PICO-8 Styler v1.7

Pretty PICO-8 Pages!


  1. Pick colours
  2. Enter the name of the game (this needs to be the same as the exported js file)
  3. Click "Create"
  4. Save the opened page (Web Page, HTML only)
  5. Copy into the same directory as the exported js file

To help with testing, I've included a copy of ultrabrite's padtest cartridge on my server. To test with this, enter "padtest" into the game field.


  • Page colours can be customized (background, button background/hover, text)
  • Canvas scale can be customized, has no border, and defaults to 512x512
  • Canvas is centered horizontally and vertically
  • Canvas and buttons use image-rendering CSS for sharper fullscreen viewing
  • First script tag includes "var require = null;" in order to address a node.js issue which prevents PICO-8 games from running in things like NW.js
  • Buttons are "text-align:center" instead of "float:left"
  • Buttons are slightly smaller to better fit default canvas size
  • Button text can't be selected
  • Buttons can be excluded
  • Link button label/target can be customized
  • Page can be autofocused for more accessible iframe embeds (without this, sometimes PICO-8 games won't receive input until you click on a button)
  • HTML5 Gamepad API support can be included for singleplayer or multiplayer
  • Cursor can be hidden when over canvas


Button Options

Misc. Options

Colour Options

Page background Button background Button background (hover) Text


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