\n\nYou enter the London Arcology, a massive sprawling metropolis home to both human and androids. A servant bot for many years, your owner has kindly emancipated you for reasons you never understood. Perhaps it had something to do with his death? You might never really understand [[how humans deal with laws|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will_(law)]], nor do you really care. You do know though, that [[life will be amazing|Brief Background]].
[img[title.png]]\n\nIt's time to board the [[transporation shuttle|The Cyborg]]
[img[shoppingCenter.png]]\n\nYou stand at a busy intersection with many storefronts nearby. The cafe is just around the corner and you know you must prepare yourself fully for approaching this wonderful person.\n<<if $var_voice eq 0>>\nYou know you [[need a voice modulator|Voice Store]]. You can barely communicate unless it's through text.<<endif>>\n<<if $var_wigs eq 0>>\nYou also need to get a wig. These humans need to look fashionable or else they'll just think you're just another servant bot giving them coffee. Your impressive sense of style will [[guide you|Going Wig Store]]<<endif>>.\n<<if $var_scent eq 0>>\nHumans seduce others with scent. It's a fact. You know this clearly from your "Human Interaction" educational documents. You'll have to [[find some sort of scent|Scent]] to exude other than neutral plastic. <<endif>>\n<<if $items_collected gte 3>>\n[[Time to go talk to him.|Found The Love]]\n<<endif>>\n
With your vocal functions active, you inform the human that you seek permission to engage in [[mutually pleasurable conversation|Insult Voice]].\n\n
Your scanners indicate detection ... and then facial patterns of confusion. They morph into merriment and bursts of powerful laughter! You're so excited. \n\nYou caught him in a [[good mood|Taking a Picture]].
An array of colors and differently sized wigs harm your vision.\n\n[[Everything.|Wig Drama 1]]\n\n\n
Looking through the many pieces of software, you spot one that's been rarely purchased. The label simply reads: "Autocrat" and you move towards it in curiosity. As you [[play the sample|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do0x-Egc6oA#t=46]], you remember this voice from your "Human History" classes. Having the voice of this man who made these creatures called "communists" cower must be alluring. You and the boy and both discuss the sillyness of previous forms of government as you attempt wit and satire. \n\nYes, oh yes. This is [[a great choice.|Buy Voice]]\n\nActually, come to think of it... [[maybe something else?|Voices]]\n\n<<set $voice = "low">>
Wow, your circuits are not handling this well. You're processing at full power here. \n\nFull Power.\n\nThis is not going to be good as you try and get near the boy. You're looking awesome though, you're confident in your wig and your smell. You're nervous though.\n\nThis is not going to go well. It'll hopefully help to take out [[your guide book|Guidebook]] on human interaction.
[[Awesome...|Title]]\n\nActually, this [[isn't really doing it|Music Choices]] for you.\n\n<<loopsound $epic >>
(function () {\n "use strict";\n version.extensions['soundMacros'] = {\n major: 1,\n minor: 1,\n revision: 2\n };\n var p = macros['playsound'] = {\n soundtracks: {},\n handler: function (a, b, c, d) {\n var loop = function (m) {\n if (m.loop == undefined) {\n m.loopfn = function () {\n this.play();\n };\n m.addEventListener('ended', m.loopfn, 0);\n } else m.loop = true;\n m.play();\n };\n var s = eval(d.fullArgs());\n if (s) {\n s = s.toString();\n var m = this.soundtracks[s.slice(0, s.lastIndexOf("."))];\n if (m) {\n if (b == "playsound") {\n m.play();\n } else if (b == "loopsound") {\n loop(m);\n } else if (b == "pausesound") {\n m.pause();\n } else if (b == "unloopsound") {\n if (m.loop != undefined) {\n m.loop = false;\n } else if (m.loopfn) {\n m.removeEventListener('ended', m.loopfn);\n delete m.loopfn;\n }\n } else if (b == "stopsound") {\n m.pause();\n m.currentTime = 0;\n } else if (b == "fadeoutsound" || b == "fadeinsound") {\n if (m.interval) clearInterval(m.interval);\n if (b == "fadeinsound") {\n if (m.currentTime>0) return;\n m.volume = 0;\n loop(m);\n } else {\n if (!m.currentTime) return;\n m.play();\n }\n var v = m.volume;\n m.interval = setInterval(function () {\n v = Math.min(1, Math.max(0, v + 0.005 * (b == "fadeinsound" ? 