(set: $staff_done to false, $hr_done to false)\ What has it been? Three months of travelling? Three months in a fucking cold box waiting to wake up? And for what? To be received with a "You are fired." letter before even waking up? Yes, this is what happened. This shit right there. And who would let this go untold, right? [[Right. It's not nice.->2]]Of course it's not nice! Do they even know how much was left behind?! The sacrifices that were made?! Anyway, no point in bitching about it. [[Time to do something about it.->3]]Damn right. Let's figure out who's responsible first. [[Ask the staff.->staff]] [[Ask the "inhuman" resources department.->hr]] [[Go straight to management.->prez]](set: $staff_done to true)\ Approaching someone who just works here and has no quarrel should be a sane answer, right? Well, when they come up with answers like "Please, put some clothes on." and "We are not allowed to give you that information." they seem pretty useless. [[Bash in their skulls.->bash]] [[Burn the place down.->burn]]BAM!! Did they see that coming? No! Of course they didn't! Who knew waiting line poles had so much weight at the base? That guy's head will need a new metal plate now! They don't seem cooperative yet, but coercing them seems unkind. Did they call the armed forces? Well, there can't be that many in this fucking space station in the middle of nowhere, can it? [[Keep bashing heads.->bash2]] [[Find a new hobbie.->hobbie]]SLAM!! SPLOTCH!! Ha! They don't seem that tough when they're about to get stomped! Oh, right, security is here. Time to get some stuff done. Ah, there goes the first one. That helmet didn't help much, did it? And now the rest can feel their own laser weapons in their skin! Oops, that one lost an arm. Oh, no, that guy's head literally exploded! What a mess. Somebody please come with a mop to aisle one. Anyway, they keep coming and getting toasted, but this is not helping find the culprit. (if: $hr_done is false)[[[Go to the hiring department.->hr]] ][[Go to the management department.->prez]]Time to go do something else. Like, of course, after smashing so many teeth out of so many mouths, the polite thing to do is blowing everything up so those poor souls don't have to suffer. After all, it's not their fault. The culprit is still somewhere else. Seems like this part of the space station is not very well constructed. It just took a few grenades from those pesky guards to bring most of the stuff down. Granted, they had to lose some arms and legs before allowing them to detonate, but no harm done. In the end, they got lucky they passed out early. (if: $hr_done is false)[[[Go see who was hiring.->hr]] ][[Go see the bosses.->prez]]Who cares? Who even cares? Anyway, those fuel cells really make for a good emergency barbecue. Nobody seems like they want to talk anymore, though. What with being engulfed in flames and all. Maybe this takes care of some of the revenge, but it's not very good if doesn't affect the culprit directly. At least now fire is easy to get, since there is a lot of it around. Shame smoking is prohibited in space. It's hard to think with all the screaming. Time to go somewhere else. (if: $hr_done is false)[[[Go to the hiring department.->hr]] ][[Go to the management department.->prez]](set: $hr_done to true)\ Surely these people know who gets hired and fired, right? Even before they know it, right? Their response seems rather vague, though. What can you expect from human resources? Certainly not being human. They may need some explanations. [[Demand an answer already.->be kind]] [[Extract an answer vehemently.->welp]]Maybe some nice words help with this situation. Hmm... well, that was a good try, but this boy can't talk anymore after his tongue got cut out. Now, for the rest, maybe it's clearer. No? Well, not without eyes, no. And don't lose your ears. Put them in your pocket. Probably that one won't listen anymore. How sad. Nobody had an answer here. Time to look somewhere else. (if: $staff_done is false)[[[Check if the staff knows something.->staff]] ][[Get to the bosses.->prez]]That guy didn't have the answer. Why is there so much pleading now? Not like that's gonna change anything. His entrails are already all over the floor and this ballpen is not getting any wetter with blood, that's for sure. Seems like the secretary wants to say something. Is she correct? [[Stab her heart.->heart]] [[Rip off her brain.->brain]] [[Slice her in two, bottom to top.->vaj]]No, she was wrong. "Please, don't hurt me." is not the name of the person who fires people here. Too bad. Negative one hundred points. You lose...(display: "nope") Your heart! Oooh... it's still beating after being detached. It took a lot of staplers to get through the sternum, so it's specially wonderful. Is there any other contestant? [[I guess not.->shame]](display: "nope") Your brain! Gooey! It feels weird in your hands, huh? Also, the eyes came dangling with it. Well, it's a bit mushy after all the hits on the photocopier, but you can still see she was not very smart, right there, on that lobe, where the correct answer probably was hiding. Too bad. Who's next? [[Nobody?->shame]](display: "nope") Your life! In a bad way. Anyone would probably scream like that too if their genitals were getting cut with paper scissors and then the cut kept ripping up throug the belly until the sternum... Yeah, cutting open a sternum with paper scissors is not easy, but at this space station anything is possible! At least that was. Anyway, who's the next player? [[No one signed up.->shame]]Shame! We were having so much fun! Well, now everybody else is dead, so they're not having fun anymore, right? There has to be SOMEONE in this forsaken piece of crap ship who knows some name! (if: $staff_done is false)[[[Ask the staff.->staff]] ][[Ask the boss.->prez]]Yes, the president must know. It's the only way. No, you're not gonna hear "sorry" about breaking into this meeting. Not after all that had to be done to get here. No, you're not gonna hear "sorry" about the 50 bleeding guards that block the only entrance to this room. So, Mr. President of fuckup station. Did you figure out why this is happening? Do you know already? No? Maybe you deserve some explanation. [[Yes. An explanation.->explain]]If you were alive to hear it, you would realize that you fired the wrong person, buddy. But now you are just a body on top of the table. Pathetic. None of your workers realize the sacrifices that were made for this all to happen. Did they think they would come out clean? Did they think they could fuck with anybody and never take on the consequences. Well, not that guy that's pinned to the wall with a chair leg through his waist. That one's not thinking much right now. It's possible that the vicepresident could have explained to you what was so wrong about firing people before they even arrived. She could have explained it if she hadn't been forcefully eating glass shards for a while now. These brave guys trying to fight for their lives are kinda cute. They're also burning due to the lasers that hit them. These other good boys on the corner trying to defend themselves and those girls! Such good boys! It's hard to believe they would share so much blood, too. But they don't know better than to spill it, so it's a shame. Well, now everybody in your meeting is either burned, bled out or cut into pieces. Are you happy, Mr. President? [[This is not enough.->right]]Of course, this is not enough. So kind of you to leave the controls to the whole station open for anyone to mess with. Let's consider the options here. [[Sink down the station into the sun.->sink]] [[Blow up the fucking sun.->sun]]This station is a shame for any human who ever lived, or otherwise. There is no place for it in the sky, but inside the burning belly of this giant fireball. Set engines to max!! Point them all DOWN!! We're going to visit an old friend! Guess what, Mr. President. [[You're fired.->fire]]Fired! Like a kiln! This station will burn down even before it reaches the surfa... [[...->end]]This station is a shame! This whole system is a shame! Humans don't deserve to leave this world! Set all the power to the main cannon. This is gonna be brilliant! Guess what, Mr. President. [[Guess who's fired.->sun2]]Your lasers! BAM! And as the sun goes nova you will burn with everyo... [[...->end]][[Everyone is dead.->end2]]<center>This has been: A Chance for Destruction by <a href="https://efi.itch.io/">Efi</a> <a href="https://ko-fi.com/A321H8J">(now, pay me a coffee so I don't have to blow up the sun for real)</a></center>