You come across the body of a fallen warrior on the path. <img src=""> Three arrows pierce her back and her body shows no sign of movement. Her face paint and attire look unfamiliar to you. You've never met her before. The sun continues to set and the forest darkens with the moon appearing in the sky. There is no time to waste. You could [[leave->+Leave her body behind. She is not your responsibility.+]] leave her body behind. She is not your responsibility. You can also [[check->+Check her body for belongings. She won't need them anymore.+]] her body for belongings. She won't need them anymore and there might be something of value in her belongings. Or you can [[cover->+Cover her body in dirt. At least she deserves a proper burial.+]] her body in dirt in lieu of a proper burial."Wait." You turn to the body. Did she just speak? <img src=""> "Don't leave." You can walk away, you can't [[save->+There's nothing you can do right now.+]] her now. Or you could [[listen->+Listen to her last words.+]] to her last words.You look through the satchel attached to her waist. It's completely empty, except for a [[letter]].You kick some dirt on the body and cover her in leaves. It will have to do for now. Yet you hear the distant calls of predators roaming in the [[wild]].You begin to turn away and hear the warrior's voice. <center><img src=""> "Didn't your mother ever teach you we need to take care of each other?" You [[keep->You keep walking away.]] walking away.<img src=""> You get a little closer to hear her speak with her last breath. "Hey.." "You..." [[?]]<img src=""> There is no response. [[Retrace your steps->Untitled Passage]] You read the letter. "You know I'll always forgive you. I just want you to forgive me. It's not too late. You don't have to carry yourself. I am here for you too. You say you don't want anyone...but we shouldn't have to bear it all alone." You put the letter back in the satchel. You are startled by a soft [[grunt]].Night is approaching. Her body will not last out in the open like this. You could [[carry]] her body back to your village or leave her body [[behind]].Her body is lighter than you expect but still weighs on your back. The arrows piercing her body are long and firmly planted in her flesh. Suddenly you [[hear]] a very soft whisper.You leave the body covered and go on your way. You hear a faint [[whisper]]. "Hey..." [[?->what]]You answer back with a "huh?" There is no response. [[Retrace your steps->Untitled Passage]] "Hey..." "Our mothers...taught us to take care of each other..." You turn around [[briefly]].<img src=""> There is no response. [[Retrace your steps->Untitled Passage]] [[Retrace your steps->Untitled Passage]] <center><img src=""> <align=right>[[>Start]]Your legs are heavy. It's been a long day of climbing mountains, following streams, and watching the sun set in the distance. But now it's time to go home. Your family will be looking forward to your return as night [[approaches]].Following the path you always take to return home, you find something odd about the trail. There's a struggle. Footprints in the mud you didn't make. Several of them. Broken arrows planted in the ground. You see someone in the [[distance->Intro]].The fallen warrior's body shifts and her gaze meets yours. <img src=""> You [[wait]] for her to say something.There is no response. [[Retrace your steps->Untitled Passage]]