bite down, chewing on his neck. He groans, rutting up, letting out gasping, hitching sobs, and <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>he squeezes down, mashing his hands against your bloating knot<<else>>he squeezes down, fingers digging into your <<if hasMutation ("dick")>>warted <<endif>>shaft, and the whole thing bulges out more, swollen with trapped blood<<endif>>. You snarl against his skin, breath snorting out through your nose, licking up the mess of your own pre between chomping bites.\n\nHe cums with a shaking, needy moan, and it's that more than his hands on your <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>knot<<else>>cock<<endif>> that gets you to cum too. You groan, sound buzzing through his body with your teeth still clamped on his neck, and your cock erupts between you, first shot <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>cracking against the underside of his jaw from an inch away and splattering in all directions<<else if hasMutation ("balls")>>spraying a grimy, clotted mess of gritty grey cum all across his chest<<else>> spurting out all across his cum-slathered chest, smearing together with his own load<<endif>>. You both messily rut against each other, chests glazed with cum, his spurting cock splattering up across <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>your knot, smearing against your tentacles<<else>>your shaft, glazing his still-stroking hand<<endif>>. You snort and snarl, teeth sunk into the thick muscle of his neck, and each of his broken, shaky moans makes you spurt more. You wring his third orgasm out of him<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>, tentacles playing with his flared cockhead, and utterly paint him with your load in the mean time, rutting your mutated dog dick against his chest, with foaming, frothy streamers of grimy cum cording out between you in squelching waves<<else if hasMutation ("balls")>> while you utterly drench his chest in wave after wave of your thick, tarry load, washing away his own smears of cum with your own reeking issue, until he's glazed and coated in a slimy slurry pouring all down his front <<else>>, the both of you spurting into the sloppy, cum-smeared space between you, until your combined loads start to ooze down your bodies, drizzling in slimy cords down your thighs<<endif>>.\n\nYou slump against each other, your teeth finally coming out of his neck with a final wrench. Tiny spots of blood well up where your incisors dug into him. You might have overdone it a little.\n\n<<if hasMutation("knot")>>The space between your chests is a messy cocoon of slime, all wrapped around your cock, squelching and burbling as it spills down to the sodden sand beneath you. You both just rest there, on your knees, panting raggedly. Your cock is still weakly pulsing, splattering his jaw with clumpy grey cum, spilling down his chest in a messy waterfall. After a while -- a few minutes -- you peel apart, and the cum between you webs out into a mess of foamy cords and glistening planes, slowly sagging down. He waves a hand through the mess, just staring at the chunky ropes of gritty grey cum, threaded through with jellylike green lines.\n<<else if hasMutation ("balls")>>He's still stroking your cock, and you're still spurting weakly, splattering his stomach with thick, silty slugs of gritty cum. His chest is -- both your chests are -- thickly glazed with an opaque coating of grey cum, slowly sheeting down his skin in clotted layers. You both just rest there, on your knees, panting raggedly, while your load smears between you, oozing down his thighs and cocooning your cocks in a frothy slurry of cum. After a while -- a few minutes -- you peel apart, and the cum between you webs out into a mess of stringy cords and froth-speckled bubbles, slowly drooping down in the heated space between you. He waves a hand through the mess, just staring at the mess of gritty grey slop.\n<<else>>The space between you is a sloppy glaze, both your fronts painted in a slurry of your combined loads, and as you both sluggishly rut against each other it smears into a dense paste, half-dried into flaking crusts, still wet and oozing across your stomachs. Your dicks are slathered in cum, slick and slippery in your hands, and you both just rest there for a few minutes, on your knees, panting raggedly, while you recover. After a while -- a few minutes -- you peel apart. His hair is plastered to his chest in dark whorls, big smears of cum all across his front, and he scrapes a hand down his stomach, hand coming away dripping.\n<<endif>>\\n\n"That's some shit," he says, bracing his hands on the ground to push himself up slightly. You say, yeah. It's pretty fucking messy. His pants are saturated, cum soaking them uniformly all across his front, with big greasy splotches soaking up piled globs of cum. They audibly stretch and creak when he shifts, and he grimaces, sitting back and peeling the soaked fabric down his thighs, awkwardly sprawling back with his pants in a lumpy furl caught on his knees. You're just about as equally slathered, with cords of sludge drooling down your chest and soaking your pants. You're considerably more used to it, though.\n\nYou tell him sorry. But also, that you're not really sorry.\n\nHe reaches up and touches his neck, hissing a little when he presses down against his bruised flesh. He really does look like a mess: big purple-blue bruises are starting to form in splotches across his neck, and all the tooth marks are darkening into flushed red lines. He looks like he lost a fight with an angry animal. "Yeah," he says. "I don't think you're sorry."\n\nYou say he looks really fucking hot right now. All bruised up and glazed with cum. It's starting to dry<<if hasMutation ("knot") || hasMutation ("balls")>>, the sloppy waterfall down his chest still sluggishly drooling, <<endif>>but all across his arms and sides it's starting to clot up and flake apart. <<if hasMutation ("knot") || hasMutation ("balls")>>He tries to wipe some of it off and just smears grey slop all across his chest.<<endif>> He hisses more, wiping up cum across his bruised shoulders, and you watch his softened cock twitch, shifting slightly as he digs into the bruises. You say, you wanna try for a fourth? and he just laughs.\n\n"No fuckin' way, I'm fuckin' spent," he says. "Fuck." He digs into his shoulder. "I'm gonna be feeling this for days."\n\nYou say yeah, probably.\n\nIt takes a while to get to that point, but you scrub the worst of the mess out of your pants and off your chest<<if hasMutation ("knot") || hasMutation ("balls")>>, showing him how to scour the jellylike cum off with sand<<endif>>. You leave him some extra food and water, though you get the sense he'll be coming around town to bring it back sooner rather than later.\n<<set $leaderLocation to "village">>\\n\n[[→|worldmap]]
<<if $ticVisits gt 3>>\nThe cave is abandoned. Looks like Leraje has packed up and left.\n\n* [[leave the cave|worldmap]]\n<<else if $drudgeActive neq "">>\\nThe cave is abandoned right now, but shows signs of recent habitation. You look over at <<print $drudgeActive>>. Maybe your company spooked whoever's nested here away.\n\n[[←|worldmap]]\n<<else>>\\n<<set $ticVisitedThisTrip to true>>\\nThe cave has been set up as a rough campsite. It's Leraje.\n\nHe's a little worse-for-wear after living out in the desert for a bit. He's stripped off his armored gear -- it's in a pile in the corner -- and he's only in his pants and an old white undershirt. He's sunburnt across his shoulders and neck, and his hair has grown out enough to start to curl. His jaw is covered in coarse stubble, a brighter red-blond compared to his rusty orange hair.\n\nThere's a bunch of empty ration contains in a heap in the corner. He's got two water jugs next to his bedroll, one empty and the other half-empty.\n\nHe doesn't look too pleased to see you, but he's not threatening you either.\n\n* [[talk to him|2ic caves talk]]\n\n[[←|worldmap]]\n<<endif>>
<<if $ticVisits eq 0>>\\nYou say hey. He doesn't look too happy to be found out here. You lean against the rocky wall and say, you know, we never //really// had any ill-will towards them. We just didn't want them laying siege to your town. You say, be glad he didn't actually shoot anybody or he'd be dead.\n\n"Spare me the lecture," he says.\n\nYou sigh. You toss him some of your rations and your extra waterskin.\n\nHe doesn't pick them up, but he doesn't reject them, either. "...Thanks," he says, eventually.\n\nYou ask if there's anything he needs.\n\n"Just fuck off, okay?"\n\nYou say, whatever.\n\n[[→|worldmap]]\n<<else if $ticVisits eq 1>>\\n"You're back," he says. That's the friendliest greeting you've seen him give so far.\n\nYou say yeah. You dump some excess food and water rations you'd been carrying for this specific purpose. He kinda looks at them, mouth flat.\n\nHe could come back to the village, you tell him. They're not actually gonna turn him away to die in the desert, if that's the other option.\n\nHe snorts. "Not likely."\n\nYou ask, what about his human outpost base?\n\n"Oh, fuck that," he says. "And get court-martialed for dereliction, on top of everything else? You know what they do to deserters?"\n\nNo, you actually don't, you tell him. The entire human city setup has always seemed like a pretty bad deal to you, and you've tried to avoid it as much as possible.\n\nHe laughs at that, not really amused. "Yeah. It is."\n\n[[→|worldmap]]\n<<else if $ticVisits eq 2>>\\n"You again," he says. "Still taking pity on me?"\n\nYou say, if that's how he wants to interpret it, fine.\n\n"You know you're the only human I've seen in weeks? I'm just waiting around here and you keep coming up to fucking bother me."\n\nYou don't say, yeah, good luck surviving on your own, because you clearly need the help. You dump the latest load of food and water; that makes the point pretty clearly.\n\nYou tell him, again, that he could just come back to the village if he wants.\n\n"Fuck off," he says. Then he pauses. "Uh," he starts, barely articulating something before stopping. You wait for a second.\n\nIf there's anything you can do to help him, you know, you're all ears, you tell him, and he scowls.\n\n<<if $whoSiegeSex.length gt 0>>\\n"There's--" he starts. "Nah, fuck it, forget it. You got your rocks off with <<if $whoSiegeSex.length gt 1>>the others<<else if $whoSiegeSex[0] === "munitions">>Maxwell<<else if $whoSiegeSex[0] === "rook">>Rook<<else>>Raven<<endif>>, not me, right?" He sneers a little.\n\nYou didn't actually know he knew about that. You say, so it's a sex thing, huh? He glowers at you, but nods. That's kind of cute.\n\n* [[say, lemme guess, you wanna fuck me|2ic caves ride intro]]\n* [[say, well say it or don't|2ic caves initial sex prompt]]\n* [[just drop it|2ic talk drop]]\n\n<<else>>\\n"There's--" he starts. "Nah, fuck it, forget it."\n\n* [[tell him to not be an asshole about it|2ic caves initial sex prompt]]\n* [[just drop it|2ic talk drop]]\n<<endif>>\n\n<<else if $ticVisits eq 3>>\\n"Hey," he says.\n\nYou say hey.\n\n"You, uh, were serious about the town thing, right? Them taking me in?"\n\nYou say yeah. You say, does he want to head back there with you?\n\n"Nah," he says. "Just thinking."\n\nYou say, sure.\n<<if $ticSexPrompted>>\\n<<if $sex['tic'] gt 0>>\\n\nHe swallows. "So, uh, could you fuck my face?"\n\nThat's a little surprising.\n\n* [[yeah|2ic caves facefuck]]\n* [[yeah but i wanna hear you beg for it a little more|2ic caves beg]]\n* [[nope sorry|2ic caves reject][$_ticReject="facefuckAfterBlow"]]\n<<else>>/% sex prompt happened but you rejected him %/\\nHe swallows. "You, uh," he starts. "You, uh, wanna suck my dick?"\n\n"Or you still set on not fucking around with me...?"\n\n* [[yeah i can blow you if you want|2ic caves blow]]\n* [[nah not interested|2ic caves reject][$_ticReject="second"]]\n<<endif>>\n<<else>>\n\n[[→|worldmap]]\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>
You say it's that he wants to fuck you, right?\n\nHe jerks back, eyes wide. "What?! You'd do that?" So maybe not that, then.\n\nYou shrug.\n<<set $ticSexPrompted to true>>\\n* [[sure, if you're all pent up lemme ride yr dick|2ic caves ride]]\n* [[nah it just seemed what you'd expect|2ic caves demur]]
You say, sure, you'd ride his dick. His eyes practically bug out, and his gaze drags its way up your body with a new kind of interest. You return the gaze. Obviously you've seen him before, but it's different if you're sizing somebody up to fuck. To fuck in the next few minutes, even.\n\n"I been so fucking horny," he says. He leans forward, one arm draped between his legs, and he's idly grinding his bulge against his forearm while he talks. "All the food and water is contaminated, right? Fuck, I can't imagine how you all deal with these fucking sex drives, fuck."\n\nPersonally you think he might be overstating it a little; you've lived in the wasteland your whole life and the ambient level of lightrot in everything really isn't enough to do much except over the course of years. But maybe city humans have even less resistance; you have no clue. He could just be pent up.\n\nYou step forward and place a hand on his chest. He looks down, like he doesn't understand, and you push him onto his back, flat on the rock shelf he's been using as a bed. His cock tents up his pants, absolutely obscene. It shudders as you straddle his thighs, hands fanning out across his hips, thumbs digging into the hardening flesh of his trapped dick. He groans, hips rocking up, and his cock shudders, lurching through the thick cloth covering.\n\n"I was gonna ask to suck your dick," he says, voice a little hoarse. "Been so pent up I need //something//."\n\nYou tug on the laces of your pants. Your <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>sheath<<else>>own cock<<endif>> lurches, its fat bulge sagging out. You tell him he could still do that.\n\nHe lets out a gusty laugh, and clutches your ass, hands digging into your cheeks. "Nah," he says. "This is good." He humps up, grinding his dick against <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>your sheath<<else>>yours<<endif>>, and lets out a shaky moan. His cock twitches again. The material across his crotch is slightly damp, pre and sweat seeping through and adding a slight drag, a slight stretch, to the material, as you cup his bulge in your hand and grind your palm down. He moans and arches up, pushing back, and his cock throbs hard, pulsing as he spurts pre.\n\nYou shove his undershirt up his chest. He's solidly muscled, abs thick, clenched now as he ruts up against you, and his nipples are broad and dark, starting to pebble up when you drag your hands down his chest. He's got a decent covering of red-orange hair, fanning out in curves across his meaty pecs, covering his clenching abs in a thin fuzz. He's absolutely covered in freckles, thicker across his shoulders and arms, thinning down his chest, where he's pale and not sunburnt. Tufts of sweat-dark hair curl out through the gap where his bulging cock peels his pants away from his waist, and you give his dick one final squeeze before you pop the button of his pants and unzip them, shoving his pants down and leaving him naked from chest to thigh.\n\nHis cock lolls out and smacks against the groove of his abs, shockingly huge for a human, and his balls spill down along his thighs, huge and heavy. He's thick, shaft just as broad as his cockhead, but his cockhead has a huge, deeply-defined ridge that's clearly visible as a thick lump banded all around his dick even through his foreskin. He's big enough for you to wrap both hands along his shaft and still have the head peeking out, and so you do that, milking him a little as his dick loses its last softness and holds itself up under its own weight, jutting straight up from his crotch. He groans, rutting up against your hands, and you stroke him enough to peel his foreskin back, showing off the raw red flesh of his bare cockhead. His cock twitches in your hands, spitting out a slimy gush of pre, and you smear it over your hands and slick it back down his shaft, making each stroke squelch obscenely.\n\nYou take one hand off his dick to shove your own pants down over your ass, and you finger yourself open with fingers slick with his pre. His head is tipped back, eyes closed, with the stubbled underside of his jaw on display. You shift forward, straddling him, and sink down on his cock. He lets out a bellowing groan, cock sliding along the wall of your ass, long enough that it digs against the opening to your guts for a second before you push yourself open, taking it down to the hilt. <<if hasMutation("knot") || hasMutation("dick")>>Your <<if hasMutation("knot")>>sheath<<else>>dick<<endif>> flops out against his chest, half-hard and drooling, and he looks up at the weight. He stares, bug-eyed, for a second, before your ass gulping and squeezing around his shaft pulls out a full-body shudder and he throws his head back again, groaning, as your <<if hasMutation("knot")>>unsheathing dick spills out all across his chest, with the sharp tip slotting up to press between his meaty pecs<<else>>dick flops across his chest, pushing up against his pecs as it fills out<<endif>>.<<endif>>\n\nHis cock, sunk in your ass, is big; he's real big. <<!isBiggest('tic', 'anal')>>But real big, for a human, is still just moderate compared to a ĝheist, and so your ass hungrily swallows him up, letting him grind his pubes against your ass.<<endif>> Your ass spasms around his shaft, milking him, clenching hard, and you both groan. You sag forward, knees bracketing his ribs, hands splayed across his chest for balance, and you push back to grind his dick just an iota deeper, making his cockhead skid and slide through your guts. Beneath you, he groans, hands curling around your forearms as he hunches up, grinding his dick inside you.\n\nYou ride him, ass coming down as his hips come up, each thrust punctuated by the sharp //crack// of impact. His balls throb against your cheeks. You focus on his fat cockhead kissing against the entrance to your guts, dragging back and forth over it each time you hilt him, and you bring your ass up, mouth open, eyes unfocused, as you slam down on his dick again and again until the slight hitch of his cockhead popping deeper is ironed out; until your guts are rearranged around his cock, yawning open to swallow his entire length without the slightest hitch. He's groaning under you, fingers digging into your forearms, hips snapping up to fuck his cock into you deeper.\n\nHe's pent up. It's a race to see if you can manage to get off before he does. Your ass burns, cheeks flushed from the impact against his crotch, your guts sucking and spasming around the plunging length of his dick. His shaft grinds against <<if hasMutation ("prostate")>>the bulging wall of your ass, just enough pressure against your aching, bloated prostate, and you groan and let your cock spew out a mess of grimy, yellowed pre all over his chest, glazing him in stringy froth<<else>>your prostate, just barely<<endif>>, and you lean back so his pumping thrusts put more pressure down. He's long enough to really push in deep, to get to the sharp, intense sensation of him plunging into your guts, and you gasp and shudder, growling deep in your chest as you ride him, chasing the hot spark of heat in your shuddering guts as he slams into you again and again.\n\nYour guts spasm, heat burning through you, sensation so intense your rhythm falters -- hands clenching against his sides, ass slamming down against his dick and stuttering there, milking the final inches of his cock -- and he has to pick up the pace, hands spread across your ass as he pushes you up and down his cock, fucking you through an anal orgasm so intense your vision greys out, bright flashes of light sparking in your peripheral vision. You warble, snarling and groaning through it, only dimly aware of his presence as anything other than a fat dick in your ass, still pumping and thrusting.\n\n"Oh fuck," you hear him say, dimly, and suddenly he's cumming in your ass, heavy bursts of cum gushing into your aching guts, slick and heavy spilling down his shaft to squirt from your spasming asshole. You groan, riding him shallowly, still focused on the drag of his fat cockhead punching back and forth into your guts, lubed now by his load. His cock shudders inside you, flexing fatter, cockhead flaring out minutely, churning up his load into a frothy mess that oozes out around the lax, gaping seal your asshole makes around the root of his dick, smearing between you in sloppy cords.\n\nYou pant there for a bit, just resting on his dick as he spills the rest of his load inside you. You're both breathing hard, and that movement is enough to keep his cock shifting inside you, fucking the final inch of his cock back and forth in your sloppy, flooded ass. Your own dick is still half-hard, <<if hasMutation ("knot") || hasMutation ("dick")>>cockhead pinned between his pecs<<else>>cockhead pressed against his stomach<<endif>>, <<if hasMutation ("prostate")>>continually gushing a slimy mess of frothy yellow pre, pouring all over his chest and coating it in a murky, translucent layer of rank slime<<else>>leaking a mess of pre all over his chest, painting his chest hair down in dark lines<<endif>>.\n\nHis cock shudders inside you, half hard, and you slump to the side, pulling off his dick with a //squelch//, leaving your ass feeling open and empty.\n\nStill panting, sweaty and red-faced, Leraje looks over at you. He grabs his cock, slimy and wet with his load, and smacks it against his thigh: still thick and turgid, drizzling out cloudy beads of cum from his bulging cockslit. "You didn't think one load would be enough, right? You ready for more?"\n\nYou were expecting he'd be spent, but it's always a nice surprise when you meet a human who's actually capable of fucking.\n\n[[→|2ic caves ride followup]]
You roll over, on your back on the stone shelf, and he rolls off it entirely, standing up between your spread legs. Your hole is wet and open, sloppy, and he shoves two fingers in before guiding his cock back inside, no resistance.\n\nHe's only half-hard, dick spongy and heavy, compressing and shifting inside you as he thrusts. He can't get in you as deep, in this position, but you're raw enough from the fucking that it doesn't really matter; your inner walls clench around his dick, slick and raw, buzzing inside you as he drags the heavy weight of his cock over your aching flesh. Cum squirts out of your hole each time he hilts, splattering down his thighs and dripping off his balls.\n\nYour cock fills out, thickening as you get hard, and <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>Leraje just kinda stares at it, a little bug-eyed as you spit out green-threaded pre all over your chest. His hands clench hard against your raised calves when your knot finally slurps out, a gush of grimy black pre gurgling out of your bulging sheath, followed by your writhing tentacles.\n\n"What the fuck is that?!" he yelps, but not pulling back from where he's stirring his half-hard cock in your sloppy ass. You tell him that's your dick.\n\n"No shit," he says, still just staring.\\n<<else if hasMutation ("dick")>>Leraje stares at it as it hardens up, swelling into a complete ĝheist dick, grey-green and immense, gnarled from the innumerable waxy warts coating its surface, drizzling out gritty, chunky pre all across your chest. His hands clench against your raised calves, and he snaps his hips forward, cockhead bashing past your prostate as he sinks deep, and your cock twitches and flexes, lurching to the side.\n\nHe groans. "What the fuck," he murmurs, still thrusting, just staring down at your dick.\\n<<else>>Leraje fucks you harder, grinning down at your cock flopping against your chest, spurting out pre in shining ropes, smearing all across your stomach and sides.\n<<endif>>\n\nIt takes a while, but he gets hard again. The spongy softness of his dick dragging inside you has a nice weight to it, heavy and dense without being hard, but slowly he swells again, skin drawn taut over the full bulk of his engorged dick. He snaps forward, burying his dick all the way in, cockhead only just teasing the entrance to your guts; but since you're already fucked-open it's easy to cant your hips a little and let him slide an iota deeper, rolling his cockhead over your aching, splayed-open guts. He groans, head thrown back, chest heaving, and here all you gotta do is brace your arms against the rock wall so he doesn't fuck you into it. Riding a dick is an exercise; your thighs ache. Your hole is gaping, sloppy and open from the long fucking, asslips bruised and pouting open, wetly slurping along his dick with each thrust.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("prostate")>>His cock keeps knocking against your overinflated prostate, milking out huge streams of grimy pre. <<endif>><<if hasMutation ("balls")>>Your balls jostle up, huge lopsided knobs lurching inside your heavy sac, listing out across your thigh as he fucks. There's a ripple of heat inside you, not-quite an orgasm, and your dick gushes out a rank, fuming slurry of slimy pre and clotted cum, gushing out across your chest in a gooey wash. <<endif>>Leraje keeps thrusting, angling his dick deep inside, fucking up into the sloppy, pulsing opening of your guts. His balls smack against your ass, splattering his load in hot speckles all up your thighs. Your cock ripples, squirting pre-and-cum across your chest in a frothy mess, and Leraje stares down at it, groaning, each thrust forcing out more.\n\n"Oh fuck," he groans, again. "Oh //fuck//!" His cock ripples inside you, twitching, and you clench down, sloppy guts milking his dick as he spills his second load inside you. Cum winds its way down through the bruised, swollen ridges of your guts, oozing out across the thick slabs of your fucked-open asshole, and Leraje sways, dazed, and lurches forward on top of you: your cock pinned between you, faces suddenly an inch away. He groans, gasping and shaking, and turns his head to the crook of your neck, hips still pistoning away as he fucks his way through his drawn-out orgasm.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("dick") || hasMutation ("knot")>>Your cock shudders between you, pinned between your chests, audibly squelching and slurping as Leraje rocks into you. You groan too, rolling your hips, fucking it through the sloppy channel between you.\n\nLeraje gets an idea of what's gonna happen; he pulls up fractionally, one elbow propping him up, and looks down at the foaming, frothy mess of slime webbed between your chests. "Wait," he says, "are you--?" is all he gets off before you cum, blasting him directly in the face with <<if hasMutation ("dick")>>your gritty, chunky ĝheist-cum load, smacking him right between the eyes with the first finger-thick rope. It glues itself to his skin, greyish cum clinging to his sweaty face in a mounded pile, and then you groan again and let out the second shot, a messy fountain of cum splattering all over your chests, catching across his jaw and hooking up over his cheek. He lets out a squawk, and you hook your arm over his back, pulling him back down so you're gushing your load out between you, slimy and gritty, squelching and popping between your bodies as you unload in a huge sloppy mess.\\n<<else if hasMutation ("knot")>>a mess of oily, grey cum, threaded through with glowing green jelly. You hit him right in the bridge of his nose, and the cord splatters out in both directions, plastered to his skin in a huge gummy mass, with thinner ooze dripping down his cheeks, spilling into his mouth as he sputters. You groan, hips jerking up, sending your sharp cockhead cannonading between your pecs, and when you let out the second shot he's still just staring dumbly, eyes wide, mouth hanging open. You plaster his face, painting his sweat-dark hair to his scalp, making him squeeze his eyes shut, sputtering more as big greasy clots of your load splatter across the roof of his mouth. You pull him close, kissing him to lap up the rank ooze dribbling across his teeth, letting you hunch your cock up between you, squirting ropes of fuming animal cum all over your necks and jaws.\\n<<else>>Your cock aches, grinding between your stomachs, coating the both of you in your pre. You groan, rolling your hips to rut your cock against Leraje's stomach, and you cum in a rush, only that tiny amount of stimulation enough. You spurt your load between you, slurping and squelching as Leraje hunches into you, cum smearing between your bodies, dripping down your sides.\n<<endif>> He's still cumming in your ass. At this angle your hole is dragged out into an oval, with his load constantly burbling out in a mess down your ass, onto the rock beneath.\n\nHe collapses on top of you, all that weight pinning you down<<if hasMutation ("dick") || hasMutation ("knot")>>as you keep gushing hard, filling the space between you with rank slime<<endif>>. Leraje gasps<<if hasMutation ("dick") || hasMutation ("knot")>>, mouth full of cum, and you lick the mess off his lips, off his stubbled jaw, and shove your tongue into his open, panting mouth just to see him sputter and jerk back, face screwed up in a grimace<<else>>and you messily kiss him, the both of you breathing too hard to really kiss; just breathing into each other's mouths as you pant your way through your orgasms<<endif>>.\n\nEventually you're both spent, sprawled across the rock shelf with his softening dick still embedded in your fucked-open ass. <<if hasMutation ("dick") || hasMutation ("knot")>>He's completely drenched in your load, with thick, gummy cords of sludge spanning between you when he pulls himself up. There's a mess of froth and bubbles, huge planes of glistening slime, webbed between your chests, all down your stomachs, and when he waves a hand through it to try to snap them they all just hook around his hand. You grin up at him. Still, his dick pulses again, twitching inside you.<<endif>> He pulls back with a slurp, shakily getting to his feet. Your ass feels hollow, carved open.\n\nGood fuck, you tell him, sliding off the shelf. Cum winds its way down the backs of your thighs, dripping down your balls. <<if hasMutation ("dick") || hasMutation ("knot")>>That's nothing compared to the sludge painted across your chest, oozing down in grimy sheets. It's nice to watch the matching mess across his chest, drizzling down his sides, outlining the chiseled muscles of his stomach, dribbling down to soak his own dick in the slurry of your load.<<endif>>\n\n"Fuck," he says, slumping against a wall<<if hasMutation ("dick") || hasMutation ("knot")>>, trying again to scrape off some of the slime with his hand.<<endif>> "All of you are freaks, you know that?" He's saying it more ruefully than insulting; it's still a little obnoxious.\n\nYou decide to ignore it. You tell him, freaks that just got him laid. You tell him, hope he's feeling less pent up now. And, if he wants to do that again, well, you'll be around again, probably.\n\n<<sex "tic" "anal" "top">>\\n[[→|worldmap]]
