Beneath this stone our baby [[lays]] She neither cries nor screams She lived just one and twenty days And cost us all our [[dreams]]Here rest my dreams Like [[life|lie]] Fleeting, abstract, vague meaning Shadowy whispered futures The brain's [[children|son]] Infinite unrealized potential Coded meaning-- Made meaningless by [[fate|lies]]?Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep But if you here stand on its cape I [[pray|lies]] you let my soul [[escape]]MAN would have me a slave But DEATH has set me free DEATH, who, in the end, Holds dominion over us all, Has granted me indelible freedom And placed me on a [[level]] with kingsThose who called me lesser Are now buried six feet under Put me five feet in the ground Mortal, who now stands above me Place no mortal soul beneath you Every creature is your equal Heed my words even as I [[lie]] Chase your [[dreams]] before you both dieHere [[lies]] a husband, a father, a brother, a [[son]] He was [[generous with love|lies]] And larger than lifeYou said you'd always be there for me You filled my life with light [[They|level]] stole my love away from me In the middle of the night I [[pray|lays]] for you I pray for them I pray that we shall meet again Now it's my turn to lie So I'll say I'm brave But to the hands of fate What are mortals, but [[slaves?|escape]] Here lies our [[daughter|baby]], Brandon She didn't know it [[in life|escape]], but We were always so proudEight Epitaphs Start [[north|baby]] Start [[south|lie]] Written by <html><a href="">Picasso Diablo</a></html> for <html><a href="">Porpentine's</a></html> <html><a href="">twiny jam</a></html>