Would you like to write something?

The Bracelet Stand is here to help you put into words anything that's on your mind. It won't store or share anything, and it certainly won't judge you.

It will, however, transform your words and feelings into a unique bracelet design - only you will know what created it, and it won't be created ever again!

You could write the lyrics to your favorite song, something positive that happened to you today, a poem, the shopping list of your dreams, the beginning of a beautiful story, names of people you love, or even swear words...

To start writing, select this whole text and delete it:
the whole page is editable.
Make your wrists happy!
I'm done writing!
Here are all the bracelets you collected.
They will keep stacking until you clear your browser cache and local storage (or click here).
You can type something else, or come back later!
The Bracelet Stand uses the Colourlovers API and Twitter's twemoji.js.
Made by @ker0chanFR during #PROCJAM 2015.
Your feedback is important to me, please get in touch to tell me about your experience with The Bracelet Stand!