"It's been an absolute pleasure having you with us, and we do hope you've enjoyed your stay!" - [["The pleasure is mine!" (go to 4)|4]] - [["Yes, yes, but I must be going." (go to 5)|5]]"It's not that they GET to, but rather how much they LIKE to be in charge. Not ALL of course, but it's SO much easier to generalize. They LOVE making decisions for others... SO thoughtful." - [["And XXs don't like control?" (go to 15)|15]]"A smart choice, sir. I do think it will be much easier. The best of luck to you; I know you'll do well. Ta-ta!" *** THE END ***"I suppose, if you're quite sure. If this is truly your decision. I do wish you the best of luck. I suppose I've let fear get the best of me. Don't make the same mistake." - [["It's just a chromosome. I'll decide who I am." (go to 22)|22]]"You know, if you fancied staying a few more weeks, I'm sure it could be arranged. It's only been eight and a half months, after all...""You know, if you fancied staying a few more weeks, I'm sure it could be arranged. It's only been eight and a half months, after all..." - [["You're too kind, but I really must be going." (go to 5)|5]] - [["Well, I suppose a few more weeks couldn't hurt!" (go to 6)|6]]"Ohhh, of course! Things to do, people to see! There's just one final bit of paperwork to take care of, and then you're off! Oh, it will be sad. Eight, almost nine months with us!" - [["Please, go on..." (go to 7)|7]]"A final decision must be made that you'll need to live with for quite a while, so please do consider it carefully." - [["Absolutely! Do tell, what shall I consider?" (go to 9)|9]] - [["Oh spit it out. I hate when you beat around the bush so." (go to 8)|8]]"Oh that IS splended. You know, why don't we get the final paperwork out of the way now, so when you're ready to go, you'll be out in a jiffy!" - [["A grand idea." (go to 7)|7]]"Ah, yes, I see where you're going... Certainly they do, but... Well, there's only so much to go around. XYs seem to prefer sharing amongst other XYs. I'm sure you understand." - [["I don't want to be left out, that isn't fair." (go to 2)|2]] - [["Maybe there needs to be a bit more balance." (go to 12)|12]]"Then farewell. Be strong! Life has a way of taking it out of you, whomever you may be." *** THE END ***"It's the matter of your... sex. Here, on this form, you must simply check a mark next to the final chromosome you'd prefer. Either X, or of course, Y." - [["Uh, okay. What's the difference?" (go to 24)|24]] - [["Ah, yes. Well, I'm ready to choose." (go to 19)|19]]"It is simply my desire to make sure you make the best possible decision for yourself. The world can be such a cruel place." - [["My apologies. Will you please elaborate?" (go to 9)|9]]"Well, if you select a second X, your first chromosome is also X, you see... then you'll develop female characteristics. Selecting Y will develop male characteristics. Might I make a recommendation?" - [["No, thank you. I'm ready." (go to 19)|19]] - [["Why not. What do you think?" (go to 10)|10]]"Wonderful. Which box shall I tick?" - [["X please." (go to 11)|11]] - [["Y please." (go to 2)|2]]"Ah. Before I tick the box, are you absolutely sure?" - [["I'm not sure you can be SURE." (go to 10)|10]] - [["Of course I'm sure." (go to 14)|14]]"Well, why not go with a bit of variety? An X and Y would make for a splendid pair!" - [["You think I should develop male?" (go to 13)|13]] - [["Why not indeed! Check away, I've things to do." (go to 2)|2]]"Yes, of course you are. It's just... Are you aware of the additional challenges you'll be forced to endure?" - [["For goodness' sake, just check Y then." (go to 2)|2]] - [["What challenges, exactly?" (go to 16)|16]]"Oh, no no no no NO! I don't THINK anything. I just think it's worth considering... To avoid unnecessary unpleasantness." - [["What unpleasantness?" (go to 16)|16]]"Oh my, where to start... Well, upkeep, for one! There is quite a bit of additional maintenance required. This facility, for instance. Even if you aren't interested in hosting. We must change the bedding monthly, visitor or not." - [["Sounds like a pain. Fine. Y." (go to 2)|2]] - [["I'm not above a bit of responsibility." (go to 17)|17]] - [["I could run this place, busy or not." (go to 21)|21]]"Oh dear, this is JUST what I hoped to avoid. People don't like to change, and there are just so MANY of them. There are challenges whatever you choose, but that's LIFE. Picking Y... They often want so much more. I'm simply worried for you." - [["I give up. Just check the box." (go to 2)|2]] - [["Then I will give them more, but it'll be on my own terms." (go to 3)|3]]"CERTAINLY not! But you'll be expected to keep up appearances. People will look at you, and they don't want to be put off." - [["You've made your point. Just tick Y." (go to 2)|2]] - [["Why should I care if I put them off?" (go to 18)|18]]"I'm quite SURE you could! Though I'm not who you'll need to worry about. Many XXs, and even XYs, will be quite concerned with your use of this kind of space." - [["I don't want to worry about bureaucracy with my own body. Just tick the Y." (go to 2)|2]] - [["Why wouldn't it be MINE to worry about?" (go to 20)|20]]"Oh, very practical reasons, I ASSURE you! You may need help, and especially the XYs DO love to help. It could be at school, or perhaps getting a job." - [["So I'd be more helpful if I tack on a Y? All right then." (go to 2)|2]] - [["It sounds like XYs get to be in charge." (go to 1)|1]]"Of COURSE it is! But many people want very much to ensure you make the BEST possible decisions, to PROTECT you from... well, yourself, possibly!" - [["I don't want to mess it all up. Shall we just go with Y?" (go to 2)|2]] - [["Nonsense! It's my concern, not THEIRS." (go to 23)|23]]"Oh it's not that I disagree! You're right, I'm sure, but people won't just accept that and leave you alone. I fear, all too often, resistance only spurs them on." - [["You make it sound so utterly futile. I relent." (go to 2)|2]] - [["Then they will be spurred until black and blue!" (go to 12)|12]]