CALCULA2000 (PROFESSIONAL EDITION) brought you the future of desktop calculators...
Now with CALCULA2000 (JAVASCRIPT EDITION) your website can also benefit from having a calculator present!

No prior knowledge of computer programming is required to install CALCULA2000.js on your website!

Click here to download CALCULA2000 (JAVASCRIPT EDITION) from GitHub.

Simply upload the "calcula2000jsedition" folder in the same directory as your website, or html document that you would like to calcula2000 enable.

Once successfully uploaded using your FTP technique of choice, embed the state of the art calcula2000 javascript by copy and pasting the following under your page's "head" tag:
<script type="text/javascript" src="calcula2000jsedition/calcula2000.js"></script>

Once this is done, and after all necessary webmaster incantations are complete, use the following JAVASCRIPT MAGIC on your page's onload event (or other event of your choosing):
<body onload="init_calcula2000();">

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now running a state of the art CALCULA2000 on your website. Your visitors will never be math-less again!

WARNING: We accept no liabilities concerning the accuracy of Calcula2000's math. If you feel that the math is incompatible with your math views then you should not use Calcula2000.js or its desktop counterpart. Calcula2000 is for math aficionados ONLY.