You say, nah it just seemed like the kind thing he'd be into.\n\n"I fuck," he says, growling, and it's so unexpected and unintentionally funny you have to bite your lip to not laugh in his face.\n\nYou say, so what was he gonna ask?\n\n<<set $_late to true>>\\n<<display "2ic caves initial sex prompt">>
<<if !$_late>>\\nYou tell him not to be an asshole about it.\n<<endif>>\\n\n"Is it really in the air?" he blurts out. "I've been drinking spring water too --" he nudges a boot against the plastic jugs you've been bringing. "That shit's tainted too, right? Fuck, I can't imagine how you all deal with these fucking sex drives, fuck."\n\nYou've lived in the wasteland your entire life, you tell him. It takes years for the slightest effects of lightrot contamination show up. You cross your arms. So he might just be using it as an excuse, you say.\n\n"Oh, blow me, fuck off," he says.\n\n<<set $ticSexPrompted to true>>\\n* [[hey i can blow you if you want|2ic caves blow]]\n* [[yeah well sounds rough for you|2ic caves reject][$_ticReject = "initial"]]
You let it drop. Leraje looks uncomfortable, shifting awkwardly, not making eye contact.\n\nYou just tell him to ask again when he's ready to actually ask, and head out.\n\n[[→|worldmap]]
<<set $ticSexRejected to true>>\n<<if $_ticReject == "initial">>\\n<<if $whoSiegeSex.length gt 0>>\\nYou say that sounds rough.\n\n"Oh, fuck you, 'sounds rough'," he says. "I know you suck dick, 'anything I can do to help', fuck off."\n\nYou say, did he ever actually //ask// if you wanted to suck his dick?\n\nHe scowls.\n\nThis is probably a good time for you to leave.\n<<else>>\\nYou say that sounds rough.\n\n"Yeah, it fucking sucks," he says. "So fuck off, get out."\n\nYou get out.\n<<endif>>\n<<else if $_ticReject == "second">>\\nYou say yeah, you are. He scowls. You say, maybe he shouldn't've been such an asshole before; maybe then you'd be sucking his dick right now. But he wasn't and you're not.\n\n"Fine, I get the point," he says.\n\nYou're not sure if he does but it's actually not your problem.\n<<else if $_ticReject == "facefuckAfterBlow">>\\nYou say nope sorry.\n\nHe visibly deflates. "Seriously?!"\n\nYou say yeah. You know a bunch of guys who'd gladly fuck his face but they're all back at the village. He scowls.\n\nYou say, see him around.\n<<endif>>\\n\n[[→|worldmap]]
<<if $ticSexRejected>>\\nYou say, asking somebody if they reconsidered not fucking you ain't a good look, chief.\n\nHe gets a look on his face, kinda pissed off.\n\nThen you drop to your knees in front of him. You could suck his dick, though, you say. You've been thinking about it recently. You press your hands to his knees: body warm through the fabric, muscles of his legs trembling slightly. He looks more than a little shocked; you don't think he was actually expecting you to say yes.\n\nYou slide your hands up his thighs, to the mound of his cock. He gives a wheezy exhale when you cup your fingers around it. He's not hard yet, just filling out, and you squeeze down a little, fingers catching along the underside of his shaft, letting his dick swell in your hand. He groans and spreads his legs wider, rutting his hips up against your hand.\n\n"Oh fuck," he says, a little breathlessly.\n<<else>>\\nYou say, yeah you can blow him if he wants, and you drop to your knees in front of him.\n\nHis eyes get kinda wide. "I didn't mean it _that_ way," he says, and you say you know. And then you say 'but...' and trail your hands up his thighs, tense and trembling, to the mound of his dick. He lets out a soft little exhale, almost a whine, and slumps down. He's not hard yet, but you can feel his cock shudder through his pants, slowly filling out. You grope him a little, squeezing and tugging at his cock, and he groans and spreads his legs wider, rutting his hips up against your hand.\n\n"Fuck," he says, a little breathlessly.\n<<endif>>\\n\nYou say you like him a lot better like this. Less of a giant hardass. When you thought about sex with him before it involved a lot of him being a tightly-wound asshole. You cup his cock for emphasis and look up at him, grinning.\n\nHe goes, "oh fuck off and just suck me off," but it's still missing the angry bite he had in the village.\n\nYou unbutton his pants and unzip his fly, and his cock all but bursts out. Lurching out, its taut arch bobs in the air, the whole length a ruddy, flushed red. It's remarkably big for a human dick, enough to grip with both fists and still have his head peeking out. You do that, his skin sweat-damp on your palms, and stroke him a little, watching his foreskin peel back and forth over the bright red head of his cock. He groans, sagging back on his elbows, head tipped back.\n\n"Fuck," he groans, while you pump his cock. He's got two big squiggling veins up his shaft, and when you grip the base they bulge out into a messy lightning-bolt tracery under his skin. "I really needed this. Th--" he says, and stops with a hoarse gasp when you lean in and kiss his cockhead, softly sucking on the tip while you pump his shaft, other hand going down into his pants to drag out his (equally big) balls.\n\nHe tastes salty. Saltier than most. But he pres a lot, spurting a burble across your tongue as you suckle on his cockhead, and you lap up over his splayed cockslit, swallowing with a gulp. He groans, hand coming up to cup your <<if hasMutation ("scales")>>stubbled scalp<<else>>braids<<endif>>, and he tugs you forward, further down on his cock. You oblige, for now, bobbing down and taking in another inch of his cock, wetting his dry skin as you sink down. You drool, your pumping hand smearing his shaft with spit and pre, and you sink down until his cockhead hits the back of your mouth. His cock throbs, a drizzle of pre spilling down your throat, and you lick across the underside of his shaft, back and forth, until you raise up and spit his cock out, letting it skew across your face as you catch your breath.\n\nYou tell him you were expecting him to have a smaller dick.\n\nHe snorts, a bit of that obnoxiously-controlling tone in his voice as he smirks and says "What, too big for you to handle?"\n\nYou tell him not to get wise when you've got your teeth on his dick. Then you tell him about how most humans from the cities are all small and most people figure they got small dicks too. Not that you got that much of a preference. His cock is stuck to your cheek this whole time, drizzling pre down your jaw. You're stroking him slow, milking the pre out of him, lips pressing against the side of his shaft as you talk. He nods vaguely every time you pause. You don't think he's actually paying much attention to what you're _saying_.\n\nYou take his cockhead back into your mouth, tongue pressed along the underside, drooling, and you bob back and forth over the tip, lips pursing around the fat flare of his cockhead. He groans, fingers tensing on your scalp, and then you look up at him and open your throat up, sinking down until your nose is buried in his pubes, his fat balls on your chin, and his entire cock stuffed in your mouth, cockhead shuddering down your throat. He curses, groaning, and holds you down, flattening your nose against his stomach while he humps forward.\n\nYou pull back, cock coming up your throat, slick and glistening with thick phlegm, giving the cockhead a lick as it spills past your lips. Cords of slime web between his cockhead and your mouth, staying in place even when you lick your lips. His cock shudders, its heavy arch swaying back and forth minutely, and his cockhead spreads, a heavy bead of pre drooling out. You catch it on your tongue and swallow.\n\n"You're fucking teasing me," he says, like he actually just figured it out. You tell him duh, of course. He wanna cum or you wanna keep going like this for a while? He lets out a little half-believing pant of breath. "That's not really up to me is it? You're the one with your lips on my dick."\n\nYou roll your eyes, but you go back to making out with his cockhead, lapping along the ridge of his cockhead where it seems like he's most sensitive, tongue swiping across the taut dome, drooling down his shaft enough to keep your pumping hand sliding slickly. You stop every so often, other hand tugging on his balls, squeezing a little. You don't want him to cum yet. You suck on his cockhead more, letting his pre trickle over your tongue to the back of your mouth, swallowing sometimes. Then you swallow the whole thing, moving your hand out of the way to leave a wet smear across his hips. You gulp around his shaft, milking him, and he groans again, breath coming faster. His skin glistens with sweat, and you spit his cock out to play with his cockhead again, going faster -- gulping his cock to the root, spitting it out to suck on the ridge of his cockhead, back and forth.\n\nHe snarls, grip on the back of your head digging in as he shoves you down to the root. His feet shift on the gritty floor, back arching, and he fucks your face, using both hands to hold your head in place as he takes control, fucking your mouth hard. He can probably feel you grinning against his crotch as he slams your head down, cock hilting with a wet gurgle, pulling out with a _slorp_. He snarls, breathing hard, fucking up, until with a loud bellow he cums down your throat. Even knowing it's coming it's still a bit of a surprise, cockhead spurting in the back of your mouth, and you cough between swallows, cum sticking to your throat, smearing back and forth in heavier globs, drooling out between your lips. He holds you down again, spending his load down your throat, and you obligingly milk him until he stops cumming.\n\nHe softens in your throat, and you slowly pull off, letting his half-hard cock slurp out of your throat and smack against his thigh, covered in slime and froth. You catch a glob of cum on your lips and smear it over into your mouth, swallowing again. You're looking up at him while you do it, and he's staring down at you, his lips parted, shoulders heaving with his deep, heavy breathing. You swallow again, and he mirrors the motion, staring down at you. Your lips feel bruised, swollen and glossy.\n\nAlso, you're hard in your pants. You sit back, standing up, and the catch of the fabric is what makes you realize. Leraje's gaze shifts over to your bulge, and you wonder if he thinks you'll expect him to return the favor. From the way he's looking, he wants to. He might not be ready to realize that, though.\n\nHe breaks the silence, voice croaking a little. "Thanks," he says. "I really needed that."\n<<sex "tic" "oral" "top">>\\n\n* [[grab your dick and see if he's up to returning the favor|2ic caves blow return]]\n* [[no problem|2ic caves blow np]]
He says, hoarse and kind of breathless, "Show me your dick." He's leaning forward, half off his perch, and you sit back and tug on your pants.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("knot") || hasMutation ("dick")>>\\nDon't wanna freak out out with my giant monster cock, you say, while you're tugging at the laces of your pants.\n\nHe says, "Fuck off," but not really in a mean way.\n\n<<endif>>\\n\\n<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>\\n<<display "2ic caves blow return knot">>\n<<else if hasMutation ("dick") || hasMutation ("balls")>>\\n<<display "2ic cave blow hj">>\n<<else>>\\n<<display "2ic cave blow return">>\n<<endif>>\n\n<<sex "tic" "oral" "bottom">>\\n[[→|worldmap]]
You tug open the laces of your pants.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("balls")>>\\nYour balls ache, churning and lurching in your overpacked sac. You drag them out, letting your bloated, misshapen sac hang down, hefty and huge, cords visibly slithering inside. Your flesh furrows and droops, spilling out lower.<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMutation ("dick")>>\\n<<if hasMutation ("balls")>> <<endif>>Your cock flops out over your balls, gnarled and heavy. Your leathery foreskin peels back, showing off the darker skin of your cockhead, flesh slick with rank pre. You give it a tug, more slime drizzling out, and then let it drop, slapping against your thigh.<<endif>>\n\nLeraje lets out a noise of disgust, nose wrinkling. You laugh a little, and tell him you did warn him. You give your cock a stroke, curling your fingers down to your balls.\n\n<<set $both to hasMutation ("balls") && hasMutation ("dick")>>\\n<<if hasMutation ("balls")>>You milk out a thick, gooey string of grimy, cloudy yellow-white pre, and catch it on your fingers.<<endif>><<if hasMutation ("dick")>><<if hasMutation ("balls")>> <<endif>>You tug on your cock a little showily, fingers digging into the rocky scute along the root of your cock, pulling your gnarled foreskin back and forth to show off your warted cockhead.<<endif>> So you're not gonna suck on it, huh, you say, idly jerking off.\n\n"<<if hasMutation ("dick")>>There is no fucking way that thing is ever going in my mouth<<else>>There is no fucking way you're getting that shit in my mouth<<endif>>," he says.\n\nYou shrug. Fine by you. But you say, well, I'm gonna jerk off now. You wanna watch, or should I go outside.\n\nHe stares at your cock, mouth still hanging open. He swallows on nothing. You wonder if he's thinking about what sucking it would be like. Eventually he mumbles, "uh, you can stay." You grin at him, but he doesn't really catch it, because he's still just staring at your <<if $both>>cock and balls<<else if hasMutation ("dick")>>cock<<else>>balls<<endif>>. <<if hasMutation("dick")>>Your cock throbs in your hand, veins rising to the surface when you tighten your grip slightly, visibly pulsing.<<endif>><<if $both>> <<endif>><<if hasMutation("balls")>>Your balls are churning and gurgling, rising and falling as internal muscles pull and tug. A wet pulse races up your cock, and you spurt out a cord of viscous slime onto the ground beneath you. Leraje looks split between flinching back and pressing his face to the dust to lap it up.<<endif>>\n\nYou stroke yourself off some, one hand on your cock, the other tugging on your balls. You burble a slimy mess of pre down your shaft, smearing it with a wet crackle over your hand, using it to lube your strokes. Leraje is real close. You're both on your knees, nearly touching, his head only inches from yours. But he's just staring down at your cock. His fingers twitch against his thighs. "Can I--" he says, making an abortive motion, and you let your hand fall, cock jutting out from your body, pulsing slightly with your heartbeat. He pauses, hand raised, until you tell him to c'mon, get on with it, jerk me off. He wraps his hand around your cock, letting out a soft sigh.\n\nHis grip is soft, loose; he's more interested in playing with your cock than getting you off. Which you're fine with. He tugs on your foreskin, staring as its warted folds slurp back and forth in a crinkly wave. Your cockslit pulses, spitting out a gush of pre all across his chest, and he lets out a groaning sigh, thumb sliding up over the tip of your cock, catching on the swollen, lumpy protrusions of your fat cocklips. You spurt pre in a thick cord, webbing across his spread fingers, and he groans, rubs his knuckles across your shaft to smear it, and uses it to ease his strokes. You tell him good job. He kinda sneers at you, but does it again, gets his hand slathered in your grimy pre and steadily pumps your cock, letting your pre froth up into chunky clusters that smear all over his hand, drool down his wrist. The sound is obscene, wet squelches and sloppy crackles when he adjusts his grip, palm slurping when he wraps his hand around your shaft, a thin burble of pre oozing up between his fingers. He does it all while staring intently at your cock: gaze fixed, mouth open, panting. Little flecks of pre splatter across his face, beads dotting his cheeks and brow, probably getting into his mouth. The thought of that, of him gulping down your pre in scummy waves, makes you spurt more: a gush splatters across his face, and he flinches back reflexively, but his strokes hardly falter. He uses his other hand to wipe his face, and a messy cord spills down his cheek, into his mouth. It's real nice.\n\nYou feel heat start to twist in your stomach, the flesh of your balls furrowing. You tell him he's right in the blast radius. He's panting, breath billowing out around your cock, splatters of pre gushing all across his neck and chest. He groans, and the hot wash of breath that wraps around your cockhead is nearly enough to get you off.\n\n"C'mon," he says, face shiny with sweat, "cum all over my face."\n\nHe asked for it. It's not long; his steady pumping gets you closer and closer, and you start to fuck his fist, groaning. He coaxes you on, growling, begging, and you go, oh fuck, and cum all over his face. The first shot comes out like a shot, smacking him right square between the eyes, and he jerks back. You pulse in his hand, cock throbbing, and the second and third shots spray all across his turned-aside head, drenching one cheek and webbing across his ear. He turns his head back, glaring up at you, and then has to shut his eyes as you cum all over his forehead, stringy ropes soaking his sweaty curls to his skin, drooling down his face in a scummy wave. He keeps pumping your cock, hand stroking from base to tip, keeping it aimed right at him. You coat his face with <<if hasMutation ("balls")>>grimy, chunky ĝheist cum, grey-green and gritty, <<else>>your load, spurt after spurt<<endif>> until it pours down his face, gathering in thick cords across his jaw and splattering down across his kneeling body.\n\nYou tell him, c'mon, open your mouth. His lips are already parted, scum burbling down across them, but you want him open wide. He opens wide. Cum pours down his face, all over his tongue, and he grimaces but doesn't shut his mouth. You shoot right between his lips, cum splattering against his tonsils, and he sputters and swallows, face scrunching up from the taste. But then he opens back up, licks his lips, and grimaces his way through another swallow.\n\nHis face is drenched under a sloppy, chunky mess of cum, soaking his hair, catching in his stubble, and yeah drooling into his mouth. He keeps swallowing, even though there's a whole-body shudder each time. He sags forward, lips wrapping around your still-spurting cockhead, and he grimaces as he gulps down each spurt. He catches the mess drooling from his chin and uses it to stroke himself. He lets out a shaky, shuddering whine around your cock as he instantly blows his load, shooting all across your boots. He gulps down your foul load, each swallow making his cock spurt another rope of cum.\n\nEventually you're spent, cock softening in your hand -- and on his tongue -- and you slowly pull back. Your cock lurches from his mouth, smears across his cum-coated cheeks, and smacks against his shoulder, drooping there in a heavy arch as he kneels in front of you, panting and sputtering, cum drooling down his skin and making dark, glossy droplets in the sand below.\n\nYou good? you ask him, and he sags forward, forehead against your thigh, smearing cum all over. "Fuck off," he says, still panting.
You show him your dick. You tug at the laces of your pants, pulling them loose, and hoist out your cock. He groans when he sees it, slumping forward onto his knees, and presses his face against your thigh, stubble scraping across your balls as he leans in and wraps his lips around the tip.\n\nYou were genuinely not expecting him to be this easy.\n\nYou're half-hard, cock thicker and longer but still soft, spongy; your foreskin droops over your cockhead, heavy and wrinkled. Leraje's tongue works at the tip of your foreskin, pushing in to lap across your bare cockhead, and you groan, tugging him more solidly between your legs, angling his head. He groans again, mouth open wide, and gulps down your entire half-hard dick. Your head presses against the back of his throat, slowly filling out further, pushing minutely deeper, and his tongue wraps around the underside of your shaft, stroking it. His nose flattens against your crotch, buried in the curly hair there. He huffs and groans, mouth milking your cock as it stiffens, before he pulls back, cock emerging shining and wet, to focus on suckling on your cockhead again. You stroke your shaft, pulling your foreskin back and he groans and slides his tongue across the bare flesh, swallowing as you drizzle out your first bead of pre.\n\nYou tell him, suck on my balls, and he pulls of your cock, and pushes behind them, lips wrapping around one of your heavy, low-hanging balls. Your half-hard cock smacks against his cheek with a satisfying //thwack//, leaving a messy smear of spit. He sucks one ball into his mouth, gently sucking, lips and teeth gingerly pressing against your skin, sending hot frissons up through your spine, and then spits it out, repeats the process on the other. Your cock shudders, drooling a thick bead of pre across Leraje's cheek, slowly winding its way down his neck. He tries to fit both balls in his mouth, lips stretched, lips squeezing down with a not unpleasant pressure as he crams both into his mouth. He slobbers across your balls, chewing and gnawing at the loose flesh at the base of your sac, breath wetly billowing up across your cock. You're fully hard now, cock a spar laid out across his face, drooling pre across his forehead. He stares up at you, tongue dragging against the flesh of your sac, juggling your balls, face flushed and cheeks puffed out from the heft of your balls.\n\nYou lazily jerk your cock, drooling pre across his face, forming runny lines over his bulging cheeks, spilling around his stretched lips. Leraje swallows around your balls, tongue shoving one and then the other out, and then he slides his tongue up the underside of your cock, wrapping his lips around the fully-hard tip. He bobs back and forth, just suckling on the tip, popping the ridge of your cockhead through his lips with a hot spang of pleasure. You spurt pre into his mouth, mixing with his spit into a sloppy slurry that he drools down your shaft.\n\nHe strokes you off with one hand, the other tugging on your spit-slathered balls, lips and tongue playing with your cockhead. He's good at it. You huff and groan, hips moving forward slightly, fucking his fist, pushing your cockhead deeper into his mouth.\n\nYou tell him you're gonna cum soon, and he groans around your cock, staring up at you. He looks so plaintive about it, like he's begging for your load. It's a real hot expression. Plus he keeps stroking your shaft, other hand squeezing your balls. You can feel it coming fast, each tug bringing you that much closer.\n\nYou cum in his mouth, shooting across his tongue, and he swallows it easy, letting out a hungry whine. Your cock throbs, cockhead pulsing between his swollen, bruised lips, and you shoot rope after rope of cum into his mouth: painting his tongue, splattering against the back of his mouth. He gulps, throat working, tip of his tongue playing with the underside of your cockhead, stroking up and down in time with your spurts.\n\nHe eventually eases off your cock, catching the last dribbling squirts of cum across his tongue. He nurses your softening cock, licking it clean. He swallows, licks his lips, and tucks your cock back into your pants. "You good?" he says, and you say yeah.
