ooooooooo.   ooooooooo.   oooooooooooo   .oooooo.   ooooo ooooooooo.   ooooo   .oooooo.   oooooooooooo 
`888   `Y88. `888   `Y88. `888'     `8  d8P'  `Y8b  `888' `888   `Y88. `888'  d8P'  `Y8b  `888'     `8 
 888   .d88'  888   .d88'  888         888           888   888   .d88'  888  888           888         
 888ooo88P'   888ooo88P'   888oooo8    888           888   888ooo88P'   888  888           888oooo8    
 888          888`88b.     888    "    888           888   888          888  888           888    "    
 888          888  `88b.   888       o `88b    ooo   888   888          888  `88b    ooo   888       o 
o888o        o888o  o888o o888ooooood8  `Y8bood8P'  o888o o888o        o888o  `Y8bood8P'  o888ooooood8 

    Mash SPACE to start or keep scrolling to learn how to play.

    The Story

    The earth is being swallowed! Someone read the wrong page out of the wrong book,
    and now The Abyss is expanding, devouring the ground, people, buildings, and entire cities!

    Foul creatures have also crawled up from its depths, like a plague.

    Our only hope to stop it lies with some ancient artifact, many have been forgotten and lie
    strewn around the ruins of our world. Collect as many as you can, and be careful! With each 
    step you take, the ground will sink further, and you may find yourself staring into the bottomless
    expanse of the Abyss.

    Run! There isn't any time to waste.


    MOVE using QWEASD, this is hex-based movement       Q /    \ E 
                                                         /      \ 
    REST using SPACE                                     \      /
                                                        A \____/ D 
    Select POWERS using 1-7                                 S
    Activate POWERS by clicking on a tile

    Press ? at any time for HELP

    Each step you take will weaken the tile you just left. When a tile looks dark purple, that means it is
    only one step away from sinking into the Abyss.

    Once the Abyss starts growing, it is nearly impossible to stop.

    You can flee the area at any time by walking into the edge twice. (So, Q, Q)



    You can stun enemies by walking into them. 
    This can be very effective for positioning them to fall into the Abyss.

    Powers are activated by selecting the appropriate hotkey (1 - 7) and clicking on a tile.


    Prevents adjacent tiles from weakening or collapsing. Can be useful for setting up points to 
    'leapfrog' across an open Abyss. Will also block monsters.


    Creates a barrier in a straight line across as many tiles as you want. Will prevent the Abyss
    from spreading, and also monsters from crossing. 

    The first click will put down a starting point, the second click must be within a straight 
    line of the starting point.



    (Free power)
    Will drop a tile into the Abyss immediately. Use with extreme caution!

    (Free power)
    Being so close, you can tap into the Abyss and draw a monster out to a specific tile. 
    This can be helpful to feed the Abyss and temporarily satiate it, or to give yourself a 
    monster to swap with.

    Be careful though, although one monster will appear where you wish, another will always 
    spawn somewhere else.

    (Free power)
    You can swap positions with any monster. A brave explorer can put herself in a precarious
    position, and then swap with a monster at the last second. 


    With some power, you can leap across vast distances, putting enemies and the Abyss 
    behind you. 

    You can leave the level at any time by dashing to the edge of the screen and moving into it twice. 
    The edge is divided into six hextants that will determine which direction you travel in, 
    keep in mind you cannot come back the way you came.

    Mash SPACE to start
Press ? at any time for help or see a full guide here
Thanks to Ondrej Zara for the amazing ROT.js library.
Submitted as part of 2014 ProcJam. Thanks to Michael Cook for creating, hosting, and inspiring the jam.