How to Play

Education Sim is about creating a prosperous community through educating your citizens with schools.

Your prosperity is calculated with 4 criteria in mind: citizen happiness, level of education, income, and the percentage of your citizens that are employed.You win when your prosperity reaches 100%. Sounds simple enough? Well, it's harder to achieve than you might think.

Unfortunately, your community does not start out very prosperous. You have no schools, and the majority of your citizens are uneducated. Also, your uneducated population procreates at a faster pace, so you have to constantly educate new citizens. To make matters even worse, your educated citizens will leave the city if the uneducated population becomes too high.

However, not all hope is lost. You have the ability to tax your citizens and receive a constant stream of income with which to build schools and keep your population educated. The more educated your citizens become, the more likely they will become employed and lead happier lives, contributing to a higher prosperity score as well as higher income for your community.

You must be strategic when you choose which schools to build. Not all of them cost the same amount, and not all of them will admit any citizen. The more expensive the school is to build, the more it costs to attend. Also recurring monthly maintenance fees will sap at your income.

Keep in mind, students will not enroll themselves. When you click on a school, the roster pops up. All schools have a maximum enrollment of 20 students, You can close the roster and continue to enroll students.

Schools start off with zero students. You must enroll them manually. First, click on the school. Students eligible to enroll in the school are tinted neon green. Note that after you dismiss the roster menu, you can still enroll students into the last school you clicked on. Hover over students to see their stats, click on them to enroll. When you dismiss the roster, you will still be enrolling students into the school the roster corresponded to.

There are two ways in which you can lose the game. First, if your prosperity drops to 0% , and second if your money drops below $0. Remember, you can increase taxes if you notice your money decreasing. Keep a close eye on your prosperity and $ displays. If either one is going down, you need to act fast!

Thanks for playing, and have fun!


This game was designed and programmed with tender love and care (as well as plenty of swear) by Nadya Primak using the Phaser game engine.

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