Your cockhead is shoved up tight against the front of your pants, and the scrape of the raw flesh against the sodden fabric is gross and uncomfortable. You slide your hand into your pants and cup your sheath, palm squelching as your cockhead drools against it. With your other hand you unbutton your pants, and the relief when your cock spills out into the open has you panting and groaning.\n\nYour cock unsheathes with a thick, meaty gurgle, drawn by its own bulk to point down at an angle. Unsheathing is a feeling like nothing else, almost like getting fucked: the dense, engorged bulk of your cock shifting inside you, sliding out in a rush. The bulk of your spongy, unengorged knot catches on the lip of your sheath with a _spang_ of pleasure, the tentacles behind it finally able to peel away from your shaft and stir the air, a feeling like being able to spread your fingers after having them cramped together. Your shaft is coated in slime, trapped pre gurgling out of your flooded sheath and getting smeared all over the base of your shaft, dribbling down towards the head. The air in the cave abruptly changes, suffused with the dense, heady reek of your cock: sweat and flesh and meat and cum; wild animal musk, the rotten-metal reek of lightrot, all so potent it almost hurts to inhale.\n\nLeraje is staring at your cock, wide-eyed and open-mouthed. "What the fuck is _that_?!"\n\nYou tell him it's your cock. You say you did warn him.\n\n"Fucking hell, that thing's freakish." Slime trickles across your cock, slipping down the sides to hang off the bloated underside. As if to punctuate his statement, a glob pulls out into a fat, hanging line and then snaps, hitting the floor with a sharp //crack//. Leraje flinches back. "You weren't joking when you said you had a giant monster cock."\n\nYou tell him you never joke. It's a joke. Then, grabbing your cock by the sheath and waggling it, you ask if he wants to return the favor. He leans back, nose wrinkling up in disgust. Yeah, a little too early, you think.\n\n"There is no fucking way that thing is ever going in my mouth," he says.\n\nYou shrug. Fine by you. But you say, well, I'm gonna jerk off now. You wanna watch, or should I go outside.\n\nHe stares at your cock, mouth still hanging open. He swallows on nothing. You wonder if he's thinking about what sucking it would be like. Eventually he mumbles, "uh, you can stay." You grin down at him, but he doesn't really catch it, because he's still just staring at your cock.\n\nYou take a step back, so you can lean against the cave wall: shoulders braced against the rock, hips thrust forward. Because you think it looks hotter, but also so you don't drip so much slime on your pants. It can be a serious mess. You wrap both hands around your cock, one near the tip and the other around the gnarled arch of flesh that'll swell into your knot a bit later. Slime squelches under your palms, burbling up between your fingers. There's a mess of darkened splotches on the rock beneath you, like just before the start of a lightning storm.\n\nYou jerk off. The sensation is still almost too intense, altered flesh raw, painfully sensitive. You stroke, up and down, and the eddies of air stirred by the motion caress your shaft, achingly intense despite how you only feel it as a slight breeze across your stomach and thighs.\n\nLeraje is still kneeling basically right in front of you. You tell him he's still in the blast radius.\n\nHe says, "what, you're gonna cum already?" You say no, and then pump your cock a few times, playing with the tip, hand and tentacles milking your slack, pulpy knot. Your cock shudders, lurching in your grip, and gushes a rank, fuming mess of green-threaded precum all across the cave floor, stopping between Leraje's spread knees. Droplets splatter up across his thighs and stomach. He gapes, mouth hanging open, and you're real tempted to make his mouth the next target if he doesn't shut it. You say as much, and he gulps, licking his lips.\n\nHe still scoots back a bit, though. Not enough to actually get out of your splash radius, but you figure you gave him enough warning. He'll figure it out.\n\nYou play with your cockhead, running your fingers along the sloping plane of the tip, over the sharp point along the bottom edge, thumb rubbing back and forth over the fat divot of your cumslit, turning the next few gushes of pre into fountaining eruptions that splatter out in all directions. You dig your thumb into your cumslit, groaning, head tipped back, slimy fingers stroking across your cockhead. Pre splatters against the bare skin on your stomach and thighs in hot specks, and you wiggle your thumbtip around in your cockhead, feeling pre gush and back up behind it, only to flow out in a constant stream when you pull back. Pissing out pre all over the ground.\n\nYou stroke yourself with both hands, using your tentacles to play with your knot, hips thrusting forward, fucking your cock through your hands. You're panting, mouth hanging open, skin shining with sweat, and when you look down Leraje looks the same way: face flushed, mouth hanging open, breathing hard. You've hit him with a few shots, thick lines of slimy pre splattered across his thighs and stomach. He's hard again, cock knifing straight out from his crotch. You aim your cock a little up, and the next gush of pre erupts out and splatters all across his chest. He jerks back from the unexpected impact, but then leans in more, creeping forwards on his knees.\n\nThe heel of your hand slams down against your knot, sluggishly swelling now, and you let out a sharp bark of a groan, cock spewing two more lines of pre in short succession. Splattering all across Leraje's chest, the end of one catching on his chin and plastering itself to his neck. He whines, dazed, one hand dimly raising up to feel across his undershirt, fingers smearing the gummy cords of pre across the sodden fabric.\n\nYou focus on the base of your cock, tip lurching side-to-side with your thrusts, your fingers tangled together as you pump your cock, smacking against the growing bulk of your knot each time. Pre slashes off your cock, splattering to the sides, and Leraje creeps forward again, close enough to catch the shots against his chest again. His shirt is nearly entirely drenched, stuck to his skin, and in a single smooth motion he grabs the hem and pulls it off, catching the next spurts right in the center of his chest, soaking down the coarse spray of hair there. He whines, hips rutting forward in time with your pumping thrusts, head bobbing down to line up with your cockhead when your thrusts angle it toward him. He's only like a foot away now, close enough for the eddies of his breath to curl around your shaft. Also close enough to catch nearly every shot of pre. Your cock twitches up with one, and the resulting spurt hits him square in the face, right between the eyes, and he flinches back, eyes closed, mouth open. He looks real hot glazed in your pre, face glistening with your slime, rivulets trickling down his face, dripping into his open, panting mouth. He licks his lips again, swallowing, and you groan, sliding a hand up to aim your cock right at his mouth. You gush across his face, cords splattering right into his mouth, scum cording over his lips, and he chokes and gurgles, mouth flooded, a sloppy mess of pre and spit drooling out over his lips, in a shining, slimy trail down his neck, to his glazed chest.\n\nYou groan, tipping your head back, and let yourself go. You grip your knot with your tentacles, squeezing and tugging, hands pumping your entire shaft back and forth, back and forth, and it's only seconds more before you cum. You moan, loud, and your cock lurches, erupting with a sizzling cord of translucent green jelly, smacking against him so hard that the backsplash splatters against your hands, all over your shaft. He groans, and then you shoot again at the noise cuts off in a wet, liquid gurgle; you got him right in the mouth. There's an eddy of air around your cockhead, and then his lips are on you, sucking on the sharp tip. It seems like he hasn't really caught that you cum from a bit higher up, on the center of your sloping cockhead, and then next gush of cum is angled to spray all across his face, completely drenching him in cloudy, greyish cum, little swirls of greenish jelly spilling down across his face. Cum drips from the tip of his nose across your shaft. His hair gets messily plastered to his scalp, rusty curls lopsided, droplets of cum dripping down over his shoulders. He moans around your cockhead, sinking down, lips struggling to wrap around your cockhead as it gets thicker. You shoot again, bloating his cheeks, and he swallows and then chokes, spitting it out in a messy burble that splatters on the ground between you, probably not used to the taste or texture. You flood his mouth, cum sloshing against his teeth, and he finally pulls off, panting hard, letting the thick, tarry mess pour down his face. He squirms closer, pressing his face against the side of your shaft, sliding down, catching slime on his tongue, until he's pressed against the side of your engorged knot, mouth open and sucking, slurping, across the dark flesh. He moans, and you look down: he's finally touching his cock, hand overflowing with your load, using it as lube to stroke himself off. He busts again, like two strokes in, his load instantly lost under another wash of slime pouring off your cock.\n\nYou wonder if you could keep milking your knot, keep yourself cumming the full half-hour, until he's totally drenched. The initial rush of your orgasm has faded, ebbing back to just the slow, steady pleasure of pumping cum; some internal muscle spasms, keeping you gushing. Your load thins, less cloudy, only thin strings of greenish jelly; spurting from your cocktip and splattering down across his back, the crown of his head, pouring in watery waves down his body. His skin glistens, rippling waves of cum pouring all over him, washing down into a messy puddle beneath him. He keeps slurping on your knot, dazed, panting, eyes screwed shut -- glued shut with cum -- chest plastered against your legs. You like him a lot more like this.\n\nEventually you stop playing with your knot, and your pulses slow to a slow pour. You ease back a little, guiding him back up your shaft to nurse on your cockhead. You tell him to try swallowing it again, and he mumbles a "fuck off" against your cockhead. But he tries it, mouth flooding with rancid, vile cum, entire body shuddering when he swallows. He takes a few more gulps before he gives up, coughing and splattering the latest mouthful on the ground. "Your cum tastes fucking awful," he says, and you say it's an acquired taste, catching a handful of the silty dregs and sucking it off your fingers. It tastes pretty bad. He shudders, spitting on the ground, but when you slump down to your knees -- cock a huge club between you, spurting sluggishly between your chests -- he doesn't object to you making out with him, feeding him your reeking cum.\n\nEventually he slumps back, gasping, and you sprawl back too, cock giving out its last few spurts across your chest. He's dripping wet, front and back plastered with cum, pants soaked black, squelching when the seat of his pants sinks into the piled-up puddle of slime beneath him. "You're a fucking menace," he says, spitting again. "Your cum tastes like battery acid and oil."\n\nYou shrug. Like you said, an acquired taste.\n\n"Does everybody in the wasteland have a fucking monster cock?" he asks, and you say no, just you. You tell him, some people got ĝheist dicks. You tell, you got yours from fucking around a lot with a great beast, and he stares. "Like, as a pet?" he asks, and you laugh. You say he's your friend. You say he should talk to Brulvundojn sometime, maybe. He's nice. But his cock is even bigger and his cum tastes even worse. Leraje blanches. He's still staring at your cock, watching as the knot throbs against your sheath, slowly sinking back inside your body as it shrinks. He wipes a cord of cum off his jaw, looks at his gummy fingers, and experimentally presses them to his tongue again, grimacing as he swallows, once, before giving up and spitting again. You laugh, and he scowls at you, so you lean in again and kiss him, tongue lapping across his lower lip, teeth following. He moans into your mouth, and his cock twitches between you, pinned against the side of your mammoth cock.\n\nYou pull apart, and he scowls down at your cock. "You said I had a big dick." You say, big for a //human//. He says, "You're a human," but it's a little bit of a question. You say you sure don't have a human dick, and he says "yeah, that's fair."\n\nYou're pretty glad he didn't start talking about how you're all degenerate, mutated freaks or any of that shit, because blowjob or no you would've decked him for that. You do say, well, I gotta go. I'll leave you to clean up. It's a joke, because he's a fucking mess, and the smell is gonna sink into the rock and the sand and stick there for at least a few seasons.\n\nHe says, "This is all your mess," and you say that you did offer to go outside. He kinda bares his teeth at you.\n\n[[→|worldmap]]
You say no problem, any time, and grin. He goes back to staring at your lips.\n\n[[→|worldmap]]
<<if !$_beg>>You say, yeah, sure, you can fuck his face for him.\n\n<<endif>>\\nHe squirms down: laying on his back on his sleeping shelf, with his head hanging back off the edge.\n\n<<if $_beg>>\\nYour cock bobs as you walk over, <<if hasMutation ("balls") || hasMutation ("prostate") || hasMutation ("knot")>>already drooling runny <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>dribbles of dog pre<<else>>yellowed ropes of pre<<endif>> that slash off in cords to splatter across your thighs, and then across his face when you get close. He flinches back reflexively, gummy lines spilling down his face, before opening wider, breathing fast<<else>>and he opens wider, swallowing on nothing as you line it up<<endif>>. He's drooling.\n\nYou press your cocktip against his lips, resting on his tongue, and he lets out a shaky moan, lips wrapping around the <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>sharp <<else if hasMutation("dick")>>warted <<endif>>tip, tongue cupping around the underside to catch the spill of pre. He gulps, hungry and desperate, and only moans more when you slide in deeper, cockhead sinking down to press against the back of his mouth.\n\n<<else>>\\nYou say, he's awfully eager for it.\n\n"Well, are you gonna get your cock out or not?"\n\nPushy.\n\nYou get your cock out<<if hasMutation("knot")>> and mash your sheath against his face. He groans, opening wide, and sloppily kisses your sheath, shoving his tongue inside to lap thick slime off your inner walls. You can feel his jaw twitch from the taste, and you mash down harder, so your leathery sheath slops out over his cheeks and jaw, letting him gulp down old cum as you unsheath into his mouth. <<else>>, and mash it, soft and turgid, against his face. He groans, opening wide, and swallows it down to the root, tongue hungrily lapping across its <<if hasMutation("dick")>>warted <<endif>>surface as you let him get you hard.<<endif>>\n\nYou pull back, and he drags in a watery gasp, before immediately glaring at you: "C'mon," he says, mouth open, tongue sticking out. His voice is garbled; he's more interested in presenting himself than speaking clearly. "Fuck me."\n<<endif>>\n\nHis lips spread around your shaft, <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>more and more as your tapered shaft bloats in the middle<<else if hasMutation ("dick")>>each fat wart catching and snarling his lips as it slurps in<<else>>wetly sucking as he starts to swallow your dick<<endif>>; you jab against the back of his mouth before you can get too deep in, and he gags and chokes, coughing up a huge phlegmy trail of pre and drool that spills all up across his face. He lets out a desperate whine, grinding his face along the weighty underside of your dick as he coughs and swallows, before opening his spit-shined lips and trying to swallow your dick again. He opens wide, lips crawling down your shaft as he takes it in an inch at a time. His face is beet red; his neck is swollen; he keeps snorting out through his nose as he gasps around your dick. Your dick ripples, spraying a mess of pre into the back of his throat, and he gags again, pre stewing around in his mouth before he manages to swallow around your dick.\n\nHis throat rumbles around your shaft when you bring your hand down, curling across his neck. His hair is loose and dark with sweat, sticking to his skin. You push him deeper, letting him gurgle and gag as <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>your mutant cock spreads his lips wide, sharp tip jabbing against the soft flesh at the back of his throat<<else if hasMutation ("dick")>>you scrape your warts over his lips, scratching them up until they're swollen and red, fat and pouty clinging to the bulk of your fat dick<<else>>your cockhead jabs against the soft flesh of his throat<<endif>>. He gags again, ooze drooling from his nose and burbling out around your shaft, but he just sniffles and keeps sinking down. You lean forward, practically mounting his face, and grind your dick down, plunging it into his phlegm-lubed throat with an obscene wet squelch until he's buried all the way to the root, <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>sheath piled up across his nose and jaw, <<endif>>balls draped across his face. His throat bulges from the bulk of your dick shoved down it; you spread your palm over his adam's apple, feeling the stretch as you rut your dick minutely back and forth. He's still gagging, slime squirting from <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>his mouth into your sheath, cords spilling from his nose all down your balls<<else>>his nose and mouth and drooling down your balls<<endif>>.\n\nYou fuck his face. You pull back, giving him time to cough up a wash of pre mixed with stringy throat phlegm, and then thrust forward, spearing him <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>to the sheath<<else>>to the root<<endif>>, balls hitting his flushed face with a satisfying //crack//. You pull back again, <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>the bulky middle of your shaft warping his throat<<else if hasMutation ("dick")>>warts catching on the walls of his throat<<else>>shaft emerging slathered in his phlegm<<endif>>. His throat convulses, coughing up a wet mess of slime, spilling across his upturned face, and you use that as lube, smearing it back across your shaft before you snap your hips forward again. His entire body shudders with each thrust, back arching off the rock shelf, throat working as he struggles to not gag. His hands wrap around your thighs, digging in hard with each thrust. You lean in and snap your hips forward, fucking the final few inches of your cock back and forth, keeping your cockhead sunk deep in his throat. Your pre froths up, a thick cream burbling from his nose and mouth, escaping up his throat in wet gags of churned-up, creamy froth. His fucked-open mouth makes wet noises, squelching and slurping when you grind down, hollowing out with a scummy gurgle when you pull free.\n\nHe gags hard, but even the sharp clench of his fucked-open throat isn't enough to push your cock out. You lean back, letting him cough it up, and he wetly retches, vomiting up a mess of phlegm and pre all over his face, dripping down his face and pulling his sodden hair out into corded tendrils. He hacks and coughs, slime squirting from his nose and mouth, just collecting in his cheek and spilling out over his bruised lips when he turns his head to the side. His face is flushed dark red, and you can see veins in his neck pulse. He takes in a few gasping breaths, slime whistling through his throat.\n\nHe opens his mouth, burbling out slime as he tries to talk. "Don't stop," he says. "I can take it. Fuck me harder." All that's said in a ruined buzz, breath whistling, clots of slime working their way up his throat between words.\n\nHe opens his mouth, probably to say more, but you take him at his word and line up your cock, shoving it back down his throat in a single frictionless shove. He swallows the entire length of your shaft no problem<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>, sheath pinned to his face in a meaty bulk<<else if hasMutation ("dick")>>, lips scraping against the waxy base of your dick<<endif>>. There's a buzzing, deep in his chest: he's groaning, the sound muted by the dick clogging his throat.\n\nYou lean forward, bracing your hands against his chest -- he's still totally hard, which is a little impressive on a base physical level -- and hump down, his face mashed between your thighs, balls smacking his face with each thrust. He gags less this time, throat a fucked-open trench that easily takes your dick. Slime squelches around your shaft, churning in his throat, bursting up into his mouth in abrupt gushes that splatter out over your dripping balls.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>When you grind your sheath down against his face the next time, your knot bursts out into the open in a sudden eruption, sheath flesh peeling back as its soft, turgid bulk works its way free. You keep facefucking him, letting your sheath drain backed-up pre out all over his face in a grimy wash of black sludge. Your tentacles smear across his face, tugging at his lips and squirming into his nose. You mash your knot against his lips -- no way he's gonna take //that//, or at least, not the first time you facefuck him -- but it's still nice to see the way his lips warp, spreading around the heavy bulk and clinging tight when you try to pull back, bruised and glossy. You bash your knot against his face a few times, practically clubbing him with it as he arches and convulses, vomiting up greasy black pre, squirting ooze from his nose. You decide to be a //little// nice and grind down, holding him in place while you stuff a few tentacles up his nose, squirming through his sinuses and into the back of his throat. You peel them apart, stretching out his internal passages. Half-intubating him, so the sloppy black ooze burbling from his nose comes out in a bubbling froth, mixed in with his breath.\n\n<<endif>>\\nHis hands shudder on your thighs, fingernails digging into your <<if hasMutation ("scales")>>hide<<else>>skin<<endif>>. You pick up the pace, plunging your dick into his spasming throat, watching the warp and stretch it makes through his skin. His chest is flushed red, drenched with sweat and stringy slime that's splattered up across his neck and throat. You groan, low and long<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>, tentacles milking your knot<<endif>>, and cum straight down his throat. <<if hasMutation ("knot") || hasMutation ("dick")>>The tip of your dick is practically shoved into his stomach, lodged under his collarbone, and y<<else>>Y<<endif>>ou flood his throat, pulse after pulse of cum rippling inside him, stewing around your spurting cockhead before he gulps, or gags, one way or the other cum churning around inside him. Ooze slurps up around your spurting shaft, big bubbly globs gutturally squelching in his throat, bursting higher when he gags and convulses, slurping up higher across your shaft. It takes a while before he gags enough to squirt cum from his nose and mouth, gushing up into his mouth already creamy and frothy, pouring from his fucked-open mouth all over his slime-drenched face in chunky, sloppy waves. You're spurting just as much down into his stomach, audibly gurgling as you keep fucking his face, sliding your cock through the mess to hilt his face, spurting balls grinding wetly across his slathered, bruised face.\n\nHe cums all over himself. He squeals, sound turned into a buzzing vibration against your cock, and his mammoth dick shudders and sprays his own load all up his front, shooting in time with his full-body writhing spasms. His cock lurches erratically, dragging across his stomach with each shot, splattering his chest in streaky lines of cum. You groan, grinding <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>your knot against his lips<<else>>your dick down against his mouth<<endif>>, and he makes an answering buzz, ruined throat gurgling as he smears his bruised lips against <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>your knot<<else>>the base of your dick<<endif>>. You facefuck him through his orgasm, your spurting cock making his throat swell and bulge, and only draw back once he's collapsed down, his cock sluggishly leaking the dregs of his load over his hip.\n\nYour cock pulls free from his throat with a liquid squelch. Thick globs of churned-up goo coat his mouth and ooze out over his floridly-bruised lips, shiny and red-purple. He looks like somebody punched him in the mouth. Your cock slurps out of his throat, the tip pulling free coaxing out a wet gurgle followed by a breathless, heaving cough as he vomits up most of your load all over his face, twisting to the side to let some of the mess spill down onto the sandy ground. He's a mess: he's basted in your load; nose and mouth clogged with slime; hair corded into heavy tangled hanks, dripping <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>black<<else if hasMutation ("dick") || hasMutation ("balls")>>gritty<<endif>> ooze down to the ground in long, syrupy strands, painted all over his face. He heaves, vomiting up cum, cords squirting from his nose, and it's only after two or three wrenching, full-body spasms that he finally manages to suck in a breath, gasping through the mess painted all over his face.\n\nYou jerk off onto his face, dick still spurting heavy cords of cum. He's flushed a ruddy dark red all across his face and neck, spreading out across his chest. He's using one arm to prop himself on his side, and it's already trembling, straining with exhaustion. His breathing is wet and gurgling, throat clogged with thick sheets of frothy ooze, and he keeps hacking and coughing, spitting out huge sluglike globs that splatter against his lips and catch on his stubbled jaw.\n\nYou're pretty sure he's bruised from collarbone to eyebrows. Your balls smacking against his face didn't do him any favors, at least. It's hard to tell the damage with his skin so thickly slathered with sludge. His lips are split, with a thin smear of blood winding through the slime dripping down his face.\n\nAll that, and he still lurches forward, broken lips catching on the tip of your dick, tongue -- heavy and greasy-feeling, after so long pinned to the side of your dick -- licking through the grime coating your shaft. He gags when he tries to swallow, throat carved open and aching, but that doesn't stop him from lapping at the dripping tip of your dick, coating his tongue <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>in your murky, mutant dog cum<<else if hasMutation ("dick") || hasMutation ("balls")>>in your gritty ĝheist cum<<else>>in your load<<endif>>, swilling it in his mouth as he struggles to swallow.\n\nHe tries to reach out and pull you closer, and nearly topples off the rock shelf. You have to catch him, grip slippery across his cum-streaked side, and he sluggishly topples down, ending up on his knees in front of you, all the excess ooze streaking down his chest as he mouths at your dick. He whines around your dick, slurping on the side, and humps your leg like an animal, his hard-again dick slathered in the messy slurry painted all up and down his front at this point. You let him keep going until he cums again, gasping and sobbing around your dick as he cums all up your leg.\n\nHe spills back against the rock wall, dazed and shaking, utterly exhausted. His eyes have been glued shut by sludge for who knows how long. He just pants and shakes, still weakly retching when he tries to swallow, nose and throat still clogged with slime. You kneel down with him, catching some of the mess dripping down his face -- his hair is thick and saturated; you wring out a few slimy tassels -- and scrape the worst of the mess off his face and chest. He gurgles wetly, head tipped down, ooze still working its way up his throat, down through his sinuses.\n\nYou ask him, that what he was looking for?\n\nIt's probably easier for him to answer with his eyes glued shut and his voice ruined. He bobs his head, nodding mutely, face still flushed and blotchy.\n\n<<sex "tic" "oral" "bottom">>\\n[[→|worldmap]]
You say, yeah, you can, but you wanna hear him beg a little for it first.\n\nHis mouth hangs open, lips a little parted. You're not sure if he's angry or turned on or both, but you expect he'll tell you in a second.\n\n"Oh, what the fuck! It's like that, huh?" he says.\n\nYou say, all he's really gotta do is ask nicely. You're down for doing actual favors for assholes, but sex is supposed to be pleasant. So maybe he could try being pleasant.\n\n"'Pleasant'," he says. "Fuck off."\n\nYou shrug. He seemed to really enjoy your dick last time, you say. Would be a pity if he didn't get to suck on it. He gets red, flushing all blotchy. All you wanna hear about is why he wants to do it again. He gets redder.\n\nHe looks away. <<if hasMutation("knot")>>\\n"Your dick is so fucking freakish. Like something out of a fucking nightmare."\n\nYou say, that's not exactly complimentary.\n\n"I want it so fucking bad. Every time I've jerked off since then I've thought about you fucking me. Your fucking gross-ass cum all over my face. After you left I played with it until it all dried out. Jerked off using it as lube. I thought about you cumming all over my face, fuck. Fucking open my throat. Somehow getting that fucking nightmare of a knot in my ass. Came the hardest I ever have." He's so red you're actually a little concerned, face solid red from hairline to chest. He swallows, body pulled tight, forearms trembling where he's got his hands white-knuckled on his knees. "Those fucking tentacles! I never seen a dick like that in my life. People joke about grub dicks being clubs but that thing is just -- it's just -- fucking --" He swallows thickly, wipes his mouth with one hand. You think he's actually drooling. "I can't stop thinking about it."\n<<else if hasMutation("dick")>>\\n"You got a fucking monster dick. You know that, right? It's huge and it's gross. Fucking disgusting all covered in warts. Fuckin' //slimy//."\n\nYou open your mouth to say something like, that's not exactly complimentary, but he carries on:\n\n"And fuck, I've been jerking off thinking about when you came all over my face. <<if hasMutation("balls")>>Your fucking gross-ass sour cum! I can't stop thinking about the taste. Getting your fucking grub dick down my throat and feeling it burn when you dump your load in me. You came so fucking much.<<endif>> I jerked off with your load, you know? Worked it into my cock. Stunk like you for days. All I been thinking about since it happened." He swallows, thickly. You think he might be drooling.\n<<else if hasMutation("balls")>>\\n"Your fucking //balls//," he says. "They're so fucking huge. I couldn't believe how much you came. A fucking mess of grub cum all over. I couldn't stop thinking about the taste. I ate it up after you left, you know. Licked some off the fucking rocks. Tasted fucking horrible but I couldn't stop thinking about it." He swallows, thickly. You think he might be drooling.\n<<else>>\\nHe looks up at you. "Look, I like sucking dick, okay? And you got a nice dick. What fucking more do you want to hear? I like it when you shoot your load; I want yout o cum in my mouth. That good enough for you?!"\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if hasMutation("knot") || hasMutation("dick") || hasMutation("balls")>>\\nHe whips his head up, making eye contact, glaring. His eyes are shining, tears starting to drip down his cheeks. "That good enough for you?!"\\n<<endif>>\n\nYou say that's great, hand on your belt, tugging it open. You tell him he did real good.\n\n"So what, now you're gonna 'reward' me with your dick?" he says, scornfully.\n\nYeah, you say. You are.\n\n<<if $hasMutation ("knot")>>\\nYou tug on the laces of your pants, and your sheath lurches out in a heavy mound, the mottled purple tip of your dick already peeking out from the leathery flesh. He keeps staring at it, swallowing slowly. You shove your pants down to your thighs, sheath and <<if hasMutation ("balls")>>warted <<endif>>balls lolling out with a heavy lurch: balls slowly drooping down lower, sheath swelling fatter.\n<<else if $hasMutation ("dick")>>\\nYou tug on the laces of your pants, and heft your cock out. It's half-hard, leathery skin crinkling up into folded slabs of leathery flesh as it droops out over your <<if hasMutation ("balls")>>bloated <<endif>> balls. You shove your pants down to your thighs, giving your balls space to hang lower, letting your cock slowly peel off away from the damp skin as it shudders its way to full hardness. He just stares, mouth open, swallowing slowly.\n<<else>>\\nYou tug on the laces of your pants, and shove them down to mid-thigh, letting your cock and balls loll out. You're half-hard, cock starting to skew upward, cockhead half-revealed over your foreskin. Your <<if hasMutation ("balls")>>altered <<endif>> balls hang down beneath<<if hasMutation ("balls")>> in a leathery, warted sac, churning and near-audibly gurgling with your mutated load<<else>>, your sweat-damp skin slowly peeling apart, letting them hang down lower<<endif>>.\n<<endif>>\n\nYou say, well, c'mon, ask.\n\nHe swallows again. "Fuck me," he says, mumbling, half-hypnotized. His cock is tenting up his pants obscenely, a big trapped lump skewing to one side. "C'mon, fuck my face."\n\nYou say, good boy. That might be overdoing it a bit but he seems really into it.\n\n* [[get in position|2ic caves facefuck][$_beg = true]]
