move, jump, x interact, r reload
Provide id of an itch.io post/comment to load it as a level:

# Help You can use [edit] button to edit current level and/or create a new ones. Each level is 16 wide and 12 tiles high. Level consist of two parts separated by ### (three hashes) - preamble - where each line start with # (see #Preamble) - tiles - 192 characters representing level's tiles - 12 rows, 16 characters each (see #Tiles) # Preamble Preamble is first couple of lines that define your level name and some rules. Each line starts with # symbol. First line of preamble specifies title. Each next line specify rule with following format: # [id] [command] [message/id] JMaL currently support following commands: <say> - sets message for signposts and closed doors <end> - sets message for open doors and finishes the player's path <tbc> - sets "to be continued..." message for open doors and finishes the player's path - hints them that you're going to make more levels! <goto> - loads a level from an itch.io comment with given id Preamble ends with ### # Tiles After the preamble (and ### symbols) you should provide 12 lines of 16 characters each (192 characters). Each character corresponds to one tile in your level: . - blank O - obstacle tile m and M - mechanised obstacles , - spikes t - signpost, provide id (single digit) directly so you can target it with a <say> rule D - closed doors - provide id (single digit) directly above d - open doors - provide id (single digit) directly above k - key - opens doors b - button - switches the mechanised obstacle x - box - please take care of it | ! ' ; : - = + \ / * & - various decorations # Comment Levels To get an id of a itch.io comment you can click on a "time ago" link next to the user's name - this will navigate you to the comment page with a url similar to: https://itch.io/post/1454600 where the last part (1454600 in this case) is the id. Doors can lead to your own levels or ones created by other people.