the process can be as short or as long as you [[like->test1]].some words are [[happy]]. some words are [[bad]]. isn't that right?in fact, your new thoughts are testing [[well]] with our target [[audience->well]].not all words are [[helpful]]. but it's hard to stop thinking about an unhelpful word without [[help->replace]]. if you tell yourself, "don't think about a wallaby," you'll think about wallabies even more. one solution is to [[replace]] the word.all you have to do is [[focus]] on the words you [[enjoy]] most.i promise that it will be [[easy->enjoy]] to focus on these words.there is nothing wrong with focusing on pleasant [[memories]] and [[experiences->memories]] that bring us joy.and it's [[good->happy]] to have an [[audience->audience1]], isn't it?our audience is just like [[you]]. you'd really like them. what do you think our audience would like more than [[anything]]?you're a good person. you just need [[help->focus2]].all you have to do is [[focus->focus2]] on the words you [[enjoy]] can be so hard to focus without help. that's what [[we->well]] do here.that's why we created [[the process->starting]].all anyone really wants is a [[kind->happy]] word. wouldn't you [[agree->replace]]?