Sam: What's tomorrow?\n\n[[How does brunch sound? -- Before my flight... |Brunch]]\n[[The day I leave|Oh]]
You lie in bed tonguing your teeth.\n\n[[Get up to floss|floss]]
Sam: I was hoping to kiss you...\n\n[[Me too...|JK]]\n[[Really?|Pacman]]\n[[Fall asleep|Zonk]]
You fall asleep
Sam: It wasn't a big deal. I guess it fell out.\n\n[[Well that's good...|dirtyPacman]]\n[[Give me a sec|Ok]]\n[[Good night.|GoodNight]]
Sam: Hey, it was nice meeting you tonight.\n\n\n[[Yeah, I had a great time|metoo]]\n[[You too|GoodNight]]\n[[Fall Asleep|Zonk]]
Sam: Goodnight...\n\n[[Good Night :-*|kiss]]\n[[Fall asleep|Zonk]]
You receive a text message after a wonderful night with a cliffhanger ending.\n\n
Sam: JK! You had something in your teeth. :0-\n\n[[OMG! WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SOMETHING?!|whatever]]\n[[Oh no! BYE!!!|GoodNight]]\n[[Don't respond|ugh]]
Sam: Oh...\n\n[[Good night|GoodNight]]\n[[Fall asleep|Zonk]]
After flossing, you get back into bed and fall asleep.
I'd love to!\n\n[[Great, see you then!|GoodNight]]\n[[Good night! Can't wait!|GoodNight]]
Sam: ok?...\n\n[[Back, went to go floss... just in case ;-)|Cute]]\n[[Fall asleep|Zonk]]
Sam: Cute, but it's not like I can see you...\n\n[[I know, but now I'm set for tomorrow|What]]\n[[All right, time for bed|GoodNight]]\n[[Fall asleep|Zonk]]
Sam: Yes. though I guess playing Ms. Pacman will have to be my memory of you.\n\n[[I guess so|GoodNight]]\n[[Unless... you'd be interested in brunch tomorrow...|Brunch]]\n[[Fall asleep|Zonk]]\n
Sam: :-*\n\nYou fall asleep with a smile on your face.
Sam: I guess that and pwning you at Pacman will be how I remember you.\n\n[[Unless... you'd like to have brunch with me tomorrow|Brunch]]\n[[Good night|nothing]]\n[[Don't Respond|ugh]]
No response...\n\n[[Lay in bed|ugh]]\n[[Go to sleep|Zonk]]\n
Sam: Me too, though...\n\n[[Though?|Tomorrow]]\n[[Fall asleep|Zonk]]
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Michael Anthony DeAnda
Sam: Too bad you leave tomorrow :(\n\n[[Yeah, it came too soon|hoping]]\n[[Yeah, quite early, I should get to bed|GoodNight]]\n[[Fall asleep|Zonk]]