(font: "sans")[I awoken in my [[bed]] ](font: "sans")[I attempted to lift myself from the bed, but I was frozen or even [[paralyzed]].] (font: "sans")[As I continued this struggle, a tall figure began to slowly come into [[view]] ](font: "sans")[I attempted to scream for help in order to wake anyone in the house, but no sound was able to escape my [[mouth]] ](font: "sans")[The figure began to come closer into view, the light shining from the moon above flashed over figure for a second or so and what I saw caused my heart to [[stop]] ](font: "sans")[The figure had slender like appendages, and walked in a jerky motion. The face of the "monstrosity" was mostly barren apart from it's large mouth, that seemed to contain hundreds of small sharp [[teeth]] ] (font: "sans")[As the creature neared my bed, it began to crawl on all fours in order to get upon my bed. I attempted move once more or even scream but I couldn't, I began to close my eyes and wished or even hoped for the creature to [[leave]] ](font: "sans")[As time passes, I could feel something pressing down up my chest. My skin began to crawl as something frigid began to rub against it. Next I began to hear ragged breathing that seemed to be emitting from whatever was on top of [[me]] ](font: "sans")[When opening my eyes, the creature was sitting upon my body. It was just staring at me with it mouth half opened. It kept [[staring]]...](font: "sans")[As time progressed, the creature began to turned it's head slightly. It's body began to twitch, and its mouth began to open. It's mouth began to become bigger each and every second I observed it, my heart was racing. My mind was [[blacking out]]...](font: "sans")[I closed my eyes once more... I counted, I counted down from [[ten]].] (font: "sans")[As I stated zero, the pressure that was present only moments ago upon my chest and body had dissipated. The feeling of being watch was gone as well. When opening my eyes, it was bright out. The sun was shining through my window and nothing was out of the ordinary, I sighed and [[stated]]...](font: "sans")[ *This Happens Often*]