a single-page cyberpunk board game for 2-4 players

made for PROCJAM 2016 and GitHub Game-off 2016


Gameset Status:

How To Play


Finish the game with the highest number of File points.



  1. Print a gameset.
  2. Cut the gameset into individual pieces.
  3. Shuffle Character cards and have each player choose one randomly. Look at your own, but keep these secret from other players until the end of the game.
  4. Shuffle the File cards and place the deck facedown by the Gameboard.
  5. Shuffle the Program cards and place the deck facedown by the Gameboard.
  6. Place an avatar token for each player on the "start" positions on the Gameboard.
  7. Decide who goes first.


Game Over



Gameset Details

A full gameset is fitted to a single letter-sized piece of paper, which needs to be cut into individual pieces.

example gameset

When finished cutting, you should have:

  • 4 Character cards
  • 20 File cards
  • 30 Program cards
  • 1 Gameboard
  • 4 Avatar tokens

The Avatar tokens on the corners of the Gameboard are simple papercrafts, and can be assembled like so:

instructions on how to assemble avatar tokens

If you prefer, you can cut out and use the center squares alone to save some setup time.

An example of an entire assembled gameset can be seen below:

example assembled gameset

Resources Used