1 : -1)));\n m.volume = Math.easeInOut(v);\n if (v == 0 || v == 1) clearInterval(m.interval);\n if (v == 0) {\n m.pause();\n m.currentTime = 0;\n m.volume = 1;\n }\n }, 10);\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n macros['fadeinsound'] = p;\n macros['fadeoutsound'] = p;\n macros['unloopsound'] = p;\n macros['loopsound'] = p;\n macros['pausesound'] = p;\n macros['stopsound'] = p;\n macros['stopallsound'] = {\n handler: function () {\n var s = macros.playsound.soundtracks;\n for (var j in s) {\n\t\tif (s.hasOwnProperty(j)) {\n s[j].pause();\n if (s[j].currentTime) {\n\t\t s[j].currentTime = 0;\n\t\t }\n\t\t}\n }\n }\n }\n var div = document.getElementById("storeArea").firstChild;\n var fe = ["ogg", "mp3", "wav", "webm"];\n while (div) {\n var b = String.fromCharCode(92);\n var q = '"';\n var re = "['" + q + "]([^" + q + "']*?)" + b + ".(ogg|mp3|wav|webm)['" + q + "]";\n k(new RegExp(re, "gi"));\n div = div.nextSibling;\n }\n\n function k(c, e) {\n do {\n var d = c.exec(div.innerHTML);\n if (d) {\n var a = new Audio();\n if (a.canPlayType) {\n for (var i = -1; i < fe.length; i += 1) {\n if (i >= 0) d[2] = fe[i];\n if (a.canPlayType("audio/" + d[2])) break;\n }\n if (i < fe.length) {\n a.setAttribute("src", d[1] + "." + d[2]);\n a.interval = null;\n macros.playsound.soundtracks[d[1]] = a;\n } else console.log("Browser can't play '" + d[1] + "'");\n }\n }\n } while (d);\n }\n}());
Clearly you've been hanging around the small human pink creatures and picking up their habits. When your next work request comes up, make a mental note to do something other than nursery service. It's a bad influence. You can't do this anyways. If you had a concept of ancestry, you'd feel the shame of countless much more intelligent beings weighing you down. \n\nHow about you just [[walk up to him|Meet The Lover]]?
While you personally have not made any robot-friends or human-relationships, you're content with your many ancient films and .txt files of human history, which is both entertaining and sometimes funny. Are you really going to make friends with your tastes? Be serious now. \n\nEither way, you have a mandantory vacation today. Stop cycling through memory files and [[do something productive|Enter the City]] with your life.\n
[img[humanGuideNew.png]]\nSeeing as you have administrator priveleges over your own body, thanks to your previous owner, you decide it's a good idea to rewrite your guidebook on human interaction in [[a better way|Murder]].
You found the most expensive scent here. Clearly intended to impress, the vial is very small but apparently potent. Based on this extinct animal called "pig", it has a smokey and earthy smell, which must mean something to humans. Apparently it evokes a sense of nostalgia in older humans, bringing back the days where food was something more than neutrally flavored fluid. The boy's young, and might not have such memories, but maybe [[you'll impress him|Confirm Scent]] with your knowledge of human history?\n\nOr actually, you know there's [[something better|Buy Scent]].\n\n<<set $scent = "bacon">>
An array of colors and differently sized wigs harm your vision.\n\n[[Is.|Wig Drama 2]]
An array of colors and differently sized wigs harm your vision.\n\n[[Unorganized.|Browse Wigs]]
You bring up the book in his hand. It's something that you've read personally. Maybe you and him can have an engaging conversation about it while [[exchanging mutual sensory stimuli|Book Was Gift]]?
Really? A cyborg as stupid as you are should have develop some sembelence of human tact. You can always just [[approach slowly and calmly|Deny Urinate]] or you can continue to [[panic like an idiot|Confirm Urinate]]. Your choice, cyborg.\n\n\n
In a single swoop, he pours the remainder of his Americano over the book. \nIf you don't have anything else, he motions to [[you to leave|Guy Leaves]].
Will he though? \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n[[He has a perfect voice|Self Doubt 4]].
