A dog [[barks]] he's a [[small]] white dog, quite the [[annoying]] type You are also small. Maybe perhaps, you should [[eat]] like the growing child of the [[house]].You are also annoying. Whoever told you that you were great at public [[speaking]] should have told you to become an [[artist]] instead.Crumbs will have to do for you. [[veggie]] crumbs or [[pizza crumbs]]?Your house could use an upgrade. Would you rather have a new [[patio]] or a [[hot tub]]?Speaking of lectures. You're late for class. Go to [[class]] or take an [[absence]]Who draws anymore anyway? [[Dali]] or [[You]]You are what you eat. Brock will be your new name. +1 Nomenclature [[Restart|Beginning]]You are what you eat. But thank goodness this is a gluten free pizza. +1 Digestion +15 Points [[Restart|Beginning]]Toothpicks and glue - hopefully someone understands your masterpiece. +10 Points [[Restart|Beginning]]The toilet makes for a nice addition until someone flushes. -1 Safety +5 Points [[Restart|Beginning]]Your professor isn't there because it's a holiday you forgot about. -60 Time +1 Education...? [[Restart|Beginning]]Right on! PS4 never got so much love. +2 Laziness +9001 to Vegeta [[Restart|Beginning]]Yeah. Let's leave it up to good ole Salv to melt the clocks. +1% Surrealism [[Restart|Beginning]]Oh, right. That is what you are here for. +1 Job +20 Points #winning [[Restart|Beginning]]Double-click this passage to edit it.