You're walking home from work. You forgot your headphones, so you can't listen to a podcast on your way. You are, unfortunately, [[left alone with nothing but your thoughts]] for 20 long minutes.As usual, you begin to [[ruminate]] on all the shit that you neglected to do this week. You tell yourself that you're gonna [[work on some personal projects]] when you get home. You haven't done that in a while. You hype yourself up while you walk. You haven't made a personal art-thing for months, and you feel bad about that. But tonight you're going to [[make a thing.]]You even have a note on your phone with game ideas that you came up with in the shower or while driving or whatever. You can [[make a Twine]] in one evening, right? You can just kind of get back into making things with a little twine game.[[You're fucking pumped.]]You grab a La Croix from the fridge and [[crack it open.]]Nothing like a refreshing seltzer to get you ready to write. You [[open twine,]] and realize you've forgotten how on Earth it works. Cool. That's fine. You figure it out, and [[fly through your first few passages.]] You're thrilled that you're finally making something again. You've been so overwhelmed with other life shit that you've forgotten the thrill of creating. God, what a cliché.You're excited about your concept, and you're excited to publish even a small thing! You've been really inspired by other game devs lately. You want to [[show them that you're a legit dev too.]]You're a real artist! You [[make games!]]speaking of clichés, is it super lame to [[use all lower case?]] is that, like, artsy or just "artsy" what about punctuationYour twine is about sleeping and anxiety. Fuck, is that overdone? [[You're being anxious]] about making art about anxiety. That's meta, isn't it. Hah. Meta.[[lol]]You realize how stupid this is. You try to [[push through it->you do some good things]], and tell yourself that everyone thinks their art is bad and all your friends tell you that they like your stuff and even randos on Twitter think you do some good thingsthis twine is stupid and [[you're a bad artist]]not only that, you're like... the world's worst writer? You ask yourself why you even wanted to make a twine game. All the people you look up to who make Good Twines are writers. You're not a Writer. You [[read back your passages]] and reflect on the garbage fire that's your writing. It's not even purple prose, it's like... eggplant prose. puce prose[[hey you know what would be funny]] a meta twine. a twine about making a twine and [[how bad you are at it]][[twitter loves that shit.]]you're [[hashtag relatable as fuck->relatable as fuck]][[you write the meta twine]]hahah this is funny don't think too much about it. send tweet