<html><img src="start.jpg" id="bg" alt=""></html> sunday afternoon, visiting the [[aquarium|aquarium]]. <html><img src="aquarium.jpg" id="bg" alt=""></html> you've paid (and signed up for their email newsletter). you've been through the jellyfish halls and the museum of extinct fish and seen the minnow pens, and finally you reach [[the whale tank|whaletank]]<html><img src="whaletank.jpg" id="bg" alt=""></html> tight institutional carpet muffles you as you enter, alone. a panoramic curve of glass as an edge to a blue block of water. the only source of light sun getting through from the surface. the whale is floating, but stuck, tail flicking up and down. it's skin is influenza grey. (display: "whale")there is a speaker [ [[with|breeding]] [[three|wild]] [[buttons|protection]] ]<buttons| exit's on the [[right|giftshop]] (if: ((history:) contains "wild") && ((history:) contains "protection") && ((history:) contains "breeding") && !((history:) contains "skin"))[ (replace: ?buttons)[ [[with|skin]] [[three|skin]] [[buttons|skin]] ] ]<html><img src="ocean.jpg" id="bg" alt=""></html> ⪩<i>whales need to watch out in the ocean! billy is lucky he's got a safe home here</i>⪨ (display: "whale") <html><img src="protection.jpg" id="bg" alt=""></html> ⪩<i>whales are very social animals! we hope to find more to join billy here in his home</i>⪨ (display: "whale") <html><img src="breeding.jpg" id="bg" alt=""></html> light shines on a plastic crane underneath the whale ⪩<i>using our approved breeding program, we've been saving billy's love for when we find one more lady whale in the ocean!</i>⪨ (display: "whale") <html><img src="giftshop.jpg" id="bg" alt=""></html> you go through the giftshop on the way [[out|home]]. small white velvet boxes on a wide gold table. the sign says they're bits of the whale's skin, shed naturally. <b>⋞[[TAKE HOME|buy]] SOME NATURE — 20% GOES TO CONSERVATION EFFORTS⋟</b>it's going towards a good cause (display: "home")<html><img src="home.jpg" id="bg" alt=""></html> you get home and throw your ticket stub [[away|trash]]<html><img src="trash.jpg" id="bg" alt=""></html> six months later, you get an email on the aquarium newsletter you keep meaning to unsubscribe from <b>⋞PREORDER A WHALEBONE — 15% GOES TO CONSERVATION EFFORTS⋟<b> <i>that's the end. didn't mean to be that much of a pessimist.</i><html><img src="whaleskin.jpg" id="bg" alt=""></html> the lights flicker and bounce on the rear wall. it reflects the whale's hidden side for a moment, then cuts [[out|whaletank]].