<<if $campHelpersSet neq true>>\\n<<set $helpers = shuffle (["Pthuul", "Jinn", "Djen"])>>\\n<<set $campHelpersSet to true>>\\n<<endif>>\\n<<print $helpers[0]>> and <<print $helpers[1]>> set up camp while [[''you''|you][$back = "camp"]] sit on your collected gear, with <<print $helpers[2]>> kneeling in front of you. Your gut aches, swollen now more than ever, and the eggs within you throb and pulse. \\n<<if hasMutation('womb')>>\\nYou can feel them slowly churn inside your womb, settling lower in your hips for the night.<<else>>\\nYou can feel them churn in your guts, rippling back and forth along your bloated inner passageways.<<endif>> \\n<<if hasMutation ('leaky')>>\\n<<print $helpers[2]>> rubs your bulging stomach with his huge hands, stroking up across your chest, and his fingers find your swollen, aching nipples. He tugs on them, built-up milk squirting out on the first grasp, and he steadily milks you, twin streams of milky ichor spilling down your chest, over your fat, pregnant belly.\n\nHe leans in, lips wrapping around one of your fat tits, suckling, hand mauling your other nipple, playing with them both until they're erect, forming corklike nubs on top of the fat, mounded peaks of your wide areola. He humps against your side, cock sliding over your hip.\n<<else>>\\n<<print $helpers[2]>> rubs your bulging stomach with his huge hands, stroking down over your thighs, and his hand wraps around your cock, mounded beneath your huge gut. The weight of the eggs has your cock constantly drooling pre, and he plays with it, stroking your belly with his other hand, teasing out a constant, sloppy pour of pre from your throbbing cock.\n\nHe leans in, kissing you, fingers slipping beneath your balls to slide into your ass, and you moan into his mouth as he slowly fingerfucks you, asshole aching and slick, hungrily gobbling up his fingers.\n<<endif>>\n\nThat's the scene <<print $helpers[0]>> and <<print $helpers[1]>> come back to when the tent is all set up, you sprawled on your back with <<if hasMutation('leaky')>><<print $helpers[2]>> nursing on your tits, your belly smeared with his pre<<else>>four of <<print $helpers[2]>>'s fingers up your ass, other hand rubbing your cock against your belly, milking out pre that he lets slip down over your balls, feeding it into your sloppy ass.<<endif>> They both grin and leer.\n\n"You need any more help?"\n\n* [[please you gotta fuck me|pre-preg anal]]\n/% * <<if hasMutation ("leaky")>>[[please milk me more|pre-preg milk]]<<endif>> %/\\n* [[please you gotta play with my cock|pre-preg cock]]
You beg them to fuck you.\n\nPthuul lets out a craggy laugh and gropes his dick. "You sure you should be getting fucked when you're that big?" he asks, but it's rhetorical; his fingers are already pushing into your ass, spreading your slick, loose ring open into a wide gape. His entire fist pops into you with hardly a hitch.\n\nYou groan, hiking your ass up, and Djen and Jinn press close, hands on your thighs, hips, sliding over your spread cheeks. You can tell whose cocks are pressing against you: Pthuul's huge and warted; Djen's utterly gigantic, soggy and writhing; Jinn's a fat nub above his flushed cunt. Pthuul grinds up your hip, spurting gritty pre over your skin, and he ladles it in as Djen gives his dick a shake, splattering a burning cord of glowing yellow lightrot-pre all up your back. Jinn just groans, fingers curling around Pthuul's wrist as he slides his hand up into your ass too.\n\nYour pregnant gut squirms, eggs pulsing in response to your body's reaction. A cord of pre oozes from your <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>sheath<<else>>half-hard dick<<endif>>, hanging between your thighs and jolting backwards as you whine and fuck yourself back against the fists in your ass. The three of them splatter their pre all over your skin, rubbing the grimy slurry all over your ass, feeding it into your gaping ass, before Jinn and then Pthuul pull their hands out with a //pop//, leaving your asshole inverted, bulging out between your spread cheeks in a pouting crater.\n\n"Me first," Pthuul says, lining up his dick and sinking it in with a single thrust, until his pendulous balls smack against your slathered skin. Your body convulses, clamping down around his fat shaft, and he groans, a hand on your back as he ruts in. His warts drag over the rim of your ass, rough as he saws back and forth. "Not gonna take long."\n\nYou keen. Heat radiates off you, stirring the air above you, and all three of them are reacting to the rich, gravid scent of your body. Pthuul gushes in your ass, already nearly cumming. His cock ripples, pre gushing into you in hot spurts, and he snarls, claws digging into your hips as he jolts up hard, smacking your ass against his hips, splattering pre all over. Djen's gushing across your side, murkily-glowing pre coating Pthuul's stomach and splattering between your bodies, thickening the ooze spilling down your thighs. Pthuul snarls, cumming hard, each shot hitting inside your flushed, aching insides with the force of a punch, jolting your eggs. You groan, rutting back against him, grinding his gnarled cockhead against your aching prostate, but before you can get a good rhythm up Djen bodily drags him off, flinging him a few steps back, his still-spurting cock gushing his chunky, gritty load across your side before Djen slots his squirming, wormlike cock against your gaping ass. He's huge, but so soft and pulpy even fully-hard that he slides in effortlessly, cock dense and squirming. He's so long that if he properly fucked you <<if hasMutation ("womb")>>he'd be fucking into your cervix<<else>>he'd be basting your eggs in a fresh layer of lightrot<<endif>>, but he's half-frenzied, snorting and snarling as he drags you backward, using you like a fucktoy for his cock, that he's not gonna have the time to squirm deeper before he cums.\n\nWhile Djen hammers into you, giant hands on your thighs, dragging you back onto his squirming worm-cock, Pthuul ruts his still-spurting dick up your side, splattering you from head to ass in a gritty layer of ooze. You moan, insides flowering open from Djen's sharp thrusts, but before you can fully spread -- <<if hasMutation ("womb")>>letting him fuck his way into your womb<<else>>letting him reach the twist of your guts where your eggs are caught<<endif>> -- he cums with a bellow, hoarsely panting. His cock shudders, flexing and twisting like an enormous snake, and the heat of his raw-lightrot load blossoms in your guts, suffusing through your flesh with shaky shocks of heat. You whine, gasping from the sensation, yowling like an animal in heat as the lightrot soaks into your hormone-suffused flesh, just making it stretch easier, more, faster. Your eyes roll back into your head, hips jerking back convulsively, struggling to warp your grossly-pregnant body around the squirming, spurting pillar of Djen's dick.\n\nDjen pulls out before you're fully-satisfied too, cock slithering out from your gaped hole, leaving you with your blossoming guts painted thickly in lightrot goo, squirting out slime from the bruised folds of your cratered asshole. Jinn groans, finally pushing past the other two, and sinks both his fists into your ass. The sound is obscene, wet gulps as you spasm and flex, squirting out raw lightrot across his forearms as he sinks one to the elbow <<if hasMutation ("womb")>> -- hand cupping your bulging cervix -- <<endif>> and leaves the other just-inside your blown-open rim, knuckles digging down hard against your prostate. Pthuul and Djen were too occupied with their own orgasms, just pumping into you in a frenzy, but Jinn knows what he's doing. He lets you rut back against him, angling your hips so his knuckles drag against your aching prostate; so his fist smacks again and again against the bloated mound of your sealed cervix.\n\n"C'mon," he says, leaning over you. "Cum for me."\n\nYou let out a guttural groan, rocking back against him, flooded ass squirting the messy slurry of Pthuul and Djen's loads back against Jinn. You can feel it building, deep inside you, and you're dimly aware of panting with your mouth hanging open, shaky moans bursting out of your throat as you focus on the drag and pressure of Jinn's fists in your ass. Jinn meets your motions, bashing deeper, keeping the rhythm once it becomes too intense and you can't keep up the motions -- he bowls you forward, face mashed into the sand, ass up in the air, and churns your ass, churning the sloppy slurry of ooze gushing from you into a dense, creamy froth splattering down your body in gushing cords. You howl, <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>still-sheathed<<else>>still-soft<<endif>> cock spasming hard before your entire body spasms and you cum the hardest you have in your entire life; your cock pissing out a stream of cum nothing compared to the spasming, shuddering convulsions happening deep in your guts, clamping tight around Jinn's hands and locking them in place as your ass milks them hard.\n\nYou think you pass out at one point, or at least there's a fuzzy period where you're just panting and groaning, and eventually you come to, sprawled out on a bedroll, body soaked with half-dried cum. The phantom sensation of them fucking you still ripples through you, ass feeling empty, and each clench of your internal muscles brings the sense-memory back to the forefront.\n\n[[→|camprun]]
[if you got six nipples: they all nurse from yr giant fleshy monster udders, all lightly chewing on yr gigantic rubbery nipples, stroking down yr milk line over yr bloated belly, etc]\n\n[otherwise: two of them nurse on yr nipples while the other makes out w/ you and ruts against yr belly and then cums all up over yr chest]\n\n[[→|camprun]]
You beg them to suck your cock.\n\nJinn snorts. "Still thinking with your dick?" he says, but he gets down between your legs, hands curling over your knees. Your cock is a heavy ache, constantly half-hard, and he slides his hands up along your inner thighs to cradle the bloated, aching mound of <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>your sheath<<else>>your dick<<endif>>. You groan, cock flexing. There's a sudden muscle spasm in your hips, surprising even you, and you pump out a huge pulse of pre, <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>oozing out of your bulging sheath and <<endif>>soaking through the fabric of your pants. Jinn groans, leaning in to suck across the damp spot, lips and tongue pressing down against <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>your swollen sheath<<else>>the aching flesh of your trapped dick<<endif>>.\n\n"Don't tease," Pthuul says, and spreads his hand across the back of Jinn's head, pushng him down, mashing his face across your dick. You moan, hot spasms racing through your hips, and you gush out a slobbery mess of pre that burbles out all over Jinn's face.\n\nThey finally get your pants off, and <<if hasMutation("knot")>>your sheath lurches out, cock unsheathing with a liquid burble across Jinn's face, coating him in your gushing, liquid pre<<else if hasMutation("dick")>>your cock flops out, pulsing to full erection in a dizzying rush of blood<<else>>your cock flops out, only taking a few moments to get fully hard<<endif>>. Jinn groans, opened-mouth across the side of your shaft, and Pthuul leans in too, his tongue lapping across your <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>pointed <<else if hasMutation ("dick")>>gnarled <<endif>>cockhead. They sandwich your cock between them, <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>Pthuul's warty tongue curling along the smooth, shiny underside while Jinn slobbers and sucks on the pointed tip itself, drenching his face in gush after gush of wet, watery pre<<else if hasMutation ("dick")>>Pthuul's warty tongue curling along the lumpy underside of your gnarled cock as Jinn slobbers and sucks on the huge, swollen flange of your cockhead<<else>>nearly your entire shaft pinned between their faces, smearing between their lips and up over their cheeks<<endif>>. You groan, hips jerking up -- only minutely, weighed down by the clutch stirring inside you -- and fuck your cock between their lips. The sight of it is lost beneath your belly, just hot wet tongues, spit and pre smearing across your length, the sound of wet slurps and liquid crackles as they slobber all across your aching length.\n\nDjen finally joins in, knees hitting the ground with a rumble. He bodily lifts Jinn up, sprawling on his back with Jinn across his chest, and shimmies between your legs, all three of them pressed together as they suck on your dick. Djen's tongue curls out, giving off a muted yellow glow, and his spit burns as he laps across your balls, his lightrot-tainted drool soaking into the flesh of your sac, already thick and loose and soft suffused with the hormones from your pregnancy. He just opens up and sucks your entire <<if hasMutation ("balls")>>malformed <<endif>>sac into his mouth, lips sucking on the base of your dick, tongue bathing your balls in burning spit. You let out a shaky moan, cock rippling -- pre smacking hard against Jinn's face and splashing back across your skin in hot droplets -- and just lay there, sprawled out and panting, a half-dozen hands pressed against your thighs and ass, mouths licking and sucking along your cock, lapping at the tip, squeezing your balls<<if hasMutation ("knot")>>, dipping into your sheath<<endif>>.\n\nYour body's so responsive from the pregnancy that it's no surprise you don't last long. You howl and groan, voice catching in your throat, your hands mashed against your face as you gasp and sob. It feels like somebody reaching down into your dick and scooping something out. Your balls ache, pulling up so tight they pop out of Djen's mouth and <<if hasMutation ("balls")>>jam themselves halfway up into your body cavity<<else>>jerk back up into your body cavity<<endif>>, throbbing and pulsing. You cum with a long shaky sigh, huge wet ropes of cum abruptly lancing out all over Jinn and Pthuul's face, wet smacking noises sounding as you layer sheet after sheet of cum all over them, catching across their tongues as they make out around your spurting cockhead, spilling into their open mouths, forming heavy, drooping webs spun out between you.<<if hasMutation ("knot")>> Pthuul's hand, callused and rough, reaches down to your sheath and squeezes your burgeoning knot, one hand and then both pinning its heavy, still-spongy weight tight as he fixes his lips around your spurting cocktip, gulping down the endless flow until even he has to take a break, pulling off just to get glazed in your acrid canine cum.<<endif>>\n\nYou collapse down, utterly boneless, cock a thing with a mind of its own as it just keeps cumming and cumming, spurt after spurt of cum drenching Jinn and Pthuul, squelching and wet drizzling down your thighs, excess spilling all over Djen's chest, beneath you. <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>Your knot isn't even fully hard, just bulky and huge, but there's<<else>>There's<<endif>> a steady throbbing inside you, <<if hasMutation ("prostate")>>the web of muscle around your giant, malformed prostate squeezing hard, milking out and endless supply of grimy, rank ooze<<else>>your aching prostate shuddering hard<<endif>>. It feels almost more like something draining rather than cumming, backed-up sludge just pouring out of you in a current. Still feels great though.\n\nBy the time you finally finish, all three of them are glazed, skin shiny and shimmering, rivulets of <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>oily grey-black dog cum<<else if hasMutation ("balls") || hasMutation ("dick")>>grimy, gritty ĝheist cum<<else>>cum<<endif>> pouring down their chests, drenching their faces, forming frothy bubbles across their noses and mouths. You feel hollowed out -- or rather, you feel like your belly has expanded even more, eggs unpacking to spread out into whatever new space had opened inside you. Your legs ache, trembling hard; you're pretty sure you couldn't stand up even if you wanted to.\n\n"Pent up," Pthuul says, spitting out a mouthful of <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>rank grey-black ooze<<else if hasMutation ("balls") || hasMutation ("dick")>>chunky slop<<else>>watery cum<<endif>> and wiping his mouth with his forearm. "No kidding," Jinn adds. You just groan in assent.\n\n[[→|camprun]]
[[''you''|you][$back = "camp"]] and the ĝheist with you set up camp.\n\n<<if hasMutation("leaky")>>Your nipples have been leaking continually since you gave birth. You've been going shirtless, and your chest is a mess of half-dried tracks of milk, streaking down your stomach and into the sand. <<if hasMutation("six nipples")>>They're all flushed and erect, forming twin lines of fat rubbery nipples down your chest.<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n<<if hasMutation("womb")>>Your cervix keeps pulsing, weird aftershocks, strong and almost painful, and now that you've stopped moving for the day it's sinking in how sore you are. You can feel your cervix by the aching radiating out from it. Your womb feels empty, a huge hollow cavity inside you, almost itchy with the need to get filled again.<<endif>>\n\nDjen settles next to you, squatting down with his forearms on his knees. "You okay?" he asks.\n\n* [[yeah i really need to get fucked|preg post-camp fuck]]\n* [[yeah i just need to rest|camprun]]
You tell him you really need to get fucked. <<if hasMutation("womb")>>Your womb needs something huge shoved into it.<<endif>>\n\nDjen leers at you. "I think we can help with that."\n\nHe rolls you onto your back, one hand reaching down the seat of your pants and sliding two fingers into your loose asshole before he's even finished stripping off your clothes. You groan, hooking your heels around Djen's back as he stoops down, slipping one huge fist into your ass without a single hitch.\n\n<<if hasMutation("leaky")>>\\nPthuul and Khru settle beside you, reaching down to tug on your nipples{: a hand each on your lower ones, and then they stoop down over you, latching on to your top pair and suckling as they milk you}. You groan, reaching up to rest your hands against their heads, letting them chew on your giant flushed nipples as they milk you of the built-up excess.\n\nYou can feel your milk glands react as a series of hot pinpricks under your chest, radiating out under your nipples. You can feel milk secrete, rivulets streaming down internal passages to build up in reservoirs of milky ichor just beneath the pads of your spread areola, almost outpacing Pthuul and Khru's attempts to drain you dry.\n\n<<endif>>\\n\\nYou're still spread from the birthing, the spread of Djen's fist just peeling your flesh back apart. Your guts spasm around his fist, the heat that rises through your body almost painful in intensity after the birthing. You can only writhe in place, gasping as Djen works your ass open.\n<<if hasMutation("womb")>>\\n\nHe reaches up elbow-deep inside you to grope your cervix, claws wrapping around its bulk, cupping and holding it as it spasms. His fingers dig into the bottleneck opening, still sore and puffy and //lax//, spreading open easily under his touch. You let out a shaky moan as he rolls his knuckles over the lip and then pushes inside, shoving through the stiff, gristly rim of your cervix. His fist plunges into your womb, still half-flooded with egg fragments and birthing slime, and you shudder and clench around him, a sloppy squirt of ooze gushing out of your warped cervix and slowly drooling down his arm. Djen rolls back and forth through your cervix, cleaning it out, letting you squirt out all the dregs half-congealed in your womb. You're a shaking, shuddering mess: body trembling under the touch of the three ĝheist, howling as they tug on your nipples or play with your asshole.\\n<<endif>>\n<<sex "djen" "fist" "top">>\\n\nPthuul and Khru pin you between them, their cocks bumping against Djen's bicep, tips digging into the rumpled furl of your bruised, swollen asshole. You can tell which is which by the piercing: Pthuul's cockhead is pierced with a thick metal ring, and it's burning hot pressed against your skin, half-enveloped by the soft, pulpy folds of your asshole, pulsing and sucking around Djen's bicep .\n\nDjen pulls his arm out of you with a //slurp//, leaving your ass gaping open<<if hasMutation ("womb")>>, cavernously, from asshole to womb<<else>>cavernously, asshole cratered and bulging out between your cheeks<<endif>>, and the other two don't waste any time; they push in as Djen's pulling out, both cocks sinking to the root in your gaping ass without a hitch. You groan, ass clenching down, loosely milking their shafts, squirting out birthing slime around their cocks as they take ahold -- hands wrapping around your back, sides, chest -- and fuck you on their cocks, holding you down and rutting in hard. The metal of their piercings jabs against your guts, totally implacable, digging into your sore and aching flesh. Your asshole gapes, splayed out around the base of their cocks, slurping and gurgling as they fuck you. Pre and slime constantly burbles out of your loose hole, spilling down across your thighs, forming slimy ropes webbed across their legs.\n\nYou bury your head against Khru's chest, gasping and sobbing as their cockheads ram against your insides, hands grasping at his arms as they fuck you hard. You cum just from that, <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>half-unsheathed<<else>>limp<<endif>> cock weakly shuddering before you piss out a mess of watery cum, and then again when Khru slams his cockhead against your prostate. You're a sweating, sobbing mess as they fuck the cum out of you, guts spasming, cock continually drooling<<if hasMutation ("womb")>>, womb still aching, cervix erratically clenching and pushing like you're still giving birth<<endif>>. Things go hazy: heat rippling over your skin, pressure pounding in your guts, Pthuul and Khru hard walls of muscle on either side. One of them roars when he cums, snaggled teeth digging into your neck, and hard shots of cum gush into your sloppy guts, soon after joined by the other, heavy and wet spurting into you and just as rapidly drooling out of your gaping ass, forming thick, clumpy strings of thinned ĝheist cum smeared all across your ass and thighs.\n\nWhen they pull out, you're gaping, asshole splayed open. You try to clench, abused muscle spasming erratically, burning from exhaustion, and you only sluggishly pull yourself closed -- mounded asshole audibly squelching, forcing a burble of cum out to spill down over your balls -- and then when the clench finally gives up and goes slack you drooping right back open the second you stop. You can feel the wet meat of your bruised asshole spill over itself in a heavy, dripping fold.\n\nThey reposition you onto a bedroll; you're definitely not up to doing that yourself. You only have the energy to flop over onto your side so that you're not sprawled out on your knees, ass-up, and fall asleep just about instantly the second you straighten out.\n<<sex "djen" "anal" "top">>\\n<<sex "khru" "anal" "top">>\\n<<biggest_spec "pthuul_khru" "anal">>\\n\n[[→|camprun]]
You head down into the cliffside fissure, bracketed by your three companions. The chalky red sandstone gives way to a harder, darker stone, and the sour tang of lightrot drifts up on the cool breeze from the depths.\n\nEventually the winding tunnel opens up into a wider cavern, lit by glowing lightrot pools dotted across the floor. The fluid churns slowly, with wispy fumes bubbling up in the center.\n\nDjen and Pthuul help you over to the pool, practically carrying you at this point. You're hugely pregnant, gut bloated and sagging, the entire rest of your body flushed and aching, swollen, weighty. They help you kneel at the very edge, staring down into the fuming lightrot. A good home for the eggs' longer incubation, when they'll thicken and grow.\n\nYour gut churns, eggs shifting. You're ready to lay. Jinn presses his hands against your stomach, the pressure making you groan, vaguely dizzy and nauseous. You pant, gasping in the rank lightrot fumes, and you feel passages inside you shudder and warp, opening in preparation.\n\nWhich isn't to say that they're not going to get help. Pthuul and Djen pull at your clothes, giant hands dragging across your chest, pulling your boots off, stripping off your pants until you're fully naked, and then a finger -- you're not sure whose -- presses between your cheeks, one clawed fingertip and then two, three, pushing against your asshole. Other hands curl over your hips, spread against your lower back, drag between your thighs. Your body is flushed with hormones, yielding and puffy, and you gape open easily, the thick rim of your asshole slurping open over the gnarled ĝheist fingers. You let out a shaky moan, heat bursting up inside you, <<if hasMutation("womb")>>eggs bearing down hard against your aching cervix, forcing its tremulous spasms into steady pulses<<else>>eggs slurping as they work their way down your guts<<endif>>. You sag down on all fours, ass rutting back against the solid mass of Djen-and-Pthuul behind you, and you let out a long, groaning exhale as they shove their entire fist inside your ass. Your asshole dilates effortlessly, rubbery and thick, spreading easily even around that bulk, and whichever one it is pushes deeper, fingers reaching for the twist in your guts.\n\nJinn sits by your side, hands pressed against your belly, digging in hard enough to feel the distinct lumps of each egg. His fingers clench and relax, sending your eggs shifting and sliding, <<if hasMutation ("womb")>>bearing down against your cervix as they start to force it open, eggs lodging in the half-dilated neck<<else>>lurching around inside you erratically as they sink down lower, pushing their way out slowly<<endif>>.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("womb")>>\\nThe hand inside you twists along the curve of your ass, pushing into your guts -- your asshole starting to spread across their broad forearm -- and taps at the opening of your cervix. You pant and whine, aware of the continual spasm of your cervix opening up, sealed shut with gummy slime and now slowly spreading out around the thick plug. The hand cups your cervix, palm grinding around its thick, muscular ridge, and bears down, adding an extra pressure to the other side, pinning it between the weight of your eggs on one side and the implacable force of their hand on the other. Your entire body shakes as your cervix creaks open, warping in sudden bursts as the muscle creaks open. Wetness seeps out around the seal, the mucus plug damming your cervix stretching and tearing as you start to push, mashing eggs into the still-tight bottleneck of your cervix. Amniotic fluid starts to trickle down the forearm embedded in your ass, thin and watery compared to the thick gel goop coating your eggs, and the hand clutching your cervix twists, claws digging into the sloppy mucus, helping you push and push and push until with a liquid //glurp// it lurches to the side, letting a torrent of fluid spill from your womb, squirting from your ass in a thin, watery gush. Pthuul groans, his hard cock grinding against your hip as he ruts through the mess, panting nearly as hard as you are.\n\nDjen's hand in your ass -- since it is Djen's hand; you can feel Pthuul's claws pricking in your sides as he ruts against you -- twists again, gingerly peeling the plug the rest of the way free. The sensation is strange: the impossibly intense feeling of pressure, movement, stretch, so deep inside you, but strangely diffuse, lacking any direct feeling. Your eggs lurch, filling the spasming line of your cervix, and Djen gingerly stuffs two fingers down inside, fingertips sliding along the goop-coated sides of the eggs. He works them back, letting you push down again before pushing them back again. You whine, huffing and panting. He's training your body to push rhythmically, forcing your cervix to clench and push in a single strong motion, instead of the shaky, erratic pulses you've been doing reflexively. Each motion smears slick, stringy goop further down, lubing the bottleneck of your cervix and slicking down Djen's forearm, lodged to the elbow in your ass.\n\nFinally he pulls back, letting you clench and push, forcing an egg through your cervix in a sudden lurch that leaves you lightheaded and dazed, crowning out the egg into his awaiting palm.\n<<else>>\\nThe hand inside you twists along the curve of your ass, pushing into your guts -- your asshole starting to spread across their broad forearm -- and straightening them out, forcing their curve into a broad, slick corridor for your eggs to spill down. You pant and whine, guts gurgling, weight inside you shifting, sinking lower and lower until with a dazed clarity you can feel them spill into the broader, smoother coil of your large intestine. It's like something opening up inside you, the tightly-compressed egg mass seaming apart, spreading out to fill the excess space, and your stomach if anything bloats further, gurgling and slurping as your eggs separate from one another and push one-by-one through the final passage.\n\nDjen's hand in your guts -- since it is Djen's hand; his other hand digging its claws against your taint, thumb stroking along the already-sloppy skin just beneath your gaping hole -- catches the first egg in his palm, holding it there just-barely still inside you. Elbow deep inside your ass and that's still just barely inside, with your ass fisted open into a gaping tunnel, slack and shuddering around Djen's forearm. He holds the first egg there until the rest have caught up, pinned tight behind it in an aching, cramping weight that grows and grows as your guts finally empty out.\n<<endif>>\\n\n"Ready," Djen says, voice gravelly, and you're dimly aware of them all repositioning you, laying you on your back with your ass practically in the lightrot pool. Ready to lay. Djen pulls his hand free.\n\nThe first egg burns, making its way down, pushing through the already-lubed passage of your guts; your asshole is already gaped, blossoming sloppy and meaty in a mounded prolapse, and your egg just slurps out of you as the next <<if hasMutation ("womb")>>crowns<<else>>makes its way down<<endif>>, plopping into the lightrot pool and splattering your ass with burning slime. You groan, belly aching, so, so many more eggs left inside you. Another slides down, and another, and another, <<if hasMutation ("womb")>>cervix pulsing and pushing, a steady pump that forces egg after egg from your womb, each one sliding easier than the last as your guts become lubed with the thick, stringy sludge coating each egg<<else>>guts lurching and squirming, gurgling as the eggs make their way down in mounds and heaps, popping one-by-one around the slack curves of your guts<<endif>> until they all pour down, bursting through the prolapsed meat of your ass and down into the murky lightrot. \\n<<if $pregnant eq "astau-fertilized">>\\nThey're all greenish and translucent, the same brilliant acid-green as Astau's slobber and cum. Smoothly oval, only slightly bigger than your fist, and most of them have a strange, chimerical fetal creature curled up inside them, squirming in agitation as they sink into the pool.\n<<else if $pregnant eq "stormking-fertilized">>\\nThey're all a brilliant cyan, gemlike in their intensity. The Storm-King's eggs have grown from tiny berry-like beads into immense spheres, each one nearly the size of two fists as they lurch from your broken ass. They have a cloudy rind, and at the core of most of them there's a fetal creature, wings half-formed and curled around a strange body, the bones of their claws clearly visible through their half-formed flesh. They squirm in agitation as you lay them, electric arcs bursting across the fluid of the egg, and sink down into the murky depths of the pool.\n<<else if $pregnant eq "jinn">>\\nThey're a murky lightrot-orange, camouflaged against the light of the lightrot pool itself. They push out in clusters, two or three fat fist-sized eggs strung together with thick cords of mucus, with a curled-up fetal ĝheist in most of them. They sink down into the pool, blending in invisibly after only a few inches of depth.\n<<endif>>\n\nYou're a mindless creature, just lying there pushing, body aching with each egg slurping out of you. You pant and huff, internal muscles squirming. The physical sensation overrides everything else: stretch, shift, movement, egg after egg pushing its way out of you, living things squirming inside you as they slide through your gaping, ruined ass. Your shuddering muscles bring out sludge, sloppy amniotic ooze spilling down your guts, and you clench and push, only realizing some span of time later that that means you're done: hollowed out, nothing left in your <<if hasMutation ("womb")>>womb<<else>>guts<<endif>>.\n\nYou feel carved open, the phantom gulf of space inside you compressed flat, stomach a stretched-out mess sagging down, feeling just as strange and foreign as the immense weight of your pregnant gut did. Pthuul's jerking off against your shoulder. Your ass is an immense drooping gape, guts spilling from your prolapsed ass down into the lightrot pool, and the sizzling burn of the lightrot is nothing compared to the warping, shifting stretch of your post-pregnancy body.\n\nThey drag you back from the edge of the pool. Jinn's hands are impossibly soft against your guts as he reaches inside you, packing the meat of your prolapse back inside your cratered ass, slowly pushing until your cratered asshole slurps in over itself, sinking inside your body with an impossible //whump// and a ripple of pressure that shocks all the way up through your empty <<if hasMutation ("womb")>>womb<<else>>guts<<endif>>. Your legs and ass are soaked with birthing slime, in huge thick strings coated all down your thighs, webbed up inside you in ropes that they slowly drag out, peeling goop from your bruised, aching guts<<if hasMutation ("womb")>> all the way up to your womb, pulling gummy clots of sludge from its still-shrinking walls, dribbling out down your cervix in gushes of rubbery slime<<endif>>.\n\nIt's some amount of time before you come back to yourself, sprawled out sweaty and trembling on the rocks. Your legs are too shaky to hold you up, and Djen and Pthuul sling your arms over their shoulders as they start making their way back up, leaving your eggs soaking in the lightrot, their gill membranes already starting to unfurl and filter lightrot through the shell.\n\n<<set $pregnant to "">>\\n<<rmmutation "eggs">>\\n<<set $surveyComplete to true>>\\n[[→|worldmap]]
