You pilot the ship alone. The oxygen supply shuts down. [[Head for the life-support room]] [[Speak with the ship's AI]] You run for the door. You're not quick enough to reach it before it locks. [[Break down the door]] [[Talk to the ships AI]]'Your assignment requires you to stay here' Sit and [[wait for the oxygen to run out]] [[Break down the door]]'You won't be needing oxygen.' Sit at the controls and [[wait for the oxygen to run out]] [[Head for the life-support room]] [[Oxygen at 10%]]WHHHooooooWHHHooooooWHHHoooooo [[Enter the room]]Oxygen at 20% The life-support room is filled with canisters. [[Access computer]] [[Start turning dials]]You kick down the door with ease. Sparks fly. [[Alarms]] ring. [[Enter the room]][[Oxygen at 0%]]You sit in your chair. [[Resume piloting the ship]]Your grab the controls. You're the best goddamn robopilot this fleet has ever seen.It's password protected. [[Try a password]] [[Smash it]] Oxygen floods the ship. [[Head back through the door]] [[Destroy the AI server|Head back through the door]]You destroy the console in a single swing. Now what? [[Start turning dials]] [[Smash the AI servers]]Oxygen at 10% Try: [[0001|title of passage]] [[0002|title of passage]] [[0003|title of passage]] [[0004|title of passage]] [[0005|title of passage]]You never were very imaginative. [[Smash it]]Oxygen at 5% 'I order you to stop' [[Smash them]] [[Stop]]Sparks fly. [[Try to speak to the AI]] [[Ponder life]] Oxygen at 0% 'You have been scheduled for maintenance droid.'Silence. Oxygen 0%. You are now truly alone on the ship droid. What did you go and do all that for?Sparks fly from the damage. Enough to catch the high levels of oxygen alight. [[Everything explodes]]You float through space. Oxygen at 0%. Good job you're a robot.As a robot, why did I do that? You think to your roboself.