You are attempting to make a twine game for a jam with four hours to go. [[Go Meta|Start]] [[Make a personal game]] [[Write Flash Fiction]] [[give up and go work on your Unity Project]]Son, you are an upper-middle-class white twentysomething with a steady job and good friends. You ain't got shit to be personal about. [[Yeah, nevermind.|Start]] [[No! I'm special!]]Character introduction! [[Drama!|WFF end]] [[Relationship!|WFF relationship]] [[Violence!|WFF Action]]That's probably a good idea. You're much better at C# than HTML anyway. But you've got, like, 81 words left to burn! You wonder if Twine's word counter counts links as words. You wonder if you'll ever bother to make that twine-tetris you threw your hands up at a while ago. You wonder about the nature of what makes a game a game and that whole conundrum that you're glad is no longer what's on fire on the internet. You wonder if talking in second person is standard. [[You go work on something else|contact]]Man's job is to keep house on stilts up. Finds magical artifact that takes him to library, where life is interesting and he finds friendship and love. Time spent in the library does not help the house from collapsing. [[Man escapes to library]] [[Man gives up library to keep house aloft]]Lives forever there, as far as he can tell. The library is very emotionally fulfilling, but has no source of food. The end. [[New game|Start]] Sorry, G, I had to. (It was a metaphor!) [[Good job! Something else?|Start]]Character dies! Oh no! [[That's sad. What else?|Start]]You jump straight to the sex scene, we know that's all your looking for. Character gets busy! <a href=>Roleplay</a> <a href=>be direct</a> [[Skip to the end...|WFF end]] Fight! [[Fight well|WFF win]] [[fight poorly|WFF end]] Character gets 100 gold! [[later...|WFF end]] <a href =>stream your work</a> <a href =>talk to people</a> <a href =>Publish stuff</a>