<h1>LIKE CIVILIZED PEOPLE</h1> ### Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez [[Begin->Empezar-en]]<h3>Trigger Warning</h3> Everything you're about to read happened to me, or to a friend, or to a friend of a friend, to a neighbor, to an ally. These are things that really happened. These are stories about street harassment, sexual assault, clandestine abortions and misogyny, heavy issues that matter to all of us. ### Do not play this at work or in front of little kids. If you feel comfortable reading about these issues, [[go on ahead->dale para adelante-en]].You're returning from the pharmacy, you're carrying pads, tampons and acne soap. This is the first time you're buying pads and tampons that aren't for your mum. It's summer, it's hot, you're wearing a swim suit underneath your summer dress, so you can get into the pool once you're back home. (live: 4s)[##"BE CAREFUL DOLL, YOU'RE GOING TO MELT!" Shouts a stranger. (stop:)] (live:8s)[##WHISTLE WHISTLE Goes another one. (stop:)] (live:12s)[You're confused and [[hurry back home->apurás el paso para llegar a casa-en]].(stop:)]You tell what happened to your mum and she says: (live:3s)["If you don't want people calling you stuff, you better dress like a nun."(stop:)] (live:8s)[You don't feel like going to the pool anymore. [[You go to take a nap->Te vas a dormir la siesta-en]].(stop:)]Summer has been over for a while and classes have begun. You're at the school's gym watching a video about boys and girls reaching puberty. "Adolescent comes from *adolecer*, suffering in Spanish" Is a phrase that you will hear until you have grown up and finish with school. You feel as if the girls from the video lived in a parallel universe, you can't see their pimples, their menstrual pains—the ones that tear you apart—don't show. You don't see the bra that's itching and feeling tight either. Once the video is over girls get tampons and boys get condoms. You try to take a closer look at what the boys are carrying, you're wondering if you will get some of those too(click-replace:"of those")[condoms], but no one offers you anything and you get pushed around. [[You leave the gym->salís del auditorio-en]].Summer is back, it's raining. You're rushing to the hospital with your parents in their car, because someone in your family tried to have an abortion and it turned out wrong. She's 16. The doctors told her that if she rests, the baby will be saved. (click-replace:"baby")[fetus] "But she doesn't want to." you think while you doodle on the car's window. After a while, [[you fall asleep->te quedás dormida-en]].Years go by and you're coming back from school with a friend. A stranger screams at you. (live:2s)[##"Can I suck your pussy?"] You could [[scream back at him->responder a los gritos-en]], but maybe it's better to [[walk faster->apurar el paso-en]]."GO TO HELL, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" You scream the first thing that comes to mind, as best as you can. You look to your friend for support, but she stares at you uncomfortably. The stranger either left or didn't open his mouth again, you don't dare to look. [[You keep walking in silence->paraguas-en]].Neither of you dares to do anything, you try to reach an avenue as soon as possible. Eventually you bump into some neighbors and the stranger leaves you alone. Your neighbors don't say anything, neither do you and you [[keep walking->paraguas-en]].You're in your last year of high school. It's raining buckets, but you aren't worried because you have a good umbrella with you. You're listening to music and in the mid of *Smoke on the Water* chorus you feel that someone is grabbing you from behind, just like your boyfriend does, but you know this isn't your boyfriend, you can feel it in your bones. The hand of the stranger (click-replace:"stranger")[jerk](click-replace:"jerk")[harasser]tries to grab your pussy, but he stumbles with the pants of your uniform and doesn't get too far. You turn around and see someone with a hoodie who smiles and gets his mouth closer to yours. You realize that he's trying to kiss you, you close your eyes freightened and pull back, then you open your eyes back. You see the face of this guy, you look at your umbrella. You can [[react->reaccionar-en]] or [[stay put until he goes away->quedarte quieta hasta que se vaya-en]].You strike him with your umbrella, it hits him near his eye. You press the umbrella harder against this guy until you send him packing. You shout at him, but it's raining so hard that your shouting gets muffled. You're soaked, the umbrella is broken, your headphones are missing. [[You walk towards the school->Caminás hacia la escuela-en]].The stranger lets you go, he leaves. You're soaked, the umbrella is fine, your headphones are missing. [[You walk towards the school->Caminás hacia la escuela-en]].Once you enter the school, soaked to the bone, you listen to a couple of girls telling the headmistress about a stranger who groped them. The same one who groped you. You can tell the authorities about what happened, you can remain silent, but whether you report him or not, you will never know what happened to the stranger that groped you, who harassed you to snatch some headphones. I know, because this is my story. If you [[talk->laburo-en]] all of your classmates will know, they will mock you, they will ask *if you got raped*, a teacher will ask in class, in front of everyone, almost screaming, *if you're okay after what happened*. But at least you get to go home for the day and change into some dry clothes. If you [[stay silent->laburo-en]] you will look like an idiot who doesn't know how to use an umbrella. No one will ever know what happened to you.You're not an adolescent anymore, you're a grown up but not by much and you have a job. It's hard to sustain because your boss screams at you daily. Today he arrived and told you: (live:6s)[SINCE YOU'RE A WOMAN, ANNOY THIS CLIENT UNTIL HE TESTS WHAT YOU DID.(stop:)] (live:12s)[BECAUSE YOU KNOW HOW WOMEN ARE A PAIN IN THE ASS.(stop:)] (live:18s)[He never stopped saying this through the whole day. You got back home in tears and told a friend about it. She told you that you were not alone and asked you to go to a march with her. [[You decided to quit and start protesting->decidiste empezar a marchar-en]].(stop:)]In one of the protests, the one for abortion rights, there's a woman singing. She never stops singing or encouraging people. She keeps holding up even after everyone else has left, when she sings she looks gorgeous and unstoppable. A couple of months later she's on the news because she has been murdered, she was Diana Sacayan. You can [[step aside from activism->alejar]] or [[keep protesting->marcha-en]].You fear for your safety and you're tired of feeling like you're herding cats. Maybe somebody else who is braver or more reckless can change things. Besides, you're exhausted of arguing with your friends and family about the shitty stuff that happens to you daily. It seems as if they don't believe you or can't understand how much these things hurt. You're also scared of ending up friendless or being seen as a crazy. You can always go and [[fight back->lucha-en]], you know that your allies will receive you with their arms open.While you're protesting and singing you notice that some fellow activists are spraying the walls. You're unsure whether to [[make some graffiti as well to release some tension->pintadas-en]] or [[fall back a bit->alejar-en]] because this makes you uncomfortable.You hope that someday things will change for the better. You feel that no one listens to you unless you make a mess and that when you finally do, you get lied to and told that you would have gotten support if only "you behaved like civilized people". You feel that this story doesn't even scratch the surface of all the terrible things that happen to you daily for being a woman. Very few people seem to understand that we just want to be treated like human beings, but you're not alone. I understand. I believe that if we keep fighting for our rights, (link-repeat:"like those who got the right to vote did before us")[(open-url:"http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-34425615")(replace: "[object Window]")[]], the world will be a better place than when we started. <hr> *Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez, October 2016. - Translated to English on March 2017*You keep protesting and maybe you end up spraying some walls, maybe you end up marching while showing your tits. Suddenly, (text-style:"blur")[You feel that your eyes are burning.] They're throwing tear gas. You can heed the advice of your fellow activists and [[begin wearing a kerchief->lucha-en]] soaked in vinegar over your mouth or you can [[stop marching->alejar-en]] to feel safer.