{ <!--Pick prizes--> (set: $goodChoice to (either: "Satisfaction", "Home", "Fulfillment", "Peace", "Joy", "Love", "Humanity", "Happiness", "Energy")) (set: $badChoice1 to (either: "Indebtedness", "False Hope", "Sadness", "Fear", "Regret")) (set: $badChoice2 to (either: "Aimlessness", "Anxiety", "Depression", "Malaise", "Chronic Pain", "Isolation")) <!--Pick which door gets good or bad prizes--> (set: $door1 to (either: "good", "bad")) (if: $door1 is "good")[(set: $door2 to "bad")] (else:)[(set: $door2 to (either: "good", "bad"))] (if: $door1 is "good" or $door2 is "good")[(set: $door3 to "bad")] (else:)[(set: $door3 to "good")] <!--Assign prizes to doors.--> (if: $door1 is "good")[(set: $door1prize to $goodChoice)] (else:)[(set: $door1prize to $badChoice1)] (if: $door2 is "good")[(set: $door2prize to $goodChoice)] (else-if: $door2 is "bad" and $door1prize is $badChoice1)[(set: $door2prize to $badChoice2)] (else:)[(set: $door2prize to $badChoice1)] (if: $door3 is "good")[(set: $door3prize to $goodChoice)] (else:)[(set: $door3prize to $badChoice2)] } You are at center stage, a spotlight steadily burning itself into your eyes. You idly wonder if this is going to do permanent damage as the crows surrounding you cheers on command of the red (text-style:"blink")[<span style="color:red">"APPLAUSE"</span] sign blinking on and off just out of reach of the cameras. You have plastered a smile on your face as Monty Hall has requested. It's beginning to hurt at the edges of your dimples. [[Four more lights blink into existence|DoorReveal]]Three of the spotlights illuminate doors in front of you with large painted numbers on them. The other, Monty Hall. "Contestant, are you ready?!" He seems to shout as the crowd swells with cheers on command. You nervously reply, "Yes!" "Behind one of these doors lays fortune, behind the others folly! Choose one, we'll reveal another, and you can switch if you'd like. It's simple! Any questions?" You've been instructed beforehand that you are not to have any questions, sweat is starting to drip down the side of your face. [["Not at all, Monty."|DoorChoice]]{(set: $selectedDoor to "")} The crowd gets hushed as Monty points vaguely in the direction of the doors. "Today, you'll be trying to avoid $badChoice1 and $badChoice2 and trying to find $goodChoice!" You suck your breath in. $goodChoice would be (either: "amazing", "stupendous", "awesome"). Either of the others would be (either: "devastating", "horrifying"). "What'll it be, contestant?!" <p style="text-align:center;">[Door 1]<door1|[]<next|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;[Door 2]<door2|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;[Door 3]<door3|</p> { <!--Depending on which one is clicked we'll set it to selected door, remove choices, and show the next passage link--> (click: ?door1)[ (set: $selectedDoor to "Door 1") (replace:?door1)[] (replace:?door2)[] (replace:?door3)[] (replace:?next)[[[A worthy selection!|1stDoorReveal]]] ] (click: ?door2)[(set: $selectedDoor to "Door 2")(replace:?door1)[](replace:?door2)[](replace:?door3)[](replace:?next)[[[A worthy selection!|1stDoorReveal]]]] (click: ?door3)[(set: $selectedDoor to "Door 3")(replace:?door1)[](replace:?door2)[](replace:?door3)[](replace:?next)[[[A worthy selection!