Brulvundojn's den is in the rusting hulk of some ancient building, at the edge of the city. It was once a wide U shape, but two-thirds of the construction has collapsed in on itself in a mess of shattered concrete and rusted beams, and Brulvundojn nests in the remaining third. It's been dug out and shored up, forming a hollow cavern with walls of crisscrossing metal beams partially propping up listing slabs of concrete. Sand pours in through open windows.\n\nBrulvundojn is gigantic; half again the height of a human, and shaped something like an enormous desert wolf: paws, muzzle, fur, teeth. That's where the similarity ends. He's got six legs and four eyes, and his coat is a charred grey-black. His drool is oily, with an iridescent sheen, and on hot days it ignites when it hits the sand. His eyes glow, solid yellow, gleaming at strange angles as the internal light reflects around inside them.\n\n<<if !$brulvundojnFriends>>\\nThat's from memory. You knew Brulvundojn well, but you haven't been on great terms recently. For more than a few years. Coming here was probably a mistake.\n\n<<display "brulvundojn confront">>\n<<else>>\\n<<display "brulvundojn menu options">>\n<<endif>>
* <<if $brulvundojnFriends == "provisional">>[[go so hey do you want to fuck around?|brulvundojn first time]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $plot eq 2 && $brulvundojnChain lt 1>>[[ask for help with the old tanker|brulvundojn chain talk]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $brulvundojnFriends !== "provisional">>[[fuck around w/ brulvundojn|brulvundojn fuck]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $pregnant eq "astau" || $pregnant eq "stormking">>[[brulvundojn sniffs at yr pregnant belly|brulvundojn impreg intro]]<<endif>>\n/% this isn't reachable anyway since i removed the part that sets $wwwPairBrulvundojn\n* <<if $wwwPairBrulvundojn eq "visit">>[[{www pair} is here|brulvundojn www 4some]]<<endif>> %/\n\n[[←|worldmap]]
You say, so, uh, //do// you wanna fuck around?\n\nBrulvundojn turns to stare at you, glowing eyes burning into you. "//Really//," he says.\n\nTo be fair to him, the skepticism isn't unwarranted. You say, a little nervously: Yeah. Like, you mean -- you know this isn't -- or, that, you don't want to presume that he's in the same place, like, emotionally -- like, you're not in the same place emotionally as you were back then. Clearly. You just want to do something new. And. He's hot. But it's cool if he doesn't, just--\n\nBrulvundojn interrupts you. Thankfully. "You're cute when you're nervous," he says.\n\nYou say, excuse //you//, but you're smiling.\n\nBrulvundojn takes a step forward, posture suddenly predatory: head down, shoulders level. <<if hasMutation ("leaky")>>\\n"I can smell your milk," he says, voice rasping, tongue lapping out over his teeth to catch his slavering drool. "You're dripping with it."\n\n<<display "brulvundojn first leaky">>\n<<else if hasMutation ("asshole")>>\\n"So you got gangbanged," he says, leering. "How's your asshole look after taking a dozen ĝheist cocks?"\n\n<<display "brulvundojn first asshole">>\n<<else if hasMutation ("dick") || hasMutation ("balls")>>\\n"So I heard your <<if hasMutation ("dick")>>cock <<if hasMutation ("balls")>>and balls<<endif>><<else>>balls<<endif>> got all mutated now, huh. How about showing that off?" His voice is heavy, smoky, and he grins, baring his teeth, when you get a little flustered.\n\n<<display "brulvundojn first dickballs">>\n<<else>>\\n"Interested in finally getting fucked by a beast," he says, which is a little mean but you're willing to roll with that. His tongue laps out over his teeth, catching his slavering drool. You take a step closer, and he pounces, bowling you backwards. "I'm gonna drench you in cum," he growls, oily saliva splattering all over your face and chest, one of his huge paws pressed against your chest.\n\n<<display "brulvundojn first pure">>\n<<endif>>\n\n<<display "brul tf trigger">>\n<<set $brulvundojnFriends to "late">>\\n[[→|worldmap]]
You say, yeah? What does he plan to do about that?\n\nBrulvundojn growls, bowing down like he's about to pounce, tail lashing behind him.\n\nYou take off your shirt. Your pecs are swollen, nipples stiffening -- from the air, from the tension -- and, yeah, you're leaking, little rivulets of milky ichor dribbling down your chest, down your stomach.\n\nBrulvuldojn sniffs, lapping at the air, and crawls closer. His breath is like a furnace, billowing out nearly hot enough to singe your hair, and his muzzle opens, tongue unfurling out to splatter, hot and wet, all across your chest. Cloudy black drool sprays over your skin, painting you in iridescent droplets, and you groan and move closer, so that you're pressed up against Brulvundojn's muzzle, hands wrapped around his enormous fangs. His tongue squirms across your chest, giant and coated in stringy drool, pouring slime down your front. His tongue is covered in spongy papillae, big raised clusters of buds, and each one is nearly as big as your own engorged nipples. He doesn't wrap his tongue around your nipples; he wraps it around your entire pec, squeezing it out into a peaked mound, and you shake and groan, rising up on your tip-toes as you lean against him -- against his head -- and let him milk you. His tongue ripples, clenching, and you squirt thin ichor all across his fangs, into his maw. His tongue scrapes over your nipples, almost painful in its pressure, and you groan and shudder, letting him wring your milk-swollen pecs out. His tongue coils and pulses, hard enough that you know you'll have big ropy bruises all across your chest later, and then he spits it out, tongue slavering across your chest to wrap around your other pec, pulling it out into a bloated, bulging tit as he laps across your squirting nipple.\n\nYou groan, face pressed against his snout, chest in his open mouth, tongue an enormous slavering tentacle groping and squeezing across your chest: switching from one nipple to the other, wrenching your pecs out into bloated peaks as he suckles across them, smearing you up and down with his cloudy black spit, your milk smearing into nothingness, mixed with his heavy spit.\n\nHe eventually spits you out, letting you crash back on your ass, nipples bruised and swollen even huger than they usually are, your front, face to toes, entirely coated in his drool. Brulvundojn licks his lips, satisfied for the moment.\n\n<<sex "brulvundojn" "tits" "top">>\\n<<display "brul tf trigger">>
You say why, does he want a look?\n\nBrulvundojn snarls. "I plan on doing a lot more than //looking//," he says, with his teeth bared, tongue lolling from his mouth.\n\nHe lunges forward, and you jerk back onto your ass, and, while you're there, you figure it's a good time to take off your pants. You shove them down to your knees and move to turn over, and Brulvundojn practically bats you into position, one huge paw pressing across your side as you flip over. Hot slime splatters down all over your back and ass: Brulvundojn looms over you, mouth open, tongue slavering, and he messily licks his lips before bowing his head down, tongue squirming snakelike over your hips and thighs before it presses flat against your altered asshole.\n\nYou rise up, letting Brulvundojn shove his muzzle between your thighs: tongue unfurling across your asshole, his giant fangs pressed against your thighs and back. His hot breath billows across your skin, and he growls against your body. The length of his tongue lurches over the swollen rim of your hole, digging in. He slavers and drools, drenching you in spit, tongue-tip tapping at the splayed muscle of your asshole.\n\nHe doesn't push in until you're begging, huffing and panting rutting back against him. You can feel his wolfish grin across your entire body. He gives you one last tap, tracing around the bloated swell of your bulging hole, before he spears inside, plunging the length of his tongue into your ass, slick and heavy and hot squirming deeper. You let out a shaky moan, cock hard and drooling as his tongue ripples along your hole, a deeper coil finding the hard knot of your prostate and mashing down hard.\n\nYou grind your ass against his teeth, practically sitting in his mouth, and he pumps his tongue back and forth, plunging deep into you with an obscene squelch, dumping his oily drool into your guts in gurgling waves. He works you open, until your hole is a splayed gaping wreck. You rock back against him, following the sensation, feeling his tongue stab up into your guts, feeling the broad, bumpy texture of his tongue slurp back and forth over your bulging asshole, slobbering all down your taint.\n\nYou croon and whine, panting and sweating as his fucks your ass, and it's with a shaky groan that your asshole spasms around his tongue, clenching down hard, and you spurt a mess of cum all over the ground in runny spurts. Brulvundojn tongue-fucks you through your orgasm, a heavy fold of his tongue pinned hard against your spasming prostate, and when he pulls out you collapse onto the ground, oily black drool spurting from your flooded ass. He gives you a last lick before he steps away, spreading his drool all up your back.\n\nYou flip over and ask, you're not gonna fuck me?\n\n"Oh, I'm sorry," he says, voice clotted, tongue lolling out the side of his muzzle. "Did you want to //fuck//? I was just getting to know your new body." He's unsheathed, cock throbbing along his underbelly, dripping pre all over the ground. "I'm sorry, I'm busy now; you'll have to come back later if you want me to properly ruin your hole."\n\nHe's being a bit of an asshole about it but you kinda deserve it a little. You're shaky from the orgasm when you stand up, and your guts gurgle, with runny cords of drool spilling down your thighs.\n<<sex "brulvundojn" "rim" "top">>\\n<<display "brul tf trigger">>
He pads closer, giant muzzle poking you in the stomach, pushing you backwards onto your ass. His muzzle opens, giant teeth flashing as his tongue lolls from his mouth and curls around your hips, tongue-tip digging for an instant against your waist. Long enough for him to feel the half-hard spar of your cock. You shove your pants down to your thighs, letting your <<if hasMutation ("dick") && hasMutation ("balls")>>mutant dick and balls<<else if hasMutation ("dick")>>mutant dick<<else if hasMutation ("balls")>>dick and mutated balls<<endif>> out, and Brulvundojn slides his tongue across your front, using enough force to sprawl you on your back. His paws dig through the sand on either side of you as he steps over you and smacks you bodily with his cock.\n\nHis cock is enormous and alien. It reeks, sex and animal and lightrot and metal, all so potent it hurts to inhale the reeking miasma surrounding it. It's an enormous spar of bloated purple-black flesh, dragging heavily down from its own weight. It's easily longer and thicker than one of your legs. Thick cords of cloudy black slime pour along its length, collecting in jiggling ropes along the underside, spilling down all across your body, hitting your bare skin with a series of wet //crack//s.\n\nYou reach out and pin it against your chest, rutting your dick up against its side. Above you, Brulvundojn croons, letting out a hungry growl as you bodily jerk him off. <<if hasMutation ("dick")>>Your own cock, so big on your human frame, fits easily against the groove along the underside of his cock, just grinding over his smooth, slick flesh. <<endif>>You hump up against him, dick skewed out to the side, face mashed against his slimy flesh. He spurts pre with enough force that it spews out past your head, only the sludgy dregs clinging to his sharp cockhead and pouring down all over you, and you burble through the mess pouring down your face and keep rutting against him, panting and groaning.\n\nHis knot bursts out from his sheath with a horrible wet sucking noise, sending out a spray of old rancid pre splattering everywhere, followed by a soggy wet //glugging// as his sheath drains out, spilling a grimy flood of frothy, sludgy pre all over your legs.\n\nBehind his knot, he's got tentacles. They're affixed to the very base of his shaft, peeking out from his sheath, all totally slathered in a mess of slime, and they squirm around each other in tangles, looping over your thighs, crawling across your stomach and lower back, looping around your dick<<if hasMutation ("balls")>> and curling around your bloated ballsac, tugging your gigantic balls down into a huge lumpy block<<endif>>. You moan against his cockhead, getting another mouthful of rancid, hot-metal pre, and you gulp and then gag, drooling and teary-eyed from the foul taste.\n\nBrulvundojn pins you under his bulk and pumps his hips, grinding you down into the sand, rutting his slimy, spurting cock along the entire length of your body. Your cock aches, its pre lost in the frothy, foaming slime coating your entire body, and you arch up, squelching as you rut against his many-chambered knot, cockhead digging into its dense, spongy surface.\n\nYou rut against each other, wet and sloppy, the contact nearly frictionless. His cock cannonades through your arms, smearing across your glazed face with each thrust. His tentacles squirm across your stomach, stroking your cock, tugging on your balls. You cum first, hips working as you grind your dick against his, feeling it build for minutes, each thrust closer and closer until you know it's coming, and you howl out against his cock, gurgling and blowing bubbles, as you pump your <<if hasMutation("balls")>>mutated <<endif>>load out across his shaft<<if hasMutation("balls")>>, even its excess lost in the mess of stringy froth<<endif>>.\n\nBrulvundojn snarls, drool splattering loud across the saturated sand before you, and he grinds down hard, shoving you down into the quicksand sludge the ground has come before he shoots off hard. His cum is a thick, opaque black, threaded through with streaks of roiling acid-green, glowing in streaks as he sprays out gummy webs of his monstrous, fuming load before you. His cock ripples in your arms, shuddering and pulsing, and you mash your face against the sharp slope of his cockhead, slobbering through the mess as he cums and cums and cums. Thicker clots of ooze drool down his bloated flesh, jellylike green and squirming black clots smear all over your face. The taste is overwhelmingly chemical: sour acid, rotten metal, the smell of hot metal. You just gasp and hold on, pumping him through his orgasm until it's just a sloppy pour of green slime all over your face and chest. When he pulls away, you remain tethered together by chunky cords of slop, stringing out in drooping arcs between you.\n\n"Nice dick," Brulvundojn says, muzzle hanging open, tongue catching the frothing drool painting his muzzle. He's making a joke.\n\nYou tell him he's got a fucking great dick too.\n\nIt takes you more than a while to get out of the quicksand slop, and longer still to scour most of it away. You set out in clothes still saturated and creaking, utterly reeking of Brulvundojn's bestial load.\n<<sex "brulvundojn" "frot" "top">>\\n<<display "brul tf trigger">>
You groan and arch up, and he obligingly uses his middle paw to grind against your dick. There's a wet, liquid sound from further down, and you tip your head up to see: his sheath is rippling, his cocktip pushing free from the leathery flesh: purple-black, glazed and shining with grimy sheath fluid; a fresh drizzle of pre oozes across his sloped cocktip, from a pulsing hole in the center of the flat face, and pours down to gather at the sharp tip, slowly oozing out in a watery tendril before it snaps and splatters down to the ground.\n\nYou shove your pants down, your own human cock lurching out, skewing to the side half-hard, though you sure don't stay half-hard for long. Brulvundojn's fur is coarse, almost prickly where it's short and stiff across his paws, but you still rut up against him, groaning when your cock lurches and spurts out a dewdrop of pre that you smear across his fur in a shimmering line. The weight of his paw on your chest lets up just enough for you to yank your tunic over your head and toss it aside; you kick off your boots and let him shove a paw into the crotch of your pants and yank them off none-too-gently, leaving you totally naked: sand gritty on your back, Brulvundojn's hot breath wafting out across your front, hot and humid.\n\nBrulvundojn rumbles, head stooping down to lick a messy, drooling stripe all across your face and chest, leaving behind murky translucent drool. Naked, you can feel his pre splatter against your feet and calves: his cock is unsheathing, lurching out in erratic pushes, already steadily weeping pre in watery cords, soaking into the thirsty sand but also splattering higher and higher up your legs as more of his cock spills out into the open. You arch up, grinding your dick against his paw, and make contact with his dick: a sudden smack against something slick and dripping, instantly coating your shaft in messy runnels of his pre. You both groan, Brulvundojn's exhale a grinding growl, and he lurches down to kiss you: taking your entire head in between his teeth as he splats his tongue across your face, squirming it into your open mouth when you moan, heedlessly shoving it down your throat in a sloppy gush. You sputter and choke, spitting out most of his tongue, his breath rank and metallic, his teeth digging into your throat and the back of your skull.\n\n"Sorry," he mumbles inarticulately, still lapping up and down your face, totally coating your skin in his cloudy black spit, reeking like gasoline. His hips roll, sending his cock -- fully unsheathed? -- smacking against your stomach, skewing against your own hard cock, and you blindly reach down to pin your cocks together, letting you hump up against his dripping, sloppy length. His cock is maybe the size of one of your legs. Scummy froth builds up, his oily pre lathering up into a bubbling mess as you stroke him, stroke yourself. There's a warm wash of heat spilling across your stomach as he keeps pissing out pre all over, coating you, sand sticking to your ass and thighs as you squirm around under him. He groans, tremors racing through the length of his cock, making it lurch so hard it rips free of your loose grasp and smacks, erratic and weighty, against your stomach, thighs, sides, before you can catch it again. His skin is perfectly smooth, so glazed with slime it's frictionless, and you play your hands across his bestial shaft: up to the ridge of his cocktip, across the smooth, slightly-curved plane of his cockhead. You slide your fingers around the bulging mound of his cockhole, pressing slightly against the divot at the center, and your fingers slip smoothly into his cockhead. Brulvundojn roars across your head, hips jerking closer, grinding his cock hard down against your body. Pre fountains out in every direction around the blockage of your finger: hot droplets splattering all over, painting your chest and thighs where you're not already coated in his watery pre.\n\nYou groan, hand slurping as you stroke him off and fingerfuck his dick in the same motion, your cock aching, hot shocky sensations rippling up your shaft as you slide against the underside of his dick. You groan, and this time when Brulvundojn shoves his tongue down your throat you swallow, gulping down mouthfuls of his rank spit, letting his tongue fill your mouth and squirm down your throat in a rippling push. You gurgle, and Brulvundojn opens up wider, tongue mashing across your face, warping your throat. He's easily got enough tongue to sink it down into your stomach, and he's definitely trying. He whines, whimpering against your head as you choke on his tongue, pouring drool in sheets down your face, into the fucked-open passage of your throat, stirring it up into a frothy mess that squirts from your nose and mouth as his writhing tongue pushes deeper.\n\nThere's a horrible wet sucking noise that you definitely can't take a second to see, and a shower of slime sprays out across your calves, with a swampy wave of ooze spilling down his dick into your lap. You run your hands up his shaft, catching clots of old ooze streaming down his dick. Something wet and slick laps across your fingers, like a tongue, and you reflexively jerk back. Brulvundojn lets out a laugh before he pulls back, tongue extricating itself from your throat, leaving you burbling up his drool, spilling out over your cheeks, before he pulls up and you can actually take a look at what you're feeling.\n\nHis knot popped out of his sheath, half-hard and enormous, and old back-up slime is burbling out of his bruised and blown-open sheath, drenching his entire length -- and you -- in a scummy wave of murky black slime. But also, behind his knot he's got tentacles. They're affixed to the very base of his shaft, peeking out from his sheath, all totally slathered in a mess of slime, and they squirm around each other in tangles, sucking across the slime-encrusted bulk of his knot, scouring messy clots of half-congealed slime off the underside of his knot, out of the inner flesh of his sheath, smearing them apart and mashing them together into a blackened cream and letting the mess ooze down his dick to smear in frothy dollops all over your body. You groan, hands swiping through the mess, using it to stroke his dick, painting it in streaky marks all over your slime-drenched skin. Brulvundojn groans, tongue lapping across your shoulder as he looks down too, watching you coat yourself in his gross, murky pre. He snarls and yaps, hips rolling, fucking his cock between your legs, against your cock, cocktip jabbing against your stomach.\n\nYou jerk him off. You want to see him cum. You want to get drenched in cum. He starts up a rhythm, slopping fucking his cock against your body, letting your arms guide his thrusts as he pins you against his dick, cockhead scraping from thigh to chest as he ruts down, paws scrabbling in the sodden sand beside you. His balls lurch, churning in their sac, and his leathery skin starts to shudder and furrow, pulling up tighter, turning his loose, low-hanging balls into a single giant mound pulled up tight beneath his sheath.\n\nHe yowls when he cums, sharp yapping noises. His tentacles pull tight, curling around his knot so he can knot himself, and his cock jerks hard once, twice, with nothing coming out, before --\n\nHis cock erupts in an enormous fountain of thick, tarry black cum, and you make sure to aim it right across your body: spraying across your chest, rank and sour splashing into your mouth, hooking in gummy tendrils over your shoulders and elbows, practically tying you to the ground. His cum is an inky, opaque black, but threaded through gummy cords is something a vibrant glowing green, like a thick jelly. You pump his cock, fingers playing over his cockhead, holding it in place. There's recoil: each shot of cum heavy enough to make his entire dick lurch, wanting to skew to the side. His internal muscles flex hard, wanting to lift his dick up against his underbelly, but you keep it pointed down, catching each blast of murky, congealed cum right across the chest, spraying in all directions and painting you uniformly in a gummy layer of his tarry, built-up load. He cums like that for -- you don't know. Blast after blast of mutant dog cum paints you head to toe while you rut up against him, your cock sliding frictionlessly through the murky ooze strung out between your bodies.\n\nAfter a while, his cum thins, and his spurts even out. Brulvundojn sags down, underbelly coming closing, giant cock pinned heavy across your stomach, and his tongue unfurls with a //splat// over the crown of your head. He's knotted, you realize. Knotting himself decently enough, at least. He's pissing out cum, thin and watery, even more bitter and acrid than the built-up gunk before, and he groans, long and low in a buzzsaw rattle, as he unloads all over your body, watery cum thinning the tarry murk plastered to your skin, ooze clogging the sand beneath you and overflowing, burying you in a swampy morass of his putrid, blackened cum.\n\nYou cum all over his dick, whining and sobbing, mouth flooded with the rich, rancid taste of his cum, entire body tingling, hot and prickly as you soak up his grotesque, lightrot-laden issue. He keeps cumming for what feels like hours, cock pulpy and heavy, internal muscles pulsing steadily, as he drenches you in cum.\n\nYou have to peel his cum off you, afterwards. It pulls off in half-congealed sheets, rubbery globs that fold over themselves and leave your skin damp and slick, with only a thin smearing of cum left over. You reek of him now, and you can tell he likes it: he butts his head against your stomach, nostrils wetly snuffling as he takes in your mingled scent. All you can smell is the rancid gasoline reek of his cum, still clogged in your nose. It's pretty nice.\n\n<<sex "brulvundojn" "oral" "top">>\\n<<display "brul tf trigger">>
You tell Brulvundojn about your find. Old tanker, for lightrot or oil or something. Mostly intact. But definitely too big for you to move in any way shape or form. You ask him if he can help drag it all the way back to Yapu.\n\nBrulvundojn says, "Sure."\n\n"But I'm going to need some kind of yoke to pull it. Also, you know, you found this on my territory; I'm pretty sure I got first claim rights. You gotta trade me for it."\n\nYou tell him if he's trying to barter into fucking you, he really doesn't gotta do that. You leer at his dick. But you know you'd really like to get this back to the village before anybody else actually tries to stake a claim on it, so, you know, fucking you can wait until then, you tell him.\n\n"Are you trying to bribe me with sex?" he asks, head lowered, furnace breath billowing out over you.\n\nYou say yeah, is it working.\n\nAnyway the point is you need some kinda chain to make a yoke, which is fine, because there's plenty back at town.\n\n<<set $brulvundojnChain to 1>>\\n[[→|brulvundojn's den]]
You say, hey, does he wanna fuck around?\n\n<<if $brulvundojnFriends === true>>\\n"Always," Brulvundojn says, low, and pads forward across the sand: head low, shoulders even. A wolf's stride, hungry. His sheath sways between his haunches, balls hanging low, and you see his cock begin to crest out: purple-black and shining, dripping dark slime onto the ground beneath.\n\nHe steps over you, foreleg pushing you down onto your ass, and you complete the motion by laying there under him, letting his cock unsheath in front of you, on top of you, slathering you in his sloppy pre.\n<<else>>\\n"Again?" Brulvundojn says, not uneagerly.\n\nYou say, well, y'know, he's real hot, and now that you can fuck you're really looking forward to it.\n\nBrulvundojn leers down at you. You can see his sheath lurch: he shifts his weight, balls swaying to smack against his haunches, bloated sheath bobbing, its tip spreading and opening to reveal a glimmer of his purple-black shaft. "Since you asked so nicely," he says, and steps forward: head low, shoulders even. A wolf's stride, hungry and hunting.\n\nHis head sways down and he nudges you with his muzzle, pushing you back on your ass, and you briefly card your hands through his fur: along the underside of his muzzle, down his neck, as he pushes past you, over you, letting him stand astride you with his cock unsheathing all across your body.\n<<endif>>\\n\nBrulvundojn's cock is obscene: animal, grotesque, slimy and reeking, utterly gigantic. An immense spar of purple-black flesh, gnarled with veins. It pours out of his sheath with a series of wet //glug//s, slime belching out from his sheath in bursts, pouring down the rigid line of his shaft to splatter down all over the sand -- all over you, splayed out beneath it. It drags down from its own weight, hanging heavily off Brulvundojn's frame. Fully unsheathed it's easily thicker and longer than one of your legs; long enough to span from your waist up past your head. Cloudy black slime pours from the tip, drools from his sheath. His pre is rank, chemical, and it has a rainbow sheen, warping across the surface as his pre pours down in watery droplets.\n\nSlime crackles audibly, and his sheath swells -- bulging fatter and squirming -- before his knot bursts out in the open, an added stopper on his already nightmarishly-huge cock: even soft, it's forms a distinct lump, a many-lobed swell along the sides of his shaft, not swollen but still bulky framing the base of his cock. And following that, at the very root of his cock, are his tentacles -- reaching out into the air, glued together from being stuck deep within his body, and slowly peeling apart, sending sheets of congealed slime flying through the air. A dozen tentacles, maybe, roughly. Stubby compared to his cock, but big enough to reach out past his knot -- each one easily maybe a foot long, and they're nothing but small decorations compared to the enormous bulk of his cock.\n\nTotally unsheathed, his cock hangs beneath his underbelly, drooping from its own weight: grotesquely huge, pulsing and shuddering, flesh rippling under the surface. He's constantly pissing out cloudy black pre, forming shining splotches of dark, saturated sand beneath him.\n\nIt's real intimidating, but it's also real hot.\n\nBrulvundojn leers down at you. "Ready?" he asks, and gasoline drool splatters down across your face, thick and slimy.\n\nYou say, absolutely.\n\n<<if $brulvundojnFriends === true || ($brulvundojnFucked gt 1 && hasMutation('wide hips'))>>\\n<<display "brulvundojn knotting">>\n<<else if $brulvundojnFucked gt 0 || !hasMutation('wide hips')>>\\n<<display "brulvundojn bigdick">>\n<<else>>\\n<<display "brulvundojn frot">>\n<<endif>>\\n<<set $brulvundojnFucked += 1>>\\n\n[[→|brulvundojn's den]]
