{ (set: $a0 to (colour:"#8EC8FA") + (t8n: "dissolve")) (set: $a1 to (colour:"#FAC08E") + (t8n: "dissolve")) (set: $a2 to (colour:"#C8FA8E") + (t8n: "dissolve")) (set: $a3 to (colour:"#FAF68E") + (t8n: "dissolve")) } $a0[The channel is silent.] (live: 2s)[$a1["Why won't they answer?"](stop:)] (live: 3s)[$a2["Is the radio broken?"](stop:)] (live: 4s)[$a3["No, the channel is open. They just won't answer."](stop:)] (live: 6s)[$a1[[["What do we do?" -> contact]]](stop:)] $a2["Are you sure it's not broken?"] (live: 1s)[$a1["Yes."](stop:)] (live: 2s)[$a2["Did you try the backup antenna?"](stop:)] (live: 2.5s)[$a1["Yes."](stop:)] (live: 4s)[$a2["But they won't answer?"](stop:)] (live: 5s)[$a3["They won't answer."](stop:)] (live: 6.5s)[$a2[[["Is the microphone OK?"->check mic]]](stop:)]$a3["Maybe we could try backup and see what happens."] (live: 1.5s)[$a1["Yes. We should do that.](stop:)] (live: 2.5s)[$a2[[["Right. Go get the backup."->Go]]](stop:)] (live: 3.5s)[$a2[[["The two of us will stay here."->Stay]]](stop:)] $a2["Let me try something."](stop:) (live: 1s)[$a3["What are you doing, you won't get anything on that cha..."](stop:)] (live: 1.5s)[$a0[Artificial voice comes from the speaker.](stop:)] (live: 2.5s)[$a0["Zero. One. One. Six."](stop:)] (live: 4s)[$a3["What's that? Some code?"](stop:)] (live: 5.5s)[$a2["So they did it..."](stop:)] (live: 6.5s)[$a0[His face is white as a chalk.](stop:)] (live: 7.5s)[$a3[[["What does it mean?"->code]]](stop:)]$a0[The service module is close. The backup should be there.] (live: 2s)[$a0[Voices from the command module are getting louder and louder.](stop:)] (live: 4s)[$a1["Please don't panic. That's the last thing we need."](stop:)] (live: 6s)[$a1["Ah, there it is."](stop:)] (live: 7s)[$a0[[[The backup microphone.-> back]]](stop:)]$a2["You should take the pill."] (live: 1s)[$a3["What are you t..."](stop:)] (live: 1.5s)[$a2["Don't ask, take the pill."](stop:)] (live: 3.0s)[$a0[He took his from the pocket.](stop:)] (live: 3.2s)[$a3["ARE YOU CRAZY?"](stop:)] (live: 3.3s)[$a0[And swallowed it in a blink of an eye.](stop:)] (live: 5s)[$a3[[["No. No! NO!"->pill]]](stop:)] $a3["Why did you do that?"](stop:) (live: 1s)[$a3["WHY!"](stop:)] (live: 3s)[$a0[Lifeless body is floating in the air.](stop:)] (live: 4s)[$a0[[[His arm pointing at the window.->europe]]](stop:)](live: 1s)[$a0[There's lightning over Europe.](stop:)] (live: 2s)[$a0[Like a huge storm without clouds.](stop:)] (live: 5s)[$a0[And then the clouds started growing.](stop:)] (live: 7s)[$a0[Mushroom clouds.](stop:)] (live: 9s)[(link-goto: "end.","intro")]$a0[They're silent now.] (live: 2s)[$a1["What happened here..."](stop:)] (live: 3s)[$a0[Two bodies are floating without a movement.](stop:)] (live: 4s)[$a0[The remains of two packages alongside them.](stop:)] (live: 5.5s)[$a1["They took the pill..."](stop:)] (live: 6.5s)[$a1["Oh God. Why would they..."](stop:)] (live: 8.0s)[$a0[[[One arm is pointing at the window.->europe2]]](stop:)] (live: 1s)[$a0[Storm rages all over the Earth.](stop:)] (live: 2s)[$a0[Lightning plummeting through the forest.](stop:)] (live: 4s)[$a0[Forest of mushroom clouds.](stop:)] (live: 6s)[(link-goto: "end.","intro")]