Look around you. Do you see a monster? [[Yes->Yes1]] [[No->No1]]What do you do? [[Move closer to the monster->Closer]] [[Run away->Run]]Could //you// be the monster? [[Yes->Yes2]] [[Maybe->Maybe1]] [[No->No2]]Are you sure? [[I'm definitely //a// monster->A monster]] [[No->Maybe1]] Do you feel like a monster? [[Yes->Monster2]] [[No->No2]]OPPOSITE DAY [[...->Mirror]]As you walk towards the monster, so to does the monster walk towards you. [[Keep walking forward->Closer2]] [[Run away->Run]] As you run away, you look over your shoulder and you see the monster is running away from you. [[Move closer->GoBack]] [[Keep running->Run2]]The monster is a speck in the distance now. [[Keep running->Run3]] [[Go back->GoBack]]You can run as far as you like. But you can't outrun your problems. You need to stop and face your demons. Your monsters. We all care about you deeply and we just need you to listen to us. The first step is admitting you have a problem. [[I am a monster->Mirror]]You walk back and find the monster walking towards you. [[Move closer to the monster->Closer]] [[Run away->Run]]You keep walking forward. Undaunted by the monster's terrifying presence. Your mind reels back in terror, but your feet keep moving. You could almost touch it. [[Keep moving->Closer3]] [[Run away->Run]] You hear the screams of thousands. The Earth quakes beneath you. The sky has gone black. The screams turn to static. One voice is a tragedy. Thousands are horror. Millions are white noise. You could touch the monster. [[Touch the monster->Touch]] [[Run away!->Run]]You reach out your hand and as you do, you see the monster reaches for you. Your fingers touch and the white noise tends to nothing. Its finger tips are ice cold. <strike>Talk to the monster </strike> [[Attack the monster->Attack]]You strike out at the monster. The screams were too much. The untold horrors that lay deep in its eyes ate away at you until no rational thought was left. The monster shatters. Like a vase, used to hold the ashes of millions. Like the dreams of many children. Like a priceless ornament around an excited dog. Like a [[mirror->Mirror]].You are the monster.Yes. But are you //THE// Monster. [[Yep. Definitely.->Monster2]] [[No, I guess not.->GuessNot]]Well then, I guess [[...->Mirror]]Do you know of any other monsters? [[Yes, I know many monsters!->Monsters]] [[I don't think so...->Unsure]]Are they here now? [[Yes->HereNow]] [[No->NotHereNow]]Well, did you ever consider... [[...->Mirror]]Jerry, your monster buddy, walks up to you and gives you a monster high-five. You always liked Jerry. He's been a good friend to you. "Hey! Did you ever watch those Star Wars films I let you borrow?" Jerry says to you. [[Yes->SW_Yes]] [[No->SW_No]]Bad news buddy. [[...->Mirror]]"Finally!" exclaims Jerry. "I've been waiting for so long to talk to you about them!" You see the excitement in his monster eyes. "But... you watched //all// of them... right?" [[Of course!->SW_All]] [[I watched episodes 4,5 and 6->SW_456]] [[I watched episodes 1,2 and 3->SW_JerryShock]] "But... You still have the discs though... right?" [[Sure!->SW_Sure]] [[I pawned them off so I could get blazed->SW_JerryShock]]"YEAH!" Jerry shouts, in a loud, monster shout. Reminding you that he is a monster. "So come on," he says. "What was your favourite?" [[I enjoyed Episode I the most. I found the extended dialog regarding trade negotiations to be just what the series had been missing in the original trilogy.->SW_JerryShock]]"OH yeah! The new trilogy sucks!" Jerry shouts like a Monster. "Which did you like the most?" [[4->SW_4]] [[5->SW_5]] [[6->SW_6]]Jerry looks wounded. Like you just took a sword and stabbed him in his monster heart. Because he is a literal monster. He tries to speak, but no words make it past his monster mandibles. He takes off his Darth Vader baseball cap and scrumples it in his giant monster claws. For a moment, you think you see a tear forming in his eyes, before he quickly does that freaky thing lizards do, where they do like a sideways blink, but not with their eyelids like a second under eyelid or something. And he says to you "You." He says. He says "We've been through a lot together. You represented me in court after I accidentally ripped that old lady in two when I was trying to help her across the street." "You held my brother Terry as he lay dyin' in the Space Jam 2k50. He was a Monstar, but you still showed him love." "But today. Today I've realised that although I'm giant, and grotesque, and do that freaky sideways blink when I feel the tears comin' on..." He pauses to look past you. Like searching for a memory, scattered in the winds. [[And he says...->Mirror]]"Radical! Lets get together this weekend and just burn through them!" [[But Jerry! This weekend they're doing a Sex in the City double-bill down at the Film House!->SW_JerryShock]]"Episode IV is a great start! A classic tale! And it's so cool when Han shoots Greedo without any warning! What a rogue character!" [[But Jerry... Greedo shot first!->SW_JerryShock]]"THAT REVEAL!" Jerry shouts like a total fucking nerd. Like, a Monster nerd." "Luke's all 'YOU KILLED MY FATHER!' and Vader's all 'NO. //I// am your father!" [[Haha, yeah. And then Luke's all 'No, that's not true. That's UNPOSSIBLE!->Unpossible]] [[Haha, yeah. And then Luke's all 'No, that's not true. That's IMPOSSIBLE!->Impossible]] "Oh, for the ending, and Vader's redemption in his dying moments, right?" [[I thought Boba Fett dying was funny->SW_JerryShock]] [[I thought the Ewoks were cute->SW_JerryShock]] "Un..." Jerry stares in disbelief. "Did you just say UNpossible?" [[No, I said IMpossible->Impossible]] [[Yeah, Lucas was making a Simpsons reference. You must not have seen that episode.->SW_JerryShock]]"YEAH! And when Han gets frozen and Leia is all 'Oooh, I love you' and Han is all..." [[I know->SW_Iknow]] [[I love you too.->SW_Iloveyoutoo]] [[I don't really find quoting movies like this entertaining.->SW_JerryShock]]"What. A. Bro. Bro. Hey you look like you've written yourself into a corner. Want to go get some Ice Cream?" [[I could write myself out of this corner perfectly well thank you. Also I don't like Ice Cream->SW_JerryShock]] "What? That's not the line!" [[It definitely is->SW_JerryShock]] [[No. I meant, like, I love U2. As in the band.->SW_JerryShock]]