He steps forward, and his cock jounces beneath him, a huge cannon swaying back and forth, slapping against his legs -- big enough to hit the two back pairs -- and slinging huge, sloppy gushes of pre in all directions. Droplets splatter against your skin, hot and wet, and then the main mass of one blast hits you and it's like a bucket being upended in your direction: leaving you flushed, open-mouthed, skin stinging, gasping from the sudden impact. Your gaze is locked on his cock, watching it grow and grow until it slaps against your side and sends you sprawling on your back: beneath Brulvundojn's underbelly, nearly pinned by the weight of his mammoth cock.\n\nIt's //heavy//, drooping down from its own weight, and its twitches make it shudder upwards before slapping back down, smacking against your chest and stomach. You wrap your arms around it, letting Brulvundojn's motions send it fucking back and forth, sliding along your chest. It reeks, rank animal musk and the rotten-metal of lightrot, so brutally intense you can hardly breathe. Your eyes water from the fumes. He splashes your chest with pre, forming greasy pools of cloudy black slime, spilling down your chest into the sand below. Your sweaty skin is already caked with sand, and it's only the constant flow of pre that washes the worst of it away.\n\nBrulvundojn huffs, chest a vast stretch of blackened fur above you, and drool splatters down past your head, staining the sand dark. Adding to the dark blotch spreading out around your body, where the sand is caked down in sodden waves.\n\nCatching a mess of black pre to the face, you moan and wrap your arms tighter around Brulvundojn's bloated shaft. You pull it closer, pressing it against your face and chest. It ruts back and forth, spewing slime all over, and you raise your legs, wrapping them around its base, heels butting against the hind end of his knot. Above you, Brulvundojn laughs:\n\n"A little too big for you, you've figured."\n\nBlack pre winds down between your thighs, spilling over your ass. You clench and relax, feeling some of it catch on your rim, slide inside you. But he's right; his cock is maybe a //little// too big for you to manage. Yet. Maybe next time, you say. Or try to say; it comes out gurgling, muffled by the webs of slobbery pre splattered all over your face.\n\nOne of his paws comes down on your shoulder, a light pressure -- comparatively -- holding you in place as he ruts against your body. Your own cock is hard, aching, grinding against the underside of his cock as he ruts through your thighs and arms. You arch up, humping against it. He thrusts forward, knot hitting your thighs with a //smack//, cockhead mashed against your face, his tentacles fanning out over your calves, sliding smoothly across your ass. He grinds down, knot throbbing, and the force shoves you bodily forward, dragging you through the sodden, clumped sand. It beats like a heart, pulsing with monstrous energy, halfway-pinned between your raised legs. His tentacles slide into your asshole, slick and easy, and it's impossible to avoid comparing them to the colossal cannon of his cock; what it would be like forcing its way into your ass. He ruts back and forth, tentacles pulling from your ass with a //slurp//, and you whine, rutting back against them. You hooking your legs around his half-inflated knot, knees pressing against the sodden fur of his underbelly, and his next motion nearly drags you up into the air, dangling off the spire of his cock, and when he ruts downward you're flattened into the ground, pinned as his cock smashes down all across your chest and face. Wrapping your hands around his cockhead, you nurse on his cock, gulping down mouthfuls of rancid, gasoline-slick pre as they fountain out all over you. \n\nHis tentacles smear all over your ass, one and then two shoving inside your precum-slathered asshole, and you whine, stroking his cock with your entire body while he shallowly fucks you with his tentacles. Your cock throbs, pinned to your belly by his bulk, and you grind up against it, huffing and panting, entire body drenched in his foul pre. You come with a broken moan, mouth pressed against the underside of his cockhead, hips jerking as you cum all across his cock, your load thinned out into nothingness almost instantly by the constant pouring of his pre.\n\nBrulvundojn strokes his cock with your entire body, arms wrapped around his shaft, knot milked by your legs. You stroke him off, moaning when he grinds down, legs slowly spreading as his knot swells. You can feel him getting closer; the twitches of his cock get strong enough to nearly rip it from your grip, and his pre erupts out past your head in huge, spouting bursts. He snarls, paws tearing at the sodden sand, and then howls, a baying that turns into a feral yapping. His cock erupts, motion surging down its length, and he erupts with a fuming, clotted mess of monster cum, a chemical acid-green streaked through with black clots. He grinds down hard, knocking the breath from your lungs -- and your open mouth gets flooded with the spill of cum pouring off his cock, sour rank sludge spilling all over your face, drizzling down the sides of your head. He ruts back and forth, hard, dragging your body with his motions, cock tensing and firing eruption after eruption of foul cum. The vast majority of it misses you, spraying past your head, but even the excess dribbling down the underside of his cock is enough to completely slather you in his fuming, acidic cum. You whine, kissing his cockhead, blasts of cum smacking against your face with enough force to knock your head back even as they coat you in his thick, gluey load.\n\nAfter a while you just lay there, panting, thighs squeezing his knot, body drenching in slime. His eruptions turn into a slower, steadier drool, thinner slime a murky acid-green, pouring down all over you, with fat black clots of tarry slime building up inside his shaft and gushing out at erratic intervals. It piles up on the sand, spilling out in a slimy mound, and he keeps rutting, back and forth, as the constant spill slowly ebbs, until he's simply smearing it around, load frothing up into grey dollops smeared all over your skin.\n\nEventually you let your legs drop, letting his cock spring back up against his underbelly, just drizzling excess slime along the bottom as you lay there, half-immersed in his load. You sit up, sending cum sluicing down your stomach and sides, pooling around your own stiff cock. You lazily jerk yourself off, rutting up against Brulvundojn's still-unsheathed length, slimy and heavy bearing down against your skin. You cum with a groan, after only a few strokes, and glaze his purple-black shaft with smears of your own <<if hasMutation ("balls")>>altered <<endif>>cum.\n\n"Good?" He asks, twisting his head down to look at you with his four gleaming eyes, and you tiredly nod.\n\nIt takes you more than a while to clean yourself up.\n<<sex "brulvundojn" "frot" "top">>\\n<<display "brul tf trigger">>
<<if $sex['brulvundojn'] gte 4 && !(hasMutation ("pre-hands fur") || hasMutation ("hands fur"))>>\\n<<set $handsfeetfur to 1>>\\n<<endif>>
He steps forward, cock jouncing. It sags down, slinging a spatter of pre all across the sand, then bounces back up, smashing against his underbelly with a sharp _crack_ that slathers pre all through his coat, and then it sags down in the opposite direction, swaying back and forth like that for each of his slow, prowling steps closer.\n\nHe looms over you, cock hot and slimy smearing across your chest, tip pressing against your jaw just under your ear. It's heavy and dripping, overwhelmingly alive: thrumming with Brulvundojn's heartbeat, set swinging in the open air when muscles in his hips twitch. The whole length ripples backwards, like recoil, each time he lets out a spurt of black pre.\n\nYou moan, wrapping your hands around its monstrous girth, and say, fuck, fuck, c'mon. You beg Brulvundojn to shove it in your ass.\n\nBrulvundojn leers down at you, at this angle head visible only as a sliver of fangs and a slavering tongue. He ruts against your chest, cock spanning from your thighs past your head. "Don't you think it's a little too big?" he says, teasing, and you writhe against him, fucking his cock along your entire body.\n\nYou say, fuck, please, he's gotta try. There's something wild and hungry to being this close to a dick this big. Something to having it pulsing and spurting in your arms, utterly, inhumanly huge.\n\nYou rock up, spreading your legs, framing his sheath with your knees, and Brulvundojn obligingly takes a step back. The cock drags along your chest, stomach -- briefly eye-to-eye with your head, letting out a stringy burst of pre that coats your face in drooling strands and makes you flinch back at the sudden wet impact -- and slides between your thighs, throbbing there in the air. Pre gushes across your stomach, with big rubbery cords drooling down across your own dick, spilling down your thighs. You pin his shaft with your thighs, rolling your hips to grind up against him. Brulvundojn snarls, low and eager, and ruts against you, dragging his cock back and forth until the tip pops out behind your thighs, leaving them slathered and goopy with his pre. You pull your knees to your chest, ass in the air, and Brulvundojn grinds between your cheeks, gushing slobbery ropes of pre all over your ass, entirely drenching you in heavy, sloppy runnels. You might moan when you feel a wet pulse of pre spill down right over your asshole.\n\nHe hasn't even tried to fuck you yet; he's just basting you in cord after cord of cloudy black slime, until it pours down your skin in layers. His cockhead, for all that it's comes to a sharp tip, is still immensely broad at the tip. A fat chisel-head that slopes wider and wider. It's dense, flesh implacably hard when it sliding down one of your muscled asscheeks, and you twist, slotting it into place against your hungry asshole. There's a squirt and a ripple of heat; pre pumping out directly over your already-slathered asshole, and you shudder, letting out a guttural groan that shades into a whine when you bear down on his cocktip.\n\nEven just his cocktip stretches you wide. He sinks an inch or two inside, spurting pre all over the rim of your asshole, and when he draws back your hole stays open, goopy smears of pre all over your open ass, with threadlike strings glimmering between you. He ruts forward again, fat cockhead stretching you wider and wider, his pre lubing you up inside, before he pulls back again: your hole gaping wider, more pre drooling out. Again and again he ruts into you, fucking you with not even his entire cockhead, just the first few inches. He works you open until your asshole is a gaping cavern, a hungry mouth splayed open wide, with the red flush of your guts on display, color muted by the heavy slather of his black pre all over and inside you, clinging to the walls of your ass in thicker globs.\n\nFor a moment, his cock hangs there an inch from your ass: poised and ready, erratically spurting pre across and into your gaping ass. Then Brulvundojn slides back in and keeps pushing. You groan, head thrown back, eyes unseeing as you focus on the sensation of him burrowing into you. His cock spreads out wider and wider, cockhead alone stretching you far beyond any human cock could. Your swollen ass lips gape around his shaft, stretched out into glossy petals of bruised flesh, and when Brulvundojn draws back a fraction, paws shifting around you to get better footing, he practically pulls your drawn-taut guts out along with his shaft. His cocktip shoves against the depths of your ass, and you push down, opening yourself up, letting him in deeper and deeper. His pre sizzles inside you, hot and heavy, gurgling and sloshing as it pours into your guts.\n\nWhen you exhale you can see the shadow of his cock bulging out your stomach, jerking forward and back as Brulvundojn stirs his cock inside you. Your flesh warps and shifts, his cock jabbing up against the muscles of your stomach, and you clench and relax, letting him shove up, shove deeper, his cock bulging out over your stomach in smooth relief. You gag on nothing, his cockhead mashing against your diaphragm, forcing all the air from your lungs in an abrupt _whuff_. You struggle to inhale, dimly aware of a rising pressure deep inside you that's your diaphragm wrapping itself around Brulvundojn's cock. He growls above you, panting as your struggled breath teases his cockhead, and his next spurts of pre burn hot as they splatter inside you, gurgling through your warped guts, feeling like thin membranes of flesh are the only things keeping him from pushing up directly into your chest cavity. You gag and drool, unable to swallow even from the pressure on your stomach; each motion just shudders against Brulvundojn's cock: a massive obstruction warping your entire body, stirring around your guts, pinning your organs together.\n\nBrulvundojn finally pulls back -- only fractionally, though it feels like miles -- and you suck in a watery breath, chest heaving. Each breath just makes the grotesque, impossible bulge of his cock across your stomach more distinct: skewing up your left side, slightly, bellybutton dragged into an oval from the stretch, with the tip bulging out past your ribcage. It flutters, dragging your entire body with it when it twitches, and when it spits pre you can see it pour down: your warped flesh drooping down under extra weight, mounding out like a half-full waterskin as the burning slime pours down along his shaft.\n\nBrulvundojn shifts the angle, tipping you back, and your entire body jerks up, puppeted by his cock. He's nearly sunk deep enough inside you to drag you along with him: body pinned against his underbelly, impaled on his cock. He ruts into you, or at this point more like ruts you along his cock, using your entire body as a tight, shuddering orifice to fuck, and the swell of his cock rises and falls, churning across your belly like a living thing, like snakes in your guts. His thrusts now dig against your belly, warping your pre-bloated gut more and more, with the rest of your body just hanging off it. Your stomach is a mess of stretched, warped skin, bruised muscle, not even easily identifiable as something attached to a human. He's nearly hilted in you, by which you mean there's still the full span of a human's cock before he's even close to pressing his sheath against you. His knot is swollen but still soft, a mess of heavy, spongy flesh glazed with slime, smacking against your thighs as he rolls you along his shaft. His cocktip presses up past your ribcage, on the outside, pulling your belly out into a spike warped around the pillar of his cock. Each further inch sinking into you feels impossible, the stretch resonating all through your body: belly taut, guts bloated, asshole bruised and gaping. His tentacles lick across your thighs, over your ass, smearing slime all over your skin, and his pre continually pours from your broken ass, a constant refrain of wet smacks and slaps as beads of pre hit the saturated sand.\n\nHis knot hits your ass with a //crack//, just that much more of his shaft impaling you, and all you can do is shudder and groan, each reflexive flutter of your abs clenching sending an ache all through your front, making your body bounce back and forth from where it's strung up over his cock. He's half-engorged, soft knot spongy and broad, spread nearly as wide as your hips. He grinds down, shoving you to the left and then to the right just to wedge his knot between your ass cheeks, to get the full bulk of his knot jammed up tight against your asshole. Pre squirts out between you, pressurized by his knot damming the flow, and dimly you feel wet ribbons of slime splatter against your calves, dripping down your feet in waves.\n\nHe bounces you on his knot. There's a shift and a sway, gravity pulling on you -- on your body against the monstrous spike of his cock inside you -- in new ways, and it takes a moment for you to realize Brulvundojn has sat down on his haunches, pressing you up against his underbelly. And letting gravity pin you on his cock. He shifts, fucking the air, and your entire body bonelessly moves with him, dragging you just a fraction off his knot before slipping back down. You're dimly aware you're making noise, panting that turns into a gurgling groan each time he thrusts, warbling keening that breaks when he slides you back down his cock. Your thighs are pinning his knot tight, and it swells slowly: bloating just an iota thicker each time he bounces you, smacking harder and harder against your blown asshole. He's panting too, breath hoarse and rasping, drooling a slavering mess of froth as he snarls and ruts up into you, brutally sheathing nearly the entire length of his cock inside your body, stirring his cock around inside you like he's looking for a way to cram just a little more each time. Each thrust is a bone-rattling jerk, your face mashed up his filthy, slime-soaked underbelly, your feet only loosely braced against the flesh of his inner haunches, with sludge-soaked fur in tangled clumps under your feet. Your bones ache.\n\nYou can feel him get close to coming for minutes. His breathing gets faster, his cock twitches and trembles more. His knot swells, bigger and bigger, until it's locked half-inside you, the upper bulk sunk into your ruined asshole with the rest of its immense spread pinned tight by your thighs. Muscles across his underbelly twitch and shudder. He gives a final few thrusts, knot squelching and slurping, and cums with a ragged, yipping howl. His cock surges, twitching up and plastering you to his underbelly. Cum sprays into you, thick and gummy, sticking to your guts in big tarry clumps, but so much of it that it soon begins to pour down in globs. Your bloated gut shudders, visibly swelling in time with his shots, and your guts gurgle and churn, sloppy wet noises coming from inside you as his load fills you up. Tarry dewdrops of cum spill down to where your asshole is stretched out around his knot. Even half-knotted, it's stuck inside, and and you can feel every drop as it pours down and spreads out, filling your ass with bubbling slime.\n\nYou sprawl there, impaled on his spurting cock, weakly shuddering with each pulse. After a while his tarry cum thins, his sharp spurts replaced with a continual pissing pour of watery, silty slime that floods all through your guts. The bulge of his cock softens as your belly expands, until it's entirely hidden in the heavy, drooping swell of your cum-filled gut. Your skin shudders, drawn taut, slowly seaming apart into ragged red stretch marks across your sides as your belly bloats and bloats from the sheer volume of Brulvundojn's load.\n\nThe weight, the pressure, becomes so overwhelming it almost seems normal, like you're stuck in a hazy, dreamlike daze, body heavy and wet, slathered with slime, full of stinging heat and a continual pumping. You're in a haze when you feel yourself start to overfill: the pressure of cum inside you digging down against his loose knot. It feels almost like being stabbed when the first trickles of cum spill out around his knot: hot and liquid, pouring down your splayed, warped asscheeks, leaking out from inside you. Slowly, sluggishly, you feel your guts warp and spasm, dragged down by the sheer volume of cum. Streamers of cum sluice down your ass, more and more, as the wet meat of your ass grinds against itself, pulpy and swollen and bruised, until with a sudden lurch your asshole spasms and turns itself inside-out, prolapsing out around Brulvundojn's knot in an explosion of slimy cum. Cum fountains out around the sloppy seal, your guts a mound of cum-slathered meat wetly sucking against his knot, and you let out a dazed groan as your guts finally drain, gurgling obscenely as you pour out Brulvundojn's slimy cum all over the swampy sand. He's still cumming, in spurts deep inside you, and the flow of cum pouring out of you rises and ebbs, watery slime gushing out all down your dangling thighs.\n\nYou stay spired on his cock, breathing shallowly, gut still grotesquely bloated even as you drain out gallons of cum onto the ground. Your prolapse weakly shudders, wet folds of raw flesh pinned between your ass and his knot, sloppily milking his knot with slobbery wet slurps. It's still another indefinite stretch of time before his spurts finally slow and subside and his knot softens. His cock sags, slowly, and even though you feel it happening the entire time, it's still a surprise when your weight is finally enough to drag it to the side, and you spill off his cock into the sand. The entire length of his cock just slides out of you, guts long-ago dragged into a straight, open passage, and you sprawl out in the mess of sludge that's been collecting beneath you for... hours?, just weakly panting, arms and legs shuddering, with your utterly-broken asshole pouring his load out through the slimy furls of your weighty prolapse.\n\nBrulvundojn collapses on the ground next to you, sprawling out on his side. His muzzle is open and his tongue is lolling out. He's panting hard. You think maybe this took as much out of him as it did out of you. And then, shifting gingerly, every joint in your body aching, you decide, well, probably not //quite// as much.\n\nYou say, eventually and exhausted, that ow, your hips hurt.\n\nBrulvundojn lets out a tired //yap//. "You did ask for it," he says. He's right.\n\nEventually you muster up the strength to flop over onto your side. You hiss as you reach back, fingers probing across the bloated bulk of your prolapse. It's drenched in coarse slime, sand mixed in with cum, still leaking more. It's gritty across your palm as you catch it in one spread hand and slowly push down, easing it back inside your body. It takes a while. Your ass is bloated enormously even with all your guts inside your body; your ring is swollen up into a puffy crater, slack and spreading easily, and so bruised that you can't even clench closed.\n\n"You think you're gonna be okay?" Brulvundojn says, tipping his head towards you.\n\nYou say, no problem. You're gonna take that knot next time.\n\nBrulvundojn lets out a laughing yip. "You got eyes bigger than your ass," he says. "But I don't mind trying again."\n\nYou're gonna need some time to pull yourself together, for sure.\n\nYou do eventually pull yourself together enough to stand up, and that just helps all the cum drain out faster, winding in runnels down your legs. Your gut is still mounded, swollen and heavy, and it sloshes and gurgles when you try to move. There's bruising coming up all across your front, skin purpling slightly. Your abs ache like you've taken more than a few punches, and you suppose you have, just from the inside.\n\nIt's a while longer before you manage to set out again, but you do finally manage it.\n\n<<sex "brulvundojn" "anal" "top">>\\n<<display "brul tf trigger">>\\n<<set $queuedLower += 1>>\\n<<set $tfIncite to "brulvundojn bigdick">>
He steps forward, cock jouncing. It sags down, slinging a spatter of pre all across the sand, then bounces back up, smashing against his underbelly with a sharp _crack_ that sprays pre all over his shaggy underbelly, painting it into heavy, dripping hanks. His cock rebounds, sagging in the opposite direction, and sways back and forth with each of his slow, prowling steps closer.\n\nHe looms over you, cock hot and slimy smearing across your chest, tip pressing against your jaw just under your ear. It's angled down, drooping from its own weight, and slimy sheath fluid oozes down from his warped sheath, stretched wide around the frothing mess of his lashing tentacles. He pours his blackened pre all over your body, a dense, swampy heat enveloping your body. His dick thrums, veins shuddering under the surface, muscles in his hips sending the entire mammoth shaft swinging back and forth over you, slinging ropes of pre all over your chest in zig-zagging lines.\n\nYou moan, wrapping your hands around its monstrous girth, pulling the head down to your face -- his cocktip nearly the size of your head -- and beg him to knot you.\n\nBrulvundojn leers down at you, at this angle head visible only as a sliver of fangs and a slavering tongue. He ruts against your chest, cock spanning from your thighs past your head. His knot, bulky even totally soft, looms above you, slathered and dripping in black slime from his lashing tentacles. He milks himself, tentacles cording around his knot and squeezing, and a hot shower of dark, oily pre rains down across your already-dripping body, coating you entirely in his rank, rancid pre.\n\n<<if $brulvundojnKnotted>>\\n"You asked for it," he says, and you groan. Your pelvis aches bone-deep, in memory of taking his knot. He ruts down against your -- cock long enough to span from hips past your head, and his soft, bulky knot nearly as wide as your hips. You moan, arching up against him, dazed from the sheer hunger racing through your body; the desperate desire to be wrapped around his knot.\n<<else>>\\n"You think you can take it?" he asks, experimentally rutting down -- pinning his cock against your body to compare. It's impossible to miss how his dick alone is half your body length, and his knot even soft is nearly as wide as your hips.\n\n//Nearly// as wide is the important part, with your freshly-stretched pelvis. Already you can feel the anticipation of it, bones creaking as if he's already fucked you open. You can absolutely take it, you tell him.\n<<endif>>\n\nHis hips shift, dragging his cock back across your chest, and you loosely wrap your arms around it, forming a sloppy, slime-encrusted tunnel for him to fuck his dick through. Soon that tunnel is gonna be your ass, you think to yourself, dimly. The size difference is incredible. Above you, Brulvundojn's body is an expanse of charcoal grey fur, warped over his animal muscles, and his rocking hips have the same inexorable power as a landslide.\n\nYou groan and hook your legs up, folding yourself double under him, grinding his dick between your thighs -- and against the hard spar of your own dick, tiny compared to the huge, bestial club he's got. Scum builds up across your thighs as he thrusts, scraped off his pumping shaft, murky precome lathering up into a glistening, oily froth. You have to shove his dick into position, a whole foot of his shaft smearing between your thighs before the pointed tip is aimed at your asshole. You rut up against him, rocking back and forth, letting his cock slide between your muscled ass cheeks, just back and forth. Heat pools in your stomach, billowing up as the smooth, slick flesh of his cock slides against your skin. Something deep inside you pulses. You desperately need his dick in your ass.\n\nHis cock grinds against your hole, catching and dragging minutely as you splay yourself open, just grinding along the edge of his shaft as he fucks your thighs. His pointed cocktip might start small but it thickens a lot, real fast. That doesn't stop you from arching up, grinding your ass down, putting more friction on the motion so his thrusts scrape slowly, cocktip mashing against your spreading hole before it pops out in a gush of pre, and then again and again on the next thrusts. He's restraining himself; if he actually tried thrusting hard he'd probably scoop you up and fling you into the air just by smacking you with his dick. Your asshole warps open, spread just a fraction wider each time his cockhead half-caches in your open, welcoming gape, and you find yourself whining, squirming against his dick, trying to pin his dick with your knees so it's got no choice but to shove into your ass.\n\nWhen it finally catches it still takes both of you by surprise. You yelp, the force that sent his cock skimming across your stomach suddenly shoving it a foot deep into your ass. Your guts pulse, rammed open, hole spasming as it clenches down hard on the impossibly-wide obstruction of Brulvundojn's dick -- only managing to push it a few inches out before you relax and spread wider, practically sucking his cocktip into your ass. He spurts, cock huge and heavy and hot inside you, a living thing pulsing and shuddering, gushing a blossoming swell of heat into your guts, sloppy and gurgling as the cords of pre spill deeper inside, tracing out the passages of your guts in burning heat.\n\nYou let out a long, shaky bellow, eyes rolling back into your head, impaled on just the tip of his cock. There's so much more left to go. He ruts, experimentally, cocktip stabbing deeper and pulling out with a heavy wet glugging sound, leaving your hole open and gaping, an open passage carved out inside you. His paws scratch in the sand, coating your side in a gritty spray, and he sockets his cock back inside you and then keeps going, the motion shoving you through the sand, bashing you against his middle legs before you get stuck in the trough he's dug out, and then it's just your body versus his cock: his cock, implacable, gigantic, pulpy and heavy and utterly unyielding; your body spread open, inner passages warped and swelling, twisted out of place to make yourself a tight sleeve for him to fuck.\n\nBrulvundojn fucks you. You're pinned in the sand, hands grasping hold of his ankles, bodily bracing yourself against each thrust. His dick jabs deep, a smooth swell bulging up across your belly, and when he bottoms out inside you -- for now -- the force of his thrust lifts you off the ground for a second, leaving you hanging off his cock, bobbing in the air, before the weight of your own body sends you slipping back off, falling the few inches down to the earth. Then he does it again, cramming a few more inches into your body -- cocktip knocking the breath from your lungs, then angling up, making your guts shudder and unspool as he twists them out of place -- before jerking back out, slimy black pre gurgling from your gaping ass in wet, messy slurps in the half-second before he slams into you again, and again, and again.\n\nHe's slavering, fiery drool smacking into the churned-up sand, spicy sweat dripping down his flanks and mixing with the mess of pre and sand splattered all over your body. Your belly lurches and shudders, the shape of his cock under your skin warping as he thrusts; the shape shrinks down between thrusts but always bulges out bigger on the next one. You bounce on his cock, a fucked-open puppet jerking up to smack against his underbelly until he finally rears up, paws scrabbling against the walls of his den, and lets gravity do his work: all your weight on his cock, shaft lurching in your guts, bulging your stomach out into a giant, impossible swell. The skin at your sides aches, belly taut as a drum, wrapped obscenely around his bestial, alien dog dick. Brulvundojn mashes you against the wall, pinning you in place as he humps forward, and his cock makes obscene wet squelching noises as he slams inside and drags back, fucking you open. Pre sluices down the length of his cock. Your hips ache. His tentacles lash against your calves, curling across your feet and pulling taut, physically dragging you deeper down onto his dick in lurches and fits. Your belly ripples, all your skin and flesh sheathing his cock not enough to fully dampen the impact of his pre burbling up in gushes, hard shots of heat blooming inside you. Your arms and legs dangle uselessly at your sides; there's nothing to brace yourself against, pinned against old metal beams at your back and Brulvundojn's sodden underbelly against your front. You feel like a gyre, twisting open, wider than you ever thought possible, letting more and more of his cock sink into your splayed, hungry depths.\n\nHe snarls above you, huffing and panting, hips mashing you against the wall, cock making obscene wet squelching noises. When he dismounts, you stay pinned to his cock, held aloft by its sheer length stuck inside you. You slip, fractionally, in little bursts, and his cock bobs down, until eventually your shoulders hit the sand, ass gaping even around his giant shaft.\n\nCarved open like that, he can actually fuck you. He sinks in to the knot, just like that: his shaft fills you back up again, heat and hardness where you were left hollow and cold without him in you, and the soft bulk of his knot jams against your ass, his cock itself stretching your belly out into a warped sheath that juts out past your chest, sloshing and gurgling with the mass of pre stuck inside you. Your asshole burns, flesh bruised and swollen, rumpled up into puffy, meaty slabs, and the sensation when he bears down, grinding his knot against your aching flesh, defies description. You gurgle, bellow turned soft and wet from the pressure of his dick inside you.\n\nHe fucks you like that, for a while, just pinning you in the sand with one huge paw on your ribs, fucking your body like it's a toy. His tentacles lash across your thighs, dragging you backward when he pulls halfway out; when he hoists you up to mash against the sodden, stinking fur of his underbelly, his tentacles make sure you don't fall off again.\n\nYou're only half-aware he's knotting you before he's tied. Your entire body ripples, phantom sensation rubbing up and down through your guts even when he's holding you still. The throb of his cock is indistinguishable from your own thudding heartbeat, from the erratic lurch of your lungs expanding, diaphragm warped out by the side of his cock. Flesh slides against flesh, his cock dense and pulpy, the hard spar of his dick bone sometimes felt, dimly, as the structural support keeping his cock utterly rigid. The bruised, broken ring of your asshole slurps over his cock, catching on a heavy swell, with tentacles prying at your rim, squirming inside you like snakes, and it's not until it's firmly seated inside you, pulsing heat filling your entire body, that you realize that was his knot. His sheath-flesh is wet and scratchy, hanks of fur soaked to his skin, grinding in wet clumps against your thighs. His balls swing forward, battering against your legs, lurching in their sac, and in your dim, feverish daze you have enough clarity to realize, oh, he's gonna cum, just as his cock starts to throb.\n\nHis knot //creaks// as it fills out, hot popping noises that might be your pelvis creaking or might just be pre pouring out of you in thickened droplets, spilling off the rounded bulk of his knot before it swells enough to seal everything inside. You dangle from his cock, solidly locked in place, stuck so tight that when he ruts he's just humping the air; your body a decoration wrapped around his dick.