This book? The boy holds the book up as you cheerfully make noises so high pitched he clearly didn't notice them. \n\n[[He can't imagine anyone even wanting to read this.|Harm Book]] \n\n
This book? The boy holds the book up as you cheerfully make noises so high pitched he clearly didn't notice them. \n\nIt [[doesn't mean anything|Book Was Gift 3]] to him.\n\n
<<silently>>\n<<set $var_voice = 1>>\n<<set $items_collected += 1>>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou hover your hand across the hologram and confirm to pay the alloted credits for the voice. It's instantly uploaded into your system. \n\nYou test out the voice and feel a burst of confidence. \n\nThis is [[awesome|Human Quest Gate]].
Walking in front of the street light, you keep on making glances back towards to boy, eagerly hoping that he will glance back. He does!\n\nOh god.\n\nYou don't know how to react to this. \n\nYou lift up the streetlight from the ground and send a shockwave through it, causing it to explode into millions of pieces. Was he [[still looking|Apathy]]?
It's better to try and get up close. You haven't been this excited since you recieved your copy of [[this|http://www.amazon.com/Battle-Hymn-Tiger-Mother-Chua/dp/0143120581]]. Studying ancient pink fleshbag enhancement tactics is utterly facinating in how logically effective the methodology can be! \n\nThat nearby chair! [[Aquire seating|Inspect Hair]]!\n
You approach a style of wig that [[screams authority and confidence|http://d75822.medialib.glogster.com/media/f3/f34ea29398ce6fb87eadddf2b43ee3bf44096d1bf6a60a9fcf01f38cd663ba96/perruca-francesa-1690-1700-jpg.jpg]]. For somebody weak and timid as you are, wearing this will surely provide you the fortidue of withstanding the seige of insecurity that is sure to come. You run your plastic hands through the artifical hair. That's what humans do right? You're assuming this is normal behavior as the clerk stares you at you. No, Mr. Clerk! I want [[this one|Confirm Wig]]!\n\nOr actually, [[on second thought.|Browse Wigs]]\n\n<<set $wig = "autocrat">>\n
They have it! Oh your stimuli receptor functions are currently overloading with errors! This might infact be the *perfect* scent that will make him admire your taste! Or is it? Maybe he will assume you're simply attempting to decieve him by not being genuine? But wait! At least from human neural entertainment channels, you've noticed a lot of [[treachery and lies in romance|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UArwb8Fx0Xg]]. Perhaps it's a wise decision to build your relationship on lies, as many other humans you've noticed do. You're sure [[he will enjoy this|Confirm Scent]].\n\nOr actually, you know there's [[something better|Buy Scent]].\n\n<<set $scent = "coffee">>\n
You decide to go visit the neighborhood cafe so that you can silently mock many of its patrons and estimate the capacity of their short term memory. Judging from many of them, your calculations don't bode well for the human race's continuation.\n\nThere's somebody consuming a standard beverage. [[An Americano|http://coffee.wikia.com/wiki/Americano]]. Your favorite. Artificial coffee beans either way, but that drink to you is a sign of excellent taste.\n\n[[Activate visual enhancement scanners.|The Human Love]] This merits investigation.
By size, by color, by weight, by value to society. Everything. You realize you can't stand this area that long, let alone you end up sorting everything in this store and violently beating the store owner for their sloth. One pedestal has a very [[fancy looking wig|Autocrat Wig]]. Other one is [[chaotic and sharp|Punk Wig]], while there's one that seems attractive to [[youthful human males|Cool Wig]].\n\n<<set $wig = "nothing">>
You walk into the store where you're bombarded with a cacophony of voices and sounds. The shop itself of anything other than yourself and the [[rows of digital holograms|Voices]] lining the walls. \n
Many humans definately have strange tastes in smell. Granted, this potentially terrible ability is not one of the many skills you have, but you're sure you can make a good pick here.\n\nPerhaps an exotic scent from [[an extinct animal|Bacon]] to make him pine for the good old days? Or what about something [[fresh and clean|New Car]]? Or even, something he [[already enjoys|Coffee]]. \n\n
[img[exile.png]]\nThe road awaits ahead. Light points line the road to the Enclave. There are no humans where you're going and so you know you'll be amongst your [[own kind|Credits]].