<small>{(if: (saved-games:) contains "Slot A")[(link: "· Load ")[(load-game:"Slot A")]]} {(link:"· Save")[(if:(save-game:"Slot A"))[· Saved](else: )[Error]]}</small> <hr><div class="lang-select"> [[English->Title-en]] | [[Español->Title]] </div><h1>COMO LA GENTE CIVILIZADA</h1> ### Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez [[Empezar]]Todas las cosas que vas a leer me pasaron a mí o a una amiga, a la amiga de una amiga, a una vecina, a una compañera. Son cosas que pasaron de verdad. Son historias sobre acoso callejero, abuso sexual, aborto clandestino y misoginia, temas fuertes que nos tocan a todos. ### No lo juegues en el trabajo o adelante de nenes chiquitos. Si te sentís cómodo leyendo de estos temas, [[dale para adelante]].Estás volviendo de la farmacia, traés toallitas, tampones y un jabón para el acné. Es la primera vez que vas a comprar toallitas y tampones que no son para tu mamá. Es verano, hace calor, abajo del solero tenés la malla puesta para meterte en la pileta cuando vuelvas a casa. (live: 4s)[##"¡CON ESTE CALOR TE VAS A DERRETIR, BOMBÓN!" Grita un desconocido. (stop:)] (live:8s)[##"FIUUUU FIIIUUU" Silba otro. (stop:)] (live:12s)[Estás confundida y [[apurás el paso para llegar a casa]].(stop:)]Le contás lo que pasó a tu mamá y ella te dice: (live:3s)["Si no querés que te digan cosas, vestite de monja."(stop:)] (live:8s)[Ya no tenés ganas de ir a la pileta. [[Te vas a dormir la siesta]].(stop:)]Hace rato se terminó el verano y empezaron las clases. Estás en el auditorio de la escuela viendo un video de nenes y nenas llegando a la adolescencia. "Adolescente viene de adolecer, padecer" Te van a repetir hasta que seas grande y termines la escuela. Es como si las chicas del video estuviesen en una realidad paralela, no ves sus granos, no se les nota el dolor menstrual que a vos te parte al medio, ni el corpiño que te pica y aprieta. El video termina y reparten tampones para las nenas y preservativos para los nenes. Tratás de ver más de cerca el paquetito de los nenes, ver si a vos también te van a dar de esos(click-replace:"de esos")[forros], pero nadie te ofrece nada y te empuja el mar de gente. [[Salís del auditorio->salís del auditorio]].Llegó el verano de nuevo, llueve, estás en el auto con tus viejos yendo al hospital, porque una pariente tuya quiso abortar y salió mal. Tiene 16. Los doctores le dijeron que si hace reposo, el bebé se salva. (click-replace:"bebé")[feto] "Pero ella no quiere." pensás mientras haces dibujos con el dedo en la ventanilla del auto. Después de un rato, [[te quedás dormida]].Pasan los años y estás volviendo de la escuela con una amiga. (live:2s)[##"¿Les puedo chupar la conchita?"] Grita un desconocido. Le podrías [[responder a los gritos]] aunque por ahí es mejor [[apurar el paso]]."¡ANDATE A LA CONCHA DE TU MADRE, PEDAZO DE FORRO!" Gritás lo primero que te sale, como te sale. Buscás apoyo en tu amiga, pero te mira incómoda. El desconocido se fue o se quedó callado, no te animás a mirar. [[Seguís caminando en silencio->paraguas]]Ninguna de las dos se anima a hacer nada, tratan de ir para la avenida lo más rápido posible. Eventualmente se cruzan con otros vecinos del barrio y el tipo las deja solas. Los vecinos no dicen nada, ustedes dos tampoco y [[siguen caminando->paraguas]].Estás en el último año del secundario. Llueve muchísimo, pero estás masomenos tranquila porque tenés un paraguas que zafa. Estás escuchando música y a la mitad del estribillo de *Smoke on the Water* sentís que alguien te agarra de atrás, como hace tu novio, pero sabés que no es tu novio, lo sentís en los huesos. La mano del desconocido (click-replace:"desconocido")[pajero] (click-replace:"pajero")[acosador] trata de agarrarte la concha, pero se choca con el pantalón del uniforme y no llega muy lejos. Vos te das vuelta y ves a alguien con una capucha que te sonríe y acerca la boca. Te das cuenta de que te quiere tranzar y te corrés, cerrás los ojos del