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The Revenge of Dracula

Version 1.1.0
(C)opyright 2015 by onEdge Studios
All Rights Reserved

Jeff Lapkoff...... Design, Coding, Art, and Sound
Dennis Bishop..... Development and Research

web: onEdge Studios
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The Revenge of Dracula

Based on the the Dou Shou Qi (Stratego) game rules, The Revenge of Dracula is a turn based strategy game that lets you command the forces of either Van Helsing the Vampire Hunter or Count Dracula in a pitched battle set in a desolate cemetery outside of Victorian era London.

Starting the Game

Tap the Hunters or Vampires button to set either side to Human or AI control. For a head to head 'hot-seat' game, set both factions to Human.

Tap the Start button to enter the Setup Phase.

Setup Phase

Game Units
The Hunters

Van Helsing Str 10
Sgt. Lee Str 9
Vampire Hunter 8
Scotland Yard Str 7
Hunter Str 6
Priest Str 5
Townsfolk Str 4

KeyMaster Str 3

Scout: German Shepherd Str 2

Spy: Mina Harker

Trap: Gate

Base: Hunter's Cross

The Vampires

Dracula Str 10
The Blood Countess Str 9
Vampire Elder 8
Vampire Bride Str 7
Wolf 6
Szygany Gypsy 5
Rats Str 4

KeyMaster Str 3

Scout: Raven Str 2

Spy: Mina Harker

Trap: Gate

Base: Dracula's Coffin

KeyMasters and Traps
When any unit (except a KeyMaster) attacks a trap, that unit is captured and removed from the game. If a KeyMaster attacks a trap, the trap is defused and the KeyMaster moves into the trap's cell. Traps cannot move or attack and remain in the same cell throughout the game unless they are defused by a KeyMaster.

A Spy has no combat strength. If any unit attacks it, it is captured and removed from the board. But Mina has a unique ability. She is the only piece that can capture Van Helsing or Dracula providing she attacks first.

Although having the lowest attack strength, Scouts are the only units that can move any number of open cells in a direction and attack in the same turn.

Setting Up The Game

Selecting a Unit
To select a friendly unit, simply tap on it. A selection box will appear around the unit and it's name and attack strength will be indicated at the lower left hand corner of the game screen.
You may place your pieces anywhere within the first four top rows if playing the vampires or the bottom four rows if playing the hunters. The two middle rows are left unoccupied at the start of the game, but can be used for temporary placement during the setup phase.

Tap the advance game button, when you have completed your force setup. If the AI (artificial intelligence) detects any problems with your formation, it will automatically adjust the setup and provide you with another chance to re-adjust your piece positions.

Playing The Game

The objective of the game is to capture the opposition's base.
For the Hunters, Dracula's Coffin for the Vampires, the Hunter's Cross. The Hunters begin the game with the initiative and always setup and move first.
Moving Units
On your turn you can either move one of your units to an open cell or attack one of your opponent's units.

To move a unit, simply tap on it, then tap on the cell that you would like to move the piece to. A unit's possible moves are always indicated by a path of blood.

Capturing Units

To attack a unit, first select the unit you'd like to attack with, then tap on the enemy unit you'd like to attack. When opposing units occupy adjacent cells, they are in a position to attack. A selected unit's possible attacks are always indicated by a red selection box on the enemy piece.

The unit with the lower attack strength is captured and removed from the board. If the attacking unit wins, it automatically advances into the cell occupied by the defending unit. If the defending unit prevails, it remains in the cell it occupies.

When units of the same attack strength battle, both pieces are removed from the game.

Unless it is a faction's only move, attacking is optional.
Passing the Turn Segment
After moving or attacking an enemy unit, the turn segment is automatically passed to the opposing player. The one exception is when moving scouts into an attack position. If a scout is moved into an attack cell, simply tap the advance game button to pass the turn segment without attacking.

Winning the Game

The first player to capture an opponent's Base (Hunters Cross or Dracula's Coffin) wins the game. If all of a faction's moveable units have been captured and they cannot move or attack on a turn, the opposing faction is declared the winner. Lastly, if thirteen consecutive turns pass without a unit capture, the game is declared a draw.

Map Zoom

Double tap or hold tap anywhere on the map to zoom in the display. Once in zoom mode, swipe up/down, left/right to scroll the map. Continue the double tap or long tap action to cycle thru the game's three zoom levels.

Game Options

Tapping the About Button at anytime brings up the the settings form.

Units Per Side:
40: The standard game with 40 Units per side
20: A smaller more open game with 20 units per side

Combat Winner Remains Hidden:
When selected, a unit's identity is not revealed unless captured.

Play Sounds:
Toggles game sounds on or off.

Start New Game
Cancels any game in progress and begins a new game with the current settings.