[img[cafe.png]]\n\nThis human. \n\nCasually reading an [[actual, paper-based book|http://www.geoeconomia.es/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Wealth-and-Poverty-of-Nations.png]]? Your randomly eject a canister into an artificial bush in elation. It catches fire. That doesn't matter. You *have* a .txt of that same book. \n\nThis is [[too much|Panic]] for one mandantory vacation day.
Your Master desires olfactory stimulation from his opposite sex love slave!\n\nThe Servant bot just looks at you strangely and ignores you. They attend to another human and leave you to [[browse the store|Buy Scent]].\n
[img[humanCityAnimation.gif]]\nThis city can no longer be your own [[home|Exile]]. The Corporation, even if they wanted to get involved, will force you out at some point. Either way, this didn't seem like a place you can find happiness.
Walking up RIGHT. NEXT. TO. HIM. \n\nHis eyes meet your optical sensors. [[Engage human interaction|Insult Hair]]. You *must* remember the guidebook.\n\n<<stopallsound>>
Approaching him casually like [[you're a cool human|Casually]] might work. Nothing strange and suspect and he will not assume anything from this. But that's too timid. Maybe a show of strength will impress him? There's a streetlight. You can [[totally destroy it|Destroy]] with your hands and your sheer robot masculinity will bring him to his knees in awe. Maybe [[urinating|Urinate]] will help though? It will definately grab somebody's attention.
The geometric smoothness of this wig is highly impressive! It's as if it's crafted from fine plastic and not intended to remsemble human hair at all. It's smoothness resembles more android construction than human. As an android, you find this clearly impressive, but you wonder if the boy will as well? Oh! You do remember this hair style as a part of a [[human performance artist|http://www.infinitelooper.com/?v=yyzK6e6py9A&p=n#/7;13]]. Maybe he was secretly an android too? This might be [[an excellent choice|Confirm Wig]]!\n\nOr actually, [[on second thought|Browse Wigs]].\n\n<<set $wig = "cool">>\n
A servant bot brought him an additional Americano. He smells it with human anticipation.\n\nYou peak in excitement that you'll will have the courage to get near him at the bar. You will order one too. He will order one. You will both begin about post-colonial African history and the cultivation patterns of coffee beans. Much glee will be shared between [[you and him|Inspect Voice]].\n\n
[img[humanGuide.png]]\n\nThis gives you a few good ideas. There are a few things you can do here, all of them [[possibily great ideas|Great Ideas]]. \n\n
He doesn't suspect a thing. His deep intellectual human thoughts must be held captive as he contemplates the humorous nature of that book. That's for the best though as you admire his lushious hair. Such perfect hair. It's a wonderful [[E3C449|http://www.colorpicker.com/E3C449]] tone. If someone were ever to cut his hair, or decide to dye it, you would surely break one of the laws of robotics. Unless [[he wanted to|Americano]] though. Then you'd calmly explain that you're removing his capacity for personal agency. You can do that to humans right? That's easy for robots.
He really does have excellent taste! Of course you'd love to share an Americano with him, but you're to nervous to say this directly. \n\n<<if $scent eq "pig">>He continues his laughing fits as you approach him closer. He remarks on your scent. Indeed he does recognize it and makes comments on its uniqueness! You're so pleased with your choice<<else if $scent eq "coffee">>He sniffs the air and looks towards his now cold coffee, then back to you. With that, he mades a befuddled comment on current coffee shop marketing techniques and desperate tactics on dressing up their servant bots.<<else if $scent eq "car">>Smelling the air, the boy looks perplexed, investigating your body. Oh! The attention is so exciting and makes your systems overload! He then remarks confused on your poor apperance in relationship to the potentially offensive smell of plastics that you are eminating.<<endif>>\n\nThis is not going anywhere. You need to [[talk to him directly|Want to Talk]]\n\n
This book? The boy holds the book up as you cheerfully make noises so high pitched he clearly didn't notice them. \n\nIt was just a [[stupid gift|Book Was Gift 2]] from a acquittance.\n\n
Something must have been malfunctioning in your logic units for a moment. That was a uniquely *stupid* decision for you to make. Maybe you are feeling more of this human emotion called "love"? Next time you decide to forcibly interrogate a human, make a mental note: Mate acquisition habits - Proper to leak fluids? \n\nYou're wasting time though. Go up and [[say hello|Meet The Lover]].