miedo y los volvés a abrir. Ves la cara del tipo, ves tu paraguas. Podés [[reaccionar]] o [[quedarte quieta hasta que se vaya]].Le pegás con el paraguas, el golpe conecta cerca del ojo. Apretás y ves que el tipo sale corriendo. Le gritás, pero llueve tan fuerte que la lluvia tapa tus gritos. Estás empapada, el paraguas está roto, te faltan los auricularés. [[Caminás hacia la escuela]].El tipo te suelta, se va. Estás empapada, el paraguas, está sano, te faltan los auriculares. [[Caminás hacia la escuela]].Cuando entrás a la escuela, empapada hasta los huesos, escuchas que dos chicas le cuentan a la directora que un desconocido, el mismo que a vos, también las manoseó sin su consentimiento. Podés contarle a las autoridades sobre lo que pasó, podés quedarte callada, pero denuncies o no, nunca vas a saber lo que pasó con el tipo que te manoseó, que te acosó, para llevarse unos auriculares. Lo sé, porque es mi historia. Si [[hablás->laburo]] todos tus compañeros van a saber y te van a hacer jodas, te van a preguntar *si te violaron*, una profesora te va a preguntar en clase, adelante de todos, casi a los gritos, *si estás bien después de lo que te pasó*. Pero al menos vas a poder irte a casa y vas a tener ropa seca. Si [[callás->laburo]] vas a quedar como la gila que se empapó porque no sabe usar un paraguas. Nadie se va a enterar de lo que te pasó.Ya no sos adolescente, sos grande pero no tanto y tenés trabajo. Es difícil mantenerlo porque tu jefe te grita todos los días. Hoy vino y te dijo: (live:6s)[VOS QUE SOS MUJER, ROMPELE LAS BOLAS AL CLIENTE PARA QUE PRUEBE LO QUE HICISTE.(stop:)] (live:12s)[VISTE COMO SON LAS MUJERES, SON ROMPEBOLAS.(stop:)] (live:18s)[No dejó de repetirlo en todo el día. Llegaste llorando a casa y le contaste a una amiga. Ella te dijo que no estás sola y te pidió que la acompañes a una marcha. [[Decidiste renunciar y empezar a marchar->decidiste empezar a marchar]].(stop:)]En una de las marchas, una por el aborto legal, hay una mujer que canta. No para de cantar, ni de arengar a la gente. Ella sigue haciendo el aguante después de que se fueron todos, cuando canta se ve hermosa e imparable. Unos meses después aparece en las noticias porque la asesinaron, era Diana Sacayan. Podés [[alejarte del activismo->alejar]] o [[seguir marchando->marcha]].Temés por tu seguridad y estás cansada de sentir que remás en dulce de leche. Por ahí otras personas más valientes y temerarias logran cambiar las cosas. Además, estás cansada de discutir con tus amigos y familia sobre las cosas chotas que te pasan todos los días. Parece que no te creen o no entienden lo mal que la pasás con estas cosas. También te da un poco de miedo quedarte sin amigos o que te tilden de loca. Siempre podés [[volver a luchar->lucha]], sabés que tus compañeras te van a recibir con los brazos abiertos.Mientras marchás y cantás, ves que tus compañeras pintan las paredes. No sabés si [[pintar vos también para sacarte la bronca->pintadas]] o si [[alejarte un poco->alejar]] porque esto te incomoda.Esperás que algún día las cosas cambien y sean mejores que ahora. Sentís que nadie te escucha a menos que hagas quilombo y que cuando hacés quilombo te mienten y te dicen que te darían su apoyo si tan solo "hicieras las cosas como gente civilizada". Sentís que esta historia no llega a cubrir todas las cosas terribles que te pasan todos los días por ser mujer. Muy poca gente parece entender que solo pedimos que nos traten como personas, pero no estás sola. Yo te entiendo. Yo creo que si seguimos luchando por nuestros derechos, (link-repeat:"como hicieron nuestras antecesoras cuando obtuvieron el derecho al voto")[(open-url:"http://www.elmundo.es/la-aventura-de-la-historia/2015/12/18/5672b589ca474134438b4698.html")(replace: "[object Window]")[]], vamos a dejar un mundo mejor que el que encontramos. <hr> *Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez, Octubre 2016*Marchás y por ahí pintás las paredes, por ahí hasta marchás en tetas. De repente, (text-style:"blur")[Sentís que los ojos te arden.] Están tirando gases lacrimogenos. Podés escuchar los consejos de tus compañeras y [[empezar a llevar un pañuelo->lucha]] remojado en vinagre sobre la cara o podés [[dejar de marchar->alejar]] para estar más segura.