\n\nMuscles deep in his belly shudder and pulse, and his load erupts out into you in burning-hot gushes, burbling inside your already-flooded guts, slopping lower to build up in a churning sea just past his knot. His cock twitches, sending your body swinging back and forth, the wet weight of his load inside you working as a counterbalance; dragging behind and then catching up with a gurgling //crack// inside you, knocking the breath from your lungs. You can already only breathe shallowly, lungs jerking sideways, diaphragm fluttering. Brulvundojn howls, yapping and baying as he uselessly works his hips, your body stuck tight to his cock. He cums and cums, thick tarry cum plastering to your warped, unspooled guts, slowly rounding out the spire of his cock jabbing out from your stomach. You pant and whine, heat cascading through your body, gagging on nothing as his cock lurches again and again, slapping you up against his matted underbelly.\n\nYou can feel when his cum thins; the heat swirls inside you, thinning the clotted murk of his initial spurts. The weight of fluid bears down against him knot, slowly peeling your skin away, working rivulets of cum along the lobes of his knot, hot and stinging against your abused flesh. You asshole gapes around the underside of his knot, hanging slack and open, drooping over itself in meaty folds. Slime drools from the underside of his knot, just churned-up froth starting to dry and peel away, splattering down your dangling legs in sudden plops. Inside you, the weight of his load churns, gurgling deeper. Each spurt makes his cock angle lower, slowly forcing you to the ground. When your shoulders hi the ground you let out a breathless gasp, just that soft impact enough to jar his cock inside you, stirring around your guts.\n\nYou're only dimly aware of the ache across your gut, rounded and bulbous, shredded red stripes of stretch marks seaming open up your chest and over your sides, stinging from sweat sluggishly oozing lymph as Brulvundojn's breeding goes on and on. Cum ripples inside you, the pressure growing and growing, gurgling around his knot until you finally start to leak: a thick drizzle of churned-up cum spilling out over his knot, audibly crackling and slurping through the folds of your broken ass before it spills out, steaming, into the open air. Just a slow, sluggish pour leaking out of your broken ass, nothing at all to abate the sheer volume of cum he's pissing out into your guts.\n\nYou come to when his knot slips out. Your ass drags out with it, folding inside-out with an explosion of cum. Your belly looks pregnant; beyond pregnant, huge and rounded, stretch marks shredded to the point of spotty bleeding. Your ass is a hollow cavern, flooded with cum, gurgling out excess into the thirsty sand. Your guts shift with a sickening lurch, over-filled passages squirming, and you're dimly aware of the mound of your prolapsed guts slurping out over itself, mounding out into a fat, glossy tail, erratically pulsing with smooth muscle contractions to pump out huge, sloppy handfuls of Brulvundojn's bestial cum: oily black, threaded through with chunks and clots of brilliant emerald jelly. You just gasp, lungs fighting for space against your flooded guts.\n\n"I think I overdid it," Brulvundojn says from above, and you're hardly in a place to even process that as language, much less respond.\n\nYour hands flutter at your sides, clawing furrows in the saturated sand. You're anchored down by the weight of Brulvundojn's load. By weight you're probably more Brulvundojn than you're you. Cum gurgles out of your ruined ass, squelching in your guts as huge gummy cords slowly ooze their way back down, heavy gurgles punctuated by sloppy gushes when some finally slips back down that final curve and spills its way down your ruined ass, wetly burbling out through your mounded prolapse in globs, murky black and glowing green, oily and heavy, steaming lightly in the cold night air.\n\nBrulvundojn is still half-hard and pissing out cum all over you, you realize, eventually. There's so much cum painted all over you it wasn't immediately obvious.\n\n"You okay?" He says, sounding a little worried. <<if hasMutation ("knot")>>"It's been a while since we did that."<<else>>"First time getting knotted."<<endif>>\n\nYou gurgle for a while. M'fine, you eventually manage to mumble out. It's considerably longer before you can do anything else. Your asshole drains out in spurts, slowing to a constant burble while your belly is still huge and mounded, all your stretch marks loose and sagging, stinging more from the sand scoured into them while you were writhing around. Your guts ache, rich purple-red flesh darkening to a furious red-black from hanging out of your body for so long. You groan, lurching to the side, and smack your hand across your side, feeling down to your broken-open gape. Your hand sinks into the puffy, aching flesh of your guts, and you ease down, pushing down -- and pulling internally, feeling your sill-bloated guts ripple and squirm -- and slowly letting your body suck your guts back inside itself in rumpled folds, soggily gurgling and squelching until, with a final wet sucking noise, your asshole folds back in on itself, your tangled ball of guts slurping in between your hips and smacking back inside with enough force to send a wave of nausea rushing through you. You dig your hand into the rim of your ass: hugely-bruised, stinging and puffy, worked up into meaty slabs of flesh still glazed with Brulvundojn's slobbery, ichorous cum.\n\nYou sprawl there, asshole clenching and gaping, so slack and open that the slightest push causes it to nearly push itself inside-out again. The flow of cum slows to a sluggish river, gurgling continually out over your broken hole and soaking down into the sand. You lay there, gasping, for a while. Brulvundojn stoops his head down and licks up the sandy cum slurry painted all across your belly and thighs, mostly just smearing it into globs, churning it up with his oily drool.\n\nIt's most of an hour by the time you actually try to sit up. You reach out, grabbing ahold of Brulvundojn's muzzle and letting him half-drag you up onto your knees; the motion makes your still-flooded guts gurgle, slimy fluid slopping around inside you and sending a fresh mess of cum draining out. You groan, having to pull in tight just to stop your guts from spilling out of your ass.\n\nIt takes a lot longer than that to get going again.\n\n<<sex "brulvundojn" "anal" "top">>\\n<<set $brulvundojnKnotted to true>>\\n<<display "brul tf trigger">>
You say yeah, you're pregnant. <<if $pregnant eq "astau">>Astau got you good.\n<<else if $pregnant eq "stormking">>You say, you got fucked by a god.\n\nBrulvundojn gives you a look. "//I'm// not enough of a god for you?"\n\nYou say he's, at best, a raggedy kind of demigod. You got fucked by the king of the sandstorm.\n<<endif>>\\n\nBrulvundojn lets out a considering growl, tongue lapping out to curl over your swollen belly, feeling across your stretch marks. "They're not fertilized," he says, eventually.\n\nYou go, yeah, and? Is he offering?\n\n"I think you know exactly what I'm offering," he says, voice rasping. You can hear the slick gurgle of his cock peeling its way from his sheath.\n\n* [[yeah knock me up|brulvundojn impreg]]\n* [[i think i'm gonna keep this set trophic but thanks|brulvundojn's den]]
You say -- moan, really -- that he should knock you up properly.\n\nBrolvundojn bares his teeth and pads closer, looming over you. Slime squelches to the ground, drooling from his unsheathed cock: a massive cannon barrel aimed at you, drizzling black pre into the thirsty sand.\n\nHe bowls you over onto your back -- not that that's hard, with your belly so swollen and heavy -- and looms over you: muzzle open, cock unsheathed, drool and pre splattering all over the taut dome of your pregnant gut. His cock is a sharp knifepoint, jabbing against your sides and scraping down past your cock to dig into the flesh of your ass. His cock trembles against your flesh, spurting out watery cords of pre all over your skin. You groan and struggle to lift your legs, knees spreading around your raised belly, and Brulvundojn leans in, pinning you between his flanks as his cock stabs against your asscheeks: sliding out over your hips, up your thighs, into the sand. He pants and huffs above you, giant body shifting, his breath hitching with each missed thrust, until his slime-and-sand-covered cock finally slides in along the cleft of your ass and stabs into your asshole. You both groan, unmoving for a moment as you get used to the new girth splitting you open. Your ass clenches and grips around his shaft, and his cock shudders, his pre hot a goopy spurting across the walls of your ass. He easily fills you up, flooding your ass until his pre burbles out around his shaft and spills down your upturned ass, wetly gurgling.\n\nYou lay there panting, slowly getting used to him inside you. He's big<<if $sex ['brulvundojn'] gt 0>>, still, always<<endif>>. His cock shudders, slime slurping as it pours down from his bloated sheath, and his knot surfaces with a sick wet sucking //slurp//, splattering flecks of slime all over your skin. He finally moves, hips shifting, and his cock shoves deeper inside, bashing against the depths of your ass before you push yourself open, letting his cocktip sink down into your guts. The sensation is still intense, moreso on top of your pregnant gut, and Brulvundojn lets out a snarling animal noise as he plunges in deeper: the thickest part of his shaft slurping into your splayed asshole and leaving you gaping. His knot bashes against your asshole for a second, cocktip stabbing deep, deep into your guts, before he pulls back along with a wash of pre.\n\n<<if hasMutation("womb")>>\\nYou can feel your cervix, distinctly, as his cock scrapes along it: a swollen rubbery mound, dimpled in the center, and Brulvundojn's thrusts scrape along it at first, making it clench tighter with an aching pang. His cock inside you aches, too big to fit, but your hormone-suffused flesh spreads and parts shockingly easily, gulping up his length up until the brutal spread of his knot smacks against your ass. That deep, you're properly impaled -- each thrust drags your body back and forth, even with your pregnant gut weighing you down. His cock lurches inside you, knocking you to the side, and you gasp for breath. Your eggs churn, thin amniotic fluid resonating from the force of his thrusts, making your entire belly buzz with sensation as he scrapes his cocktip through your guts, aiming up at your engorged womb.\n\nYour cervix pulsates, puffy and stiff as it digs into the side of Brulvundojn's shaft, shoved deep in your guts, and you can tell when he notices its presence: his head cocks, paws scraping in the sand, and he twists -- dragging your body over along with his cock -- and pulls back, rutting softer and shallowly to drag his sharp cocktip over the spasming mound of your cervix. You groan, guts spasming, body convulsing around Brulvundojn's giant cock, and there's another kind of ache: a hot stinging heat as your cervix pulses and spreads, the very tip flexing open into a deeper tunnel. His pre pours in, flooding the tiny space, and it burns, hot and aching, as his cockhead caches on the rim of your unfurling cervix, shoving into the sloppy mess of pre. The sensation is dizzying, a wash of heat and pressure pulsing outward, and you go limp, dazed, as Brulvundojn digs in, cock mashing over your bloated cervix and stabbing inside. There's a hot splatter of fluid inside you, droplets spraying over the taut mound of your cervix, painting your guts with a fresh coating of slime, and you writhe on the ground, hands clawing at the sand, head thrashing back and forth, hoarsely gasping, as Brulvundojn slowly, inexorably, works his sharp cockhead in through your spasming cervix. You unfurl, the tight bottleneck of your cervix slick and hot, drenched in thick slime, and so tight as Brulvundojn forces it open, wider and wider.\n\nYou sob, brokenly, as he sinks deeper. Each thrust spreads your cervix an iota deeper, a fraction wider, and you can feel your womb leaking: slick slime pouring out around his cocktip, spurting when you clench down, in a thicker and thicker flow as he breaks you open. You squirt around his cockhead, a shockingly hot wash of slime splattering out over his thrusting cockhead, pouring down his shaft, and you're only dimly aware of the gush erupting from your ass, splattering in stringy cords all along his half-engorged knot. You blindly reach out, grasping his midlegs, clenching hard as he hammers into you. His cockhead breaks through that final barrier into your womb at the same time his knot crashes against your ass, and your body warps, flesh stretched and wrecked, ruined by the giant bulk of his animal cock. He howls, knot mashed between your cheeks for a second before your broken asshole gapes and swallows, gulping it down to the tentacles in a single push, and his cockhead stabs directly into your womb and erupts, squirting his load into the already fluid-filled cavity. Your body spasms, hips aching, asshole pulsing, cervix squirting sloppy fluid out around his shaft, pouring down your guts to be trapped by his knot.\n\nBrulvundojn bucks, teeth bared, snapping at the air as he lurches forward, fucking your womb. He drenches your eggs in cum, pissing out his load into your already-swollen womb. You gasp, staring up at nothing, feeling your already-bloated belly swell and grow as Brulvundojn keeps cumming and cumming. The slime spilling down his cock thickens into silty, stringy ooze, squirting out from your cervix in sudden gushes, and your eggs stir and mix around, pulsing around Brulvundojn's cock as he breeds you.\n<<else>>\\nYour guts are swollen, lumpy with eggs inside you, and as Brulvundojn thrusts they stir, squirming around. He floods you with pre: one shot, then another, and another, gurgling through your tangled guts, slurping down the length of his churning shaft, until he floods you, and slime erupts out across his flanks. You're loosely fucking yourself on his bestial cock, groaning when he grinds deeper, dimly aware of the sand stuck all across your back and shoulders, of your feet propped up against his haunches, letting you just rock back and forth on his cock as he thrusts into you. His pre is slick, wet, heavy, as it pools inside you, gulping deeper and deeper into your egg-swollen guts.\n\nThe brutal spread of his knot bashes against your ass, grinding over the hollow crater of your splayed asshole, and he only bears down for a second before pulling back, letting slime drag out in cords between you, snapping to slap across your upturned ass. Brulvundojn snarls and snaps at the air, hoarsely panting as he fucks you, and your ass swallows his cock nearly to the root: grinding down on the monstrous bulk of his knot, rocking against its crest as it slurps half-in, half-out of your asshole. Your flesh is slack, lax, loose, now that you're suffused with pregnancy hormones, and it's a shock when his knot simply slips into you: bearing down, pushing harder, only to have its entire bulk sink in easy. Your flesh stretches, asshole wrapped around his knot, gulping to settle it between his hips like a giant coal, and then you can feel the lash of his tentacles grasping all over your skin. You still gasp, body shuddering as you warp around his knot, his cockhead shoved so, so deep inside your guts. He's still spurting pre, squelching as he rocks into you, and slime squirts out around his half-engorged knot, the muscles of your ass just pulsing, squeezing, wrapping tight around him. The sensation is dizzying: his cock a hot brand inside you, enormously huge and somehow sliding easily into your pregnant body, and you writhe on the sand, gasping and shuddering as you warp to fit his bloating knot.\n\nBrulvudojn snarls and yips, paws dragging furrows in the sand as he bucks into your body. His knot throbs, beating like a heart as it swells, and the continual pour of his pre pools inside you, with a final few cords of slime squirting out around his shaft before his knot solidly seals the rest inside, leaving your skin glazed and dripping, asshole wetly sucking as he tries to stir his knot around inside you. His cock throbs, and heat blooms inside you, wet and heavy gurgling through your guts as he cums properly: gush after gush of hot, watery slime, pouring all through your guts and soaking your eggs.\n<<endif>>\\n\nYou sprawl out in the sand, body lax, a carved-open puppet pulsing around his enormous, bestial cock: muscles in your arms and legs erratically spasming, hugely pregnant belly wobbling, his knot wetly smacking and squelching as it slides around inside the cavity of your hips. His load floods you, hot and wet, heavy even with your eggs weighing you down, and you lay there in a daze, feeling the hot //spang// of your internal flesh warping and stretching under the continual pressure of his load.\n\nHe stays knotted with you for a long time. You fall into a kind of half-daze, only dimly aware of your aching body, your belly bloating wider, heavier. At some point you feel the eggs start to squirm, pulsing as they're fertilized one by one, until your gut is wobbling not just with the force of his blasts but also your eggs churning and squirming, pulsating as they soak up his cum. Brulvundojn is still cumming, panting and drooling, sides heaving, fur dripping with sweat, and his knot is still an implacable lump burning between your hips, damming up what are likely gallons of cum inside you.\n\n<<if hasMutation ("womb")>>At some point you feel your womb finally overflow, filled to its utmost. You ache, flesh feeling like a paper-thin wrapper around a body entirely suffused with Brulvundojn's mutant cum; internal flesh so bruised and aching you can feel precisely where the thick, jelly-like goo of his load has plastered against your inner walls, forming a churning layer of slime that drifts along the lower half of your obscenely swollen womb.\n\nYour cervix finally gives up and gapes, spilling inside-out across Brulvundojn's shaft, and the slobbery gushes of cum squirting down his cock turns into a gurgling flood, thick tarry belches of churned-up cum and amniotic slime pouring into your guts, filling your ass, bearing down on his knot. In your daze, you just groan low, panting yourself, drenched in sweat and slime as Brulvundojn's sheer excess floods out into your guts in tarry bursts.\n\n<<endif>>\\nIt's considerably later by the time he starts to soften. Ooze wells up around his knot, burbling down into the sand in thick clots, and even then it's minutes of that slow drool before it turns into spurts, rivers, floods of slime gurgling out of your ruined ass around the softening bulk of his knot. You're so stretched, and so full, that you're leaking huge waterfalls of churned-up slime out around his turgid knot. Obscene wet noises come from your wrecked guts as Brulvundojn slowly peels out, knot surfacing with a //pop// through the slime drenching your lower body, and you let out a long groan as your body finally starts to drain. Your shuddering belly finally shrinks some, slime pouring freely from your guts<<if hasMutation("womb")>> and your prolapsed womb<<endif>>, spilling in a murky, gently-glowing ooze all across the saturated sand. <<if hasMutation ("womb")>>Your cervix shudders, pulsing erratically to pump out huge globs of thick, silty cum, splayed so wide you feel your eggs start to shift and spill lower, and you let out a shaky cry and clench, pain sizzling up your spine as your cervix reverts itself with a loud, audible //squelch//, half-catching an enormous globular egg inside it.<<endif>> You stay there for a long time, draining out. Brulvundojn's cock is still embedded deep inside, and his paws drag through the sand as he pulls back, cock emerging coated in thick sheets of slime that peel off his still-slathered flesh. Jelly-like sheets of sludge splatter across your ass and thighs, spilling over themselves in thick folds as he pulls out, until his sharp cocktip pulls free with a final //pop//, leaving you feeling hollowed out, entirely empty, for all that your ass is still continually oozing his load in a sloppy waterfall.\n\nHe ruts his cock up across your belly, and it hits you that he's still cumming: thin, watery slime, cloudy black mixed in with glowing green tendrils. He bastes your pregnant gut in cum, fluid burning in lines where it pours across your fresh stretch marks, jostling your gut and helping yet more of his load to work its way out of your broken body. Your asshole feels like one enormous crater: not prolapsed, somehow, simply an enormous open void, wetly sucking at the air as you push out more and more cum. And all the while, all of the dozens of eggs inside you squirm and shudder, pulsing now with life.\n\nYou lay there on the ground, breathing hard, guts churning as Brulvundojn's load spills out of you. His body shifts, sodden fur pressing against your side as he lies down next to you, and you drift off into a shallow sleep, waking at the unfamiliar lurch of your eggs squirming inside you.\n\nIt's a while before you're able to get up and get going again. Brulvundojn laps some of the congealed slime off your ass and thighs; just adding his grimy drool to the scum coating your skin.\n\n<<if !hasMutation("wide hips")>><<set $queuedLower += 1>><<endif>>\\n<<if $pregnant eq "astau">><<set $pregnant to "astau-fertilized">>\\n<<else if $pregnant eq "stormking">><<set $pregnant to "stormking-fertilized">>\\n<<endif>>\\n\n<<sex "brulvundojn" "anal" "top">>\\n<<set $brulvundojnKnotted to true>>\\n<<display "brul tf trigger">>\\n[[→|brulvundojn's den]]
[there's a partner-swapping foursome here. {www human} struggles to get knotted by brulvundojn's giant cock, while you struggle to take something as deep as {www beast}'s entire cock. while you and {www human} make out as the two giant beasts mount you.]\n\n[maybe also {www human} fucks you while brulvundojn fucks/gets fucked by {www beast}, idk. or the both of them rutting their cocks over you two while you make out in a pool of their cum.]\n\n<<sex "www_beast" "anal" "top">>\\n<<set $wwwPairBrulvundojn to "open">>\\n[[→|brulvundojn's den]]
You start digging in the sand.\n\nThere's motion behind you. You turn: it's Brulvundojn, looming up out of his den, coming toward you.\n\nYeah, you really should have anticipated this happening if you spent any time around here.\n\n<<display "brulvundojn confront">>
You start setting up your camp.\n\nThere's motion behind you. You turn: it's Brulvundojn, looming up out of his den, coming toward you.\n\nYeah, you really should have anticipated this happening if you spent any time around here.\n\n<<display "brulvundojn confront">>
That being said, it's too late for second thoughts. Brulvundojn is in his den, hidden in its shadows; you can hear him snuffling at your scent. You know he's doing it specifically so you can hear, because he can scent perfectly quietly if he so desires.\n\nThe thing is, you were close once. Quite close. And when he let his guard down and asked if you, perhaps, wanted to be even closer you basically spurned him. It wasn't your finest moment.\n\nBrulvundojn slinks out from his den, dark fur glimmering dully in the light. He snarls at you.\n\n"And what business do //you// have here?" he asks, splattering oily drool on the sand beneath him.\n\n* [[apologize about that time you were kind of a dick|brulvundojn apology]]\n* [[actually you were just leaving|brulvundojn leave]]
You say, maybe premeditated or maybe off the cuff, that you're here to apologize.\n\nBrulvundojn stares down at you, head tilted to show two gleaming eyes.\n\nYou continue: you say, you've been thinking about things went down. And you know you weren't very... sensitive about it. You don't wanna say you were a //kid// back then, but you were pretty immature.\n\nYou were fully human and the thought of fucking around with anybody that wasn't human was exhilarating but also scary. You'd seen ĝhiest, of course, and you'd seen humans who'd picked up mutations, one way or another, and you'd thought about that -- maybe it being hot, maybe not, but always it being some big, life-altering change. A fundamental shift of who and what you were. And...\n\nYou look at Brulvundojn. You say, when you thought about doing that with him, fucking him and maybe catching a dog dick or a dog head or fur or who-knows-what, that was... it was intense. You really liked him. Or, you know he knows that already; he knows you used to jerk off thinking about him. That was kind of what sparked the entire thing. But, you say, the thought of that kind of intimacy, of literally reshaping your body so that it'd always show having been with him, that seemed... just too much to think about ever actually happening, instead of being safe in some fantasy that you never seriously considered making real. You were scared, and you rejected him on reflex. And you regretted it, in bits and pieces, ever since.\n\nBrulvundojn says, "that sounds like you're justifying it."\n\nYou shrug and say maybe, a little. But that's where you were coming from. You knew he was sensitive about... being desired, being desirable, and opening himself up in that way, and you went and did it anyway. You say that that wasn't fair to him, and there's not really any justification for that. Just you were scared, and that's why you did it. That's what the apology is for; everything else is just asides.\n\nYou say, even when you were doing it, your motives weren't clear to yourself. You weren't really that conscious of what you were doing. <<if $from['leaky'] == "cc" || $from['asshole'] == "cc">>\\n<<set $tf to $from['leaky'] == "cc" && $from['asshole'] == "cc" ? "both" : $from['leaky'] == "cc" ? 'leaky' : 'asshole'>>\\nIt wasn't until you went and lived in Skull Wing territory for a while, that you had to think about it again, and really consider what it would be like, being human, and what it would mean to give that up. If you actually cared about it at all, really. And when <<if $tf == 'leaky' || $tf == 'both'>>you asked a brood prince for his eggs<<endif>><<if $tf == 'both'>>, and later, when<<endif>><<if $tf == 'asshole' || $tf == 'both'>> you started fucking around with the ĝheist mechanics at one of their resupply points<<endif>>, you knew what you were doing, and what you were asking and giving with that. And it made you think about how you didn't want to have ruined things between us.\n<<else if $from['dick'] == "cc" || $from['balls'] == "cc">>\\n<<set $tf to $from['dick'] == "cc" && $from['balls'] == "cc" ? "both" : $from['dick'] == "cc" ? 'dick' : 'balls'>>\\nIt wasn't until your <<if $tf == 'dick' || $tf == 'both'>>dick<<endif>><<if $tf == 'both'>> and <<endif>><<if $tf == 'balls' || $tf == 'both'>>balls<<endif>> started molting, growing, expanding, that you thought about it again. That maybe you had invested all of this meaning in what it meant to be 'fully human', or be altered. That most of the humans in Yapu are kind of terrified of him, and you were thinking about that, not that it's any excuse. It took a while for you to realize that you'd overreacted, that you'd formed this big dumb self-image of your humanity as something huge that defined your entire life, instead of something incidental that you happened to have and that you may or may not actually want.\n<<else if hasMutation ("pure")>>\\nYou say, you used to have some kind of... complex about it, of being 'fully human', pure and untouched. Like it made you special. And you freaked out because you thought us fucking would... take that away from you.\n\nYou laugh, a little self-conscious. You say, you didn't have the best self-image back then. You were kind of grasping for whatever external traits you could, in order to justify yourself as special and important, because otherwise you thought you didn't have any value as a person. You're, thankfully, over that now, but it definitely took a few years for all of that to percolate out as something you were consciously aware of.\n<<else>>\\nYou say, you used to have some kind of... complex about it, of being 'fully human', pure and untouched. Like it made you special. And you freaked out because you thought us fucking would... take that away from you.\n\nYou laugh, a little self-conscious. You say, you didn't have the best self-image back then. You say, let felt... dirty, naughty, taboo, to actually let yourself be transformed, even though it's just a fact of life. You had a bunch of weird feelings all caught up in being pure. To be honest, you tell him, you're still kind of grappling with what that means for you.\n<<endif>>\n\nSo, you say. You're sorry for all of that.\n\nBrulvundojn stares down at you for a long moment.\n\n[[→|brulvundojn apology 2]]
Then he says, "well, alright."\n\n"But don't push your luck."\n\nYou say sure.\n\n<<set $brulvundojnFriends to "provisional">>[[→|worldmap]]
You say, sorry, I was just leaving. It was a mistake to come here.\n\n[[→|worldmap]]
<<if $knowAstau>>\\nYou slide down the dunes to the entrance of Astau's den. He's here.\n\nHe crawls out from the depths of the cave: four legs, with his hind pair massive swept-back reptilian haunches; hide red-orange, mottled darker; dully glimmering chitin crests framing his head and shoulders; mouth slavering fuming drool; six glowing-green eyes.\n\n* <<if !$astauIntroFuck>>[[talk to him more|astau talk]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $astauIntroFuck>><<if $pregnant eq "">>[[fuck around|astau fuck]]<<else>>yr too bloated w/ eggs right now to have room for more<<endif>><<endif>>\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "Khru" && $surveyComplete neq true && $knowAstau>>[[introduce Khru to Astau|khru astau meet]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "Jinn" && ($pregnant == "astau" || $pregnant == "astau-fertilized") && $jinnPregnant == "">>[[let astau knock up jinn too|astau breed jinn]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $drudgeActive eq "Jinn" && $pregnant == "" && $jinnPregnant == "">>[[let astau pump you and jinn both full of eggs|astau breed threesome]]<<endif>>\n\n* [[←|worldmap]]\n<<else>>\\nYou descend into the hollows, gingerly. Sand slides under your fingers as you move down the hills, into the smooth, organic sprawl of the caves beneath.\n\nYou know this is the den of some slavering reptilian beast. Hopefully a great beast, and a peaceful one, or you're in trouble. You're pretty sure it's a great beast.\n\nIt might not be the best idea to have come here.\n\n[[→|astau meet]]\n<<endif>>
Pinpricks of green light drift in the darkness, resolving into glowing eyes. Something crawls out of the cave depths, while you're still a few body-lengths away.\n\nIt's a beast, that's for sure. A bulky reptilian monster with a long dragging tail. His skin is a burnt ochre, mottled with purplish splotches, with dark red chitin patches across its head and shoulders. It blends in with the coarse sandstone. Comes up to about your stomach. Its front is overdeveloped, with huge, bulky muscles.\n\nAlso it's got six eyes, all of them acid green, and a squat muzzle full of craggy serrated teeth. It opens its mouth, acid-green drool spilling out onto the sand and sending up pluming clouds of acrid fumes.\n\nYou hold out your hands, palms up, in greeting. You say hey. You say, you were just scavenging around and were curious. You say, if they have a problem you can leave and you won't cause a fuss.\n\nIt makes a hissing, hacking kind of noise. You're //pretty sure// it can talk. You've seen it around before, from a distance.\n\n"Astau," it says. "I'm Astau of the wasteland."\n\nYou tell it your name.\n\n"Did you have a specific reason for coming here?" they ask.\n\nYou say, not really. You tell them that you're living in Yapu, the human city over yonder, and you're a scavenger. That you usually avoid this section of the wasteland, but that you felt like you should finally come over and see what's around. But that if they don't want to deal with humans you'll remove yourself.\n\nAstau hums. "I have no issue with humans," he says. "I haven't been close to many."\n\nYou say cool, good.\n\n<<set $knowAstau to true>>\\n<<set $astauTalk to\n [ {p: "where", b: "so where are you from?"}\n , {p: "long", b: "how long have you been living here?"}\n , {p: "acid", b: "uh so how acidic are you precisely?"}\n ]>>\\n<<set $astauInt to 0>>\\n* [[talk to him more|astau talk]]\n* [[say so you might see me around sometimes and leave|astau meet leave]]
You say, well, you might see me around sometimes, so we could get to know each other.\n\n[[→|worldmap]]
