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about Valkyrie

Version 1.2.0
(C)opyright 2016 by digital Gameworks LLC All Rights Reserved

Jeff Lapkoff.......... Game Design, Coding, Art, and Sound
Dennis Bishop..... Research and Game Development
Nicholas Brooks... Play Testing

web: digitalGameworks
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Valkyrie: Crisis in Berlin is a digital Gameworks mini strategy game for the Web and mobile platforms covering the aftermath of the 20 July plot in 1944 by German army officers to assassinate Adolf Hitler and use the Operation Valkyrie national emergency plan to take control of the country.

The game starts at noon on July 20. Von Stauffenberg's suitcase bomb has been detonated. The Fuehrer Adolf Hitler is thought to be dead. Operation Valkyrie has been put into motion. The dreaded SS under Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler have rejected the decree and moved to seize control of Berlin.

Starting the Game

-Tap the [REBEL] or [NAZI] buttons to set either side to Human or AI control.
-Tap the [START] button to begin the game.

Note: For a head to head 'hot-seat' game, set both factions to Human.

Game Factions


Oberst Claus von Stauffenberg
General Friedrich Olbricht
Branndenberg Kommando
Reiter Regiment
Ersatzheer (Reserves)
Ersatzheer (Reserves Armored)
Berlin Polizei

The Rebels begin the game with the initiative and move first.

Nazi SS

Heinrich Himmler, SS Reichsfuhrer
Joseph Goebbels, Reichsminister of Propaganda
SS 502 Jager
SS Totenkopf
SS Security Service SD
SS Ordnungspolizei
SS Panzer Liebstandarte
SS Chancellery Guard

Grossdeutschland Division
The Grossdeutschland Division or GD remain neutral until Hitler's status can be confirmed. If 'The Fuehrer' is confirmed alive, the GD will fully support the Nazi Party. Conversely should Hitler's death be confirmed, the GD will comply with the Valkyrie Directive and support the Rebel faction.

Game Concepts

Winning: Gaining Control of Berlin
The first faction to begin their turn segment occupying the four control sectors in Berlin gains control of the government and victory is declared. If neither faction is capable of gaining control due to loss of units or the crisis period extends more than 12 hours (48 turns) the game is declared a draw and Germany falls into a greater Civil War.

Control Sectors:
Communications, Propaganda,Government, and Armory

Factions gain one additional Command Point for each Control Sector occupied.

Communication Suppression:
The faction occupying the Communications Sector will attempt to suppress any confirmation of Hitler's status should it be detrimental to their cause. For example, in a scenario where a confirmation message of 'The Fuhrer's' death arrived from Rastenberg, the Nazi Party would attempt to suppress the information, thereby keeping the GD neutral in the conflict.

The faction occupying the Armory control sector gains an additional strength point in any combat action

Command Points:

Command points are used to perform all actions in the game

Base Level Command Pts:
Rebel Faction 2
Nazi/SS: 4

Action Command Pt Cost:
- Activation: 2 pts
- Movement: 1 pt
- Combat/Capture: 1 pt

Units may only perform one action per turn segment.

Moving Units

To move a unit, tap on it, then tap on the cell that you would like to move to. A unit's available moves are always indicated with a target 'crosshair' icon.

Capturing Units

When opposing units occupy adjacent cells, they are in position to attack. To launch an attack, first select the unit you'd like to attack with, then tap on the enemy unit you'd like to attack.

-A selected unit's possible attacks are always indicated by a red selection box on enemy targets
-Units may attack any adjacent enemy unit, however diagonal attacks are not allowed.

The unit with the higher attack strength has the greatest probability of capturing the enemy piece. If the defending unit is eliminated, the attacker automatically advances into the cell occupied by the defending unit. If the defending unit prevails, it remains in the cell it occupies. If both units are destroyed, they are removed from the map.


Leaders cannot move or attack and defend as Atk Strength 1 infantry squads.

Passing the Turn Segment

When finished taking your turn, tap the [Advance] button to pass the game initiative to the enemy player. If playing against and AI opponent, the turn segment is automatically be passed if all command points are used.

-A faction may use any or all available command points during their turn segment.
-Unused command points do not accrue over turns.

Game Options

Tapping the Settings Button at anytime brings up the the settings form.

Displays this Help File

Displays Valkyrie Version and Game Credits

Units are Unknown:
Toggles unknown units on or off
When the unknown units option is on, units that begin the game off map remain unknown until attacked.

Hitler's Actual Status
Dead, Alive, or Unknown
When Unknown is selected, Hitler's status is randomly determined during the game.

Combat Winner Remains Unknown:
When selected, units remain unknown to the enemy until they take a loss or are captured.

Play Sounds:
Toggles game sounds and music on or off.

Start New Game
Cancels any game in progress and begins a new game with the current settings.

Map Zoom
Double tap or hold tap anywhere on the map to cycle through the map zoom levels. Swipe up/down, left/right to scroll the map.