<<silently>>\n<<set $forsaken = "knight.mp3">>\n<<set $delight = "delight.mp3">>\n<<set $epic = "steel.mp3">>\n<<set $items_collected = 0>>\n<<set $wig = "nothing">>\n<<set $var_wigs = 0>>\n<<set $scent = "nothing">>\n<<set $var_scent = 0>>\n<<set $voice = "nothing">>\n<<set $var_voice = 0>>\n<<set $testNothing = "nothing">>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n[[function WakeUp();|Play Music]]\n
You have personality, more so than those stupid servant bots who mostly like their computer generated pop dribble. You have more interesting tastes and have a preference for the sounds silly humans believed would resemble the future.\n\nMaybe you're in the mood for something [[upbeat and happy|Music: Happy]]? Or you're in a [[playful mood|Music: Fun]] today? Robots have the capacity to be playful. Beep boop and some more stuff. Or you know you're out on a [[crazy adventure|Music: Epic]]. You are an android after all. \n\n\n<<stopallsound>>
Your sensors activate slowly and feeling comes to all needed areas of your body. As you enter the city from the Industrial sector, you scan through your cloud storage for a song. The sound [[will keep you company|Music Choices]] as you wander the streets, and that's good enough a reason enough to play it in your head.\n\n<<stopallsound>>
Based on your knowledge of human interaction, attempting to engage in [[casual conversation|Small Talk]] might be the safest choice. Attempting [[human flirtation|Flirt]] might be a little bit risky, but good might result from it. Outrightly [[confessing your love|Propose]] might be dangerous, but today's your day off so why not try something new?
You're especially not sure why you're looking at this one, but are just so tempted. The cover art is strange, depiciting some sort of fleshy white creature that is clearly not a human. You [[play the sample|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvVBFFhAssE]] and are instantly giddy. This is so different! The boy will think you're so unique and that your sense of humor is very clever indeed. Conversation will be wonderfully natural and it'll feel like days are passing by as you talk with him.\n\nThis is just the [[best choice|Buy Voice]] you can make.\n\nActually, come to think of it... [[maybe something else?|Voices]]\n\n<<set $voice = "bird">>
Will he though? \n\n\n[[He has perfect hair|Self Doubt 2]].
Clearly this is a popular scent by the [[purchasing interests|http://www.amazon.com/Chemical-Guys-AIR_101_16-New-Freshener/dp/B002J7VX4Y/ref=zg_bs_15735121_4]] of many humans. You decide to take the [[New Car Smell|Confirm Scent]]. The label describes it as a strongly overpowering smell of recycled plastics and metals, perfect at frustrating new owners of flying cars if they were to pay attention to anything other than their digital devices. \n\nOr actually, you know there's [[something better|Buy Scent]].\n\n<<set $scent = "car">>
<<if $voice eq "bird">>Your bird noises are clearly not helping your conversation. They come off as slightly seductive, but if anything, this is just making him laugh even more.<<endif>>\n\nIt's becoming clear he's not exactly enjoying your company. In fact, he's probably becoming [[very annoyed with you|Light Anger]].
<<if $wig eq "cool">>[img[wig_fonzie.png]] <<endif>><<if $wig eq "autocrat">>[img[wig_autocrat.png]]<<endif>><<if $wig eq "punk">>[img[wig_punk.png]]<<endif>>\n\nYour informations feeds pick up on a picture. This must be a sign! He's very [[interested in you|Approach Him]] and must be bragging to nearby sources!
You look a piece of software that evokes sensuality and seductiveness, at least, you can assume these things knowing that you might never be able to feel them. You play a [[sample of the voice|https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=rEWaqUVac3M#t=13]] and find a clip from an ancient work that has been nearly forgotten ... by most people. You own a copy yourself and perhaps the boy will recognize the voice too? You'll then be able to squeee together as he makes sounds of glee and you make harsh, robotic noises that indicate your immense bliss. \n\nYes, this is a [[great choice.|Buy Voice]]\n\nActually, come to think of it... [[maybe something else?|Voices]]\n\n<<set $voice = "smooth">>
Scanner indicate a mild rise in blood pressure. Perhaps this is a biological response to love? His vocal intonation does not provide auditory evidence. In fact, your logic sensor is detecting mild levels of hostility. He still wants that Americano, and clearly thinks [[this is all a joke|Chase Him]].