<<print (function (intimacy, slobber) {\n switch (intimacy) {\n case 0:\n return "Astau is standing at the entrance to his cave, and you're standing a ways away, on the sloping sands.";\n case 1:\n return "Astau is standing out among the sands, a few paces away from you as you talk.";\n case 2:\n return "Astau is standing a few paces away from you, slightly down the sloping dune. His acid drool sends the sand around you fuming in acrid clouds.";\n case 3:\n return "You're sprawled on the sands under Astau's bulk, with his " + slobber + " writhing in sloppy curves across your chest and coiling around your hands. He's drooling glowing green slime all across your chest, panting against your face.";\n case 4:\n return "You're rutting up against Astau, his cock and tongue both heavy, writhing tentacles curling across your body, slick and shining, coating you in a sheen of slobbery pre, translucent green and glowing. His vent is flushed and engorged, bloated out from his body in a lumpy swell, and it grinds against your thighs as he ruts back. The pressure of his motion makes green slime squirt out from his vent, wet juicy pre spraying all across your stomach and thighs, smoking when it hits the sand.";\n case 5:\n default:\n return "Astau is heavy over you, bearing down, with his cock threading deeper inside you, pumping fluid in pulse after pulse. He groans and growls, hips working, fucking the sloppy arch of his drooping cock against your thighs, as his prehensile length coils in snakelike bunches between your legs, over your hips." + String.fromCharCode(10) + String.fromCharCode(10) +\n "He drools sloppily across your face, tongue licking over your chest, up your neck, sliding across your lips and shoving inside as you pant and groan: abruptly stabbing down into your throat, flooding your mouth with drool, and then pulling back to let you gasp and swallow and breathe, before doing it again."\n }\n })($astauInt, $astauSlobber)>>\n\nYou ask:\n<<display "astau talk opts">>\n\n[[←|worldmap]]
<<print $ (k) {\n return "* [[" + k.b + "|astau talk " + k.p + "]]";\n }).join(String.fromCharCode(10))>>
You ask where he's from.\n\n"Across the wasteland," he says. "From the shores of the fog sea."\n\nYou say, that's an awful long way.\n\nHe nods. "I wanted a broodhome far from any of my siblings." You nod, sure. "Where are //you// from?" he asks, in return.\n\nYou tell him you were born up north, nearly all the way to the scrubgrass steppe. Big town, called Dimashq. But you left it to go wandering nearly when you were still a kid, and you've been moving ever since.\n\n<<set $astauTalk.splice($astauTalk.findIndex (function (v) { return v.p == "where"; }), 1)>>\\n<<set $astauTalk.push({p: "broodhome", b: "what's a broodhome?"})>>\\n[[→|astau talk]]
You look at the fuming sand beneath him. You ask, just how acidic are you.\n\nHe laughs. "Not as much as you might think." He takes a half-step forward: "You could see for yourself," he says, as his tongue lolls out, slavering fuming spit all over.\n\n"Watch:" he says, and opens wide, showing off protruding glands lining the back of his tongue and the sides of his mouth. He clenches them, adding, you assume more potent acids to his drool, and sure enough when the mess of glowing green spit drools out onto the sand it plumes upward in a mess of dark, acrid smoke. Then he relaxes his acid glands and shakes his head, splattering thinner drool all over, just soaking peaceably into the sand.\n\nYou say oh.\n\nHe says, "how acidic are //you//?" He's still slavering, voice clotted and sloppy.\n\nYou say, not at all, as far as you know. Or at least, not externally.\n\n<<set $astauInt += 1>>\\n<<set $astauTalk.splice($astauTalk.findIndex (function (v) { return v.p == "acid"; }), 1)>>\\n<<set $astauTalk.push({p: "tongue", b: "so uh just how long is your tongue?"})>>\\n[[→|astau talk]]
You ask, just how long have you been living here?\n\nHe says, "A few years. Kept a few smaller dens in the caves further east, before I settled here. Fewer wild animals, better soil here by the acid sea." You say sure.\n\nHe asks: "How long have you lived here?"\n\nYou say you've been in Yapu for a few years too. Passed through it a few times before then; decided to come back eventually.\n\n<<set $astauTalk.splice($astauTalk.findIndex (function (v) { return v.p == "long"; }), 1)>>\\n[[→|astau talk]]
You say, what's a broodhome anyway.\n\nHe says, "It's for brooding." You say, you don't say. "For preparing egg clutches." You say, egg clutches? He says "yeah."\n\n"Gotta absorb certain minerals through the skin to produce healthy eggs," he says, like he's explaining how to eat to a child who somehow didn't know. He scratches the powdery white sand. "Here's a place with good sand. Makes good eggs."\n\nHe says, "humans don't have broods, right?"\n\nYou say, right. The kids stay back in the village in a creche, but they're not all part of the same lineage. Different parents. You say, humans mostly reproduce one-on-one, with real small litters.\n\nYou also say, only some humans can naturally carry human eggs, but there's not really an issue with carrying ĝheist or beast eggs.\n\nHe hums. "Our eggs incubate for years before hatching. They're carried at the beginning."\n\nYou nod. Not that different from ĝheist reproduction, though that's for months rather than years, but it's not surprising; great beasts tend to have much longer birthing periods.\n\n<<set $astauTalk.splice($astauTalk.findIndex (function (v) { return v.p == "broodhome"; }), 1)>>\\n<<set $astauTalk.push({p: "eggs", b: "so you planning on doing anything with your eggs?"})>>\\n[[→|astau talk]]
You say, so, you planning on doing anything with your eggs?\n\n"Maybe," he says. "I lay an unfertilized clutch every few seasons, but, you know. Been getting a lot more eggs recently. Thinking about actually doing something about it."\n\nYou say, oh yeah?\n\n<<if $astauInt gte 3>>\\nHis body shifts against yours, glowing eyes staring down at you, tongue lapping across your chest.\\n<<else>>\\nHe takes a step closer, tongue slavering out of his mouth.\\n<<endif>>\\n "You wouldn't happen to know anybody who could surrogate some eggs, would you," he says.\n\nYou say yeah, you might.\n\n<<set $astauInt += 1>>\\n<<set $astauTalk.splice($astauTalk.findIndex (function (v) { return v.p == "eggs"; }), 1)>>\\n<<set $astauTalk.push({p: "lay", b: "so how do you lay those eggs?"})>>\\n[[→|astau talk]]
You say, how d'you lay those eggs anyway?\n\n<<if $astauInt gte 3>>\\nAstau lets a puff of hot, humid breath out across your face. "You wanna see?" he asks, and you nod.\n<<else>>\\nAstau lets out a puff of hot, humid breath, and takes a step closer. "You wanna see?" he asks, and you nod. He steps forward again, knocking you back on your ass so that you're face-to-face.\n<<endif>>\\n\nAcross his underbelly, visible now that you're lower, you can see a swollen vent between his hind legs: a line of glowing green flesh, with his dark red-orange skin becoming a flushed purple around it. It's mounded out, bloated from within him, and as you watch -- <<if $astauInt gte 3>>as he ruts against your legs<<else>>as he steps closer over you<<endif>> -- his skin ripples and shudders as some internal muscle shifts, bearing down harder across the inside of his swollen vent, until his lips crack open with a gush of slimy fluid splattering out.\n\nHe groans, haunches shaking, huge hind paws scraping at the sand as he spreads his legs wider, and his cock -- ovipositor? -- pries its way out: it's a fat green-glowing tentacle, squirming in the open air as it pours green slime onto the sand. He groans, hips fucking the air as he pushes more of it out into the open, questing up across his underbelly to push out between his forelegs. You have little doubt that there's still a lot more coiled inside him.\n\n"That's how I lay my eggs," he says, voice rasping.\n\n<<set $astauInt += 1>>\\n<<set $astauSlobber to "cock">>\\n<<set $astauTalk.splice($astauTalk.findIndex (function (v) { return v.p == "lay"; }), 1)>>\\n<<set $astauTalk.push({p: "parasitize", b: "those eggs aren't gonna like dissolve my guts or hatch and eat me alive, right?"})>>\\n<<set $astauTalk.push({p: "carry", b: "so what all goes into carrying your eggs?"})>>\\n<<set $astauTalk.push({p: "frot", b: "you mind if i just keep playing with your cock?"})>>\n[[→|astau talk]]
You ask, stroking his cock, what all actually goes into preparing to carry his eggs?\n\nHe drools across your face, rutting against you.\n\n"Strip," he growls, paws tugging at your hips, "And you'll find out."\n\nYou squirm under him, shucking your tunic and loosening the laces of your pants. Your clothes are already soaked with sloppy green slime, and you peel them off your skin, letting the hot, wet muscles of his tongue and cock drag across your naked body.\n\nAstau stoops his head, muzzle shoving between your thighs to lap over your balls, shoving them to one side as he slides his tongue down between your ass cheeks, dumping a mess of drool all over your skin.\n\n"First I have to prepare someone," he says, voice gurgling against your ass as he prods his tonguetip against your hole. "Physically." His tongue pushes inside your ass, probing deeper, and he leans in, scraping his chunky teeth against your skin, spreading your cheeks wider so he can drool directly into your ass, flooding you with his sloppy spit.\n\nHe pulls back, tongue whipping at the air as it pulls free, splattering slashing lines of acid drool all over. "Before I pump the eggs in, I need to saturate them with solution." His cock drools, more slimy, foaming ooze drooling from the tip. "To provide a receptive environment. Nutrients. For carrying." He pants, voice hardly more than a growl, garbled as he ruts down against you. His cocktip licks across your asshole, nearly indistinguishable from his tongue, and slides easily inside, mixing drool with some new slime.\n\nHis cock is... pulpy, spongy, dense but easily squashing and rebounding as it sinks into your ass. Astau groans above you, cock rippling as the long, long length starts pumping, a visible knot of muscle pulsing through the drooling arch of his unsheathed cock until it erupts from the tip as an enormous gush of slobbery slime, a shocking burst of heat in your ass.\n\nAstau groans, legs sinking down, pinning you beneath his bulk as he ruts more strongly against you. His cock probes deeper, smooth pointed tip easily breaching deeper into your body, threading into your guts. His cock shudders again, muscles pulsing and pulsing as he pumps pre through his length, bulges colliding or fading out, not synchronized at all. You hiss when the swollen knots of muscle clench and push through your asshole, adding a new blossom of heat in your guts, slime spilling down to erupt from your flooded ass.\n\n<<set $astauInt = $astauInt lt 5 ? 5 : $astauInt + 1>>\\n<<set $astauTalk.splice($astauTalk.findIndex (function (v) { return v.p == "carry"; }), 1)>>\\n<<set $astauTalk.splice($astauTalk.findIndex (function (v) { return v.p == "frot"; }), 1)>>\\n<<set $astauTalk.push({p: "pump", b: "so cmon pump me full of your eggs already!"})>>\\n[[→|astau talk]]
You say, they're not gonna dissolve me from the inside or hatch and eat my guts or anything like that, right?\n\nHe looks a little nonplussed. "I'm not going to //parasitize// you," he says, probably a little offended.\n\nYou say, yeah you didn't think so but you were just making sure.\n\n<<if $astauInt gte 5>>His cock lurches inside you, twisting up, knocking the breath out of you from the inside. You let out a shaky moan, feeling across your stomach, feeling his cock push up against your hand. You say, shakily, it's important to know before things get too far along.\n\nAstau licks across your face, messily slopping another curve of his heavy, smooth cock into you, pushing up even deeper inside you. "That's true," he says.\n\n<<endif>>\\n<<set $astauTalk.splice($astauTalk.findIndex (function (v) { return v.p == "parasitize"; }), 1)>>\\n[[→|astau talk]]
You say, so, uh, how long is your tongue, anyway?\n\n<<if $astauInt gte 3>>\\nHe opens his mouth wide, letting his tongue unfurl across your face, wetly looping across your <<if hasMutation("scales")>>head<<else>>hair<<endif>>, pulsing and clenching.\n\nYou reach a hand up, peeling one coil of his tongue away from another, and heft it: slick and sloppy, certainly, but also heavy, smooth, with broad pebbled swells along what could be the underside or could be the top; it's impossible to tell with this much of it spilling from his mouth, twisting around in corkscrews and arches.\n\nHe wraps it around your head and chest, dense coils spilling loosely around your neck and chest; your head practically shoved inside his open muzzle. You can see the inner workings of his throat as his tongue unfurls, muscle anchored strangely in the back of his throat, spilling out of some coiled reservoir.\n<<else>>\\nHe takes a step forward, and lolls his tongue out of his mouth a little, panting. "Why don't you find out?"\n\nYou move closer, until you're nearly touching. Your fingers scrape over the rough skin of his muzzle, over the craggy exoskeleton teeth, and catch a smear of wetness, tracing it along his jaw to catch his tongue in your hands. It's slick and prehensile, squirming -- you weren't exactly expecting it to be still, but still its motion is a shock, as it twines across your fingers. His drool tingles slightly: not acidic enough to hurt, but maybe not great if you soak your fingers in it for long periods.\n\nHe drools across your hands, throat muscles working, and his tongue slowly spills out over your arms, hanging in heavy loops. He shifts forward, knocking you on your ass so that you're face-to-face, and his hot breath ripples out over you as he coils his tongue in thick rolls up one arm, heavy and slimy and hot. You can see it unfurl, muscle anchored strangely in the back of his throat, spilling out of some coiled reservoir.\n<<endif>>\\n\nAstau looks down at you, mouth open and panting, and shoves his tongue into your mouth, cutting you off with a gurgle.\n\nHis drool is sour, acidic, but still slick and slippery. His tongue squirms in your mouth, tip shoving against your throat for a second before he jerks back, pulling out with an explosion of drool that splatters all across your face. You both pant, mouths an inch apart, sharing breath as he spatters thick drool across your face.\n\n"Long," he says, or mouths, throat forming the words but losing all articulation in his mouth, tongue rippling against your throat.\n\n<<set $astauInt to $astauInt gte 3 ? $astauInt : 3>>\\n<<set $astauSlobber to "tongue">>\\n<<set $astauTalk.splice($astauTalk.findIndex (function (v) { return v.p == "tongue"; }), 1)>>\\n[[→|astau talk]]
<<if $astauInto gte 5>>\\nYou reach down, feeling his cock pumping into your ass; feeling the heavy coils of it looped around your thigh, spilling out across your stomach. It pulses in your hands, rippling as he floods you with bursts of sloppy slime. You ask, does he mind if you keep playing with his cock?\n<<else>>\\nYou reach down, letting his cock coil snakelike around your hands. You ask, does he mind if you keep playing with his cock?\n<<endif>>\\n\nAstau groans, eyes blinking shut in staggered winks. "Go wild," he says, and his cock gushes a mess of slime all across your chest. His cock coils more, squirming over your side and burrowing across your back, slowly looping your entire body. You rut against him, your own cock sliding across some swollen length of his squirming shaft, and you arch up, pinning the heavy mass of his spongy, squirming cock between your stomachs, letting it slowly spill out on both sides in heavy, draping coils. Snakelike, with this much of it hanging out of his flushed vent.\n\nHis cock is glowing a vibrant green, flesh smooth and satiny with strange patterns beneath the surface. Sloppy greenish ooze, murkily translucent, drools from the tip -- shoved across your chest, sometimes -- and spills down from the unfurled flesh of his swollen vent, sheening his cock and smearing across your body. Your cock throbs, nestled against his coils, and you messily rut together. His cock is... pulpy, spongy, dense but easily squashing and rebounding as you squeeze it, and Astau groans above you, cock rippling as the long, long length starts pumping, a visible knot of muscle pulsing through his coils until <<if $astauInt gte 5>>\\nit erupts from the tip as an enormous gush of slobbery slime, painting all across your front with his watery pre.\n<<else>>\\nit punches through your asshole, rippling up through your guts until it erupts deep inside you: a sudden wash of heat outlining your guts, flooding your insides with his watery pre.\n<<endif>>\\n\nAstau groans, legs sinking down, pinning you beneath his bulk as he ruts more strongly against you and his cock shudders again, pulsing and pulsing as his muscles pump pre through his length, bulges colliding or fading out, not synchronized at all as he erratically <<if $astauInt gte 5>>\\nfloods your guts with streamers and gushes of pre, in gurgling eruptions that pour down along his squirming shaft, squirting from your ass when you clench down.\n<<else>>\\nsplatters shots and streamers and flooding gushes of pre up and down your chest, all over his underbelly.\n<<endif>>\\n\n* [[jerk him off|astau frot actual]]\n* [[keep talking|astau talk]]
That's not a question.\n\nYou groan it against his tongue, ass split around his shuddering cock. He rumbles in response, coiling cock pushing deeper -- you distinctly feel it squirm through your guts, rising up through your stomach on your left side, abruptly squirming across your stomach before descending again. You gasp for breath, stomach fluttering, and when you exhale you can clearly see the mounded lump of his cock, bloating out your body in a squirming swell.\n\nYou're pinned under his bulk, with your legs splayed out on either side, slime and spit and pre splattered all over your drenched body, only fuming slightly as it spills out into the sand beneath you.\n\nAstau leans down, head tilted to the side, tongue wrapped entirely around your head in fleshy coils. "Patience," he says, maybe a little humor in his voice. "I need to get you fully prepared, before you're ready for the clutch." As if to punctuate, his cock ripples, bulges of pre bubbling up through your guts before finally erupting so deep inside you you can't feel it, save for a heat and a pressure slowly spreading.\n\nYou pant there in the sand, hoarse and gasping as Astau slowly floods your guts with his bubbling pre. The sheer depth of it never stops being intense; you can feel his cock ripple inside you, squirming across through your guts. It feels like being impaled, each time it moves. You open your mouth to groan and Astau stuffs the tip of his tongue into your mouth, drooling heavily. You can tell he's going easy on the acid: his drool is sour, burning in the back of your throat, but nothing worse than a bitter fruit. You still choke and sputter, sloppily drooling across his tongue as he floods you both ways, shoving his tongue down your throat as his cocktip digs at the opening to your small intestine.\n\nYou feel the first egg slurp out of him with a sudden lurch. You look up at him: his mouth hanging open, eyes shut, dazed from the pleasure of it. The egg shuttles its way up through the loops of his cock, draped across your thighs, and by the time it actually presses against your asshole he's pushed out another half-dozen eggs, turning the smooth tentacle of his cock into a series of lumpy swells. The egg bears against your ass for only a second, a bulge sheathed in the flesh of his cock, and then his cock twitches, muscle contracting, and he shoves it through into your body. You gasp, hands clutching across his legs and body, your internal muscles shuddering, the ache of your splayed ass only half-felt. He pumps the egg deeper, deeper, slowly pushing it up through your guts, and before it's properly laid into your body he's pumped the second, third, fourth, fifth, in past your asshole. You've already lost count: the lurch of each egg shoving into your spread asshole turns into a constant, rippling pulse, the sensation stretched out all through your guts until finally an egg crests from the very tip of his dick and pops into your slime-flooded guts. You stay clinging to Astau's front, gasping from the intensity of it -- his cock feeling like it could flip you inside-out -- as his eggs start to pile up, forming a dense, heavy pit deep in your guts.\n\nIt's already been at least a dozen, you think. There are dozens on their way, pressed tight against each other in the long length of Astau's cock, slowly pumping their way into you, through you, with the final spurt into your body hardly anything, compared to the shifting, squirming, lumpy bulk of his cock inside you. Not thrusting; Astau's stock-still above you, but his cock churns, its muscles spasming and shifting, dragging your guts with it in loops as it pumps and pumps and pumps to propel his clutch into you.\n\nYour stomach starts to bloat, his eggs weighing down inside you, swimming in the sludge bath he's soaked you in. They smear past each other, slickly working their way deeper int your guts. You can feel the clusters shift, clumping together into gummy oothecae, and when they snag against each other the abrupt lurch drives the breath from your lungs, leaving you gasping and shaking, stomach heaving. When your stomach hollows the anatomy of it all becomes clear: the hook shape of Astau's dick, forming a spiral across your gut, punctuated with a growing mound at the very center of your stomach, soft and heavy and growing with each fresh egg.\n\nYou sprawl back on the sand on concentrate on breathing, body dazed and heavy, growing heavier. Astau has so many eggs, more and more pumping you full until your belly is a swollen mess: skin smoothly mounded, but even the slightest pressure reveals the warped, lumpy swell of -- dozens, hundreds? -- of eggs sunk inside you, squirming through your guts, settling into place. Astau pants above you, drooling acid slime all over your face, gushing egg after egg through your bloated guts. You're obscenely pregnant: pinned to the sand by the sheer weight of them, gasping for breath as he breeds you.\n\nYou're lying there in a daze, only aware of the churning inside you, the slick wet pump that goes on and on and on. Eventually -- hours later? -- it shifts, Astau's shaft smoothing out, and slowly, slowly the final few eggs make their way up through your lumpy guts to spew the final straggling eggs inside you. He keeps cumming afterward, more silty slime to fully immerse his clutch. You can't sit up; you can't see over your enormous belly, stretched beyond even the bulk of a human child inside you.\n\nAstau moves finally, coming out of the daze of his long orgasm, and his cock acts like an enormous tongue, lapping across your guts as he slowly, gently, peels himself out of you. He laps across your asshole, painting it in slimy green ooze before he pulls out all the way, leaving you pinned to the sand by the weight of his clutch. You have to ask him for help, and he shoves his muzzle against your side, levering you up until you manage to clutch his side, the crests of his chitin, and use that to push yourself upright. It's a while longer than that before you can manage to stand unassisted, and longer still before you can walk. Your stomach is bloated and heavy, warped from the sheer bulk of eggs inside you, and they slowly settle into place, lurching and squirming like you have snakes in your belly.\n\nAt some point, you ask him, these aren't even //fertilized// eggs, right?\n\n"They're trophic," he says. "This was just for fun." He leers at you: "Unless you happen to get them fertilized."\n\nYou clutch your bloated belly. You ask, they'd get even bigger then, huh?\n\n"Oh yes," he says. "Much bigger."\n\nYou can hardly imagine what that would be like. You say, well. It was fun.\n\n"Come by anytime," he says. "If you need another clutch." His cock is still hanging out, spooled now in the desert sand, thoroughly caked in sand. You think, now, maybe it wasn't that he ran out of eggs, but that he took some mercy on you.\n\nYou eventually manage to totter to the top of the dune above his den.\n<<sex "astau" "anal" "top">>\\n<<addmutation "eggs">>\\n<<set $pregnant to "astau">>\\n<<set $pregnancyStarted to $turns>>\\n<<set $pregnancyTf to "no">>\\n<<set $pregnancies += 1>>\\n\n<<set $astauIntroFuck to true>>\\n[[→|worldmap]]
You reach out, peeling the tip of his cock off your side to raise it to your mouth, and you kiss the tip, tongue lapping across its smooth flesh -- the taste sour, reeking, heavy with a foul, bitter aftertaste -- before you slurp the tip into your mouth, gulping down the coating of acidic pre smeared over his skin. His cock pulses, the next burst enough to flood your mouth, bulge your cheeks, and you sputter and gag, sinuses burning as you spray acid slime from your nose. You gurgle, swallowing and coughing, and sputter his fuming pre back all across his squirming tentacle-dick. Burning slime oozes from your nose and mouth, the fumes making your eyes water.\n\nMaybe you're just gonna jerk him off.\n\nHe has a really nice dick, still. Thick and tapering, with internal muscles that contract and pulse. It goes from slack and heavy to rock-hard when it happens, muscles under the surface clenching hard to spew out another mess of acid pre all over your front. You stroke him off with his own pre, goopy lines spilling across your knuckles and jiggling in the air. He ruts against you, heavy body atop you, muscled haunches humping forward to smear the looping, squirming mass of his dick all across your stomach and chest. Pre squirts out at unexpected angles, soaking the sand beside you, splattering you in the face or squirting across your hips.\n\nHis dick coils around your arm, pumping itself in a slurping cockscrew, and you rut up against it. He's got so much dick, and it's so long and flexible, that you're just trying to add pressure: grinding against him with his dick pinned in furls between you. Your cock digs against his underbelly, slathered in the same slick slime as the rest of your body, and you arch up, groaning as you fuck through his coils, arms tangled together. He pre frothes up, bubbly and foaming, and it washes out all across the sand beside you, coating the both of you in a gritty, fuming slurry. Astau groans, muzzle hanging open, his tongue just another long squirming tentacle lapping across your face and chest. You kiss his tongue, lapping at the gummy lines of sour drool coating it, swallowing thickly. He slavers above you, drooling slime down in frothy dollops, just churning into the gummy mess already slathered all over you.\n\nYour clothes feel heavy, saturated with acid sludge, and they scrape and grind against his hide, adding some friction to the increasingly-slimy mess. His cock drools continually, spewing out enormous fuming gouts of bubbly slime, until the sandy hollow you're lying in is half-flooded, absolutely bathing you in his tarry slime.\n\nYou have to admit you're thinking a little about what would be happening if all that slime was stuck inside you.\n\nHis cock bloats in your hands, muscles knotting up to pump giant, head-sized reservoirs of watery slime each one visibly swelling his cock as they're pumped along his immense length. The space between your bodies feels like it's filled with a dozen snakes, squirming and slithering against each other with wet crackling sounds. You have to admit you can't actually tell if he's cumming or not, but he doesn't seem in any hurry to stop soon.\n\nLiquid slime bursts from his cocktips in a fountaining explosion, spraying in all directions in a messy splatter, and then another, and another. You gasp and sputter, with cords spilling down your face, squelching along your hands, pooling beneath you. It's all you can do to keep rutting against him, hands and arms smearing along his length, scraping on his underbelly, ladling handfuls of slime across your skin.\n\nHis pulses become erratic: cock ballooning out in unevenly-spaced lumps, pumping them faster or slower, and he growls and groans, sagging forward -- sending you squelching down into a foot or so of puddled sludge -- and humps messily, hips hinging back and driving forward. His cock loops loosely around your neck, like an immense meaty necklace, and the tip unfurls: going from a blunt tapered point to a throbbing swell, internal flesh pushing out into the open so that the entire thing blossoms out like a flower, swollen to nearly the size of your entire head. He lets out a howling, yammering screech, and his cock erupts. _Now_ he's cumming, you're pretty sure.\n\nForget the individual pulses, his entire cock just spasms and floods, and he pisses out a mass of brilliant green slime, muscles deep in his underbelly spasming, his cock just a slack, open conduit for all the slime to spill from. He gushes all across your already-soaked body, just adding another layer of sludge to the churned-up, gritty slurry painted across your skin. His overfills the hollow you're resting in, sending rivers of sludge pouring down towards his den, huge plumes of acrid smoke billowing up into the air as his acid cum reacts with the powdery sands. He cums and cums, just dumping sludge all over your body until you're practically swimming in it, crooning and rutting against you the whole time.\n\nBy the end of it, you could hardly even be identified as a human anymore; you just look like a vague swell rising up from the bubbling mass of slime, coated inches-thick in streaky green slime. When you try to breathe slime pours into your mouth, and you just blow bubbles out, burbling and slurping up to the surface of the sludge.\n\n"Sorry," Astau says, a little bashfully, as you scrape tarry masses of sludge off your face. "I guess, uh, when I'm fucking someone it's the pressure that gets me to stop, and without that, well..." He looks at the lake of slime, forming a goopy river pouring down into his den. It's an awful lot.\n\nYou wade up out of the pool, legs absolutely sodden, weighed down by the masses of thick slime. It's silty, with thicker ooze filtering to the bottom, and incidentally all over you, while the thinner, clearer fluid separates out on top. It's all an electric green, the thickest clots glowing slightly. It's churned up with the powdery sand, forming a chunky mess that's been painted all over every inch of your skin. When you try to scrape it off you mostly end up smearing it around, and the second you step out of the pool your feet are daubed with sand and dust.\n\nYou end up sitting around talking with Astau for a while, slowly peeling off his load in sheets once its congeals enough for that to work. You're still a disheveled mess by the time you set out, though. You don't think these clothes will ever be the same.\n\n<<sex "astau" "hj" "">>\\n<<set $astauIntroFuck to true>>\\n[[→|worldmap]]
Astau headbutts you in the side, not hard but hard enough to make falling back onto your ass the easiest option. He steps closer, forepaws on either side of your ankles. He's grinning, his squat muzzle cracked open and fuming drool bubbling down over his oversized teeth, and from your position sprawled on the ground you can see all the way down his underbelly, from the alien set of his shoulders, his animal barrel-chest tapering at his haunches. The slabs of matte ochre-red chitin across his head and shoulders soften below, hide turning dusty red-purple in mottled splotches.\n\nHis eyes blink in sequence before he shuts all of them, panting. He shakes his whole body like a dog throwing off water, the motion centering on his haunches, whipping his tail back and forth. He widens the spread of his hind legs, claws digging in the grit, and his vent mounds out into a heavy, drooping bulge. He whines, hips humping the air, before his glued-shut slit splits open with an eruption of fuming green slime, spraying out all across the ground and splattering you up across your calves. The initial gush slows to a steady drool of backed-up fluid, soaking into the dry sand.\n\nHis still-mounded vent shudders and shakes, pried open wider as he worms his cock out into the open. It's a tapering purple-black tentacle, cracking through the layers of dried slime coating his slit until it's fully spread, his slit lips mounding up around his unsheathing shaft. His cock writhes across his underbelly, coiling around itself in constantly-shifting knots, acrid, slimy fluids sluicing down his length. He steps further over you, pinning you to the ground under his bulk. His cock smears in tangles all across your front, heavy and wet, splattering you with itchy, burning slime.\n\nYou prop yourself up on your elbows, kissing his rocky muzzle and gulping down mouthfuls of his acidic drool. He hisses, tongue slapping across your face before it skewers its way down your throat, pumping as he floods your mouth with drool, excess pouring across your chest -- less a kiss and more him milking his tongue with your throat, acid glands in the back of his mouth pulsing as they discharge and pour fuming slime all across your face. It stings, but not as much as you'd think. You close your eyes, though.\n\nHe only pulls back when you're gasping, face slathered in clotting slime, eyes watering from the fumes, and gives you a playful lick across the face, just further drenching you. He pants, hips shuddering forward, the tangle of his cock skidding across your stomach and chest. He coils it up, once, unfurling so the tip smears across your face just like his tongue, before he springs back, forepaws grabbing your thighs and pinning your legs to your chest as he mounts you, cock snaking along the curve of your ass before he slides inside.\n\nYou're still panting, swiping your face with the back of your hand, as he settles his weight atop you, pinning you solidly in place. His cock writhes inside you, churning and twisting. It's an uncanny feeling, snakes in your guts, his cock so much slicker than anything else you're used to. Slicker and thinner, and so long -- and Asta