[[the light was strange today.|light]] the [[light|light color]] was strange the [[air]] was strange the [[sky]] was strangeit [[tasted like smoke.]] the [[ash]] made it hard to see into the distance and left a grey film on everything.it was late-summer-evening-orange all day, [[even at noon.]]i think i lost a few hours. or maybe i found some, who knows (set: $light to 1) (if: $air + $sky is not 2)[the [[air]] and [[sky]] were strange too.] (else:)[ [[it was eerie |end]] ] the wind carried a haze that smelled like a campfire and made my eyes water (set: $air to 1) (if: $light + $sky is not 2)[ the [[light|light color]] and the [[sky]] were strange too. ](else:)[ [[it was eerie|end]]] it [[felt more like summer]] than any other day this year and i feel very strange.it looked like fog, and seemed endless (set: $sky to 1) (if: $light + $air is not 2)[ the [[light|light color]] and [[air]] were strange too. ](else:)[[[it was eerie |end]]]