No.\n\nNo, he wasn't. In fact, nobody else was. There was metal and sharpnel falling in all directions but the other humans must have assumed this was just another attack on the Corporation. The sweeper bots are going in and making sounds of distain at you. You suddenly feel like an asshole, but then realize that street light *was* the Corporation's property, and you feel at ease. \n\nSadly enough, you're going to have to [[approach him|Meet The Lover]] either way.
<<if $voice eq "bird">>Your bird noises are clearly not helping your conversation. They come off as slightly seductive, but if anything, this is just making him laugh even more.<<else>>You attempt to engage him in conversation. Post-colonial African politics. Imperalism during the industrial revolution. Maintaining a collection of pet books (you love them so much you gave them names completely seperate from their titles).<<endif>>\n\n[[He might not be as excited as you.|Light Anger]]
<<if $voice eq "bird">>Your bird noises are clearly not helping your conversation. They come off as slightly seductive, but if anything, this is just making him laugh even more.<<else>>You attempt to engage in human fliration based on your knowledge from human romance and soap opera media. You propose to engage in a lecherous relationship with him and steal his children through the human legal system.<<endif>>\n\nActually, this is [[not making him happy|Light Anger]].
[[Jammin'|Title]]\n\nActually, this [[isn't really doing it|Music Choices]] for you.\n<<loopsound $delight >>\n\n
You desire scent to attract potential men for elopement! \n\nThe servant bot is utterly confused. Most likely she assumes you are experiences many malfunctions that have harmed your ability to process where you are and even who you are. You are definately experiencing one type of malfunction. It's called love, and the effects are [[critical|Buy Scent]]. \n
Will he though? \n\n\n\n\n[[He has perfect smelling interests|Self Doubt 3]].
<<if $voice eq "low">>Clearly your commanding voice brings him to attention of your powerful masclinity. Nations have crumbled under this voice, and so will his resistance to your loving touch.<<endif>><<if $voice eq "bird">>Clearly what you were trying to say did not come out as the words you intended, just simple bird noises. The boy laughs furiously and flails his arms uncontrollably. <<endif>><<if $voice eq "smooth">> Your seductive voice melts the barrier he keeps around his heart. Clearly, there's a damaged human being inside there just waiting to be [[loved by your sensitive android arms|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_uINM_XI6I]].<<endif>>\n\nYou know, [[this might not be going very far|Vocal Choice]].\n
Will he though? \n\n\n[[And you're just a ...|Self Doubt 5]]\n\n
Will he though? \n\n\n[[useless android.|Self Doubt 6]]\n\n
You don't have any hair yourself. You have minimal capacity for scent. You are legally barred from vocalizing in many places, especially human pink sack storage repositories. It's clearly illogical to assume that this human will return interest in you. The malfunctions in your internal systems are a clear indications of this folly. \n\n[[But... |The Quest]]
Real books, you audibly proclaim as you fawn over them with excitement and glee. No human, nor android even has these anymore, content with the Distraction Unit Matrix Batteries that send constant visual stimuli whenever one is bored. \n\nMost others are [[dumb|Dumb People]] anyway.\n
The city is finally in the distant. Your small compartment has been sold off to some random servant bot. It doesn't matter. You carry a protective metal case with your pet books and [[nothing else|Finish Act 1]].
When your logical unit is working properly, you realize that this human boy *might* not actually be interested in you. Indeed that is an illogical thought. You must get that patched at some point. You *know* that he is meant for you, even if he himself doesn't know that. He might protest, but you will [[gleefully chase him across city and water|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qkp4CFgBVA]] in order to just give him a hug, at which you're certain [[he'll greet you with open arms|Talk: Book]]. \n
With your suspicions confirmed, you confidently walk up to him and you're capable of getting accurate readings of his physiology. All readings are quite positive. This bodes especially well for your interests. \n\nHe looks at you perplexed, his laughter dying out, and demands [[his Americano|Insult Smell]].
YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.\n\nYou will find hair. You will discover a scent that appeals to his olfactory nerves. You will talk to him in a voice that evokes his emotions in a satisfactory way.\n\nOh you're overjoyed with these potential prospects! Such an [[exciting day|Human Quest Gate]] for your mandantory vacation. To think, you were just depressed a few milliseconds ago!
[img[cafeShoot.png]]\n\n[[Well this is cathatric|Leaving]].
Yes. Walking up casually like a normal human is the best, if not the most boring choice that you can make here. Clearly nobody will end up crying if you [[do this|Meet The Lover]].\n
Americano\nPeter Wonica\n\nCreated for the Queer Game Jam\n\n@fireandcoffee\npeterwonica@gmail.com\n\n
As he sits up and departs, he turns around towards you,\npreplexed onto why your view is [[fixed onto him|Override Guidebook]].
The servant bot departs and trips, it's locomotion unit running into a poorly placed rock. It falls over, slightly disfigured (but still gorgeous by cyborg standards), and picks up on what it was doing. The boy emits a mirthful laugh that has an ever so perfect frequency! He must be playful too and clearly has a sense of humor. You are confident that if you [[throw some quotes|http://www.literary-quotations.com/c/candide.html]] at him, he will reciprocate with [[predictable pleasure|Self Doubt]].
Most Androids lack the wicked sharp sense of style that you do. Your neutral, non-offensively colored plastic body is sometimes complimented.\n\nYou feel good about that.\n\nIt's time though to take the style [[up a notch|Wigs]]. \n
Feeling giddy as you walk out of the wig store, your probability calculations are indicating a high chance of elopment with this boy you just met. This wonderful wig is providing you a sense of confidence that overcomes your overwhealming insecurities. If he's perfect, maybe this will help you to [[get noticed|Human Quest Gate]]. \n\n<<set $var_wigs = 1>>\n<<set $items_collected += 1>>\n
Why and earth would a human desire to adorn their cranium with such a violent device intended for war? Clearly you need to read up more on human culture as this is something your logic unit is failing to comprehend. Perhaps you don't need to understand [[this|http://punksunited.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/liberty-spike-lasso.jpeg]] and maybe the boy will find your percieved knowledege of human hair crafting impressive! Oh yes! This could actually be a [[wise choice|Confirm Wig]]. \n\nOr actually, [[on second thought.|Browse Wigs]]\n\n<<set $wig = "punk">>\n
With your credits spent, you awkwardly depart from the gaze of the store's servant bot, bursting with confidence and a new ability to affect human olfactory nerves. \n\nIn a sudden wave of titilation, you accidently eject scent stream directly at a human servant child. It screams audibily like you do anytime you see something unorganized, but then smiles gleefully! Oh, these humans must enjoy the scent. You're confident that you will [[provide stimuli|Human Quest Gate]] for the perfect boy's olfactory epithelium.\n\n<<set $var_scent = 1>>\n<<set $items_collected += 1>>\n
Peter Wonica
[[Groovin'|Title]]\n\nActually, this [[isn't really doing it|Music Choices]] for you.\n\n\n<<loopsound $forsaken >>\n
He brings his multi-purpose hologram from the table [[uses its picture|Check Social Media]] taking functions. A loud click emits from the device, he types a few words, and then continues to laugh as he places it back down onto the table.
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You look around and browse for a little bit and find different voices. There's a [[gruff and authorative voice|Low Voice]] that catches your digital sound receptors. There's also [[something smoother|Smooth Voice]] that reminds you of your varying hobbies and interests. In the corner of the room where it seems few venture, there's a [[strange and mildly annoying noise|Bird Voice]]\n\n<<set $voice = "nothing">>
[img[humanCityAnimation.gif]]\n\nYou've lived here for about a year so far, mostly taking up different jobs in order to maintain your small closet sized living compartment. There are no complaints there. You memory tracks contain hundreds of vintage, restored movie files. In a small corner next to the main corner in your compartment, you have a small stack of [[real books|Books]].\n
As you enter the store, you're greeted with a female servant robot. She is curious about your intentions here and requests what type of scent pereference your master might have today. \n\nReally? You want to tell her that you are here for [[yourself|Personal Reasons]], but you feel like it might be better to play it [[safe|Gift]]. \n