it feels so distant. if i think hard enough i can still feel your hand in mine. i can still see the lighthouse pressed against the grey [[sky]].
i tell you, a different current you, this dream. i think, i wish, it resonates with you, like it had with me. i say i'm glad can know you in both of these ways. \n\ni ask how and where. you, the current you, say [[nothing|hope]].
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i love you.\n\n[[end|Start]]
i can feel the breeze roll through, carressing you and me. i hear your reassuring words, stirring in my soul. i ask what and why. you say [[don't worry|hope]].
was it truly so long ago? with you still lingering in my heart? you waved from the boat. my throat stings, raw from [[panic]].
you are so fresh in my mind. i can breathe in the salt air again. i can feel the gravel under my [[feet]].
i can feel your cold body against mine; it is an unforgettable sensation. i ask where and why. you say the [[sea.|hope]]
i remember you, quietly and softly, drifting through the [[sea]].\n
how many nights ago? was it [[one]]? was it [[two]]? a [[week]]? [[more]]?
Sweet Dreams in Sea Major
Mars B.
your heavy steps on the beach, taken in precision. your hands rest on my shoulders, trying to send calmness into my shaking body. i ask how and when. you say in [[due time|hope]].
i hold you dearly in my heart. a part of me misses the dream. another part is glad it is only a [[dream]].
it was another lifetime. its what i say to myself at night. i keep the murmuring tapes on, the nightlight pink in the corner of my room. i will relive everyday if that means i can see you [[again]].