Nothing in life is worth your health. This interpretation is based on my personal experiences. It is not a cure for workaholics or people who love to fall in love. It is for people who can relate and feel similar to the way I do and can't put their finger on how they should live life. Life is too short to not take risks, but life is also too long to crash too early. The hustle of life will always be there. When you feel overwhelmed and alone, take a step back. Breathe and remember its alright to relax. I know it's hard for people who have to work to get by, but getting by doesn't mean killing yourself softly with your own song of life. Relaxing and taking in the essence of life one way I've found to really balance life in a healthy way. So. Take that walk. Have that dinner. Watch that movie. Do whatever you need to to remember that you are alive. Not to work, but to live life.

-Jalen Taylor on Workaholics, 2017.