Borksy Game Hacker

This is what the title of your page (not game) will be:

This is the filename that will be downloaded: (only A-z,0-9,-,_ allowed)

This is the version of the Bitsy engine you wish to include with your game.

This is the gamedata from Bitsy:

This is the HTML content of your game's body tag:
NOTE: the canvas#game tag is crucial for Bitsy to work.

This is the CSS style for your page:

These are pre-loaded hacks that modify and extend Bitsy's behavior. Just check the box to include the hack. Hacks with options have a expandable section with a modifiable JavaScript options object. If you need a hack not seen here, use the Additional JavaScript field instead.

This is JavaScript loaded into a script tag after all Bitsy code.
Other hacks can go in here (among other things).