|1stDoorReveal]]]] }{ (if: $selectedDoor is not "Door 1" and $door1 is "bad")[(set: $revealedDoor to "Door 1")(set:$revealedDoorChoice to $door1prize)] (else-if: $selectedDoor is not "Door 2" and $door2 is "bad")[(set: $revealedDoor to "Door 2")(set:$revealedDoorChoice to $door2prize)] (else:)[(set: $revealedDoor to "Door 3")(set:$revealedDoorChoice to $door3prize)] } You point at $selectedDoor seemingly at random. You wonder how long someone can stand in one place before fainting. Monty speaks, "A bold choice! Now, the game is afoot. Do you think that door has $goodChoice behind it?" "Sure." You try to swallow but your mouth is dry. "Now, for the fun part, let's reveal one of the other two doors!" He points in the direction of the doors again and all the lights blink off, then one pops back on over $revealedDoor. It opens to show $revealedDoorChoice. [[Your heart skips three beats. $badChoice1 would have ruined you.|SwitchChoice]] "Wow, glad you missed out on $badChoice1! Nice work, contestant." The audience claps as if you'd calculated all of this in your head before picking. To recap for the studio audience," a voice in the crowd whoops, "you've selected $selectedDoor, and we've shown that $revealedDoor had $badChoice1 in it. So, what'll it be, contestant? Stay with $selectedDoor or test your luck by switching? You'll either get $goodChoice or $badChoice2." { (if: $selectedDoor is "Door 1" and $revealedDoor is "Door 2")[(set:$switchDoor to "Door 3")] (else-if: $selectedDoor is "Door 2" and $revealedDoor is "Door 1")[(set:$switchDoor to "Door 3")] (if: $selectedDoor is "Door 1" and $revealedDoor is "Door 3")[(set:$switchDoor to "Door 2")] (else-if: $selectedDoor is "Door 3" and $revealedDoor is "Door 1")[(set:$switchDoor to "Door 2")] (if: $selectedDoor is "Door 2" and $revealedDoor is "Door 3")[(set:$switchDoor to "Door 1")] (else-if: $selectedDoor is "Door 3" and $revealedDoor is "Door 2")[(set:$switchDoor to "Door 1")] } ["I'm staying with my choice."]<stayChoice|[]<moveOn| ["Let's go with $switchDoor instead]<changeChoice| { (click:?stayChoice)[ (replace:?stayChoice)[] (replace:?changeChoice)[] (replace:?moveOn)[[["Alright, contestant, let's see what you've won!"|Final]]] ] (click:?changeChoice)[(set: $selectedDoor to $switchDoor) (replace:?stayChoice)[] (replace:?changeChoice)[] (replace:?moveOn)[[["Alright, contestant, let's see what you've won!"|Final]]] ] } { <!--Check if prize behind selected door is good or bad--> (if:$selectedDoor is "Door 1")[(set: $finalItem to $door1prize)] (if:$selectedDoor is "Door 2")[(set: $finalItem to $door2prize)] (if:$selectedDoor is "Door 3")[(set: $finalItem to $door3prize)] (if:$finalItem is $goodChoice)[(set:$mood to "happy")] (else:)[(set:$mood to "depressed")] } All the lights blink off again and a spotlight zooms around the room flashing for an instant on each door. You're getting dizzy and the crowd is screaming. Then suddenly it snaps to $selectedDoor and a loud bang sounds as the door is blown off its hinges to reveal $finalItem! {(if: $mood is "happy")[You collapse! $finalItem is exactly what you've always wanted.] (else:)[All color drains from your face. $finalItem, it might as well be your death.]} "Wow, who would have thought you'd end up with $finalItem!" Monty Hall beams at you. "Congratulations, contestant. To everyone else, we'll see you next time!" The audience applauds one more time. You walk towards $selectedDoor with trepidation.(live:1000ms)[<div style="float:right;font-size:.5em;line-height:1em;margin-left:10px;">GC: $goodChoice BC1: $badChoice1 BC2: $badChoice2 Door1: $door1 $door1prize Door2: $door2 $door2prize Door3: $door3 $door3prize Selected Door: $selectedDoor Revealed Door: $revealedDoor Revealed door choice: $revealedDoorChoice Final Item: $finalItem</div>]<p style="text-align:center;font-size:1.5em;padding-top:175px;">[[The Monty Hall Problem|Start]]</p> <p style="font-size:1em;text-align:center;">A text game by <a href="http://scopecreepstudios.com/" target="_blank">Scope Creep Studios</a></p>